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Dec 27, 2014 Introducing the Guild Mentoring Program Azeroth needs more heroes to rise through the ranks and your guild can help. We’re looking for a few good guilds to volunteer for the new Guild Mentoring Program. Guilds participating in the program will take part in identifying new players within selected realms, offering to invite them into the guild, and teaching them the ways of Azeroth as they level and reach the end game content. F.A.Q. Q. What is the Guild Mentoring Program? A. The guild mentoring program identifies guilds on select realms to act as mentors for new and low level players (below level 85). Q. How long does the Guild Mentoring Program run for? A. The Guild Mentoring Program will run for a period of four months from the time that guilds are selected and notified. Q. Is there a certain criteria for being selected as a mentoring guild? A. Guilds must meet certain criteria to be considered for the Guild Mentoring Program: Guilds must be located on one of the selected realms. They must be willing to commit to the program for a four month period. They must be willing to change their name for the four month Guild Mentoring participation period. (Names will be changed back at the end of the program.) Guilds must be at least level 6 and have an active membership. Q. How many guilds will be recruiting per realm? A. Only one guild will be selected per faction on each realm. Q. What does my guild need to do to volunteer? A. The guild leader will need to submit an application to wowguilds@blizzard.com with the following information: Current guild name and guild leader name Current realm and faction of the applying guild Current guild level and number of guild members Guild leader’s real name and phone number (this information will not be published and is for internal use only) Brief description of the Mentoring Guild Q. How long are you accepting applications for? A. We will be accepting applications for two weeks. We will then select a guild for the Guild Mentoring Program from those that meet the criteria and contact the guild leader. Q. On what realms will this program be available? A. Mentoring guilds will be chosen for the following realms: US Realms Aggramar Azuremyst Blackhand Cenarius Dalaran Doomhammer Garona Garrosh Ravencrest Sen'jin Shu'halo Ysera Oceanic Realms Dath'Remar Saurfang Q. Do participating guilds get anything special? A. Some of the benefits for taking part in the program include: MVP status on the forums for the guild leader and recruitment officer Guild member private forum access Recognition for your guild as being participants in the program http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/6646217/Nethaera8 Dec 27, 2014
Sep 8, 2012 Guild Mentoring Program: Launch Initiated We recently introduced the Guild Mentoring Program and asked for a few great guilds to volunteer their time and services. The call was heard and answered with many potential candidates sending in their applications to do their part. After further scrutiny, gazing at crystal balls, and a visit to the Darkmoon Faire (we love the food), we have called forth the following guilds on Cenarius to serve as mentors for a new generation of heroes: The Queens Knights, now known as Blizzard Mentor Alliance Pwny Express, now known as Blizzard Mentor HordeIf you are a new player to World of Warcraft, this would be a great opportunity to get connected with seasoned veterans who are here to assist you. Learn more about the Guild Mentoring program in our FAQ.Crithto0 Sep 8, 2012
1d Wrought from Ruin looking to reconnect! ***EDIT UPDATE 8/18/2016*** Wrought from Ruin is now <BSP> on Spirestone Horde. After Warlords of Draenor, we decided to return to our roots on the Horde side (it feels good to be green again). In Warlords of Draenor we raided two nights, six total hours per week, and finished up 9/13M HFC in Spring 2016. We've been on break since then, but are now gearing up for Legion. We're not recruiting specific classes at the current time, but if you're interested in reconnecting, look us up! Kromgall - Hammermain#1657 ***END EDIT*** It's been about six years since Wrought from Ruin departed from Cenarius Horde, but after a long absence, we're back, albeit now on Spirestone Alliance. Need a refresher? Wrought from Ruin was one of the original "big three" Cenarius Horde guilds, along with Demise/Impulse and Wretched, active during the original release, Burning Crusade, and Wrath of the Lich King. During that time we nabbed numerous Horde firsts, crowned a few High Warlords, and often terrorized Alterac Valley with our premade groups. Now we're back and looking to reconnect with former guild mates still on Cenarius, or even native Cenarians who'd just like to reminisce about the glory days of Cenarius Horde. While not near as hardcore as we used to be, we are still raiding a couple days per week, and also looking to fill out our ranks as we march towards Mythic content in Warlords of Draenor. If you're Horde and can stomach the switch to Alliance for an excellent guild with a lot of history, you'd be most welcome. Currently Sought: 1 Tank 1 Healer 2-3 DPS Please get in touch! Kromgall - Hammermain#1657 GM Ascendant (former GM Wrought from Ruin)Kromgall6 1d
