Apr 20, 2015 [Horde] Blackrock 8/10M Prestige Worldwide We are a chill group of people that have a blast raiding and joking around while killing bosses. Casual atmosphere, serious progression. We have two raid teams currently and have core spots open for both levels of play. We use Loot Council, but we aren't biased d-bags like most guilds. We distribute loot evenly and fairly. Our main team raids on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:00PM-10:30PM Server Time. Current Progression is 8/10 Mythic in BRF. We are looking for 685+ DPS to join our ranks and kill Mythic Blackhand! Preferably Hunter, Mage, and Boomkin. Our Weekend raid team raids on Friday and Sunday 7:00PM-11:00PM Server Time. Current Progression is 10/10 Heroic in BRF. We are looking for 675+ Healers and DPS for Mythic Progression. Please understand that most of the people in this team are already 8/10 Mythic, have the experience to make the run go smoothly, are geared and will make the progression happen quickly. If you are interested in kicking some butt and having fun doing it then please contact one of our officers in game or apply on our website. Officer Contact Information: Steve#12425, Inari#1680, gwee#1293, Neeb#1477 Guild Website: www.pwwblackrock.enjin.comStëvê0 Apr 20, 2015
Apr 20, 2015 anyone w/ an active RAF want to reroll ally? Hello, I've been pretty bored and just waiting for 6.2 so I figured I'd find something to do and see if anyone that already has an active RAF link would like to reroll alliance on tich. I could help with the dungeon leveling all the way to 85 and even help with your wod leveling to 100 if you have the Heirlooms. About myself: ========== I own over 25 ilvl660 100's (Horde and Alliance). My whole guild roster are my alts. My gbank is my personal stash full of mats/flasks, etc.. So I am more than happy to pay for your high end enchants as well once you've reached 100 and obtained your pvp gear. This offer is only valid to active PvPers because I'd like to see tich more vibrant and full of life. Only willing to help people who don't already have a tich ally character. Of course you don't have to stay in my guild once you're finished with your toon because my guild is just for my alts. You're free to go to other guilds.Unicode0 Apr 20, 2015
Apr 19, 2015 [H]Wowbitines Recruiting Range Dps At present we are looking for exceptionally skilled players of all classes who know what commitment and dedication means in the long run regarding the progression of a guild, be it farming raids or bleeding edge content. We take our raiding seriously. We expect every member to bring their best performance and attend every raid with full preparation. We recognize the sacrifices in time required to do this, so everyone is expected to do the same. Soo 14/14H 14/14Mythic HM 7/7N 6/7H BF 9/10N 8/10H Openings: Core Team currently we are recruiting the follow -Tank - Full -Melee 1- Full -Ranged 6 - - Balance Druid - Elemental Shaman - Mage -Healers 1 - - Paladin - resto druid or shaman Any other role would be consider. to back up with a possible open to join core full time. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday From 10:00 pm to 1:00 am pacific time. Loot System: We use Master (roll MS over OS) At start progressing, trying our best to have a balance team, late in the tier we do council loot. Our council will be made up of members who have a good grasp of the overall importance of certain stats for individual classes/specs. Loot will be distributed based on attendance, reliability, and performance. Low need for: - Everything - Rbg group in progress no need to be hard core pvp(know your class) - Challenge Mode group also need some to fill up. What we're looking for: - Enthusiasm about raiding. - Dedication and loyalty. - Friendly personality. - With these short hours we need our raids to be very effective if we want to progress. Which means we look for ppl. that knows to min/max, to concentrate fully, to bring and burn consumables, that spend time reading up on encounters in advance and that knows to use their class ‘well’ - A high level of knowledge about your class as reflected by your gear, spec, and combat logs. Familiarity with current theorycraft is expected. - You should be willing to use Mumble for both listening and speaking. - Appropriate attitude during raids. - You should have a computer that can handle raid instances and a reliable internet connection. You should also have a UI that fits your class and role. - PvP experience is a plus, but is not required. High arena or RBG ratings suggest good situational awareness. Requirements or obligations of our member other than good manners, and maintaining a good reputation for the guild. We want to establish a mature environment, especially when it comes to the guild chat. Respect Your Guildmates and Destroy Your Enemies.[/i] please any interest about this reply INGAME(if non of them are on just talk to whos on or mail us) Torodark#1819 (GM/RL) ilginkoshall (Gm alt) Cikamin (Officer) Titosalazar(Officer) Zánnah (Officer) Khoaladin (officer) or go to also watch us at for more info.Torodark47 Apr 19, 2015
Apr 18, 2015 [Horde] 8/10M Blackrock <Prestige Worldwide> We are a chill group of people that have a blast raiding and joking around while killing bosses. Casual atmosphere, serious progression. We have two raid teams currently and have core spots open for both levels of play. We use Loot Council, but we aren't biased d-bags like most guilds. We distribute loot evenly and fairly. Our main team raids on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:00PM-10:30PM Server Time. Current Progression is 8/10 Mythic in BRF. We are looking for 685+ DPS to join our ranks and kill Mythic Blackhand! Preferably Hunter, Mage, and Boomkin. Our Weekend raid team raids on Friday and Sunday 7:00PM-11:00PM Server Time. Current Progression is 10/10 Heroic in BRF. We are looking for 675+ Healers and DPS for Mythic Progression. Please understand that most of the people in this team are already 8/10 Mythic, have the experience to make the run go smoothly, are geared and will make the progression happen quickly. If you are interested in kicking some butt and having fun doing it then please contact one of our officers in game or apply on our website. Officer Contact Information: Themadgreek#1301, Inari#1680, gwee#1293, Neeb#1477 Guild Website: www.pwwblackrock.enjin.comStëvê0 Apr 18, 2015
