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Sep 9 Bleeding Hollow PvP Guilds Welcome to the Bleeding Hollow PvP Guild List! A comprehensive guide to PvP focused Guilds on Bleeding Hollow [US]. Presented by Seanna and Zulex. This guide features a quick rundown of Guilds for both factions, Alliance and Horde. Basic information about each Guild can be provided here for community members and prospective guildmates to see! Any Guild wishing to get their name on this list or adjust information featured about their Guild can have their GuildMaster/Officers post below and/or contact either Seanna[A] or Zulex[H] in game. Updates to the list will be often. Thanks for reading, we’ll see you on the field! edit: Stickied 7/29/15! In no particular order, the Guilds are as follows:Zulex159 Sep 9
Sep 8 FAQ: Bleeding Hollow Transfers This is purely to swap over the FAQs, I take no credit for the majority of the post I'm posting as I only updated it from the old one (That was made during Cata) ****UPDATED COPY FOR THE STICKY**** Bleeding Hollow Streams! Check these videos if you're here for the world pvp: Sup boyfriends, so I decided that if I combined the three FAQs here, we’d have a better chance at getting it sticked. Then when people ask a question about the server, we can be giant jerks and say “read the stickies noob.” I mostly just copied stuff over from the other FAQs, but I finished the sections that Paddywack left blank, as well as some brief proof reading/editing. Please sticky this and keep it bumped, so we don’t have to have multiple threads/FAQs, as that can sometimes be less helpful than not having a FAQ at all. Anyway, enjoy. --Disclaimer: Most of this FAQ came from Paddywack, Tablez and Ikyteu, so thanks to them. I will update if things become irrelevant, or if the bleeding hollowians deem something need to be added. So due to word recently getting out that our server is big money pimpin’ for PvP, we’ve had a lot of transfers recently for both horde and alliance. This is great, and is helping our PvP community grow even bigger than it already is. If you are one of these transplants from a dead realm, I’m sure you have questions just like the rest of them. This FAQ aims to satisfy those concerns. If you are a dragonslaying PvE fanatic, have no fear, there are plenty of people willing to smash AI with you all day! Table of contents ============= 1a) Server Information 1b) Horde - to - Alliance ratio 1c) How to transfer and cost of transferring 1d) Will I like this server? 2) End-Game Content (PvE) 2a) PvE Progression: Server Rank in the US 2b) Top 5 10/25-man Raiding Guilds on Alliance 2c) Top 5 10/25-man Raiding Guilds on Horde 2d) General Loot Rules for Alliance 2e) General Loot Rules for Horde 3) PvP 3a) World PvP 3b) Arena PvP 3c) Battleground PvP 3d) Rated Battleground PvP 3e) Guilds that PvP (Horde and Alliance) 3f) Ongoing Bleeding Hollow Tournaments 4) Role Playing 5) Server Economy 5a) Alliance 5b) Horde 5c) Collectors and Neutral Auction HousePulse287 Sep 8
1m Warning - Alliance keep out of Lorlathil Not sure if you can really call it a "war", since the boys at Griefers Inc were just decimated by us the other day, but I'd like to declare that the Horde owns Lorlathil, and we will not hesitate to plant our flags in anyone dumb enough to step foot in Lorlathil, or anyone in Griefers Inc on sight. I have faith that my brothers in red feel the same.Joydivided100 1m
16m (H)RECRUITING 9PM-12AM EST TUES/THURS/MON Currently 1/7 H and lacking range dps atm we are a group of long time players dating back to vanilla and have all raided at high levels through every xpac. We provide flasks, pots, food and enchants to raiders + repairs. We raid Tues/Thurs/Mon 9pm server til 12 am server which is EST. Mainly looking for Range dps but will consider a possible Tank and Melee dps if the logs look good. Basically if you can sustain over 200k+(Dps) we want you. And as for Tanks, Non-Warrior / DK plz. Apart from that we are all 18+ with families, kids or in the military with a few students. All walks of life committed to a single goal, " Kill !@#$ don't die, get loot " . We use discord as it has it's perks with easily linkable research sites / data ie logs etc. We require all raiders to be well versed within there class and knowledgeable of all boss fights current and future. Please add BTAG : Lazarus#1256 IGN : Igotnext IGN : Douliftbro IGN : Shodowukin for any queries you may have or to make your application private through a discord interview, otherwise drop me a message here. This will be checked every 6-8 hours Bump away guys!Douliftbro30 16m
52m @cretus @carrasco 1v1 me. i'm dead serious. add me at dretaiv#1532 and we can hammer out detailsDretaiv2 52m
1h [A] Tilted Halos- Recruiting Guild: <Tilted Halos> Server: Bleeding Hollow Faction: Alliance Website: Stream: Current Progression: 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare Raid Times: We currently raid on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8:30pm to 12:00am EST. Loot Looting is done by a loot council made up of the officer core. Special items such as Mounts and Patterns are given priority to officers and Veteran raiders to ensure they retain within the guild. Recruitment Needs Our current recruiting needs, Although we do look at all applicants so do not be afraid to apply if you don't see your class/spec here. High Priority: Havoc Demon Hunter Interested in joining Tilted Halos? We prefer our raiders to be at least 18 years of age, and come to raids ready for progression! On our downtime we are all quite social, from running dungeons to pvp and even leveling alts. It's quite common for people to be hanging in mumble and socializing in game! We have been around since Wrath of the Lich King. We are much more than just a guild, we are a gaming community. We also play other games such as Overwatch, CS:GO, LoL, and Hearthstone as some examples. We are LGBT and female friendly, if you have a specific concern feel free to message any officer at any time. We ask everyone to apply to the guild, but if more information is needed, Add us in game for recruitment inquiries. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested. We look forward to hearing from any and all prospective players. On behalf of the entire Tilted Halos raid team, we thank you for your time and interest. Cel#1893 - Guild Leader Blewper#1244- Recruiting OfficerCeleenia68 1h
