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Aug 10 Welcome to the Arthas Forum! Greetings! Welcome to the official World of Warcraft realm forum for Arthas! As a proud Arthas player since it went online on 11-23-04, I'm happy to welcome you to our little corner of Azeroth, and to answer some of the more common questions people have about the server we call home. What's the community like here? Generally awesome, with the occasional marmot punted in for good measure. As it is one of the original servers, Arthas has a number of veterans, and has gone through a great amount of change over the many years it has been around. The variance of player start dates makes for a pretty diverse group. Players here are generally a bit more hardcore than your run-of-the-mill server, but given the large population base, one can usually find a group of people of just about any skill level or intensity. How many people play here? Arthas is rated a high population realm. That said, queues to log in are seldom encountered, and usually related to something other than raw player demand. As for factions; Arthas is a Horde-dominated server. As of January 2016, the statistics are: Horde: 225,492 Alliance: 46,099 This means there is a ratio of roughly 5 Horde characters per Alliance character. At top-end (level 90-100), this ratio increases to roughly 7.5 Horde characters per Alliance character. Among server races, Blood Elf are the highest represented, while Gnome are the lowest-represented. There is a roughly 70:30 representation of male characters to female ones. While both Alliance and Horde have a number of guilds, note: the vast majority of endgame guilds are Horde, while the Alliance population trends to the casual. Check this forum, though - a number of guilds will put up descriptive posts in order to recruit potential members! Where is the server? Arthas is an EST server, and is part of the Chicago datacenter. When do dailies reset here? All daily quests reset at 3AM PST, therefore pending any adjustment due to Daylight Savings Time, quests here generally reset at 6AM EST. As always, you can check how long until they reset with this simple script: ... What are the PvP / PvE queue times like? LFR: The queue times on this are fairly average - depending on volume and the time of the week, this can be as quick as ten minutes and as long as a half-hour. As always, healers and tanks will experience vastly quicker queue times than DPS. LFD: The queue times for this are rather swift, rarely longer than fifteen minutes, and as always, swifter still for healers and tanks. Arena: Those looking to jump into arena matches will usually only have to wait a couple minutes at most, until reaching the higher point totals, at which point competition becomes a little more exclusive. Battlegrounds: Similar to arena, battleground queues are rarely longer than a couple minutes. The rated counterpart is a slightly longer queue, but not by much. Ashran: Due to the attention Ashran got in 6.2, it is not as problematic as before. Worth visiting if you haven't been in a while. How is the World PvP? Arthas follows most of the traditional expectations for a Player vs. Player (PvP) realm. One can usually muddle through their daily quests, farming, and other grinds with a fair amount of peace, though an encounter with a member of the opposite faction can just as likely result in a /wave as it can a corpse run. As always, be on alert! Due to the population skew, Horde will often find themselves the majority party in endgame, while Cross-Realm Zones (CRZ) has leveled the playing field in most of the lower-level areas. Any current news? The realm queue times issue has been resolved. Logging in is once again immediate.Whiteleaf84 Aug 10
9m [H]Can you eyemagin is recruiting <Can you eyemagin> is a newly formed progression raiding guild (currently located on Arthas-US). We are composed of raiders from several top 10 US guilds (i.e. Pie Chart, Refined, etc.) who had previously raided together and retired. We have returned to raid together once more and have compiled a core raiding group of roughly 15 players. We are going to be progression minded on a short raiding schedule, but will be maintaining a casual and fun raiding atmosphere. We are a nine hour a week guild. No exceptions. About us: 7/7H EN Currently Recruiting: - ranged DPS besides ele - ret pally Raid times (EST): Monday: 8:30-11:30 PM Tuesday: 8:30-11:30 PM Thursday: 8:30-11:30 PM We do not recruit for the bench. We are currently working on our website. Please contact me via instead: fuzed#1157 or Xade#1361Fuzed14 9m
6h 844 Outlaw Rogue Lf raiding guild Hello! After taking the past 2 expansions off due to lack of interest in the content that was added and real life commitments I am looking to get back into raiding. I am looking for a guild that raids 2-3 nights a week with preferred raid times starting after 8pm est and ending prior to 1am Looking for a guild that is friendly and welcoming. Would prefer to stay horde but I am open to switching to alliance. Leave your guild information here or add me on real id - separate#11227Skurp0 6h
6h [H] Nerd Rage is recruiting late nights. <Nerd Rage> is looking for dedicated and exceptional raiders for Heroic progression and stepping into Mythic for Legion and further. About us : We are a bunch of friends who have been raiding together since WotLK and are looking to expand into a 20man raid group. If you are looking for a guild to call home then this might just be the right guild for you. Raid times : Thursday, Friday & Saturday 11pm - 2am est. Current Progression : Emerald Nightmare 2/7 Hc Currently recruiting : Ret Paladin with Prot Os Holy priest Mistweaver/WW Os If this schedule meets you and you are interested you can contact : Splaticus#1793 Secret#11771 Xargum#1631Splaticus3 6h
