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2m Need Horde assistant 5k gold Hey all I am working on the nemesis achievements and I have left to kill 500 goblins and 500 pandas. If you have a over lol 90 Horde goblin or panda and can let me kill you 500 times might take an hour tops I will pay 5000 gold per toon. Have week left Hit me up if you can help duvdar#1675 ThanksCòrrùpt4 2m
7m [H] <Ouroboros> Recruiting raiders for Legion Hello friends, My name is Pause. You Hordies may remember me in such channels as /2 (Trade) and /1 (General). I talk about sports! More to the point; <Ouroboros> is recruiting members for Legion! After a not-so-satisfactory end to Warlords of Draenor, which saw our raiding come to a halt after only 5/13 M HFC due to burnout and attendance issues, I'd likee to personally take this opportunity to get a fresh reset at the start of the expansion, and really buckle down! <Ouroboros> raids 3-4 nights a week (Tuesday through Thursday and Sunday) from 8:30pm - 12ish. We try to progress with as full a raid group as possible during heroic, and then take the BEST OF THE BEST to Mythic. Our recruitment is sort of open. We're looking for healers, maybe another tank, and some more ranged dps. Honestly, we're open to all ranged dps specs (aside from mages, really) and all healers. While these are the stated roles we need, ALL exceptional applicants are considered, no matter what role/class. As we move forward onward into Legion, we want to field the absolute best roster possible, and I personally hope the competition is fierce. Applicants are expected to use Ventrilo. You should also have all raid materials you need to maximize your performance. While feasts are provided, I'm going to call you a baddie if you don't use personal food and healing tonics. Gear must be gemmed/enchanted properly, as would be the norm in any raiding guild (at least, I hope that's the norm for raiding guilds.) Pleasepleasepleaseplease if you are interested, send me a tell in game, add me on bnet @mortificial#1983. Feel free to also contact any of the officers in the guild as well. Left this relic from the past: We're a level twenty-six (26) guild and we wear two (2) tabards at one time. Thanks for reading!Pause4 7m
13m hay guyz i hav a question what is airPalatubby14 13m
3h <H> Inglorious Hello everyone!~ Inglorious is recruiting new members for Legion! We have many active members that are focused on Raiding, leveling, and achievements. Raiding is not a requirement however it is going to be the main focus for Legion. We have a lot of experience when it comes to raiding as a guild we completed all raids in WoD. We will be going from a casual raiding guild to a Semi-hardcore, using a loot system. This is a mature guild, sometimes language and jokes are a little profane :) Please don't come and get butthurt. We are raiding with the same core of people that we started WoD with, and plan on finishing Legion as a group. We use TeamSpeak for our raids and we have a website. If anyone has any questions please message us and ask! #Zlacry1369 or our officers. Kebi, Tprime, Greknon, Tuckbobert, and Nelthane. No more demon hunters. Looking for more Ranged (spriest), Ret Paladin, Some off spec healers. (Boomkin would be nice to have).Zlacry3 3h
4h LF Horde Guild I am a very casual player looking for a place to call home. I do have a few preferences and those are: I would prefer a guild that was fairly active with a fairly large player base. Whats the point of being in a guild if youre the only one online right? I would prefer it to be casual/social, or at least one that isnt going to demand I play this many hours a week, or have to be logged in at this certain time on this certain day. Like I stated, Im a casual player that plays fairly regularly but can also be away for several days or a week. I would prefer a guild that likes to chat in game. To me, a good social guild makes the game so much better to play. Last but not least, I would prefer a guild that didnt have issues with answering questions. I've never been a die hard WoW player but I do enjoy the game, so I may have a question or two every now and then. Thats about it. If you think your guild may be what I'm looking for, and you dont mind taking on an extra person please reply with your guild name, a brief description of your guild and how I would go about getting an invite. Thank you.Thenstar2 4h
4h 2 players looking for some casual raiding (Forgot to mention, we're on Alliance) Hello all, My friend and I just got here not too long ago. We leveled some toons to 100 to experience the 'other' side of the story and took a small break afterward in prep for legion. With it rapidly closing, I was curious if there is any guilds on the server doing any casual raiding while also still killing bosses. Meaning normal and heroic farming (not stalling on heroic for 7 months before nerfs). We both come from a US 5-15 ranking progression scene, but haven't been interested in going that hard in a while now. What we did discuss is getting in a team that can push normal or heroic bosses without spending the entire expansion doing it. Obviously progression takes time, but in my experience some consider casual hitting a wall at a certain boss, and then either doing attempts for 8 months or quitting. We just wanted a team that could at a decent rate kill some Internet dragons. If you happen to have a team or know of one that sounds like that, then let me know and we can get in contact. Thanks!Oromis5 4h
5h (H)Two players looking for casual guild. Hello Dalaran, my wife and I are looking for a mature casual guild. We are two veteran MMO players with years of experience under our belts. We actually met in Everquest 2 11 years ago. Our mains are a Blood Death Knight, myself, and a Mistweaver Monk both at level 100. We also have combined another 20 max level alts, 4 of which are alliance on Proudmoore. I favor tanking while she favors healing. Our hours of play are Monday - Thursday 6:30/7:00 PM EST to 9:30 EST. Friday 4ish PM EST to Midnight. All day Saturday and Sunday. My wife has to get up at 5 AM EST weekdays for work, that's why the early call Monday - Thursday. Also we may not be on some days due to work/social obligations/we'd rather do something else for that time frame. We are looking for a casual guild that might want to raid or do mythic dungeons but doesn't take all of that too seriously. We don't want to be the best in the world, we just want to log on after work, have some fun and make some friends. What we are not looking for is a dude-bro guild. Or a toxic guild. Or a guild that is trying to turn a hobby (for us) into a job. If we sound right for your guild hit me up in game or here. Thanks for reading.Ajaag2 5h
6h LF guild I have moved some of my toons to dalaran, i like this server alot better than my old server. I am currently looking for a guild for legion, i would love to have a guild that has a great raiding team because i want to do mythics in legion. I'm 13/13 H HFC, I just couldn't find any guild that could handle mythics, i got tired of wiping 10 times a raid night on Assault. My main for legion will be a frost DK my offspec is still undecided, but i have 1 of every class so i am open to playing a class/role to fit your needs. Add my btag-Proehlster#1328Tyleriel3 6h