1h [H] <Lorem Ipsum> LF Dedicated Raiders <Lorem Ipsum> is looking for skilled members to round out their Legion raiding team! About Us: Lorem Ipsum is comprised of dedicated members looking to make their mark on Legion raiding after a brief hiatus at the end of the last expansion. Our leadership is made up of friends and family dedicated to maintaining a laid-back guild atmosphere while also pushing content and progressing. Most members have experience in end-game raiding going all the way back to Vanilla and have experienced the highest forms of raiding throughout the years of WoW. Our goal is to clear all content on normal and heroic, before progressing into Mythic raiding and challenging the established elite of the server by expansion's end. If these are your goals then Lorem Ipsum is the right place for you. Aside from raiding, we are a very social guild that can be found in our guild TS throughout the week. Most of us have jobs, but when we are on we are joking and socializing about anything and everything. We also play a range of games in our downtime like Overwatch, CS:GO, Rocket League, Path of Exile and many other Stream/Blizzard games. We raid on Tues/Sun, 7pm-10pm server time (EST). Recruitment is currently open, but we are especially seeking: -Healers -Ranged DPS What we expect: Dependability and responsibility are key, and with the introduction of flex raiding, we understand the need to attend to your life outside of wow and can work around that as long as communication is open. As a raider, you must be open to criticism and be able to receive/give feedback in order to achieve and perform at the highest level. Preparation is also important and all raiders are expected to be current on the ins-and-outs of their spec and the strategies for current content. Please feel free to contact me either on Reddit or in-game @ WayneJetski#1404. Hope to hear from you soon!Swaggyhoe1 1h
2h [A] <The Enclave> Wants You For PvP and PvE! The Enclave is back in WoW and currently recruiting for Legion. We're looking for players of various skill levels who are interested in the following activities: * World PvP * Rated PvP * PvE Raiding Our guild does not focus on one activity exclusively instead we offer our members a variety of ways to progress their characters. When you join The Enclave you're not just joining a PvP or PvE guild. You're joining a community that has been around since 1998 and a guild that has played WoW since launch and is still the oldest guild still left on Bleeding Hollow. This stability and organization is something very few other guilds can offer. (PROOF OF CREATION DATE: Requirements TeamSpeak 3 » TS3 is our VOIP of choice. Level 100 And Above » In today's WoW world there is very little reason not to be level 100 since you can get a "free" one from purchasing Legion or by paying for a boost. Good Attitude » I'll take a mediocre player with a great attitude over a phenomenal player with a bad attitude. You can always teach a bad player how to be good but you can't teach a rat how to not be a rat. Thick Skin » Our guild is very politically incorrect and we do not censor people's opinions, bad jokes or comical retardation. If you can't handle profanity or adult subjects you would be better suited in another guild. About The Enclave is a gaming organization that has been in existence since 1998. Since then we have played and succeeded in a multitude of games. From PlanetSide to World of Warcraft The Enclave has left it's mark and is either loved or hated by the communities we've been a part of. Leadership strives to keep TE competitive yet fun. Drama is squashed out and never given a chance to cause harm. Despite the fact that we're a serious guild we do not force members to raid or PvP if they do not want to since we understand that not every members joins for the same experience. We do our best to meet the expectations of all members and all that we ask for in return is dedication and that you do your bestSarasuvati98 2h
4h [H] 5/7H <MyStabbinKnife> LF Heal/DPS We are <My Stabbin Knife> of Bleeding Hollow (Horde). I have been Raid Leading since late WotLK, and have been committed to hosting fun, end-game experiences ever since. We are a friendly group who enjoys progression at a sustainable pace. We are recruiting for our 5/7H Emerald Nightmare raid. We have immediate trial positions available. High Priority Heal: - Holy Paladin - Resto Shaman - Mistweaver - Holy/Disc Priest - Resto Druid DPS (Tank OS is Bonus): - Any class played well. General Requirements: - 840+ ilvl - Some Normal Experience Despite our current needs, any and all exceptional applications will be considered. Please don’t hesitate to apply even if your class/specialization is not listed. We expect all of our raiders to be responsible for their character in terms of appropriate enchanting, gemming, and professions in order to maximize their performance on a per-fight basis. We require our raiders to have a respectable level of commitment to both the guild and their character, good attendance, and a positive attitude. Up to date research on all encounters, as well as your own class/spec(s) is expected. Loot is currently distributed by RC Loot Council in Heroic+. Raid Schedule and Progression: (5/7H) Emerald Nightmare Wed, Thurs, Sun 8-11PM EST (Server Time) Guild Website: MyStabbinKnife.Run Check out our website to apply directly, or contact: Dkjelly (Thunderfro#1718), Pyrodius (Pyrodius#1807) in-game if you have any questions. Thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.Dkjelly0 4h
4h [A] <Alliance Vanguard> [PvP] Recruiting Music: ... GUILD INFO <Alliance Vanguard> is a Level 25 Alliance guild on Bleeding Hollow US. We are looking for SOCIAL players who love PVP to join our supportive and fun group of players. We want all of our players to push the limits of their abilities and have a great time doing it. We have a roster full of experienced players willing to help new members with any questions or problems that may arise. We're looking for people who recognize the importance and value of teamwork and camaraderie in Arena, Battlegrounds and World PVP. Our number one goal as a guild is to have fun, everything else is secondary. GUILD EVENTS Our events begin around 7-9pm EST and go well into the night. These events include everything from raids on Horde cities to small scale "Group 8" guerilla warfare. You will need to use Discord for these "official" events, as clear communication is an essential component of our continued battlefield success. We run World PvP, Rated BGs, Arenas, and Premades throughout the week, but we aren't hand holders. We expect our guildies to be proactive in forming groups with other guildies and players. If you need someone to spoon feed you RBGs, AV isn't the guild for you. MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS 1. Age 18+ 2. Level 100+ 3. Discord & Skype 4. Proficient with your class 5. Keep up to date with gear 6. 280% Flying speed or better 7. Positive attitude GUILD VIDEOS HOW DO I JOIN? Contact an officer in-game to apply.Blöm225 4h