10h [Endeavor] Wed and Thursday 8-11pm! I am currently looking to fill spots on my raid team. I am looking for a Boomchicken, Lock, Mage and Elemental Shammy. I am also looking for any other exceptional range dps as we are currently stacked at melee. [Horde] Endeavor is a guild that was created with the intent to progress into Heroics and Mythics within the server of Arthas. We are pretty new to the server of Arthas. However, we are not new to raiding, and downing content. Endeavor's Guild Master, Officers, and Veterans have been around World of Warcraft for a long time. Most of us have raided together for the past three to four years even when some of us disbanded in the middle of Mist from a guild we were all in. We do like to have fun, and cut up in between trash pulls, and when we are not raiding, but we do take progression seriously. Endeavor is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that raids Wednesday and Thrusday 8-11pm! We also like to do PvPing, Questing, Old Raids, and Achievement runs. We also play Diablo 3, Overwatch, and many other games together. If you are interested my Btag is below along with our facebook page, and website. Battle Tag: Leo#18862 Facebook Website: Wowprogress:ònidas1 10h
19h 856 Resto druid LF Serious raid guild. I am looking for a raiding guild that is serious about progressing through heroics and maybe eventually trying mythic. I can raid every night of the week until 2 Am eastern time US. I am a very driven and self critical raider. I look for improvements and am looking for like minded individuals. My previous raid experience is BC up to BT, and Icc 25 and up 9/12 heroic ICC in wotlk before i quit. Looking for a serious raid experience again as currently have the time to do so. My mindset is treating wow like a job and not a game to have "fun" Side note- I DO NOT HAVE THE SAME ACCOUNT AS I DID FOR PRE CATA IF YOUR LOOKING FOR RAID ACHIEVESKapes0 19h
1d 2 LF late night weekend raiding guild As the title says, myself and my friend are looking for a late night weekend raiding guild. I will be raiding most likely on my mage but could swap to a ele or lock if needed, while my friend would raid on his mage. I am currently 7/7 heroic experience on my main and my friend in 5/7 normal. If you are interested, please add me on bnet Drac#11278Pitydafuu2 1d
1d Fire Mage LF Raiding Guild Hello friends, I am in the market for a guild who is looking to progress, but isn't too hard core. Ideally raiding 3-4 nights a week ending around 12-1AM server. A bit about me: Fire Mage - 847 ilvl Raiding exp: Vanilla: MC, BW, ZG, C'thun, Patchwerk BC: Gruul, Kara, Keyed Vasjh, Keyed pre nurf Kael, Illidan, Archimonde, Muru pre nurf Wrath: Realm first Obsidian Sanctum, Naxx (immortal and drake), yogg 1 light, Anub, Lich King Pre nurf heroic 25. Cata: Heroic Rag and Legendary Panda: Casual WoD: Casual Legion: Heroic Ursoc, Mythic +5 I am looking for a positive guild who empowers its players instead of berating them. I have a long extensive raid history, am easy to get along with, and learn quickly. Please link me your site and a bit about you so I can apply! Thanks, RaehnRaehn0 1d
1d <XP> 4/7H looking to complete Mythic group XP is a guild formed by nerds who met each other back in WoTLK and have raided mostly together for the last 8 years. We are not a super hardcore guild but we do like to progress and always keep pushing forward. Our current goal is to slowly recruit for Mythic while currently focusing on Heroic. We are extremely laid back and love to joke around while still maintaining focus and downing bosses. WE WILL ACCEPT TRIALS TO RAID WITH US CROSS REALM. At the moment we are only raiding two days / six hours a week. As we progress, we will add a third. While we are not your typical US Top 10 guild, we are progression focused without the hardcore/elitist mentality. We raid Sun & Wed 9:30-12:30 ST. Currently looking for experienced DPS/Healers. Open to all exceptional raiders but currently looking for mostly: -Rogue -S. Priest -Hunters -Any exceptional Healer / DPS For further questions or for a quick interview, add me on! Cptcuervo#1357 You can also whisper any of our officers. Myself, Moondad, Volchan, or Rorix.Cptcuervo10 1d
1d Why Tempt Fate <Why Tempt Fate > *(Formerly Why Tempt Fate and Malice on Cho'gall)* We are all veterans of this game, we have been playing together and raiding since Vanilla and have stayed competitive in all content and would like that to continue, Mature 18+ atmosphere. -Btagg- Ataxx#1908 -Previous Raid content - Clearing content since Vanilla - Current -Recruitment: -Open to skilled players looking for a light raid schedule +Specific recruitment *Prot Warrior or Prot Paladin *Shadow Priest *Moonkin -Raid days Thurs/Fri - 8-11:30 EST -Loot EPGP -All raid consumables/repairs will be covered by the Gbank-Ataxius0 1d
1d <A> Savage Frames Wants you ! Whats going on ARTHAS!!! We are Savage Frames , A tightly knit group of players who have transcended normal game play and strive for perfection (with a few goofs along the way). We are Openly Recruiting for the new raiding season. We are currently a 10 Man Strike Team with aspirations of Going 20 Man Mythic to get those server firsts . We use Discord as the primary voice chat and are an 18+ Crowd . For more information on joining Add me on Battle net Hazardous#1530 or you can also contact papavito#1322 or Slientasylum#1117 See you In Azeroth !Energon12 1d
