Burning Legion

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Nov 22, 2010
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&lt;A&gt; Goodbye Horses Recruiting for Legion <Goodbye Horses> is a recently formed Alliance guild on Burning Legion. We are made up of mythic raid experienced players from various servers who have met up on the Burning Legion realm to begin raiding together. Composed of highly skilled mythic raiders and decorated PvPers, we aim to dominate this server’s raiding progression while also dabbling in high ranked arena/RBGs. Over the next month we will be pulling our roster together and would love to have you guys join us. We wish to create a close-knit community where anything is achievable. Raiding and What You Need to Know Being heavily focused on our PvE progression, we will be very strict on who we let into our raiding roster. From the gate we will expect mythic quality raiders; this means be prepared and have the knowledge necessary to play your class to its max. If you're an experienced and reliable player than look no further than <Goodbye Horses>. Raid times: Times are subject to change. All times are based on server time (CST): Mon - 7:30PM-11:30PM Tues - 7:30PM-11:30PM Thurs - 7:30PM-11:30PM What We Need We are currently in need of ranged DPS, though skilled and experienced raiders of any role are always considered. Please go to our website (still under construction) to see a more detailed list of what we are looking for – Flyingoveryou.com PVP and other activities Raiding aside, most of our core roster also loves to PvP. We invite anyone who wants a taste of PvP to come and join us for some revamped Legion BG's and arena. We will also have guild events scheduled so that we can enjoy everything Legion and past expansions have to offer. Our goal is to be a very social and close-knit guild that wants to achieve everything in the game. How to Contact If interested, register at our site Flyingoveryou.com and then contact one of us in-game: Cinema#1246 Martel#1193 TheMatador#1647 IamGod#1249 We hope to raid with you in Legion! Martel2
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<HC> (13/13 Mythic) - Gold CMs / BRF / HFC *Gold Challenge Modes* [General Information] 8/8 Gold Challenge Modes Runs usually take 2 hours to complete We care about professionalism and efficiency, here is a video of a sale being done fast and painless(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fH1UBjVOw4s) All we ask from you is to play along the best you can(We don't belittle or judge your performance, you're buying from us all the pressure is on us to perform). If you can also bring along: 3 Flask, 60 potions, 2 invis potions, 3 goblin glider kits, it will help the run go even smoother! Add Auro#1292 for scheduling. [Pricing] 300k+ For Random Servers (Case By Case) 250k On Illidan / Zul'Jin / Burning Legion / Area52 / Uldum _______________________________________________________________ _____________________RAID SALE INFORMATION______________________ *Heroic Archimonde* 50k for Ahead of the Curve and the Grove Warden Mount For Scheduling contact: Sensations#1223 in game. *Mythic Blackhand Mount* 300k For Mythic Blackhand Achievement, and Mount For Scheduling contact: Sensations#1223 in game. *Mythic Hellfire Citadel* [General Information] Horde Only You will recieve the majority pieces of loot that drop that are usable by you. The only gear that may be kept is warforged/socketed and is usable/needed by a raider. Our avg ilvl is 742. We will never mix buyer gear types, you will be the only buyer for your gear type. We do our sales Tuesday between 7-11cst(Server time). Your sale will be scheduled within this window. In very rare circumstances we may need a Wednesday, but we will work with you if that comes up. From a full 13/13M run a buyer on average will gain 10-20 pieces of mythic gear(Depending on RNG). To Schedule a run, only contact: Sensations#1223 through battletag or in-game(Sensations-Burning Legion). [Pricing] *Hell Breach* - 100k Hellfire Assault - 25,000 Iron Reaver - 25,000 Kormrok - 50,000*Halls of Blood* - 175k Hellfire Council - 50,000 Kilrogg Deadeye - 50,000 Gorefiend - 75,000*Bastion of Shadows* - 225k Shadow-Lord Iskar - 75,000 Socrethar - 75,000 Tyrant Velhari - 75,000*Destructor's Rise* - 325k Fel Lord Zakuun - 75,000 Xhul'horac - 100,000 Mannoroth - 150,000*The Black Gate* Archimonde(No Mount) - 500,000 Archimonde(Mount) - 1,200,000 *Package Prices* 6/13M 275,000 9/13M(First 6, Iskar, Socrethar, Zakuun) 500,000 11/13M(All but mannoroth/archimonde) 675,000 13/13M(Without Mount) 1,300,000 13/13M(With Mount) 2,500,000 Auro25
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Stay away from Covetous Guild. For your good sake just don't join this Guild if you expect a nice group of people. Most of them won't hesitate to back stab you and deform any conversation you might had with them to their advantage to make sure you look stupid. They base all their judgment of a person on their gear , you are not geared at this time ? You are probably bad , a kid or a female to them. I was surprised when that happened just because i said something on an alt who's not geared at all about a pally fully geared in a BG killing me only with his Hammer of Wrath. Then i got all the insult possible , QQ , stop crying , i am bad , i can't play my class , i can't los , i am a kid , i don't put enough effort , i must be a female and a feminist. It's the first time since Vanilla WoW i saw such drama in a Guild over a comment a Guild member made just like that to start a conversation. I usually don't give a crap about that kind of stuff but for months their GM ( Kamah ) was acting all nice and i thought he was a nice guy , and then all of a sudden he's the one starting all the insults and like good dogs all the raiders who raid with him followed him and deformed even more stuff i said only 15 minutes before. So if you are looking for a Guild with nice people to talk with and advance in the game , forget this game all their Officers are acting nice only to get you in their raid and help them get their so awesome purple loot. On the other hand if you don't mind being used and judged by your gear , go ahead and join them you might get a spot one day. I know i'll get a lot of negative reply here after all we're on a forum. I am just posting that to save time to the nice people out there who are looking for a Guild to raid with. Just avoid this Guild. Have a nice day. Shizennokoe4
