Bleeding Hollow

Dec 24, 2014 [WTB] Cata Herbs 1g/ea hey, it's the goo. looking to buy all your oldie herbs for my inking activities. for those unsure, i'm looking for Azshara's Veil, Cinderbloom, Heartblossom, Stormvine, Twilight Jasmine, and Whiptail. feel free to message me on goolagoon, polosweater, vintagepolo, or deionsandals. CoD works perfectly fine too. Want to add me on real-id for sales, questions, other shenanigans? awesome, feel free. Villain#1842 Peace love and happiness from Goo, have a wonderful holiday.Goolagoon2 Dec 24, 2014
Dec 24, 2014 Raid or Premade? /whoKonstas2 Dec 24, 2014
Dec 23, 2014 [H] LFM for mythic 6/7 heroic, new times Wizzy and the Boiz is looking for more skilled and dedicated players to fill out our roster and start mythic progression as soon as possible. Currently 7/7 norm 6/7 heroic Recruitment needs: -1 mdps *pref warr/dk/enhance -ALL rdps -2 healers *pref priest/monk Will consider any exceptional players. Our raid times are 7-11 EST Tues-Thurs We expect all our raiders to: -Maintain 90% attendance -Have a good attitude and are enjoyable to be around -Drive to push progression and be the best at your class -Play up to standards of your class/spec, have good raid awareness, and can quickly adapt to boss fights and strategies -Be able to take a receive constructive criticism -Pref 640+ ilvl currently, but will take any skilled player who can pull weight for their gear What to expect from us: -GM that has a ton of experience from Vanilla to Wrath, with very competitive rankings during Wrath some notable achievements being: US 4th H 25 Lich King Kill, US 4th Ulduar Clear, and US 3rd Alone in the Darkness -Many officer and core members have been playing since BC and all have exceptional raiding experience and have known/played with each other for many tiers -A group of like-minded players that have a competitive strive and a good, serious attitude towards raiding and progression For loot purposes we use loot council. Things taken into consideration when distributing loot are stat priorities, biggest ilvl upgrade, attendance, player performance, and generally who we think gearing will help the raid as a whole the best. For now we are using Raidcall for voice chat, but may move to mumble or vent in the near future. If interested, please add Danceblaster#1959, Shaangor#1849, Goat#1853, or Apocalypse#1608 on real ID for an application process.Spacelizard0 Dec 23, 2014
Dec 23, 2014 He's the hero Gotham needs Dec 23, 2014
Dec 23, 2014 Tis the Season Whichever holiday you celebrate this is the time of year for it. Earlier I gave out 75 gifts to horde members who came to me next to voljin. In the next few days I will do this again and I will try to include a few........... unique things. So try to watch for me when I decide to spread more cheer.Narshen1 Dec 23, 2014
Dec 23, 2014 No Flex Zone Short Video Clip Dec 23, 2014
Dec 23, 2014 Xbox one vs PS4 I am finally going to crack my wallet open and join the current generation of console gaming systems. I was hoping for some help in deciding which system to get. I have researched them both but I would appreciate any ideas or opinions that any of you who own either or both could give me. Thanks to all that can give me some help deciding!Zooskool15 Dec 23, 2014
Dec 23, 2014 RIP in Peace Shadowshanx While camping for the poundfist mount a fellow MLG gamer lost his life. He died after staring blankly at his screen for more than 20 hours having consumed nothing but Mt. Dew and Doritos. Crushed by the sheer weight of his sweat drenched fedora. Please keep him in your thoughts. A funeral will be held in game Tuesday the 25th at 10p EST in Gorgrond at the Breakers Crown. Please attend. Thank you. FOR SHADOWSHANXNermel12 Dec 23, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 651 blood dk lf weekend raid guild currently 6/7N 3/7H, pugged. LF a WEEKEND (fri sat sun) casual chill raid guild with the means of serious progression. Would really like to down imp :)Shmurdaa1 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 [A] PvP <Cant Handle My Broness> This guild is recruiting for core spots in WoD in all aspects of pvp. We run rbgs primarily and hit 2300 this season. We have played many different comps and strategies and pride ourselves on game knowledge and skill. Bros are pretty laid back, however during rated play it gets serious. Arenas are run frequently and you can always find a team to play with on all levels of the pvp spectrum. When we are not running rbgs or arenas we are normally found in bgs. The guild also hosts events like pvp tournaments, bg nights and wpvp events. We are mostly active during the evening. If you have any further questions hmu in game at Perryy, Puury, Rashai or on at Perryy#1504.Perryy63 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 We all need to... Calm down and listen to some good music... Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 [H] <Declaration of War> looking for PvP lead We are seeking someone who is willing and capable of leading small to large-scale PvP raids throughout the world. We are a newly formed guild, made up of people who love to PvP and would like a weekly WPvP event. A few of us have a lot on our plates and are in need of someone to fill this position. That is where you come in. You will have the PvP lead officer position and will set up weekly raids on the Alliance towns. (shh, don't tell them. =P) If you have an alliance on this server, it's okay. We don't mind. =) Do you think you're capable of leading large-scale World PvP? If so, message me in game, or comment on this forum post.Alexciana26 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 [H] <Unspoken> has open DPS spots. Schedule -Tuesday -Wednesday -Thursday 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Eastern (SERVER) 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Central 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM Pacific Current Recruitment Targets ... Tank -No Tanks needed as of right now. Healer -No Healers need as of right now Damage -Warlock - Medium -Shaman (Elemental/Enhance) - High -Warrior (Arms/Fury) - Medium -Paladin (Retribution) - High -Rogue - Medium Recruitment Process ... Our recruitment process is fairly simple as long as you thoroughly fill out your application. From here you will be whispered in game by the GM or I to go over your application. If you are accepted you will be invited to the guild as a "Trial" member and brought in for a raid night. If you impress the officers you will be promoted to "Core Raider". However, just because your Guild Status is "Core Raider" does not mean you can not lose your raid spot. If you begin to under perform in any way (tanking, healing, damage, mechanics, attendance, etc...) you will be demoted back to "Trial". Now, all members are entitled to a second chance if you do not get promoted or get demoted. When you feel that you have improved enough to become a Core Raid member you are allowed to sign up for a raid whenever you are ready but once again if you under perform you will be removed. Attendance ... Attendance is very important in keeping your Guild Rank as a "Core Raider". However, we understand that things IRL can happen and as long as you let an officer know you will be missing a raid night you will not be penalized. On the other hand, if you do not give anyone a heads up in advance we have a "2 Strike Policy" meaning if you miss once without further notice it can not happen again. About Unspoken ... Unspoken is a fairly small guild with many close friendships and members with great personalities. We like to joke around and have fun so anyone who doesn’t enjoy a laid back environment with some humorous conversations, this is not the guild for you. Our core team is currently 6/7 Normal and 1/7 Heroic and plan to start really picking up our progression now that we have established many core raid positions. GUILD WEBSITE: bh-unspoken.enjin.comGulokar0 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 WW monk looking for PvE guild ilvl 611, looking to join a busy guild, not expecting to raid till im at 630. previous experience was in vanilla and BC, used to running mc/bwl/aq40 with a warlock. availability is pretty open, weekdays ideal.Alethi2 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 Looking for stable raiding guild The tittle says it all. I am looking for a raiding guild, and when i mean stable i mean i would prefer a guild that has been around in the same guild without the need of disbaning or moving else where. I know it may sound a bit picky, but through my past expierence on WoW i would rather find something a bit more stable. Now a little about myself. I have been playing WoW on and off since the end of BT xpac, and quit playing during the middle of WoTLK. Then returning for cata. I once again quit during the middle of Cata, as i had faught hard for good raid progression and things were not working out at all, and the xpac itself was aggrevating me. I skipped WoD entirely and have returned once more for WoD. I have high hopes for WoD and plan on sticking around for a long time. I have a descent amount of raid expeirence, along with expeirence as helping to run a guild and being 2nd raid leader. Things that I value are constructive critism as i am always looking to better myself and better my team and guild. I like to have a set raid schedule, and preferably a guild website so to bring further organization to planing other events such as alt raids, just for fun and pvp. Son't worry i am not a clicker! I have a reliable PC i built myself, razer deathstalker keyboard, along