1d Resto/ Enh shaman LF raiding guild I'm currently seeking an active guild to raid/ group with. I have healed up to Xav on normal difficulty, and have cleared most of the mythics( including a few mythic +) all with pugs. i'm less experienced as a healer but have been pretty successful this far and continue to get better every day. If you think i would be a good fit for you, please contact me in game. Would prefer later raid times, but can change my schedule accordingly. - gamertag Gonewild#1254Gonwild1 1d
1d [H]Extra Crispy 8-11 pm EST 2 Groups Extra Crispy of Arthas-US(Horde) is always looking for good people to raid. The basics: We have two different raiding groups and an optional non-Mythic raid night. Tuesday is optional (non-progression) where we alternate between achievement runs, normal mode, and heroic mode raids. Blue Team: 8-11 p.m. US EST/EDT (server time) Wednesday/Thursday. This group is progression and we expect 85% attendance. Gold Team: 8-11 p.m. US EST/EDT (server time) Sunday/Monday. This group is progression and we expect 85% attendance. We require a minimum of gold proving grounds in the role you want to perform. We try not to be disrespectful of other people's time. We start on time. At 8:00 p.m. everyone is at the raid entrance ready. Double potion use for progression and farm content. 100% flask uptime. We average 1-3 minute wipe recovery. We take a 5 minute break in the middle of the raid somewhere. We end on time or a few minutes early/late (which is usually 1-5 minutes either way). Achieving time efficiency requires players to research encounters beforehand. Trial periods last however long we feel like. It will not exceed a couple of weeks if the player is good. Trial members have a lower priority for loot during their evaluation, but they are not excluded. Consumables are provided by the guild even for trial members. Recruitment information and guild history back to its beginning in Burning Crusade can be found at: Our current progression is available at: Guild philosophies: 1: Success doesn't have to mean spending your entire life in the game. 2: EC is not meant to be a world/server-first guild (although we do love putting salt in wounds.) 3: We're adults. We use adult language. Some adult language is offensive yet we still use it. 4: We believe a small, reliable team of adaptable players is preferable to a large group. You're welcome to apply through our website or talk to one of our recruiters: Main Recruiter: Defective#1213 (DPS/Tank/Healing Recruiter) You can also talk to these people about recruiting: Swordwalker#1948 (Blue Team Healing Recruiter) We recommend adding everyone listed for your role until you get in touch with someone. We all keep different hours in-game except during raid time.Koshiba14 1d
2d [A] Legends of Old Legends of Old is welcoming all Alliance players on Arthas. We are currently a hold over group from before the end times when the server population was somewhat balanced. Way too invested and most likely stricken with some form of Stockholm syndrome we have started raiding Emerald Nightmare. If you are a chill individual and want to raid or just have some people to do mythics, world quests, talk to or whatever. Message a member and we will hook you up. Together we can weather the storm of Horde. Current raid times are Tues / Sun and sometimes Monday at 9pm server time. We still need more DPS.Nayel2 2d
2d <Terminate>(H) Tues & Sat 7pm-10pm We're a newer guild run be 3 close friends. Right now we're looking to do mythic dung progression and raiding. We are looking for anyone wanting a fun environment to play the game in. The Raid times would be Tues & Sat 7pm EST to 10pm if interested. If interested PM Shiftstealth#1376 or Unsungghero#1102.Héliod1 2d
2d 846 Ranged dps lf guild i am a 830 ilvl elemental shaman lf a raid guild to call home that raids that start any day preferably after 9-10pm est . #hutch11382 for more questions pleaseThehutch1 2d
2d Catbus RA, Fri/Sat 10PM to 1 EST Hi! CatBus Raiding Academy. @Arthas-US Raid times are: Fri/Sat 22:00 to 1:00 EST (EST is also server time) We are a semi-hardcore guild that started in HFC WoD. We aim to build a communicative, encouraging, teamwork-focused raiding environment for players with mythic raiding in mind. Our group is aimed at raiders who are limited on time but not skill and who are looking for a raid with constructive communication. Our goal is to run a fair guild based on fair principle. We plan to build a mythic core of 25 players. We use EPGP to distribute loots. We currently have 17/18 mythic-level players, and we are searching for others who want to join a small progression focused weekend raiding group. Please fill out an application at (Our raid progression and recruitment needs are also posted within): Candidates with Mythic/Mythic+ legion dungeon logs will be required. All applicants will be required to run a mythic dungeon with us. Please contact in-game alwaysmiddle#1413 or seventyseven#1492 if you're interested. We will consider all players who are interested. Thanks for reading!Middletroll7 2d
2d 2 day raiding grp looking for a Shadow/Disc! We are a group of friends that have played together for some time now. We all used to raid in a "hardcore" environment. We just no longer have the time to put into a group like that anymore. Our plan is to farm Mythic+ dungeons. Then come together 2 times a week and raid Heroic Flex (Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:30 est (server)). Once we are done with heroic it will be a guild decision on what we do next. Our goal is to be a 2 day Mythic raiding guild, built the right way. We encourage new comers and ppl that are coming back. One thing that we as a guild would like to see improve is the community so come and join us and be a part of a guild that raids and still has fun!! We have a Discord server and webpage Looking at all classes and specs esp heading into pre-patch/Legion. Could really really use some Strong,committed dps ! We also would like someone to take a lead pvp position, none of us claim to be good pvpers but if we had someone to put somethings together people will play! You can find me in game or add my btag if you're interested Nipps#11638 Can also look for Nyppz,Kornak, and Relap in game.Nypps16 2d