7h [H] Fel Dragoon Knights is Recruiting We’re a new guild, looking to be rather small, and no more then 15-20 people really. Why? Because I’ve found in my time of playing this game that smaller guilds are usually more enjoyable. It gives us a good core group plus a few flex members (if we get twenty then two groups!). The guild itself is going to me more PVE focused, Raiding the new legion content as we can and eventually working our way up to Heroic and maybe even Mythic raids…Though we’ll start with doing Normal first. Other than that looking to make a friendly guild of adults who understand that Real life > WoW. If you need to learn a role or want to try a role you haven't played but kind of wanted, go ahead we will run dungeons slowly so you get used to it. Maybe do some old raids so you just get use to the idea of the role. The perks of being a smaller guild is that well we'll run the same group so we all should be able to learn and work with each other. Raid Timeline Idea: Weekly or maybe even Bi-weekly, depends on what works for everyone Eastern USA Time zone Days: Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday Time: Evenings around 7pm to maybe midnight? Time will be talked about once things are all settled in A bit about myself: I use to run with a family guild back in BC and WoTLK. We raided both expansions fairly often but only did normal, after WoTLK the guild scattered itself to the winds mainly due to Real life. I still played in Cata and Pandaria, but only did LFR due to not really having a group to run with. So here I am planning on Legion but figured I would try and get a group together this time. As of this posting there are three of us in the guild; Myself (my DH is the guild master, felt it was fitting) My buddy Raag (And his insane amount of alts) And a friendly warlock named Ranicor So if interested, Respond to this post, send an Ingame mail to me, or Shoot me an IM BTAG: Kitzuma#1397Magoza0 7h
8h [H] <Inglorious> Hello! <Inglorious> Is a casual raidng guild slowly making the transition into a more serious raiding guild, looking for active members of all levels and lifestyles! We have members from all over the world on at many different times throughout the day. We have 7 bank tabs (repairs free to guild), regular groups that run for achievements, pets and mounts. As for the casual title......there are a lot of people that take this game VERY seriously. We like to play and have fun, the perfect level of seriousness to get stuff done, but still have a life outside of the game. Some of us have kids, work long hours, or need to cater to spouses, the wife/husband aggro is very real. #thestruggle 13/13 Heroic. Progression every week. NEED SERIOUS RAIDERS< NOT SERIOUS SLACKERS. We have some members that enjoy PVP and are looking for more people that would like to join Battleground groups. As well all know its hard to find a good group that knows the objective in battlegrounds on the horde side. Its always best to go in with a group you know. The guild has a website up and running with guides and info for members to help them learn some of the basics if you are new. Teamspeak server as well for chatting/raiding. We prefer members to be 18+. Sometimes guild chat becomes mature. We are open to merges (guilds joining us). My battle tag is Zlacry#1369 and my main is Zlacry if you would like to get a hold of me shoot me a whisper or a mail :) P.S. RAID SCHEDULE CHANGE. We are now running Tues/Thurs/Sun. 8PM Eastern until about 10-10:30 PM eastern. If you are looking for a fun progression guild then we are the spot for you. We have a crap ton of members who choose not to raid ( some are just here for the free repairs /loljk/). Archie on Farm for rings.Zlacry163 8h
17h (A) Progression Raiders Wanted (Dalaran) <Knights Union> an Alliance guild on Dalaran is recruiting raiders for Legion. We have two raid teams both with different needs and expectations. Our Casual team raids on Monday and Wednesday 7:30-10:30 est/server. This team is still built on progression but its requirements to raid is more set towards the bare minimum to raid to an extent. Our Hardcore team raids on Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-10:30 est/server. This team is built on nothing but progression at all times and clearing every level of raid in each tier. Strict gear score, artifact level, and performance will matter as well as a strict attendance policy. The guild is always looking for members who are willing to step up and be an active part of the raid teams. We are DONE raiding in this expansion for the most part and focused on Legion. We also have vent, a very active website, facebook, etc… Casual players and a pvp team are also welcome. If you are interested or have any questions you may contact our GM in game Diâmond (alt 131 for the A) or add him on real id Duvdar#1675. Or check out the website www.knightsunion.enjin.comSeaphiel13 17h
21h [A] <Heavenly Sword> LF More Active Friends! <Heavenly Sword> is recruiting! We're a newly formed guild on Dalaran (US) alliance side based around a multi-game community and looking to add to add some active members to our ranks for leveling, dungeons, pvp, raiding, and more. We have a solid group of old school WoW players currently, and we are always happy to help out new and returning players. Some perks: Discord voice & text channels Website: http://www.heavenlyswordgaming.com/ Frequent events Videos and social media Points for attending events, which can be spent on real prizes Supported by a 200 person multi-game community Want to know more? Please contact Fairylights in-game (fairylights#1471) and she will assist you with any questions and facilitate your entrance into the guild and our community!Fairylights0 21h
22h (A) New to server, not to raiding. Started playing on here about a month ago after an extended hiatus from pandaria. I'm looking for a guild that is actually active and intends to raid in the upcoming expansion. I have been listening to the chats and have jumped into a few guilds but I just haven't met the right type of group yet. It would be GREAT to actually get into a guild that is of a more mature setting, not that gaming with kids is a bad thing but yeah.... pushing into a raid at 1am on saturday night tends to take it's toll on the kiddies. I have a slew of characters, but I enjoy tank/heals and I'm pretty active most days between 7-11, obviously extended on the weekends or when trying to down that next damn drag! So with all that being said, it really boils down to personal preference, but i'm looking for a guild that isn't around to cater to brand new players and help everyone. If I am online I typically don't mind helping people out, but when it becomes a trend like an "order of the righteous" type of guild, it really starts to burn you out having to tell 20 people an hour to ask a guard for simple stuff.Nicetrybro0 22h
1d [H] Spicy Boys - LF Spicy new members We are hoping to turn Spicy Boys into a casual raiding guild, with aspirations much higher. Since the guild is new, we are recruiting anyone wishes to find a new home! The founding members are me and 5 others. We have all had experience in previous expacs whether it be PvP or progression raiding, but we chose to take a break for the majority of WoD. The current active group, including myself, are college students between the age of 19-22, and we've all been playing WoW as well as many other games together for a very long time. Don't let that prevent you from looking to join - we will be very welcoming to those who wish to join us! We are also extremely active; most of us are on for at least 4-6 hrs/day right now, but that will likely decrease will classes starting. As I said, we're looking to get members first, but we do want to get into Legion raiding! Raid times will likely be late-ish on weekends. If you're interested in join, add Skyec#12952 or post your bnet!Skyji0 1d