1d LF Blacksmith BC craft will tip Hi all, I am looking for a blacksmith who has a recipe to a BS craft felsteel longblade [http://www.wowhead.com/item=23629#comments]. Please pm me in game and I really appreciate it. I have all the mats and will tip well. Thanks for your time.Torrileus1 1d
1d [A] Competent Raider looking for new home I am looking for a new guild to raid with in Legion, I didn't play WoD at all and the guild I was with in MoP is longer together. I have can raid in all 3 specs(Prot, Holy, Ret) and pretty decent in all 3 as well. I have no preference as to which spec I raid as.(As I often switched to whatever roll was necessary in the past). However with Legion and artifact weapons, I wish to level as Prot or Ret but I can be talked into lvling as Holy if the right guild comes along. As for times I am available for raiding, honestly I am not completely sure right now as I am thinking I wanna stay kinda casual(as I have a family now and such) but no days are really worse or better then any other. As for right now I am looking for times to be around 6pm to 9pm-ish server. A brief(Ill try to keep it brief) background of myself. I started at launch in vanilla on the Mannoroth server. I was one of the first 60's on the server and as such was present for server first Ragnaros and Onyxia kills, when guild raiding became into its own we were able to clear all Vanilla content(even Naxx at the time). I branched into smaller (when 10/25 became a thing) guild when BC hit and was apart of some of the first server Kara clears and was able to farm available content at the time. With the nature of our guild borderline hardcore/casual we soon split off into guilds that were competing with world firsts or much more casual. Having personal friends on Cenarius whom of which were unable to even clear Kara at the time, I moved and on the night of my transfer was able to help them clear Kara for the first time. I then became the guilds raid leader and organized 25man runs with other smaller guilds to help them/us clear/attempt content they normally would have never been able to do. Towards the end of BC and at the start of warth I became the guilds leader(This was Spirit of Excellence btw). In wrath we were able to clear mostly everything, stalled in Icecrown and I even ran successful GDKP public raids which became a big hit at the time. Towards the end of wrath, playing WoW became much more like a Job then a game and I was getting married so I figured it was time to move on when Cata came out. Skip to MoP, old friends from SoE had talked me into coming back in a much more casual setting to do some raiding and I did. At the end of MoP I didn't think WoD was really what I wanted in an expansion and stopped playing again. Now that Legion is coming out, the expansion I wished WoD was going to be, I am back and looking for a new home. Feel free to msg me in game 'Heavenxsent #1307' or on here. Also, I'm not opposed into getting into Mythic Content. The skill level doesn't matter to me as much as the over all raiding time.Heavenxsent0 1d
4d <a>Sunday Brunch on Cenarius is recruiting! Sunday Brunch currently raids on Friday and Saturday at 8:30 CST. Check us out at http://www.sundaybrunchwow.com or add LADORNA#1379 for questions. This guild began when a bunch of players found each other through raid finder and started raiding in PUGs together. Through a year of pugging we eventually got so many regulars due to our philosophy of “Be kind. No berating, yelling, or cussing” that we decided to start an actual guild and converged on Cenarius. We began heroic HFC as a guild and downed Hellfire Assault in early September 2015 and got our members their AoTC by mid-December. We are growing each week and our members have a wide range of interests. The majority are interested in raiding but we also have those who just like the social aspect of the guild, pet battles, PvP, or are completionists. While all are welcome in this guild, the main purpose of this post is for raid recruiting. More specifically, we are looking to fill our Mythic Progression team. While our normal/heroic teams are casual, but very capable, raiders, we have a subset of members wanting more challenges than just their AoTC. We need a few more players dedicated to hard-core progression to make a complete 20 man team for raiding mythic content. While we are a bit lenient with our normal/heroic teams, we will expect near perfect attendance and exceptional knowledge of your class and spec for mythic progression. We love to have fun during trash, but for boss fights, we put on our war paint and kick or heal butt. We expect that our raiders are patient, punctual, and kind. We don’t need elitists and will not allow cussing, yelling, or berating other players. Our general focus is on mechanics and meters are secondary. We approach a boss fight methodically and don’t subscribe to the idea that the only way to beat a boss is to bull our way through it. Each raid team has a Raid Leader and all suggestions, comments, and/or complaints about tactics should be whispered to that person. For Heroic HFC we used a master loot priority system that awarded gear for main spec upgrades first. We wanted to spread the loot around such that if one person has already won loot from a previous boss, they would have lower priority on the next piece of loot. While this system seems to be appropriate for normal/heroic content, we may adopt a different model for mythic content.Corsicanjr5 4d
