Bleeding Hollow

Aug 28 WPVP BH This is what started it all Aug 28
Aug 28 durotar is dead now after the pre patch went live there is not even one person in durotar. before the pre patch i used to see atleast 100 people from crossrealms will we see our cross realm buddies again? its horrible atm i feel all alone :(Lmfaø2 Aug 28
Aug 27 [H] <No Results Just Excuses> daytime guild [H] <No Results Just Excuses> daytime raiding guild About Us: We are a newly formed daytime raiding guild that is looking to do Mythics in Legion, but mostly have fun and down bosses. The guild's core is composed of skilled adult players that have been raiding together for years. Recruitment Needs: All classes are open currently, but we are mostly interested in raiding with like-minded individuals with prior mythic level raiding experience. We are not aiming for server first or top US/world ranks, but instead want to 100% clear mythic content each patch, focusing on being efficient and skilled rather than wiping for hours/days/weeks to down a boss. This does mean that you need to know your class entirely and research the boss fights beforehand on your own time. Raid Times: We are looking to raid Tuesdays and Thursdays somewhere between 2pm - 5pm EST. Voice Chat Discord Contact info Guyver#1936, Qyietstorm#1892Guyver4 Aug 27
Aug 27 WTB Moose mount/Archimonde mount WTB Moose mount sometime Sunday evening or Monday, saw offers for 20k for a carry. Also interested in the reaver mount if achievable. Post here and I'll get back to you.Kajas0 Aug 27
Aug 27 I made dis 4 u Despite being horde or alliance, this server is awesome! Hope this helps everyone out and also lets you know where I'll be during Legion launch! Aug 27
Aug 26 Looking for group of people to play with Hey, I am coming back to WoW and working on my BM hunter and would love to find a group of people to play with and talk to. I also would g mind finding an active guild to join for legion raids and dungeons. NOTE: I've never really done much raiding but I can sure as hell figure it out.Treanai6 Aug 26
Aug 26 Omnos's guide to Hunter PvP Omnos here with yet another helpful forums post. Omnos is considered by many to be the best hunter on the Bleeding Hollow server. Omnos prides himself on his knowledge of combat. He often takes it upon himself to teach his extensive expertise to those less powerful than him, in effort to "make the Alliance great again!" "I have never heard of Omnos. He can't be that good can he?" Above Omnos takes on 10 horde and single handedly destroys them all through overwhelming DPS, positioning, and knowledge of his class. You can do this too if you follow Omnos's 12 step program to becoming better at this game, as outline on "What can Omnos and his patented 12 step Program do for me?" Above Omnos downs a geared level 00 player with 1 shot; 1 single 680k critical strike. If you follow Omnos's patented 12 step program, you too, can down any enemy with 1 fell swing or shot! "What can I hope to expect after completing Omnos's patented 12 step program?" As seen above you can expect being able to kill any player with 1 shot, and therefor be able to take on multiple max level opponents and emerge victorious. "Ok, I am sold. Where can I find Omnos's patented 12 step program, and ho much do I have to pay?" Omnos gives all of his PvP knowledge away for free at Here you can see PvP tips, tricks, and Omnos in action in videos. Omnos is also available for 1-on-1 PvP teachings if you contact him via his website As always god bless you and god bless the Alluance, and America. Go to for PvP tips, tricks, and more... Follow Omnos on Twitter @TheOmnos for neat Omnos-ralated stuff! Like Omnos on facebook for even more neat stuff Disclaimer: This forums post contains no malice intent or derogatory or inflammatory content directed towards any Warcraft player, account, or real life person, persons, or groups. it is "here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss ideas and give game play advice". This post is not a thread "for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums" or "Causing disturbances in forum threads, such as picking fights, making off topic posts that ruin the thread, insulting other posters". Please keep your comments civil and stick to the topic of the thread.Omnos42 Aug 26
Aug 26 [H] Warrior Tank LF raiding guild Did a lot of raiding when WoD came out. All of HM and most of BRF as Guild officer and a MT. Looking to raid again as tank but can play as DPS. Any start time for raiding is fine but am looking to be done raiding at 10:00pm Server. If you need a tank reply or send me a tell in game Crymaker#1146.Crymaker0 Aug 26
