5d priest + hunter LF guild (horde) Hey guys, me (36) and my girlfriend are looking for a mature guild with a friendly atmosphere. I got a 110 Hunter and she has a 110 warlock and soon-to-be 110 priest (main). We are in the process of gearing up, haven´t done any heroics yet. PVE and PVP are equally interesting to us, in past games we always ended up doing a lot of PVP though... Both of us returned a few weeks ago for legion and are having a blast. We played various MMOs for the past 15 years and always enjoyed small to medium sized guilds with friendly, active players. We dont care about raid-ready or not, we are having the most fun helping to work towards goals like this. Its the people we need to click with. We are located in Toronto, Canada, but any North American or international guild is fine of course. (I myself just moved here from germany.) If the guild would actively use teamspeak, that would be perfect. Due to work schedules, we mostly play in the evening and at night (east coast time). Alright, thanks for reading this minor wall of text! Cheers, mindrage PS: I c&p this from my thread in the recruitment forums. We got a lot of replys, but unfortunately everyone is either alliance, or not on dalaran... ;)Mindragez3 5d
6d [A-Dalaran][Imminent Reign][3/7 M] >>Information to be inserted at a later date<< Raid/Recruitment Info Currently seeking all exceptional healers & ranged DPS for the mythic raid team. However; everyone is welcome to apply (you could make the team!) Raid times are Tuesday & Thursday, 8:00pm-11:00pm EST. If you're interested in applying or want more info, you can message me in game @ FengShui#1417, or apply directly to this post.Wolfé0 6d
6d Looking to do RaF Yep! I am wanting to do RaF with someone, I play Horde and looking to level up some chars. Can play alot as i have alot of free time right now. What i offer Gold Gold for mount/flying Bags A bunch of playtime and i can buy you atleast 1 token for another month of game play. Would hope you would be able to purchase a month aswel for the mount and a free month for me hehe :) But not a problem if you cant! Lets do this! Let me know :DRëlëñtlëss3 6d
6d 7/7H 3/3N LF RDPS for Mythic progression <Crucible> is recruiting solid Mythic ready RDPS to round off our roster in order to push through mythic EN (to start). If interested contact MythosFreak#1374 or Rycyxox#1417. Recruitment Priorities -Hunter (MM/BM) -Shadow Priest -Balance Druid Will consider any and all exceptional players About Us: <Crucible> is a mid-core progression guild formed at the beginning of Legion for the purposes of pushing Mythic content at a steady rate. Our leadership shares an extensive history together, spanning multiple games and numerous years. Our roster is comprised of veteran players from varying backgrounds, including a few server first accomplishments. We are a 2-day guild, so we strive to make the most of our limited hours. Raid times: Thu/Sun 8:30-12 EST. Loot: Loot Council We do have optional raid time on Mondays, dependent on player interest. We are a laid back, yet focused group, who enjoys clearing content while not taking the game overly serious. Work hard, play hard. Outside of raids we have groups running M+ daily. Our guild is home to players from all walks who like to have fun with one another. We laugh, we joke, we get !@#$ done. Why we are recruiting Due to RL issues pulling players away from the game, an incomplete roster has delayed our segue into Mythic progression. Our goal is to incorporate like minded, skilled raiders, in order to round out our numbers and hit progression hard. Expectations of you We will provide you with a place to grow as a player, gear up as a raider, and make fast friends (if you're into that sort of thing), what we ask in return is: -Attendance/Punctuality We need players able to make every raid time (outside of extenuating circumstance) Be on time and stay the duration of the run. Showing up late and leaving early hinder progression. -Performance/Positivity Do your research, be open to constructive criticism, and perform at the level befitting a Mythic raider. Wipes will happen, be constructive and productive to raid progress. If you are interested in joining and would like to discuss the opportunity further, feel free to contact the players mentioned in the foreword. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!Shockîra0 6d
