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LvL 25 Horde Guild LF "casual" raiders Hey all, Army of Darkness is a small group of friends, family, and coworkers who are looking for some more bodies to help us progress through SoO. We've got a core of 6-7 pretty committed and long time raiders but have lost a couple of people due to scheduling issues. We are currently progressing through Flex difficulty. The only things we ask: 1. Can commit to 2.5 hours, 2 times a week. Our current raid times are Sunday and Monday night from 9-11 PM. We do ask that raiders sign on at 8:30 though so that we can actually begin raiding at 9:00. 2. Be patient, friendly, and mature. We're learning the fights in SoO from the ground up and are currently up to Dark Shamans but frequently raid wing 1 as well because a few of our members are still acquiring gear from there. We've all played for a long time and are all knowledgeable about the game but if you're hoping to cruise through content and just grab loot, we're not the place for you. We are, however, a laid back group who play this for fun and to unwind and we're all very friendly people who don't mind teaching anyone the encounters. 3. Be knowledgeable. Like I said, we're willing to help if you're willing to learn. We're not hardcore but also don't intend to wipe for three hours because someone repeatedly screws up a boss mechanic or consistently can't play their character. Some other things: -We're very flexible on class make up, though right now we need healers and dps. Also, we currently have 3 Death Knights in our core group with a possible 4th incoming so we are trying to limit our recruitment of Death Knights at this time. This doesn't necessarily mean we will turn anyone away, just letting you know that if you have another dps that isn't a DK, that would be preferrable. -We PvP quite a bit as well. Nothing serious but we do run some arena teams and grouped battlegrounds. -We also frequently run old content for achievements, mounts, pets, transmogs, or just for fun. -We're not interested in co-op guild runs. Unfortunately, we've had some bad experiences in the past and would just rather not get into that again. If this seems like something you'd be interested in , please send a message to either me, Logster, Gnewtist, or Kennesaw in game. You can also reply to this forum post. Thanks for reading. Zulley29
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7/14 Giggity GDKP week 5! Sunday 7/27 Week Five of GDKP fun times is scheduled for this Sunday, 7/27, and everyone is invited! Week 1 had a pot of 297,250, and week 2 had a pot of 496,000, week 3 pot of 621000 and week 4 the pot of 638600. How high will it go this week? Carriers and would-be carries - this is your chance to get the gear and the gold! WHEN IS IT? Sunday 7/27, 6:30PM server; invites at 6PM. Ends no later than 11PM. A 5-10 minute break will take place around 9PM. WHO IS GOING? A number of <Giggity> alts and, we hope, a number of fun-loving players from Area 52! I will try to make a reasonable balance between carriers (570+ ilvl) and carries (any ilvl) to allow us to meet DPS checks of more heroics. WHAT BOSSES? Heroic Immerseus through H Iron Juggernaut, and H Nazgrim. Attempts may be made on H Dark Shamans and/or H Spoils depending on time and success of the other heroics. CAN I WATCH IT? We plan to broadcast via and (homes of Brewbeast (aka “Fairy Godfather”) and Scotia (aka “Greasy Thumb”), respectively.) WHAT DOES GDKP EVEN MEAN? Gold DKP, or Gold Dragon Kill Points. It means that loot goes to the players who are willing to pay the most gold to the other players in the raid. Everybody wins! HOW DOES IT WORK? Raid members bid gold for items in 1000g increments. Heroic items start at 3000g. Heroic warforged items start at 7,000g. Normal items start at 1000g. Normal warforged items start at 2000g. The winning bid is added to the pot, which will be tracked in real time in a public Google spreadsheet. At the end of the raid, the contents of the pot are split evenly between all 25 players. (If no one bids for an item, it will be disenchanted; the resulting sha crystals and spirits of war will themselves be auctioned into the pot at the end of the raid.) ARE THERE GROUND RULES? Yes, but all reasonable ones, designed to make the run smooth and fun. Here they are: 1. You get your share of the gold when the final boss dies and/or the raid ends at 11. If you leave early or are offline/afk for more than 10 minutes and have to be replaced, then you forfeit your share. 2. Please arrive with TeamSpeak installed; no mic required, just the ability to listen. 3. Auctions and bids will all be in public raid chat. No typing in raid during bids unless you're bidding. Shenanigans will get you first a warning and then a removal with only a partial cut. 4. Some level of awareness and performance is expected. Come with gems, enchants, and at least basic knowledge of your class/spec. I reserve the right to remove people for not listening to instructions, doing terrible DPS for your gear level, or being disruptive (only as a last resort, though.) 5. The raid is split into people carrying, and carries. If you are in the latter group, you will be expected to bid on items that are an ilvl increase within reason. THAT ALL SOUNDS GREAT! HOW DO I SIGN UP? Simple! Reply to this forum post in the following format (and please post on your main): ... WHAT HAPPENS THEN? You'll receive a calendar invite. I will either mark you as "confirmed" or "standby". In the interests of balancing the raid between carriers and carries, and in maximizing the pot, I am going to delay confirming people until I have a better sense of who wants to go. Whether confirmed or on standby, invites are ½ hour before the start of the raid – 6PM invites and a 6:30PM start, server time. If you are not here at 6PM you may be replaced! Over time, we will work to add more heroics to the GDKP. Feel free to add me at Virtue#1355 or Martel#1325 if you have any questions - We'll try to be online most nights this week around. Sinful16
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H<Freakshow> 25 SoO 14/14 HM tues-thurs H<Freakshow> 14/14 HM SoO 25 is a long standing guild on Area-52. We only raid 3 nights a week so we try to get in there and really hit it hard. We are currently focused on finishing out Mist of Pandaria strong and really focusing on Warlords of Draenor and pushing into 20 man Mythic raids. We have been a solid raid team since early Wrath, many of us raiding toghter before that in early Warcraft and Burning Crusade. We pride our self on the fact that in 5 years we have been a guild, we have never missed a single raid night. We stay on top of recruitment so that we can provide one of the best raid experiences possible. Current high recruitment needs: -Death Knight -Rogue Please keep in mind that all exceptional applicants of any class are always welcome to apply. If you know some of our members and/or think you'd be a great fit for us in terms of personality and skill, we would like to hear from you. We want to stress that the most important things that we're looking for is a personality and skill fit between us and our applicants. We want people who are skilled, fun to be around and willing to work hard to help move the team forward. Raid Times: Tues-Thurdays 7:45 pm-11:00pm server time Interested applicants: APPLY ONLINE If you have any questions or feel that your application has been over looked or, simply need a more prompt answer feel free to pst an officer in game chat or mail. Which are as follows green, pandaria, sakloth, bossashy. Bossashy7
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