with razer naga mouse, and a reliable internet connection. I believe that if you want to get the job done effectively then you must have the right tools to do so. Right now i am currently still leveling my toon that i am choosing to play for the time being so i am not asking for an emediate raid spot. My other toons include, 85 rogue, 80 DK, and 90 pally that i used my boost. I only run DPS as of now and am more than willing to learn the role of tank offtank and healer as well. Main addons i use would include, GTFO, DbM, Atlas loot, Titan panel, and recount. and i am always willing to consider more addons if it will help myself and the team out. If you have any further questions for me, or are interested in allowing me into your humble guild feel free to wisper or send ingame mail on bleeding hollow realm. character name Drizchilix. PS. I would prefer mature guilds 18+.Drizchilix1 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 (H) Zulu Hour Recruiting We are a casual raiding guild 14/14 normal. We raid wed and sundays at 8 server. We have run into some people taking breaks and need to fill some spots. Healers and a couple dps. If interested get in touch with skolar or bycz in game.Skólár3 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 Hows the PVP on this server? Hi. Im looking to transfer to a good pvp server. Im looking for a good, mature pvp guild. A guild that does RBGS and BGs together. I am a Resto Druid with 2k exp in rbgs. I just came back to the game after a 3 yr break and the server im on is terrible. If there are any guilds on this server that are Mature and PVP oriented please let me know. Preferably Horde too ThanksIrritabull20 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 WTT 670 Belt of Inebriated Sorrow 4 670 Cloth Good morning I am interested in trading the 670 Mail Belt of Inebriated Sorrows for a Cloth Intellect 670 Piece. Let me know if you would like to do this. Thanks!Frund0 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 [H] WTB WoD herbs 1.25g, WoD Ore 65s each WTB all this {Blackrock ore} and True {Iron Ore} 65s each. AND {WoD herbs} in bulk 1g each. { spirit of harmony} for 40g each and 800g per 20x stack. You can send them to Odran as C.O.D Thank YouOdran6 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 [H] 7/7 N. 3/7H 647 Boomie lf hm/myth guild. 647 Boomie lf mythic guild. Availability: Mon-Wed 8pm. Thur-Fri 8:am-2:00 pm. Sun: 7pm (Est) Experience: 7/7 Normal and 3/7 heroic with many attempts on brackspore and tectus, Have raided every expansion ranging from vanilla naxx and upto 7/14 H SoO before mythic change. Looking for experienced leadership with ambitioun and dedication, 2-3 days a week. Criticals#1671Maxster0 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 Avidity - 7/7N 6/7H Building Mythic Team! About AvidityAvidity is a newly formed guild, created by various professional gamers from a variety of titles with the purpose of raiding at the highest level. We are a hardcore US World of Warcraft guild located on Bleeding Hollow. Our focus is PvE raiding, and our ambition is to be among the first in the world to kill new raid bosses. If you are looking for a guild with a relaxed and positive raid environment and a clearly defined schedule that still pushes new content as quickly as possible, Avidity is the place for you. What We OfferEquality - Avidity provides equal opportunities for both old and new players, if you prove yourself to be better than the other already existing members of your respective class then you will take their spot regardless of how long they have been in the guild. Stability - Avidity was formed by a stable group of professional gamers that are willing to work hard to make sure Avidity becomes and stays a top progression guild. Tiered Schedule - Our raid schedule is demanding. But we don't expect our members to keep this pace all expansion long. Our Tiered Schedule allows us to be competitive during progression content, while still having a reasonable schedule to prevent burnout . What We Expect From our Raiders Attendance - We know our Progression Raid Schedule may be intimidating (Tues, Wed, Thur, Sun 8PM - 12PM EST), but we ask that every member be logged on and ready to play at the designated times. Once current content is cleared we revert back to a relaxed schedule and prepare for future content. Active - Being active with your main and alts is important. You need to be up to date with the latest information so you can perform to the best of your ability. Dedication - We expect a positive attitude towards raiding, especially when it comes to progression raiding. You should be prepared to do everything it takes to maximize your characters effectiveness. Thick-skinned - We use various tools to monitor and help improve our players performance. If