Mar 7 2 day raiding grp forming! Looking ot do a lite raiding schedule for ppl just trying to stay semi interested in the game. We plan to run Thursday and Sunday from 8-10 ( the times could change depending on what we can get). Gear is not really a factor as we will have a week or so before we start. We are looking for anyone who would like to raid. Be it a mythic raider on an alt or a returning player who hasn't raided in forever. We plan to start non normal and when we feel it is best we will switch to heroic. Some of the people involved including the lead(myself) are at least 9/13M. This is meant to be casual but only in the sense of time constraints and talent. We do want people that can make the raids. With it only being a total of 4 hours a week we want to make sure we use them in a decent manner. Hit me up in game or on here if you are interested at all. Arkelem#1685 1st raid is slotted for March 17th!Flaphappy0 Mar 7
Mar 7 WTB Mythic Archi mount only ! Any guild on Arthas Is currently selling The Mythic mount ? havent seen a post in a whileShialeboeuf0 Mar 7
Mar 5 How's WPVP on this server? Good morning, Checking to see how this server is in terms of World PvP. Is it horde active? Does Alliance attack at all in Warpspear and the other home cities? Does Horde have no one to attack? Warsong Vanguard, the Biggest guild on Tichondrius US horde is looking to branch out and start on other servers to get more World PVP involved. Let me know, Much appreciated. SnipexoxoSnipeology12 Mar 5
Mar 3 13/13M Raider LF Raiding Guild Hello guys, We had Hellfire Citadel on farm for a while one and one night clearing 13/13M on Tuesdays, from 7:30pm – 11:00pm CST, is not fun anymore. I am looking for raiding guild for my Windwalker Monk. You can armory my cute, little monk. He does have Legendary Ring which I plan to max the fastest possible and an experience of 9/13M. I main another melee dps so I should still perform at my raiding standard. I have flexibility for any days of the weeks. I have all my BiS trinkets except my class trinket. Only missing 2 Mythic tier pieces, and I have my BiS socketed Mythic polearm from Mannoroth. I do not mind progression at all. You will be guaranteed to have my very best performance. Thank you, Sky Note: You are free to contact me through my battletag: Skyfall#1891 (Willing to Faction Transfer if needed be)Votkinsk0 Mar 3
Mar 3 13/13H <Standing in Fire> recruiting About Us <Standing in Fire> is a World of Warcraft horde guild on the Arthas server (US, PvP, EST). We are a group of adult gamers comprised mostly of working professionals and college students who share a passion for raiding. Founded September 25th, 2007; we have enjoyed many accomplishments during The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, and The Mists of Pandaria. We hope to continue that through Warlords of Draenor, Legion, and beyond. Atmosphere <Standing in Fire> strives to provide a great gaming experience for its members by maintaining a fun, yet mature atmosphere with an emphasis on teamwork. We have high expectations of our raiders to perform but our raid leaders take a calm approach to mastering new content. There is no yelling and screaming, but rather constructive criticism aimed at solving problems and refining strategies instead of pointing fingers and placing blame. Members foster a drama-free environment where differences are resolved as adults. The result has been an enjoyable and productive place to game, and one we are proud of. Schedule We know what it's like finding time for your favorite hobby with a busy schedule. Our members have jobs, family commitments, and other responsibilities just like you. <Standing in Fire> makes efficient use of raid time allowing us to progress through content at our own pace with a much smaller time investment than most guilds (only 9 hours per week). Our current weekly raid schedule is: Monday, 9pm - 12am EST Tuesday, 9pm - 12am EST Wednesday, 9pm - 12am EST How do I Join? If you are interested in becoming a member of <Standing in Fire>, you can find out more about us by contacting Padwar#1173, Tanlia, Necronom, or Fayia in-game, or by visiting: www.badguild.comPadwar49 Mar 3
