Aug 6, 2013 Raiders: Open Recruitment Dark Insanity is recruiting for its 10-man groups. We might be a little too late on ToT but we will push aggressive progression come 5.4 Main Group: Recruiting all roles semi-hard core raid times : wed - sat 7-10 pm server time Flex Group: Recruiting all roles raid times : 1-2 days a week * time and raid days to be determined based on players availability. give me an in-game mail with time availability and role.Whipcreamz0 Aug 6, 2013
Aug 5, 2013 [H] -BM Hunter LF 2's for CP Hey guys BM hunter here looking for a 2s partner to get me to my CP cap (@18000) standard 100g/win 50g for no shows. Generally on around 6:30pm AEST Pst me in game if you're interestedAlerrion0 Aug 5, 2013
Aug 5, 2013 <The Order Of The Phoenix> LF 1 Lock NM prog Looking for 1 510+ lock for normal Ji-Kun/Durumu+ prog and SoA, we are also taking casuals and levelers at the moment. Apply at: or contact me in game with for relevant info or to work out a trial =)Rayzon0 Aug 5, 2013
Aug 4, 2013 527 Ret Pally Return to Raiding Howdy folks, After some time off first half of the year and a few weeks Pugging- As it says, with a settled schedule I'm looking to return to raiding couple 2-3 nights a week. 12/12 exp on current content, with raiding history that goes back to Vanilla. Contact me by any means you want in game RezerectJoe#6132 Oyn edit: experienceOynrei1 Aug 4, 2013
Aug 4, 2013 Intolerance 12/13H ToT NZ 10m LF Lock About Intolerance - Barthilas <Intolerance> is a New Zealand based raiding guild (currently doing 10 mans) with a growing number of Americans and Australians who suit our raid times. We formed just shortly after WotLK came out. Many of us have raided together beforehand, and continue to raid with one another because we know our classes well and have a similar framework of mind -- progression. Our players are respectful and kind to one another, regardless of rank and we push ourselves and others to accomplish the most out of their class/role. Because of this, raid invites are based on performance. We expect your best consumables to be up at every moment during our raids -- food buffs, flasks, and on some learning encounters potion buffs. It is always tracked and enforced. Loot is distributed via loot council who take performance statistics and attendance record into account when handing out items/gear. Any other questions feel free to ask an officer in-game or post on our forums: Baalzaman, Iranoutofspa, Razghùl or Ben. Recruitment is Open to everyone (cross realm too) -- We are always looking for gifted players. However, we do need more classes than others. We advise that you are able to make at the very least 90% of the raids. Please do not consider applying if you are unable to meet this requirement. These are also core raid spots. We will trial you for roughly 1-2 weeks in our raids before deciding whether to bump you up or write you off. Our current priority recruitment needs are: Warlock that can play all 3 specs Any Kiwi players with heroic experience Furthermore New Zealand and Australian players are welcome to join our community as a casual - we are a level 25 guild with generous perks for the player including guild repairs. Mists of Pandaria Progression T14 10/16 Heroic T15 12/12 Normal Heroic Jin'Rokh Heroic Horridon Heroic Council Heroic Tortos Heroic Megaera Heroic Ji-Kun Heroic Durumu Heroic Primordius Heroic Dark Animus Heroic Iron Qon Heroic Twin Consorts Heroic Lei Shen Raiding Hours We raid 7:30PM New Zealand Time till 11:30PM NZT (5.30pm-9.30pm AEST) on progression content, 4 nights a week. Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday.ùl49 Aug 4, 2013
Aug 4, 2013 lf 2200 feral for fmp If such a thing exists on alliance~Neferpitou2 Aug 4, 2013
Aug 4, 2013 LF 2k+ exp hunter for KFC pst me or mail LF 2k+ exp hunter for KFC pst me or mailCallucy0 Aug 4, 2013