we ask you to improve in a area you may be lacking, please don't take offense to it. We respect and admire each player within Avidity and only have your best intentions in mind. Communication - You will be required to use Teamspeak during raids and should be able to write/speak and understand English to a reasonable level. Currently Recruiting iLVL 655+ -Mage (Any Spec) -Priest (Shadow) -Warlock (Destruction/Affliction) -Shaman (Elemental) -Hunter (Any Spec) Please contact me in game ClaicYuzolt#1102 or apply on our website here: WoW Progression link here: WoW Armory link here: Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 SCH PvP RBG Core Group 2 Recruiting Street corner horde is now recrutiing for our 2 core RBG groups. As most of our roster is filled up (atleast for my group) we are need a few classes. We are in dire need of a balance druid (boomy) for our main group. We are also in need of 1 backup healer and 2 backup melee and 1 backup ranged dps. If you are interested reply to this post, or pst. me in-game. (mistweaviest)Mistweaviest0 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 655 DPriest LF Raiding Guild LF Raid as I mention above, I am a priest currently looking for a raiding guild because I cannot attend my current guild anymore due to the time change at work. Anyway I am 7/7 7/7 Heroic Experience 655 Ilvl Disc Priest. Looking for 6 PM to 11PM (12 Am is my max) Monday-Sunday.Ghostcrawler6 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 Lf guild Lf active pvp guild. Only play healsIblaspheme3 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 Andrew Na Ka Oi Mele KalikimakaCaptmoregan0 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 21, 2014 Carebears 7/7H 1/7M - LF Ranged DPS Simply put we play to win on a 3 day schedule. When players mesh here, and play well they never leave. No bull !@#$, no drama here. Come to play, kick %^-, and take names. With a brand new roster we have cleared heroic and are now moving into Mythic, and looking for ranged DPS. ■ Raiding schedule: Wednesday: 8:00pm - 12:00pm EST Thursday: 8:00pm - 12:00pm EST Monday: 8:00pm - 12:00pm EST Optional Normal Mode clears on Tuesday for miscellaneous gear. Optional Alt Raid on Sunday for fun! Below is basic information: ■ PvE focused progression raiding guild since 2010 ■ Maintained the same GM and Leadership since creation. ■ Located on Horde - Bleeding Hollow. ■ Focused on Mythic Raiding. ■ Pre-nerf kills throughout Cataclysm. ■ Progression minded group of people, gear comes with the territory. ■ Very healthy core of players/friends. ■ Expect excellence from our player base. ■ Finished Cataclysm US 28th, took MoP off. We are currently looking for: ■ Healer: none ■ DPS: Mage Hunter Spriest Warlock Rogue ■ Tank: none **Exceptional players will be considered based on their experience/skill. Basic requirements: ■ Ages 19+, no exceptions. ■ Able to take constructive criticism. ■ Heroic Raiding experience in any tier is a must. ■ Adept at your class & the desire to keep up with the changes that occur each patch. ■ The ability to listen and speak on voice chat (Mumble) during raids. ■ A computer and internet connection that can handle 20 man raiding. ■ Drama free! We don't have time for any mickey mouse bull!@#$ like cliques and drama. ■ Laid back and not easily offended. Does contain adult humor and topics. If you want to be a part of a stable and motivated guild of players who encourage each other in end game content, check us out. For more information add me to realid, shoot me an in-game message, or go to our website at and apply. Contact Information: In game contact: Rjizzle#1746 caremeter#1444 Dusk#1626 brawler#1446Getsmurfed1 Dec 21, 2014
Dec 21, 2014 [A]2k this season Fury LF healer for 2s/3s Seeking active players for 2s/3s with Skype, a working mic, a reliable connection and computer. Please be someone attentive. 2s: Hpaladin Rdruid 3s: TSG: Death knight Hpaladin or Disc Priest KFC: Marks Hunter Resto Shaman Please be caught up with current gear and have a recent 2k accomplishment. Reply here or message me in-game. Bodywrecker#1981Nythaaeden6 Dec 21, 2014
Dec 21, 2014 WTT some horde for alliance gold Around 25k. My alliance chr is "Kopogerolove" and I could use some gold. I've done this before years ago Anyways, whoever is interested you can mail me smaller amounts if you don't feel I'm still trustworthy. If I'm on I'm either on "Kopogerolove" alliance or "Kopogero" horde and I'll mail it back asap.Kopogero10 Dec 21, 2014