Mar 2 FAQ in the undercity 13/13 heroic LFM Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8:30-11:30 EST Current Progression: 13/13 Heroic Recruiting: Healers and Range Dps in VERY high demand... we dont mind helping you gear a little but would prefer people that are at least ready for heroic content... pugging healers leads to mostly the healers getting out healed by the tanks so yeaaaa..... we no like that no moe... if you are looking to be a loot $@%@ and expect every drop you need to go straight to you, then keep looking, we arent interested, but if you are looking to enjoy the content while having fun and hearing all of our 9000 (maybe over 9000) inside jokes then this will be a great place for you... keep in mind we have no desire to be a hardcore guild, we are strictly enjoying the content and progressing at a fun pace... for the most part the guild is comprised of adults with real world commitments (except santh) so we completely understand when real life happens, as long as it doesnt happen 9 weeks in a row (seriously who helps their dad move for 9 weeks). this guild was formed a few weeks ago from friends that enjoy raiding together and we have quickly progressed to 13/13 heroic (yea i know, thats not exactly hard to do, its zomg so easy). So, if you are on the fence about joining, you are welcome to climb up the stairs and join the guild... or you can stay down the stairs... it doesnt matter... just pick one... up the stairs or down the stairs. Contact us with questions and more information if you're interested Stànkie Tudapally Dumpsack Vítaní Sánth p.s. if you UI randomly explodes mid raid and it takes 4 hours to rebuild it, then you shouldnt join either. specific needs if you heal tanks and dps like Radish that like to stand in stuff, we need you if you damage bosses/trash without standing next to them swinging big swords we need you. the only thing we dont need is melee dps and hunters.Tudapally7 Mar 2
Mar 2 Heroic HFC Carries? [H] Are there any horde side guilds selling Heroic HFC runs on this server at a reasonable price? Looks like going rate on most servers are about 100k on average. But, the threads I have seen on this forum are 300k or over. I figured I would ask since Legion will be here soon and that's when I'll probably look for a guild. I also don't want to pay over 100 bucks on server transfers just so I can transfer with all my gold. Thanks in advance.Tihsho3 Mar 2
Mar 1 Thinking about Xsfering possibly LF a guild I haven't really played too much since before HFC released and BRF ended, so I am looking to get back into the raiding scene with a guild and get ready for Legion. Add me at Deckardpain#1876 !Invìtcus1 Mar 1
Feb 26 thread deleted .Arkanana3 Feb 26
Feb 26 726 Boomkin,727 Bear,727Rogue LF Mythic Guild All 3 of us are looking for a good mythic guild to progress with. Preferred raid times are Tues/thurs nights. 8/13m Exp. We are looking for something around our experience. We are reliable and will show up for raid. We are open to constructive criticism and we focus on improving ourselves if needed. add Ace#12596 if you have any questionsPcb1 Feb 26
Feb 25 Buying archeology Keystones I'm buying all: Ogre Missives (100g) Draenor Clan Orator Cane (75g)Cod those items to ipatate-arthas. Thank you!Ipatate0 Feb 25
Feb 24 737 10/13M Rogue LF Mythic Raiding Hey Arthas! I am very interested in a Mythic raiding spot in a fairly progressed guild, and I am not interested in Heroic progression. I have an extremely flexible schedule, but times that work best for me are any times included in the 8:00PM EST to ~2:00AM EST. Any days of the week work. Feel free to add me and talk! Btag: Laj#1759 P.S. I will be away for roughly the first 2 weeks of March, and unable to raid. I will know the specific timeframe in the near future.Backsurgeon10 Feb 24
Feb 24 Casual group looking for more ESP a tank As the title says were just a grp of ex-mythic raiders (this tier and many others) looking for more casual players until Legion is much closer. Here is our guild info. Knights of Ren [i][/i] [u][/u]- [Horde] [Arthas] The Core of us have been together over the last 3-4 years. there isn't much of us left but the ones that are still around are a blast to be around! We have always prided ourselves on helping others while still maintaining a steady/decent pace of progression. We recently just stopped raiding with a Good progressing mythic guild, mostly based on just wanting to get back to having fun while not having to commit to a crazy schedule. We would like to set up some kind of weekly raid for ring upgrades/alts/casuals and mostly people who are wanting to raid but really have never had the chance. Be it skill, gear, or just being afraid to jump in and try it out. Right now we mainly just clear/farm Mythic dungeons and occasionally pug a raid or 2.The goal is to get our own thing going now so when Legion hits we can get back into the swing of things. Our goal come Legion is to have 2-4 Solid 5 man grps that can farm out the CM's and extra content and then join together 1-2 times a week and raid. We just don't have the time to put into raiding the way we used to and are looking for like minded individuals. Right now were taking anyone interested. Then come Legion we will see what we have to work with and move forward. So if you're looking for a place to call home, meet some new ppl , learn to raid and play at a decent level hit me up in game and we can talk about any detail or questions you may have. Arkelem#1685Flaphappy2 Feb 24
