Jan 15 <Endemic> Recently converted Horde Guild Hey everyone, <Endemic> is currently recruiting active and loyal members that are looking to raid current tier content and create a solid raid roster that will be utilized to the fullest in LEGION!! Guild History and information about us: We are a guild comprised of two leaders with 7/13 N HFC experience when it was fresh content. Due to the end of the expansion, a lot of players that were long time guild members have discontinued playing until the arrival of legion. We decided to leave our dying server and come to sargeras to pick up the pieces and start a new experience as alliance. What we are looking for: -Core Raiders- We are actively recruiting core raid members to create a SOLID raiding roster team to raid current tier content as well as fully implement our team upon the arrival of LEGION! Upon application to be a core raider, each member will have to go through a interview process as well as trial runs with leadership to determine your position and what the needs of the guild will be. All raiding members will be held to our attendance policy standards and most importantly asked to be humble, respectful, level headed, and active amongst the guild. -Casual's- Similar to core members, all members with the intention of being a causal member are asked to be humble, respectful and actively communicate amongst the guild. Casual members are more than welcome to join any guild event or activity listed though either our guild website or the in-game calendar. In some instances casual guild members will be called upon to fill core raider positions if we happen to have a lapse in attendance during a scheduled raid night (ultimately not our intention) -Guild Captains- As a newer guild we also are recruiting players that have proven themselves to leadership to be slotted into a GUILD CAPTAIN position. For more information in regard to their duties or this position please visit our website @ Raid Times and Days: Tuesday 7PM-11PM CST Friday 7pm-11pm CST Attendance policy: All core raid members will be required to be online and ready for invite 15m prior to our scheduled raid time with flask's potions and food enhancements prepared. If you are aware of a attendance issue prior to raid night, please contact your assigned Guild captain with more information to be communicated to the Raid Leader. -BECOMING A PART OF ENDEMIC- -If interested in joining our guild as a casual member, please respond to officer VIA Battle Tag: (Cyrius) MCgiggleface#1897 (Ihealjoo) Rhyan#1558 (Endemia) Gojira#1469 -If Interested in becoming a part of our raid team, please visit to fill out a application. All Classes are welcome to apply!Cyrius0 Jan 15
Jan 15 Warrior (or r/p/s) Looking for Casual Raiding Hello! Just came back to the game after a very long hiatus. All of my characters have ~Highmaul or lower quality gear so my dps will be low to start. Was raiding mythic Highmaul on my rogue Keikan before I quit, can check armory to verify. I really just want a fun guild that is open and easy to talk to and hang out with. Raiding is icing on the cake, although I am very experienced. I have been playing WoW since late vanilla. My greatest achievements would be 6/7 Sunwell (post m'uru nerf, pre global nerf) and ~1900 arena rating in BC and wotlk.Hageshii0 Jan 15
Jan 8 WTS modest transmog stock 75% off! I have moved servers and no longer have the time nor the motivation to keep my transmog operation running. I have quite a few items, around 120-150 pieces in total. They range in price from 400g all the way up to 25,000g. I will highlight some pieces below. All prices are taken from the Undermine Journal website. Excavator's Brand 25K Onyx Claymore 17K Doomspike 6K Dreadmist Belt 12.5K Mindthrust Bracers 3.5K Blade of Hanna 4.6K Hexbelcher Rifle 4.7K Embersilk Tunic 9.1K Sentry's Gloves 9K These items are just a small amount of what I am trying to get rid of. I invite anyone to send me an in game mail. I am looking to sell well below global median prices. However, I am adamant that I sell these items as a lot. I do not want to take the time to piece out the various items. I have all of the items in a convenient guild bank that comes with the purchase of the lot.Bragging0 Jan 8
Jan 6 LF H raiding guild I am looking for a Heroic raiding guild. My progression as a raider is 13/13 N and 9/13 H. I am looking for a dedicated group and a group that can progress. My time is pacific time. I can raid Sunday-Thursday from 8:30pm-12:30am pacific time. If you raid at these times please hit me up! I am 704 boomkin. I am building a healing set as well. I am on tomes of the legendary quest line. I will transfer if right fit! Thestensten#1848Treesten0 Jan 6