Dec 21, 2014 [A]The Enclave - PvP/PvE Recruitment The Enclave is back in WoW and currently recruiting for WoD. We're looking for players of various skill levels who are interested in the following activities. Weekly World PvP Events Organized Rated Battlegrounds Serious Mythic Raiding Our guild does not focus on one activity exclusively instead we offer our members a variety of ways to progress their characters. When you join The Enclave you're not just joining a PvP or PvE guild. You're joining a community that has been around since 1998 and a guild that has played WoW since launch. This stability and organization is something very few other guilds can offer. (PROOF OF CREATION DATE: Requirements TeamSpeak 3 » TS3 is our VOIP of choice. Level 90 And Above » In today's WoW world there is very little reason not to be level 90 since you can get a "free" one from purchasing WoD or by paying for a boost. Good Attitude » I'll take a mediocre player with a great attitude over a phenomenal player with a bad attitude. You can always teach a bad player how to be good but you can't teach a rat how to not be a rat. Thick Skin » Our guild is very politically incorrect and we do not censor people's opinions, bad jokes or comical retardation. If you can't handle profanity or adult subjects you would be better suited in another guild. About The Enclave is a gaming organization that has been in existence since 1998. Since then we have played and succeeded in a multitude of games. From PlanetSide to World of Warcraft The Enclave has left it's mark and is either loved or hated by the communities we've been a part of. Leadership strives to keep TE competitive yet fun. Drama is squashed out and never given a chance to cause harm. Despite the fact that we're a serious guild we do not force members to raid or PvP if they do not want to since we understand that not every members joins for the same experience. We do our best to meet the expectations of all members and all that we ask for in return is dedication and that you do your best. Goals Victory » Our motivation stems from an unrelenting desire to dominate. Our enemies immediately recognize the true opposition. It’s always us. Legacy » Over a decade has passed since our inception. Even with the strain of time we remain an active, ambitious community. The foundation of our strength lies within our collaborative efforts. We seek to achieve excellence because at the end of the day The Enclave strives to do more than simply play the game, but to be a part of its legacy. To be honored by tales that will carry on long after us. To be immortalized in the history of the game. Growth » No guild survives without recruits. We actively seek like-minded players who have and share the same drives and desires as us. We do our best to ensure new recruits fit in and become core members. Fun » Despite how serious this all may sound, our primary focus is always to have fun. This is a game, and we realize that. Having an ire of professionalism does not mean we sacrifice the core of why we do what we do. If we're not having fun, there's no point to any of this. Values Dedication » This is very important in order to keep our guild effective and relevant. A dedicated group will always come out the victor in battles and always be ready and willing to approach new and challenging content. So long as our members stay dedicated our guild will always be relevant. Teamwork » Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common goal and the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is this fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. Getting good players is easy. Getting them to play together is the hard part. Loyalty » The greater the loyalty of individuals toward the group, the greater is the motivation among the members to achieve the goals of the group, and the greater the probability the group will achieve its goals. The true depth of our loyalty can be seen in the history of The Enclave and the number of members who have left and returned, unable to find a similar bond elsewhere. Excellence » Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character. We are no different. In The Enclave, we constantly practice, refine, and improve upon everything we can in order to maintain our skill. The only way to be the best is by constantly striving to beat your previous best.Horrigan30 Dec 21, 2014
Dec 21, 2014 Hello! :D Just saying hello to everyone :D!Axtros16 Dec 21, 2014
Dec 21, 2014 Hello. I am Annca. I have returned after 6 years. This game is completely new to me. There are so many changes. I am looking for a big guild to quest and play with.Annca13 Dec 21, 2014
Dec 20, 2014 considering switching over (good and bad?) alright guys, ive been looking for a new server lastely because feathermoon is dead... been here since 06 so i kind of want to get out of here, its deserted. basically what im looking for -tons and tons of city raids, and stuff of that sort -RBGs -arenas -how are people on this server? good guilds, bad guilds? things i should know before i spend money to xfer... thanks, mikeGankstir17 Dec 20, 2014
