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<Brash Interlopers> 3/8 Heroic LFM Core Raid Times/Days: Wed 3:20pm Server Time - 7:30PM Server Time Fri 6pm Server Time - 9pm Server Time We do take some breaks with the longer raid times. Recruiting: DPS with a healing OS - You don't have to be a pro healer, we already have two. We just ask that you don't totally fail, and that your dps is good. Range DPS - We currently do not have a core Warlock, Hunter, Mage, or Elemental Shaman Tank - Just one. With a DPS OS is possible. NOT imperative. What we provide: ~ Fair loot rules so that everyone gears evenly. ~ Feasts. ~ Flasks. ~ Family like atmosphere. ~ Potions. ~ Alt Raids. ~ Mount Runs. ~ Free Item Enhancing. What We Expect/ About US: We'd like people who are applying for core positions to be on time for raids and to be consistent in their attendance. This has been our biggest struggle, finding reliable core raiders. We're a pretty laid back group. We like to say, "We aren't Hard Core, but we're serious about progression." We understand that stuff happens to where you might not make a raid day or two in a month because of family issues or for extra curricular activities. We won't kick you from core for missing a day due to emergencies. We just like to know why. If we are informed then we feel better about replacing for a day. Other than attendance we expect that you know how to play your class and that your proactive about getting better if we see that your dps/healing is lower than average. Gear score isn't a factor (but please keep it 380 + when applying) because we can get you the gear if you show us your motivation and follow through. Our foundation of core members are awesome. We mess around, make jokes, piss each other off on purpose, and we have FUN. Contact: In game mail myself, Moofaza, or Ghalleon to let us know your interested. Meeoowzer1
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<Artifice> 5/8 Heroic Guild Looking For... YOU! Yes! <Artifice> is looking for YOU! Formerly a 25 man raiding guild, <Artifice> has undergone some hard times due to some schisty individuals and now we have come to Blackrock in order to pursue true progression on a realm that is known for just that. With the Mists of Pandaria swirling around our collective heads, it is <Artifice>'s intention to go back to our former glory, and push even farther than that, in the arena of 25 man raiding, but we can't do that without YOU! <Artifice> is an adult progression guild, made up of some of the nicest people you'll ever meet playing this game. Our demeanor as a guild is one of patience, kindness and comradeship. We are all friends and we all enjoy each others' company, both in a raiding environment and outside of one as well. To fit in with us, you MUST have a good sense of humor, a nice demeanor and patience, but it is also imperative that you have the killer instinct to push, push, push progression and yourself like the rest of us. Raid spots are earned, never given out here; prove yourself and you keep your spot, don't and... well... you know the rest. Currently, we are searching for any and all exceptional players to help us transition back to 25 man raiding in Mists of Pandaria or sooner! We basically need 1-3 of everything! While our tanking core is very, very tight as is, we could especially use an Unholy DK with a strong Blood OS specifically. We will also give special consideration to those who plan to reroll Monk in the next expansion. Communicate with us, and we'll make sure to accommodate you. Our raid times are: Thursday: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm server Sunday: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm server Monday: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm server To apply, browse around and see what we're about, please visit us at: If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to whisper me in game or any of the following officers: Éñd - Hallucinosis - Petites Aranu We hope to hear from you soon! <Artifice>. Josh53
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What? Where? Drenztreezus3
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<Nocte> 7/8H. Horde. 10M. Recruiting Tank! Hello there! I'm Ruse and I want you! Or I should say, Nocte wants you! If you are a tank, that is. A little history and enticement as to why you want Nocte to be your next home. We used to be a 25M Guild and just decided that all of the drama and attendance problems weren't worth all the stress and headache it was causing anymore in this expansion. The core of our Guild was composed of about 8-12 really good players who all wanted to continue Raiding together, despite the slowed progression we had in this tier of content as opposed to previous ones. So after much deliberation, we decided to switch to a 10M Guild and take our best to make the best group we could. Our first week as a 10M we went 6/8H, with 7/8 the following week. That brings us to this week, we're making solid progress on Madness, getting it consistently to the 4th platform and just falling short of getting through it. We intend on it dying this week, which will complete our 8/8H status. From there we will commence with getting our Achievement Drakes for Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider and then farming gear on our mains and alts to get ready for whatever Blizzard thinks of next. Something to do with pandas and pokemon I hear. You might ask, if you plan to kill Heroic Madness this week, why are you recruiting a tank? Well, last night we lost one of our tanks during Madness and we need to replace him before the next week. We one tank Madness anyway, so we're just replacing him with a friend who plays a DPS to finish out the week. That is, unless you decide to come over before tonight's Raid. Server/Faction: Blackrock - US Horde Raid Times: Tuesday: 8PM-12AM PST (Server Time) Wednesday: 8PM-12AM PST (Server Time) Thursday: 8PM-12AM PST (Server Time) Loot System: Attendance/Performance Based Loot Council Recruitment Needs: Tank - Preferably a Warrior would work best for our comp, for reasons of bringing certain buffs and cooldowns we would like to have. After Warrior, we would prefer a Druid or Paladin but would accept a 2nd DK as well. Group Make-Up: Blood Deathknight (Can DPS as Frost) YOU! Combat Rogue (Plays Assassination & Sub as well) Retribution Paladin (Plays Protection as well) Balance Druid Warlock (Plays all three specs at top levels) Survival Hunter (Can play Marks) Priest (Alternates between Holy & Disc based on fight) Holy Paladin Restoration Shaman (Plays Elemental on 75% of fights) Contact Information: www(dot)nocteguild(dot)com Ruse - RealID thebobert(at)gmail(dot)com AIM krayve4 Mint - RealID gdimaso25(at)gmail(dot)com Email gdimaso25(at)gmail(dot)com Dhalieaz I'll also be checking this thread regularly, we'd rather just talk to on Mumble for an interview than have you feel out an application. A bit to formal for a 10M Guild that is just looking to bring in a permanent full time tank. So, post here with your RealID and I'll get in contact with you. Or add Mint or myself to RealID and we'll talk about stuff and things. You can also reach us in game. Mint (All alts have Mint in name) Ruse (Psylaris, Retold, Krayve), Dhalieaz (Dhalieas) Ruse4
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