Aug 2, 2013 WTS Big Battle Bear Hi i have a Big Battle Bear for sale taking higest offers atm mail me in game and i will get in contact thank you :)Rottinflesh1 Aug 2, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 Back from Deployment, LF Guild Hi all! I have recently returned from a deployment and lf a guild that raids (pvp is good, too) The guild tag I have is just a bunch of casual friends, so I am looking to be more active. Between my lock, rogue and druid, I have about every Heroic raid achieve, meta, and mount etc. I am mainly looking to play my lock. Very mature player and now that I am not in the Mid East, I will return to my work ethic to gear up fast and make great contributions. So, if you are in need of a lock that knows the fights, has very hardcore raid and pvp exp but is just looking for a place to settle in, let me know. Thanks!Sinbella4 Aug 1, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 WTB Guild Level2+ Found one.Koranis0 Aug 1, 2013
Jul 31, 2013 WTB Relic of Xuen (str) As the title stats. Pst me in game. Willing to buy via neutral AH from horde.Eugin0 Jul 31, 2013
Jul 31, 2013 Paying for xmog run Hi there, I'm after this item which drops from Deathbringer Saurfang in ICC25. I'm after it for xmog purposes and I'm finding it incredibly difficult to get ICC25 groups together. I'm looking for 1-2 geared 90's who would be able to help me with it. Should only take about 30mins and I'll pay you each 2500g. Reply here or in-game.Swiftjax2 Jul 31, 2013
Jul 30, 2013 WTS tabard of the lightbringer Tabard of the Lightbringer any decent offer, although im not looking for to much first person with a decent offer will get it.Jetçhi2 Jul 30, 2013
Jul 30, 2013 Recruiting PvP-minded players Well, I had a little speech ready but....I'd figure I just get down to the bare bones: Brand new PvP guild looking for anyone who has a PvP mindset. Whether its world pvp, capital sieges or Arena/RBG, its a place to deal out the damage. Yeah, there are many other guilds out there for PvP, especially Level 25 - I'm simply making it known we're here for whoever wants. Thanks.Sinbella5 Jul 30, 2013
Jul 27, 2013 Since WoW and Barthilas are slowly bleeding.. Anyone going to check out the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? It looks devastating.Atrios0 Jul 27, 2013
Jul 27, 2013 delete deletedCrystalica0 Jul 27, 2013
Jul 27, 2013 rogue and s priest lf guild (3/13) Currently, on Arthas. Our group has recently split and left off at Heroics progression. We both are currently 3/13, which includes heroic Jin'rokh, Horridon, and Tortos. With normal content farmed. Looking for a fun, casual, but with progression on current content. Also looking for an active guild outside of raid times, RBGS a plus! Our requirements if we server transfer, we won't consider a group with out these met. 1. 25 man only! 2. Horde only! 3. Must be around 8:30pm Pacfic Time! 4. Medium - High Population server! 5. We are a packaged deal! We aren't as high maintenance as we sound, lol. Feel free to add my Btag Norallyne#1181. Also, you may look up the rouge as well on the armory, Fluffers on Arthas. Thanks!Boned0 Jul 27, 2013
Jul 24, 2013 wtb swords/rogues/demons/mage darkmoon decks Now after all: Swords Deck Mages Deck Rogues Deck Demons Deck Or even individual cards in bulk Or the ink required to make them (Hunter's Ink preferred) Need 600+ of these. Pm me ingame on Rts/Rtslol/Rtsx if you have some to sell or COD to Rts. Thanks.Rts6 Jul 24, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Selling TOTLB Selling Tabard of the Lightbringer - 120k ono Hit me up if interested.Ward1 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 WTB LEATHERWORKING KIT looking to buy leatherworking kit 1-525 or whatever cata cap is pst me or mail me offer is 19kDotdamnyou0 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 Recruiting heals 4/12 progression LF a healer for tot progression currently 4/12 prefer a experienced healer with at least 500ilvl raid times are thurs 7-10 sunday 5-9 server send me ingame mail if interested.Dotdamnyou0 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 22, 2013 [H]<Ascension>13/13H! Oceanic 1st 25man Recruiting experienced geared and skilled players of any class. Raid times are 7pm-12am AEST Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday. We are in specific need of the