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1h Exp player LF Raiding guild for legion. Plenty of raid experience ranging from wotlk to wod in various roles looking for a raid spot in a decent guild to tackle all the legion content with. I have almost all classes at lvl 100 but prefer playing Rdps. Add Misko#11918 if interested.Miskii1 1h
3h Exp Death Knight DPS/Tank LF raiding guild! Hello everyone, Raiding since 2007, I'm a DPS/Tank (pref DPS) Death Knight looking for a dedicated guild to contribute to. Below is a compiled list of the latests raids I've completed according to expansion with a link to my latest logs in Warlords of Draenor. TBC: Black Temple WotLK: Icecrown Citadel 25H Cata: - MoP: Siege of Orgrimmar 25M WoD: BRF 10/12M, HFC 13/13H ---------- Having some trouble finding a guild because I work retail hours and most guilds raid right after dinner. Evening raids: Mon AND Thu: 2100hrs - anytime (SGT) / 2300hrs - anytime (AEST) Sat OR Sun: 2000hrs - anytime (SGT) / 2200hrs - anytime (AEST) Morning raids: Wed, Fri, Mon, Tue: anytime - 1500hrs (SGT) / anytime - 1700hrs (AEST) Thu: anytime - 1230hrs (SGT) / anytime - 1430hrs (AEST) Please add me up or leave your btag here to discuss! Andriel#1654Cryagosa0 3h
4h [H] Filthy casual LF social guild (Mythic+) I've taken a break for most of WoD (Who hasn't) Transferred from a US realm back when AU servers came in for that sweet sweet low ping. Looking for a guild that is smallish and casual but also with players who know their class. Come Legion I'm planning on checking out Mythic+ 5's and also dabble in some PvP. I'm sadly over the time commitment of raiding (!@#$ing RL), but I used to put in a fair bit of time raid leading in my previous guild. That leaves me as a filthy casual just looking for a guild to care about, not just filter out guild spam.Morfury2 4h
7h [H] Casual yet competitive +8 GMT Guild [H] Casual yet competitive guild Looking to raid and see as much content as possible, but dont want to listen to some dorky sounding kid bark orders over his terrible microphone 14 hours a week? Me either! Fusion is back after a short HFC Hiatus to recruit and build up for legion. Currently only looking for a few DPS as 100% of our healing and tanking core have returned from their short break. Raid nights are Thursday Sunday, 10:30pm Server through 1:30am. Previous raid experience is HFC 8/13M Before any kind of % based debuffs. For more information, Add either: Myself~ Bday#1929 My GM~ Narakku#1250 Some other bloke~ Mimms#11187Getsmashin3 7h
9h (H) NZ-Troll Company - Mon and Wed Troll Company was started by a few RL mates a couple of years back. WOD was our first Raiding expansion finishing with all content cleared at Heroic difficulty before the next raid was released, unable to enter Mythic as we could never get 20 competent people. We are looking for Quality players who don't want to raid huge hours a week. Most of the current members have raided at the top end in the past but no longer have the will or time to put in. We raid Monday and Wednesday night from 7.30-10.30 NZ time(5.30-8.30 ST), we also host Alt raids and are looking into setting up some Mythic+ groups. Raiders are required to have a good knowledge of there class and the raids them selfs, be able to make BOTH nights and stay for the full time. If this sounds like you please go to and apply. any questions feel free to add myself on battle ID Kannabus#1686 or our GM Kleptotron#6444. LOOKING FOR 2 Healers - Preferance is for a Shaman and Druid but will consider all DPS - Need Ranged, Rogue KannabusKanabus3 9h
11h [H] Severity is Back We at Severity aim to maintain end game content at a semi hardcore level, whilst enjoying the game for what it is. We raid 2 nights a week (Wednesday and Sunday 7-10 server time, 6 hours total) and look forward to progressing through the upcoming content and our current guild members have 13/13 mythic HFC experience as well as previous experience in top 100 guilds from vanilla all the way to WoD Previous Progression: ToT[H] – 8/13 Pre 5.4 SoO[M] – 13/14 Pre 6.0 - 14/14 Post 6.0 HM[M] - 3/7 We are currently recruiting Tanks Closed Range All Melee Closed Healer 1 H pally What you can expect from us? <Severity> prides itself on being a friendly and well-rounded guild with players from Australia, New Zealand and the US. We hold regular meet ups in both Australia and New Zealand where players can meet up with fellow guildies as well as special events for expansion release days and other notable in game dates. We aim to have a drama free environment with good leadership, management and raid progression. We all enjoy each other’s company and consider ourselves to be as a solid team of like-minded individuals with the goal of having fun and killing bosses. We also enjoy playing other games together such as the Battlefield Series, Dota 2, Overwatch, SWTOR and many more We maintain that players wishing to join show good raiding qualities, these include: • Good people skills • Ability to take constructive criticism and advice • Good knowledge of the game, your class, your spec and a good history of raiding. • A Stable internet connection, computer and good UI • Ability to identify mistakes, learn from them and accept responsibility for them. • Always looking to improve on your skills • We are a close-knit team and none of us tolerate bull!