Jul 9, 2014 WTS 25 guild 6 tabs offer up ladiesZúnjo2 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 [H] WTB CM Gold 9/9 As the title states, i find myself too lazy to make 4 new friends to learn and do CM's with. Looking to buy with gold. Hit me up on here or in game, thanks!Abena0 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 disconected I am being disconnected when I try to log in and I do not know why, it wasn't happening to me last night, is this happening to anyone else??Zekion1 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 WTS SHAVED CATS Whats Horde like on Barth, Frostmourne is !@#$Cableyo1 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 Looking for late night raids ? Hey, Just seeing if there are any guilds that raid from Midnight on wards ? CheersDrboomdoc0 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 WTS: LK 25H Invincible Carries Hey all Starting next lockout me and a friend will be selling Invincible carry runs for anyone interested in the mount. The mount will be 300k in total and we are asking for 3k per carry run (which gets deducted from the total). Eg. if after 16 runs it drops you will pay 252k for the mount, after previously paying 48k for the carries. Currently we are able to run 6 carries per week. Add Goibniu#1210 or Mightybulk#6352 in game, or leave a comment on this post / in game mail if your interested.Talkuriye9 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 3, 2014 [H] Unreal Redux 8/14H(10) Recruiting! Unreal Redux is looking for a Paladin or Monk tank and a Mage, Rogue or Hunter to join its ranks. Gear and experience aren't necessary but an ilvl of 560 is desired and a knowledge of your class and role is essential. Unreal Redux is a fun, but serious raid team, raiding 8-11pm Server Time (Oceanic) Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. To apply go to and follow the template stickied, or post below. Looking forward to hearing from you JustifiJustifi3 Jul 3, 2014
Jul 3, 2014 Ragnaros Mount on BMAH Does anybody know/remember how much the Ragnaros mount on BMAH sold for? I wanted to make a bid during closing minutes but I couldnt be on at the time. Just curious what the ending bid was.Ðex1 Jul 3, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 After an H Garrosh kill... Currently looking for an H Garrosh kill over the next few weeks. I am neither interested in joining a guild, nor paying for the run, but will certainly pull my own weight (enhancement shaman). If you've got it on farm, or achieve that in the coming weeks, keep me in mind and toss me a tell.Clockwork0 Jul 2, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 We need tanks. 9/14hm 10man <Unreal Redux> Currently recruiting a skilled and geared tank, preferably a paladin or a monk but ALL APPLICATIONS WELCOME! We are also looking for a skilled DPS with a solid tanking os that they are comfortable using - prefer a monk/Druid (to take all our leather) but all apps considered. We are a mature aged guild that is well established on Horde Barthilas. We have been a community for more than 5 years and we play several other games together as well as our annual guild drinks. We strongly adhere to the ethos of "no asshats" and are looking to expand our community leading in to WoD. Please contact me in game on BARTHILAS HORDE via Nasilemak Via on nasigoring#1217 Or apply on our forums here: Jun 30, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 free faction swap let's hope this fixes the Barthilas horde to alliance ratio Jun 30, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 Druid Tank LFGuild I am after a guild. Send me a tell in gameDruidtanker0 Jun 30, 2014
Jun 29, 2014 550 Prot warrior/542 Fury LF Guild Pretty much just looking for a guild that needs a Fury warrior MS and only prot as OS. I've been forced to tank this expansion and have pretty much gotten over it. I'm looking for either casual guild or progression based one with mon-fri raid times :) I've got SoO normal down and haven't started Heroic progress yet since my ilvl isn't up to par with it yet. I know my class down pat and used to be a hardcore progression raider back in cata during DS days managed to get full HMs done before nerfs. Hit me up if you guys are mature and aren't afraid to get a little silly ;)Kosic0 Jun 29, 2014