Apr 17, 2015 [H]Moist Cake looking for Raiders 10/10H Moist Cake is looking to expand its raid team from the core 15 to 20. Our guild is comprised of players who have raided from Vanilla-MOP. We have raided together off and on since then. Looking to really make a push at mythic content with a 20 man group. Most of us are RL friends so vent/guild chat is always a good time, and for the most part our raids are pretty relaxed (Doesn't mean we don't care about wiping and not getting bosses down. We expect you to.... 1. Know your class and your roll in raids 2. Have stable internet and a reliable computer, also have a mic. 3. Be about the guild before yourself. Someone gets a piece of loot you wanted? No biggie, you'll get it next week. Understanding that raid progression is as a whole, not just one person. 4. BE ON TIME Raid Times...(server time) Sunday 8-11pm Tuesday 8-11pm Thursday 8-11pm We also have a ton of alt's we are running throughout the week if we have the numbers. Progress... 7/7 Normal 7/7 Heroic 2/7 Mythic 10/10 Heroic [b]Recruitment Openings...[/b DPS- Any exceptional DPS If this sounds like something you would be interest in, message me in game or one of the following officers (were on all the time) Rampage#1923 sicra#1359 Thanks for your time.Gzes17 Apr 17, 2015
Apr 17, 2015 <Anathema> is Recruiting Healers We are recruiting 2 healers (Priest, Druid, Monk) for finishing heroic progression and starting Mythic. We are 7/10H. We are a laid back guild that has no drama. Our Raid times are Tues/Thurs/Sun 8:30pm-10:30pm PST. If you are interested please message me in game or reply to this post. Thank you.Stolikren0 Apr 17, 2015
Apr 16, 2015 <Karazhan Chess Team> Recruitment <KCT> is a Heroic/Mythic Casual Raiding Guild looking for a few DPS (Warlock, Mage, and Paladin) to fill our core raid team. We are currently 7/7H Highmaul and 7/10H BRF. We push for progression, but our #1 focus is having a good time. We raid Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5pm-8pm server time. You do not need to have hardcore raiding experience. Just be willing to learn and have a good time. We do ask that applicants be 18+, have vent (you don't need to talk, just be able to listen), and be around or above the 670 ilvl. If interested in coming for a trial run, either leave your Btag here or add me, JadeJester#1399 and we will set something up.Votaro0 Apr 16, 2015
Apr 16, 2015 [H] <Soft Enrage> 4/7M 1/10M Sun/Mon 8:30PM Guild Name: <Soft Enrage> Faction: Horde Realm: Blackrock (PvP) Raid Times: Sun/Mon 8:30PM-Midnight PST Contacts: Boristhetank Website: Progression: 1/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry, 4/7 Mythic Highmaul Battle-Tag: Yurij#1834 Classes Currently Recruiting: All Classes/Specs - High <Soft Enrage> of US-Blackrock is guild that raids 2 nights a week. Our guild is composed of members dating back to ICC. We are a mature raiding group that values dedication and have no tolerance for elitism or disrespectful attitudes. Due to our raiding schedule we are very focused on progression and we are currently recruiting a couple members to complete our awesome roster Our times are Sun & Mon nights at 8:30st - 12:00st (Pacific Time) A total of 7hrs a week! Loot is distributed via Loot Council. We are always open to recruiting talented raiders who can prove to be a good fit with our guild. If you are a team player who can laugh and raid at the same time while still being focused on progression, you should apply! If you are interested in joining Soft Enrage please apply on our website ( OR contact Boristhetank, Buddhaboris, Darkcor, Smellyspliff, Nebix in-game for info on joining. Thank you for your time.Buddhaboris3 Apr 16, 2015
Apr 15, 2015 [A] Darkness Within-Late Night 9/10H Darkness Within is an Alliance 20-man progression-focused raiding guild on US Aerie-Peak. We offer a diverse community of both veteran and new players and while at times we can be a little off center, we take progression raiding very seriously. We place high value on dependability, loyalty, and teamwork. Raid schedule: Tuesday (9:30pm - 1:00am PST) Wednesday (9:30pm - 1:00am PST) Thursday (9:30pm - 1:00am PST) We require you to Have an in-depth knowledge of your class which includes but not limited to, optimum talent specs, gear itemization, stat priorities. Come prepared, raid ready with consumables such as flasks, potions, food, etc. Have taken time to research fights before raid to help minimize the learning curve for new content. Have the patience and the endurance to wipe repeatedly on new content as part of a learning process. 90% minimum attendance Mumble with a working mic What classes / <specs> are we looking for? Hunter <Beast Master, Survival. Marksman> Monk <Windwalker/Mistweaver> Death Knight <Unholy, Frost, Blood, Blood> Shaman <Enhancement,> Mage <Fire, Frost, Arcane> Warlock <Affliction, Demonology, Destruction> Warrior <Arms, Fury> Paladin <Holy> These are the classes that we are looking for. However, we believe spots are earned; if you believe you have what it takes we would like to hear from you Our Website! In Game Contacts Setlo-GM (Setlo#1250) Bocephuss-RL (Bocephuss#1932)Brbautoshot0 Apr 15, 2015
Apr 15, 2015 10/10H Morning Weekend Guild LFM For Mythics Tauren Milk Company is a Horde Morning Weekend raiding guild on area 52. Progression: 10/10N BRF 10/10H BRF Raid times: Sat/Sun 9am-1pm (EST) We are currently looking for the following classes Ranged: Balance, Mage, Lock, Shadow Priest Melee: Rogue, Ret Heals If interested add one of us in game or on real ID: Meowpop (xephyre#6584) or Unlockmyhrt (Sowell#1285)Unlockmyhrt0 Apr 15, 2015