4h 2 LF late night raiding guild As the title says, myself and my friend are looking for a late night weekend raiding guild. I will be raiding most likely on my mage but could swap to a ele or lock if needed, while my friend would raid on his mage. I am currently 7/7 heroic experience on my main and my friend in 5/7 normal. If you are interested, please add me on bnet Drac#11278Pitydafuu0 4h
12h [H] <Triggered> Recruiting <Triggered> on US-Bleeding Hollow is a recently formed semi-hardcore Horde guild looking for all dedicated players interested in raiding NOW and in Legion. Our goal is to create a fun environment in which we can push the hardest content. We are a group of returning players who have decided to switch back to WoW from the game TERA, where we were a hardcore guild that pushed for server firsts. We cleared 5/7 heroic NM so far and are currently recruiting to round out our roster for mythic progression. Philosophy: We want to create a raiding guild that has fun during mythic progression. However, this is only possible if each and every member of our mythic core trusts one another to be playing at a similar skill level. We recognize that it will take time to find enough like-minded and skilled raiders, but if we can reach that point, we believe we can have a focused, but relaxed raiding environment where we can have fun during wipes and even more fun on the kill. Raid Info: Current Raid Days and Times (subject to change) Wednesday - 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM EST Thursday - 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM EST Monday - 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM EST Raids may sometimes be extended until 12:00 PM at the latest if we are close to a kill. What we are looking for: Our roster is beginning to round out and as such we will place much higher priority on applicants who are geared or can prove their skill with logs/experience. We are looking for dedicated raiders who share our vision. We want raiders who are able to show up to every raid, fix mistakes, and have fun. We recognize that mistakes do happen, and it is fine as long as you are are able to own up to it, fix the problem, and laugh about it. We want team players who are patient and who want to be a part of building this guild up. If you currently are not able to perform up to our standards for mythic, you are still welcome to join as a social recruit if you have the correct attitude and are willing to learn. Please indicate in your application if this is the rank you are applying for. From there, we can help you improve and point you towards the right resources. Contacts: Please contact any of the following people in game for more information and fill out an application on the website: Grif#1648 Trezzy#11501 LordBamF#1107 We will be in touch on the website and/or in-game regarding your application and trial status. Please try to be available on our raid days/times if you are interested in trialing and have an open application. We look forward to hearing from you!Grifca20 12h
15h <Sojourners Society> looking for lost souls <Sojourners Society> is recruiting. Newly formed guild with a strong backbone of active players LF more to enjoy the whole spectrum of PvP from world-rateds. What we are about: -PvP focused guild whether it be pushing rating as a guild or doing world quests and engaging the pvp community out and about. We are looking to start RBGs soon to push some rating and LFM's. Please hit me up in game if this is of interest to you, currently in need of a few select roles, mostly DPS. In down time we are actively doing world quests and BG grinding for Prestige! We are on the side currently farming mythic dungeons and plan on pushing Mythic+ dungeons and reg/some heroic Raids for gear as well. If you are interested in any aspect of PvP and looking for a community to enjoy it with that is a very tight-knit group of players or simply want to have a place to wander hit me or Daysi up in game. -SarowSarow20 15h
16h How's WPvP on BH? Hi, I'm actor Troy McClure. You may remember me from such YouTube videos as "ASHES OF AL'AR 100% DROP FIRST TRY!!!1" and "WoD: Supreme Manual of Dance mailbox dupe." I wanted to see how WPvP was here. Somebody from BH Alliance asked in Booty Bay gen if WPvP was dead. This made me worried. I thought BH was the best WPvP server left (unless I was all into ERPWPvP, in which case I would go to ED and /em *strips down to Ashbringer*). Sargeras is basically a PvE server at this point. Sarg Allies are losing their minds seeing so many Horde for the first time since Cata. There's even chat of transferring off to blue servers. Has Sanctuary gone too far? Is it World of Hugscraft now?Broccoli100 16h
17h <Best> LFM "The Protectors of Lorlathil" <Best> is a long running group of friends looking to bolster our numbers. We have an emphasis on wPvP as well as raiding - the majority of us have been playing together since early WOTLK. We have a good number of enemies and we've already spanked them all a few times - hit me up to join in on the decimation of the alliance. As for raiding, we're in need of mail wearing DPS - melee or ranged, and we're 5/7 in N EN, with our second night on Monday. We raid at whack times, 9pm-12am Wed/Mon. We'll be clearing content rapidly, so get in on it while you can. Also accepting Alliance xfers - but none from Fire Exia, AV, Enclave that one Gank guild or Griefer's Inc. Hit me up.Joydivided6 17h
18h [H]<SLAPPED IDIOT> Recruiting 8-11 Wed/Thurs <SLAPPED IDIOT> Bleeding Hollow - Horde 4/7 Normal 1/7 Heroic Raid Times: Wed/Thur 8-11pm Server Time(central) Looking to raid with ~15+ players Recruiting to progress through Heroic and on to Mythic raids. Mostly comprised of raiders who have been waiting for an expansion as good as Wrath to start raiding again. That time is now. Mostly a group of friends who are looking to find a fine balance between hardcore and casual. Progression without spending 40+ hours on raiding type stuff. Requirements: Discord and Mic and halfway decent communication skills. Don't be afraid of wang jokes. What we need: Holy Paladin Resto Shaman Mistweaver Monk Rogue Warrior Hunter Destro/Demo Lock We'll take applications for anyone. Link armories. Let's !@#$ing go, boys.Bambroskef1 18h