following: Combat/Assassination Rogue Fire Mage Warlock Restoration Shaman Boomkin Shadow Priest About Ascension: Ascension forged in The Burning Crusade, is a long established and well regarded 25M guild in the Oceanic raiding scene. Having maintained our constant server firsts throughout WoTLK and Cata, we set our sights on a much more ambitious goal for MoP, to be the top Oceanic 25 man guild. Having conquered that goal, our aspiration is to strive further forward and break though to be a top 10 US guild. We pride ourselves on our consistent and stable improvement which has brought us to where we are today. The Players of Ascension: Whilst we all take raiding seriously, we are able to have plenty of fun doing so. With plenty of self deprecating humour and banter amongst players. Outside of raiding you will find many guild members, playing other games together including Dota 2, LoL, Battlefield 3, Chivalry etc. Mumble is active at almost any point of the day. Expectations: We realise how daunting joining a new guild can be. To make it easier for you to make that leap, we will let you know what we expect from raiders in Ascension. 1. Attitude, Attitude and Attitude: We want players who are able to take criticism constructively, work together regardless of personal feelings and work towards the betterment of the guild not their ilvl. Be able to own your mistakes and not make excuses. 2. Attendance: We raid 7pm-12am AEST Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday. With expanded hours during the first two weeks of progression. You must be able to make these times on a consistent basis. Absence without notification will not be tolerated. 3. Class Knowledge: Even if you are the nicest person in the world with perfect attendance you will still be expected to perform at a consistently high level with your chosen class. Know it from head to toe. 4. Preparation: When you come to raid, you will be prepared to raid. This means bringing enough consumables for the entire night and being fully repaired before raid begins. Research for new bosses is also a requirement; know the best spec/talents/glyphs to use on any given fight. If you think you are someone who fits the above criteria and wants to raid in a serious progression environment then we would love to see an application from you. If you would like to ask any questions or learn more about the recruitment process either contact Marsy or Shhnotears in game, or on the Ascension Forums. Notable Kills: • Heroic Lich King - US 62nd| Oceanic 6th • Heroic Nefarian - US 22nd| Oceanic 3rd • Heroic Sinestra - US 40th| Oceanic 3rd • Heroic Ragnaros - US 26th| Oceanic 2nd • Heroic Madness of Deathwing - US 43rd| Oceanic 2nd • Heroic Sha of Fear – US 12th| Oceanic 2nd • Heroic Lei Shen - US 13th| Oceanic 1st • Ra-den - US 17th| Oceanic 1st For more information, contact an officer or visit our guild website Officer RealID: Marsy#1550, Ispithotfyah#1488 Website: www.ascensiongaming.netMarsyy31 Jul 22, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 @Pizza I challenge you to a pet battle! Send me mail on Krixlol and we can arrange a time and place. Then we will see who is truly Barth's tastiestKrixooks11 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 21, 2013 [H]<Deadline> 12/12 LF Melee Leather DPS! <Deadline> Is a 10 man raiding guild, with the determination to casually progress through current content. Currently, the guild only raids 8 hours, 2 nights a week: Wednesday 7:30pm -11:30pm Thursday 7:30pm - 11:30pm We are after an experienced and dedicated agi leather DPS, with a possibility for a position for a Holy Paladin if the experience and attitude is good enough. If you are interested in joining our close knit team, please contact one of the below in game: Aglea, Hipthrust, Exo, Zugs, or Tamethebeast. Please don't hesitate to contact one of the team if you have any further questions! Looking forward to hearing from you! AgleaAglea0 Jul 21, 2013