Aug 26 [H]Shifty Casuals 13/13M Cleared Heroic and Normal Emerald Nightmare in the first week of it's release. Classes Needed: Discipline Priest that can switch to Holy when needed Rogue Always looking for exceptional DPS of any class. About Us: We are a guild, made up of former members of <Red Shift> and <Casually Addicted>, on Bleeding Hollow (PvP Server on a Chicago Datacenter) that have a common goal and will do what is necessary to achieve it. We are Shifty Casuals. We are a group of professional adults, who believe success in raiding doesn't correlate to number in days/hours you spend raiding. We are starting a fresh page within our guild history and sticking to a 3 day a week raid schedule. We don't tolerate elitism, bigotry, misogyny or any of the like. We enjoy our calm, adult environment and have no qualms with protecting it. We do loot council which is fair and distributes loot for the progression of the raid as a whole and not an individual player. No favoritism, no loot drama. We have our sights set on top 100 US for Legion and are looking for like-minded individuals to join our ranks. Raid Days and Times (All times in EST as that is our server time): · Tuesday 8:45pm-11:45pm · Wednesday 8:45pm-11:45pm · Thursday 8:45pm-11:45pm Who We Want: Since we are reforming and building for the expansion now is a great time to get in on the ground floor and clear content with us, while prepping for the new expansion. These are some key traits that we are looking for: · Someone who understands that 3 nights a week raiding means that you need to bring your A-game each and every night. Attendance is expected to be near 100%. By committing to raid, you are committing yourself to our raiding schedule. · The ability to perform under pressure. We only recruit impressive players, and spots are always competitive. · Extensive class knowledge of your class. (IE: Alpha/beta testing, keeping up with theorycrafting, properly gemmed/enchanted, always be up to date on the intricacies of your class (not solely your spec(s)) and on the utility of the entire raid group.) · A computer that can handle 20-30 man raiding and the ability to communicate via VOIP when needed. You must have a working headset and mic, and you must be prepared to use them. We will not read chat during boss fights. Inability to give a vocal response will not be tolerated as it directly hinders progression. · Tough skin. We're always looking to improve ourselves as should you. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but flaming and insulting is not tolerated whatsoever. If you have what it takes to be a part of this great team and community, feel free to apply @ or contact any of the officers for additional information. Contacts: Mischievous - Officer - giggles#1351 Esurient - Co-GM - starvingsun#1436 Amisti - Officer - amisti#1417Mischièvous8 Aug 26
Aug 26 selling papal fez for collectors! selling this transmog on the auction house, it has a very rare drop. currently selling for 300K Aug 26
Aug 26 2 Returning Players LF Guild Myself and a hunter friend are returning players looking for a Semi-Hardcore Horde guild with raid times beginning @ 9:30 or later. We have significant raid experience having played at a high level since TBC. You can reach me in game Altrez#1616Altrez0 Aug 26
Aug 26 [H] - <We Like Lore> Recruiting for Legion <We Like Lore> was founded by a group of friends looking to return to the progression scene once Legion launches. As of this post, we have recruited three partial groups of players with hardcore raiding experience spanning back to Wrath of the Lich King. All experienced and ambitious, we're really looking for some like-minded individuals wishing to progress through Legion's end-game content. Raid Times: Tue, Thurs and Sun 9-12 server Recruiting: Enhancement Shaman (high) Hunter (medium) Rogue (high) WW Monk (high) I implore any and all interested parties to please respond here or add me in-game Sol#1512 or DaCrab#1735 for information to discuss any worries you might haveSolligan7 Aug 26
Aug 26 Looking for Horde PvPers Looking for some good horde players to duel in some very unique places with great scenery and background (open to suggestions!) for footage in my next PvP video! If interested please leave a comment and Ill get in touch with you! For those who may be interested or bored and have a second I'll post the first PvP video here right below! Just a short montage! Next one will be much grander in scale! Aug 26