2d Moddex Missing? I haven't seen/been killed by Moddex anywhere on the broken Isles... Anyone know if they're okay?Ryeln12 2d
3d <Kill Order> Recruiting for EN - 845iLvL+ Recruiting competent / skilled raiders. Good DPS and a healer[u][/u] Group led by experienced players from as BC raiding. Looking for 845+ iLvL, know your class/spec/role. Tues and Thurs 10pm-1am servertime raids. We clear competitive content in short windows of raiding commitment. Mature, level headed, and skilled players only! Add myself, or my officers for inquiries - Danimal#1609 - Jmenard99#1419 - Dayman#1332Danlita0 3d
3d Dps DH LF Pvp/Pve guild Hi, currently im a 850 dps dh looking for a guild that semi hardcore raids, or does mythic+ and RBGs, i have 1800 xp in rbgs on my spriest back in pandaria, and hardcore raiding in Wotlk back in the day. i havent played for more than like 2 months at a time for a long time but i like DH so i feel like sticking around a while. some raid times that would be nice are anytime after 9pm central time, or 7central on thursday-sat. have any questions just mail or or whisper me in gameScare0 3d
4d <From The Internet> Recruiting... [H] From The Internet - Arthas US [From The Internet] is currently seeking a skilled Holy or Discipline Priest, and high interest in ranged DPS for our Heroic and Mythic progression team, though any strong DPS can still apply. About Us: FTI has been a raiding guild for several expansions. We are a Mythic-focused group who want to down bosses in a reasonable amount of time. We expect attendance to raid, coming prepared with flasks/food/potions and the knowledge of your class and each boss in the current tier. Raid Times: Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 8pm - 12am EST. How to contact us: or Martnara - Mart#1875 (Healing Officer) Sunrae - Sunrae#1584 (Recruiting Officer) Ðrogon - Nekronomikan#1536 (Recruiting Officer) Wolx - Wolx#1119 (General Officer) Bloodlizzard#1795 (Guild Master)Ðrogon0 4d
4d What time do Dailies reset? What time do Dailies reset server time?Lifeaquatic91 4d
4d Community Discord Live! Hello guys! If anyone here doesn't yet know about Discord, it is a relatively new voice and text chat application that works both as an app and in your web browser. It's like combining TeamSpeak and Skype and putting it into a single app. A group of us made a community Discord. In this discord you will be provided with latest hotfixes with also all Class discords at your disposal. All classes have a Discord channel, each with a varying number of members and multiple sub-channels dedicated to specific topics regarding that class. Each channel is maintained by class community leaders and are excellent resources for anyone, new and veteran to the game. We will try to make the discord channel as beneficial for each of you as possible. Feel free to use our community discord for anything you want to do. The link below will direct you to our discord channel: 4d
4d [H] "Oblivious" 11am-2pm ET Wed-Mon Mythic About us Oblivious-Arthas is a 20 man raid group who started off as an Open Raid guild in the Fall of 2015. We made the decision to realm transfer and consolidate into the awesome team we have now early this year. We rapidly progressed from a learning group, to a Mythic group, in just a matter of months and retained most of our original roster into Legion. All classes encouraged to apply! Raid Times Monday- 11:00am - 2:00pm EST (US) Wednesday- 11:00am 2:00pm EST (US) Considering the possibility of adding an additional raid day to our schedule, but this is contingent upon guild availability. What We Expect Our objective is to clear as much content as possible within our allotted schedule. While we value skills over item levels, we expect a reasonable amount of focus from our members during raid time, further, we expect all of our members to maintain a respectful, competitive, and proactive mentality. If you feel we would be a good fit, please don't hesitate to contact us in-game or apply directly to our site: Hope to talk to you soon! Contact Information Versie/Starez: StareTG#1852 Saerbear: Saerbear#1495 ----------------------------------------- Hey folks, hope you apply. Some of you old timers from Arthas might remember me. I was a very active pug raid leader all through Wrath of the Lich king as Threatco, Maxkarnage, Beeder, Myshell. Also raid led for SY formerly Scroggs You. The atmosphere of this group is great. It's a pleasure raid leading this group. And I am pretty sure we are the only mythic raiding guild on the server with these kind of hours. Feel free to contact me at the website above or in game.Myshell0 4d
4d Paying 50k and 25k for Flask/Pot lvl 3 procs Bring us your mats and will make your flasks and pots for free. If we get a lvl 3 proc, we will pay you 75k (flasks) and/or 40k (pots). Please contact Kammi (Kammi#1976) or Zharah in game.Kammi1 4d
5d [H] Vanilla+ Tank(849 Arti 22) LF Raid Guild Hey there, Beary Here. Been druid tanking since before it was a thing in BC. Hardcore raided BC/Wrath content. Heroic raided Cata/Mop. We can all agree Draenor sucked(I skipped most of it). Currently at 848iLvl and Arti Lvl 21 running mythic dungeons regularly. Looking for a guild to progress Mythic+ dungeons and Normal-to-Heroic+ raid content progression (Ideally Mythic in the future). Raid times would have to start 8:30PM+ as I work until 8PM M-F with all weekends free. 7/7 NormalBearyjane1 5d