Feb 24 Arthas I xfered to this server during the last 3 months of cata with 5 friends and a GF and my brother with a few of their friends.. ALL QUIT due to all the reasons we done heard of so no point to list.Even tho some of those have been patched,they are not coming back and said they don't want to play the new xpac BC again.The 2 biggest is flavor of the month and non stop class changes. I stand in town looking at people and reading DEDs words,for a little over a year now,i spent all my gold on game time(9months worth)and a moose.That time is up in 16 days and to be real,i don't find this game fun at all,so i will be leaving the game for good.I been playing this game on and off since 05 with tons of toons,both sides. My home server was khadgar......another dead server that drew its last breath in cata. I do hope arthas stays strong and keeps a good pop,but playing alone is to much to bare. Everyone i know now plays LOL or blade and soul,cause the pvp is i guess better. I loved mop the most,out of every xpac this game put forth.I loved the lich king(as the boss in wotlk) the most out of its lore that is now fodder imo. wod and legion imo are boring re tells or wanting to spark a fire that is dead in most us nilla scrubs.Hunter is and always will be my fav class in the game,despite its pretty weak in alot of the parts of the game i enjoy.ITS OVER to me.Wod was the last nail imo. I will always say i love this game for what it was,not what it became. For the most part its a single player game with horrid toxic players that make you want to quit or play something else. i will not miss anyone,cause i never knew anyone here........goodbye,goodluck and godspeed on finding a better game where the dev team knows what they are doing.Muriçä2 Feb 24
Feb 23 10,000 Gold giveaway or a Top Hat 10,000 Gold giveaway or a Top Hat ... So there's this thing called a Blingtron 4000 Blingtron 4000 it has a chance to give you GOLD, MOUNTS, TOYS, JUNK. Well I will give you 10,000 GOLD if you get a helm from it. Looks kind of like a top hat. To be honest it is a top hat High Society Top Hat. If you want to keep it for yourself you can do that as well. I am going to be summoning the 4000 model Blingtron it in the orc starting zone near the mail box once servers go up on the US Server "Arthas". If you get a hat. You have will have 2 ways to get paid for it. You can whisper me in game and we can trade oldschool like, or we can use state of the art technology called a mailbox! This allows 1 person to mail an item for up to 10,000g C.O.D. and it will cost the receiver of the item 10,000 gold to remove it from the mailbox thus paying you. Blingtron Quests and how they work: They are account wide. ** means 1 daily per account per day ** Blingtron 4000 vs 5000 models **4k is super rare and has a top hat dtop, 5k does not** Even level 1 new characters can do the Blingtron daily quest. If you don't want gold on my server I have alternate methods of payment for the hat. Mini Pets, 10-20k Mounts, Rare Transmogs, Carry any character horde or alliance from to 600 ilvl to 700->710 ilvl PVE or 740 ilvl PVP carry.Other useful things. If your interested in farming Tusks of Mannaroth I run nonstop kills of Heroic Garrosh most nights. Check the legacy raid premade finder for #Tusklife any time after 6PM CST **if you don't believe me check my kill count** Thanks for reading the post.Vvar0 Feb 23
Feb 22 <Static> Challenge Mode Sales (Updated) Hello Arthas forum browser, by the gods you are handsome/beautiful, We are currently selling 9/9 Gold Challenge Mode carries. The group is led by a multiple 9/9 team, each of whom have alts geared so we can be as versatile as possible to meet our buyers needs. If you're looking to get some sweet transmog, title and mount in under 5 hours feel free to contact us in-game for details! **END OF CM SEASON IS NEARING, OUR SCHEDULE IS FILLING UP FAST, DON'T MISS OUT ON GETTING YOUR GEAR/MOUNT/ACHIEVES WHEN THEY ARE GONE NEXT PATCH!