Aug 26 I will bury Sylvanas. As the founder of the greatest World PvP guild to ever grace this game I promise you this. The Legion will be stopped, but so too will their abominations. The Undead are a blight on this world, an affront to the light, and a threat to all humanity. No longer will the cowardice and treachery of the Horde be tolerated. I will put an end to Sylvanas and her accursed Valkyr once and for all. I will purge my homeland of dead men I once called friends, and I will bring war to the Undercity, night and day, until a Menethil once more sits the throne. By the light and by the might of the Alliance, we are going home.Blom77 Aug 26
Aug 26 (H) Revolution Effect - Recruting for Legion Revolution Effect is currently Looking to finish off its Raid roster current Needed Classes and specs Paladin _ Holy Warrior_ Dps Shaman_ Elemental Hunter_Ranged A little about us we a newish Guild that formed 6 months ago in preperation of legion and with starting so late and building a guild be slow we still managed to Put all of HFC(heroic) on Farm with very little difficulty Most of us are returning Vets with a lot of raiding experience Raid times 900pm - 12am server Tues Wed Mon If interested please contact me asap Natzune#1167Limbô0 Aug 26
Aug 26 LF Early ending Legion raid LF a raid/raiding guild that ends their raid before 10 pm server (EST). If they do PVP for fun I'm up for that too.Rocknshock1 Aug 26
Aug 26 LFG MM Hunter or enhancement Shaman experienced raider looking for weekday evening raiding Group. Very active, I would like to down bosses on a top tier level, while raiding casual tues-thur preference around 8-11 ish central.Itchie1 Aug 26
Aug 26 [H] Resto Shaman LF Raiding Guild Good raiding experienced resto shaman LF a raiding guild that is at the very least max x/x heroic every patch release, if not into mythics. Played resto shaman since 2005. slight old game heroic and slight current game mythic experience and have raid lead experience. prefer 2x per week raiding with raid times going from 7 or 730 to 10 or 1030 at the latest.Deathfrenzy3 Aug 26
Aug 26 Tank LF Guild for Legion Currently looking for a guild for Legion to tank for. 12/13M experience as a healer before I stopped raiding. Currently 13/13H experience as a tank Would like to return to raiding as a tank. Considering playing Warrior or DH for the expansion. Raid days-prefer towards the end of the week but not huge priority. Time frame between 7-12 cst.Ipwnüü2 Aug 26
Aug 26 [H] LF semi casual weekend raiding guild Me and a few buddies are surfing the forums looking for a weekend raiding guild. super chill to almost dead preferred. Or just chill. There are 3 of us, maybe 4. Didnt do much in WoD raiding wise and are lookin to get back into it. We have all Hardcore raided at some point in our wow career annnd we are just looking for a place to chill out with good people and kill some giant monsters. o/Növå1 Aug 26
Aug 25 [H] Conviction - Recruiting DPS for Legion! We are <Conviction> of Bleeding Hollow, a former semi-hardcore raiding guild that was formed at the beginning of WotLK. We have established ourselves as one of the top guilds on our original server, as well as on Bleeding Hollow. We are currently in the midst of transitioning into Legion and are looking for additional reliable players who can handle the potential stress of progression raids. Currently Recruiting: Mages - Open (low) Priests - Closed Warriors - Closed Warlocks - Open (HIGH) Shaman - Closed Paladin - Closed Hunter - Closed Rogue - Open (medium) Druid - Open for Moonkin/Resto (medium) Death Knight - Closed Demon Hunter - Closed Monk - Open for WW (HIGH) Note: We will consider all exceptional applicants for any class. We are currently looking to fill our roster with dedicated, patient and loyal players who strive to progress. General Raid Schedule: Tuesday - 7:30pm-10:30pm CST Sunday - 6:30pm-10:30pm CST Current Progression: Highmaul Normal: 7/7 Heroic: 7/7 Mythic: 4/7 Blackrock Foundry Normal: 10/10 Heroic: 10/10 Mythic: 6/10 Hellfire Citadel Normal: 13/13 Heroic: 13/13 Mythic: 13/13 Attendance We expect and encourage our raiders to strive for 100% attendance. Consistent tardiness or absences will likely result in a demotion from a raider status, meaning less access to raid consumables, guild repairs, mats, loot, as well as losing your position in our roster. Additional Information We feel that this is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in being a part of our guild, as we are a very tight knit group of friends. If you are an individual who would be passionate about watching our guild grow and progress through content, please take the time to read over our guild website and forums. Contact: Teeze#1321 Badlock#1975Teeze12 Aug 25