Jun 28, 2014 WTB Swift Spectral Tiger Interested in buying swift spectral tiger, pst me in game :)Dconz0 Jun 28, 2014
Jun 28, 2014 Bored & LF Raiding <3 UPDATED ALT ILVLS 9/14 HM SoO unofficial 10 - wiped at 1% on HM Spoils :( 14/14 NM SoO Current guild recently called it quits for MoP due to core raiders upping and leaving though may be raiding again in WoD, not much has been organised yet so I may be looking for a permanent position with another guild. Looking for a casual raid group for any of my characters until WoD, though would prefer something that's not my Shaman, because it's boring, HMs for Shaman only. Would also be interested in NM raiding/weekly pugs for alts listed below as I am not hell-bent on HM raiding as long as the group is experienced and knowledgeable in their class and fight mechanics. Weekday night/Sunday preferred with times between 8pm-12pm. Preferable not more than 3 nights a week as I'm at Uni and need some nights free for Uni work. Also have the following characters and would prefer to play something different for WoD; 565 Fury War (with cape) 566 Frost Mage (with cape) 558 Destro Lock 550 Boomkin with 545 Tank OS 565 BM Hunter (with cape - was my main in Wrath, Cata, and the beginning of MoP) 550 Frost 2H DK with 543 Blood OS (Secrets of Empire quest) 559 WW Monk with 540 MW OS (on Runestones) 558 Spriest (Secrets) 550 Holy Pally Reply here with any open spots or add Amy#6882.Rixxii11 Jun 28, 2014
Jun 26, 2014 [H] <Forge> Looking for Mythic raiders <Forge> - Barthilas is a newly formed guild recruiting for 25M raiding in preperation for 20M mythic raiding in Warlords of Draenor. Currently recruiting skilled players of all classes to join us. Note: Gear is not an issue Progression (10M): 14/14N 2/14H Raid Timetable: Wed: 7:30-11pm (GMT+10) Mon: 7:30-11pm (GMT+10) (A third night will be added come Warlords of Draenor) NOTE: Cross-realm trials are permitted Feel free to contact myself using BattleTag Forge#1897 or Kellasara in-game for an application. Or apply on Thank youGreywind4 Jun 26, 2014
Jun 26, 2014 LF Alliance Guild Hey all, are there any remaining active/social alliance guilds in this serveR?Zeushammer1 Jun 26, 2014
Jun 26, 2014 Selling Rare Items / Schematics Please closeSrog0 Jun 26, 2014
Jun 24, 2014 Buying feet of the lynx 2k Wtb feet of the lynx for 2k send arisna a mail and ill add youSuekii0 Jun 24, 2014
Jun 24, 2014 Old School Raider LF Raiding Guild Hi there, So, a bit of background to start off with. I was a very avid raider from BC through Cata, but after leveling in MoP I took a bit of a break, and haven't raided 'properly' during this Xpac. In preparation for WoD (and because some mates have started playing again) I've re-subbed and am looking to get back into some raiding. Now, my problem is that I've been doing LFR raids to catch up on gear, but I'm still behind the standard. Now, while I know everyone is going to be hesitant to invest in someone who is a bit behind the 8-ball, let me reassure you that gear is all I lack. If you check my achievements you'll see that I completed Tribute to Insanity, Champ of Ulduar, Undying, One Light in the Darkness as well as Glory of the Ulduar, Icecrown and Firelands Raider. I'm hoping I can find enough Wrath raiders here that can appreciate the difficulty behind those achievements and possibly give me a go. Now I realise that beggars can't be choosers, so I'm really not picky on what sort of progression any potential guilds are up to. Hell, I'm not even insistent on HM raiding - if you guys have a second group that does normal mode SoO/ToT I'd be happy to join in on that. I'm looking for a 2-3 nights per week guild, preferably starting later if possible (I'm in Brisbane, starting 9+ Brisbane time would be fantastic). I'm not loot focused, I'm very easy to get along with, am familiar with vent/TS etc. I learn quickly, and am willing to Heal or Tank (my two main characters are a Prot Pally and a Disc Priest - happy to spec DPS with either of them, but obviously would still need the gear.) So if there's anyone out there who thinks I might fit in with them, I'd love to hear from you - my battletag is Arktik#6879. Thanks in advance!Artofpally0 Jun 24, 2014
