Burning Legion

Dec 28, 2011 I CANT EJECT! I CANNOT EJECT.Prometheus1 Dec 28, 2011
Dec 27, 2011 OMFG 24 MOVIE WILL BE EPIC I love 24 and how its an action packed series with the whole clock thing and its duration in the real world been the same then the time in the show. Im so excited about the movie and I wanted to share it with you guysManytotems2 Dec 27, 2011
Dec 27, 2011 Charlie Foxtrot is recruiting. Hi everyone, Charlie Foxtrot is recruiting raiders for DS. In particular we're in need of 2 tank, a rogue, few range dps and healers, but like normal we'll consider anyone who is interested. We are a friendly guild and all lvl's are welcomed to join us. Whisper any officer in came are go to the website. http://charlie-foxtrotguild.wowstead.com/Pagé2 Dec 27, 2011
Dec 27, 2011 WTB Spectral Tiger Cub The title says it all.Prometheus0 Dec 27, 2011
Dec 26, 2011 [H] ILVL 380 PRIEST LF DS RAIDING GUILD Hey... I'm looking for a Dragon Soul capable raiding guild that raids late afternoons or early evenings during the week. I am available to raid 2:30-6:30pm EST Monday-Friday or I am available to raid on Saturday's or Sunday's after 1pm EST. I play either healing spec and I play my class extremely well. I am looking for a very capable guild with exceptional players. I also have a Warlock and DPS warrior at a similar ilvl. I would have no problem playing either of these chars if that is what is in demand for a particular guild. Please respond to this thread or message me in game. I hope to hear from you!Exsilium4 Dec 26, 2011
Dec 25, 2011 383 boomkin LF 10m DS guild group Hi, I am currently looking for a group of skilled players in need of a boomkin for a 10m DS (willing to consider 25m). Available starting 7pm Server Time (8pm EST) on weekdays and all day on the weekends. A little about me: Been playing since vanilla on and off. Raided BT/Mt. Hyjal in BC, ICC and FL. Currently a senior in college, majoring in Computer Science. 22 years old. Please reply here or send me a tell in-game. Thanks for reading!Instantiate1 Dec 25, 2011
Dec 24, 2011 Invictus is da wurst gild evar Dey take my itmz in da burden holdz n dey b steelin all my gud itmz n i crey n trayd bt no1 lissens 2 me :(Sardonia11 Dec 24, 2011
Dec 23, 2011 INVICTUS is selling the legendary daggers <INVICTUS> is selling a pair of legendary daggers out of our alt run on Sunday's at 5pm server, we will be charging by tier and only ask that you have the first part, the pick pocket, done. We will discuss cost after we gauge interest in the idea, but please do NOT think you'll be getting a pair of daggers for cheap. Post offers below or contact me in-game. Come get your legendary twice as fast as any 10 man guild will! We are NOT selling gear out of the run. We are NOT going to ninja them ;) And, We DO love you <3Prometheus39 Dec 23, 2011
Dec 23, 2011 NOOOO SEPHHH!!!!! I love you but cmon, alot of peoples time went into this guild, it was our family... yet it just gets disbanded, again, without consideration for all those who have always been there..... sad. No more BBQ for you !!! :PThetodd5 Dec 23, 2011
Dec 23, 2011 AYO Let me tell you bout my garbage can..... CHAROME.Grinz0 Dec 23, 2011
Dec 22, 2011 paying for 3/8 dragon soul lockout looking for a guild / raid that is either on 4th boss of dragon soul and is willing to let me come into raid, pickpocket boss, then leave. will tip of course pst me in game or via mailChoed0 Dec 22, 2011
Dec 22, 2011 you suk IRONHOWL/JARON/LILBUBZ...KEEP UP THE HORRIBLE PLAY NERDZ :)Äshbringer1 Dec 22, 2011
Dec 20, 2011 HI HELLO Äshbringer0 Dec 20, 2011
Dec 19, 2011 LF Oathkeepers Helm Crafter(Horde preferred) Looking for someone to craft one of these for an alt of mine, i have all the mats if your on horde side, if you an ally we can discuss the price and use the neutral ah.Durgebain2 Dec 19, 2011
Dec 19, 2011 Selling Arena Rating New exciting world of warcraft arena 2v2 package. all inclusive includes 1250 arena rating. also know as the jesseus carry 10k gold pstKeyboardmash10 Dec 19, 2011
Dec 18, 2011 For all of you on Burning Legion! You're the best <3 http://i.imgur.com/7JJit.jpgPrometheus2 Dec 18, 2011
Dec 18, 2011 frost dk lf consistent rbg team 4.2k resHolyspecced1 Dec 18, 2011
Dec 18, 2011 WTB Chaos Orbs Buying all chaos orbs at 40g per, CoD how many you would like to. Ill make another post if i decide i dont want anymore.Skoton1 Dec 18, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 Looking for... Some people to level from 20-85 with as horde, I have so far me (Arms Warrior) and my IRL friend (Shadow Priest) Currently leveling together. We are level 24. Please message me in game on this character (Seramore) or post on the forum :DSeramore2 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 12, 2011 Aeonaxx. >_> So. As some of you may know, I've been searching for the wretched Aeonaxx for a while now. Has anyone seen him? Doesn't matter if it was last week, last month, last year. TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT THIS DRAGON. It's making me go insane! ;cCàt24 Dec 12, 2011