Aug 24 Last Chance for Mythic Archi Mount! <Did it for Whitney> (Realm 3rd 13/13M) is selling the Mythic Archimonde mount this Monday, 08/29. This is the last day for a guaranteed drop. Selling for 2Mil gold. Get in contact with myself or another officer if you are interested. Also selling Mythic Blackhand mount 500k. Look forward to hearing from you soon!Duglawaha0 Aug 24
Aug 24 Felsteel longblade Have mats looking for someone to make it for me, tipping 2kPathilmorbas0 Aug 24
Aug 24 [H] Ranged DPS Main LF Legion Mythic Guild! Hello all! I am currently looking for a weeknight Mythic raiding guild for Legion, preferabbly a guild that raids at times between 7pm - 12am! I have raided since WoTLK, maining a Resto Shaman until the end of SoO where i swaped to Mage in Highmaul, Mistweaver in BRF, Shadow Priest/Mage in HFC. I have raided on every ranged DPS, and healer in HFC, along with Windwalker and Death Knight. I have hard mode experience during relative contents, experience in guild leadership, guild management, and raid leadership roles. I come to each raid, prepared and on time, with my own Potions, Shields, Flasks, and Food/Feasts. I do not AFK mid raid, I come to each raid with my armor 100% repaired, repair each time a jeeves is down, regardless of how small of damage my armor has taken. I am committed to raiding, and I am very flexible. I am currently looking to move to an EST time based server. I have raided on Tichondrius, Kil'Jaeden and Proudmoore since LK, but I am no longer willing to raid at such time differences. In HFC in particular I have 10/13M experience. I quit raiding in late January as many guilds were having issues filling spots or keeping them filled. As such, I do not have any current logs, but if needed, I can get some on either my Mage, Shadow Priest, Boomkin, or Resto Shaman. As I said early, I have raided on every caster and healer in HFC. I am looking to main a Moonkin, but I am willing to play mage, shadow priest, or warlock if they are strong. While I am not actively looking for a healing role. I do have many years experience in healing, and could play certain healing specs if they are strong in legion as well. If any of this is you or your guild/raid team, and you think I could be a good fit, please either leave a reply on this thread, or add my btag Storm#11949 and we can discuss this further, thank you.Songname4 Aug 24
Aug 23 [H] Pokeys is looking for a guild Hi, I'm looking for a guild that plans on raiding legion Thursday/Friday, Thursday/Saturday, or Thursday/Sunday.... I'm also interested in RBGS, and WPVPPokeys0 Aug 23
Aug 23 WTS Tabard of flame Wanting to sell a code for the Tabard of flame. Looking for 80k OBOIgnïs2 Aug 23
Aug 22 Any EU players around? Longtime raider recently moved to the UK from the US and was wondering if there are any guilds that have active daytime (EST)/ evening (GMT) players? Looking for PvE mainly. edit: before you ask, the ping isn't too bad! ~100msDeshaw1 Aug 22
Aug 22 [H] Debauchery “We Ride Together. We Die Together.” Debauchery is recruiting for Legion. Built on a foundation of mutual respect and open communication, Debauchery has made several pretty special accomplishments in a few short months. Progression minded, we embrace a casual environment but put on our big boy pants for raiding. We’re a pretty close and diverse group with members hailing from many backgrounds. Come as you are. A little rough around the edges but genuine, is better than perfect. Currently, we’re looking to add a few more people to our roster for Legion and pushing Mythic when the time comes. A couple of things we’re looking for in raiders: A good attitude. We are going to wipe. How you handle yourself is paramount. Come prepared for learning. Attitudes should be checked at the door. We’re here to do this together. Consistency. When you sign up to raid with us, we want to know you aren’t going to let 19 other people down by not coming. If you say you’re going to be there: be there. Even if you don’t have the gear to raid yet. Camaraderie We legitimately enjoy playing the game together. We want you to look forward to raids and to maintain