1d Kaizen is recruiting Kaizen (Dalaran-US), is looking for players to fill out our roster of mythic raiders. We are accepting applications from all classes and specs.(Bonus points for ranged) Our raid times are Tues-Thursday: 8:00-11:30 PM server (EST). Monday is optional clean up night, we cycle in main raider’s alts in order to keep things interesting while gearing up those that still need it. We typically fill the raid with around 30 members. There is no such thing as a “bench” or “main raiders”. We embrace the concept of non-committal raiding, the majority of us will be there a majority of the time because we want to be there, and we enjoy the company and the activity that we do together. Many of us have real lives; if you have a date, your kid's ball game, finals, or any other kind of real life event that would come up every now and again, we would not want you to miss it for our raid. Missing a raid night, or even a raid week, does not mean a raider will lose their “spot” in the roster - we will simply be happy to see them back online when their real life allows! But this also requires that people are able to step in and out of fights as requested, which necessitates a good deal of humility and patience. A little more about Kaizen - first and foremost, we are a casual progression raiding guild. The word kaizen is a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement.Different people may have different takes on the idea and ideal, but for us it means working a bit, day to day, to improve at a pace you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t matter how low or high you start – at anything, there is room to improve. We aim to build a community with this very concept in mind. The biggest thing that we look for in Kaizen members is character, like-mindedness is very important. People will approach us and ask to immediately join, or ask about things like Item Level requirements, some will list their great achievements and rankings and parses. Often, these players see Kaizen as a way to get loot faster, instead of an opportunity to grow; we look for people who strive to improve themselves as players. We seem to confuse a lot of people when we tell them that we’re looking for character, not a particular skill set or item level . Maybe this will clear things up a little bit! The ability to put in effort, focus, get things done while kicking back and having fun is really what we are after. We don’t expect anybody to just come in and blow the fight out of the water. What Kaizen is looking for is, well, ”Kaizen”; it could be bettering your class rotation, your movements, making sure you are consistent, or just being more acquainted with the fight via running normals or LFR. Improvement also extends beyond the game. If your personal life is crumbling around you you’re not going to perform well in Guild. Conversely, If you’re getting back in shape, doing well at work, or just enjoying life, you’re substantially more likely to contribute in a positive manner both socially and mechanically within the guild. Our motivations may not be purely altruistic, but we do care about our members lives both within the game and outside of it. Because Kaizen is focused on improvement instead of item level, we do not require a specific item level in order to trial applicants - we will simply judge performance based on someone’s current gear. We are more than happy to run heroics to help new raiders catch up to the rest of the raid. Kaizen is a crew of misfits that just run together and have fun. Sure, we do progression, and sometimes that means running into frustrating brick walls, just like any other raid team. With Kaizen’s ideals in mind, the raid as a whole is able to overcome these challenges while also maintaining our softcore and fun-loving raid environment. If you’re looking to save Azeroth from the Legion and have a helluva time doing it, you can reach our recruiting officer at Sovereign#1895 or you can apply at http://kaizen.guildlaunch.com. We look forward to hearing from you!Paramecia0 1d
1d [A] Internet Bullies-Dalaran is recruiting! [A] Internet Bullies-Dalaran is currently recruiting for Legion progression Our raid schedule is: Sunday 8-12pm EST Monday 8-12pm EST Tuesday 8-12pm EST We are a newly formed guild of returning veterans (because WoD sucked) looking to re-start progression raiding in Legion. We are currently focused on quickly establishing a heroic clearing team so that we can move on to mythics as soon as our raid numbers allows. We are a tight-knit guild who only recruits based on need and availability and we do not intend on running a bench so we will not be zerg recruiting. We are looking for players with strong progression raiding experience, who knows their class very well, and who comes prepared to raids with all the necessary gems/enchants etc. All roles are currently available for applications. We take progression seriously. Our goal is to progress and clear as much as possible with the time we are allowed. We have high standards and while we understand we are not a world-first pushing guild and while we will work with someone to make them better we do expect strong performance and productivity. We expect you to come prepared for raid being properly informed and knowledgeable of what is to come. We are currently not raiding in WoD, but have many active members available who are doing things like mog runs and other pre-Legion stuff. If you feel like you would be a good fit with our group, please feel free to submit an application at internetbullies.enjin.com We look forward to hearing from you! Please Contact Shynn#1383, Aurora#1587, Neodorian#1494 with any questions!Mãd8 1d
1d WTB - Alani Kill & Mount Buying [Reigns of the thundering ruby cloud serpent] Starting price 25k G , Price negotiable If selling Add me Auhsoj#1644 And Reply a price, a time will be discussed.Itossmagic0 1d
2d <Fortress> is recruiting Hi all, welcome to a non-traditional guild. Who we are... 1) Our core has been playing WoW since day 1, some of us since beta. We've stayed friends for 10+ years and have even met up in RL. 2) We are old (by gamer standards), some of us even older than dirt (Gim). We are the "older crowd" and after Warcraft we tend to drive our Buicks to go play Bingo, eat Tapioca pudding (while driving), while fighting over which of us gets to wear the blue colored Depends™. So no one under legal age please. 3) We are family/working stiffs (<--- see an old man term) that take life first over WoW, and consider ourselves friends before guildies. We play other stuff together as well on occasion. 4) We tend to joke around ALOT on Teamspeak at each others expense. For example, we had an Orc main tank when we were Horde that hated Gnomes. We all rolled Gnomes with some variation of his name and met up with him in Shattrath (we then proceeded to do a naked gnome Hogger raid after). Thick skin is a benefit though by no means required. :) 5) Experienced- Besides being here from Day 1 or Beta, some of us have been in top shelf guilds and have raided everything up untl WoD. At one point, we were the #2 Alliance guild on Fenris way back in BC when Kara was new. Myself and one of our Officers have been in server first guilds, etc. We've dabbled in group PvP (way back in seasons 1-3) but nothing major. 6) Plug and Play. While we all have mains (somewhat), we are ok with playing whats needed to keep running. We love alts to the point of needing therapy. 7) Patient (sometimes beyond logic). I once had a Warlock talk about me behind my back during the Kara days and some guildies asked me to boot him. I kept him around because he was respectful to the guild in general, was always on time for raids, helped with mats, had good numbers, etc. He even left to join another guild that promptly benched him for his attitude, and asked to come back a week later. We welcomed him back. Sometimes, you may want to see what else is out there. A guild is a collection of alot of personalities, sometimes people just don't mesh. As long as we are still having fun, it's all good. If it gets disruptive though... Who we aren't... 1) Anal jokes, trade spam, airing out your dirty laundry, ninja looting, etc. tends to make us more crotchety than losing our blue pills. We all pay to play but if any of the above get you through the day, then you probably won't be a good fit. 2) Cheap. We have always helped each other, we don't ever charge for guild mats, make stuff for free etc. Repairs are for guild dungeons/raids/pvp activities (Bank permitting), anyone is welcome to mats to level up skills etc. ****This is not a requirement though, we just never did it any other way. We understand that you will probably not be as trusting as we are in the beginning (if ever), so it's all good. 3) Drama.... This is sometimes a gray area. Every guild has some drama from time to time, its unavoidable. We keep it to a minimum though, talk to us before going off the deep end (we might even share a Zoloft™ with you). 