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[A] IRONFIST - Burning Legion <IRONFIST> is an Alliance guild on US-Burning Legion (PVP) that recently came back to rebuild for the future. We are currently 9/13 in HFC after 3 weeks of rebuilding. We are looking for strong RANGED dps to round out our core team so we can start pushing into Heroic. Officers have known each other for several years now. The goal of this guild is to down bosses at casual yet progressive pace. We want players who care about their performance and the raid and that are willing to give their best. Raid Times Tuesday: 8-11 EST Thursday: 8-11 EST Voice Comms: TeamSpeak 3 (required) We need people who are going to show up on time and to every raid night. Obviously real life happens if something comes up that will cause absence please give us a heads up when it does. We have active forums for post quick messages and to discuss anything in detail. What We Need: Tank: Any class w/ a viable offspec Heals: Priest, Shaman, Paladian DPS: Elemental, Mage, Warlock, Boomkin, Enhancement The positions listed above are available for immediate core placement spots. We are also open to other classes, as a guild we have a lot of casual players also who choose not to raid. If your looking for somewhere with active players that like to have fun and such. Loot Rules We are currently using Suicide Kings, Offspec items do not count against your position in the Main loot list. So, for those of you interested, in a fun guild that drinks, jokes, and raids together while maintaining a friendly atmosphere but still focused on progressing through content when the time comes. When we aren't raiding we are still an active guild running Mythic 5 mans, and several members enjoy PVP and are always looking for something else to do. We are proud to help out any and all members of our guild. What you put into it is what you'll get out of it. If you are interested and/or have questions you may contact any of our officers : Jorgy#1985 "Codari" / Toljar#1256 "Toljar" / Palmermarc#1320 "Pälmer" / Maulfire#1300 "Maulfire" Codari0
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[A]1/13M HFC Whisperwind LFM RDPS [A]1/13M HFC Whisperwind LFM RDPS Greetings <Helms Elite> an Alliance raiding guild that transferred to Whisperwind 9/28/15 and we are recruiting for core raid spots! About <Helms Elite>: Helms Elite formed as a raiding guild at the end of Vanilla and began raiding with the release of Burning Crusade. Guild leadership that started in Vanilla is still in place. Primarily located on the Lothar server ( as Alliance ) the guild did spend time on Chog'all ( as Horde ) for the MoP expansion and returned to Lothar and the Alliance for WoD. As one of the servers on line at release, Lothar was home to many top raiding guilds. However over the years and not unlike many servers, the active raiding player base has dwindled and now struggles to support the few active raiding guilds. Whisperwind: Our move to Whisperwind is an exciting time for the guild, with plans to expand our raiding roster to 20+ and continue our focus of clearing Heroic Hellfire Citadel and moving on to Mythic. Long term we seek to be an active part of the raiding community on Whisperwind. Raid Times: Progression Raid Group – 7/7H - 10/10H - 13/13H HFC ■Tuesday: 8:30PM to 11:30PM EST (7:30PM to 10:30PM Server) ■Wednesday: 8:30PM to 11:30PM EST (7:30PM to 10:30PM Server) ■Sunday: 8:30PM to 11:30PM EST (7:30PM to 10:30PM Server) This group is about progression and pushing to be the best at all times. Recruiting: Tanks: We have a strong interest in applications from Non-DK tanks Healers: accepting applications DPS: We have a strong interest in exceptional ranged dps players Raiding Focus: Our raiding focus is to clear all current tier raid bosses in Heroic/Mythic We are a strong group of players who are on a casual/semi-casual raiding schedule. Like many other players, we have real life commitments we must attend to. Regardless of being on a casual schedule, we still have the desire to experience and complete challenging, relevant content. Much of our play time will be devoted to Heroic/Mythic content. We're looking for skilled, dedicated players to fill our rosters. Requirements: ■ Age 17+ and in control of your online gaming time. ■ Know your class. We expect your best performance at all times. ■ Take constructive criticism and direction when need be. ■ Research the basics of boss fights on your own time. ■ Show up on time, and ready. ■ Good raid awareness. Do not stand in fire. ;] ■ The ability to listen and speak on Teamspeak3 during raids. ■ Be open-minded, laid-back and not easily offended. ■ Don't be an elitist. Show us you're good by actions, rather than words. ■ Computer/internet that can run World of Warcraft (especially while in a raid environment) without any issues. Contact: If you're interested in joining our team, you can contact any of our Officers. BattleTags: ■ Squizz: Squizz#1910# ■ Rettuclos: Rettuclos#1494 ■ Dedaol: Dedaol#1914 Feel free to whisper us in game for information Website: Feel free to visit our site and fill out an app. www.helmselite.com Squízz0
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