** FAQ's: Q: Can I pay in real money? A: No, we are not looking to get our accounts banned, we are playing purely for gold Q: I just want the mount, can I buy silver only runs? A: No, our group sells strictly gold runs, it would be a waste of our time and your gold to pay for a carry for silver. Q: I'm interested, but your prices seem way too high, can I get a discount? A: What most fail to understand is that the gold is not going to a single person, as it is divided among 4 people, each of whom are working and spending time and effort to make carrying you as easy as possible each person needs to receive gold adequate enough to justify their services. Q: I started doing gold challenge modes but only have 2 completed, can I pay for the last 7? A: Yes, typically in these cases we will charge per dungeon. Depending on class/spec the price will fall between 12-15k per dungeon. Credentials: On top of all our members having raid experience at a high level, aswell as having previous server top times. **BEFORE THE SCHEDULED DATE OF THE RUN PLEASE COMPLETE ALL NECESSARY DUNGEONS IN HEROIC MODE** For each dungeon that we must run in heroic before doing the CM an additional 3k will be added to the total cost, it is a waste of both parties time to work on something that should be taken care of prior to the date. Pricing: Full 9/9 Gold guaranteed in under 3 hours..... 120k. This price includes the carries as well as all the consumables(ie. flasks, potions, invisibility potions, feasts) that will be needed to complete the dungeons. Who to contact: Setsun, Btag: Azrael#1157 Shambo, Btag: Noitra#1328Setsun7 Feb 22
Feb 21 Hellscreams Angels 13/13H LFM Raiders Feel free to add any of our officers for more information! Guild: Hellscreams Angels Realm: US-Thrall - Horde (PvE) Progress:13/13H, HFC Schedule: Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:30 PM EST Loot: Lootcouncil Roles Rogue(high) Hunter(high) Warrior(Medium-High) Paladin(holy(medium)) Monk(mistweaver(medium)) DK(dps(high)) Mage(medium) Warlock(medium) Shaman(elemental(medium)) Hellscreams Angels was formed during this tier and has since made nice progression in our limited time together. Our members range from very new very talented players to players that have been clearing heroic(mythic) content for years. We pride ourselves on our ability to have both an efficient and fun raiding environment. Outside of raiding our guild is active and engages in alt raids and such on off nights. In the end, our goal is to push progression content on a 6 hour per week schedule. And clear Mythic before Legion releases. Expectations In order to begin a trial process with us, your character will need to be geared appropriately (~715+ exceptions CAN be made for incredibly skilled players) and have progress on legendary ring. From there, we would like to see a completed application or contact via btags below. Keep in mind that gear does not make the player. We look for these things in our trials: · Awareness (first and foremost) · Class, role and strategy knowledge ·Have a playable Offspec · Attitude(must have thick skin we have a playful atmosphere) · Reliable attendance · Participation in discussions and guild events · Social fit If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us baloø Huuqwas#1907Sinciti0 Feb 21
Feb 17 Monk Heals (Currently 661) LF Raiding Slot Still gearing up, but looking for a friendly raid group who raid on Sun and/or Mon nights.Killmatic2 Feb 17
Feb 17 <Unhuman> 13/13 Mythic Recrutement ouvert! Le groupe de raid Phoenix de <Unhuman> sur le server Arthas est présentement à la recherche de joueurs exceptionnels pour nous suivre jusqu'à Legion. Nous recherchons des joueurs versatiles, motivés et préparés ayant une bonne attitude afin de poursuivre notre farming de HFC et par la suite poursuivre notre progression à Legion Nous recherchons les classes suivantes mais encourageons toutefois tous joueurs exceptionnel à venir nous rencontrer -Mage (arcane/fire) -Warlock (affliction/destro) -Rogue (sub/combat offspec) Nos heures de raid sont les Mardi/Mercredi et Dimanche de 20h à 23h (EST) Pour les intéressés, whisper Flexxster in-game ou addez moi Mekkon#1587Flexxster7 Feb 17
Feb 15 698 ilvl Unholy DK Looking for a guild! Looking for a guild for fun times, gaming (including outside of game), friends, and more friends, and well...raiding! BattleTag: Consider#1523Cønsider1 Feb 15
Feb 15 702 ret paladin looking for guild Well I recently started playing again, stopped in mist. I've been pvping lately and doing lfr. The guild that I'm in is pretty inactive. So i've been looking for a guild that i can start raiding with or even doing rbg's and arenas. I'd really like to raid though since it's what I had the most fun with in wrath and cata.Perilyzer1 Feb 15
Feb 15 696 feral druid looking for raiding guild Hi! It may be a bit too late but I'm looking for a raiding guild. I can start February 2nd and have an open schedule after that. I started in Mists, and only did lfr in that expansion. I've done pugs for numerous WoD raids though. Have some small knowledge regarding raiding but I'm a quick learner. If I sound like someone you'd like in your guild, feel free to add me on LadyAlexa199#1427 or whisper me in game if possible. Thanks!Zarlert1 Feb 15