4) Hard Core and/or Elitist- a couple of us are from hardcore server first guilds through the years, those days are over. We just want to have fun with people we like (in some cases tolerate ;)). Our unlimited patience ends at elitists btw. We prefer the Clint Eastwood type of amazing but humble, badassery-exuding players who know they are the cats biznachos without needing to broadcast it. If you had to google Clint Eastwood, you may be too young for us. Rules... 1) Not much beyond "Honor thy guild tag." We've always cultivated relationships with other guilds, and we've always been respectful and respected. Every member represents the guild, this is non-negotiable, treat others with respect. No loot !@#$%s, Ninja looters, griefers, campers, chat spammers (beyond trying to legitimately sell stuff), etc. 2) Play what you want, whatever spec you want, etc. Just have fun. Yada yada, you long winded, soapbox Guildmasterguyperson, where do we go from here? Our main goal is obviously to build a fun guild doing everything possible. Dungeons/Raids/PvP or whatever suits the guildies fancy. We've all given up on WoW from time to time (moreso with WoD for us), we wouldn't mind a return to the glory days of WoW with Legion. So Join us. Free Cake signing bonus while supplies last (though the Board of Health doesn't allow us to eat it by the ocean). Agreeing with the GM that Jessica Alba was one of the hottest things to ever walk the planet will get you extra points, maybe even a corner office. Think about it. My name is Xan, and I approve of this message. Contacts 1) Me, on any toon with Xan in it, anyone with Ism (warning-Canadian), Jube (picked him up from the border), or Gim (he's even Harvard trained) in it. And a guy named Steaksauce/Skarlisel (Mascot).Xanimalistic57 2d
2d Unsacred Hello, Everyone.. Now Is The Time To join. Unsacred. new xpac new people /new things.new fun No one behind on gear or any of that stuff its a fresh start :p Unsacred is a Extreamly new raiding guild on U.S Dalaran server we recently created with a couple people who have an extensive history in top tier guilds and raiding throughout WoW. Unsacred is now recruiting! we are seeking new&old players/raiders of all levels and classes for Legion.& its Endgame Content.its also a Casual, fun guild.we are looking for helpful people who dislike drama and people who can avoid it looking for people who want to bolster our numbers, conversation and participation in everything we do, rather if its raiding/instances/pvp/mount runs old world content.. but i will stress our main goal for the most part is endgame raiding.. To entice you, we have the same exact guild features — bank, hall, cloak/tabard/shield/standard/hat/fanny pack — that everyone else does! The Only requirement that we have is..be at least 16 years of age. .. This new guild gives you a chance to bond with a group of like-minded people like no other guild can give you. There are no cliques, no groups who have been together for 5 years. Here we are all strangers who have a common interest. We want to take that interest and grow together as a guild and as friends. PST to join!.. or add battle tags..devilwarrior#1370 evil1491, dieseldemon#1127.Evilenvy4 2d
2d A/H LF Casual Raiding Guild Hello all, I'm a long time player looking for a guild to call home that does casual raiding. Last time I seriously raided was back in Wrath and have been a solo player ever since. Sadly due to my work schedule I can only raid Monday Tuesday and Wednesday any other days and I would have to decline. As of right now I only play three classes which are Shadow Priest, Rogue and Resto Druid. If you have room for any of these, I would love to join. What I can do for the guild: Im a fast learner who can take criticism on how to play my class better. Im always prepared for raid nights by bring my own flasks and potions and keeping my gear up to date with enchants. Thats pretty much it. If you would love to talk more or have any questions feel free to reply below. Thanks for reading!Illidari0 2d
3d [A] <Mimic> N/H Legion Raiding LFM <Mimic> is a casual raiding guild that has been formed by a group of old raiding friends in anticipation for Legion. With the exciting changes coming with the new expansion, we've formed a guild to take on the challenge of Mythic+ dungeons as well as Normal and Heroic raiding content. Currently, our set times for raiding will be Thursday (7-9 EST) and Saturday (7-11 EST). As far as raiding experience goes, we run the entire spectrum. Some of us have been hardcore raiders competing for server firsts and some have had very little exposure to any raiding environment. We will cater to any skill level but keep in mind that we do want to see some solid progression during this expansion. So if you're uncomfortable about whether this is the right place for you, don't sweat it. I will spend as much time with you as need be to help you hone your skills to be on par with the current skill required for progression. In the end, this guild was formed for the purpose of attaining access to difficult content. We all maintain full time jobs, some are married with children, and others are in the service and schedules change drastically. Whatever preoccupies your life at the moment is important and we understand that. Attendance will be relaxed (only core raiders are expected to be at all the raids *) and if something comes up, we will understand. We want you to the get the most out of this expansion and help us do the same. Currently Recruiting: 1 Tank (Warrior/Druid/Paladin/Death Knight) 1 Healers (Priest/Paladin/Monk) DPS (Really need a Rogue if you are out there ;p) (*) Core raiders will be the two tanks, three healers, and a handful of DPS to make sure a raid occurs at the desired times. This is to just safeguard any chance the raids would be canceled because of attendance. All others (including extra tanks/healers) can have a more flexible raid schedule. Keep in mind that as the expansion goes on and content goes to farm status, I encourage all to play around with their alts, be it opposite the role you are currently listed as or the same, just different class. In the end, I just want everyone to have an enjoyable experience! ;P For more details, send a message to my reddit account (Jundoc), open a conversation on warcraftlfg with us (https://www.warcraftlfg.com/#/guild/us/Dalaran/Mimic/), or add my battle tag (junpeer#1117) and strike up a conversation! I will be happy to answer any and all questions.Oseiros0 3d
3d "Celestial" RBG Recruiting Celestial is currently recruiting for our Legion RBG team. No CR or EXP required just be willing to learn, accept criticism for your class, and listen to the instructions of the RBG leader (Myself). We are 1.8k-2.2k players. RBGs will be played Tues/Thurs nights starting at 6pm EST with practice and debrief on Sundays at 6pm. All classes and specs may apply by sending me in game mail: Deathikus-DalaranDeathikus0 3d