Jun 24, 2014 574 Protection Warrior/ 566 Fury Hi all, Just left Blood Sweat N Tiers after 2 year main tanking for them and looking for a mature guild that can progress. I'm a reliable and dedicated raider looking for mature like-minded people that prefer progression to drama and time-wasting and are willing to put the hard yards in for 14/14HM I'm currently 5/14HM but capable of much more. Prepared to server/ faction change for the right team. Hit me up in game or battletag horse2000#1487 HorseHorsê7 Jun 24, 2014
Jun 24, 2014 Closed closedThoronian0 Jun 24, 2014
Jun 23, 2014 X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME For sale! I'm interested in selling this TCG Mount for 240k add me in-game, DconzDconz5 Jun 23, 2014
Jun 22, 2014 Gangnam Style - Korean Guild (Recruiting) We formed a casual guild, Gangnam Style, to gather all solo or team Korean WoW players who wish to rest, chat, and help in Oceanic Regions (Barthilas, Horde). The guild is not excluded to recruit only Koreans. People who are interested or willing to learn Korean cultures are welcome to join. We currently have around 7 active players, who are continuously waiting for more members to join to form a raid team in near future. If you are interested, please whisper to either Nvrdead or Ahrieyuna in game or simply leave a message in this forum. Thank you.Nvrdead27 Jun 22, 2014
Jun 22, 2014 Looking for guild to buy Hey all, looking for a guild to buy, from level 15-25, few tabs, dont really care about the achievements.Watchmetroll0 Jun 22, 2014
Jun 21, 2014 WTB Garrosh kill normal for mount and achievement. Price can nego my best character: 540ilvl resto / feral druid don't need loot just want the achievement mount. Add btag: mewness#1785Miuz0 Jun 21, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 Tanker leveling Kits Hi all. Tanker Profession Leveling is now open. Why level that profession your self? Always seem to just AH it for items? Sick of farming what seems to be endless mats? Well why wait any longer.? Add Tanker#6172 in game and I will do it for you!!! Horde side or allie side I have 90's on both that are able to deliver any and all mats and time. Send me a tell in game for prices and time frame on delivery. I farm it all my self. So sorry if you order something I am not about to farm. It takes time for great thing!!Pallytankerr13 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 582 Ele 571 resto shaman LF 14/14H 13/14H xp with many wipes on HM Garrosh - Just looking for a guild with 14/14H kills to finish off garrosh and possibly raid with in WoD Seismic#1769Seismïc0 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 18, 2014 LF mature guild on horde side Greetings all, I'm a returning player. I recently moved to Asia and decided to restart playing wow so I rolled on this server. This char is a fresh 90 and I havent played since Cata. So of course my gear sucks and I am not to familar with the changes yet but Id like to join a patient (haha) mature guild. I use to be a PVP only player got pretty high in arenas with my Pally. Now I will pvp a lot but may also PVE a bit more. I will be on most weeknights and weekends during the day. So if any guilds are recruiting and dont mind taking back a player not at all familiar with MOP please hit me up in game or post here. Thanks for reading.Leoluch1 Jun 18, 2014
Jun 17, 2014 11/14H 579 Prot warrior LFG Titles says it all, willing to transfer server and faction change, have 560 fury OS been raiding since TBC and looking fro a guild to get 14/14H SoO while going into mythic in WoD. Jun 17, 2014
Jun 17, 2014 Ilv 576 Ret/571 Prot pally 11/14 HMC LF 25man Hi there, Looking for a active 25 man raiding guild. I have 11/14 heroic 25 man exp. My ret set is at 576 and my prot is 571. Ive being away from the game for 2 months due to personal reason and i wish to get back into active raiding again. I have vast raiding exp from all the way back in vanilla. And i have being Gm raid leader officers in numerous guilds over the years. I would prefer Wed Thus And mon no later than 11pm, Though i could still do sundays on occasions. Happy for either Horde or alliance. Clazby#1646Rëlish2 Jun 17, 2014
Jun 17, 2014 Wheres The Rum Gone 7/14HM LF core Healer We are looking for Core healer any class to join 10man Group raid nights Thursday Friday Saturday 7.30 - 12 Server time post on this thread or Wisper DKdaniel in gameSmnerdburger1 Jun 17, 2014