Dec 20, 2014 Other MMO's Who here within the Bleeding Hollow community partook/partake in additional massively multiplayer online games? Perhaps we have all came across one another before in a different game. I can start it off. I play Dota 2 & recently received a Heroes of the Storm alpha invite. ATT: Quite a few topics have been mysteriously removed today. Due to the subject of this topic; I would appreciate it if this discussion were to be as civil, constructive, and beneficial as possible in high hopes of strengthening our community bonds. Here is the direct link to the Code of Conduct as a refresher Thank you & happy holidays.Jumboshrimp11 Dec 20, 2014
Dec 20, 2014 "New Ways to Play" "We’re exploring the possibility of giving players a way to buy tradable game-time tokens for the purpose of exchanging them in-game with other players for gold. Our current thought on this is that it would give players a way to use their surplus gold to cover some of their subscription cost, while giving players who might have less play time an option for acquiring gold from other players through a legit and secure system. A few other online games offer a similar option, and players have suggested that they’d be interested in seeing something along those lines in WoW. We agree it could be a good fit for the game, and we look forward to any feedback you have as we continue to look into this feature." There are of course a lot of other new things that they are adding that I'm personally excited for. But what I really want to know, how does everyone else feel about this "new way to play"? I actually love this idea. I've been waiting for the day that Blizzard would add something like this. They always add these "gold dumps", but once you buy them you still have a gold problem. So I think it will be nice to have a constant "gold dump" and it's with something you can keep buying because it's something you will always need. What are your thoughts and opinions?Roxamus20 Dec 20, 2014
Dec 20, 2014 Menace Needs Raiders Hey all. We are a Friendly and Fun guild with spots open on our core team. We are in need of a few Dps preferably Caster dps See below for class needs. Current Raid Progression 6/7 Normal And 4/7 Heroic Raid Days are ------------------------------ Tues & Thurs 8:30pm - 12:30am Recruitment Needs as of 12/20/2014 1:12am EST ---------------------------------------- Tank - ----------------------- Closed ----------------- Healer - 1 ----------------- Monk Priest Shaman ----------------- Dps - 5( Ranged + Melee) ----------------- Mage Hunter Shadow Priest Boomkin Druid WW Monk Feral Druid Rogue Death Knight ---------------------------------------- Requirements ---------------------------------------- Must Have Vent ilvl of 640+ (A Bit lower Is Cool Will take skill over Ilvl) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Those interested Please contact me Sparklefârt (Alt+ 1155)- My Main ( I play alts so Battle Tag me) Battletag - NeoNUggetz#1426 Or Glitter Also Taking Raid Back Ups and Casuals To hang around and have some fun.Sparklefârt1 Dec 20, 2014
Dec 20, 2014 night Going to bed, have a nice night everybodyártz0 Dec 20, 2014
Dec 20, 2014 LF a few TCG mounts Looking to buy a few tcg mounts: -feldrake -corrupted hippogryph -wooly white rhino -blazing hippogryph -riding turtle I don't want to buy ALL of them, but definitely the feldrake (for the right price), and 1 or 2 of the others. Willing to buy it alliance or horde through the neutral AH.Emrii25 Dec 20, 2014
Dec 20, 2014 [H] <Blood Brotherhood> is Recruiting! Why would I want to join Blood Brotherhood? We are primarily a raiding guild, this means that we are looking for team players first and foremost. Blood Brotherhood is exactly what it sounds like, a brotherhood of players who work together to complete a common goal. Though we do like to jostle the alliance around from time to time, you will more likely see our guild mates questing, raiding and making fun of each other on a daily basis. We all love loot as much as the next peon, however we have a system set in place (see section on dkp below) that ensures everyone has an equal opportunity rightfully get their bling on. Sounds good so far, but what are some requirements? We ask that all members are active and part of the community, this primarily means that we want our guild members to participate in one guild activity, at least on a monthly basis. This can include dungeons, questing, raiding, or some PVP with everyone’s favorite bear tank. We do require the download and use of Ventrillo and DBM (Deadly Boss Mods) for our raiders. We don’t particularly have to hear your voice, but want you to be able to listen to directions the raid leader might be giving. DBM will ensure you aren't standing in fire and will decrease the chances you will die to simple mechanics that even a holy pally should be able to dodge….