Apr 14, 2015 <Keep Hustlin Cuz>8/10 H - Looking for dps <KHC> is looking to fill select spots in our raiding core for both heroic and mythic content in Blackrock Foundry and beyond. We are a small tight-knit, laid back group who also pride themselves in killing bosses with a dedicated mentality. What we offer you: -A guild where you will be treated with respect and your voice will be heard. We always welcome thoughts, ideas, and strategies. -A group of prepared individuals who come to raid ready and on time. -A team of like minded raiders who plan to put forth full effort every raid. -A raid team that is composed and selected based on effort, performance and overall merit and not favoritism or any bias. What we want from you: - We want people with a strong willingness to improve each and every pull, an in-depth knowledge of their class and the ability to adapt in chaotic situations. - We want people that plan to be here for the long term. If you are looking for a guild to simply gather loot from, we do not want you. - We want individuals with strong situational awareness and who aren't afraid to admit they made a mistake in attempts to improve. Past Progression 7/7 Heroic Highmaul 8/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry Recruitment We are always recruiting skilled and dedicated players, however we do not accept applicants for bench positions. Each app is given a fair opportunity to show us what they can do. Our trial period lasts anywhere from 2-4 Weeks. During this period, we evaluate trial raiders based on their attitude, attendance, skill level, situational awareness, and cohesiveness with the guild as a whole.' Raid Schedule Tuesday 6:00PM - 9:00PM PST (9:00PM - 11:00PM EST) Wednesday 6:00PM - 9:00PM PST (9:00PM - 11:00PM EST) Thursday 6:00PM - 9:00PM PST (9:00PM - 11:00PM EST) All times are PST (server time). Raid invites start at 5:30PST. Trash beings shortly after. Loot System We use Loot Council to distribute loot. Factors at play in loot decisions include but are not limited to raid performance, attendance, previous loot received and significance of upgrade. Requirements 1. 18+ years old. 2. Vent & working mic. 3. Able to maintain a minimum of 90% raid attendance. 4. Research every boss fight BEFORE stepping foot into it. Boss strategies will be posted in our member forums. 5. We expect you to be a member of our guild, not just someone who shows up for raids 9 hours a week and disappears the next 4 days. We don't expect you to spend all of your time on WoW. That's not what we are about. We would prefer you make an effort to get to know your fellow guildies. The closer we are with each other, the better team we will be. How to Apply: - Go to - Provide us with a detailed application, and do not leave any fields blank. - All applications are private! Nobody from your old/current guild will be able to see it. For Additional Information If you want to talk to someone before applying/any questions Add on battletag or send an in-game mail Contacts: GM - thebbc (wrb0010#1169) Officer - Immortaliuz No package deals sry!Thebbc42 Apr 14, 2015
Apr 14, 2015 10/10H Guild Looking for DPS Hello there!! Honor and Mercy is looking for serious DPS to join our Mythic group. The guild has been together for over 8 years. Started on Azjol-Nerub many years ago. We are an adult raiding guild with an incredible sense of humor. If I was to categorize the guild, it would "semi hard core". We enjoy having a good time, but when the DBM timer expires, its game time! We raid Mon Tues Wed from 5:30PM to 9PM Pacific time. Hit me up in game or add my battle tag. Deathsquad#1291 Hit me up today and you will be doing some Mythic progression!! DS PS - Will consider covering realm transfers for the right people.Deathsquad0 Apr 14, 2015
Apr 14, 2015 DBA Late Night Guild looking for... Death by Association HM(7/7N, 6/7H) BRF(9/10n, 3/10H) Server: Blackrock, US horde Blackrock is a US Pacific Standard Time (PST), GMT-8, server. Raid Nights: Sat/Sun(weekend group) Raid Time: 12:30 am Blackrock server-time Recruiting: 1 tank Healers Melee DPS Range DPS Raid make up Raid Make up: we are a solid raiding group; but are NOT a Hardcore Mythic World first progression team; however we are shooting to get into Mythic. Players with: bad attitudes, greedy, just overall toxic players need not apply and get removed fairly quickly. We are here for a good time and to murder some bosses, not to play babysitter. Previous raid experience isn't required, if you are new to raiding and are able to show up on the days listed, we can show you how to operate within a raid setting; as long as you are willing to listen and learn. I ask anyone interested in discussing recruitment to contact either Oodisious or Strikerv on Blackrock during the server hours of 12am-4am and please be aware and understand that the raid hours are 12:30am (GMT-8, PST) (This is AM, so it is after midnight, amazed about how many ppl have joined and mix this up and left, lol) Other Guild tidbits: About server and outside of raid hour’s guild Server: Blackrock, US horde Blackrock is a US Pacific Standard Time (PST), GMT-8, server. Main Hours of Guild Activity: 8pm - 5am Server time (Guildies do play outside of these times frames, this is just main hours most officers are on) We are mainly a PVE raiding guild; however, we do have a few players whom participate in arenas and random BGS. We have just started to discuss a potential 1 night a week casual RBG team. Day and times have not been setup for this event as of yet. Times will be sometime after 12am server time. Currently, the roster for this group is wide open. No experience is required as this will be for fun and not for rating, since we will probably get smashed a lot at the start. Hopefully, we will be hearing from you.Oodisious25 Apr 14, 2015
Apr 14, 2015 Ronin of Azeroth 8/10 Heroic BRF Recruiting! Looking to fill our raid group to 25-30 players for or Heroic runs on Tue Thur. Accepting all players that enjoy having fun and downing bosses. send me a tell in game to discuss. My Btag is Salty#1487Goldtotem0 Apr 14, 2015