Jan 2 Returning (Spriest) raider LF home. Hello all. Coming back from a long hiatus and seeking a new raiding guild to call home. I'm an ex hardcore raider (a few server firsts and what not that can be seen from my achievement tab) looking for a semi-hardcore guild that needs a Shadow Priest DPS. A little about me: I have been playing Shadow Priests since I started playing WOW back in Burning Crusade. I was the guild leader of a guild on the Fizzcrank server who got server firsts during the Wrath of the Lich King days, and led my guild through most mythic (previously known as hard-mode) kills during that expansion. I took a break from the game and didn't play all too much during Cataclysm and Pandaria. Came back to the game this expansion, played around a bit with a casual raiding guild (we didn't do TOO bad for being a casual guild) and am now seeking to hit it hard the remainder of this expansion and the next. I am a very skilled shadow priest, and have consistently placed in the top 5-10 percentile when it comes to Shadow Priest DPS rankings and I hope to find a great guild with skilled players to smash some baddies with. My availability is: Tuesday and Wednesday after 6pm Friday after 6pm Saturday and Sunday after 2pm. If you're interested in contacting me, you may do so in-game or via my B-net ID: Ferny#1367 Thank you for your time! :)Dimeetri1 Jan 2
Jan 1 Experienced CM tank looking for CM gold runs I'm an experienced raider that's tanked at a (heroic) mythic level and tanked CMs in Mists looking for a serious group to get CM golds out of the way now, rather than wait until near the end of Warlords to scramble. I'll be playing a Blood DK. I'm already well (but not completely optimally) geared. And, as I've said, I have previous experience getting full gold as a DK tank. I'm posting on my real DK, so you can contact me here or in-game (if you see me online or via mail).Nitesorrow0 Jan 1
Dec 31 Tanks LFG Tank dual looking for guild Paladin 730 13/13H Druid 722 13/13 H Many years of experience across multiple MMO's battle tag Donnie #1823 for more informationAncksunamur0 Dec 31
Dec 30 Priest LF Casual Raid Guild Hello! Any casual guilds raiding or even doing alt runs? I'm new to server! I've been on a six month break, and I'd like to come back and give some raids a go. I've been healing since BC - haven't raided heavily in a few xpacs, but I'd like to find a crew for legion also! I do learn raids and understand what I need to do to be prepared, and I'd like to even learn some tricks and such from a veteran priest! I'm a very friendly person, and I can log on quite often - I do go to school and work fulltime, but I like to wind down with wow. Thanks!Jumpophilia0 Dec 30
Dec 21 Felocity! Selling 8/8 gold challenge modes! We are selling 8/8 Gold challenge modes with over 18 months of previous success in Mists of Pandaria and 6 months of Warlords success 3k runs completed total :) The average clear takes about 2.5-3h hours give or take some time depending on spec The rewards you receive - Gorgeous transmog weapons (everything your class can equip is available) - Challengers War Yeti ! - Title : The Indomitable - 360 achievement points. Requirements:. - A DPS specialization - Have Skype! we use skype for our communication and you'll need to be able to listen for things like invis potting! Contact me Skype - Felololqt since we use skype as our communication you'll need to have an account! btag: chrislol#1816 Dec 21
Dec 20 [H] <Soft Enrage>13/13H 8/13M Recruiting! Guild Name: <Soft Enrage> Faction: Horde Realm: Blackrock (PvP) Raid Times: Sun/Mon 8:30PM-Midnight PST Contacts: Boristhetank, Buddhaborris Website: Progression: 13/13H 8/13M Hellfire Citadel Battle-Tag: Yurij#1834 Classes Currently Recruiting: Deathknight - High Unholy / High Frost / High Blood Druid - High Moonkin / High Feral / High Guardian / Medium Resto Hunter - Medium Survival / High Marksmen / Medium Beastmaster Mage - High Fire / High Frost / High Arcane Monk - High Windwalker / Medium Brewmaster / Medium Mistweaver Paladin - High Retribution / Low Protection / High Holy Priest - Medium Shadow / Medium Holy / Medium Discipline Rogue - High Subtlety / High Combat / High Assassination Shaman - High Elemental / High Enhancement / High Restoration Warlock - High Destruction / High Affliction Warrior - High Arms / High Furry / Medium Protection A minimum ilvl of 710+ is what we are currently looking for. Legandary DPS Ring a Must! All other exceptional classes not listed will always be considered. <Soft Enrage> of US-Blackrock is guild that raids 2 nights a week. Our guild is composed of members dating back to ICC. We are a mature raiding group that values dedication and have no tolerance for elitism or disrespectful attitudes. Due to our raiding schedule we are very focused on progression and we are currently recruiting a couple members to complete our awesome roster. Our times are Sun & Mon nights at 8:30st - 12:00st (Pacific Time) A total of 7hrs a week! Loot is distributed via Loot Council. We are always open to recruiting talented raiders who can prove to be a good fit with our guild. If you are a team player who can laugh and raid at the same time while still being focused on progression, you should apply! If you are interested in joining Soft Enrage please apply on our website ( OR contact Boristhetank, Darkcor, Smellyspliff, Nebix in-game for info on joining. Thank you for your time. ***DUE TO RECENT SURGE OF PEOPLE CONTACTING ME, FILL OUT AN APPLICATION ON THE WEBSITE BEFORE CONTACTING ME THROUGH BTAG***Buddhaboris55 Dec 20