5d [H-US-Arthas]<Souls of the Banished> 10m About US: Raid Times: Friday 8:00pm - 11:00pm PT, once more TBD Souls of the Banished has been around since vanilla and so have our members. Most of us are older (30+) with kids. We are a very small tight-knit guild shooting for 11-13 core active raiders for 10m raids. We currently have 5-6 and are looking for another tank or 2 (not Blood DK), another healer or 2 (not Resto Druid), and 3-5 DPS players. We'll raid 1-2 times per week depending on schedules. I anticipate that we'll see mythic content but we definitely won't be one of the first guilds to do so. We have all been hardcore raiders, raiding 3-4 times per week at 4+ hours per attempt (especially during vanilla - Wrath) and don't have the same amount of free time as we used to. We also all like to PvP and will have scheduled guild PvP events and will just queue up when a few of us are online. Guild repairs are available daily with full guild repairs on raid days. Since our kids play with us on occasion we keep guild chat and mumble PG-13 and try to keep the swearing to a minimum. We want to enjoy Legion content with friendly players and that is why we keep the guild small; to avoid adding drama and contentious players. Guild cohesion is a large priority and we just like to have fun together. If <Souls of the Banished> sounds like a good fit for you contact us for more information! GM: Sothica (Sothdargaard#1981) Officer: Healsebub (Mavrohmatis#1661)Sothica7 5d
5d Late night raid guilds, where are you? 12am - ???Moblack1 5d
5d [H] <Demonstrate Power> [PvP] Recruiting. Since WoDs release many of the top tier PvP guilds on the Horde side of Arthas have either went Alliance on different realms or have completely disbanded, because of that fact Arthas has become barren of any kind of High End PvP guilds for RBGs or Arenas. Many smaller PvP guilds have comeup and much of the talent on the server is completely spread apart, and we want to bring all the top end PvPers on Horde side together and make the best PvP guild Arthas will ever know. Demonstrate Power is currently recruiting PvPers of all skill levels to join our circle jerk of a guild. Take note though all you scrubby scrubs this isn't the kind of guild you're just going to join, sit in, and brag to your friends about, no we are only accepting those with the drive to improve and become the best players they can be. With that being said we are giving ALL of our members two months after the seasons start to reach atleast 2k in any rated PvP setting, or you WILL be kicked from the guild. After the two months we will run trials for any interested in joining who aren't up to par and give them a chance to improve and become a part of our PvP community. We have serveral members who have already reached 2600+ in the past looking to climb this season and make their mark on the ladder, so those of you that are glad tier players looking for people to possibly get glad with, you've come to the right place. Our core RBG isn't set in stone at the moment but we have plenty to fill two rosters, but we are also looking for any members of leadership experience/abilites to step up and help lead during off times as we want to run multiple groups at a time. For a PvP guild we are one of the biggest troll guilds on the server, as such what is said in our guild chat is not to be taken seriously considering most of us are looking to just unwind and have fun after a long day. That being said, when it comes to our RBG group we are nothing but serious. We will not take members to our groups if you are stoned out of your mind or are so drunk you can't see straight. While we are all about having fun and goofing off during our off times we take our rated PvP very seriously. So you're interested in joining? Cool we are glad to have you in our guild, all you need to do is message either someone in our guild by /who Demonstrate Power, or message one of our officers. Either Myself, Razornips, Pinkmalk(GM), Sufferize, or PØsterz and we will give you the information you didn't get from this forum post, or send you a guild invite. Currently Recruiting: Mistweaver Monk Tank For Group Two.(Pref Guardian/Prot War)Arkael3 5d
6d [H]<Lil Chang and Friends 21+ Semi Casual About Us: <Lil Chang and Friends> is a newly formed Horde guild on the Arthas - PvP- EST server filled with players who just came back to the game. Our raid core will consist of veteran PvE/PvP players who have raided together for several years. Some of our officer experience includes a Top 100 US Illidan Kill, 6/6 SWP Clear pre-nerf, 12/12 Heroic ICC, and 7/7 FL Heroic. The vast majority of us are college-age, laid back individuals who are looking to have fun and push some content. Until we solidify a tight-knit team, we plan to raid normal content, and progress our way through heroics and on towards Mythic content. For fun we like to do arenas and rated battlegrounds, a lot of our players are over 2.2k+ experienced as well. Schedule: We plan to raid Wed/Fri from 10-1 a.m. server time (EST). We will use a loot council system decided by the officers. We want our players to understand that loot is just a tool to reach our goals. In general, whoever the upgrade is greater for will receive the loot. Obviously MS > OS Going into Legion raiding, our goals include: -Clear content efficiently. -Continually improving our rank and reputation as one of the elite raiding guilds on the server. -Maintaining our tightly knit community atmosphere and extending it beyond WoW. -Have fun What We Look For In You: -Near perfect attendance; don't