19h Yum yum, Fire Exia Get extinguished boys. Ft. Vengz - (After Kodyne tries to bait you LOL)Joydivided19 19h
19h PvE Guild Looking for Raid Partner Guild Hello, I am an officer in a PvE guild looking for a raid partner guild. We are in the process of recruiting our core raid team, but would like to start raiding now. If you are in a similar situation where you don't have the personnel to fully guild raid please reach out to me on the forums or in game. Our raid times are Tues 6:30-9:30 and Friday 5:30-8. Thanks, TrakkoTrakko0 19h
21h Warning - <Best> keep out of Lorlathil 8:30pm server time, been waiting for you guys to show. Considering you guys "Own this territory" we figure we're not going to let that happen. We will never let you claim a area while the true alliance are around kicking on this server. Signed Fire Exia & GankSpankVengz31 21h
22h [H]Maximum Effort (18+) - 6/7N - LF 1 Heals Maximum Effort (Formerly known as Aggro Culture) is a "Mature"* (18+), Semi Casual**, Laid Back Raiding Guild, recruiting players interested in Legion Raids/Mythic+ Dungeons as well as those just looking for a group of active people to play with. For up to date info about the guild and its recruitment, visit us at ----- Raid Schedule: We raid Tuesday & Thursday from 8:30 EST till 11:30 EST. Additionally we have an optional Alt Run on Saturdays beginning at 8:30 EST (This group wont start for another 1-2 weeks). Voice Chat: We use Discord for Voice Chat Loot: For the first 3 weeks of raiding, we will be using Personal Loot. After 3 weeks we will switch to Loot Council, using the RCLootCouncil addon. We will use several criteria for determining who gets a particular item including Raid Attendance, Guild Contribution, Your role and its importance, and the size of the upgrade/whether it would complete a set bonus. Recruitment Needs: Ranged DPS: Right now we dont need any more ranged DPS.. Melee DPS: Right now we dont need any more melee DPS. Heals: We need 1 Heals (Preferably Holy Pally, or Holy Priest). Tanks: Right now we dont need any tanks. ----- For additional information, refer to our website or contact one of us in game Pipology - Pipology#1845 Sharrq - Sharrq#1244 ----- * We use the term "Mature" pretty lightly. Our entire raid group is over 21, but there is plenty of joking around and such. More realistically we are a group of adults (with members in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s as well as some married couples) but we still joke around and have fun. If you offend easily or you are going to whine about loot and such, we probably arent for you. ** Since the term Casual Raiding gets used in a variety of different ways, we are a very laid back guild that likes to joke around and have fun ... but we do like to focus during boss fights and such. No one wants to wipe on a boss over and over again because someone isnt paying attention or because no one can hear the raid leader calling stuff out over Voice Chat. Ultimately we play this game to have fun, not to tell people how to play their characters or make people play something they dont want to. If you make a mistake, we will remind you to avoid X or move for Y, but we arent going to start yelling or pointing fingers.Sharrq27 22h
22h [H] Maximum Effort Our Progression Raid Group for Legion is currently full, but we are still recruiting for a variety of other organized and unorganized groups. If you are interested in one of the below options and would like to join or would like more information, feel free to add us! Pipology (Guild Master) - Pipology#1845 Sharrq (Co-Guild Master) - Sharrq#1244 Additional info about the guild can be found at Social Members Not interested in any organized group content but are looking for a social active guild to join? We typically have people online most of the day as well as an active Discord Server. If you are only looking for the social aspect of the game, we should be able to provide what you are looking for! Join as a Standby Raider If you are still interested in raiding with our main group, you can join as a Standby Raider. If a spot opens up in the raid group, you will be added to our main roster (first come first serve depending on the role needed). Additionally, if one of our raiders cannot make it on a particular night, you may be able to sub in for them. If the group is full for the night, you will still earn credit towards your raid attendance as a standby raider as long as you are online, so if you do get added to the main roster you wont have to start over on attendance. Our Main Raid Group is on Tuesday/Thursday 8:30 - 11:30 EST. The Main Raid Group will be progressing at least into Heroic and possibly into Mythic Content. Join our Alt Raids Once we get established in the Main Progression Raids on Tuesday and Thursday, we will open up our Alt Raids on Saturday beginning at 8:30 EST. If your schedule doesn't allow for being able to attend the Main Raid or if the group is full then you can still raid with us on our off night! Saturday Alt Raids are a lot more relaxed, gear will be awarded by either Personal or Group Loot, and there is no attendance or loot priority. The Alt Raid Group will be Normal Raid Content and maybe Heroic Content if the Main Group moves on to Mythic. Mythic+ Dungeon Groups Not interested in raiding? Thats fine! Our hope is that we can get some Mythic+ Dungeon groups running on a regular basis for those that want to gear up for raids or for those that want to do Mythic+ instead of raiding. We are always looking for some good, laid back players to join any of our organized groups, including Mythic+! Organized PvP Maximum Effort has never been a PvP Guild, but with the new changes to the Honor System and PvP as a whole, there has been a lot of interest in organizing a weekly group for Organized PvP. This group is just getting off the ground and we do not have any details yet regarding when these will occur or exactly what they will entail, but our hope is that this will be a weekly group doing likely rated battlegrounds or something similar. If you are interested in any of those groups, contact us for an invite or for more information!Sharrq3 22h