Dec 18 Anyone around from? Bloodlines, The Turks, S Y N, or VoS still play hell even Xen of Onslaught?Burstology1 Dec 18
Dec 16 Returning Player LFR heroic/myt raiding guild I am currently looking for a guild to call home. I am looking for a group of people to play with and call friends and enjoy raiding while getting stuff done. I have a hunter, priest, warlock, and shaman all possible to gear and focus on getting ready for guild needs. I have plenty of experience raiding as I have been playing wow since vanilla (diff accounts) but primarily started raiding in burning crusade. I love this game and I am competitive and strive to be the best at what I do. I will do my research and try to better the guild I join and myself. I'm easy going and easy to please. As for raiding experience goes I raided past expansions on a competitive level and was in the best guild on my realm in WOTLK. I played Cata for first 2 tiers but due to rl stuff I had to take a break and I returned after a few months. I raided panda in lazy peons (now known as ookem in the dooker) on boulderfist. I joined up with some real life friends in the end after gm left etc (old player that I knew for years) so I moved on. I went to play with friends on blackrock at the end panda and start of warlords and now I'm here. As for experience this expansion I played my hunter for first tier throught mythic content etc but due to lack of healers I had to swap to my priest. my gear is a bit behind as the last time ia raided was earlier in the year but I have done every boss in blackrock except for on mythic. I have a good knowledge of all content thus far. I am looking for a guild that raids anywhere between 7:15 est - 12:30 est. I can make any raid day during that allotted time. and on some days I will have plenty more time to offer. The amount of days spent raiding doesn't matter either although 3-4 is ideal. If anyone wants to talk anything over or discuss my raiding experience in detail let me know. Ps: I would also love to x-realm to see how things are b4 I commit to transferring characters to as I have a bunch to take with etc I managed to find some old priest logs: if u search around through it you could possibly find more.Rambowjoe1 Dec 16
Dec 15 LF Casual Raiding Guild for Hunter/Warrior Attempting to get back into raiding with a team who want to have fun and take down some Heroic Bosses. experienced raider since Wrath, currently caught up with tannan jungle and ready to start progressing through HFC. LF a casual guild who also like doing achievement runs and legacy raids. my warrior likes to PvP every once in a while too. im a night owl so later night guilds are optimal but not a deal breaker! thanks for reading! Whisper me in game if you'd like to chat.Vynikas0 Dec 15
Dec 9 LF Healer for Portal Jockey achievement (25m) CLOSEDCrezza0 Dec 9
Dec 7 733ilvl, 8/13M rdruid lf raid team New job, raid times must now end at or before 8:15pm PST (10:15pm EST), also available for AM raiding (9am PST/11am EST start time). Any day of the week works for me. - Prefer to stay Horde (transferring plus faction change is just too expensive) - 733 ilvl, 8/13M HFC, strong raiding history. I have logs, all voice chat programs, etc. Leave spam if interested and I will get in touch. - Ready to transfer/trial immediately.Motleÿcrütøn0 Dec 7
Dec 4 [A]1/13M HFC Whisperwind LFM RDPS [A]1/13M HFC Whisperwind LFM RDPS Greetings <Helms Elite> an Alliance raiding guild that transferred to Whisperwind 9/28/15 and we are recruiting for core raid spots! About <Helms Elite>: Helms Elite formed as a raiding guild at the end of Vanilla and began raiding with the release of Burning Crusade. Guild leadership that started in Vanilla is still in place. Primarily located on the Lothar server ( as Alliance ) the guild did spend time on Chog'all ( as Horde ) for the MoP expansion and returned to Lothar and the Alliance for WoD. As one of the servers on line at release, Lothar was home to many top raiding guilds. However over the years and not unlike many servers, the active raiding player base has dwindled and now struggles to support the few active raiding guilds. Whisperwind: Our move to Whisperwind is an exciting time for the guild, with plans to expand our raiding roster to 20+ and continue our focus of clearing Heroic Hellfire Citadel and moving on to Mythic. Long term we seek to be an active part of the raiding community on Whisperwind. Raid Times: Progression Raid Group – 7/7H - 10/10H - 13/13H HFC ■Tuesday: 8:30PM to 11:30PM EST (7:30PM to 10:30PM Server) ■Wednesday: 8:30PM to 11:30PM EST (7:30PM to 10:30PM Server) ■Sunday: 8:30PM to 11:30PM EST (7:30PM to 10:30PM Server) This group is about progression and pushing to be the best at all times. Recruiting: Tanks: We have a strong interest in applications from Non-DK tanks Healers: accepting applications DPS: We have a strong interest in exceptional ranged dps players Raiding Focus: Our raiding focus is to clear all current tier raid bosses in Heroic/Mythic We are a strong group of players who are on a casual/semi-casual raiding schedule. Like many other players, we have real life commitments we must attend to. Regardless of being on a casual schedule, we still have the desire to experience and complete challenging, relevant content. Much of our play time will be devoted to Heroic/Mythic content. We're looking for skilled, dedicated players to fill our rosters. Requirements: ■ Age 17+ and in control of your online gaming time. ■ Know your class. We expect your best performance at all times. ■ Take constructive criticism and direction when need be. ■ Research the basics of boss fights on your own time. ■ Show up on time, and ready. ■ Good raid awareness. Do not stand in fire. ;] ■ The ability to listen and speak on Teamspeak3 during raids. ■ Be open-minded, laid-back and not easily offended. ■ Don't be an elitist. Show us you're good by actions, rather than words. ■ Computer/internet that can run World of Warcraft (especially while in a raid environment) without any issues. Contact: If you're interested in joining our team, you can contact any of our Officers. BattleTags: ■ Squizz: Squizz#1910# ■ Rettuclos: Rettuclos#1494 ■ Dedaol: Dedaol#1914 Feel free to whisper us in game for information Website: Feel free to visit our site and fill out an app. www.helmselite.comSquízz0 Dec 4
Dec 2 Main Warrior for 6 years now looking for core Hey everyone , i just came back from a long break (last progression in this content was Mythic Twins on 4th week of Draenor ) ive quit the game for a while because of the work and to be honest , i didn't like warriors at launch so i tried to reroll my enhancement shaman with the core i was with but they didn't accept so ive stay away from World of Warcraft. About my experience on World of Warcraft , well ive been playing this game for 9 years now ( 3 as shaman and 6 as warrior ) ive almost got 2200 in arenas and always cleared any content on any expansion on Heroic back in time and Mythic for the new system... so now i want to raid again with a solid core that knows what they are doing and preparing themselves for Legion , the new xpac that comming :) well i have a solid PVE experience as melee dps and i know what i'm doing for sure but i don't have any BRF - HFC experience except for LFR but i'm missing only 30 runes to get my ring then the 33 chaos tome for the legendary so i'm almost there about the legendary quest. Well i'm looking for a PVE core that farming heroic content for the moment to get some new gear cause at the moment im full 670-685 and got in mind to progress Mythic eventually so hit me up if you guys have something for me ! i want to raid 2 days per week between 7pm-11pm east time ! #crixus1532Mayden0 Dec 2
Dec 1 Greetings! Haraal and Zevmn who are both in ... are ninjas. The raid leader did not state that items were on reserve in raid or in the description of the group and decided to just announce that it was on reserve after we killed the boss. I feel sorry for whoever raids with either of these two. Have a good day! ^_^Hiroßß0 Dec 1
Nov 30 [Style] WTS Mythic Hellfire Citadel + more <Style> of Illidan-Horde is looking to sell full clear runs through Hellfire Citadel + more. Below you can find our package deals, and what you get from each deal. 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel (Master Loot Run) - Guaranteed Felsteel Annihilator mount - Guaranteed Ilvl 720-735 loot for your class/spec - Get BiS loot including all Warforged/Socketed Gear - Mythic Hellfire Achievements + "Defiler's End" title - Takes 4-5 hours to Finish 13/13 Heroic Hellfire Citadel (Master Loot run) -Guaranteed ilvl 705-720 loot for your class/spec -Ahead of the Curve Achievement + Heroic Achievements -Takes 2 hours to complete Scheduling: Our raid times are flexible and can be shifted to accommodate buyers. Generally, our times are between 8-12EST. To schedule a run with us or if you have any further questions, contact me using the information below or reply back to this thread. Contact Info: Battletag: stylehfcsell#1102 Skype:lishuopanboDroban0 Nov 30
Nov 30 wtb grove warden mount wtb grove warden mount and possibly aotc achieve. can only run 3-7 on weekdays and usually anytime sat sun. hit me up ipvponly#1483Angryshot1 Nov 30