Apr 14, 2015 Ronin of Azeroth 8/10 Heroic BRF Recruiting! Looking to fill our raid group to 25-30 players for or Heroic runs on Tue Thur. Accepting all players that enjoy having fun and downing bosses. send me a tell in game to discuss. My Btag is Salty#1487Goldtotem0 Apr 14, 2015
Apr 13, 2015 <Spreadsheet> recruitment <Spreadsheet> is now recruiting! We are a mythic progression oriented guild that has just recently reformed on Blackrock. Our core consists of players that have a minimum experience of 5/10M and 6/7M in T17. Historically, we have raided on a 2 night schedule throughout MOP and ended the expansion with US 126 Garrosh as one of the most efficient guilds in the US. We have come to Blackrock after struggles our former incarnation faced early in the expansion. We've pulled together the most competent of our former raiding core, have left the dead weight behind, and are looking for a few more classes to properly round out our roster. When? Tuesday and Thursday - 8-11:30 Eastern. What we need: Warlock Boomkin/Feral (preferably one that plays both) Open to all exceptional players For more info contact me at: Vinniebrown#1595Vinniemd0 Apr 13, 2015
Apr 13, 2015 Raid team Hello, I am recruiting for a new raid team based out of the guild Honor and Mercy on Blackrock(US). Currently in need of all roles. For those who are interested message me VIA in game mail to this character. Also i plan on raiding Wednesdays 6-9 server time (9-12pm est) and Sundays 645-915 server time (945-1215pm est). For any questions please comment below, thank you!Burntblubber0 Apr 13, 2015
Apr 13, 2015 LF Raid Guild Hello, as mentioned above I'm looking for a raid guild. I'm playing from Singapore and it's 15 hours ahead of Pacific Time. Any midnight raid guilds? I'm a fury warrior with pvp set. Willing to play PVE again. Thank you for your time. Have a great day. :)Adric0 Apr 13, 2015
Apr 11, 2015 691Blood/686Frost DK LF flexable raid I am us Navy I work 4 days on 4 days off(12 hour shifts). Because of this my days off move each week, and I can not make a traditional raid schedule. I am looking for a 9/10-10/10H BRF or maybe some mythic progression guild, that would be willing to use me as a back up or fill. I am extremely good Tank, I have been Main tanking since Wotlk, and I also have a very good dps set. I can do anything and I have PRO end game exp.Suncraft0 Apr 11, 2015
Apr 11, 2015 Potential Transfer LF Raiding Guilds Hello Blackrock, I am an alliance raider looking for a change of raiding environment. My guild broke apart some months ago back on the realm Illidan so I've been looking to find another good fit for raiding. I am a 691 Resto Druid with a 688 Balance OS (though not adept at it). I have 10/10H BRF exp and have some mythic experience through pugging (8/10 M though have Killed Thogar and Maidens once). I also have a 687 Resto Shaman should the need for a shaman be necessary. I am comfortable being any role but would prefer Healing. Ideal raiding times for me would be Tues/Wed/Th 7:45pm PST- till anytime. If there any questions or comments feel free to drop a comment here or leave your btag and I will be sure to get back to you. Thanks againRaithh1 Apr 11, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 687 ilvl Unholy DK LF Guild Hey boys and girls. Currently looking for a new guild. Current progression experience is 9/10H, and looking for a new home to down Blackhand and push mythic content. Optimal raid nights would be Sun, Tues, Wed, and Thurs, and am in EST. Logs are up on under dèathdawg (the special e is alt 138.) Look forward to talking with everyone.Dèathdawg4 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 5, 690ilvl raiders LF Guild! Hello! My friends and I are currently shopping for a new guild and/or a "guild merge". Our current guild isn't going in the direction we're aiming for and we feel it's time for a change. We're all friends, some IRL and some just in game and we've been raiding together for a while. We work well together would prefer not to separate our team. We're all 9/10H and would like to find a guild who is at least close to getting 10/10H or further. Our ultimate goal is to start in on some Mythic raiding in a guild who has strong leadership and reliable players who can pull their weight and are decent people to hang around with. We're drama free, social, and overall skilled players. Who wouldn't want us, right? Welp, here's the catch,******* We can ONLY raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30PM-11:30PM PST. (10:30-1:30 CST, 11:30-2:30 EST). PLEASE DON'T BOTHER ASKING FOR A TIME CHANGE, WE CANT DO IT! =//****** We're open to server transfers if need be. Below are our armory pages if you'd like to find out more. Please add me to realID if you'd like to chat. Deaddolly#1420. Ðeaddolly 691 Disc Priest - Sov 692 Holy Paladin (ret OS)- Hotstepper 692 Guardian Druid(Resto OS) - Linchborn 687 Blood Death Knight (w/DPS OS)- Aaldarius 689 Beast Mastery Hunter -Ðeaddolly1 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 ( Amplify ) is recruiting We Raid Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 6pm - 9pm server time. Looking for a tank 660 ilvl+ must know fights Please contact either Krayik or Bomaz in game for further detailsGoguz19 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 10/10 Heroic Hpriest LF late night guild. Due to RL i am no longer able to raid with my current guild before 10:30 PM PST. The progression of the guild isn't overly important to me as i just enjoy playing. I can provide logs/current references for any guilds interested. I keep a disc spec for maidens but would not be against learning shadow. brandon7894#1221 is the best way to get in touch with me.Fancybrandon2 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 9, 2015 <Pokemon Masters> is 9/10 H and recruiting! We are currently recruiting dps and heals! We are currently recruiting any and all classes, and will accept competent raiders as we see them. If you wish to have a trial run, please whisper one of the names at the bottom and ask away. We will be doing mythic when we get enough people (I get asked if "we are doing mythic anytime soon" a lot). Our guild raids on Fri/Sat from 5-9 server, so we are pretty casual at the moment. Now a little about us: we don't want your drama about how your girlfriend left you, so you can leave your coat at the door. We are an 18+ guild and while I say I would prefer you to be above 18...if you can prove to me that you are sensible and mature below that, I can accept you. Vice versa is also possible if you are above 18 and people will be kicked for acting immature in the guild because it looks bad on us and it makes people not want to raid with us. Should you have any questions we have a pretty solid core group and a lot of us can answer questions but if you would like to speak to an officer you can speak to Brutongaster, Myself, Wounder, Maryjaiyne, Erebos, Cowmeow, or Stonedmonk (one of us is generally online).Unicornstaff5 Apr 9, 2015