1d Ambition - Horde -7/7 N EN Greetings Fellow WoW players! Ambition is a Heroic progressive-yet-casual raiding guild taking home on Bleeding Hollow-US. We're a friendly bunch who share the same goals of having fun while progressing through content in a mature but relaxed atmosphere. Recruitment needs as of 9/21/2016: A reliable healer, Preferably a Mistweaver or a Resto Shaman! Please feel free to contact: (Aesira) Ace#13149 or (Tunnzz) Tunnz#1910 in game, or apply to our website(Linked below) if you are looking to call Ambition your new home! Raid times: Tuesday and Wednesday 9pm-12am EST Current Legion Progress: Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 Normal Our progression during Warlords of Draenor: Highmaul - 7/7 Heroic - Ahead of the Curve Blackrock Foundry - 10/10 Heroic - Ahead of the Curve Hellfire Citadel - 13/13 Heroic - Ahead of the Curve Quick Links: Thank you for interest, hope to see you in game!Aesira39 1d
1d [H]<The Early Shift> Midday Raiding Guild <The Early Shift> Bleeding Hollow 7/7 Normal 1/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare! We are currently recruiting all ranged DPS and Healers! Our raid times are 12 Noon - 3 PM EST, Tuesday and Thursday. Monday is an optional day for clean up, normal runs, etc. If our times work for you please feel free to contact us via Battletag: Subst#1909 Zhammie#1301Substy1 1d
1d Russian speaking players wanted Ищу русскоговорящих игроков и гильдиюPryanyaw17 1d
1d [H] Guild Recruiting Healer for Mythic Team Politically Incorrect is now recruiting a healer or 2 (Disc Priest + 1 other) for our heroic raiding team leading into mythic. We have been in Mythic since MoP and look to continue our success through Legion. We raid Tues/Weds 9:30-12EST and use Vent. Add Criv2016#1559 and comment here if you are interested!Decalage1 1d
1d [H] <Fully Charged> Hey there, We are currently recruiting for our core progression team. We are looking for more DPS classes, and Healer classes. We raid as casual with intermediate expectations. In other words, we like to have fun even if we wipe, however we expect some professionalism from members not complaining about this or that; have enough sense to listen to strats, take time to watch videos, and own up to your mistakes. We raid Wed. & Thurs. 8pm-10pm server as well as Sat. 8pm - 11pm. all times are server. Message myself in game ( â = alt+0131) or MichifuSmâshed1 1d
2d Wpvp in legion? Anyone else feel like wpvp in legion has sorta died out? I have barely seen anyone ganking and most of the time I see ally and horde working together for world quests. Just curious what other people have seen.Ãether5 2d
2d Maggots of Ymir <Maggots of Ymir> Dwarf and Gnome exclusive guild, because short lives matter.Hremly0 2d
2d [H] 854, 275k+ dps, BIS legendary Hello, Looking for a mythic guild that: #1 Raids 3 days a week (except Monday) up to midnight EST. #2 That's near ready for raiding with a solid roster. #3 Enabled repairs for raiders. #4 Personal or EPGP loot system. All BOE recipes/items/mats obtained through raiding are sold asap and gold is split among the raiders or those who want the items can pay the raid the cost of the item. Guild does not demand/expect profession obtainable items from other guildies for free like crafted items/flasks/food in raids or disenchanted materials outside raiding. I made this as detailed as I can because guild hopping is not my thing. If you think I would fit well within your guild contact this chr on Tichundrius server via mailbox with some details about your guild and leave your main chr name and server to be contacted back, thx.Sylvanalove8 2d
2d H DH TANK 843 LFG been playing since vinalla " like everyone ". Time dont matter since i can work around it so just hmuQueeze0 2d
2d [H] <Trap> Recruitment Wed-Fri-Mon 6-9 EST <Trap> is recruiting experienced raiders looking for a "Semi-Hardcore" Raid environment. Along side our core team we are looking for a couple casual "Bench " Players, with the idea that if openings come up a spot will arise for the taking. Trialing in is as simple as messaging a council member for a quick and painless DISCORD interview. Very structured and organized guild that's just over all looking for more friends in the same mind set! Big plans for legion as far as Leveling groups, Mythic 5 Progress, Casual PvP events, Alt Raids, and just the day to day grind. *Stocked Guild Bank with raid materials *Repairs *Voice chat-Discord *Group of Experienced/Mature Leads (Council) *Guild Radio Station *Guild Facebook *Guild Website Coming back from our very well deserved break, we are ready to take on our fresh start strong. If interested please get in contact with on of our leads to schedule a Discord interview. Trix#1170-Trix Ray3#1608-Anneheallica lazarus#1256-Douliftbro Satholin#1998-Sathilon Dktorres#1597-Funtooneshot First step: Check out our Rules/Expectations for raiders #Trap Core Raid Rules# #1. We are here to progress and have fun, be prepared for the night and ready to raid. #2. BE PREPARED FOR RAID. * Food, Flask, Etc *Fully Optimized (Gem'd/Chanted/Upgraded) *Be ready to go the full raid time #3. Loot will be handed out Via Loot Council. Depending on content, the council will decide where all gear goes with 3 grading factors. *Attendance *Biggest Upgrade *Group Progress (to strengthen weak spots) Do Not Be Upset over council the gear goes to specific places for a reason, Trust in your council! #4. Must Maintain a 85%+ attendance score or spot will be up for grabs. Give the earliest notice for an absence it affects you percentage. #5. STUDY YOUR TOONS! KNOW YOUR CLASS WEAKNESS AND STRENGTHS! BE THE BEST OF YOUR CLASS! #6. Mandatory Addons *Weak Auras *Exorsus Raid Tools *Deadly Boss Mods *RC Loot Council *Skada Damage Meter #7. Be competitive but not rude to your fellow raiders, we are all adults. Have fun but be mature and remember we are all friends here. #8. Council Held to 100% of all rules! #Officer Battle Tags Trix#1170-Trix Ray3#1608-Anneheallica lazarus#1256-Douliftbro Satholin#1998-Sathilon Dktorres#1597-Funtooneshot #RAID TIMES WEDNESDAY: 6-9 EsT FRIDAY: 6-9 EsT MONDAY: 6-9 EsT (Casual progression, only a positive attendance point) ***Rules only apply to Core Raid Team*** During interview bring your questions and Concerns. ***DEAR CASUALS...WE ACCEPT YOU TOO :)****Nephylm81 2d
2d Thanks Enclave It was so fun playing with you guys last night man i really enjoyed killing all of you that showed up we should definitely do it again sometime lets set up some play dates!!!!!!Merlinsagony21 2d