Nov 29 Recruit me! :) Good morning/afternoon all, Just trying to get into a guild that is actively raiding in norm/heroic highmaul and norm hellfirecitadel. Not looking for a very far progressed guild as i still need to get geared up. I have experience with wow, about 10 years off and on. Just hoping i can get back into the game as the last time i played was highmaul before the second wing opened up. Just message me in game or add me LeMagik#1801 Thank you.Gaciel1 Nov 29
Nov 28 Selling Magic Rooster, Spectral Tiger + More Mail Proxeedotnet on Blackrock-Horde if interested.Proxeédotnet0 Nov 28
Nov 27 WTB Lucky Double-Sided Coin Buying Lucky Double-Sided Coin And if anyone happens to run into Pajeet-Nov's Perpetual Puzzle I'll snag that also With our immense server pop, I should have these items in no time so please do hurry if you want the golds k thx~~~ dianox#1356 or message in gameDianox4 Nov 27
Nov 26 Me drawing Durotan! *.* Hi guys! So, i did a really cool art of our dear Durotan, from the Warcraft movie trailer: D For those who want to take a peek at the video ... it would help a lot. Here it is guys: AH! One mere thing, had posted here before a drawing I did of Garrosh. is old but well worth checking out! I will leave the post below: Thanks for everyone !!! and... sorry for bad english :DAlcantis0 Nov 26
Nov 24 New Horde Re-Roll Guild Hey Everyone, right now we're in the middle of gauging overall interest in forming a new Horde re-roll guild. This first started last night after I posted in the recruitment thread trying to find a guild that fit my desires in a new guild. What I ended up finding was there were numerous individuals interested in the same things I was, and not many (if any) options out there. Here is my initial post "Hey Everyone, I'm searching for either a new Horde reroll guild, or for others interested in creating one. I've been playing this game on and off for the past 11 years now and have gotten to the point where I've started to lose interest. I sat down and realized the reason I've lost a lot of the fire is because of the community at large and how it feels like there is no real interaction anymore. The times I had the most fun were back in Vanilla with smaller "family" like guilds. I realized that ever since those guilds vanished I was never having quite as much fun. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'd like to find another guild with a similar structure. As I've gotten older(30) I've come to have different goals from when I originally started. I'm no longer the hard core PvE raider type like I was early on, and really haven't been since probably BC. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy raiding, and would like to continue doing it at a somewhat leisurely pace. But with being married and having a career I have found I don't have nearly the time, or desire to spend 4-5 night a week in a dungeon for hours on end. I want to find a group of people who are at similar points in their lives. I have nothing against younger gamers, but I find it much easier to communicate with others around my own age because we have much more in common. I work Fri, Sat and Sunday all day(never on), but usually have plenty of free time on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. My first choice would be to find a group of like minded individuals who have already set plans in motion for such a project. However, I wouldn't mind getting together with some people to get something going. I'm not interested in leading, as like I said before I don't feel like I have the amount of time required to keep things running smoothly and I don't think it would be fair to others. I wouldn't mind helping in other aspects though to get, and keep things going. This has gotten to be a lot longer then I initially thought it would, although I feel like I could probably say a lot more about myself and what I'm looking for. I guess I'll just summarize a few things here and if you either have something in the works, or interested in getting something going you can contact me in game. Contact Info: Carnage#1881 Summary New Horde Reroll guild Age: Around 30 Active chat server (Vent or TS preferably) Smaller community(Not a zerg guild) PvE and PvP(Not hardcore) Family like atmosphere (Supportive atmosphere, but able to give each other a good ribbing from time to time) Thank you for taking the time for reading this. I greatly appreciate it!" Since this post I have started a facebook group to keep track of overall interest. Feel free to visit, and join the group if it's something that might fit your wants/needs. Facebook Page: Here is the link to the original post in the recruitment thread: I thank you for taking time out of your day to look this over.Kazrak1 Nov 24
Nov 24 Lf moose carry for the low low Lf for that low priceSwaggedout0 Nov 24