those spirits when it gets rough. Some of us look to this group as a second family. Dysfunctional as it may be, we care about who we bring in and how we are defined as team. Dedication We aren’t the guild that is going to mandate 100% attendance. Life comes first. If you aren’t going to make it, let an officer or the GM know in advance. We expect that as a part of this team, you are willing to give your two cents and play the role asked of you. If you want to join, join for the long haul. Think you’d be a good fit? Get in game for a quick interview with the officers: Tìgra - GM (altcode 0236 for the i) Ursanthrope - Officer Grøve - Officer (altcode 0248 for the o) Raìnman - Officer (altcode 0236 for the i) Fedrik - Officer (btag: KFedrik#1471) Farrtbox - Officer For Legion, our raid times are Tuesday and Friday 8-11PM EST. Recruitment is open for the following roles: Ranged DPS (especially that with a healer off-spec). Melee DPS Healers of any class. (Strong preference on Shamans or Monks) Loot is done as a combination of Loot Counsel and AskMrRobot consultation. Priority is given to the biggest upgrade. Mandatory Addons: DBM AskMrRobot Exorsus Raid Tools Discord is mandatory for progression raiding, but not for progression fishing. The use of oxford commas wins big points.Fedrik4 Aug 22
Aug 22 Never thought I would play wow again So it has been 2 1/2 years since I last played WOW and somehow have found myself downloading the game again. Who knows for how long but here I am :) Going through all my old links and seems like not much has changed!! Thought I would post and see if there are any familiar faces still around. :)Broadzilla13 Aug 22
Aug 21 [H] Looking for guild Hello! I am looking for a somewhat social guild on Bleeding Hollow. I'm looking through some of the topics here but figured I would post this as well. I'm looking for a fun guild that has some kind of voice communication that is used and is just looking to have fun questing/doing content/pvp/whatever together. I'm not looking for a hardcore progression guild but would still be interested in "casual" progression at a slow pace potentially. I'm currently rocking a mage but pretty much play anything and will likely have multiple characters I use frequently. I usually heal but for now I am really loving mage. I'm coming back from FFXIV for Legion. A guild that is active late Eastern would be best as I am not typically on until around 11 PM Eastern or so; a Pacific based guild may be best. Feel free to drop some comments in here and I'll check them out, or feel free to ping me on Lerra in game.Lerra3 Aug 21
Aug 21 Nova Divine is recruiting! Nova Divine is recruiting for new members we are a Causal Guild with free repairs & Site we are seeking a Raid leader to lead the guild to legion Heroics & more also if you already in the guild sign up for We are located on the Bleeding Hollow Realm (US)Felbladé0 Aug 21
Aug 21 Horde - LF Home for Legion! Hi Bleeding Hollow, I'm looking for a new HORDE home for Legion, and have read Bleeding Hollow is a very strong server still. I've been playing WoW since right around the time AQ opened. And have been lucky enough to enjoy most of the end game content that has been offered over the years. Most of the time I played, I raided hardcore, and found myself burned out in guild that struggled with Heroic Rag mechanics in Cata. Shortly into Dragon Soul heroics, I decided to stop raiding; and I completly lost interest in playing shortly into MoP. This past March, I returned after a much needed break. With that time lapse, most of the people I played with have moved on. Now, I'm looking for a place to call home, and a new group of people to become my WoW family. What I'm looking for: -First and foremost, a socially active, mature guild that has been around for several expansions, and will be around for several more (assuming Blizz makes them). -Generally, the people in guild have a high level of skill. I've been playing for a long time, and want to play with other skilled players who will challenge me. -A guild with scheduled activities after 10PM EST and later (after the kids go to bed). -Active rosters for both Raiding and PvP. I've mostly been PvPing since my return, but with the way content is looking for legion, I might find myself interested in raiding again a few nights per week schedule with the right group of people. The social fit/maturity (after rereading this, I sound like an old man): -Laid back, and respectful to everyone. -Don't talk about race or religion negatively in guild or voice chat (I'm not offended by it, just at a point in my life where I'm annoyed when people think they can say whatever they want when they're behind a keyboard). -Politics are only acceptable when blood alcohol content levels are above 0.08% (drinking during non-progression is acceptable, and often encouraged). -General conversaton on non-WoW related things is encouraged. Thanks for taking the time to read this and responding, I'm looking forward to my long awaited transfer.Ethernet1 Aug 21