Feb 15 Returning Player LFG :) (Started in beta) Hello all. My names Kyler (or Stache/Decimus in game). I started playing WoW in the beta for"Vanilla" and continued to play pretty hardcore up until Cata. I really felt like this expansion somewhat ruined a lot of the things I loved about the game. All the content seemed to much easier, the sense of community and relationships with other players slowly started to fade away, and the world in general just didnt feel the same. This was my first MMO and I put countless hours into it and loved most every minute of it. I have come back to play the game during each new expansion and done the raids and whatnot. But I have not been able to find the guild I want.. What i'm looking for is a true sense of community. I want to form bonds with the other people in the guild and make memories. I dont care about pushing end game content anymore. I am perfectly fine with leveling up a new character for fun with some guildies or just goofing off in the game. I love every aspect that WoW has to offer, even just exploring the world and talking to others in game. I would love to find a guild that has the same mindset! I'm more than willing to reroll/transfer to either Horde or Alliance and the server does not matter. I can't stand not having a good group of people to play with. I really hope to here from some great people and find that long term home I have been searching for!! Feel free to post here or add my battletag. I will be available to talk for the rest of the day! Happy hunting all :) B-tag : Kyler#1936Stache1 Feb 15
Feb 15 LF Semi HC PVE Guild Hello! I am looking for a semi hardcore guild to raid with. My name is Denethros and I have been playing deathknight as my main ever since WotLK. I am a DPS and have been ever since since I started playing. I love the constant challenge and competition being a damage dealer has to surpass others and themselves. As you can probably see, I have been back to WoW for a period of 14 days since I left at the beginning of WoD. Naturally, I don't have the best gear right now and since PuG only care about gear, it's quite hard to progress without being in a steady group. I am looking for a guild in search of a good player that will be able to progress rapidly into content and the future expac. I believe gear is something that is easily fixed compared to raw player skills. I have been gaming ever since I was a kid and have a competitive spirit. If you want to know more about me, just link your website, contact me in game or right on the forum and I can anwser all your questions about my gaming set-up and more. For the record, I am not a clicker and I use a razer naga, have a headset (a good one) and raid in either EST or PST (PST that ends at 9h30-10h at most)Denethros1 Feb 15
Feb 15 HFC Normal Runs...? Are there any guilds out there that run alt runs for HFC? The reason I ask is that I an back into WoW after 2 years away and I need to learn the fights outside of the button mashing brute force LFR greatness. I am a veteran player and currently have mid to high 670 ilvl Spriest and hunter. I am not looking for a carry, but simply an opportunity to jump in and learn so that I can possibly get into Heroics.Thanatosis2 Feb 15
Feb 15 Not Ready for Mythic Hunter LF Guild Been in a dead guild for quite a while, looking for an active guild that still runs Normal and Heroic raids. It seems most of the recruitment threads are for Mythic ready folks.Greensac1 Feb 15
Feb 13 ... ...Jaspiam5 Feb 13
Feb 11 Incursus - Recruiting Incursus is a casual raiding guild who are Recruiting to refill our raid ranks for Heroic HFC. We are currently 13/13N and 7/13H. We raid Tuesday/Wednesday from 9 - 12 EST (server). Currently looking for Healers and DPS. Below classes would be a great addition to our team roster. All are welcome to apply. Though currently we do not need any Paladin's or Disc Priests. Resto Shaman Warlock DK S Priest Boomkin If you're looking for a relaxed environment with friends who enjoy playing games with each other, while also focusing on downing bosses and working on progression feel free to give either myself or any officer in the guild a message or reply to this post for more information! Blazin#1853 - (GM/RL) Frozn#1516 - (Officer) If you can't get a hold of either of us feel free to reach out to anyone in the guild Thanks for your timeJustoneguy2 Feb 11