Apr 8, 2015 no longer looking thanks 686 spriest 9/10 heroic looking for guild to raid with forgot to add my battle tag . Heckel#1613Heckel6 Apr 8, 2015
Apr 7, 2015 AT WARS END 1/7M 9/10H We are in need of a few dps. We raid Tue/Wed/Sun 7pm - 10pm consumables are provided 30+ age grp we could really use a boomchicken or 2. but will accept any player than can pump out some good dps while not standing in fire for that fabled haste buff, are able to hard switch targets, use that interrupt action button, WE WANT YOU. talk to any member in game for info or visit to apply.Bananasplity0 Apr 7, 2015
Apr 7, 2015 Alliance LFM Heroic BRF (Potentially Mythic) Looking for some Healers, Tanks, and DPS that slap for Heroic (Potentially Mythic) raiding on Alliance. At the moment it's myself and a couple buddies who are 7/10 H via group finder but we'd like to get a consistent group going. If you're laid back and looking to progress hit me up and we can chat. Open to off server people as well for the time being if some of the 1,000,000 Blackrock Horde have alts on other servers. Prefer people with roughly similar gear and at least a few Heroic kills already. Thanks for your time. Cheers! Hirek#1970Skylargrey0 Apr 7, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 10/10H Morning Weekend Guild LFM For Mythics Tauren Milk Company is a Horde Morning Weekend raiding guild on area 52. Progression: 10/10N BRF 10/10H BRF Raid times: Sat/Sun 9am-1pm (EST) We are currently looking for the following classes Ranged: Balance, Mage, Lock, Shadow Priest Melee: Rogue, Ret Heals If interested add one of us in game or on real ID: Meowpop (xephyre#6584) or Unlockmyhrt (Sowell#1285)Unlockmyhrt3 Apr 6, 2015
Apr 5, 2015 [H] <HELL> 10/10 H Weekend Guild LFM Name: HELL Server: Blackrock (PvP, PST time zone) Raid Days: Friday-Saturday Raid Times: 5:30 - 9:30 Server (8:30-12:30 est) Our Story: Most of us have hardcore raiding backgrounds , and have gradually moved towards a more casual raid schedule of 2 nights a week. We are looking to fill spots for mythic raiding. Currently we are 10/10 heroic, and were 14/14 heroic (pre-mythic) in SoO. We are laid back, and like to have a good time, but serious about progression. We also enjoy going back and clearing heroic content we didn't get to (assuming we have the time). Logistics: Current Needs - Tank (Warrior, Druid, Monk, DK) - Melee DPS (WW Monk, Feral Druid, Ench Shaman) - Range DPS ( Ele Shaman, Boomkin) An immediate spot is available. Obviously all other exceptional applicants will be considered. As we don't raid often, attendance is a big deal to us. If you can't make almost every raid, please DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME. We use RC Loot council addon . And we do a loot council system based on attendance, performance, biggest upgrade, etc. If you show up to raid on time and do your part well, loot will flow your way. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Application: What we are looking for is SKILLED, dedicated, and experienced raiders. We aren't looking to hold anyone's hands through dungeons and don't expect ours to be held in return. I don't expect perfection, but if you can't learn from your mistakes then we aren't the place for you. We expect our raiders to understand their class and come prepared to raids with knowledge of the encounters, flasks, potions, etc. (we do provide consumables) If you believe you are capable of helping us accomplish that goal, we would love to talk to you. Feel free to contact any of us in game, or our officers through RealID. Or App at Taking the time to apply only makes YOU look better. It lets us know that you can be worth our time. Huntotron - Huntotron#1932 Giggleswag - Stynky#1999Giggleswag5 Apr 5, 2015
Apr 5, 2015 Legionaries LF Guild Merge We are currently 8/10H with aspirations of moving into mythics and getting at least a few kills while a raid is current. The weeks leading up to BRF dropping, we saw 7-8 members of our core raid leaving to guild for various reasons. Over the past month and a half or so, we have found it tough to replace those spots. Our raid team consists of about 13 solid members plus another handful of recruits at varying levels of skill. Thus is why we are looking for a guild merge, but there is one major catch. We are very, very, very heavy on the Protector tier (Hunt, Monk, Sham, Warr). Below is a little bit about the guild, we are open to changing some aspects of the raid, but nothing too drastic. Legionaries is rather large, with over 550+. Therefor we are looking to consume a raid team, although that's not set in stone. Overall, we have a pretty active atmosphere with our core members on quite a bit, plus a large amount of socials within the guild that gives it a spice some of the more hardcore guilds don't have. Members are also always running heroic dungeons or pugs. Current times are wed/thurs 6-9 pst, with a non-mandatory gear run for recruits on Tuesdays at 6 st Loot is MS>OS with some LC (mostly among members) Voice chat we use is ventPlease add my btag Squeegee#1590, or pst me in game so we can set up a meeting with some of our guys and yours.Huntardog2 Apr 5, 2015