4d [H] <Mercy> Recruiting raiders for Legion! <Mercy> - Skullcrusher US Is recruiting for progression minded raiders for Legion. Raid leader is multiple Cutting Edge and Ahead of the Curve. We will raid 2 nights a week. Currently looking like a combination of Tuesday 9 PM - 12 AM, Friday 9 PM - 12 AM, or Saturday 10 PM - 1 AM. Times are in EST Raiding will be treated as semi-hardcore during progession. Food, flasks, potions, and repairs will be furnished by the guild. We will be working on getting everyones BiS crafted gear immediately off the start. Some groundwork for raiding Loot is MASTER LOOT. We use Loot Council. We will not hold your hand when it comes to playing your class. If you need help there are multiples of your class in guild, guides online, and guides ingame. Play your class competitively or someone else will. We expect that raiders will be ready 15 minutes before start time when invites are sent out. Repeated absences will result in loss of raid spot. Be able to accept constructive criticism. If you mess up, be prepared to fix your mistake. If you are doing something wrong be prepared to hear advice and be able to correct the mistakes. We DO NOT condone outright criticism and bashing on other players. No attitudes during raiding period. If you have a problem take it to /w and deal with it there. If you do not agree with something say it, but don't have an ego. We are all progressing together and someone who is sour ruins the fun for everyone. If this sounds like a guild you are interested in, give Andromina-Skullcrusher, Carespanker-Skullcrusher, Trixibelle-Skullcrusher, or Limpspoonqt-Skullcrusher a whisper to ask questions! Current recruitment needs! High, Medium, Low needs deathknight (tank) - medium demon (hunter) - low druid (balance) - medium druid (restoration) - high druid (feral-dmg) - medium druid (feral-tank) - high hunter - low mage - medium monk - medium paladin (holy) - high paladin (protection) - high paladin (retribution) - medium priest (healer) - high rogue - medium shaman (elemental) - low shaman (enhancement) - low shaman (restoration) - high warlock - medium warrior (protection) - high Andromina0 4d
5d Cross realm .Neila0 5d
Aug 15 Looking for a Horde Guild to call Home Hello Cenarius! I'm looking for a new guild to call home. I currently have 4 level 100 characters (Shaman, Hunter, Warrior, Monk) with my main character being a Enhancement Shaman (I recently switched from elemental to enhancement because enhancement gets Doomhammer) I will admit I'm not the best player, but I am dedicated to improving myself, I am also willing to learn new specializations on any of my characters, or switch my main, if a guild needs it. Now, for the type of guild I'm looking for. The guild MUST be friendly and have an active community. I would like people to be willing to "mentor" me and help me improve, and are willing to regular run normal/heroic/mythic (and mythic+ when legion comes out) and normal/heroic/mythic raids. I am not expecting to be able to jump right away into Mythic Raids of course, but would like to work my way there. If any Horde guild fits this criteria please add me in game (Battle.net = Jediknife100#1598).Mekshaman1 Aug 15
Aug 14 [A] Exp Raider returning to game, LFG Greetings, I am returning to WoW after taking a break, during which time I was in grad school and beginning my career. I have raided in top 100 guilds in Vanilla, BC, and LK (as well as in other MMOs) and I founded an extremely successful horde guild in the past. I do not seek to return to 20+ hours a week raiding, but I would enjoy bringing my experience to a guild looking for a reliable player. I have only picked the game back up, so I will need to level through the 90's. I enjoy my Shaman the most at this time, however, I wouldn't be opposed to leveling my Warlock or my Monk. I'm 26 years old, mature, friendly, and fun. I live on the east coast so finding a EST guild or early PST guild is preferred. Please contact me in-game on Argidargidar (shaman), Chillylizard (warrior), or Kreet (monk). I play M-F from approx 4pm-11pm EST. Thanks!Argidargidar3 Aug 14
Aug 14 Interested in active guild [A] I am in a guild that is currently dying off a bit due to gl getting a new job a while back which is fine. On the downside though guild is often very quiet to dead. I don't think im gonna plan to start hardcore raiding again but what I would like is an active place with people who are doing stuff together and at least are working on even lower tier raiding if nothing else. A place with mature players that is a family style environment. Looking to bring over my 8 lvl 100s, main enhance shaman with 7 alts and a couple more in future. Anyways if interested in having me and my army of alts let me know. Again keyword is active with people actually getting on and doing stuff not just dying off a month after expansion.Malacai1 Aug 14