@#$ drama, Arseholes need not apply • A good sense of teamwork and working as a team. If you feel that severity would be a good fit for you please head over to and fill out the application form Contact information: If you have any questions that can’t be answered by this forum post or our website please feel free to add one of our Officers. Arritth - Arrith#1533 Bulldozer - M1dGeT#1466 Darmy - Darmy#1145 Zero - Zero#12929Bulldozerü14 11h
13h [H]<Moist> - Barthilas 13/13M LFM Legion! Moist's goal is to defeat Mythic content while maintaining an enjoyable, approachable raiding environment, we also have a high standard set to ensure full attendance and progression. <Moist> is aiming for higher progression in Legion and is looking to bolster the roster leading up to the next expansion. The guild is currently recruiting skilled players to crack into the top 10 for raiding guilds on Barthilas. Information: Current Progression: 13/13M HFC (Archimonde kill - May 4, 2016) WoW Progress: Mythic Archimonde Kill Video: Current server rank: 17 Realm: Barthilas Faction: Horde Timezone: GMT +10 (Melbourne, Australia) / Server Time Loot System: Loot Council + Suicide Kings Voice Platform: Mumble Raiding Schedule: Wednesday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Monday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Optional voted night - Sunday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Raiding Requirements: - Play using a stable computer and Internet connection. - Be online and ready 15 minutes prior to the raid. - Communicate efficiently over Mumble when necessary. - Research and participate in discussion for raid strategies; utilise class resources. - Able to accept responsibility for your actions/mistakes & take constructive criticism. - Have fun and be able to fit in with the raid group. Recruitment: - Tank: (Exceptional players considered) - Healer: Holy Paladin, Disc / Holy Priest, Mistweaver Monk - DPS: Hunter, Havoc Demon Hunter, Death Knight, Mage Contact: Add Sollaar#6990 to your for more information! Thank you for your time <MOIST> - BarthilasSollaar9 13h
18h <Unreal Realities> Barthilas [H] Mythic <Unreal Realities> is a stable and long-running guild on the Oceanic realm Barthilas, and we are looking to bolster our roster. If you are looking for a guild continue reading below and see if we are right for you! All exceptional applications accepted. DPS: Shadow Priest Deathknight Mage Warlock We have been on the Barthilas server for over six years and have had six real-life gatherings around Australia. Unlike many guilds that only form for an expansion we tend to stick around and watch others fall apart while we live long and prosper. We pride ourselves on making everyone in the guild feel equal. You will be treated with respect and your thoughts and ideas will be heard both inside and outside of the raid environment. We believe attitude is priority over gear. Whilst we encourage you to be actively working on your gear or be the same level as the rest of us, we'd rather take someone who gets along with our raiders and is an active part of the guild over someone who never communicates, never turns up to raid, has a poor attitude towards raiding or generally treats others terribly. No asshats. If you are looking for a stable guild that you can spend the rest of your WoW life in we may be the guild for you! Raid Schedule: (Server Time/AEST): Thursday & Monday 8PM-11:30PM Currently Recruiting: All exceptional applications accepted. DPS: Shadow Priest Deathknight Mage Warlock What we look for the most is players who can commit to two nights a week and give 100% for both, as well as players that are generally committed to their raid group and stick around through thick and thin. We are a progression raiding group and we want people that love to progress on fights, not just get carried through them. We always have room for non-raiders especially friends, children, partners and significant others. We have many of these in the guild and we maintain a friendly environment. Current Progression: 13/13H HFC 5/13 M HFC How Our Raids Run: - Expected to be on by 7:45pm for invites and raid prep. - In new content, loot is generally distributed by Officers depending on BiS/biggest upgrades/roll system - Whatever is going to