3d [A] <Order of the Righteous> Our Cause is Righteous..... <Order of the Righteous> Is recruiting people that wish to dedicate themselves to the ideals of Vanilla wow. That's right! We firmly believe in the ideals of the past, and pridefully place our banners in every location of the world. Some of the these old ideals are: Striving to build a community within our inner guild. Assisting players in our own guild whenever they need help, and whenever we can offer our assistance. Some people believe that a social guild that actively communicates with each other is a thing of the past, which is why we do our very best to communicate both verbally and in guild chat! (We use Discordapp) We are a guild that promotes selflessness rather than selfishness. We hold a strong claim that we are a Charity guild over a PVP / PVE guild. What does that imply? Helping new players become champions, and giving as much as we can back to our community. We strongly believe that the community makes the player base, and without a 'good' player base we have a destructive, spiteful, hateful, trollish community built on the pillars of hate, and greed. Most guilds nowadays do not post events on the calendar, our calendar is generally filled with various times to cater to those in Australia, Europe, the East Coast, and the West Coast. We have all kinds of events, for all kinds of people. We are the only guild that changes our colors to show support for fallen serviceman (Red / White / Blue), promote breast cancer awareness (Pink), promote LGBT unity (Rainbow), promote awareness for certain genocides such as the Armenian Genocide (Red / Orange / Blue), promotes unity in certain worldly events like the shootings in France (Red / White / Blue), and to top it off we have a SPECIFIC day every month where we cater to veterans and help them with their basic needs. Order of the Righteous prides itself on helping others, especially when we can lend the assistance in real life. We are the -ONLY- guild that has brought together big donations to send to the American Cancer Society, and the Red Cross. We even have set up donations for animals, and have raised awareness about animal abuse in farms.The bottom line is that our events aren't standard, our guild isn't your usual guild that simply PVE's or PVP's. Many of us have joined this guild to dedicate our time to other people, our community, and each other. If you believe in the old ideals of Vanilla, and what it meant to be a social, active, kind, caring, loving guild, then OOTR is the home for you. (We're also one of the biggest WPVP Guilds and tend to destroy Orgrimmar for hours on end. :D) For extra evidence, we've set up a page in Imgur where you can look through some of our photos. https://imgur.com/gallery/I16fDKornbredkhan7 3d
3d [A] A State of Arrogance We are recruiting to fill our raid team for legion, small guild of players who just enjoy playing the game. mature guild so 18+ This is our current plan. Currently looking for all classes and specs for Legion. MT-Filled Flip - Druid OT-Filled Pete - Pally Heals- T Heals: Gary (H Priest) H Pally (NEEDED) R Heals: Druid (Dylan) R Shaman (NEEDED) R DPS- Mage: Hunter: Sean Lock: Pedro Boomkin: Ele Shaman: (NEEDED) M DPS Rogue: Fury Warrior: Enh Shaman: Havok DH: (Needed)Cereibas0 3d
3d [A] Afterhours is Looking For More We're a recently formed guild created in anticipation of Legion. WoD was boring, and most of us quit at some point during the expansion, but now we're back and ready to get into Legion's raiding content. Our goal is to maintain a low stress environment in the guild, but still tackle new bosses as they arrive. RL always comes first, and we don't have it in us anymore to treat the game like a job. Raid times are 7-10 pm EST on Wednesday/Thursday, with Fridays slated for optional clean-up if we so choose. What we're most interested in right now is ranged dps. Even though we're not currently in need of any tanks or healers, we're pretty flexible, so don't hesitate to join us anyway. Like what you see? Visit our site at: http://afterhours-dalaran.enjin.com for more details on what we're all about. If you have any burning questions or would like an invite, you can contact me in-game, or on my Btag: Leaf #11773 Thanks, and see you on the Broken Isles!Leafel2 3d
4d New Friends for PvP, PvE, Dungeons, and Raids Hi! So mainly, I want a PvP team. I'm a level 65 DK and like to play DPS a lot, but don't mind changing to tank. Anyways, I am in dire need of a group to PvP with to avoid BG groups filled with nothing but damage, a couple tanks, and no heals. So if you would like to join me, please let me know! We will not only do PvP but will be doing Dungeon Runs, Raids, and more in the future. So to sum up and get to the point. DPS DK looking for Healers, Tanks, and DPS people to join a group. If you would like to join, let me know and I'll add you, or you can add me. Thanks for your time! -PsychoRahalin1 4d
4d Dalaran inquiry (Possible server xfer) Hello Everyone, My Gf is tired of playing on illidan. She is not a PvPer and xfered just to be with me.(This was before server mergers were a thing) She is also unfortunately tired of paying for server xfers. So what I am trying to do is show her a good populated, balanced realm that is safe for her to play and enjoy the game. And Dalaran was at the top of my list for balanced, High Pop, West Coast servers.(as far realmpop data is accurate.) My interest are a bit different, but also must mesh with hers so...just a few questions. How is the community as a whole? Active? Trade/achievement (excluding /4chat troll) How is the Raiding and Guilds? A lot of recruiting? Raid progression? (Looking for a social semi casual raiding guild as I am full clear HFC Normal/Heroic). Is the LFG chat/ Trade chat helpful and community friendly or is it completely toxic?(exclude casual trolls. We all know there will be a peak of these plebs no matter the server. However some servers are so bad and toxic that its just best to turn the chats off. ) I know that a lot of this info could be searched on realmpop/WoWprogress etc. This however, excludes the community and their personal experiences and opinions. This is what I want to know. How you all feel about your own server. it will tell us a lot about the community and if it would be a good move to transfer here. Thank you all and please. Feel free to let us know what you think and how you feel about your server and community.Astridr12 4d
4d [A]WipesOnTrash Tues/Sun 8-10EST LF DPS <Wipes on Trash> is currently recruiting experienced, mature ranged DPS players(21+) in preparation for Heroic Raiding. We are also looking for a Ret Paladin as well. Raid Days are Sundays and Tuesdays from 8-10 EST. We use TeamSpeak 3 If you are interested in discussing how you can contribute, Please leave a comment or fill out an application. http://wipes-on-trash-dalaran.enjin.com/recruitmentHellabella2 4d
4d Potential Transfer Looking for some insight on the realm. Seems highly populated and very active, especially with Alliance. This accurate?Grimston1 4d
4d New player LF mature, semi-casual guild Found a guild! :DZelyk0 4d
5d Is BDE still around? Its probably been like 5 years, but I played a character named Drakov and I was in this guild. I recently returned and just trying to see whos still floating around.Blackguarde0 5d
5d [A] LF GUILD Looking for a progression raid guild that is raiding after 10:30PM (EST) or on the weekends.Kidark0 5d
5d Want to make gold?! WTB heavy junkboxes! Hi, I am looking to buy heavy junkboxes. If you are a rogue or have a rogue and are interested in farming and selling these to me in bulk (I need 1400) I will pay 50 gold per box. I have a guildie who is also interested in the same if someone really likes to farm. Please contact JenJen#1717 if interested. :DJenleana3 5d
5d LF morning guild Hello world! I'm just going to cut to the meat of this. I'm looking for a guild that's active in the morning. I'm not really looking for raiding spot just more of a group of players that's on during 6 am to 11 am CST to run dungeons and battlegrounds with. I play holy with off spec of ret. Happy hunting! :) Edit: preferably ally but I can transfer to horde.Blaxfire2 5d