Feb 11 LF Rogues/Mages Mythic Archi prog Overview Ascendants is looking for more exceptional raiders to finish out Warlords of Draenor and prepare for Legion in the coming months. We value all members, raiders and casual players. Each raider is considered a part of the team and not just a faceless member of a raid group. We do not recruit for bench, but be prepared to sit on a fight by fight basis depending on comp synergy (every raider and applicant should understand this). We only raid 9 hours a week, so coming prepared and on time is paramount to our team. We aren't looking for players to sit around waiting for things to be handed to them, every raider and applicant looks for any way to improve their play. Progression T16 - 14/14H (pre-6.0) T17 - 7/7M 10/10M T18 - 12/13M Times Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST Current Recruitment Needs: Resto Druid - Low Rogue - High MW Monk - Low Mage - High Boomie - High Warrior Dps - High As always, exceptional raiders will be considered. Contact Vali#1729Valigirl1 Feb 11
Feb 10 the wonderful thing about oil the wonderful thing about oils is oils are wonderful things their tops are stopped with rubber their bottoms are glassed cold theyre viscous hydrophobic mostly fun fun fun fun fun but the most wonderful thing about oils the gold cost is just one oils will attract the fellas oils are awfully sweet the other consumables are jealous thats why i repeat and repeat the wonderful thing about oils is oils are marvelous flasks theyre loaded with vim and vigor they love to provide you masks theyre quality terrific peachy fun fun fun fun fun but the most wonderful thing about oils is the gold cost is just oneCazjel0 Feb 10
Feb 10 [H]<Just Chillin> Recruiting! Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8:30-11:30 EST Current Progression: 11/13 Heroic Recruiting: Healers (Monk, Druid in high demand) and Range Dps We are a Semi Casual raiding guild looking to build our numbers for the rest of this expansion and into legion. Most of us have been raiding since vanilla and have recently came back into the raiding scene over the past few months. Contact us with questions and more information if you're interested Stànkie Tudapally Dumpsack Vítaní SánthStànkie5 Feb 10
Feb 10 WTB Magic Rooster Contact me in game Elcapo#1477Oukaba0 Feb 10
Feb 10 <The Sworn> 10/13M Recruiting DPS <The Sworn> 10/13m is now recruiting any and all dps. Our raid days are Tues/Wed 9pm-12am EST. We require near perfect attendance and ventrilo, preferably with a mic. We are not recruiting for a main raider spot for HEALER or TANK roles at this time. We are looking for Enhancement and Elemental Shamans Rogues, any spec Shadow Priest Feral and Balance Druids Mage, any spec Death knight, DPS only Warlock, any spec Contact me at Reaynn#1775 for information or questions. Leave your battle tag and any information as far as logs and XP if you're interested! Thanks~Vairë1 Feb 10
Feb 8 WTB Iron Soldier's Saber mythic off Blackhand Title, pst price! Dont need the mount! My btag is : Elcapo#1477Mutewarrior2 Feb 8
Feb 6 <Vehemence>HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY! Guild information: ( Vehemence is a newly established Casual raiding guild on the Realm Sargeras as Alliance. We are Looking for all competent members to join our ranks. If you want to raid but cant seem to get in a guild that is worth your time OR you are returning to the game from a break and come to find your guild is dead or dying, HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY! All raid positions are OPEN and subject to DISAPPEAR QUICKLY Our Objective: To Create a Dynamic community full of like minded people that enjoy playing World of Warcraft with no added Stress. Our plan is to go into the start the new expansion with a full raid team dedicated to downing the new content at a comfortable pace. We are attempting to go through the growing pains of creating a raid roster NOW rather then wait for the craze of an expansion drop to then pick up the torch. What we are looking for: -Casual's- Similar to core members, all members with the intention of being a causal member are asked to be humble, respectful and actively communicate amongst the guild. Casual members are asked to be social and most importantly HAVE FUN. Also Casual members are more than welcome to join any guild event or activity listed though either our guild website or the in-game calendar. In some instances casual guild members will be called upon to fill core raider positions if we happen to have a lapse in attendance during a scheduled raid night (ultimately not our intention) -Core Raiders- We are actively recruiting core raid members to create a SOLID raiding roster team to raid current tier content as well as fully implement our team upon the arrival of LEGION! Upon application to be a core raider, each member will have to go through a interview process as well as trial runs with leadership to determine your position and what the needs of the guild will be. All raiding members will be held to our attendance policy standards and most importantly asked to be humble, respectful, level headed, and active amongst the guild. -Guild Captains- As a newer guild we also are recruiting players that have proven themselves