be best for the progression of the raid group, this is an unbias system based on theorycrafting and performance. The AskMrRobot addon is usually used to aid distribution. As content is re-run, loot distribution is changed to a MS>OS, highest roll wins system. Loot is distributed in this way as to allow all our raiders to gear up in an even manner. This means that during progression, there will not be one person who continually wins all the gear and excels above everyone else. It means players will perform evenly and gear is balanced, making it easier on each raider. Loot drama will NOT be tolerated. - Key addons used: Exorcus Raid Tools, DBM/Big Wigs and AskMrRobot (for loot distribution). Any other addons are of your own preference or may be addons required for a certain bosses mechanics (though Exorcus generally covers all these). Addons that show good practice like weak auras and tell me when are also recommended. - Raid finishes at 11-11:30pm depending on when a boss was killed and the time it takes to clear the trash to the next, however it will NEVER run later than 11:30pm except by unanimous decision of all present raiders. - Guild bank contains flasks, food and pots, however raiders are expected to bring their own. Guild bank is primarily there for emergencies, e.g. run out mid raid, forgot to get them. Please have personal stat food for that just-in-case-the-guild-bank-burns-down moment. Extra Recruitment Details/Contacts: You can find our application process here: All new applicants are required to submit an app (unless you speak with us directly in-game). This is so we know that you aren't lying about experience and we can see your Armory/logs in one spot, as well as letting us know that you are dedicated. Simply asking us in-game if we need your class/role and expecting an invite is not good enough. If you have any other questions for us feel free to message Miniegun (Amy#6882) or Nasigoring (Nasigoring#1217)Migoring0 18h
23h 2 DPS LF Guild after hiatus Thinking about moving to Barthilas; hoping to nab a spot in a raiding guild at least 3 nights a week aspiring for Mythic content. Semi-flexible on roles - have experience in guild-leading and raid-leading back in the day. Looking to grow as players and kill cool !@#$.Winnie4 23h
23h [H] <Vivid> 13/13M Recruiting for Legion <Vivid> is a new hardcore raiding guild on Barthilas which has been formed by top tier raiders transferred from Frostmourne. Are key focus is fast, consistant and clear progression. This means that all raiders are required to know thier class inside and out. We are looking to recruit like minded raiders to fill out our DPS and Healing roster for the Legion expansion. Our raiding schedule is: 7:30pm to 12:00am EST on Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon and possibly one other additional day during progression. Raiders are required to maintain 90% attendance and to be logged in and ready five minutes prior to start. Any questions please contact Typhrus (Typhrus#11464) or Ilz (Ilz#11770)Typhrus18 23h
1d [H] Against the Odds - Recruiting for Legion Against the Odds, Barthilas Against the Odds is a newly formed Aussie guild on the Barthilas server with a view of progression raiding come Legion on a fairly minimalist time-frame. We’re looking to recruit mature players looking to make raid progression while balancing real life commitments. As such our raid times are to be Thurs/Sun 7.30-9.30 PM ST. Given we’ll only be looking to raid 4-5 hours a week raiders are expected to approach PvE with a serious desire to progress and utilizing the time as best as possible. As such even though this is a game a degree of professionalism is expected of all prospective raiders. The kind of raider we're looking for is someone who has limited time to play WoW but wants to maximize the use of that time. They are prepared, punctual and mature in attitude. They desire progress over farming loot and are committed to being the best they can be at their class. This is essentially pre-recruitment for Legion and DPS spots are presently open with a view of running heroic Legion dungeons in the expected two weeks leading up to raid release. There are no minimum requirements for the moment and all levels of experience are welcome as long as the attitude matches the goals of the guild. If this sounds like the kind of way you’d like to tackle end-game content in WoW add Chyrone#1100 for a chat. Raid Days – Thursday/Sunday Raid Times – 7.30pm to 9.30pm AEST (ST) Classes/Specs Needed Tank - Spots filled Heals - Spots filled DPS - We presently have a spot open for an exceptional DPS (ideally with a healing OS). However any players that feel they would be a good fit for the guild are encouraged to apply. If your class/spec isn't listed but you feel we'd be a good fit for how you were looking to raid come Legion hit me up for a chat.Showertime1 1d