5d [H]Legitimate US-Dalaran LFM Legion Raiding Greetings fellow Warcraft players, Legitimate is currently recruiting a few more members to round out our roster! I have posted our general information below for your perusal. Guild Name:Legitimate Realm:US-Dalaran(PvE) Realm Timezone:Eastern Standard Time Raid Progression:Currently 13/13H (due to unsubs until Legion) Raid Schedule:Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday Evenings Raid Times:9pm-12am EST Raid Openings:Currently we are considering all classes/specs due to rerolls. Rogue and another Warlock will be nice. About Us Legitimate is a horde guild which focuses on casual, yet progressive raiding. Throughout our years of being on Dalaran, we have raided many of tiers together & was top Horde guild in SoO. Our casual schedule requires determination, focus, and dedication for success. It also requires, however, a fun and friendly atmosphere that we really hope every applicant contributes to. Due to how well WoD end up, a lot of our members unsub but are coming back for a taste of the Legion. Applicants A model applicant will demonstrate intelligent and effective game play; indicating clear knowledge of their class and current raid content, as well as raid awareness and adaptation. Such an applicant will also maintain excellent raid attendance, learn quickly, and take constructive criticism. Being prepared is key for our raiding schedule. Attendance One Key factor in downing any boss is to defeat the attendance boss*wink*. Over the three days we'll meet for three hours each night, a total of nine hours a week. This schedule will start immediately when the first raid is release and will continue until the last boss of the expansion is on farmed with everyone getting mounts. Now, with that being said, we completely understand that LIFE happens and last min emergencies happen but unfortunately its hard to tell 19 people we can't raid because someone isn't on without a ETA, and we wont do that. We'll pick up, swap out as needed. Open Arms Policy Whatever you're interest is in the game, if you want to join us and be an active member in our guild we'll be happy to have you. If you think you would make a valuable addition to our roster or have any questions, feel to contact us. RL - Deatramak#1421 GM - Chadwick87#1813 Me - BlueMoon#1773 Thank you in advance and looking forward to hearing from you. Happy gaming!Redsweets10 5d
6d [A] &lt;Redacted&gt; Building a community ***Redacted recruiting is now closed*** Redacted is a newly formed guild focusing on providing a community for people with irregular schedules, kids, and an abundance of that chaos that is life. Everything about the guild is designed to work for people that would not normally be able to participate in more challenging end game content. What kind of person are we looking for? Adults with irregular schedules, be it from shift work, having 17 kids and 3 cats, or a general chaotic life. People who are looking for a community to build friendships, rather than a zerg of 900 players all stuck in the same room without knowing really who anyone is. People who are team oriented, and take pride in helping to progress the goals of the team as a whole. What are we not? We are NOT a hardcore progression guild. We know real life is always the priority. We are NOT a huge zerg guild of 900 members. We place a lot of value in actually knowing the people in the guild. What kind of content will Redacted be participating in? PvE Raiding (More detailed info on raids below) Mythic+ dungeon progressionPvP While we are primarily a pve guild, we will have arena teams, as well as RBG teams if we have enough people interested How will raiding work in a guild built for people who normally can’t raid? Raids will be run 2 nights a week, but the nights that this falls on will potentially change from week to week. We will have everyone interested in raiding select 3-4 nights/time blocks that will work best for them the following week, and whichever two of these nights/time blocks has the majority available will be the raid nights and times for that week. We will primarily focus on using ~10man raiding. The fondest memories of raiding in wow are from 10 man Kara, or course! Members will not be punished if they can not make it from one week to the next, but it will be frowned upon if you continually vote on days/times and then don’t show up for those if they are selected. We understand things do happen, so there won’t be any immediate /gkick or anything crazy. But we do want our members to respect our other members time and show up when they say they will. Not being able to make it is fine, but if you say you can make it, we want you to try your best to honor that commitment. As i mentioned above, we are still brand new, and in the building phase. If that doesn’t scare you, then i encourage you to contact me @ Wild#1567. Looking forward to hearing from you! People to contact: Wild#1567 Revenas#1326 **Updated to add list of people to contact and general format.Arcthor39 6d
6d <ILLIDAN'S FAITHFUL> Progression Raiding [A]<ILLIDAN'S FAITHFUL> Was made to be a Progression Raiding Guild for the new Upcoming Expansion "Legion". It was Formed by Guild Master AkeriDemon for just that purpose. Our Goal is to shoot for Realm Firsts on the New content when released. Our Expectations are to Stay Ahead of the Curve at all times. We will be a 20 man Group so that when Mythic Raids release we will be ready for them. Right now we are Relatively small as we just formed up on the 16th of August. That said We are also looking for experienced raiders, with great attitudes and who know how to have fun while striving to be the best. We are accepting any players who are of at least age 17. While we have our goals we also understand that World of Warcraft IS just a game. We don't expect you to submit your entire life to the game. Real life will always come first. While this is true, we don't want to see it abused. If you are signing up to join us for our progression team, we will expect you to be online. While We are a progression raiding guild, we would love to have casuals as well who just want a place to call home. What the Guild has to Offer 1. A chance to Raid in the new expansion pack 2. Guild Repairs for every member after they have been in the guild for 2 weeks. 3. Guild Bank access after 2 weeks with the guild. 4. Guild runs on Old Content that does not have a Mount drop. (reason for this is most people will want to solo those raids so they don't have to share the Mount drop.) 5. Guild run 5 man Dungeons including Normal, Heroic and Mythic Difficulties. 6. A more in depth guild idea when it comes to Professions. No more Over priced profession charges, were a guild and shouldn't be hurting each other gold wise, but instead helping each other out to be able to better suit the guilds needs. 7. A Guild Mat's bank, these mats will be farmed for the guild by the guild to be used strictly for non profit helping out other members of the guild (hence how we bring down the costs for profession use) 8. A friendly Adult atmosphere where you can be yourself within reason. 9. A Safe Place. Absolutely no harassment of any sort will be tolerated here. 10. A Discord Server to use for all of your Gaming needs. What we expect in return 1. A Great attitude 2. Patience while raiding 3. Your Commitment to the guild 4. Be on time and prepared to raid. 5. Your Contributions to the guild. Were Investing time and effort into you we want the same from you. 6. You Smiling and having a good time because in the end this IS just a game. Raid Times Tuesday 8pm - 10pm Wednesday - 8pm - 10pm Friday - 8pm - 10pm What were seeking All roles to fill out a 20 man roster for raiding. our team will consist of the following, 3 Tanks (one with a DPS off spec) 5 Healers 5 Melee DPS 7 Ranged DPS That about sums up everything about us at this time. If you need any more information at all feel free to get a hold of me here or in game.Akeridemon1 6d
6d Horde/Alliance How healthy is the horde side of this server? I know alliance take the majority but is horde dead? Would it be worth switching from ally to horde?Alurus0 6d