Jun 17, 2014 Astronium #1 HeheAstronium9 Jun 17, 2014
Jun 17, 2014 @Enre You suck so bad. Can only just kill me while I'm fighting one of the big elites at the top of Ordon, but when it comes to 1v1 you run away like a wimp!. No wonder your mum still breast feeds youRose3 Jun 17, 2014
Jun 16, 2014 WTB SOO 25m Full Run with loot as title states i wtb WTB soo 25m full run with loot post your offers here i am free anytime. even better if it can be done this week before raidlock reset. will entertain all reasonable offers. normal or heroic or mix will all be considered. want to buy for my balance druid and blood dkPorchmunkey1 Jun 16, 2014
Jun 14, 2014 Lol @ Masgerake and co It's !@#$ing funny, you guys running around with a bunch of people in your shrine trying to gang up on me, please Masgerake l2 1v1 or are you really that bad? Blowing me into your crowd of noobies.Astronium4 Jun 14, 2014
Jun 14, 2014 Nicest guy around. Back after a little break. Seeing what's new etc. Went horde 1st time ever. Hello to all old friends :) -WhamWham14 Jun 14, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 510 H pally LF raidin guild[former raider] hi all, been away from wow for slightly less then a year, looking to come back to raiding for 5.4 and WoD. Mature player/30+/stable job/Singaporean Previously raided t6 content all the way to mid MOP and took a break. ( previously in guilds like Revo/Kopitiam/new bee) Looking for guilds who raid preferably gmt+8 times wed/thur/sun or mon Will be willing to change server or faction Currently in barthilas/alliance( pain in the !@# to do TI OMG) Will be able to be consistent in attendance and performance. Definitely no drama. Currently trying to gear myself up through lft and various means. Ign : solemf#1642Solemf0 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 10, 2014 Unbound - 13/14H Recruiting <Unbound> is a 13/14HM SoO 10man raiding guild on Barthilas (Oceanic) Horde. Raid Times (AEST) Wednesday - 8pm to 11pm Thursday - 8pm to 11pm Sunday - 8pm to 11pm Attendance requirement: 75% We are currently recruiting 1 dps ( Pref rogue or hunter) for our current 10 man roster for Heroic Garrosh progression. Min 10/14H xp and 570+ ilvl with prior logs for review. We are also accepting members that would like to raid 25 man with us once our 10 man group has finished off Garrosh. (Within a few weeks) We are in need of any exceptional healers/dps for those spots. 560+ ilvl req and prior heroic exp is a bonus. If you have any questions in regards to this please feel free to contact our recruiter Seismic. Seismic Battlenet: seismic#1769Seismïc3 Jun 10, 2014
Jun 10, 2014 569 surv hunter, LF raiding guild Hello~ I'm looking currently looking for a new raiding guild. In my previous raiding guild we went 14/14 normal, but due to unfortunate circumstances the raiders disbanded. The raid times I am looking for are 8:30-9 pm to 12am Currently interested in 10m rather then 25m, but willing to try it. If you have any questions or find an interest in me, please feel free to add my battle tag; Espada#1549Ïtachi0 Jun 10, 2014
Jun 9, 2014 Phoenix Rises 8/14H - Recruiting! Hi all, Phoenix Rises is a mature but relaxed casual progression guild (10man), currently 8/14H SoO. We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights - 20:00 - 22:30 (AEST / Server Time). We have a very stable and reliable raid team, and this will be expected of anyone that joins. Currently Recruiting: Rdps: Boomie Mdps: None Currently Tank: Paladin/DK/Monk with viable OS Healer: Monk/Druid/Paladin with dps OS Exceptional players to fill in our roster as we progress into WoD! Minimum Raiding Requirements: We would prefer people with similar experience with an ilvl of 560+ You will be required to have a mic (and use it), have Mumble installed, and have a stable Internet connection and computer. You will also need to bring along raid consumables, min/max your gear and spec, and to know your class well. If interested, please visit our website, or contact Kosame (Nen#1732) or Cdkit in-game. Also, be prepared for terrible puns and dad jokes. Thanks, The Phoenix Rises Officer Team.Kosame21 Jun 9, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 