Aug 8 100g for guild sigs Have all signatures. Thx to allPlayedonce1 Aug 8
Aug 7 Cenarius GMs and Players Beware So a few Misfits of Lordaeron members created a ML raid for heroic Xhul on 5/13/16 evening, and perpetrated an entertaining (no really - it was funny watching them fumble through this,) but nonetheless underhanded ML/ninja scam on the people they duped into joining the raid using the premades interface. The comments stated 'ML MS>OS' for the raid in the premades interface, and after Xhul was downed, loot was announced in raid chat and in an attempt I think to not have many people roll on the tier token that dropped (which didn't work - people rolled like crazy) one piece was announced using /say, and the raid members rolled. Here's where it gets all weird though. So all the raid people in range of the loot announcement in the ML's /say rolled on the token, all but one of the guild mates already had the heroic shoulder tier piece equipped. Now I can understand their rolling for the piece, they could pass it to the guild mate that did not have it after the raid. It's what I would do. After all, since they helped, they should be entitled to roll and if they win, they are allowed to pretty much do whatever they want with it. Same goes for ML in general, a master looter can hand out loot to whoever they want. That's how the game works. The roll that should have won was a 99 by a non-guild mate. The guild mate that needed the piece, rolled a 50. All the other guild mates rolled higher than 50 but none beat the 99. The ML then awards it to the guild mate that rolled 50. So I am thinking to myself, why didn't he just give it to the guild mate in the first place? Why make the raid roll? Closest I can come up with is that maybe they wanted to try to be fair, but still hedge the odds that it would end up in the hands (or in this case, on the shoulders) of the guild mate that needed the piece, even if another guild mate won it. But all that went out the window with the 99, lol. At this point I think, the ML knows he's going to have to ninja loot the piece for his guild mate to get it and just hands it over to them in front of the raid. Then again, that doesn't explain the 'ML MS>OS" comment of the raid in the premade interface. More so, it doesn't explain why the ML just didn't leave with the token and give it to the guild mate after the raid. I mean, if you are going to ninja loot for benefit of someone else, you should at least try to be discreet about it and maybe just a bit brighter in figuring out how to do it., right? Why make people roll by announcing the loot? So at this point it looks like there probably wasn't any real intention of allowing MS>OS to be the loot rules of that raid anyway. Rather it pretty much looks like they wanted to gear a guild mate, but needed to deceive other players with promises of potential reward for their efforts in order to get it done. A deception that the ML perpetrated by firstly limiting knowledge that the loot was being rolled for by announcing it with /say when the rest of the loot was announced using /raid, then actually letting raid members think they have a chance by letting them roll before awarding the loot to his guild mate anyway? What I think we have here, are some less than bright people who assumed that no one would notice or expose their less than stellar execution of deceiving the raid they put together to gear a guild mate, and did it very very sloppily. Kudos to Ihuntyou, Xarrior, Upsideumop, and Winnona, all members of Misfits of Loraedon on Cenarius. Here's laughing at you kids! It was like watching a Keystone Cops movie! =DMadjack13 Aug 7
Aug 5 [A] Man Time Krew - Recruiting For Legion! Hey all, Man Time Krew is recruiting on Cenarius on Alliance side. Man Time Krew is a guild of previous raiders who raided very seriously in different expansions and have all decided to come back together for Legion for serious progression. Many of our core team are raiders who have been in top 100 guilds, but are looking to make that extra push towards success. Many of us have been in guild with each other and know how we all work together. We have a very relaxed environment in guild, and a very serious atmosphere in raiding. We plan on running mythic+ seriously and as much as possible. Our overall goal is to be one of the top guilds on the server and ultimately see the highest end game content World of Warcraft has to offer. Raid Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday (subject to change based off availability, which will be decided in the days after Legion launches.) We will be raiding at least 2 days a week, at most 3, leaning towards 3. Raid Times: 9:15-11:15 pm (EST) or 6:15-8:15 pm (Pacific) What we're looking for: Strong DPS that know what they are doing, no matter the class. You should know your class and understand how to better yourself in a raid environment. Elemental/Restoration Shaman Hunter Windwalker Monk Frost or Unholy DK What we expect from you: Being able to show up prior to raid start to form the group and be clearing trash before the raid time. Being serious about your class and understanding your role to the best of its ability. Bringing flasks and food and performing where it is needed. Joking is absolutely fine (a large majority of us are men, a few of different diversity and sexual orientation but we all can take a joke.) If you are interested, please send Miyra#1773 a battle tag request and send me a message!Meerah2 Aug 5