Apr 5, 2015 Any RBGs guilds recruiting? Hello all, I'm looking to find a RBG guild that I can play consistently with. I would love to push rating and get the wins needed for the mount and title. I have and can get any voice program needed, Open to play any nights besides tuesday-thursday. I haven't RBG since MoP and I don't have a pvp geared character at the moment but i'm getting ready in anticipation for 6.2. I'm open to play any class, I just want to be as helpful to the guild as possible. I've been 1700 in rbgs and 3's before. I am by no means a pro, but i would say i'm atleast above average and i'm pretty damn chill. Drop a reply below or hit me up in game if you think we could get some games going! /cheersBoggz0 Apr 5, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 689 Hunter & MW Monk 10/10H LOGS LFCore M BRF Looking for semi-hardcore guild that raids 3+ nights with a core spot available. I'm willing to transfer but paid transfers would take priority. Recent logs BEFORE ilvl boost (684): 9/10H Logs: Blackhand: Note: -These logs were all pugged. -Maidens log is low because we stopped dps before 20%. -Slightly outdated Blackhand kill. I'm only interested in guilds that are at least 10/10H. If your guild can't beat my progression from purely pugging then please don't post. EDIT: Updated some of the logs for hunter. Most of the logs are now around 90-95. All logs are still just random pugs. Hunter Logs: Hunter UI: MW Monk Profile and Logs: I haven't had a chance to really make good logs on my monk. Still in the process of replacing last few pieces. Monk UI is the same as hunter. I'm really looking for a CORE spot for my hunter. I don't really want to join a guild that already has 2-3 other hunters at 680+. I prefer my monk to be a backup or if it's just a better healing comp for a particular boss. Lastly please provide some of your guild's logs. TL;DR: -Core spot for Hunter. -Not interested in guilds with 3 or more 680+ hunters. -Back up MW Monk. -Please send me guild logs.Sneakyts8 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 2, 2015 <Prestige Worldwide> 10/10 H 7/10 M BRF <Prestige Worldwide> is currently recruiting all classes/specs - Don't be afraid to apply! We're looking for people who are ilvl 675+ for our main run, and 665+ for our alt runs (Weekends). Our main run - We raid Tue-Thur from 7ST to 10:30 ST. We're looking for people who aren't spear lords, or flame queens (PLS NO! Fire is bad). Please come to raid prepared and ready to kill bosses! We have a very relaxed environment, and we'd like to keep it that way ~ So if you plan on bringing any type of drama, I don't think we're right for you. ALT RAID: We do 2 ALT raids a week, we usually clear10/10 H BRF.. Our alt raids are on Friday and Sunday Recruiting anything for these runs, please know the boss fights/your class and be consistent is all we ask. If you're interested in any of this apply @ or contact an officer in-game.Healpullum3 Apr 2, 2015
Apr 2, 2015 AfterLife 5/7M 10/10H LF Boom, Spriest, Heals <AfterLife> is a successful raiding guild that was established back in 2006 on Korgath and recently moved to Blackrock. Many of our members have been with the guild for years, and this affords us stability and structure that many other guilds don't have. Since creation, we have been focused on endgame raiding, originally beginning with a more casual philosophy and then evolving over the years into the more hardcore raiding team we are today. Outside of raiding, our members enjoy running dungeons, battlegrounds, and flex raids. Our community holds itself together through constant participation in smaller every-day affairs and just playing the game. We're all here because we enjoy gaming, and we've always been a group of people that like spending time with one another in-game and out. We pride ourselves on maintaining a stable and mature raiding atmosphere. Raiding Philosophy Our guild philosophy is a simple one - we are first and foremost a competitive endgame raiding guild. This attitude is reflected in everything we do, from recruits to guild friends to our raiding core and officers. Our raiders are consistent, show up on time, show up completely prepared, and make certain they are at the top of their game for their class and role. Member Conduct and Atmosphere We run a generally mature raiding environment that's free of the drama that comes from a guild of teenagers and people who can't hack out many attempts on difficult content. We take our reputation on the server and in the US seriously. We don't like fight nerfs and we don't use exploits. We expect our recruits to keep their heads in the game and focus on one thing and one thing alone during their trial period - their performance in our raids. If a recruit is going to have a problem sitting out of raid occasionally, complain about not getting sweet epics, or enjoy chatting up the raiders about who's cute and who's not during raids, their stay here will be a short one. For some people, this environment can be a difficult adjustment from what they were used to, while for others it's exactly what they've hoped to find. Raid Schedule Sunday: Off Monday: 7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST Tuesday: 7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST Wednesday: 7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST Thursday: 7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST Friday: Off night Saturday: Off night After progression is complete, we typically raid just 2 nights a week while preparing for the next tier. On a typical raid night, invites go out starting at 6:45 PM PST, all raiders are required to be prepared to raid at 6:55, and we expect every person to be in the raid and prepared to pull at 7:00. Very rarely will we ask people to stay late for a boss kill, and even then it's only 5-10 minutes max. We expect trials to maintain 90% attendance and all raiders to maintain roughly 80 - 90% lifetime attendance. We have a system for posting absences - we don't expect people to drop everything they're doing in real life just to meet our attendance requirements. If you let us know ahead