Aug 21 [H] Looking for Raiding Guild I am looking for a horde raiding guild. I've been playing WoW since TBC and I am new to the server. I'm interested in raiding during the week, starting no earlier than 9PM EST, two or three times a week. I have a variety of characters at level 100, and I would be willing to main any one of them, but I'm leaning towards my druid at the moment. I have experience with tanking, healing and damage in raids. I am looking for a relaxed close-knit guild and to make some new friends.Hakuga1 Aug 21
Aug 21 LF Raiding Guild Looking for a guild that raids on the weekends ending at 1PM PST or earlier or looking for a late night guild that raids at 10pm PST Tues, Wed, Thurs or after 11:30 PM Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun. Prot Pally and Resto Shaman Looking! BananaPanda#1655Bananapandá1 Aug 21
Aug 20 Strength of the Alliance? I am looking at Bleeding Hollow as a realm to transfer to as Alliance. I see that it is dominated, population wise, by the Horde. Does this really present any issue playing as Alliance? I am coming from Eitrigg/Shu'halo so either way I am looking at a more significant player presence. I believe BH has more Alliance at max level than my connected realm has total players at max level. I just wanted to gain some insight before shelling out to move over. Thanks.Grimston10 Aug 20
Aug 20 [EA](MG) is selling the Felsteel Annihilator Exceptionally Average is selling the Felsteel Annihilator Mount for 1,200,000 Mal'Ganis Gold. (We also take Thrall/Bleeding Hallow gold) Price is somewhat negotiable. We have over 30 Mythic Archimonde kills as a guild to this date! The run takes place on Wednesday @ 8:00 PM Server Time (Central) Currently we have one opening on 8/24. Please contact Kitedu in-game or add Kitedu#1209 with any questions!Kitedu0 Aug 20
Aug 20 Things to do before Legion. Obtain the Moose Mount The Reins of the Grove Warden is only available for a limited time - the item to start the quest will not drop in Legion, but will be available during the pre-expansion patch. Get a group together for Heroic Archimonde and loot the Remnant of Chaos. Mythic Raid Mounts Currently, Ironhoof Destroyer from Mythic Blackhand and the Felsteel Annihilator from Mythic Archimonde are both guaranteed drops. After Legion goes live, these will be reduced to a 1-3% drop chance. Heirloom Trinkets There are five different heirloom trinkets that are available from Mythic dungeon bosses. These trinkets will level with you through Legion, up to 110. Gronntooth War Horn Judgment of the Naaru Orb of Voidsight Infallible Tracking Charm Purified Shard of the Third Moon Secret Vendors The following NPCs are only accessible before the Broken Shore event is completed. You must be level 98+ and on the Broken Shore questline, before boarding the boat in Battle for the Broken Shore to see these NPCs. As Demon Hunters cannot complete the Broken Shore, they can never see these NPCs. Horde Fo'rum the Postmaker by the Draonsh'ar Blockade sells Angry Post, Happy Post. and Thoughtful Post for 10 each. Ravika by Bladefury's Dock sells highly sought-after items from Patch 5.3: the cosmetic item Griftah's Authentic Troll Shoes and toys Whole-Body Shrinka', Sen'jin Spirit Drum, and Xan'tish's Flute. Alliance Lenny "Fingers" McCoy at Stormwind Harbor sells Lucky Shirt and the flavor items Old Lucky Coin, Lucky Rat's Tooth, and Lucky Charm. There is a fourth hidden item requiring Stage 6, 7, or 8 of the Broken Shore for Alliance: Alaina's Bonnet Pick up Charred Locket from the Ashes of a Fallen Crusader, located on an altar. Complete the Broken Shore scenario and The Battle for Broken Shore. Head to Eastvale Logging Camp and give the locket to Alaina Hearthsong inside a house at 85.5, 69.7. Briefly leave and return to the house, and on the 2nd floor you can loot the Bonnet. An Alliance character is required to loot the bonnet, but Horde can transmog into it once acquired.Blom4 Aug 20