Jul 25 Need 1 Living Steel Does anyone have a living steel for sale/trade? I just need one, but the ah is pretty much just living steel chains.Suricate2 Jul 25
Jul 25 [A]Questionable Tactics LFM Questionable Tactics is a Casual guild on Cenarius full of friends that have been playing together for awhile. We are a small guild but very active doing old world content as well as pvp and raiding of course. We are currently looking to fill some open spots in our raiding family. During WoD we cleared all content on heroic and got AotC. We stopped raiding HFC 4 months ago and are starting up in prep of legion. We have spaces for DPS and healers. Having a tank and healer offspec is a plus We raid Saturday and Sunday 9am to 12pm PST. Our goal is to clear heroic content with new friends. Our current focus for Legion is heroic raiding content. If you are interested you can Contact me. Rhuudii#1791Rhuudiì11 Jul 25
Jul 18 Merged Realms I didn't see Cenarius listed on any server merge threads/lists, so is it one of the few that's not merged? If it is merged, which server is it with?Mumtaz4 Jul 18
Jul 12 I want the Moose. I'm looking for a guild selling a heroic Archimonde kill. How much do you charge and how soon can you take me? Thank you. :)Drlulz9 Jul 12
Jul 7 Looking to buy 8/8 Gold Challenge Mode runs Greetings Cenarius. With the 7.0 pre-patch looming over the horizon, I'm now looking for a guild or group of folks on Cenariius that are selling full 8/8 Gold Challenge Mode runs for the Warlords of Draenor dungeons. Please feel free to reply here, send me in-game mail, or message me in-game with prices (in-game gold only) and times (available appointments and/or run times for all dungeons to be completed.) Thanks.Sephen0 Jul 7
Jul 4 WTB Heroic Archimonde Carry for Moose I'm Canadian so it'd bring shame to my family if I didn't get the moose. Name your price or whisper me in-game. EDIT - Nevermind.Vulfpeck0 Jul 4
Jul 1 WTB Moose Carry Like it says above... Willing to pay up to 40k and just want the mount.Krudster0 Jul 1
Jun 29 WEEKLY Ironforge Attack Every Saturday, Sadistic Sanity - Hyjal, will be hosting an attack on Ironforge. If you are looking to farm kills, have a huge PVP battle, or just have some time to kill (*wink wink) look for us in the group finder, and come join in the rampage. These attacks will be going on EVERY SATURDAY, around 8pm server time. (11 EST, 10 Central) Feel free to invite as many people as you'd like, (Alliance you are welcome to try and stop us.) We have recently been able to set up shop and hold off Alliance for hours, racking up hundred of kills. (I got around 1k honorable kills last weekend.) Have a few Ideas on how to keep things interesting... Hope to see you out there!Lluagor3 Jun 29
Jun 28 [Server First] Level 101 Crithto! <Last Pull> Great job team! Really tough fight here, absolutely need to chain cooldowns properly. One misstep and it's all over! http://i.imgur.com/oB0ZXUC.jpg Tank: Malestrom (Blood Death Knight) Healer Jacapo (Restoration Shaman) DPS: Katarina (Combat Rogue) DPS: Imprezza (Marksmanship Hunter), Chance (Ferocity Wolf) DPS: Toy (Retribution Paladin)Toy3 Jun 28
Jun 28 LF Heroic HFC Hey I'm after an archimonde kill run to get the grove warden, or a full run depending on price.Ripnstein2 Jun 28
Jun 28 [A] Looking for a casual family-like guild. I'm thinking of starting up on this server. Its been awhile since I've played an Alliance, but I miss it. I'm looking for a guild that is tight-nit and close. I really enjoy getting on Teamspeak/Mumble/Discord and chatting with guildies. I'm 23 and live in CST. I enjoy casual raiding. I've done up to normal Gorefiend before I took my break and I really enjoyed it. I'm currently out of school on winter break but will be starting back up mid January. All of my class and work should be morning and midday so my evenings and night should be free! Please let me know if your guild sounds like something that would fit me! Thank you! Merry Christmas!Zhaitan3 Jun 28
Jun 28 Hi Cenarius Hello Cenarius! cheers!Schmidly1 Jun 28
Jun 28 Petition to merge servers I just found out that Cenarius is the lowest population server that hasn't merged yet with another server. Things here are getting bad. People are leaving and trade chat and even Tanaan chat is almost always empty. Its getting so hard to recruit people into my guild thats its thinking of moving to another server. Ive been on this server for over 8 years and i dont want to move. Please sign this petition and let Blizzard know they HAVE to merge us with another server.Seledor5 Jun 28