1d [H] Sealed Barthilas - 2 Nights - LFM Mythic Sealed: Formed in 2011, Sealed is an Australian-based 2nights/week raiding guild currently looking for committed and serious raiders. We finished HFC 13/13M, Oceanic 54th and will be pushing for a higher finish in Legion. We aim to quickly and efficiently push content on a limited 8 hours, 2 nights per week raid schedule. Raid times (server time) Wednesday 8:00-11:00 PM Sunday 6:00 -11:00 PM Current Recruitment LF DPS: * Death Knights *Rogues *Warlocks *Warriors Applicant Requirements: Have a stable internet connection with a reliably functioning computer. Be punctual to all scheduled raids and provide warning otherwise. Have the initiative to research fight strategies. Stay up to date with their class and its optimal play style for each encounter. Interested in joining? If you're interested in joining either contact myself (phoebus#1831) or one of the contacts listed below for a chat. After a chat with one of our officers, if we think you'd be a good fit for the guild, we will offer you a trial. If you prefer to submit an application (optional), you may do so via our website and one of our officers will get in touch with you. Contacts Phoebie - phoebus#1831 Ringostaarr - ringostarr#1252 Ohsosad - bizzyfizzy#1627 Frankoneil - wewewewenis#1819 Yokono (assistant HR coordinator) - yokono#1632 Cyrodill -Cyrodill#11648 Get in touch with one of the people above if you'd like to know more, or visit our website - 1d
1d When Bored Smash Horde This is in retaliation to your thread. Since this meeting we have beaten you guys twice. But talk is cheap and im not into the forum !@#$ much, next time bring your A team as your B team just doesnt cut it. Also stop challenging us to what you want to play we fight on our terms not on yours. We are the alliance reckoning and we grow larger by the day. We havnt even called in our big guns yet as we are saving them for a special occasion which you will participate in one way or another. PS Love the constant skirmishes and dont want this to turn into a toxic thing but slaain went running his mouth. He may have bit of more then his mouth can chew this time.Rektuagain31 1d
1d [A] "Stars Hollow" +8GMT Guild recruiting Hi "Stars Hollow" is recruiting any players that are wishing to play in Legion. our focus is to Raid Normal/Heroics, Mythic dungeons/Mythic + dungeons. Currently need all and any specs. Please pst me for inquiry or invite. +8GMT based guild Waffles#1747 In game tag for anyWarffles0 1d
1d [H]Pilots only/recruiting 2k+playersrbgs [H] <Pilots Only> recruiting 2k+players for legion currently looking for all classes for rbg's next season i will be running my own group, aswell as many other groups i am currently looking for 2.2k+players for my team i have run rbg's to hero of the horde and looking at achieving that once again this year send me a msg in game or by mail and join us for next seasonDeceivez1 1d
1d [H] Immortality-PvP Guild Recruiting! Immortality is a newly formed PvP focused guild, looking to recruit members for legion, 4 nights a week will be our pvp raiding nights, more info on that can be explained if asked looking for solid pvp'ers wanting to take on a high rating and dominate alliance in ashran and wPvP Current recruitment is open so add Alferino#1248 for info or a guild invite, thankyouGùldan0 1d
1d [H] TxD 6hr/week +10GMT 13/13M Hi there, Twisted By Design is a PvE focused raiding guild striving for meaningful, high end progression within minimal raiding hours. This requires a high level of performance, which we expect of all our raiders. TxD's goal in Legion is to finish PvE content on mythic when it is 'current'. We define current as before the next tier or pre-patch is released. Highmaul 2/7M, BRF 5/10M, HFC 13/13M.* * We disbanded at 11/13M due to burnout along with the rest of the world; approximately half of the core team went on to finish off the tier with other guilds, and we have now reformed for 7.0. What we're after in recruits: - Maturity & common courtesies - Working VOIP (Mumble or Discord), speakers & microphone - Understanding of your spec's mechanics, and of current and upcoming boss mechanics. This will almost definitely require independent research & discussion outside of raid hours. - Willingness to speak to and work with officers or other raiders as required if your performance isn't up to scratch. Raid times: Wednesday 8-11 PM Sunday 8-11 PM How to apply: Visit us and submit an application over at Please feel free to jump on Barthilas and contact any officer or guild member: Skaard#1266 (me) Walkingpig#1567 PrincessTJ#1453 Doylism#6500 Happy raiding, BullRecyclabull10 1d
2d thankbanker this guy is a full blown spastic go get a life you goofball and get off the auction house, at least go have a pull or something dumb gooookPlaybôy0 2d