Aug 20 Hello BH The old stomping ground doing well? I see more and more BH people crz over to ED to play footsie with we humble RPers and I can see why glancing at the forums but please leash your dogs killing Threshold is a bore. Anyway outside of that how are you all doing? Enjoying the class changes? Thoughts on the Launch event?Kagrenac19 Aug 20
Aug 20 Islamophobia in WoW [IMG][/IMG] He's in the guild <Divine Descent> on Bleeding Hollow I know there are trolls and idiots all over the internet, but I always find it funny when an overzealous, patriotic NEET has any hate to spew, not that anyone has any right to spew any.Sun42 Aug 20
Aug 19 @muggshotz I'm sorry for killing you all those times,kind of. You were in my area for a certain mount and i don't like to compete for stuff. I understand you were out gunned by my Leet MW dps. Your friend on the other hand hits like a truck and i'm tired of his !@#$. P.S. Please don't spit on me again or i will be forced to lay yet another beat down.Sumar9 Aug 19
Aug 19 WTS Personalized Guides So I've been told I make great and easy guides for farming. Not mats for making gold, but collectibles, like Mounts, pets, toys, etc... And I enjoy doing them as well. The guides are always on Word document, and I implement tables if I feel they would help. I find the easier ones first and go from there. I also add costs, % drop, the rare, vendor, or rep needed, and the best way to get said rep. Just so you can get a small idea of what my guides are like, I made a fishing guide and shared it with friends and posted it on reddit that I will link below. All of my friends that used said guide won on their first try. I am selling my guides if you are interested. I know it won't be in high demand as there is google and such, but the one thing google can't do (or wowhead) is give you an exact guide for what you are looking for, the fastest ways to get what you need, the %, cost and what is required, which I do. If you are interested, please comment here or ad my bnet Sorcha#1489. Stranglethorn Fishing Tourney Guide Aug 19
Aug 18 One last chance for Mythic Arch BH mounts <Addiction> on Bleeding Hollow [H] will be one of the last few guilds selling mythic arch and blackhand mounts next week. We raid late night and will be holding out 1 last spot for mythic arch and mythic blackhand for that one special procrastinator out there! This will be the last chance you have to obtain either mount from these bosses before the drop rate gets lowered to "I never want to do this levels." We have sold both mounts for over a year now. We do 2 clears a week so double mounts. Hundreds of happy people have received a mount from us, loot clears, you name it. We have a great reputation that can be seen from testimonials on both these forums and our realm forums. Feel free to contact us via email that is listed on our website. just google addictiontowow. Get them before it's too late!Saraf0 Aug 18
Aug 18 <Addiction>MHFC Sales, Arch+BHmounts,greatrep <Addiction> on Bleeding Hollow has been offering sales runs and carries for every tier for a long time now. We have a proven track record with lots of success. Our full clears are in 1 night and you never have to endure a night of wiping to get what you want. Clears are efficient and fun. We don't exude the elitist attitude most guilds will show you during your carry. Hang out on mumble, learn about the fights and your class, but above all enjoy your time with us. Player satisfaction and positive reputation are very important to us and we pride ourselves on 100% positive reviews and testimonials from past buyers. We offer the following: - Mythic, Heroic and Normal HFC Full Clears - Mythic Blackhand with mount included - Achievement runs including meta mounts for all tiers - Single bosses all of these include the loot obviously. We have some of the more competitive prices out there and a long list of satisfied customers. In this thread alone you can read through some of the testimonials from previous buyers. We have never had a buyer who wasn't satisfied, we respond quickly, and we conduct ourselves very professionally. Don't bother wiping with those guilds all night who claim to have done this for a long time now. All pricing and procedures can be found on our website. You can ask any questions you'd like if you find me in game or through our email. Thanks and looking forward to getting to talk to some of you.Saraf36 Aug 18
Aug 17 Reins of the Grove Warden Looking for someone to run me through and get this mount. PM.Schmiede0 Aug 17