2d Mage and Hpally LFG Experienced mage and hpally looking for raiding guild. We can play our roles exceptionally well and have raided before in Cata-Draenor. Times of availability are 6pm-2am on Mon, Wed, Thur. As well as anytime after midnight on Fri and Sat.Stawicky3 2d
2d [H] Ruinous Force is recruiting. <Ruinous Force> is currently recruiting for our core raiding team. We raid Wednesday and Friday 12:30 - 3:30am EST which is also server time. 7/7N 1/7H We have always full cleared heroic mode, and have done about 50% of mythic, In just 2 days a week. We are looking for skilled players, with knowledge of their class and the game. While keeping a casual schedule and a nice atmosphere. As well as excelling and striving to be the best raiders we can be, we take part in a fair share of PVP and other Blizzard games. Such as Overwatch and Diablo 3 to name a few. We are currently in need of the following, BUT all applicants are considered. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In need of a Rogue/Feral/WW/Shadow priest. With high attendance record. All classes are encouraged to apply regardless of whats stated here. Rogue - High Priest - SHADOW Warrior - closed Deathknight - closed Shaman - Resto Paladin - closed Demon Hunter - Vengance Monk- WW Hunter - High Mage - Fire Druid - closed Warlock - HIGH Please add Betrayed#1661, QTHS#1722, For more info or an invite. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!Betráyed30 2d
2d [H] WW Monk 847 Looking for Raiding guild. If we're being honest here I'm fairly new to raiding. I'm not bad just don't know anyone that plays except a few people that are on different realms. I've always been interested in raiding just never had the chance to get around to it since I'm a loner.Creamist0 2d
2d Experienced and Mature War LF Guild. Hey BH fam, A little bit about me: I've been playing WoW on and off since the first year of its release. I have almost exclusively played warrior for my entire wow career. I take pride in my quite eccentric disciplinary processes in life - and the results it produces. I have an unparalleled ability to perfect processes I repeat excessively... Like CD rotations, etc. I had given my friend my old account to use since I thought I would forever quit after WoD - and he has since made it his Main and plays daily, so instead of taking back the pixelated documentary of what felt like was the last 7+ years of my life... I took one of my other friends accounts who also happens to play WoW. I make mention of this because whatever achievements or account status is on here... Isn't mine - for better or for worse. And lastly... I have EPF - Enhanced Perceptual Functioning... It's quite a remarkable thing, really. It just allows me to be REALLY good at cognitive tasks... Like... Anything. In addition to overseeing a successful and growing business of 13 self-sufficient employees, I seem to satisfy my need for stimulation with this game - and I have reached the point where I would like to begin dedicating the proper time and resources to being with a suitable Raiding and PvP guild. The PvP isn't absolutely necessary, as I still have contact with many Glad's/arena masters - but would solidify the "perfect fit" for me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am currently 850 ilvl - have completed HoV level 5 Mythic+ as my furthest keystone currently. I have no gear above 850 - meaning the 8 keystones I have ran so far did not provide me with an upgrade, and I have yet to raid this week. I will be early for any commitment I make to the guild. I can be counted on for additional responsibilities (some are preferred), such as Target Caller for RBG groups, possibly raid leading or assistant raid leading if there are repeat troubles with communications, etc... So, yeah... That's about it at 1:30 am for me. (So, yes, I am East coast as well) Sincerely, Someone who hates the names on this account. Spartakiss? Tf -------------- I did not place a [h] tag because I would be willing to transfer and relocate anywhere for appropriate placement in the right progression guild. *edited for typos and grammatical errors*Spartakiss1 2d
2d [H] Shadow Priest LF Mythic Raiding Guild Hello all! I am currently looking for a weeknight Mythic raiding guild, preferabbly a guild that raids at times between 7pm - 12am! I have raided since WoTLK, maining a Resto Shaman until the end of SoO where i swaped to Mage in Highmaul, Mistweaver in BRF, Shadow Priest/Mage in HFC. I have raided on every ranged DPS, and healer in HFC, along with Windwalker and Death Knight. I have hard mode experience during relative contents, experience in guild leadership, guild management, and raid leadership roles. I come to each raid, prepared and on time, with my own Potions, Shields, Flasks, and Food/Feasts. I do not AFK mid raid, I come to each raid with my armor 100% repaired, repair each time a jeeves is down, regardless of how small of damage my armor has taken. I am committed to raiding, and I am very flexible. I am currently looking to move to an EST time based server. I have raided on Tichondrius, Kil'Jaeden and Proudmoore since LK, but I am no longer willing to raid at such time differences. In HFC in particular I have 10/13M experience. I quit raiding in late January as many guilds were having issues filling spots or keeping them filled. As such, I do not have any current logs, but if needed, I can get some on either my Mage, Shadow Priest, Boomkin, or Resto Shaman. I just recently bought Legion this week, so I am a little behind on gearing. As I am posting this I am 821 ilevel and level 13 Artifact weapon. I am farming Heroics/Mythics and I believe I can be 835 min, and up to ilevel 840 by Tuesdays reset. If any of this is you or your guild/raid team, and you think I could be a good fit, please either leave a reply on this thread, or add my btag Storm#11949 and we can discuss this further, thank you.Prayingstorm1 2d
