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[H]<Focus> 13/13m Recruiting Recruiting experienced and skilled players of any class for Legion. Raid times are 7pm-11pm AEST Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday. With reduced hours for farm raids. About Focus: Focus is a progression minded raiding guild with the goal of achieving US top 10 while only raiding 16 hours a week. The main core of our members have previously raided at a top world level but wanted a change, to a less intense raiding schedule without sacrificing progression. If you share similar goals, Focus may be the guild for you. Expectations: 1. Attitude Attitude is just as, if not more important than your play. You have to want to be in the raid, and putting in work outside of raid. Whether it be class or boss research, not being ready and having full knowledge for an encounter and how your class will best perform is unacceptable. 2. Attendance: We raid 7pm-11pm AEST Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday. You must be able to make these times on a consistent basis. Absence without notification will not be tolerated. 3. Class Knowledge: You must put in the required research into your class to perform as best as it can on any specific encounter whether it be a specific spec greatly outperforms others or just general tricks you can do to make the encounter easier, this kind of research will also be expected of you for your alts. If you think you fit the above criteria and feel you will be able to perform at a high level then feel free to contact an officer in game, add my btag zac#6552 or apply at Rankonepro5
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[A] & [H] ÐC selling Challenge Mode Carry 27/05/2016 its a crazy 2 week for us, and we decide to stop arranging another schedule so we can finish our current queing customer! we will be available by 09/06/2016, see you! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title says it all, selling 8/8 Challenge Mode carry for BOTH faction! What do Challenge Mode : Gold get you? - Access to all exclusive transmog weapon from Challenger Savina - The Challenger’s War Yeti Mount ( silver reward, account-wide) - “The Indomitable” title ( bronze reward, account-wide) - 360 Achievement points! - Portals to the entrance to all 8 Warlords of Draenor dungeons! Price and Time? - Challenge Mode : Gold 8/8 = 250k - We do all in less than 2.5 hours. the more dps you do the faster it goes Crossrealm? We do not usually accept crossrealm payment, it all depends on the server you want to pay on. Add my btag and we can hopefully sort something Requirements? - Level 100 - 250k gold - Consumables and 6x Invisibility potion if you want to dps - Mumble (optional) Why Pick us? Simple, because we are jubei’thos best CM team. We have been in business since MoP with over 250 carries complete. Those years of experience has taught us that customer is KING. We never ever put a stress to our customer and will keep a FRIENDLY atmosphere during the run. So far in WoD we have done over 90 carries with 100% SUCCESS RATE, thanks to our 8/8 realm best experience. We offer an experience that no other group could ever hope to match. Come join us for a carry, and let us share that experience with you! Contact Info? Urehermawan #1356 Trollshaman#1368 Kuldesak5
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<Revere> a guild to call home Are you a mature raider looking for a laid back guild with like minded players? Wanting to progress without the drama and egos? With leaders who believe the game is here to be enjoyed and their job is to help make that happen... not pull rank? Are you looking for a guild that feels like a family, where drama is dealt with and attitudes are prioritized? Are you sick of raiding in tense negative atmospheres?! Revere might possibly be the guild for you. We currently raid 2 nights a week from 8:30pm - 11:00pm server time on Wednesday/Thursday with optional Sunday (alt) raid. Revere is a semi-hardcore Australian/Oceanic mythic raiding guild on Barthilas (Oceanic), Horde. We have been a guild (in various forms, factions and servers) since the inception of BC. Revere has an active guild base outside of raids; we run regular guild activities and enjoy a very friendly guild atmosphere. We have a strong belief in recruiting quality, like-minded players rather than the class so as such we are always interested in speaking to exceptional applicants of all classes who can make our raid times. A great team attitude is more important to us when considering applicants than gear or experience. Please check the most recent post on this thread to see what positions are currently open. The average age of our raiders is around ~20-30 years old, so we're most definitely a guild for mature raiders; our guild atmosphere and raid times reflect this. For more information please contact an officer: Aurelina (Aurelina#1810) Badpunchline (Dave#1592) Tuckletuts (Tuckletuts#1780) Rideshift (Toff#1873) Aurelina21
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[H] <The Endless> 12/13M LF Mages, Hunt, Rogu <The Endless> is one of Barthilas longest running guilds, established in 2007. We have a very loyal and strong core that has held the guild together through some really unlucky times, and will continue to do so. With all the fly in, fly out players we've had, we've still managed to progress through this tier, and are currently 12/13 mythic, with an aim of killing Archi within the next week or two. Our raid team currently consists of ZERO mages, which again highlights our commitment to killing content, because who kills bosses with NO mages right? We've managed. However, we would dearly love to see one or two blue class bars in our raid team, so if you're a good mage who knows their class, and the fights, with an appropriate item level, hit me up: Khach#1874. Raid Times: Wednesday: 7:30pm > 10:30pm ST. Thursday: 7:30pm > 10:30pm ST. Monday: 7:30pm > 10:30pm ST. Looking for mages 735+ ilvl with fully completed ring and a good knowledge of their class and its specs, especially arcane proficiency. If you dont meet these requirements Im sure we can gear you up within 1 or 2 weeks as long as you provide us with logs. Also Looking for another hunter and rogue. We're a friendly bunch, not super hardcore, and we only ask that you show up on time and perform to the best of your ability. Required Addons for The Endless raiders: EPGP > Exorsus Raid Tools > WeakAuras2 > Angry Assignments. If you can't add me on Battletag, look for an officer in game: Extazy, Speedlab, Gawdblinn, Patmeorelse, Ziamon. Cheers guys. :) Escobarr1
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