2d LF mid day raiding guild just as the title states, mid day raiding is what i'm after looking to heal or rdps come legion, hit me up if you need to fill a spot ViciousTaco#1210Vicioustaco0 2d
2d <Winter Spring> Semi-HC Recruiting for legion <Winter Spring> Barthilas Horde, is still a young mythic guild, but full of players with raiding experience across all expansions. We are looking for solid players for heroic/mythic raiding in legion. Progression: 13/13H - 29/9/15, Then guild break for a year. Schedule (AEST/SERVER TIME) Wednesday: 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM Thursday: 8:00PM - 10:30 PM Sunday: 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM What <Winter Spring> is looking for: Tanks: Closed Heals: Druid, Monk or Holy Priest. Damage: Available Any Other Skilled Players may Apply. Requirement: 1. Skilled in playing the game and their class. 2. Have a strong sense of teamwork and are committed to raiding and our progression as a team. 3. Have a positive attitude. 4. Are willing to farm for the gear and enchants required for raiding. 5. Prepared for raids, researching encounters beforehand. 6. Have a reliable internet connection. 7. Conduct themselves in a mature and respectful manner. Why (Winter Spring) might be a perfect fit for you? - friendly community - Comfortable, fun and serious raid environment Recruitment: We're interested in hearing from any skilled, alert and experienced raiders looking to contribute to a friendly and engaged guild. We expect good attitude from our raiders and knowledge of their class. Add Doomer#1218 For more information.Lazerchick0 2d
2d [H]<Elitist> semi-hc recruiting for Legion <Elitist> is a guild of people looking to have fun while also progressing at a higher than average pace through current content. A newer guild composed of many people with prior experience of hardcore progression in not only WoW, but other MMOs as well, we are looking for dedicated raiders with a similar mindset! We are looking for people to fill out our roster currently and are looking for all players of great quality to be a part of the team. While we do not have the prior experience as a guild whole, multiple people here have mythic experience and server top 5/top US scores. We have our sights on full mythic clear for the first part of Legion, and then top US/OC scores next tier after while also being on a more casual schedule for those with busier lives that are still serious about seeing the game at its best. Currently Seeking: Ranged DPS (warlock, spriest, boomkin, mage) Melee (WW monk/enh shaman, warrior) Healer (who can potentially off-spec DPS) Guild Info Server: Barthilas Faction: Horde Timezone: GMT +10 (Melbourne, Australia) / Server Time Voice Platform: TeamSpeak3 Loot System: Loot Council / EPGP Raiding times: 14:00-17:30 Saturday/Sunday AEST (Server TIme) 9:00PM - 12:30AM Fri/Sat PST 12:00AM-3:30AM Sat/Sun EST What We're Looking for in Raiders - Dedicated raiders: Raiders who will do what it takes to understand their class, the game, the encounters, and those who are dedicated to the team and seeing it succeed. - Stable internet and computer: A DC'd or consistently lagging raider is a poor excuse for a raider. - Good etiquette: Don't be waving your e-peen in everyone's faces. Be on time for raid (pref ~15 minutes early). Be responsible for yourself and your actions. - Humble raiders: Accept criticism. Realize that your s*&t stinks just like everyone else's. Be willing to be there for others who were previously in your shoes. - Ability to have fun: That's what we're all here for, right? We are serious about progression, but in the off-time we're all joking and having a great time. We'd like to see people who can be in a similar environment. All exceptional players are more than welcome to add me for an interview. Looking forward to hearing from all applicants. That1MikeGuy#1191, Herc#1566, or Dork#1175Zorade4 2d
2d Level 60 raiding guild <Gameshark> An Australian / NZ / Amerifat 60 raiding guild situated on Barthilas oceanic. Recruiting any and all exceptional players. Rules Gear: We do not accept any item that was not gained through either guild raids or Burning Crusade, In other words, we will not recruit a full t2.5 character that was carried. Enchants: Enchants will be kept to vanilla only, enchants gained from bosses we have not killed IE Twin Emperors is acceptable. Raid Rules: PvP gear blue or epic will not be accepted as valid raid gear as you most certainly did not earn it, unless of course you have a legitimate rankings on that character. If you wish to purchase said gear, you can, just don't raid with it. Tier3: Currently as it stands, you can purchase Tier 3 but it will be limited at just 2 pieces in raids. Consumables: Consumables will be pre 1.12.1 only. Who to contact? Narigg Shamanxo Jordortz Kranag Roguebroham Madvolume Eiuvenn (Jordortz main) Raid Times Saturday - 7pm onward Sunday - 6pm onward Progression 5/9 AQ40 1/9 BWL 6/6 AQ10 10/10 MCJordort8 2d