2d [A] Fire Exia - Recruiting Fire Exia We plan on covering all content from (Casual PvE)/PvP/WPvP/World Defense (not limiting players to content restrictions of pvp or pve Only) We enjoy our Faction Pride!!! What we will be covering? PvE-Raids (Old/New),Dungeons Normal/Heroic/Mythic and also Rare/Reputation farming / world quests (Raid times are Sat/Sun 8pm/11pm EST/Server time) PvP-Arenas,Battlegrounds,(Rbgs Possibly),Skirmishes and Hardcore Wpvp Guild Achievements - Running Small guild events to push for raising Guild achievements. Guild Humor and Fun - We enjoy our social time in Curse chat be it chatting or challenging one another, it's a big bonus in our guild you feel welcomed into a friendly/supportive environment. Times of our peak? We will be more dominant around the 7Pm-1Am Server time and nocturnal players are always a plus! Personal Gains? In Fire Exia we give every rank the ability to make event's on guild calendar so we have a understanding of what YOU want to achieve so we can get together and knock it out as a team. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guild Rules * We don't want Guild bashing at all! We don't flourish on immaturity *Any issues with this will be dealt with on sight given the circumstances.* -World Defense is highly recommended for rank ups -No drama / no guild bashing -No trade chat drama or being rude/immature -No begging / Asking for Gold -No religious/political talk.(take it to whispers) **Result to not follow guild rules will result in guild kick** Extra note - Not searching for elitist jerks, we are looking for dedicated vet wow players that are age 18+ and can work good together in teams and can socialize in a friendly manner and handle arguments or disagreements in a mature aspect / Players that can brainstorm/theory craft ideas that will make the game better for everyone within our guild. Level Requirement? - As of right now any level may join, we just don't want alts rotting in our guild so 30day inactive will result in guild kick unless informed of situations. (anyone is welcomed to join back if kicked over this reason) Voice Server? - We use Curse Chat as of right now the decision is not final for years to come. We really suggest using curse It can lead to quick rank ups. *side note* - We was running [A] Laughing Coffin, but due to both horde and alliance having same name we decided to change it to solve the questions we're getting. We created the name Fire Exia to resolve that issue and start with a fresh name for ourselves. Questions/Concerns? - In game mail Vengz and Cronno for more information or whisper if online.Vengz53 2d
3d <IPHF> Recruiting Mail/Plate DPS and HPal Our raid team for legion has a few spots open. Recruitment Needs: Holy Pal Plate and Mail DPS Raid times Wed & Friday 930-12 server (EST) What is expected of raiders: Attendance is key we understand that life happens but if you can't make it we would like to know instead of wondering if you are going to show up. Know your class. Please use the time of the prepatch and leveling to understand how your class works after all of the changes. Appropriate addons- DBM, recount-skada, etc.. Curse Voice is our desired VoIP please have it installed and updated. Good Attitude our guild has always had the motto of no drama. We like to laugh cut up and joke if you take things too serious, we may not be the group for you. Proper stats, enchants, gems. Our guild was built will the purpose of PvPing and will are still sticking to our roots. The guild is run by 3 GMs who have achieved 2k+ in multiple brackets. We enjoy all aspects of PvP and are recruiting members who do as well. Whether you like to spam bgs all day or go out in the world and find a fight. If you are interested in joining feel free to reply here or pst anyone guild, they will be able to invite you.Àshê12 3d
3d [A] <GankSpank> Recruiting Join <GankSpank> PvP Guild. Been around/ active for a very long time. Fun/ productive atmosphere. Many very skilled players who know their classes as well as ever other class. World PvP, BG's, Arenas, Raiding, Ladies, Laughs Look, I can type anything I want here. But I'd rather just show you what we are all about. If that doesn't entice you into joining, then consider this. Omnos is in <GankSpank>. Who is Omnos? Just think. Omnos is just one guy. One feeble member of <GankSpank>. Just think of what it's like to be in a guild with these Adonis's, these PvP legends. Contact me, or any member in-game, for an invite or information.Omnos0 3d
3d Serenity in Val'sharah Today is a day to be remembered. Today is a day for celebration and recognition. Today, the venerable Captain Omnos was riding through the dense foliage of Val'sharah, his golden armor reflecting beams of light that managed to slither through the thick canopy overhead. For just a moment, he paused to contemplate the beauty of his surroundings, as well as to contemplate how much beauty he added to it by simply existing within it. While he paused, his attention momentarily shifted away from horde-hunting, a group of disreputable heathens found their chance and struck at him. Caring not how devoid of honor or sense their actions were, they stood around The Omnos as he feigned death for what seemed like an eternity, falsely thinking themselves victors. Little did they know what was in store for them. As they stood gloating, something changed. There was a shift in the direction of the winds. They felt a pressure in the air, and some began to taste blood in their mouths. Before they could resolve the reasons behind the sudden change in atmosphere, a whirlwind of blue banners rushed through the trees, like water over rocks, and a wave of justice came crashing into them. They tried to make sense of what was happening. They called for aid, like children in a riptide being dragged further from the shores of hope. Whatever aid did come, however, was swept up and doomed to the same fate. They heard an echoing laughter amongst the screams of their allies. Then, all was silent, as the last of them fell. They realized this day that they would never taste the glory known by those shrouded in blue. They realized there was no hope for survival. They realized they should have never made the mistake of incurring the wrath of The Omnos and GankSpank. Most importantly they realized they would never be that. They would never be a force to fear. They would always remain just out of reach of greatness...right at the threshold.Zanju18 3d