6d Welcome to The Waystone, traveler! [H] The Waystone is one of the nicest guild on Dalaran's horde side for older players, veterans and casual raiders. We are laid back, talkative and try to make your 15$ a month enjoyable while you hang out with us. We understand that everyone has their work, studies, family and life to take care of so we want to create the best gaming experience for the few hours you can log in. Even though we cherish a well developped sense of humour, we have a strict "no guild drama" policy. We do not tolerate guild chat spamming of blasphemous, misogynistic, racist or immature comments. Who said Thunderfury, Blessed blade of the Windseeker?? I did and I say it's all in good humour! While we do not raid or PvP in WoD seriously, we intend to clear content in Legion in a non-hardcore way. But that doesn't mean we won't work hard to see the end of Legion! If raiding is what interested you the most, we are looking for melee dps like Druids and Shamans and Rogues. Priests, Mages, Warlocks and Monks would also be good for any specs. Somehow, we have lost some healers to the Demon Hunters so we are in need of Druids, Shamans, Priests, Paladins and Monks to fill the healing raid spots. For PvP, we do not have a Rated Battleground team as of now. This is something I would like to create in the near futur with the help of some experienced PvP'er (because I'm not well versed in the matter!). ** We have a Discord server and a Ventrilo server that is waiting to be used by PvE and PvP guildmates If you are returning to World of Warcraft or actually playing in a toxic guild environment or simply looking for a change, visit us at The Waystone. Contact Permaphrost, Shadowstrik, Cowboybebop, Klystrom, Doomsiege, Greenstout or myself for an invite or more informations. Write me an in-game mail with your Battle Tag and I'll send you a request asap. We invite new World of Warcraft players to contact us if they are interested in joining. We do not refuse anyone under the pretext that they don't know the game. We will all be happy to help you out and show you how great this game is. Have a pleasant day. -OxOxforce24 6d
Aug 19 [A] LOOKING FOR GUILD I am a Havoc DH. Looking for a great guild thats active in to raiding as much as doing old content. My last guild mysteriously disbanded it looks like out of the blue. I want to raid but learn how to as well outside of just LFR. Right now im at i695Kushblow0 Aug 19
Aug 19 [A]<The Band> LFM Legion Semi-HC Progression The Band is a six year old guild. We are located on Dalaran. We have successfully received all the AoTC achievements since their inception. We have struggled a little bit in legion to maintain a consistent 20 people to push mythic content. Currently, we have 15 solid and consistent players on our raid team. We are looking for healers and dps (prefer ranged, but melee is ok too). Our raid times are tues, weds, and thurs from 9-11pm EST. We have a great time and laugh a lot during raid. Our focus heading into legion is to kill mythic bosses, but also to maintain a consistent raid team. We are all good players, we got stuck on gore, and that really sealed our fate, as we didnt have enough like minded players on our team. Which in turn halted our progression for the last few months of the xpac. If you are at all interested, please let me talk to you personally. Allow me to sell <The Band> to you, we really are a great guild and even better raid team. The hard working, dedicated individuals that are currently on our roster are really good. Like I said, we kinda got dumped on by just taking what we could get, building them up to mythic level ilvl's and then on the first hard boss, those people kinda gave up and quit logging in. We got him to 26% a few times, then the wheels fell off. Most everyone that has any kind of interaction with our raid team or guild, will all tell you that we are an awesome group of people and really enjoy the company of each other. I hope to hear from some of you, and i hopefully look forward to pushing progression with you. We wont be top on the realm, but we have always traditionally been top 5 easy. If this at all sounds interesting, add my btag, and lets chat! Come see what <The Band> is all about. I personally guarantee your satisfaction in our guild! Thank you, Howyoudruin (<The Band> GM) btag:howyoudruin#1126Howyoudruin0 Aug 19
Aug 19 &gt;FairyTail&lt; Recruiting All. Hello, the FairyTail guild is recruiting players of all levels and backgrounds. We have heirlooms, mounts and pets unlocked. We have over 700 members who are very helpful to new and old players alike. I always like to say that we aren't just a guild, but a Family and that is the kind of environment that has been built with FairyTail. ~History / Vision~ I originally made FairyTail for two reasons. The first reason was that when I first started the game I was constantly guild hoping looking for a guild that actually did things or at the very least talked. After going through what felt like 100 guilds I finally formed my own at the urgence of a friend. This is where the second reason comes into play. I wanted a guild that could specialize in everything WoW had to offer, two of the biggest being Raiding and PvP. Most guilds specialize in one or the other, rarely both. People usually have different characters in different guilds because of what they specialize in. I wanted to build a guild that was truly a home for it's members and could welcome all of their characters and interests (talk about dreaming big). ~Current State~ As it stands right now we are more of a helpful and friendly guild. There are many fine raiding guilds on the server, but unfortunately I don't feel we can call ourselves a raiding guild at present and the same goes for the PvP side of things. What we can offer at the moment is advice, friendly chatter and help. You can contact any of the officers listed below if you are interested in joining (if you want their b-tag then that is between you and them). -Officers- VastoZaraki (GM) Cheroki (Treasurer) Toxotes (Raid Leader) Merryknight Zandin Hexenhaus Gaydar You can also /who fairytail and whisper any member listed for an invite. -Notes- >We have our own Vent >We have our own Web Site >Guild repairs available to everyone >Promotions based on participation with the guild (chat and guild activities) >Yes the Guild name is based off the Anime / Manga >No age restrictions >Begging will ultimately result in a kick from the guild >Keep chat friendly (Cursing to a minimum and no drug talk) >Guild is 3+ years old >Peak times (6pm-12am server time) >Unique ranking (Fledgling, Fairy, S Class, Saint, Master)Vastozaraki83 Aug 19
Aug 19 [A] <Citatic> Recruiting Players, not Classes <Citatic> We're not your standard new guild. Here at Citatic, we don't recruit classes or specs, we recruit players. At the core, we all play Warcraft because it's fun, and encourage you to play a class and spec you enjoy. "But how will you make sure you have the right roles for a raid?" I'm glad you asked. Our Legionnaires and Raiders specs are posted proudly for all to see. If you see a void in the composition and think, "Hey, that could be fun," have at it! But know that no one will be chasing you down to level a tank. We're also not going to recruit someone just because they main a healer and we really need one. We believe that if people are having a good time and working toward a common goal, we can come together to make it work. So enough with the soapbox, here's who we are: We play a lot of World of Warcraft. That's a given. You probably do to. We have jobs. For some of us, that means we won't be able to raid as often as we like. But we know that keeping the power and internet on is just as important as family and food. No guild is drama free, but we like to keep ours at TBS comedy levels of dramatic. We enjoy the social aspects of a guild, and some of us have friendships that span the game. We want you to get to know us and we want to get to know you. We are helpful and considerate. We're not out to prove we're the best, but we still want a challenge. We respect each other, and respect other players outside the guild too. We are adults, looking for other great 21+ guildmates. Here's what we're looking for: We're looking for experienced players that have been playing since Vanilla, who have gone from 60 hours a week of free time to maybe 10. Players who want to keep playing and raiding, but don't have the time for a Hardcore raiding guild. We're looking for newer players who have never raided before, but are wanting find out what it's all about, and are willing to listen to feedback and learn. We're looking for dedicated players who want to be a part of Citatic, and be the driving force behind conquering raid content, and earn rewards based on skill and effort. We're looking for new friends, new memories, and the love for the game we've been playing for so long. Still Interested? Find out more and check us out at guild.citatic.com!Kholdan9 Aug 19