12/14H 25M 3 nights! Cross realm trials! BattleTag: Joseph#1735 Faction: Horde Server: Stormreaver Raid Times: Tues, Weds, Thurs, 8:30-11:30 CST- (9:30-12:30 EST) <Fear Itself> is a 25 man guild residing on Stormreaver server. Open recruitment for Tanks, DPS, and Heals with a high need for (Disc Priest) all other experienced healers are welcomed to apply. Ill try to keep this short. What we're looking for: We are looking for players who want to progress through heroics while the content remains relevant. We are an established guild that will triumph and keep pushing even through WoD. We have a laid back atmosphere but our raiders are focused and serious when it comes down to raiding. Fear Itself believes we are missing a few pieces to our puzzle and would look to invite trials from Tanks, DpS and Heals. We do not recruit to bench, we have immediate core spots available once a trial is passed. We treat everyone with respect and would like to keep good vibes within the guild, no one likes to log on and pay 15$ a month to be in a miserable atmosphere. Currently we are 12/14H with great progression on Paragons. A stream of our raids can be found at Tues, Weds and Thurs. 8:30-11:30 CST (9:30-12:30 EST) If you are interested you can apply at, (all apps are looked at fairly quickly please keep this in mind as we like to interact with applicants on our forums and usually a question will be asked, the faster we can speak to you, the faster you are trialing!) if you have any question feel free to respond here or add my btag, hope to hear from you soon!Crucifyx0 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 WTB 10m normal garrosh kill willing to pay 25-30k for a spot. thanksNecropanda3 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 4, 2014 Free Faction Changes for Select Realms * Faction Changes are closed. *5/28- These are now available. *5/27- The start time has been updated to Wednesday, May 28 at 10:00 a.m. For a limited time, and only for select realms (for this first test just a single realm), we'll be opening faction changes for Horde characters to change to Alliance for free. This first test of free faction changes will only initially be available to players on Barthilas. Eligible characters will be able to faction change from Horde to Alliance for approximately** one week beginning on Wednesday, May 28 at 10 a.m. PDT. Read more on the front page here.Nethaera114 Jun 4, 2014
Jun 3, 2014 Tanker LFGuild raiding Hi all I am after a guild. I am studying atm and can raid from about 5pm server till about 1 am every night of the week ( Thou I do not want to raid that ) I am open to all the raid days. Please send me a tell in game or mail to know more about what I have done and so on. Thank you for your time /love PallytankerrPallytankerr5 Jun 3, 2014
Jun 3, 2014 Alchemist and BS Need Alchemist who can transmute primal earth to primal water, and primal water to primal air (TBC stuff). And a blacksmith who can craft storm helmQonnect2 Jun 3, 2014
Jun 3, 2014 Arena Friends... Hi there, getting rather bored trade PUGing every arena game and was wondering if there was interest in more regular 3s/5s. I play enhancement, this would be the first season PvPing since early Cata and BC but am not too shabby and wouldn't mind pushing for 2k odd or whatever the new 1800s is now. Oh, and currently have full prideful. Cheers.Clockwork1 Jun 3, 2014
Jun 2, 2014 Holy Priest LF Weekend Guild Hello, I am a returning WoW player looking for a guild that I can commit to, and one that is not going to disband (lol). My gear is alright right now but I've been working hard towards it. I could use some guidance. I used to raid hardcore back then, but I just can't do that anymore. I am: - Dedicated - 99% attendance - I come prepared with food/flasks/etc. - I know my job - Can handle constructive criticism I prefer a guild that raids on any of the following days: - Friday - Saturday - Sunday -> BUT DOES NOT END LATE I prefer to stay as Horde.Jessenea0 Jun 2, 2014
Jun 2, 2014 Raiding on Alliance So with this free transfer to Alliance, are people going to do anything over there? Are people interested in raiding or anything? Just curious to see what people think is gonna happen when they suddenly go over to Alliance.Kosame2 Jun 2, 2014