3d (A) Raid Wipe! LFM Weekend Raiding & RBG Raid Wipe! Is a newly formed, multi-aspect guild on Bleeding Hollow Alliance. Our philosophy is to not only be a raiding/rated PVP guild, but to also get the community involved with various activities. Whether it be Mythic Dungeon+ Races within the guild, OR the community, or community 1v1, arena, and Battleground tourneys. We do not want to conform with the basic goal of being the best guild at raiding, or the best RBG guild, but we want to be the best active guild. Constant activities to revive the WoW community is something that we believe has been absent from WoW for a while, we want to bring that back. At first we WILL be a basic raiding/pvp guild, but we hope to move into other plans as it comes! With that out of the way, we will now start with the Class needs for raiding! Tanks - Closed Healer - Resto Sham - Open Holy Paladin - Open Resto Druid - Closed MW Monk - Closed DPS - All Open Rated Battle Grounds! We're looking to run a rot comp, with strong AoE during teamfights, and strong lock down during FC maps. There's no problem if you enjoy both aspects of the game. Raiders are welcome to pvp as much as pvpers are welcome to raid! Healers- Restoration Druid - Low Restoration Shaman - Low Holy Paladin - Medium DPS- Unholy Deathknight - High Shadow Priest - High Balance Druid - High We are an adult guild, and have a very open mind-set. If you can't handle cursing, or lewd jokes, this guild is not for you! Feel free to add my Btag. Be sure to add what you are looking for, so I know what your intentions are! TrewLolz#1612 Thank You for your time, and remember.... STAY OUTTA THE FIRE!! -SynkroSynkro4 3d
3d Raiding Guild LF all classes <Bad Dps> Hey everyone, Im Guccimangh officer of <Bad Dps> and are looking for all and any classes to raid in this current tier. We are a semi casual guild that wants to raid and not have to take time out of our days to do so. We raid 3 days a week 10pm EST to midnight, you are only required to show up to 2 nights with the 3rd being an extra clear night. Dont be shy if you dont know the fights and are new to raiding because we all are willing to take time to teach every new member what to do without punishment or scolding. If your interested and want to know more add my btag kidbugs#1165 im looking forward to meeting and talking to anyone interested!Guccimangh0 3d
3d [H] 3 Bros Looking for Casual Raiding Guild Hey, My brothers and I are looking for a casual raiding guild to join. I'm a Prot/Holy Paladin and my brothers are a arms/fury warrior and either a blood/holy DK or Ele/Resto Shaman (he's got two toons he can play on to fit whatever is needed). We are all 840+ and can start raiding right away. We've got raid experience and are looking for a guild that raids any day(s) Monday through Thursday, around 8 - 12+ server time. Add me in game Gwaduh#1938 if you think we would be a fit for your guild. ThanksGuadallour0 3d
3d Community Discord Live! Hello guys! If anyone here doesn't yet know about Discord, it is a relatively new voice and text chat application that works both as an app and in your web browser. It's like combining TeamSpeak and Skype and putting it into a single app. A group of us made a community Discord. In this discord you will be provided with latest hotfixes with also all Class discords at your disposal. All classes have a Discord channel, each with a varying number of members and multiple sub-channels dedicated to specific topics regarding that class. Each channel is maintained by class community leaders and are excellent resources for anyone, new and veteran to the game. We will try to make the discord channel as beneficial for each of you as possible. Feel free to use our community discord for anything you want to do. The link below will direct you to our discord channel: 3d
3d [H] 6/7 Guild LF Hpal 930-midnight wed/fri Im Punching His Face is recruiting a Hpal to complete our 20 man roster for raids. Raid nights are Wednesday and Friday from 9:30pm till Midnight. We are 6/7 our first night in the Emerald Nightmare. PM any officer in guild for more info or to set up a trial. Xaijen#1368Shèldon1 3d
3d (A) <GankSpank> Join. Or Don't. GankSpank has just recently started to ping some interest from the smaller scale peons on Horde side. Mostly from the one that switched from (A) to (H) because Agent Salt. "Priz, should I faction change from Horde and come Alliance to join GS?" The answer to that is, no. You'll probably just get mad at us and leave if you're an old grump, or wear your heart on your sleeve. We are 18+ only. "Why Priz, why are you guys an 18+ only guild?" Hush young one, it will all come to sense when Sylar's new name is Mom. Things you'll do in GankSpank, and what will trigger you: ------------------------------------------- We do some WPVP, mostly 5-20 man, the other stuff just isn't what we want to do cuz Obama. Battlegrounds and Rated Battlegrounds. We aren't serious. Getting into the PVE aspect more recently. (Thanks Legion) ------------------------------------------- Enough about that, this is what'll get to you: We troll. A lot. Probably more than we should, but hey, its the internet. Have fun with it. We have an Omnos. (Ask the salt lords about this one) Kinda like the Horrigan of the Enclave, only less serious and more " can't believe that YOU believe this you fruit loop dingus' " We make you mad enough to trigger you if you're not a part of our community, because you feel like the females won't talk to you in ts. "Usually means you're not cool enough" Either way, you'll feel sad/lonely/angry and act out. You'll talk about those said females of our guild. We'll find out about it, and trust me, we will find out about it. You'll get kicked, we don't tolerate hatred towards the Queens. You'll make a splinter guild. You'll take 2 of our shadow "do-nothing in guild" members and 1 member who gets carried to 1750, and you'll feel great. Your splinter guild will die. You won't feel so great anymore. Those 2 shadow members you took will come back to us and be shadows again, but either way, we won't decline them. That 1750 guy will just wander off and RP somewhere or something, dunno, he's sad. You'll feel the greatness you had start to fade, and see it only as a distant 2 day memory. Your guild will be disbanded. You'll mope around Stormwind for a bit, as the lonesomeness begins to take over your in-game spirit. You'll join the Enclave until you get kicked there too because Queens. Internet. You'll ask to come back. We laugh at you, but invite you back for the luls. <GankSpank>, join or don't. We don't care. We just enjoy Omnos' parodies. --------------------------------------- *Disclaimer* This message has been approved by The Omnos 2016 and all parties affiliated with that of http://theomnos.comPrizmatik21 3d
3d LF Weekend Raiding Guild. Looking for a raiding guild on Fri/Sat/Sun - Bleeding Hollow (Horde). Experienced player.Yokehh2 3d
4d [H] 851 DH LF Raiding Guild I'm your average 26 year old. I can raid any day after 9:30 PM. Feel free to PM me with any questions or information. Thanks, #Chevrolet1697Genjidan0 4d