(though this isn't true for all players *cough* myself *cough*) Loot: Blood Brotherhood uses a DKP system for all guild raids and defers to a roll-based system when non-guildies raid with us. At the beginning of each raid, the raid leader will state which distribution system will be used and answer any related questions. If a roll-based system is to be used, the raid leader will state the procedure for handling main and offspec rolls, award limits, guild bonuses, etc. Current DKP for all raiding players can be viewed on the guild website. If a DKP system is used, the raid leader will keep track of points earned and spent in a spreadsheet and post all DKP transactions to the website within 24 hours of raid completion. Current Raid Times: Tue and Thur, 9 pm-12 Server Have a question? Contact any of our officers for any questions you have! Guild Master: Zloyduh Recruitment Officer: Ðanicus Or do ”/who blood brotherhood” and drop one of us a line! Interested?? Apply at: Dec 20, 2014
Dec 20, 2014 Well, everything's Coming up Milhouse. We're a fairly new Guild that has our foot in the door this raid tier. Currently 7/7N and 4/7H, we plan to start Mythic raiding in the New Year. Although, we need more players, we're looking for either a Prot Warrior or Prot Paladin as well as multiple DPS classes. Our raid times are Sun/Mon/Tues 9pm-1am EST. We encourage any players that wish to join our guild to submit an application through our website. Any other questions or concerns please feel free to send one of us a PM in game or through our Btag: Konan - TimFakeKnee#1879 Dûality (alt + 150) - Duality#1808 Vtek - Vtek#1675 Happy Raiding :)Konan4 Dec 20, 2014
Dec 20, 2014 [H]Blood Faith LF Casual Raiders Blood Faith has started raiding this week and is 2/7 normal. We are seeking casuals and raiders for our core raiding team. Accepting transfers/faction changes/returning old players and new players. Blood Faith's focus is to recruit like-minded individuals who want to be a part of a medium-sized family oriented casual-progressive guild. We recently came back to WoW after going on hiatus. Guild Leadership has played since Vanilla and has experience leading raids and rbgs. For WoD we plan on raiding casual-progressive but clearing content while it is relevant (before next patch). We are focusing on building up a raid team that is stable and comfortable with the raiding schedule. Our goal is to recruit up to 25-30 size raid team. We will be focusing on normal mode raiding (10-30 members) until the raid team is comfortable with progressing into heroics. Currently, our most active time is during weekday evenings. During this time, officers and guild members have been helping each other run heroics and getting through the legendary ring quest in order to gear up for normal raid. We will be doing fun, guild events once a week -- mainly old content and mainly on Sundays -- or as schedules allow. Raid Needs: Looking for more Ranged DPS (Lock, Mage, Balance, S.Priest), some melee (enhance, DK DPS, rogue, feral) and Healers (pally, druid, disc priest, monk). We are currently in need of about 13-18 recruits to the raid team. We prefer that if you are a hybrid class to be open to playing (if the need arises) your offspec, whether it be heal, tank, or dps. We will also help those who are willing to learn and gear (albeit, little easier now) their respective offspecs. Raiding Schedule: Weds/Thurs@10PM-12:30AM with Sat@10PM-12:30AM as a backup day for progression, Days/times are subject to change by team. What we can offer: US-EST Based Schedules (All schedules are welcome) Casual friendly Setting with a progressive raiding mindset Experienced MMO Leadership Guild Bank and Guild Repairs for Team/Veteran Members Website and TeamSpeak 3 Server If you are interested please go to and apply or message me or an officer in-game. Shrimp, Crazybutter, Wowsuchrage - myself Icelotha, Ruujin, Druletha - Guild Leader Kordiana, Kordi - Officer Vantasim, Vansdruid - OfficerShrimp0 Dec 20, 2014
Dec 20, 2014 [H] <Atomic Vodkaz> 7/7N 6/7H LFM Mythics <Atomic Vodkaz> is currently recruiting experienced Ranged DPS, Rogue, Enh Shammy and DPS Deathknights. 20k+ DPS, 645ilev+ desired. We desire to clear Mythic for all of the WoD raids. Throughout the guild we have high-tier raid experience in every expansion (Vanilla - MoP). We're currently 7/7N and 6/7H Highmaul and getting ready to go into Blackrock Foundry. If you're not these roles, show your interest anyway! We might have a spot for you. Our raiding times are Tues Weds Thurs from 10:00 EST, make sure you have time to raid. You can comment in the thread with your spec and raiding experience, or message us. Send mail/whispers to: Jagt (Exymptas#1820) Zwinkz (Danny#1862)Jagt11 Dec 20, 2014