waste our time not showing up or we will replace you. -Play your class at the top level of content. -Learn to quickly adapt to new encounters and changes to your class. -Have an authenticator, reliable internet connection/computer. -Working headset and microphone. -Character is gemmed and enchanted in a suitable manner. -Notable achievements or boss experience. (Side Note: PvP Titles/Achievements are highly considered, as we find them to be an indication of a highly skilled player as well. Don't be afraid to chat as a PvP player interested in raiding). Recruitment: Current recruitment needs are any exceptional damage dealer, healer or tank. If you want to know what each "need level" means to us, please inquire. If your class is not listed, and you feel you are exceptional, please still apply. We have a flexible roster and are open to rerolling applicants. Once raids have dropped, we expect all raiders to be 840+ iLvl and have some mythic dungeon experience. We're also looking for raiders willing to take officer roles as well as full-time raid lead, obviously exceptional raid experience, vocal leadership, and a level head are all expected from a raid leader/officer candidate. With class changes yet to come, flexibility is an absolute must. Playing multiple specs or classes proficiently greatly benefits your application. We need 1-2 swing healers. These are not “bench until 20 player comes out” positions. You will be raiding immediately. Please note that not all good applicants come from other top guilds. If you know that you're one of the best players in your guild and can demonstrate that, please apply! Wait until you meet Lilchang :) Please contact myself: Chaos#1933 for any additional questions concerning the guild. I can help you determine if you would be a good fit or not. Thank you.Bigsquatch3 6d
6d [H] <Unforgiven> Recruiting for Heroic [H] <Unforgiven> - Arthas 9 years of raiding, a place to call home Looking for exceptional players; people who are reliable, committed, and looking to be part of a team Looking for Adult players who want to raid heroic content in a casual atmosphere Our Raid: We raid from 9pm EST to 12am EST on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We have a 5-10 minute break halfway through the raid and very rarely go over our end time. If and when we do its usually a last pull when we’re close to a kill or an attempt that carries over. What we are looking for: Adult players who want to progress through Heroic content, currently in need of DPS and Healers, but will consider all applicants What you can expect of us: • A guild which understands that a video game does not meet all of your needs and that your life comes first, that is important. We want people who can commit to raiding on our schedule but we understand that unforeseen things come up and try out best to accommodate that • A place that likes to have fun and knows how to joke around • Awesome people that are more than just people you raid with (hopefully). We have a diverse group of people who are very social, take advantage of that • A casual/laid back environment What we expect from you: • We want people who WANT to raid, our group loves raiding and loves progression so if you don’t enjoy it, our guild probably won’t work for you • Someone who takes raids seriously while still understanding how to have a good time. Understand when it’s time to focus and when it’s time to crack a joke • Be respectful of other peoples time • Have an open mind and a good attitude • Have a high level of understanding for your class, raid mechanics, and be able to adapt on the fly, these are huge bonuses and expectations while raiding • Understand that our guild is far more than a place that simply feeds you gear, if that’s all you are looking for than this isn’t the place for you. We want people who are going to enjoy the people they are getting the gear with We are now and will always be a casual raiding guild. All of our member are free to play the game however and whenever they choose, but there will never be anything casual about our approach to raiding If this sounds like it might be a good fit for you, add my battle tag Withoutwords#1237 and contact me in game for more informationWithoutwords1 6d
6d (H) &lt;Moistly Geared&gt; LFM for Legion We are currently no longer recruiting any players Good luck to you in your legion Endeavors!!!Hairybootay7 6d
Sep 21 [H] DH Tank vanilla + exp LG Guild Hey guys, 1. Times available & time zone: M-F 9:00 AM - 7PM + 7:45PM - 10:00 PM PST 2. Server preference: Arthas-PVP 3. Faction preference: Horde 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: semi-Hardcore 5. Current progression/experience: Mythic 2's completed so far - Experience is tanking everything since the vanilla days. I was main tank in vanilla/BC and I've done healing in everything and DPS in everything since, minus MOP xpac. 6. Recent logs (if available): 7. Contact info: dunrick#1609 & 8. Anything else: I don't want to fully commit myself to super hardcore raiding, but I also don't want to be in a guild where people who don't have a healthy understanding of bringing everything they got to the table. I always bring my A game and can definitely dodge a wrench. I don't want a toxic guild, too old for that level of maturity anymore. If I am wanted to go dps I would probably be open to that, but I have level 20 artifact in Vengeance and I am a very solid tank. p.s. my achievements are low because I went through a rage-delete of all my champs I played back in the day. My favorite achievement is probably killing Rag before the sons in vanilla, good times.Dunrekt0 Sep 21