3d LFG: Returning Play LF Guild Raid for Legion Hello, I am a returning player and looking for legion raid, weekly raid time is not a problem. I got resto druid, mage, hunter, dps DK ready(whichever you need most, i will level that one to 110 first.) My battle tag is Skynet#1672. Please add me.Rugbi3 3d
3d looking for a raid guild for legion I'm looking for a raiding guild for legion with a 4-5pm start time serverBrylerr1 3d
3d Disc Priest looking for Legion guild Hello all, I'm currently looking for a PvE mythic focused guild for legion and onward. I took an extended break after M Blackhand when my previous longtime guild disbanded and am now looking to find a new home for Legion. I have no interest in current content, and all of my characters are at least one tier behind anyway, I'm more looking to join a guild while I prepare all of my characters for the next expansion Thanks. BTAG: Caustick#1342Yentownboys2 3d
3d healer LF raiding guild 12/13H exp 715 ilvl hpriest (will play disc and shadow but not geared for either) 705 MW (no legendary ring, has 4pc) 700 ret (has holy gear of roughly same ilvl) logs: Willing to join lower progressed guild prefer to raid fairly early, at or around 6-7pm svt, not on Thursdays and preferably not past 10pm havn't raided with my guild in a while and unsure if they will raid in legion so i'm looking for a guild that will raid in legion and is currently raiding in WoD Btag: ViciousTaco#1210Taço4 3d
3d Looking for Casual Raid Guild Hello Barthers, I'm looking for the above. Haven't had much experience lately, thanks to taking a year off WoD and returning to an empty guild, though have had strong raid experience in Rift raiding. Looking primarily for a guild that is not ultra competitive, and guildie so with whom I can chill out with when not raiding. Finding a guild for the last days of WoD content, ie Mythic dungeons, HFC etc would be great. But planning for Legion is also important. If you're a guild who is friendly, aiming to do two to three night a week raiding in Legion, and probably looking at concentrating on Heroic with a possibility to do Mythic, I'd love to hear from you. Would prefer raid starts no later that 7:30 ST. Btag kaldyr#1153Xeranath2 3d
3d LF raiding guild for legion Will be going disc/shadow for next expansion, I would prefer to focus more on healing, but happy to switch between the two if need be. I can raid any day, just preferably after 7pm would be ideal. Haven't done much raiding this expansion due to guild not wanting to go further, but looking to change that. Alae#6631Alaesong1 3d
3d LF Guild Hello! Returning player looking for a social guild. I would like to raid in the future, but I'm no where near that goal. So looking for a guild I can grow into with social members who like to group up to experience all kinds of content (zone exploration/BGS/raids/etc). Feel free to comment below or msg me: Battle Tag: delusionary1806Enöch2 3d
3d Looking for guild for Legion Hey Guys and Girls :) Looking for a guild for Legion Looking to play Shadow Priest but will consider any Exceptional Position that is offered. Pref Weekdays raids anything GMT+10 till 12ish so any time in Australia Exp with raiding from WoD 12/13 M on Windwalker Do have Beta too so if im need to raid with you guys in beta happy toFattyboombä1 3d
3d Resto Druid looking for legion guild I'm currently a 723 resto Druid who is 3/13m. Hoping to find a semi hardcore guild for legion, I have other 100's that I may be open to playing in legion instead if it'll fit with a group. My battle tag is fuzzy#1337 add me or reply on this post if you're interested, thanks.Bigmemes2 3d
3d MW monk LF Legion core raiding Guild Looking for a core raiding group/guild, for Legion that runs 2-3 nights a week, i was a big raider in 2008-2010 and recently Gladiator/Hero exp, looking to start raiding again add my battletag hiipower#6910Hiipowerz1 3d
3d Enhancement Shaman LF Legion raiding guild Hello, I'm looking for a semi hardcore raiding guild for legion, I've been playing since Wrath and I'm keen to find a good guild environment to be in. I'll be playing everyday from release and will levelling/gearing/doing professions pretty seriously. My raid times are flexible and I'm available everyday so message me the raid times and there shouldn't be a problem. If needed I can of course do offspec ranged dps or heals but would prefer to be main spec Enhancement. Cheers Send a request at Whiskybrah#1287Evilactivity1 3d