of time that you're going to be out, we are generally perfectly fine with this, as it allows us to plan for that absence. Loot Distribution We use a loot council system, which is typical of progression raiding guilds and which has worked well for us. By default recruits won't receive an item over raiders during their trial period, though our recruits often receive gear anyway. The main goal of all loot is to further the guild's ability to down progression content. Our loot philosophy is simple and non-negotiable - loot is a tool, not a reward. While you may love your new shiny trinket, we didn't give it to you because we think you're awesome - we gave it to you to help us get the next fight down, and because we trust you enough to believe you will bring that trinket to raid and perform well with it. Leadership The guild is led by a group of players with typically very high attendance and performance that have been raiding with the guild for years. We're all very approachable and get along with each other well: Officers: Torts (GM)Torts#1449 Tandris Zephriel Zephriel#1297 Thanks for considering AfterLife!Torts22 Apr 2, 2015
Mar 30, 2015 [H] Equilibrium recruiting for BRF - 9/10H About us The core members of Equilibrium have been together since WotLK. We need a few new permanent members to round out our roster for BRF and beyond. Raid Times Weekly on Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 10pm server time. Recruitment We're looking for some the following roles, however any exceptional DPS or Healer is considered. WW Monk Feral Druid Holy Paladin Progression BRF - 9/10 Heroic Highmaul - 2/7 Mythic, 7/7 Heroic Officers Vicarious Dosia Euphemoth EndyVicarious4 Mar 30, 2015
Mar 29, 2015 Fresh 100 looking to join a casual raid group Dinged 100 just about a couple days ago and I am looking for a raid team to raid with when/while I gear up. I am willing to put in the effort to gear myself up and have been doing so, although some help would not be turned down. On my ex-main I was 6/7H in HM, and know the first half of BRF from a melee perspective. I am eager to raid, will learn all fights I need to know, and attend unless RL gets in the way. I am a 24 year old person about to go off to grad school and would appreciate a guild that raids nights. My BTag is: Gedanken#1363, you can also send me in-game mail, or just a pst.Larrandra0 Mar 29, 2015
Mar 29, 2015 <AT WARS END> H 8/10 LFM We raid Tue/Wed/Sun 7-10 server. Need people that can raid the above stated time. We don't want any loud spastic kids, as we are mostly elderly (30+) but I think angel is 90 something. ATM we need a reliable tank Need a rogue and a boom chicken, we are willing to look at anyone that can play well and pump out the dps. Also willing to take in a smaller raid group. MOP we were top 10 M25 and downed Garrosh pre-nerf we are a little behind this xp due to people having a life and not being able to make raids, hence why we are looking to fill some spots. pst any member in game to inquire, thank you. Consumables are provided to raiders Mar 29, 2015
Mar 28, 2015 <"RONINS"> 7/7H 10/10N 9/10H is Recruiting! RONINS 7/7H 10/10N 9/10H our raid days/times: 8:30-11pm server Tuesday, Thursday. We are in need of range DPS (Hunters,Spriest, DK) also must know how to read logs. Ilvl 670+. Looking to progress in heroic BRF. Ronins is a tight group of adults who like to have fun but yet get the job done. so if you are tired of pugging and want a cool place to call home Ronins is the guild for you! pst Pipikaula, Aiga, Thicc , Disorient or Lolubadbro for a invite or for more info. Also casual and stand-by's welcomed Thank You! and hope to hear from ya soon!Pipikaula4 Mar 28, 2015
Mar 28, 2015 [A] LF PvP Guild/Arenas/RBGs As title says, I play BM because it's the best spec currently (imo). Just looking to farm some Conquest points and have some people to do RBGs and arenas with.Kable0 Mar 28, 2015
Mar 28, 2015 <Defenestrate>Weekly HEROIC BRF GDKP! Hello Blackrock friends! Starting this coming reset [week of 3/10->3/17] we will be starting up a weekly GDKP HEROIC Blackrock Foundry Run. This run will be on SUNDAY starting at 6:00 p.m. Server Time! As of this moment we are primarily looking for buyers, however we will also look into any interested carries to fill for any guildies who can't make the run. If you haven't done some Mythic Highmaul[5/7m+] or at minimum cleared Heroic Blackrock Foundry, don't bother asking to be a carry. What is a GDKP? All item drops will be auctioned off to the highest bidder in raid chat. The winning bidder exchanges their gold for the item with the master looter. At the end of the raid all the gold received for loot is divided by the amount of raiders and distributed equally. RUN DATE: 3/15 @ 6:00 p.m. Server To be considered as a Carry role you must be at minimum 5/7 Mythic Highmaul/ 10/10 Heroic BRF+! Our last GDKP's payout: 3/15 Run's Current Roster: Rules: This is a GDKP run. All items of value (Epics, BOE's) that drop will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The combined Gold Pot from all Auction Sales will be split evenly 30-ways to everyone at the end of the raid. Raid members will only receive their share of the gold pot if they are present in the raid when the final boss dies, no exceptions. You forfeit your share of the Pot if you have to leave early or need to be replaced. You may be replaced if: - MUST HAVE TEAMSPEAK 3 READY TO GO WHEN WE DO INVITES! - You AFK for more than 5 minutes without informing the Raid Leader - You DC for more than 15 minutes - You will also be kicked if you do not bid on anything that is an ilvl increase. All Auctions and Bids will be in public raid chat. Items have minimum bids, but no maximum bid. No private tells for bids are accepted. No loot is reserved. Everyone is required to bring their own flasks for the raid. Food will be provided via feasts. Prices: ALL ITEMS Heroic BoE Trash Drops - 7k Heroic Armor/Jewelry - 7.5k Heroic Weapon/Trinket - 15k Heroic Tier Token - 20k Heroic Blackhand Armor - 10k Heroic Blackhand Weapon/Trinket - 20k Offspec - Half of the cost. Offspec will be determined by what spec you sign up for the run as. Minimum outbidding increments of 500g! Example: Newsh bids 7500g on Kyu-Sy's Tarflame Doomcloak that he wants so badly because it won't ever drop! Bumblebeef tries to bid 7600g on Kyu-Sy's Tarflame Doomcloak because he is a moron. Bumblebeef's bid is invalid because the increment is too low and Newsh will receive the cloak. If you're interested, please head over to: You'll need to register and post the required information to attend!Newsh8 Mar 28, 2015