Nov 14 <No Action Bars> 5/13 Mythic Now Recruiting! Basic Guild Information: Guild: No Action Bars - Faction: Horde Server: Mal'ganis (Normal/CST) Battlegroup: Stormstrike About Us: No Action Bars was created on October 18th, 2011. We have been raiding together since tier 13 and strive to down mythic content in a timely manner. Our current goal is to push into mythic Hellfire Citadel until Legion drops. The guild provides our Team with what they need to raid; such as gems, enchants, food, flasks and potions. In return we hold raiders responsible for their attendance and require our raiders to have a working knowledge of all relevant boss encounters. We also ask that our raiders be open to constructive criticism from our officers when needed. We all share the same goal to down bosses and enjoy yourselves while doing so. Past Progression: Tier 16 14/14M Siege of Orgrimmar Tier 17 4/7M Highmaul Tier 17 7/10M Blackrock Foundry Current Progression: Hellfire Citadel - 13/13 H, 5/13M Raid Times: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-11pm CST. We are currently recruiting for our mythic roster. Current Needs: All classes encouraged to apply. [DPS] Warrior - High Priest - High Rogue - High Mage - High Shaman - Med Warlock - Med DK - Med Monk - Med [Healer] Druid If you are interested in earning a raid spot with us please feel free to apply on our guild website and we will get back to you in a timely manner. All Exceptional Apps will be considered regardless of our current needs. Applications: Contacts: Krixus#1381 - Guild Master Pasidious#1105 - Officer/Raid Leader Toradoshi#1592 - Officer Talonish#1783 - VeteranKrixus0 Nov 14
Nov 7 WTB Girdle of Demonic Wrath With gem socket.Darkwatcher0 Nov 7
Nov 5 731 Feral LF Mythic Raid My guild is taking a week off for Blizzcon next week and I will not be attending so I'll be stuck at home and sad that I have no mythic bosses to kill. Are there any guilds around the progression of 9/13m+ that will possibly have a spot available for the week? I understand our server is kinda dead so this might be improbable. Here are logs to help decide if I can be of some assistance to your group. Thanks.Redwolf11 Nov 5
Oct 26 Join the Raider Classifieds Are you a guild looking for better, more creative and direct ways to recruit and network with other players? Are you a player looking for a new guild, new friends or for xrealm puggers to raid with? Want to get to know others better before you commit? If you're on Facebook join the Raider Classifieds group page and post an ad. Oct 26
Oct 26 712 Hunter LF Guild 1/13 M and 13/13 711 Hunter LF mythic raiding guild. I am looking to change guilds due to changes in my work schedule. My old guild was an early evening raiding team and now I need something later. I can currently raid any night of the week, but on Tuesday and Thursday I cannot raid until between 10 and 10:30 pm est. I am willing to xferr for the right fit; my btag is Dractwo#1699. I can provide logs if needed as well.Draconee1 Oct 26
Oct 26 Returning player LF RBG guild for 1800 Hello, I'm looking to join a pvp guild to do RBGS with. I used to play in wrath and was 2200 rated in arena. My skill has decayed since then due to missing out on so many patch updates so I'm relearning everything. I will pick up strategies fast and play hard! in game name is Blazenhazen, Hunter. Thanks!Gerbs2 Oct 26
Oct 25 Ninja looting is way too rampant these days Stricter rules need to be enforced to deter such behaviorTirdrion1 Oct 25
Oct 23 Nomadic[A]-Mannoroth-US Recruiting Is your guild struggling in between HFC and Legion? Has a lot of your raiders decided to take a break from HFC, but you and your raiders are still slogging through it? Well, Nomadic[A] of Mannoroth-US is finalizing a Second Raid team to progress through HFC and clear content. We are looking to merge our current Second Team group with another group to really develop a core group. Not only are we looking to build a Second Team, we are finalizing our last dps spots for Mythic HFC progression. We can discuss logistics of the second team in mumble, because the times for that are eligible for change depending on whats best for that team. <Nomadic>{A} of Mannoroth US We are 13/13N 13/13H in Hellfire Citadel. DPS 705+ Healer 705+ (Healer with a dps OS would be a plus) Raid Times Wednesday: 9:00pm-12:00 Eastern Standard Time Thursday: 9:00pm-12:00 EST We use the Ask Mr Robot addon for loot distribution and logging. If you have any question or are interested in giving us a shot this raid week, please feel free to contact us. Twoinchdream-Easybutton#1369 [Raid Lead/Co-GM] Tinderbear-thegregscott#1117[GM] Neato-Neato#1733 Iledelph-Iledelph#1169 Bug-Kevykev#1462 Voldai-Voldai#1273 Rask-Raskol#1320Tinderbear0 Oct 23
Oct 16 Selling 200 Heavy junkboxes Selling 200 Heavy junkboxes 40g ea hordeJourdin1 Oct 16