Jul 20, 2013 WTS 9/9 Gold Challenge Mode Gear Selling Gold Challenge Mode Gear 9/9 Our team is a solid group of barths best alliance side. Our group has completed about 15-20 people including peoples alts ect When you are complete, you will receive *** Gold *** A set of class specific transmog ( *** Silver *** A choice of 1 in 4 Pandaren Phoenix Mounts ( *** Bronze *** Title: The Undaunted ( Requirements - Make sure you have access to either skype/vent/mumble/raid call - You will have to bring your own food/flasks/potions - Your gear must be atleast ilvl 463 in each slot or above - Make sure you have aloted time to sit down for a solid 4hrs so we can smash through them - Make sure you have completed all the Heroic Dungeons at least once otherwise we will have to que up and waste time doing that - At-least know how to play your class / Spec You can contact me in game or on Real ID In game : Accelerant Real ID : AccelYolo#1189Accelerant4 Jul 20, 2013
Jul 20, 2013 [H]Kalashnikova 5/12 Recruiting CORE for 25M Kalashnikova is currently recruiting dedicated raiders to join our CORE 25m raiding group. We encourage people who are reliable and able to make schedule to sign up. Please contact: Puremagic (dez#1935), Muse (muse#1315), Wraythz (Buggsy#1503) and Malakai (Lithacellina#1893). Website: Applications available on Raid Times : Wednesday - 700pm - 1000pm ST Thursday - 700pm - 1000pm ST Sunday - 700pm - 1000pm ST Currently Looking For: Range DPS & HEALS pref. Monk/Druid/ShamanBossasia39 Jul 20, 2013
Jul 20, 2013 471mage/472 h pally looking for raiding guild Just transfered from frostmourne, looking for friendly raiding guilds that are still raiding MSV/HOFGreenbuds0 Jul 20, 2013
Jul 19, 2013 [A] Equinox (Barth GMT +8) 13/13H LF Warlock Equinox is the top 10 man alliance guild currently raiding on Barthilas server. Equinox is raiding 3-4 nights a week, wed/thurs/mon at 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM server time (8:00 to 12:00 SG time), with sunday nights as optional. Recruitment open for: Warlock Shadow Priest Discipline Priest We are currently 13/13 Heroic in Throne of Thunder, looking for a dedicated and skilled player to complete a roster of 12 players. As we are a heroic raiding guild, we are looking for a raider who has at least a certain level of experience and gear (505+), who can commit to our raiding schedule full time, and have a high level of skill and awareness. However, we are a guild that values skill over gear, and do not believe they are always proportional to each other, so feel free to apply if you do not hit the gear requirement but note that undergeared applicants will need to prove themselves exceptionally fast to justify the raid spot and loot train. Also, logs will be greatly appreciated if your current level of progression is significantly lower than ours. Interested applicants can contact Nisz or Jackeloo or apply on our guild forums at: Jul 19, 2013
Jul 18, 2013 2500/Glad Rogue LF Friends for 3s Greetings, As per title I'm looking for people to run 3s with, I'm looking for people with almost full Tyran and with at least some solid experience to build on. The aim would be to prep up for next season and push for minimum of Gladiator next season. I'd take it this season, but its getting pretty late. I'm specifically looking for the following, but I'm sure you could convince me to play something else: Rogue/Ele/Disc RPS RLS RMP If your interested add Kalynda#1254 and we can start working some stuff out, KalyKalynda4 Jul 18, 2013
Jul 18, 2013 [H] <Kalashnikova> 25M 3/13H Recruiting <Kalashnikova> is a 25 man horde guild on Barthilas. We are a relatively new guild, established late 5.1 and our main focus is PvE progression. We offer a relaxed and causal raiding atmosphere for people who enjoy raiding and have real life commitments. Although the guild consist mostly of Australians and New Zealanders, we do have members from around the world. Raid Times (GMT +10): Wednesday: 7:00 pm -10:00 pm Thursday: 7:00 pm -10:00 pm Sunday: 7:00 pm -10:00 pm We are currently recruiting for the following roles: Priest (Disc/Shadow) Druid (Resto/Boomkin) Shaman (Elemental) Monk (Mistweaver) If you are interested in joining, please visit our website For any additional information please contact Wraythz (Buggsy#1503) or myself (Dez#1935) ingame.Buggzy6 Jul 18, 2013