Dec 12, 2011 <ZERG me NOT> Goes PvE? LOL NOT! I'm just running a DS 10 group weekly. As of right meow, I've been asking people to see if they is any interest. We'll there is! If you're interested and have a sense of humor, you will LOVE us. But if you're a hardxcore pve dragon slayer mad nerd rage we wipped and don't like LOLs. We don't want you. WoW is a game. GAMES=FUN. We expect you to try your best and forget the rest... than we can LOLz after. At this point, we're lacking a little of everything. RT are Tuesday and Wednesday 8-11pm ST (undefined)Tradechat0 Dec 12, 2011
Dec 12, 2011 I didn't do it, but if i did.. <The Ruthless> LAWL U MAD BROS?! http://i44.tinypic.com/2pzgo74.png He is mad... enough to ignore me than hate spam me! LAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All he did was call me a ginger/nolife/nofiriends and poor... typical mad nerd talk. http://i42.tinypic.com/wvpzqo.jpg http://i40.tinypic.com/nevqs6.jpg http://i42.tinypic.com/mhakr5.jpg ^.^ <3 None of you are winning... I already won. You guild got dismembered. It's over. Stop holding grudges ya babies. Sorry to all members of <The Ruthless> that I love and respect. You know who you are. This was an attack against your GM and no one else. Sorry for you making casualties. <ZERG me NOT> Does NOT support meaningless trolling. Have a motive.Tradechat0 Dec 12, 2011
Dec 12, 2011 I quit because of ... BANKMANAGER! So earlier today I was just minding my own buisness checking my mail when I look up at a Darkmoon faire poster and you know what I see?!?! I see a picture of Bankmanager! He is everywhere! EVEN BLIZZARD IS A BANKMANAGER GROUPIE! I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!Oliphoth3 Dec 12, 2011
Dec 12, 2011 WTB cata greens WTB level 78-79 plate dps greens. Also looking for cata green weapons that are 2h with str level 78-79. CoD them to me with a reasonable price.Skoton0 Dec 12, 2011
Dec 12, 2011 Rate my gear! Please: -Tell me what i am missing -What i am doing wrong -gems/enchants Im new to DKs/wow in general and need help for 4.3.Dici3 Dec 12, 2011
Dec 11, 2011 Almost Gladiator Flayz I am looking for a healer for 3s. I am calling out to the trolls of the forums, find me a healer so they can carry me in arena. Probs be at least 2200, anything but a priest is win. Shadow priest, f mage, X. Have a good day.Flayz19 Dec 11, 2011
Dec 11, 2011 Amazing Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TBd-UCwVAY#start=0:00;end=1:56;autoreplay=true;showoptions=false INB4: Some uneducated tard post's some hateful crap.Urameshiqt16 Dec 11, 2011
Dec 11, 2011 382 Frost dk lf guild that raids and rbgs Always at the top of my game. Highest dps for my ilvl almost always. Great at bgs.Holyspecced0 Dec 11, 2011
Dec 11, 2011 [H] Crucible -Recruiting high skilled players Crucible is a newly formed guild seeking very skilled individuals. We are a small, tight knit Dragon Soul raiding guild with intentions of clearing all hard mode encounters. As of right now we are a 10man raiding guild but may expand to 25man in the near future. We are a semi-casual guild but seek to remain competitive in terms of PvE progression. We are seeking only mature members and will tolerate no drama. Our raids are earlier and shorter than most guilds. We raid 2-5pm server time on Tuesday and Thursday and we plan on having alt runs on Saturday and Sunday with times to be announced. If more raiding days need to be picked up during the week to burn through new content they will be between the same times. If your availability matches our unique raid schedule and you believe you have the skills to back it up, this may be the place for you. If you are interested in joining Crucible please respond to this thread or message Belmoth in game. We look forward to hearing from you. Belmoth2 Dec 11, 2011
Dec 10, 2011 LF 2100+ players for S11 RBG's Trying to resurrect any semblance of life back to Burning Legion. Send me an in-game mail with your arena/RBG highest ratings and experience, as well as your availability. 2100+ Boptarts27 Dec 10, 2011
Dec 10, 2011 [A] 370 prot wrz lf 10m raiding guild -full clear of vanilla wow as MS spec warrior (segard @ garithos) -t4 clear as holy paladin TBC (kara, gruul, mag) (drages @ garithos) -full clear naxx (MS DPS), ToC (prot), and first wing of ICC (prot) (segard @ burning legion) i will be available for roughly any raiding schedule from now until the end of january, at which time i will be leaving for deployment. i enjoy long walks on the beach, drinking heavily, and killing terrorists. if interested, plz message me in game or respond to this thread. if not, GO !@#$ YOURSELF EDIT: 10 man guild pref, as framerate issues have become problems for several DS 25 man fights.Segard0 Dec 10, 2011