Sep 21 [H] Final Phase Recruiting Raiders! The Final Phase is a guild consisting of long time friends who have come back to experience Legion and reach the ultimate goal of end game content. Although we like to joke around and have a fun atmosphere, we take raiding seriously because of our small raiding schedule. We raid Wed / Thurs 8 - 11 EST and Friday as a cleanup day. We are currently in need of: Ranged DPS Frost / Unholy DK Our mission is to provide an enjoyable atmosphere to all of our raiders and to have a great time. Please contact Phylus, Zioten, Milkvor, or Mossqt for more information on joining. Or You may add my battletag directly at Xenophylus93#1244Phylus5 Sep 21
Sep 21 3 DPS looking for new Raid home! Fire Mage, Marksman Hunter, and Havoc Demon Hunter (All 845+ w/ Heroic Hellfire Experience) are looking for an experienced group to raid with Cross Realm. Our current guild isn't quite fitting our standards and we're looking for a good group to progress through Legion. Looking for a Friday/Sunday schedule to progress through Normal/Heroic throughout Legion. Battletag is Rekirin#1233 Please message me if you may be interested in having us. Thanks!Reklumia0 Sep 21
Sep 20 LF casual raiding guild My girlfriend and I are military with an ever changing schedule but were looking for a small guild with personable and mature people that raids thurs-sat past 5pm Pacific. Im more than willing to contribute flasks, gold, and mats to the guild bank. My gearscore is 846 (balance) with the legendary balance helm and hers is 840 as a feral druid.Patriotp1 Sep 20
Sep 20 [Endeavor] Wed&Thursday Raiding Recruiting! [H] Endeavor is a guild that was created with the intent to progress into Heroics and Mythics within the server of Arthas. We are pretty new to the server of Arthas. However, we are not new to raiding, and downing content. Endeavor's Guild Master, Officers, and Veterans have been around World of Warcraft for a long time. Most of us have raided together for the past three to four years even when some of us disbanded in the middle of Mist from a guild we were all in. We do like to have fun, and cut up in between trash pulls, and when we are not raiding, but we do take progression seriously. Endeavor is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that raids Wednesday and Thrusday 8-11pm! We also like to do PvPing, Questing, Old Raids, and Achievement runs. We also play Diablo 3, Overwatch, and many other games together. We are currently looking for a very few spots that I have left open. I am nearing the 30 man mark for raids. I am currently looking for a WW monk, Lock, Balance druid, Hunter and Elly shammy. If you are interested my Btag is below along with our facebook page, and website. Battle Tag: AmazinLeo#1203 Facebook Website:ònidas14 Sep 20
Sep 20 <Rebel Scum> Recruiting for casual raiding Hey everyone, Rebel Scum is a casual raiding guild with the intent of seeing Normal/Herioc raiding content. Currently in need of DPS, but all are welcome. You can PM me at Ravnerous#1651 for more information.Ravnerouxs0 Sep 20
Sep 20 [H] Sentinels Reborn Sentinels Reborn a newly created progression focused raiding guild. Our core group is made of many players that have come together over many years and expansions of Wow. Our focus for legion is to build a raid team for mythic content. As a new guild we will be required to work towards this goal together starting with Normal/Heroic raids. Raid Times Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 7-10 est Our Needs. Healers - All Dps - Ranged Tanks - Options available What we expect from you. -80% raid attendance -Be fight ready. Have a basic understanding of the Boss and his abilities, be on time and ready to go. -Flask, Food, Enchants and Gems. We want everyone to perform at their best. -3rd relic slot unlocked. -Discord with mic Our main requirement is finding players that enjoy playing the game and that are fun to play with. Our group that founded this guild were strangers to each other before wow and after many years we are still playing and enjoying World of Warcraft together. Feel free to contact any of the listed below for more questions or interest in joining. Rahfel#1680, Boboman#1131, Eldgeon#1885Binhiden1 Sep 20
Sep 19 LF Guild Restro/ Balance Druid looking for guild that's going to run Raid, Heroics and Mythic on weekends or late nightGurmin2 Sep 19
Sep 19 Resto Druid LF Semi-Casual Guild I'm looking for a semi-casual raiding guild that will raid 1-2 night per night at no more than 3 hours each, and will do mythic dungeons. I'm a Resto druid main currently at iLVL 832. I'd like to Raid but I'm ok with being on a 'B' or even 'C' team, I like to see content outside of group finder. If your guild memebers are running mythic dungeons from time to time, thats a big plus. Let me know if you think i'd be a good fit for your guild. Thanks!Konigg2 Sep 19
Sep 19 [H] ENH Shaman Looking to Raid Hi. I'm currently i844 Enhancement Shaman who is looking for a casual/semi-hardcore guild that has a schedule which fits me. A guild that doesn't take everything seriously, nor isn't trying to rush content or be top 10 in the server. All in all, I'd like to find a group that I can consistently raid with. My raiding experience isn't exactly vast. I didn't start to truly raid until Draenor (I have done a couple flex raid attempts in MoP), but I have been playing off and on since Wrath. My progress for Draenor is 12/13H. May have gotten Heroic Archimonde down, but because of my work schedule being terribly inconsistent and such, I am forced to pug, which is a severe pain to do. I work 2nd shift. The time I work is usually 2PM-11PM EST on Mon/Wed/Thur/Fri. Unfortunately, it's at a small gas station, and there are periods where I may be asked to cover fairly frequently, so I would need a guild that wouldn't mind pugging a DPS if needed. If I ever have to cover on the weekend, then my shift time is 1PM-9PM EST. So to reiterate, I'm usually free TUE/SAT/SUN. On days I work my shift time is 2PM-11PM EST. If I cover on a weekend day, then I work 1PM-9PM EST. I'll try to keep an eye on this thread, but if you would wish to message me in-game, my btag is Ark#1487. If you use Discord, then you may add Arkoonius#8764.Draelda1 Sep 19