Jul 18, 2013 WTB NIGHT BLADE WTB NIGHT BLADE PST WITH OFFER XX The Night BladeBillyz0 Jul 18, 2013
Jul 17, 2013 Enh Shammy LF raiding guild Hey guys im looking for a raiding guild that have only recently started progression as i dont have any myself. Jul 17, 2013
Jul 17, 2013 526 Resto Druid LF Heroic Raiding guild Hello, My guild is no longer raiding and i am looking for a new home that is progressing through Heroic content and i want to push next patch in a solid guild that wants to clear content before patches come. Please contact me ingame Absey#1173Absëy0 Jul 17, 2013
Jul 17, 2013 Kalys Cornerstore Buying Bulk(Esp Ghost Iron) Hey guys, Having actually taken the time to look through my raiding bank, I have unfortunately noticed I am running low on the following items. I am looking to buy a large number of these items and will happily accept a COD or a trade ingame (so long as I am not farming CMs, raiding or doing arena) so either send me a message and we can sort things out. NB: If something is listed as PRICE TBA, it means I havn't done my research yet, but still very interested in buying. Message me ingame to set up a deal. BUYING > Ghost Iron Ore - From mining, assorted bags etc - 50g Per stack. > Golden Lotus - From farming, Spirit of Harmony's (at 2 each) or Herbing - 50g Each > Scallions - From farming - PRICE TBA > Tiger Gourami - From Fishing - PRICE TBA > Raw Turtle Meat - Pandarian Turtle Mob Drop - PRICE TBA > Rice Flour (AKA Pandarian Cooking Awards) - 1 Per Day Daily at Halfhill - PRICE TBA > Snow Lily - From Herbing or farming - 20g per stack > Silkweed - From Herbing or Farming - 20g per stack > Green Tea Leaf - From Herbing or Farming - 20g per stack Please note I am looking to form constant trading relationships with people and as such am open to certain deals. Hit me up ingame. Note, before I buy 1000 stacks of anything off you I would rather speak to you in person beforehand, the above prices are more for denominations of under 100 stacks. Additionally, I may be interested in buying peoples assorted junk (random herbs etc) and assorted other rare items (I am talking battered hilts, WoW TCG cards etc) so if you have some stuff you can't get off your hands, give me a shout. Thanks! KalyKalynda4 Jul 17, 2013
Jul 17, 2013 Kalynda's Challenge Mode Sale! Ladies and Gentlemen, I have recently noticed a strong demand for challenge mode instance clears/carries etc and as such I'm here to supply! Really simple, in short as always in the past I sell in packages; complete, medium and singles with different price ranges. While I do accept that the prices, for the most part are high, the upside is that the people selling have cleared CM Gold on numerous characters, if not all classes and have substancial experience. In short your carry gets done quickly, easily and painlessly for everyone. Complete Package: 220,000g [Saving of 20,000g] -9/9 Full Clear of all Challenge modes, with high priority (that is we will get your clear does as fast as possible). - Undaunted Title - Full Class Related Transmog Set - Pandarian Pheonix of your choosing (NB: some pressure may be applied to not choose a bad colour) - Full vent access while we do the carry, in depth experience, may come with martini's Difficulty Range Package - We clear the 3 challenge modes of the difficulty range for you, on gold level. Hard: 95,000g - Mogu'Shan Palace, Stormstout Brewery, Scarlet Monastary Medium: 77,500g - Shado Pan Monastary, Siege, Scholo Easy: 50,000g - Gate of the Setting Sun, Scarlet Halls, Jade Temple Singles Package - Clear of any challenge mode you require, group deals can be arranged if you have a messy situation Hard: 35,000g each- Mogu'Shan Palace, Stormstout Brewery, Scarlet Monastary Medium: 28,000g each- Shado Pan Monastary, Siege, Scholo Easy: 18,000g each- Gate of the Setting Sun, Scarlet Halls, Jade Temple To organise a run hit me up on Kalynda#1254, please note that I do raid/PvP/afk/challenge mode/sleep at my keyboard regularly, so if I dont reply, dont take it personally - just throw stones, or messages at me until I reply.. or turn into Primordius and eat you. KalyKalynda2 Jul 17, 2013