Aug 18 [A] <Heavenly Sword> open recruitment <Heavenly Sword> is recruiting! We're a newly formed guild on alliance side based around a multi-game community and looking to add to add some active members to our ranks for leveling, dungeons, pvp, raiding, and more. We have a solid group of old school WoW players currently, and we are always happy to help out new and returning players. Some perks: Discord voice & text channels Website: http://www.heavenlyswordgaming.com/ Frequent events Videos and social media Points for attending events, which can be spent on real prizes Supported by a 200 person multi-game community Want to know more? Please contact Fairylights in-game (fairylights#1471) and she will assist you with any questions and facilitate your entrance into the guild and our community!Fairylights0 Aug 18
Aug 18 Guild Charter Hello, I need four players to sign my guild charter. Its for my alts/banker. I've asked around, but no ones responded. If anyone needs a guild charter signed, I can create a character on their realm. Just send me a whisper, in-game mail or reply to this post. I'm on the realm, Dalaran, Alliance, human starting zone of Northshire. Thank you.Taelysio0 Aug 18
Aug 18 [LF] Legion Raiding Guild Hello fellow citizens of Dalaran, my name is Akeri and I have just recently returned to WoW after a 6-8 Month Hiatus due to the boredum that was WoD and i returned for the Legion Expac mainly because of Demon Hunters. I have alot of experiance with the game, though its not much of a expert status in PvE or PvP. This Expac i will be maining a Havoc Demon Hunter (shocker I know, i've been waiting for this class since i began wow in TBC) Anyhoot, I am looking for a guild to build, level, grow, and raid with. Along the way i hope to meet new people and make some awesome new friends in my travels. So in this light of a new era, i will tell you a bit about myself, my past and what i look forward to in the future. Afterwards, a bit more in depth of what i'm looking for in a guild. Let's begin A Brief Introduction to Akeri I am 27 years old, Male irl, I work full time (as of monday) at Walmart (ewwww) in their electronics department(they were eager to have me once i told them i spent a year with Best Buy haha) and am currently going to be saving up to get my own place instead of renting from other random people. Lets face it, no body wants to have to abide by someone elses rules in the place they call home. (no i don't live with my parents haha) but enough about my real life, lets get into the juicy details of my WoW life. I started WoW back in 2008, a little after the launch of The Burning Crusade as a Blood elf Pally. I was a full blown complete noob, and I ended up getting bored fast, until i ran into a really old buddy by the name of Ftwagain (Blood elf Pally), we hit it off immediatly and began playing together daily. Met another guy down the road by the name of Pieroe (Orc Warlock) couple years later i moved servers, we lost contact until we randomly met up again when i went back to my roots. Since then they both stopped playing, as did i for some time. I never got to raid much when content was current, never could find a guild willing to teach/educate. I havnt had the best of luck with guilds either, i am kinda set on the type of people i want to play with but ill get more into that later. So my experiance in WoW is mainly World related, and some PvP, as well of course as running dungeons....LOTS OF DUNGEONS (shudder). This expac i want to change that, I want to dive head first into the heart and soul of WoW End Game content. What is Akeri Looking For In A Guild? 1. First and formost, an AWESOME guild name. By this i mean, i want something that rolls off the tounge, sounds badass, and above all is Unique. 2. Friendly, Mature People to play with. by this i mean, people who can joke around have a good time, love to play together no matter what it is, who can have disagreements without hurting other peoples feelings or making people feel unwelcomed. 3. Motivated,yet Understanding a guild of players who are motivated to do their best, but rememeber its just a game, not a career or a real life. By this, i dont want to see people getting all bent out of shape because we spend time wipeing and learning on a boss. Nor over the fact that sometimes things come up at the last minute that can change plans for people. That sometimes people work Unset sceduals so they cant ALWAYS be on at the same time every day. Things happen, dont treat the people they happen to badly because of things they cant control. 4. Decent sized guild, I am not a fan of guilds who have hundreds of players, people get left behind, and ignored, and made to feel unwelcome. because of this i prefer Smaller guilds, roughly 50-100 Unique players. This will make it easier for people to make friends as well as get included in content being done (that number does not include alts of people.) 5. Lastly but not least. Knowledgeable players, Some people are not as experianced as others, take the time to educate, help each other to meet max potential. Everyone started out at a point where they didnt know exactly what to do and needed a hand. So dont feel like its beneath you to help out. thats about it... i know it seems like im asking alot, but im really not, i am asking for a guild of human beings, not animals. I hope to hear from you soon and good hunting. Main: AkeriDemon BattleTag: SinfulAngel#1326 message me on either of these if i dont reply in a resonable ammount of time.Akeridemon2 Aug 18
Aug 18 Rogue LF guild I am currently wanting to get back into raiding. I did a lot of raiding in TBC and Wraith then life got me. I am now wanting to find a guild that raids may two nights a week preferred Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights. I ussually play assassination but currently trying out the outlaw. I did most raiding on my priest but want to dps instead of healing for this expantion. Thanks for any opportunities.Möe0 Aug 18
Aug 18 2 players lookin for guild (LFG) hi, a friend and my self are in search of a guild. we're experienced players. we gotta couple level 100 toons & just got back into this a few months ago. we're immature, old , salty alcoholics who work shift work enjoy having fun in G chat & eventually vent. we're looking for an adult guild who is attempting & interested in having fun with friends running randoms, quests, events l or even raids together even tho we may wipe time n time again . we want a guild that doesn't give a !@#$ & plays to have fun. not serious raid %^-* cuz we will disappoint. a drunk guild is a plus but isn't necessary aslong as u can put up with the nonsense. we are alliance thank you. Mail me in game as Farraj or respond here thanksFarraj2 Aug 18