Sep 19 Faction Imbalance My friend has some characters on here from long ago, and I'm trying to get away from the three hour server queue times over on Stormrage. Is this server outrageously Horde sided where I won't be able to do World Quests? I don't mind getting in some fights, but if I keep getting ganked by groups while farming herbs it might not be too much fun. 3:Tacokitten15 Sep 19
Sep 19 <Spice World> Recruiting for Progression Hello all, I'm Scaryspice. I don't know if we have met, but I hope if we have it has been pleasant. Currently, I'm forming a raiding group that will be focused on progression throughout Legion. I have pulled many experienced raiders from a variety of places, some I have known for years and know will make great raiders. Since we are newly formed I can't show you solid logs or placement data, but I can tell you that our group will succeed. This is due to the fact that in our group you have to earn your spot, no nepotism, no carries. That said, we tend to be an approachable and fun bunch. We're willing to help you become the best raider you can be if you think you have what it takes. What we're looking for: Someone who can make raid times 100 percent of the time, or give adequate notice for an acceptable reason of absence. Raid times are Thursday and Saturday nights from 8PM - 12AM EST. During farm weeks we will stop at 11PM. Someone who "gets" WoW. If you don't know what this means, you probably wouldn't fit it. You must have good general knowledge of the ins and outs of the game. (For example, you need to know how to make a macro or know where to go to find out how to make one, you also need to be able to gauge if your performance is good or not. You need to know about rotations, etc.) Someone who tries. This is critical. No slackers. We expect you to be on time, be ready, have consumables, and give it your all for four hours. Someone who asks questions and communicates. Asking questions when you don't quite get an encounter and having good communication skills is essential to a good raid experience for everyone. You don't have to be super social, but you need to know when to speak up. I value these qualities over starting ilvl or previous raiding experience highly. If you think you have these qualities or are interested in learning more please post in this thread or message me in game at: scaryspice#1471 If I'm unavailable you can also reach Theodious at: theodious#1332 Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you.Scaryspìce2 Sep 19
Sep 18 <Deicide> LF1M ranged dps for Mythic+ Hello, Deicide is a small group of talented players who are looking for a like a minded range dps. We are on most nights from 7-10:30pm EST and will be running mythic+ dungeons(challenge modes). Raids are going to be a separate option that we will pursue, but at our own pace. We believe Mythic dungeons this expansion are a great alternate route to gearing and that raiding on the side is our best option. If you are looking for a dedicated 5 man group for mythic+ progression, feel free to send a message to : Lurch#1986 Abusivesgt#1165 or join our discord at Voice will be required as these mythic+ dungeons require great coordination. We hope to see you soon!Vaché0 Sep 18
Sep 17 Seeking Weekend Raiding Guild Looking for a weekend raiding guild am or pm. If interested in a ret pally add me my btag is Godman#1599 will be happy to answer any questions you may have and can use any voice chat.Watermonkéy0 Sep 17
Sep 17 Ward of Dawn (Range Healer Recruitment) Need a range healer who has an OS of range dps as well. If you contact someone else in guild say you're wanting to talk to Brat. raid/ mythics+ Thursday and Sundays. @9pm server time till about 12am We will run a couple mythics see if you mesh well with the other guildies!Anerea1 Sep 17
Sep 17 <srs guild not like the others> u suck listen u all need to listen to me one time ur nepotism has no place in any competitive open guild if u advertise a pvp guild u put the best players for the team in the rbg if the best players for the team arent on the team ur fake ur a leech ur scum if u invite females over skilled players for the sake of befriending and flirting with the females ur fake ur a leech ur scum if ur on the main team bc ur the leader of the guild and u feel entitled ur fake ur a leech ur scum it doesnt matter who has been promised spots on the rbg team if someone better fit for the group arrives u take them u dont keep ur inferior option on the team u take them out of the group and put the better fit in the group if u dont ur fake ur a leech ur scum advertising urself as a pvp guild and then running the guild into the ground while blaming others is why every guild for pvp on arthas has failed besides rachael ray fight club which died during a faction switch at least u got in some cardio when cazjel tells u to kick u kick when cazjel tells u to leave u leave when cazjel tells u to shut up u shut up when cazjel hits u with the fish/oil plug and cazjel has great prices compared to the market u do not haggle cazjel u take the deal or leave those are ur two options when a real guild hits arthas i will let u all know as of now every guild claiming to be pvp is fake theyre leeches theyre scumCazjel11 Sep 17