to leadership to be slotted into a GUILD CAPTAIN position. For more information in regard to their duties or this position please visit our Leadership Forum on our Website. Attendance policy: Again we are a semi-casual raiding guild so we will not jump down your throats but, core raid members will be required to be online and ready for invite 15m prior to our scheduled raid time with flask's potions and food enhancements prepared. If you are aware of a attendance issue prior to raid night, please contact your assigned Guild captain with more information to be communicated to the Raid Leader. How to JOIN <Vehemence>: If interested in being apart of our raid team, please add me via Battletag: MCgigleface#1897 and visit and apply through our recruitment page. All applicants will be taken seriously. If interested in becoming a social or "Casual" Member, please reach to a Vehemence officer for a invite :)Cyrius0 Feb 6
Feb 5 <Somewhat Hardcore> 13/13H Tues/Thurs 7-10pm Currently 13/13H. We are a laid back group of skilled and dedicated raiders. The core of our team have been together for 2-3 years and we always strive to have a fun time during our raids while maintaining steady progression. Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 7:00pm-10:00pm EST. Currently we are looking for 700+ item level players that are looking to progress into Mythic raiding. Current priority is: DPS Death Knight, Warlock, Elemental Shaman, Ret Paladin. All exceptional players will be considered. We will work with anyone who will work with us..All we ask is you are committed to our times, you listen well and understand your class and role. Thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing from you. For any further information please reply to this post or talk to: Tawnya, Swiffty, Drunknmonky, Macgucci, Vivavendetta, Fukyedubstep, Floridahealz, Doublebubble, Chicksdigit Battletags: Swiffty#1424 Alex#15211 Magros#1403 [u][/u]Lucidream13 Feb 5
Feb 5 BM Monk & Prot Warrior Seeking Guild Hello!! A friend and I are newer to this server and are seeking a raiding guild. We would like to be duo tanking together and help out a raid group or even start our own raid group within a guild. We would prefer a guild that raids around 7-10pm EST on weekdays with no raids on weekend days.. Anything past 10pm is too late for us because we wake up at like 5am for our jobs :( If you have anything feel free to respond here or message me "Rosewater" in game! We'd love to hear from people. We also have all voice communications. Working headsets. Experienced content in HFC and have been raiding since Vanilla (warrior) and BC (monk)! Thanks for your time.Rosewater0 Feb 5
Feb 3 [H] WTS Mythic Hellfire Citadel + Achieves! <Limit> of Illidan-Horde is looking to sell full clear runs through Hellfire Citadel + more. Below you can find our package deals, and what you get from each deal. 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel (Master Loot Run) - Guaranteed Felsteel Annihilator mount - Guaranteed Ilvl 720-735 loot for your class/spec - Get BiS loot including all Warforged/Socketed Gear - Mythic Hellfire Achievements + "Defiler's End" title - Takes 4-5 hours to Finish 13/13 Heroic Hellfire Citadel (Master Loot run) -Guaranteed ilvl 705-720 loot for your class/spec -Ahead of the Curve Achievement + Heroic Achievements -Takes 2 hours to complete 10/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry (Master loot run) -Guaranteed Ironhoof Destroyer -Guaranteed ilvl 700 loot for your class/spec -Mythic Blackrock Foundry achievements + "Ironbane" title -Takes 1 hour to complete ALSO Hellfire Citadel Glory of Hellfire Raider Achievements for Infernal Direwolf Scheduling: Our raid times are flexible and can be shifted to accommodate buyers. Generally, our times are between 8-12EST. To schedule a run with us or if you have any further questions, contact me using the information below or reply back to this thread. Contact Info: Battletag: Fedor#1213Fedor1 Feb 3
Feb 3 WTB - Felsteel Annihilator ONLY Greetings Arthas, I have 1m Gold and I want to blow it on a possible carry to obtain the Felsteel Annihilator. Its pretty simple request, I am not looking for anything other than the mount, and looking for a guild who is interested in making some gold for the mount. - I am not looking for a full Mythic Clear - I do not want any other loot - I do not want any other boss kill - 1M is what I can afford right now, but negotiable within reason - Please either respond here or send me an in-game mail and I will respond to you - All negotiations will be kept private, and not discussed with anyone from me. Thank you everyone! Have a great evening!Foroth0 Feb 3
