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Evolve raiding guild is looking for more! Current Progression: 3/12 Server: arthas Classes in Demand (We encourage all exceptional players to apply!) we are really looking for healers and tanks ________________________________________________________________ Death Knight: MED Druid: MED Hunter: HIGH Monk: LOW Mage: MED Shaman: MED Priest: LOW Paladin: LOW Rogue: MEDIUM Warlock: MEDIUM Warrior: HIGH ____________________________________________________________________ About Us: Evolve has been around for quite some time... We are newer to the server and have a raiding team just having trouble getting players to show up on time for raids and the right class's. There are so many different types of people in Evolve ranging from your typical "Nerd Rage'rs" to your simple smart asses. Each and every member adds value to our guild. Having fun with the people we play with is our foundation, this game is pointless unless you are having fun. What good is progression, if you are miserable... Our name totally defines us, we are Serious when we need to be, but maintain a casual feel. WOW is a hobby, not a job and we like to keep it that way. What We Need: A few extremely competent players who are interested in MoP Progression Players that fully understand their class IN/OUT. We are not going to train you on your class abilities. We need to focus on progression, not going over stat priorities and rotations. In order for us to progress, we require every player to be committed/dedicated to performing at their best We require that all players be down to earth and easy to get along with. In order for a guild to be successful, each and every member must get along. (Watch Spartacus, it's True!) ____________________________________________________________________ Raid Times Tuesday: 8-11 Server Time Fridays: 8-11 server time Saturdays: 8-11 server time -Depending on where we finish up Tuesday, it is possible we may add a 4th night to make a few more attempts. This will be up to vote and will most likely not happen very often. ____________________________________________________________________ If the above meets your expectations please contact me or of the guild officers/ GM thank you even if you have alts looking for a run to help us progress, due to the slim pickings alliance side! Vírgíl5
Jun 23, 2013 Jun 23, 2013
501 boomkin/ 504 resto druid LF raiding guild So the title says most of this, but I am a 501 ilvl boomkin with a 504 resto OS looking for a raid group. I recently server transferred from Shattered Hand where I was trying to get a raid group going in my PvP oriented guild, but due to a lot of turnover and reteaching fights, we were only 1/12 in ToT. During T14 I was in a dying raid group because of members lost between expansions, but we still went 6/6 in MSV and 2/6 in HoF. T13 I was the main tank as feral for that group and we went 5/8 Heroic in DS. Right now the evenings I would be available to raid are Mon. and Thurs. nights after 7 EST, as those were the nights I already have off, but if I found the right group, I would be willing to see if I could switch which nights those are. I would prefer to play balance and only sub as a healer since I had to switch my main spec for the guild group I was forming, and so I have the DPS meta gem from the legendary and had been farming gear for balance spec. The only thing that makes my ilvl for resto higher is the Spirit trinket from the Dominance Offensive dailies, but I already have 3/4 T15 from LFR/Nalak for Balance. If interested, hit me up here or send me an in game mail or whisper. I will also be happy to give out my battletag to anyone who wanted to have me in mind for an alternate if someone doesn't show or just wanted to run some LFR's, scenarios, or the like to check out my abilities. On a side note, if you are a guild that does both PvE and PvP, I participated in a number of RBG's in my old guild as well, getting to a 1515 rating as a resto druid. Abrolas1
Jun 23, 2013
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<GOMi> 12/12 recruiting Heals and DPS <Get On My iLvl> is looking to fill a few more spots for the 10 man core group in Mists. The group is a semi-hardcore progression group (read: Guys in their mid 20s with hardcore exp that don't want to spend 20-40 hours a week raiding anymore.) where you are expected to know your class, show up early, be prepared, and pull your own weight. Who Should Join: If you are a player in your early to mid 20s already out of college with a steady job able to dedicate 8-12 hours a week to playing a videogame you should continue reading. If you for any reason have other commitments that will prevent you from dedicating 5pm-9pm server time to raiding you should look elsewhere. Also if you do not own a headset either go out and purchase one before continuing or look elsewhere. The Raid Leader: <GOMi>'s core 10 group is lead by a 26 year old who has been playing wow since release (dem proofs: and has raided every instance Pre Nax10/25 and Post Ulduar10/25. Experienced as guild leader, raid leader, and class leader, all while raiding 30-60 hours a week throughout Vanilla and BC. Slowing down in Cataclysm and adapting to the 10 man raids Crim is looking to complete a group comprised of players with the same mindset that he has met over time. The Raid: The current group is comprised of players from many servers having converged on Arthas for MoP who all share the same mindset: Play well, Have fun, Get loot. The raid is structured as a hardcore 25 man would be without the time requirements. As a raider you sign a contract to the raid leader and your fellow raiders that you will show up 15 minutes before the raid prepared and ready to zone in and/or help summoning. Being late is tolerated to an extent(10 minutes or so) however if it becomes a continuous problem or you do not pull your weight during raid times you will be sat and eventually replaced. Loot will be free roll need before greed and you will be expected to be courteous to your other raid members and pass loot to those less fortunate if you are swimming in epics (If you are seen as a loot!@#$% you will not be with us for very long.) This is to be a low drama group focused on playing the game we all spend $20 a month to play. The Times: Be prepared to raid from 8pm to 12am server time on Wednesday and Thursday. The need: Death Knight: Closed Druid: Boomkin - Open Resto - Open Hunter: Closed Mage: Open Monk: MW - Open Paladin: Holy - Open Priest: Closed Rogue: Closed Shaman: Closed Warlock: Closed Warrior: DPS-Open The Application: Or contact on RealID: Crim#1399 Also recruiting PVPers and socials for our transmog runs. Peelz14
Jun 22, 2013