Oct 14 Do not buy Challenge Modes from <Soft Enrage> I bought my challenge mode (all gold) for 200k from <Soft Enrage> guild. The person who I talked to was named Dionax. This Monday (Sep 28th) we supposed to finish whole challenge mode golds, we have done all of them except Blackrock dungeon. It was understandable that they were tired, so they told me to postpone this one last run for tomorrow (Sep 29th). They did not show up for scheduled run, but still I was ok. One more time they postponed it for today (Sep 30th). He was not online on the scheduled time. I waited like 30 minutes he shown up, after I send message on he ditched me, and removed then ignored me. He also ninja'd the gold for the last dungeon left. I tried to talk to one of his guildmates who was running another challenge mode. I asked him to give me guild master or any of officer's name, he also refused to help me and replied "Figure out who it is like anyone else would do," and of course did not reply me anymore.Darkility31 Oct 14
Oct 10 @Rardo Read a book for wonce.Flood3 Oct 10
Oct 10 13/13H Illidan server LF mythic raiders Greetings everyone! <Voltaic> is a relatively new guild that started up in HFC. We believe in creating a solid raiding community here at Voltaic, so our guild focuses on long-term friendly raiding relationships to form a tight-knit core group. In fact, many individuals have said that this is one of the best raid environments they have ever been in. We are currently 13/13H and raid on T/W/Th 10pm-1am CST (server time). We are looking for exceptional DPS to come fill out our mythic roster for mythic progression in HFC and in Legion. If interested, please read the information below and come join us for our journey to Cutting Edge! General Information: Faction: Horde Server: US-Illidan Raid times: T/W/Th 10pm-1am CST (Server Time) Progression: 13/13N 13/13H Recruiting for: Mythic HFC Progression In high need of (705+ ilvl preferred): - Frost/Arcane Mage - Windwalker Monk -Resto Druid -Resto Shamen We're looking for players that...: - are dependable and will show up to raid every night on a timely basis. - have superior working knowledge of their class/spec. - have similar progression to our progress and are willing to commit to Mythic content. - are mature both during raid times and within the guild. - have a working mic and are comfortable using it. - are close to obtaining their legendary ring and the T18 2/4 piece set. What we'll provide: - Great guild and raid leadership. Leadership is calm yet focused - no yelling or other childish behavior. - A chill, but fast-paced raid environment. We will remain a 3 night/week core even for Mythic Progression. - An excellent and competitive raid team. - An excellent and thriving guild community. Applicants should contact: - Guild Master/Raid Lead: Lâyton (Chemley#1720) - Officer: Nerish (Nerish#1942) - Officer: Yøko (YoungEric#1643)Yøko1 Oct 10
Oct 9 any late night raiding guilds recruiting? any late night raiding guilds recruiting?Talonstryke0 Oct 9
Oct 6 Rsham LF mythic guild I am currently LF a mythic guild to raid with. I xferred to this server to play with friends about 2 months ago, then quit the game for a little while. I have downed several mythic bosses this xpac even through 2 guild disbandments. I just came back from a 1.5 month break from wow. I am currently: 1M and 10H HFC, 8M BRF and 4M Highmaul with 717 ilvl. I'm ready to raid again! Add Kiki#1118 to btag if interested.Khrisa0 Oct 6
Oct 5 Depraved ~LF RANGE DPS~MYTHIC 11PM-2AM PST Hello, <Depraved> is openly recruiting for late night mythic raiding! We are one of the few late night pacific time raiding guilds in the US and reside on Blackrock. We raid 3 days a week (9 hours total) with every intention to clear Mythic Hellfire Citadel. Current Progression: 3/13M, 13/13H Raid Schedule Tuesday 11:00PM - 2:00AM PST Wednesday 11:00PM - 2:00AM PST Thursday 11:00PM - 2:00AM PST We are looking for a few more solid players to complete the roster. We are openly recruiting ALL CLASSES but have the highest need for RANGED DPS. RANGED DPS **Boomkin** **Mage** **Warlock** Shadow Priest Hunter HEALS **Paladin** Priest The team is comprised of experienced raiders, some of who raid simultaneously in top US guilds. We are building our roster as we work our way through Heroic HFC, and prepare for mythic! If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time. Contacts Maniakra#1152 (Recruiting) ExaltedOne#1814 (Raid Lead)Sendaraven6 Oct 5
Sep 30 Blackrock or Kil'Jaeden for WPVP? Going to change my server tonight and deciding between BR or KJ. How's the PvP looking on Blackrock lately? I'm looking to play alliance on a horde dominated server for as much fun as possible.Piamet3 Sep 30
Sep 30 WTB Swift spectral tiger comment price or pst ingame thxPuka9 Sep 30
Sep 29 Really awful lag in arenas everything going fine 40-100 ms doing most of everything I do in wow. Queue arenas, after a few games, start getting 300-600 ms. Randomly. Feels spiky too, like it works smooth for a second and then it lags out for a while. Actually just straight DC'd from a game so I decided to make this post. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and if it is a server issue or if its something going on on my side of things. I am on west coast as well btw.Ellenpagetko2 Sep 29