Feb 3 Arthas <TCG Thread> I saw one of these types of threads on other server forums and figured I would try and start one here. The purpose of this thread will be for people to post what available TCG items they have and are willing to sell here. I have been selling TCG codes to players for years now and building creditability as a seller is always the fun part. Link to old server thread to boost EVEN MORE CREDIBILITY *Please only post serious offers in this thread. Anyone else can use this to buy or sell whatever items they may have.* Items Available Now! SOLD OUT! Check back soon! That's all for now, will keep updating when I receive more cards. Pst me in game for more info or if you are interested. Btag is Arthas#1310Fodrasim18 Feb 3
Feb 2 . FOR THE REAL POST =D!Fodra35 Feb 2
Feb 2 Just Like You Imagined We are a guild that is 5/13M HFC. Currently recruiting Hunters/ Warlocks/Spriest for our core grp to push mythic Raid nights are Tue/Thur/Mon 7- 10 pm EST. We are looking for permanent members to join us to push content and have some fun. If interested or would like to know more plz add and contact me. Also check us out at My Btag is KrOniCNG#1922 Or Raid Leader: Jeff#11937Kronicng15 Feb 2
Jan 28 LF name "Ataraxxia," lvl 37 NE hunter I'm about to transfer over and a level 37 Night Elf hunter has my name! Gasp! If you know this person, please tell them I'm willing to pay them to relinquish it. Please and thanks :DAtaraxxia5 Jan 28
Jan 28 LF PVP Guild I have a fantastic group of people that I do pve with on Arthas-Horde. But none of which are particularly interested in pvp. I just did a lvl 100 boost to an Alliance Elemental Shaman. Would really appreciate some people to pvp with. Please message Feyne-Arthas in game. It's been a long time since I did organized pvp but I know how to dps and I know how to take direction.Site1 Jan 28
Jan 28 hey alliance in gadgetzan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Bovineprime1 Jan 28
Jan 27 Knights of Ren looking for more! We are a group of friends/Ex Mythic raiders just looking to chill for the remaining time before Legion hits. If you're interested in doing PvP/Cm's/Mythic Dungeons for Valor and light HFC Heroic along with the chance to meet new people then we're exactly what you're looking for! Find one of us in game or leave your real id or a msg on here if you would like to join or would like more info!Phazma0 Jan 27
Jan 24 (H) Crafting Quilen Hide Helm (522 ilvl) Rogu Hey all, I recently acquired the recipe for the crafted 522 ilvl leather agility helm. See link for details. If you're interested in getting this made, send me a message!Dyo2 Jan 24
Jan 24 726 MM lookin' for a guild Just searchin' for a potential guild to join up that's progressing into mythics. Experience so far is 4/13 M. Add my btag if ya have any questions! Supanako#1230Supabae2 Jan 24
Jan 22 [H] <Positive Energy> 9/13 Mythic-Late Night Server: Arthas Faction: Horde Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Sun 1130pm to 3am EST Current Progression: 9/13 Mythic <Positive Energy> is a "hardcore casual" 9/13m raiding guild on US-Arthas. We are a group of skilled and progression driven players on a 10.5 hours a week schedule. We promote a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, however, when it comes to progression all of our raiders know how to buckle down and get serious in order to accomplish our goals. Current Recruitment Openings: Paladin Priest (Shadow) Death Knight (Frost/Unholy) Warlock Druid (Resto/Moonkin) Hunter Shaman (Resto) Monk (Mistweaver) Warrior (Arms/Fury) Please feel free to apply even if we are not looking for your class as exceptional players will always be considered. We raid three times a week, and while we understand real life does happen, we expect 90% attendance or higher out of our raiders. In the event that you must miss a raid night, we expect for you to warn the raid leader ahead of time via in game mail so that the guild can plan accordingly. General requirements include: * Preferably 18+, but just be mature. * Ability to use MUMBLE and have working mic. * Income supply sufficient to support the repairs that a good progression week will result in. *Consumables are also required for both progression and most farm raids. Contact Us: Please message any of the following for either more information or interest in joining: -Buccaneers (buccaneers#1835) - GM -Blackdalhia (Xideris#1748) -Scourgeless -AnaisaBlackdalhia1 Jan 22
Jan 21 What hidden things can i learn ? So i just discovered Tome of Dalaran Brilliance in Dalaran which makes you learn a new spell that is Arcane Brilliance(Mage buff) but with a new appearance. Are there any other unknown/hidden spells you can learn for different classes that you can find. I also know you can also learn more portals that aren't at the portal trainer.Daftkiller2 Jan 21