3d LF Raiding Guild BARTHILAS [LEGION] As the titles suggest looking for a raiding guild horde/ally too progress into Legion with. i Play HPAL/RSHAM/MW/ROGUE/MAGE COMFORTABLY i am willing to play and take serious all expansion whatever class/spec the guild wants or needs Wanting a guild looking towards mythic raiding. In my own experience i have not raided mythics since Cata, though come legion ill have enough time and will put all my effort towards mythic raiding. Recently a Multi Hero/Gladiator through warlords looking to transition back to Raiding (fulltime) I have completed all heroic's this expansion in there current meta but due to IRL activities going any further couldn't happen. Raid times don't phase me too much as ill be able to make anything. I haven't settle'd on a class as of yet but that can all be discussed between us. I'm willing to work hard to fulfill all requirements and do understand if i cant do this ill be left out until. So if anyone thinks i'm good fit feel free to post below and ill get back to you asap!Íìíiiííìiiìi1 3d
3d Resto Druid lf Raiding guild for legion As title says i am previous raider looking for guild for new expansion. Also open to possibly playing my Disc Priest. message me in game add Frozenboss#1441Fuzzywinkle2 3d
3d [H] Rogue LF Raiding Guild No longer lookingKotick1 3d
3d [H] Widows Whale LFM Guild Name: Widows Whale Faction: Horde Realm (US/EU): US Realm Type: PVP Realm Timezone: +10 GMT Raid Times: 6pm - 10pm Raid Schedule: Thursday and Sunday Openings: For Healers and DPS, All levels of raid experice welcome We are looking to rebuild our raid team after hiatus from WoD. Our current members have been experienced Heroic Raiders (Now Mythic) in the past so its a great opportunity to learn from people with great experience. We are recruiting people from any raiding backgrounds or experience even little or none. Our philosophy is everyone deserves a chance. PM me if you have any questions or contact me in game on the character you see on the left <-- or on my Battletage Zero#6190 or if you want to jump right in apply at our guild site the application process is get as much information about your wow experience as possible.Zèrò0 3d
4d WBSH still #1 that is all you need to knowSaralonde15 4d
4d [H] <Too Fat to Kiss> recruiting for Legion About us: <Too Fat to Kiss> is a new GMT+10 Horde raiding guild on Barthilas formed by WoW veterans who have come back for Legion. Our goal is to work our way up to mythic raid content while maintaining a non-cancerous, chill social environment. We are looking for raiders of most roles who are keen to put in the effort to progress through Legion, who are open to self-improvement and have the right attitude. Previous raid experience is not required and social members are welcome to join. All we ask is that raiders: -Know their class (we are more than willing to help if you want) -Research and know the fights before we pull -Be able to listen to instructions and communicate well -Show up on time and maintain 75% raid attendance -Be chill Raid Schedule: Saturday 7:45pm – 11:00pm Sunday 7:45pm – 11:00pm Recruitment status: We are currently not recruiting but will consider exceptional players. Tanks High Priority: Closed Low Priority: Closed Healers High Priority: Closed Low Priority: Closed Ranged DPS High Priority: Closed Low Priority: Closed Melee DPS High Priority: Closed Low Priority: Closed Contact: Add Sommy#1758 to for a chat to see if <Too Fat to Kiss> is right for you.Sommy6 4d
4d LF guild 4/13mythic 4x US Rank1 PVP'er i am looking at raiding as a hpally i have 4/13 mythic experience but i am not the most experienced raider, I am a 4 time rank 1 pvper and have achieved 3k 3s rating and it is well known that those with high end pvp backgrounds excel and learn very fast when transferring into a raiding environment. i am looking at rolling a hpally or a fire mage for raiding, due to my rbg and arena commitments i will only be able to join a weekend raiding guild thank youDeceivezlol0 4d
4d WTS TCG Mounts! Have the following for sale. Blazing Hippogryph 500k Amani Dragonhawk 420k Message in-game or add btag Azarien#1923Azrazel0 4d
5d [H] 2x DPS lf raiding guild, open hours Me and a mate are looking for a Barth guild to raid with through Legion. He is a Balance druid and I have several classes I'm ready to play (probably elemental) and capable to OS if needed. Also willing to DH tank at this point. Will be ready to raid up to 16hrs a week as long as the nights don't end too late - working early hours. Quit after MoP due to work life issues, so experience is lacking - though during late ToT and SoO I ran a guild and was the raid lead and am confident I'll be able to throw 2 cents in and help coordinate the team if it'd help for the sake of progression. The aim is Mythic progression and we can make sure we're up to par - so if you are too give us a hit. josh3#6312Winnie2 5d