Mar 28, 2015 WTB Normal BRF Carries Anyone selling Normal BRF Carries? Either per boss or per full run? Let me know via in-game mail or reply to this post. Thanks!Rÿuk0 Mar 28, 2015
Mar 28, 2015 (A) Rated BGS? Seeking Guild or players. I just returned from a long hiatus and I need to get to Conquest farming - haven't really seen much in the way of guilds or people asking for RBGs, just wondering if any guilds out there are dedicated to PvPing. I wouldn't mind getting into arenas again as well. If anyone would like to do arenas with a ret pally or knows of a guild or group of people running RBGs I'd love to be a part of it. Thanks!Farøh0 Mar 28, 2015
Mar 28, 2015 <H> (Critical) Looking for tank & dps for BRF Looking to add a non-pally tank and a few DPS who can consistently raid Tues/Wed from 7:30-9:30 server time. Adult guild and politically incorrect. If your feelings get hurt easily, we aren't for you.Minnica0 Mar 28, 2015
Mar 27, 2015 {H} <Shut Up Bud> 9/10H 6HR/Week LF Tank/Dps ABOUT OUR GUILD: Guild: <Shut Up Bud> Server: Blackrock-Horde Website: <Shut Up Bud> is an established guild on Blackrock originally formed from a group of old friends who returned to WoW to pick up raiding again after a much needed break. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a very manageable schedule of only two days a week and we're looking for more like-minded players to join us in raiding for Blackrock Foundry. If you're looking for a competent raiding group to clear content with but can't commit to a hectic raiding schedule we'd like to hear from you. SCHEDULE: Tuesday and Thursday from 10PM - 1AM EST (7PM - 10PM PST). We raid two nights a week. We believe that you don't need to spend 20+ hours a week playing to experience content in a timely matter. We've all been in guilds that have had intense raiding schedules and decided after years of playing it's not our thing in the end. We like to clear content but not at the cost of losing all of our free time. RECRUITMENT NEEDS: We're currently looking for competitive DPS to join our ranks. We want players who can deal exceptional damage as well as execute mechanics consistently well. [RANGED DPS] Balance Druid - OPEN Warlock - OPEN Mage - OPEN [MELEE DPS] Windwalker Monk - OPEN Rogue - OPEN Enhancement Shaman - OPEN Retribution Paladin - OPEN [TANK] Blood DK / Prot Paladin / BrM Monk - OPEN If you don't see your class on the list but feel you would fit in well with our group do not hesitate to apply regardless of current recruitment needs. HOW TO APPLY: - In order to apply please head to and create a new account on the website. Then, you may apply on the applications forum and by following the instructions in the "How to Apply" thread. Simply Copy/Paste the template into a new thread and fill it out. CONTACT US: If you have any questions feel free to add our battletags and send us a message. You may also send us a PM on our website. Psypher: Psypher#1318 Tbe: Blakelee#1286 Kuriail: Kuriail#1583 Serynn: Anathema#1203Tbè0 Mar 27, 2015
Mar 27, 2015 680 I LVL 9/10 H Guardian Tank Hello, I am looking for a progression guild and ready to raid asap. I have 9/10 exp in H BRF and served as the main/off tank during raids. I am available to raid at 8 pm ST. If you are interested in picking me up I can be reached in game or you can add my B Tag and message me. Hydromech#1913 Thanks!Frondoodoo4 Mar 27, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 Reroll guild 60, 70, 80 So ive gotten pretty bored with max level recently and just wanna do something new. My abosolute most fun raiding was at level 60, 70 and 80. I just wanna see if i can maybe spark some interest in get a group to level up and cap out either at 60, 70 or 80 and start raiding all the way through. Or maybe even just stop at 60 do some raiding there, 70 and then 80. I dont care what server or what side, just wanna get this going perhaps Contact me bmd91#1282Aufwar0 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 <Raver Girls Of Instagram> Recruiting <Raver Girls Of Instagram> is a new transfer guild to Blackrock from Lightbringer. Currently recruiting all classes and players 670+ for immediate progression in Heroic & Mythic Blackrock/Highmaul. Let's take a moment to laugh at our guild name... Ha, Ha. Okay great, moving on! Progression: Highmaul - 7/7 H HM Blackrock Foundry - 8/10 Heroic, 10/10 Normal. Raid Times: Tue/Wed/Sun 7:15-10:30 Server Time (Pacific) We are currently in the process of building our full core raid team for progression. If you're looking for a great guild filled with fun people then look no further. Our guild currently consists of 20-25 year old players that enjoy making crude jokes at each other's expenses while killing bosses. Looking for members young and old who are looking to have fun while progressing at a semi-hardcore level. P.S - We are open to the idea of a guild/guilds merging into our own to create a stronger realm presence. If you are interested in something of that nature, please let me know! If you have any questions feel free to message any member online in our guild or battletag me at Connor#11224Penôr1 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 Wait for Saunderzz H Recruiting <Wait For Saunderzz> is recruiting heals and DPS for BRF. Core group has 6/7h HM experience with many of us raiding since Vanilla. We are a guild with a friendly and mature atmosphere. Raid times are Tue and Wed 8-10pm server time. If you have any questions or want more info let me know. Akenea Btag: Thisperwin#1187Akenea3 Mar 26, 2015