[H] <Inappropriate> 25m LF DPS for SoO. <Inappropriate> is a semi-casual 25m Horde raiding guild that is currently 6/14. Our focus is successful 25-man raiding on a casual raid schedule. While we believe that we don't need to sacrifice our personal lives to push content, due to our lax raid schedule we demand great dedication and focus from our raid members. More importantly, we are a group that has a great deal of fun together with the friends we've made along the way. Inappropriate was founded in mid cata when several long time friends and raiders from Alliance side were struggling to find competent raiders on the dwindling Alliance faction. They faction transferred, and have been clearing content at a comfortable pace since. Our core has been raiding together since BC (<WE RAID> in BC, <Reraid> in WotLK). Our loot system is a relation of raid attendance, performance, and donations to the guild versus gear awarded in our raids. For short, it's called EPGP. The very basic explanation is that on top of the typical raider > trial > probation loot priority, you will win or lose item rolls based on how much gear you have already gotten compared to how much you've raided. Raid more and donate lots of stuff when we need it, and you are more likely to receive loot. Win loot and you are much less likely to win additional loot. Inappropriate raids during the following times (all times are server time): Monday - 7:30-10:30pm Tuesday - 7:30-10:30pm Thursday - 7:30-10:30pm We are currently looking for the following classes for our raid roster, and all interested applicants should visit in order to apply: RECRUITING - Druid: DPS (Balance and Feral) Hunter: DPS Mage: DPS Monk: DPS Paladin: Heals, DPS Priest: DPS Rogue: DPS Shaman: DPS (Elemental and Enhance) Warlock: DPS Warrior: DPS CLOSED - Death Knight: Tank, DPS Druid: Tank Monk: Tank Warrior: Tank Locke8
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[H] <Impervious> (10m) LF War/Pal Tank We recently had a tank who had to drop due to unforeseen RL commitments. We have someone offspecing as tank currently, but we are looking for a full-time, reliable tank to fill the role. We are specifically looking for a plate tank, specifically Warrior or Paladin (our other MT is a DK), due to loot balancing and tokens. Even missing our old MT, we still managed to down 7/14 bosses in normal mode raiding less than 9 hours for the first week. In the first day of the second week, we already downed 6 of those 7 farm bosses. Here's what you can expect: There is a sort of trial period. It's pretty hard to fail this; show up and perform at a reasonable level. We aren't exactly hardcore, but we do expect people to generally be on-time unless prior notice is given. This is extremely important for a tank role. You are expected to show up with appropriate raid materials, and enchant/gem gear in a timely fashion. You are expected to have at least a basic understanding of theory behind your class. This is to aid in determining strategies for new encounters. We encourage you to participate with us outside of raiding. We have various activities both in and out of WoW. We're a friendly bunch, and don't bite. We expect raiders learn fights we are about to attempt. Watching a youtube video and/or reading some text isn't particularly time consuming and we will generally provide you with links if you ask. Here's some quick info about us: Raid evenings Mon, Tues from 9-12 and Wed from 10-1 (Eastern Standard Time). Small-tight nit group that plays many games together. Some recent games we've played (along with WoW) include LoL and Payday 2. We are all at least college age, though most of us are well into our 20's and some even have families. We have our own private mumble server that we use for all games we play. You are welcome to play ALL games with us, not just WoW. We understand RL gets in the way sometimes so we keep our hours limited (and DO NOT GO OVER). All we ask is that you give some heads up if you can't make raid. Repair costs are covered during raids. We take part in other activities outside of raids (that are, of course, entirely optional). One of these includes shot-night: we turned LFR into a drinking game! Have a blast with some of us on Friday nights. Drinking is not required, of course, so the sober people can poke fun at the drunk ones! You are not being invited just to pad our roster. You will not see much (if any) bench time, and can expect to play on pretty much every boss. Our roster is flexible. If you really want to role or main change (especially for an expansion) you are absolutely welcome to. Feel free to contact our GM (Vylee, Vybrant, RealID: Vylee#1719), the other recruiter (Unbound, RealID: Unbound#1564), or myself (Zyrm, Xyrmfu, RealID: Xyrm#5602), or reply to this thread. Vylee and myself work full time, but Unbound should be on during the day in most cases; if not, feel free to contact any of us in the evening. Zyrm0
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(H) <DUMPSTER> - Recruiting for core 10m DUMPSTER 10m Horde | Arthas Raid Schedule: Thurs/Sun 7-11pm Est Current Progression: 9/14 SoO <DUMPSTER> is a tight-knit crew of some quality individuals who started on Arthas at release, went our separate ways over the past couple years and have essentially "Come home" to "retire." Our focus has shifted from the external sites and rankings, to the actual quality of time we spend on this game. That doesn't mean poor play. That means surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals where a good time and killing bosses can be one-and-the-same.. With that said: If you're like us and have thrown in the towel on nerd rage, have reached a point of Zen-like raiding we're you're allergic to fire, much prefer a good time with some good people with the itch to mix killing bosses and having a good time, we might have a spot for you. ______________________________________________________________ So why us? We have the experience, skill and history of knowing how to do it. How to approach raiding, but mixing that in with our newer-found focus on a general loss of zeal for the game. How to read encounters and how to adapt our comp. Recruitment Needs: Looking for a skilled/geared Tank or a leet DPS with a viable OS to fill in where needed, that being said all exceptional players are welcome to check us out and hit us up for more info! Requirements: - Logs. Parse things. If you need help with them and are interested, Whisper anyone in <DUMPSTER> and they can direct you to me. I can assist you with that department if needed. - Mumble. Get it. I'd like to talk to you as a person and not whisper. - Interest in being a vocal, active participant in raiding. Know the fights. Know your class. Know more than what your mechanics do, know how they work and why. So, you’re interested aren’t you?!.. Yeah thought you would be… well Contact any of us in game to discuss further or go and visit our website, fill out our short app. So there it is. Lets see what happens. Thanks! Visit our website at to see more! Misttr17
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