5d Mythic Warrior lF Raid guild for Legion! I'm currently on kil'jaeden because I was with a us guild for quite a while but they are all burnt out on raiding so Im looking for a guild in barthilas and I'll transfer when I get paid! I'm a uni student in sydney im exchange from England and Im happy to raid most nights and im dedicated to attend every possible raid. I'm currently on holidays so im pretty active so send me a message or friend request in game or on battlenet anytime. happy to use voice coms and have a working mic. Nozzl#1498Nozzl1 5d
6d WTB Mythic HFC Run w/Mount PM Price pleaseTaliesin1 6d
6d [H] <Tribo-Barth> WTS Felsteel Annihilator Last chance to get the Mythic Archimonde mount: Felsteel Annihilator. Wednesday 24th August - 10pm AEST (Barthilas server time) Run will include: - Mythic Mannoroth (All loot is yours) - Mythic Archimonde (All loot is yours) - Felsteel Annihilator Mount from Mythic Archimonde - Mythic raid achievements Price: 1250k Add Ivanatinkle#2623 to discuss or for more info.Ivanatinkle0 6d
Aug 18 Best horde pvp guild barth? Hey guys wandering what the best guild for pvp was on barth?Jacobtheholy5 Aug 18
Aug 18 H-Priest LF Guild for Legion Just starting up WoW again, played since BC, but didn't play Cata, and only dagged around in MoP/WoD, looking to try and put some time into Legion and have fun and progress with some good, fun people. Want to move and f/change to Barth and find a good guild to raid with for legion. Looking for semi/full hardcore, 3-4 nights a week, preferably 8pm onwards. Want to blast through norm/heroic and progress on mythic. Little current raiding experience (haven't raided/progressed with a guild since Wrath) but dedicated, punctual, easy-going and relaxed. Played many other games at high level. (Rank 1 HoTS, Dia 1 LoL, Rank 75+ OW) Limitations/Conditions: Not really interested in off speccing, or alting, just want to main class/spec h-priest. Generally cannot ever make raid times that are before 8. Looking for a medium/smallish guild with little redudancy, i.e. I don't want someone being benched/sitting on bench being a possibility every single raid night. Leave btags/websites here and I'll get back to you as quick as I can!Carist1 Aug 18
Aug 17 [H]Niflheim GMT+8 (13/13M HFC) LFM Legion! Greetings! <Niflheim> - Barthilas, is a GMT+8 raiding guild and is currently looking for exceptional and skilled players as well as like minded players from all classes for Mythic progression for current and future expansions. If you have a strong knowledge on your class and you have the skills to back it up, then <Niflheim> wants you! Current Progression 13/13Mythic HFC What we expect from you Able to commit to near 100% attendance Know your class well and be prepared for fights Having the desire to clear current content Raid Times Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday & Monday - 11pm Server time to 2am Server time (9pm - 12am +8GMT) (4 days Progression and reverting to a 3 days raiding schedule when progression is over) Currently RECRUITING: Tanks Any Tanks Range DPS Moonkins Mage Spriest Melee DPS Deathknight Rogue (High Priority) WW monk Healer -Close- If you are an exceptional player and your class is not listed and you are interested in joining, you may also apply at or you can leave a message below. You can also add your ingame name or Btag here. Lastly, you may also contact Akíza (Akiza#11139) in game.Akíza53 Aug 17
Aug 16 [H] <The Third Rake> Looking for More <The Third Rake> is currently reforming for Legion with players that have raided together previously. We have all previously raided every expansion since Wrath of the Lich King and are setting our sights on Heroic difficulty cleared as a bare minimum. We have no room for PC bull!@#$, so if you are one of those "easily offended, check your privilege, everything must be politically correct" people, don't even consider us, you aren't welcome. Our raid schedule is currently not set in stone, but there will be serious raids twice a week, most likely Wednesday/Thursday and a "throw yourselves at bosses and see what we can learn/down before the reset" being held on Monday nights. The two serious raiding nights will require regular attendance, however Monday nights will not. The raid times will be from 7-10ST (AEST) We are currently in need of 1 or 2 tanks before we can start clearing content with a 10 man group, but all classes and welcomed. The general feel of the guild will be a place where you don't have to curb your sense of humor for fear of offending someone, which is a pretty rare environment these days. We can all smash out some content while we each get our jollies with like-minded adults. You don't have to raid with us to join the guild, if you like the thought of an environment free from pathetic activists, you are more than welcome to join us.Tonyabbottqt2 Aug 16