Sep 27 6.2.2 Unholy & Frost Dk Help & Entertainment ! PLEASE VISIT !!! HypeDoWns Description For All New Potential Viewers ! *Greetings From Darkspear* !!! Hello to all the Dks and Pvp players !!! Im new to the Threads and trying todo my best to spread positivity to the WoW / Dk Community ! I dedicate alot of my time helping players and making entertainment showing 2200xp Gameplay. Im a very Humble player and I simply just want to help all who is seeking Unholy / Frost Dk Guidance. My youtube channel has alot of GREAT information for you to absorb for Improvements or to Refresh your memory on something you may have forgot about. NOTE, I take video requests if you have something you would like to see that i Dont have. I help navigate to a video that suits your question if i have something along the lines. Also, I do my BEST to respond to all players who contact me via ingame or on the comments / discussion section of my channel. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please ask and ill give you a 100% Accurate answer. Trust me I wont steer you wrong ! If you made it this far, Thank You for your support and I hope all viewing this will give me and my content a Fair chance. My Goal is to simply Help grow a positive wow community and improve players Skillcap. [i][/i] Things to Find on HypeDoWnTv Content for New Players or Competitve Players looking to take their gaming to the next lvl ! - Unholy & Frost Dk Macros - Unholy & Frost Dk Talents - Unholy & Frost Dk Glyphs - Unholy & Frost Dk Addons Unholy Dk Content (More + Request it, and ill make it happen) - Unholy Dk Rune Management (Old but will be viable in Legion) - Unholy Dk Healing Guidance - Unholy Dk Burst Tutorial - Unholy Dk Dueling Tutorials - Unholy Dk Arenas 2v2s 3v3s and 5v5s 2200+ xp 2.1k mmr Games. (viable comps) - Unholy Dk RBGs Target Calling - Unholy Dk overall assistance if you ask anything you shall receive a genuine Response ! - All videos contain Deep analyse to learn and improve ! Frost Dk Content (a lot of Key Information) - Frost Dk Damage Rotation - Frost Dk DW vs 2H analyse. - Frost Dk Blood Tap vs Runic Corruption analyse. - Frost Dk Arenas - 2v2s 3v3s and 5v5s with our viable comps ! - Frost Dk Quick Responses to all questions ! (100% Accurate Information) - All videos contain Deep analyse to learn and improve ! Im still Actively posting Videos Weekly and I take Video requests of things people would like to see. If you see any tab above that your having trouble finding Plz ask me for the link to the video =]. Again, Thank you and I hope you all find something of use ! I am in the process of finding teammates to push higher mmrs to potential stream in the near Future. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter @HypeDoWnTvHypedown0 Sep 27
Sep 23 Hi Blackrock Hello Blackrock! cheers!Schmidly2 Sep 23
Sep 20 LF Merger/Absorbtions Options Plain and simple looking for any guilds with similar issues looking to get back on track in mythic HFC. add my btag rizzenx#1586Synthetic0 Sep 20
Sep 19 realm down? Unable to log in to character :(Elesarr0 Sep 19
Sep 18 [H]<Roll For Blame> 7/7H - 10/10H - 7/13H <RollForBlame> is a semi-casual Horde guild recruiting raiders looking to raid 2 nights a week. Raid times are 6-9PM Server Time (PST), Wed/Thurs. We aim to clear the most relevant Heroic level encounters. Mythic only after we have Heroic on farm. Message or mail Nexiom, Falagar, or Barren in game for more information. Current positions open: Rogues - Medium Feral Druid - High Balance Druid - Medium Monk - High Warlock - Medium Mage - Medium Any Healer - High <RollForBlame> is maintained by a core group of players going on 10 years, from the early days of TBC up into this most recent expansion. Many of us have experience at bleeding edge content throughout various expansions with some of the hardest content in the game. In Warlords of Draenor, we aim to raid semi-casually in order to experience the games content but not push bleeding edge. This enables us to play the game and have more fun instead of more stress. If you're looking for a laid back guild and some fun, please feel free to message or mail Nexiom, Falagar, or Barren in game. Notable past experience (during time when it was relevant): Illidan 25man Sunwell before Patch 3.0: Felmyst, Brutalus, Kalecgos 25man 0 Keeper Yogg-saron 25man Heroic Anub'arak 25man (A Tribute to Insanity) Realm First Heroic Lich King (5% buff) 25man Heroic Cho'gall and Sinestra 10man Heroic Ragnaros 10man (US 400) Heroic Madness of Deathwing 10man (US 450)Nexiom17 Sep 18
Sep 18 WTS Alani Mount I have 10 x Skyshard ready to go! When used, these allow you to kill Alani the Stormborn which drops the mount Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent (this is a guaranteed drop.) Price will be 30k or best offer. Sep 18