Jul 17, 2013 Recruiting Farmers: Crops, Herbers and Miners Heya, As the title states I am looking for long term suppliers of the following goods, specifically people who are farming large quantities of goods and don't really want to bother wasting time with AH cuts or trying to regularly offload sales into trade. I am interested in the following commodities: -Ghost Iron Ore -Scallions -Tiger Gourami -Snow Lily The idea is basically that I will fund you, each week with a certain amount of gold garenteed and in return you deliver some quantity of the aforementioned goods, To set up something sexy - message me on Kalynda#1254 KalyKalynda1 Jul 17, 2013
Jul 17, 2013 Transferring server - 50k gold limit. Hey guys, Within a week I will be transferring this character from my current realm to Barthilas, but I've noticed that the transfer limit is set to a 50k limit. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get past this? I've got 150k I want to take with me, and would like to not have it left behind. I have heard that buying Orb of Mystery is a good way to get your money across by buying them at 18k and selling at a loss to people making mounts. Can anyone confirm this?Mightybulk2 Jul 17, 2013
Jul 16, 2013 Ex Hardcore, Seeking new home and start. Hey guys, I'm transferring over from Jubie'thos Looking for a better player base. I'm serious player who is 12/12 seeking a heroic raiding or heroic starting guild that is building for 5.4, Essentially the guild will also be working on the PTR. I've been raid leading and guild master for 5 years now but I'm wishing to settle down into a fun organized guild, I'm a extremely helpful player and love spending time learning every class and bringing others up with my knowledge. The guild will also have a good social base and more so based towards Melbourne players as I am from Australia. Seeking times Monday to Tuesday 7.30 PM ST to 10 or 11 PM ST. Cheers, RiseRisedruid1 Jul 16, 2013
Jul 15, 2013 WTB Gold CMs Looking at buying Gold CMs want to clear them out in one hit. Please let me know gold price Absey#1173Absëy2 Jul 15, 2013
Jul 15, 2013 WTB Challenge Mode - Gold runs 9/9 Hi There, Don't know if anyone is still selling Challege mode Gold runs. I know Challengeguy use to sell them but I think he has taken a break from WoW. I know there are a spam of Chinese sellers selling them, but the idea of them playing my toon on my account is not really the idea I had. Hard to trust some of these guys too. I am interested in buying a full clear Gold 9/9 for my Hunter. Will pay 180k for clear, 20k after each dungeon cleared or full payment at the end of all 9/9. I have done all Heroic dungeons so know them all. My gear is 502 ilvl but that doesn't matter I guess since it will be scaled down to 463. I can provide my own consumables including invisibility potions. If you have a team interested, contact me ingame or battletag me TheVIK#1141 to discuss. I am free most Friday evenings from 8pm or on Saturday & Sunday before 5pm. Thank youZeegie19 Jul 15, 2013
Jul 15, 2013 Challenge Modes: Gold Wanting to buy with INGAME GOLD/ RESOURCES. Full Challenge Mode Gold Clears. I WILL NOT XFER TO A NEW REALM. Please post me ingame with your prices and i will get back to you as soon as possible.. Just a Note. Your Overall price you Quote will be divided by the Gold Challenge Modes and Be Payed AT THE END OF THE CLEAR. Will Not Pay Upfront been Scammed Already. Post me ingame if you are keen to make some gold.Turtler1 Jul 15, 2013
Jul 15, 2013 [H] Phoenix Rises 12/12N LFM Hey Folks. Phoenix Rises is a newly created 10 man raiding guild. It's core raid members have recently transferred over from Nagrand, in search of a deeper raider pool and fresh start. Our main group is made up of a bunch of real life friends. We are all mature age, but love to banter on while raiding.. Be warned - we are full of bad puns and dad jokes. Our raid times are 8:30 - 11:00 ST Wed, Thu and Sun. Currently 12/12N with the intention of pushing into Heroics once our raid team is stabilised. Currently Recruting: 1x Disc Priest 1x Warlock 1x Boomkin Post here or contact Lumae, Cdkit, Ehrgèiz, or Kosame via in game mail or whisper if interested. ThanksLumae12 Jul 15, 2013