Dec 20, 2014 /Moo. WoD? How's the xpac so far?Missmumu6 Dec 20, 2014
Dec 20, 2014 [H] 6/7 heroic LFM for mythic Wizzy and the Boiz is looking for more skilled and dedicated players to fill out our roster and start mythic progression as soon as possible. Currently 7/7 norm 6/7 heroic Recruitment needs: -1 mdps *pref warr/dk/enhance -ALL rdps -2 healers *pref priest/monk Will consider any exceptional players. Our raid times are 7-11 EST Mon-Thurs We expect all our raiders to: -Maintain 90% attendance -Have a good attitude and are enjoyable to be around -Drive to push progression and be the best at your class -Play up to standards of your class/spec, have good raid awareness, and can quickly adapt to boss fights and strategies -Be able to take a receive constructive criticism -Prepare a playable alt in the near future for gearing purposes -Pref 640+ ilvl currently, but will take any skilled player who can pull weight for their gear What to expect from us: -GM that has a ton of experience from Vanilla to Wrath, with very competitive rankings during Wrath some notable achievements being: US 4th H 25 Lich King Kill, US 4th Ulduar Clear, and US 3rd Alone in the Darkness -Many officer and core members have been playing since BC and all have exceptional raiding experience and have known/played with each other for many tiers -A group of like-minded players that have a competitive strive and a good, serious attitude towards progression For loot purposes we use loot council. Things taken into consideration when distributing loot are stat priorities, biggest ilvl upgrade, attendance, player performance, and generally who we think gearing will help the raid as a whole the best. For now we are using Raidcall for voice chat, but may move to mumble or vent in the near future. If interested, please add Danceblaster#1959, Shaangor#1849, Goat#1853, or Apocalypse#1608 on real ID for an application process.Spacelizard2 Dec 20, 2014
Dec 19, 2014 iLvL 637 Disc Priest LF Raiding Guild! I'm a long time player. I use ElvUI, Clique, DBM, and oracle. Great Healer and will show up to all raids.Tuffenough4 Dec 19, 2014
Dec 19, 2014 [H] 649 Bear tank LF Heroic/Mythic guild Hello, I am a 649 ilvl bear tank in need of a progression guild. I have downed 6/7N (this will change as I continue to raid in the mean time) with my current guild, but due to schedule problems limiting our progression I am seeking other options. I have been in a number of hardcore 20-30 hour a week progression guilds throughout WoW. My most hardcore raiding time was spend in Vanilla, BC, and early WotLK. For this Xpack I am getting back into PvE and would like to raid 3 nights a week, 4-5 hours a night while still remaining competitive. I live in Minnesota (CST) and am available to raid the following days and times: Sunday: None Monday: 7:30pm - Whenever Tuesday: 7:30pm - Whenever Wednesday: 7:30pm - Whenever Thursday: 8:30pm - Whenever Friday: 7:30pm - Whenever Saturday: Would rather not, but who knows... I have all required/proper addons for raiding and am willing to download whatever voice chat program is needed. RealID: P.S. I know I'm on Dragonmaw right now, most of my toons are on BH and I would like to move back if possible! Thanks!!!Beartastic1 Dec 19, 2014
Dec 19, 2014 H <Vox Ventari> Looking for Ele, SPriest, DK <Vox Ventari> is looking to recruit a select few DPS for our heroic/mythic team. We are in need of a quality Elemental Shaman, Shadow Priest and Death Knight. Our progress to date is 6/7N and 3/7H. We are interested in holding trial runs for anyone interested in participating, however we require adequate gear, knowledge of class mechanics, knowledge of fight mechanics and general common sense for each of our raid members. It is suggested you don't apply if you don't think you can meet these requirements. Anyone interested, or looking to be in contact with a guild member about potential recruitment should reply to this thread with a few answers to the following questions Are you available to play WoW at least 20 hours a week? What is your current ilvl? What spec and class do you play? Do you have any raiding experience? If you what? Are Saturday and Sunday nights available to you to raid? We encourage anyone interested to apply, and we'll gladly be in contact with you shortlyArgothebug1 Dec 19, 2014
Dec 19, 2014 Old BH Player IWC Question Hey ya guys. I am old school BH player that left for ED half way through MoP. I was in IWC for a good amount of time but had a falling out with some of the leadership over there and I went my own way. I like to check up on things over here and read whats the skinny on current happinings on my old home realm. So what I am looking for is this... WTF happened to IWC? If anyone dont mind typing away please let me know. /Cheers JohnPendagore68 Dec 19, 2014