Jun 28 LF Mythic HFC runthrough 50k I believe all the prices are soo over-inflated. contact me in game if interested in selling run.Grán2 Jun 28
Jun 28 LF the guy who has character name "Moriarty" Mail me pleaseMoriartee1 Jun 28
Jun 28 new to wow looking for someone to level with I've been playing wow for about 3 months now and have only done a character boost and Raf so I've lvled so fast that I didn't really get to learn anything. I'm just looking for someone to lvl with and show me the ropes I want to enjoy my lvling experience and learn.Nessakat3 Jun 28
Jun 28 Looking for a guild with heirloom pants Please :( Message me in game!Shiyokozuki1 Jun 28
Jun 28 anyone selling full hfc carry ? anyone on cenarius doing this currently? i know ak is selling mythic runs but not looking to spend 1million plus goldDkoby1 Jun 28
Jun 28 [A] <Last Pull> 11/13 Mythic! LF Ranged&Heals [A] <Last Pull> 11/13 Mythic, 13/13 Heroic is currently recruiting ranged dps! <Last Pull>, US Alliance Cenarius was founded on Gorgonnash in 2007. We’ve been raiding 25 man content since BC. Our goal is to push progression and continually better our raid, while treating each other with respect and friendship. We do have an over 18 policy in place for recruitment. While we can arrange a cross-realm trial run, we feel that new members joining us on Cenarius is important. A guild is more than just the 9 hours we spend raiding together, so we do require that individuals transfer upon joining. ... ... ... If you’re interested in becoming part of the <Last Pull> family, you can apply online at http://tempestgorg.enjin.com How to contact us: • Battletag: Ash (ash#1125) • Send us a PM on our forums http://www.lastpull.com • email contact: tempestrecruitment@gmail.com • Come make a character on Cenarius and talk to us! We’d love to hear from you! Contact Ash or whisper anyone from <Last Pull> and they’ll put you in contact with us! www.lastpull.com Tues/Weds/Thurs 7-10 PSTEarrl16 Jun 28
Jun 28 I love you all. Trying to get into contact with friends from ye olde days. Any other fossils still alive around here?Duffikus2 Jun 28
Jun 28 Misfits of Lordaeron gg ninjasDolvar0 Jun 28
Jun 18 <The Exiled Ones> Looking for more members! We are a newly formed guild on Cenarius. Me, along with a close group of friends decided to make a new guild before the Legion expansion launched in hopes to create a large friendly social atmosphere that people would love to be a part of. That being said there will still be heavy focus on endgame conten with one of the officers heading PvP and another heading PvE. Everyone is welcome to join whether you are new to the game or a seasoned vet. Just please be at least 18 years of age. If you have anymore questions or concerns just add my b-tag (eccentric#1511)Chodle0 Jun 18
Jun 16 [A] 5/13 Mythic <Death Panel> Recruiting Death Panel [ALLIANCE] is currently recruiting dedicated and skilled raiders for our core raiding team as we progress through Mythic raiding. We are a semi-casual, hardcore raiding guild but we have a mix of other interests. While we love having fun (and yes, we do have fun!) we focus on progression as much as possible during our raid times which are as follows: Wednesdays: 7:30-9:30pm PST Fridays: 7:30-10:30pm PST Saturdays: 7:30-10:30pm PST While we are currently not looking for tanks, we encourage all classes to apply. DEATH KNIGHT: HIGH (DPS) DRUID: LOW (FERAL / MOONKIN W/ HEALER OS) PALADIN: HIGH (DPS / HEALER) SHAMAN: MEDIUM (DPS / HEALER) ROGUE: HIGH HUNTER: MEDIUM MAGE: LOW PRIEST: HIGH ( HOLY / DISC) WARRIOR: HIGH (DPS) MONK: LOW (DPS / HEALER) WARLOCK: HIGH Feel free to contact me in PM or add me on Battlenet Geekissexy#1544 WEBSITE: http://deathpanel.shivtr.com/ We look forward to hearing from you!Melfuriah3 Jun 16
Jun 15 Join Pockys Guild-Cenarius realm We are a casual/social guild, that focus on guild achieves, light raiding, and dungs, along with helping our lower level guildies reach your goal of making 100. When you reach that goal, our help does not stop, we have Guild Mentors, that will take your training to another level. We are a fun friendly helpful guild. Join our guild today, and lets all have some fun.Nomnomers4 Jun 15
Jun 10 Buying Overpowered Chicken Splitter paying 4k WTB Overpowered Chicken Splitter Subject says it, paying 4k, CoD.Tendo0 Jun 10