Aug 17 Question for Enclave and Horrigan Why so scared? I mean, really. You guys can bring even numbers to fight us, and despite that, you still chose to disband your raid and sit in your garrison and proceed to queue for dungeons. Pathetic. You guys have no honor. You're just as scared as Ruin Gaming and Division VII. :)Liberated65 Aug 17
Aug 17 Omnos 2016: Make The Alliance Great Again! Omnos here! with another 2016 campaign advertisement. Join Omnos and we will make The Alliance Great again! Be sure to visit for neat Omnos stuff! Follow me on Twitter @TheOmnos Like me on Facebook at Omnos God bless you and god bless the Alliance, and AmericaOmnos26 Aug 17
Aug 17 First look at new Warcraft movie! Thoughts? Hey guys! Omnos here with yet another groundbreaking forums post! Blizzard Entertainment has officially released the first look at the new Warcraft/ Donald Trump/ Batman movie cross-over. The movie stars Omnos, the best hunter on the Bleeding Hollow Server, Donald Trump, the upcoming 2016 U.S. President, and Ben Affleck's Batman. Here is a link to the trailer: Make sure to: Visit for more info Follow Omnos onTwitter @TheOmnos Like Omnos on Facebook at Omnos Join Omnos and make the Alliance great again! God bless you and god bless the Alliance, and America.Omnos2 Aug 17
Aug 17 The Horde Guild <SCH> still on this server? Hey is that horde guild <SCH> still on this server? Remember Omnos? Remember this? -Omnos outOmnos1 Aug 17
Aug 16 [H] Augment Illidan-US Mythic Raiding ...Ultròn1 Aug 16
Aug 16 [H]DaFunk Mythic Raid Team LFM DaFunk is a mythic raiding guild transferring from Turalyon, and we are looking for a few reliable, progression oriented players to join our raid team for Legion Heroic(30 person)/Mythic. If your looking to earn a spot on a team of people who spend time looking up fights before raids, come prepared on time to raid, and the time and effort needed to succeed on their characters, look no further. We will ask you to meet with us on TS before making any promisses. Currently our roster can be found at: (@30 currently and we're seeking 33) Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday 9:15pm - 12:30am Est and Sunday 8:15pm - 12:30am Est (Every other Sunday after the third week of a new raid.) With the launch of Legion coming, we are preparing our guild roster for the following groups: Semi Hardcore PvE Casual PvE PvP Oriented Groups Current Vacancies: Dps (if applicable, please have a healing or tank off spec you are willing to play): Priest Death Knight Paladin Heals (if applicable, please have a Dps or tank off spec you are willing to play): Priest disc/holy Paladin As always, exceptional players of every class are always welcome and encouraged to contact one of our officers if you are interested in joining. All core raids spots are competitive, and as such, we expect the highest level of play from all of our raiders. Casuals and PVPers are always welcome! About Us: <DaFunk> began at the launch of Warlord of Draenor, and was formed from like minded individuals from across the game that had a desire to create a fun yet progressive gaming environment; which is something we pride ourselves on. We use a Teamspeak server for raids, and while we do encourage raiders to share their thoughts using voice-chat, we run tight raids and prefer clean, quick pulls. What we're Looking For: - A Stable Internet Connection - Complete and accurate knowledge of all raid-viable specs for your class - Usage of the best consumables available to your class on progression fights - A mature and respectful approach to gaming - Ability to learn quickly - Ability to adapt to a changing environment - Ability to play multiple roles and excel at them - Always be open to constructive criticism - Our Mandatory Addons are DBM / BigWigs, GTFO, Tell Me When and Weakauras, please ensure you have them. We respect our members' opinions and consider ourselves a round table guild, everyone's thoughts and opinions matter. That being said, we are an adult guild focused on progression. As adults, we approach raiding with a sense of humor in the spirit of friendly competition, and ask only that you be able to do the same. In addition we are not in the business of recruiting bench raiders or backups, every raider will be rotated in for farm content. If you have any other questions, or are interested, you can send a BTag invite to: Yezz#1193 - Guild Leader Zypth#1435 - Raid Leader Frzn#1214 - Recruitment Or register and apply at: Aug 16