Dec 10, 2011 [H] Prot/Ret Pally Looking For Guild I am Looking for a guild that raids 3 or less nights a week (~7pm-11pm CST or similar raid times). WoL: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/143778/ *My previous guild ran multiple groups, so I may not be present in all the logs. My group raided Sunday/Monday. Progression for each expasion: Vanilla: 7/15 - 40 man Naxx BC: 2/6 Sunwell WotLK: 12/12 H-ICC with 30% buff Cata:7/7 H-FL My Priest is a S4 + S8 gladiator, but I am not generally interested in PvPing. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/burning-legion/Farmergregor/advanced I might be online alliance side on my alt: Farmergregor Real ID: computernerd54@bellsouth.net (I'm great at picking names)Ponygiggles9 Dec 10, 2011
Dec 9, 2011 All of the memes have died. You can stop now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mghhLqu31cQSardonia2 Dec 9, 2011
Dec 9, 2011 Take it easy WoW and Burning Legion It's been a fun seven years. Off to the new game.Vonn2 Dec 9, 2011
Dec 8, 2011 [A] rogue L4 raiding guild Im tuffPikaachu0 Dec 8, 2011
Dec 7, 2011 ~ LVL 11 guild for sale 70k Has no members so there's no drama. Close to level 12 Guild name is Karma Has Its Way Paid name change is still available In-game mail is best for your offersKristopher0 Dec 7, 2011
Dec 6, 2011 Server maintenance anyone else bored?Dèrp33 Dec 6, 2011
Dec 6, 2011 #1 dk tank on server http://i42.tinypic.com/68t0d1.png suck it burning legionCurl4 Dec 6, 2011
Dec 6, 2011 WTB Items. Im willing to pay 2000g each for these items. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/14970 http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/14966 stats dont matter, any variation ill take. Send me an ingame mail if ur alliance (neutral ah still works right?) Or cod it if ur horde.Saltydk3 Dec 6, 2011
Dec 6, 2011 Soo our great realm Is now flagged as a realm for "New Players"Deshuzzdi6 Dec 6, 2011
Dec 5, 2011 Also, reality hits you hard bro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCSBoOcGFFE&feature=channel_video_titleSardonia1 Dec 5, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 Karoma Anyone seen him/her around lately? I've been searching on my hunter for quite a while now. Almost 14 hours. I heard Karoma has a 6-14hr to a 12-24hr spawn timer, but I'm not really sure anymore. If there's been any recent tames or spottings that anyone knows about, post here, please! <3 If I find him/her any time soon, I'll be sure to post here with my coordinates, time, and date, so any other people searching can have some information to go off of.Lalee2 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 4, 2011 The most important video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbUVtfUWwF8&feature=channel_video_titleSardonia0 Dec 4, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 Arms warrior LF active 3s and core RBG spot hey all. I'm going to mostly be playing my warrior this patch and could use an active 3s team to push rating. My schedule is pretty free from now through february so I'll be on all the time. Although I can't prove it, on my old account I was 2.2k on warrior and mage in wrath. This new account my warrior has been 1800-1900 due to not playing much. I'm great in RBGs as well and know what I'm doing so I would also like to find a core spot with a good group. Again I can play pretty much whenever. If you're interested in speaking to me, contact me in game or send me some mail :D thanks.Heyboo2 Dec 3, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 6/7 heroic 10man guild xferring to BL Hey I'm bring my guild to Burning Legion (horde) at the beginning of next month most likely and there are 1 or 2 of us that used to play with some wotlk reanimated folks. I hear you guys are nice and horde now lol....Just curious how many of you guys are still playing I think I saw Bacon online the other day when I was checking the auction house. Does Florun, Zahlan, Rusted, Msunderstood, Auran, West, Rasputin, Mario, or any of those other guys still play and which ones are horde now :) ? Look forward to seeing you guys around. Also our guild runs a gdkp on our current server is there anyone running one BL horde side if bacon is there I hope someone is taking all his chedda lol.Shizzoobies7 Dec 3, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 LF arena team next season Spriest soon to have orange LF arena team next season i'd prefer mage/spriest/shaman but I am open to other comps. If you are reading this and thinking about posting saying that this server is bad, or pvp is dead, please spare me your whiney garbage because 90% chance you are part of the problem, if you don't like the game or the server what the hell are you doing on the forums for either.Shizzoobies6 Dec 3, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 Just read this... :O http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3657437501?page=1Lilbubheelz1 Dec 3, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 @Hpx Where you been <3 <3 <3Deshuzzdi1 Dec 3, 2011
Dec 3, 2011 @Gametime of INVICTUS... BINGO BANGO Myadi1 Dec 3, 2011