Jun 10 [H]Scotch and Soda-Whisperwind-12yr guild LFM Scotch and Soda has been on Whisperwind for over a decade, and is well established in it's leadership and membership. We place an emphasis on the personality of the player over their ilvl and experience, making this a good place to come to spend time with amazing people, doing amazing things in game! We are looking for: New Players, Re-Rolls, Casual players, Raiders! All are welcome as we prepare for Legion. We focus on providing an enjoyable gaming environment for everyone in the guild, not just our raiders, and not just our casuals. We have 180+ unique players in guild, ensuring there is someone online pretty much all the time! No more logging in to a ghost town! We are currently 9/13 Mythic HFC and are #1 on Horde side-Whisperwind for progression in this expansion. We keep a laid back but focused approach in raids, and really enforce the no shaming/blaming concept while still pushing for progression and performance. If you are interested in joining the Scotch and Soda family, visit us on Facebook at Scotch and Soda Recruiting, check out our website at ScotchandSoda.org, or feel free to contact any of the officers in game: Rhawnah - Rhawna#1207 Zauberr- Karrill#1518 Treddybear- tredecim#1284 Gravesend- Nemo#1931 Blackangus-gundar#1433Rhawnah0 Jun 10
Jun 9 LF Mythic HFC runthrough 50k I'm looking for much better prices than people are offering. Contact me in game if you can provide the run.Grán0 Jun 9
Jun 8 Last Hope 11/13M Wed/Sun Recruiting Schedule: Wed & Sun 8:30 CT - 10:30 CT Realm: Sargeras Current recruitment priority: DPS DK, Warlock, Mage, Rogue, Balance Druid - High Demand Warrior, Monk, Elemental Shaman, Hunter - Possible spots available Shadow Priest, Ret Pally, Enhancement Shaman, Feral Druid - Low Healing Sorry, no additional healers are needed at this time. Tanking Sorry, no tanks are needed at this time. About joining the guild: We would ask that you server transfer after a trial if you love us and we love you. Please get ahold of our guild leader swerenfl#1545/Gluteas-Sargeras/Glutose-Sargeras, or you can get ahold of me Adhesyve#1668 or Adhesyve-Sargeras. You can also apply at lasthopeguild.com We are a 11/13 guild so we would ask if you’re applying that you have similar experience. About the guild: We have a very light schedule, but we have high output and expectations for the time we play. We’ve managed to get 11/13M on a 4 hour schedule, and with a couple more people we can get our 13/13M before pre-launch patch. The guild is pretty silly and fun in general with great raid leadership.Adhesyve0 Jun 8
Jun 4 Bloody Coins Achievement Hello all, Recently I have helped guildes finish this achievement and want to start offering it to others. If you add me on nra4#6622 we can negotiate price. Average time is around an 60-90 mins for 2000 coins Vengeful Porcupette can be purchased for 100 coins each - Can be caged and resold Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast can be purchased for 500 coins Fire-Water title will be earned with the 2000 coin achievement 5 sales done 4 - Fire-Watchers 1 - Mount Link to other page http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745234492Fraan0 Jun 4
Jun 1 . friends please go here http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20744254334Melchey12 Jun 1
May 26 Looking for Blackrock Bulwark Will buy or trade it from you, its the http://www.wowhead.com/item=118874/blackrock-bulwark#dropped-by. Really need the shield for a sick transmog, hit me up if you are willing to trade or buy it.Asmr1 May 26
May 24 Stay Of Execution - Cenarius - 10/13H HFC Currently 10/13H HFC seeking to add more raiders to our ranks to finish out Draenor and into Legion content. CURRENTLY SEEKING -TANK -HEALERS Many of our toons are raiding mythic content. Together as a group we've only been raiding seriously for about 3 months. Come join our ranks as we move into Legion! For more information please contact me at battle tag werdnayad#1190Adeaton0 May 24
May 19 <AK> Mythic HFC Sale 20% off original prices Hello potential buyers! <AK> is opening up our sale spots for Mythic Hellfire Citadel Gold is the only accepted payment on Cenarius. General Details for raid runs: - Alliance Only - I don't bring classes that share tier tokens or an armor type with another buyer. - All raids are Master Loot. - Avg number of loot per buyer is 15-20. - Sales runs can be done cross-realm. - Mythic HFC runs take 3-4 hours to complete. - I do discounts for previous buyers when possible.[/center] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price List HELLBREACH - 240K Hellfire Assault - 80K Iron Reaver - 80K Kormrok - 160K HALLS OF BLOOD - 240K Kilrogg - 80K Hellfire High Council - 80K Gorefiend - 160K BASTION OF SHADOWS - 280K Shadow-lord Iskar - 120K Socrethar the Eternal - 120K Tyrant Velhari - 160K DESTRUCTOR'S RISE - 560K Fel Lord Zakuun - 160K Xhul'horac - 240K Mannoroth - 280K THE BLACK GATE Archimonde - 1.5M (with mount) Archimonde - 640K (no mount) PACKAGES 13/13M -2.5M (with mount) 13/13M - 1.6M (no mount) 12/13M - 1.2M Prices are subject to negotiation, and there can be some discounts granted for larger purchases and long term buyers. Information Required Please include the name, class and primary spec of your character in your PM, and be aware our Sale Times are 7:30PM to 11PM PST on Tuesday. Deposits A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required to be payed when booking a sale. If an emergency situation arises, contact us and let us know, and we will do our best to work with you to reschedule. Payment The remaining balance is due the start your scheduled raid. If you have not paid in full and/or have not made previous alternate arrangements by that time, your deposit will be forfeited. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQs What are the loot rules? The loot rules will be Raider > Buyer. You will receive any items that are not wanted by Raiders in the group. Our main raid's average iLevel is 740, so there are a large number of mythic items (ilvl720-735) currently being disenchanted. And for Tier Tokens you would be rolling against our raiders since it has a chance to be WF/Socket. What time do you guys usually run HFC? <AK> HFC farm nights are on Tuesday @ 7:30PM PST. We usually expect to finish around 11PM PST. Add my btag Jason#12142 or Sidoh#1149 if you have any other questions.Sänguinary0 May 19
May 14 [H] The Alternative 11/13 M Lead *new* Well Met! The Alternative on US-Bleeding Hollow is currently seeking individuals who share similar competitive progression goals and yearn to be part of a competitive Mythic, 3 night a week raiding team. We're a newly formed guild looking to build our mythic raid roster to push through HFC and Legion. Progression; 13/13 Heroic, 1/13 Mythic HFC on our first week of raiding as a guild! We Raid: Tue/Thu as of right now. We will be raiding Tue/Wed/Thur come Legion. 5:00p-9:00p PST 6:00p-10:00p MST 7:00p-11:00p CST 8:00p-12:00a EST ---Open recruitment for Range dps/healing classes--- Specifics: 1 Holy Paladin 1 Disc Priest ANY Ranged DPS class 1 Melee dps who is willing to go tank when needed. • Exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of current class needs. Our raiders are motivated, skilled and focused and we are looking for individuals who share these same qualities. We expect all our raiders to have a full understanding of fight mechanics and to always be ready on raid night. If this sounds like something you'd like to be part of, don't hesitate to app and get started with us. We look forward to seeing your app http://www.thealtern.enjin.com/ -------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions about the guild/recruitment process feel free to add us: duke#1285 (Main Recruiter) megg#1385 (GM/Raid Lead)Xandrii0 May 14
May 10 Pocket Rockets recruiting(Wed/Thu 6-9 4/13M) Pockets Rockets [A] is currently recruiting skilled and/or exceptional raiders to fill our ranks in preparation for Mythic raiding. We're a casual-hardcore raiding guild on the Cenarius (PVE) server, with a focus on raiding reasonable times and days, while maximizing progress and giving it our best within those times. Currently 4/13M, 13/13H for Hellfire Citadel, with prior clears of 3/7M, 7/7H for HM; 1/10M, 10/10H for BRF. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Raiding Days: Wednesday/Thursday, 6:00-9:00pm server time (PST) (9:00-12:00pm EST). Slight variability/flexibility to accommodate guildies, issues, RL, etc.. Raid attendance expectancy still high, please apply with the intent to raid both days, for the whole duration. Optional raid days will occasionally take place on Tuesdays. ----------------------------------------------------------------- **NOTE**: When in full swing for Mythic raiding and progression, possible third day per week may be added to accommodate rate of progression (at the behest of the Raid Leader, taking into consideration feedback and input from all raiding guild members). You will be trialed with the core, existing raid group for a raiding day or two to help dictate your capabilities and progress, in order to help assess your application and determine acceptance into the guild. If you are applying from another server, we will invite you cross-realm for this process, into whatever Normal/Heroic/ raid runs we will be doing at said time. If you are then notified that you are accepted, and if you agree/are able to transfer realms onto Cenarius (if off-realm), you will be guaranteed a spot in the guild, raiding or otherwise, out of respect for your commitment to doing so, and in the event that you may cease raiding at some point in the future. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Classes/specs we are currently looking to recruit, with level of demand: HIGH DEMAND: DEATH KNIGHT: Frost/Unholy (High) MONK: Mistweaver (High) DRUID: Restoration (High) PRIEST: Disc (Medium), Holy (High) ---- ---- MAGE: Arcane (Medium) WARLOCK: Destruction/Affliction (Medium) WARRIOR: Fury/Arms (Medium) We will always consider any class or spec if you are an exceptional player striving to excel, so please feel free to apply if you feel you fit that criteria, irrespective of class! ----------------------------------------------------------------- *Prior Mythic (or Heroic, prior to difficulty changes) experience is greatly valued, but not implicitly required for consideration. * PLEASE CONTACT: Zanthor, Kizzu, Bewbew, or Trinko in-game if interested in applying, or for more information on our guild, or the application process. Zanthor Zanthor#1398 (if you need to contact me from another realm), or Kazenokizzu#1983, Bewbew#1780 (recruitment officers). US-CenariusZanthor28 May 10