Jul 15, 2013 <Optimus> Pvp, LFM Core RBG Group! <Optimus> Is a heavy RBG based Guild on Barthilas - Horde and is currently LFM for our new core RBG group, we're aiming to reach 2.2k+ with ease & be one of the best Pvp guilds on Barthilas (Which we probably already are) What we need: Ele Shaman Frost Mage Rsham MW Monk Feral/WW FC All all the above must be incredibly skilled and be a BEAST in RBGs Times: All times are AEST (Also Server Time as well) Weds - 7:30pm-12am Thurs - 7:30pm-12am Sun - 7:30pm-12am Mon - 7:30pm-12am We can work out times amongst the core, and once these times are set, you must be 100% dedicated.. How to get hold of me: Battle-tag: Brad#1235 Bleedzlol19 Jul 15, 2013
Jul 14, 2013 LFM Level 85 MSV Twink Run Me and a few guildy's are organizing a level 85 msv twink run as you may have gathered from the title. If you have interest in participating please consult the information below: The Roster: Tanks: 1) Blood dk (filled) 2) Prot Warrior (filled) Healers: 3) disc priest (filled) 4) resto shaman (filled) 5) ------------ (open) DPS: 6) Moonkin (filled) 7) ------- (open) 8) ------- (open) 9) ------- (open) 10)------- (open) Things to keep in mind: -This is coming from heroic raiders and we expect nothing less than playing your class to the absolute fullest. -This will take place sometime between friday-monday nights when exiled legion is not raiding. -You do not need to be on Zul'Jin, MSV is xrealm content. Why Are we Doing this? To be nerd heroes. Who to Contact: -kilrogg#1850 -Zerpy#1201 -or whisper me in gameChillrogg3 Jul 14, 2013
Jul 14, 2013 WBSH still #1 over 30 million Horde smashedSaralondé46 Jul 14, 2013
Jul 13, 2013 You know youre in When Bored Smash Horde when - you stop powerlvling to chase down a mounted red coloured nameplate for 300 metres and proceed to kill it, despite it slowing down your leveling process significantly - You think of Saralonde as a cross between Winston Churchill and Freddy Krueger - You keep thinking of getting geared and going for 2200, but every time you log in some horde scum hilariously thought he could kill a guildy and get away with it (lol) - Nightmare has you on facebook and still thinks you’re friends - You quit the game, and then randomly log on to the forums and the copious amount of tears entice you to re-subscribe so you can taste their salty goodness - You transfer to tich only to discover that elitist arena nerds are boring and that reading what Gigglez says in /g is more entertaining than playing the game at times - You see lvl 90s while lvling and still attack them, or are in a BG and rush into 3-4 horde by yourself, because WBSH breeds into you a ferocity not unlike that of a wolverine - you wish Krixooks would write a roleplaying book so you could read it to your children before bed every nightGuarl60 Jul 13, 2013
Jul 13, 2013 Terrible Gear appearance. I would like to know why it is so insistent that the MoP gear has to look so terrible for classes in both pvp and pve aspects (mainly pvp). I understand that transmog has been implemented since days of cataclysm, but come on. Take a look at the gear for season 13-14. They honestly look so terrible, im not really sure what was being thought when this gear was designed. it all looks the same, brown bottom to chest, something colorful on the shoulders and an ugly as hell helm. it's disappointingly predictable. I urge that some effort be made into the upcoming gear! as a monk I have very little transmog to work with, old content not including a monk set and all. So PLEASE keep the good looking gear coming! just use a little creative thought! hell I'd love to help the design of some new sets. Please bump if you agree with me!Ráiden4 Jul 13, 2013
Jul 13, 2013 Looking for group for carry LF grp for carry. need gold mode challenges 2.2k arena all ToT heroic paying nothing. pstPalmo0 Jul 13, 2013