Nov 25 [A] <Blanket Time> 1/7M 2/3H Recruiting! About Us We're made up of a tight-knit group of friends who have been playing/raiding together since Wrath clearing through heroic & mythic content along the way. While we all enjoying raiding, we love to joke around and mess with each other during raid nights to keep a positive atmosphere. However, we don't let messing around get in the way of progression. We're pretty laid back about most things, we understand that everyone makes mistakes. When those mistakes happen repeatedly, we will try out best to help that player with whatever they may be struggling with. If no improvement is made after speaking with that player, he/she may be asked to sit out for that specific boss. During our down time you can usually find us farming Mythic+, PvPing, playing Overwatch, League of Legends, Counterstrike, or many other games. Expectations Knowledge of your class/specs & boss fights. Be able to handle constructive criticism - we want you to be able to perform your best in a raid environment with us. Show us the same drive & mentality towards progression we have. Should something come up and you cannot make a raid night or you're going to be late, try your best to let somebody know. We understand that life happens. Always come prepared. Raid/Recruitment Info We've recently had some roster changes due to some players taking a break, which left us unable to progress further into mythic, so we're currently recruiting to fill our roster and continue progression. We're looking for all exceptional DPS & Healers, with an emphasis on the following classes. If you're class/spec is not listed but you believe you'd be a good fit, please don't hesitate to apply or contact me in game. Mage Rogue Hunter Warlock Spriest Resto Sham Raid times are Tuesday & Thursday, 7:30pm-10:30pm EST. If you're interested in applying or want more info, you can message me in game @ Snibzy#1885, or check out our website - blankettime.netSnibzy0 Nov 25
Nov 24 Looking to Recruit A Friend (2 Free Months) vCeresth3 Nov 24
Nov 24 [A]7/7M <Internet Bullies> Recruiting Progression: 7/7M 2/3H [A] Internet Bullies is a fairly hardcore guild full of 12 year veterans with a lot of top 100US experience looking push cutting edge progression. The goal is to reach the top 100 again at some point this expansion. Our core is a very tight knit group. Some of us have known each other 10+ years. We are looking to add solid players to that core. We are looking for "try-hards." Our DPS and healing spots are very competitive and we expect you to be able to push competitive numbers while doing mechanics. You're also expected to maintain near perfect attendance. We do not recruit for the bench so we depend on you to be reliable. Our raid schedule is: Sunday 8-12pm EST Monday 8-12pm EST Tuesday 8-12pm EST Thursday 8-12pm EST (Optional day for Normal/Heroic clears) Current recruiting needs: DPS: Hunter Warlock Mage Balance Druid Elemental Shaman We recruit the player not just the class. So if you feel like you would be a good fit with our group, please feel free to submit an application at internetbullies.enjin.com or contact us via bnet Shynn#1383, Warmachine#1364, Zixl#1456.Aurande0 Nov 24
Nov 24 [A] <Vanishing Act> - Looking for DPS/Heals Raid Times: 8-11 most Friday/Saturday Nights Looking for: DPS and Healers, specifically anything with a battle rez being a huge +. Were not overly picky. Semi-Casual. Were not anal about attendance, try to make ~75% attendance, but we still expect flasks, food, enchants, gems, all that basic stuff. We use Discord, talking isn't mandatory but listening is. Don't have a stick up your !@#. Gearing you isn't an issue if you think your a good player and are just lacking gear. 7/7N 4/7H Nightmare 2/3 N ToV If you have any questions the single best way to get in contact is to send me in-game mail. You can also whisper Shavaliah in-game as well, since hes basically the other leader of the raid.Callipsa1 Nov 24
Nov 24 Looking for a guild - Horde Hey guys, I just recently came back and reached 110. I'm looking for a guild that raids on the weekends as I have school M-F. I mainly go as Frost.Zebak0 Nov 24
Nov 24 LF Friends for Mythic+ I have 4 110's ranging from 869 Brewmaster Monk to 812 Prot Guardian ( Guardian Druid and Demon Hunter as well) all mainspec tank. Looking for players to get up with and have fun not relying on !@#$ty pugs that can't even do normals right... Send me a message in game or on here thanks for your consideration.Laindrik0 Nov 24
Nov 23 [A] A State of Arrogance -We are recruiting to fill our raid team for legion, small guild of players who just enjoy playing the game. -mature guild so 18+ - Farming mythics currently to gear raiders. - Planning on pushing raid content and keystones upon release. Raid times will be Tues & Thurs 8:00pm - 11:00pm server time. Filling for 20 man, and Mythic progression. Looking For: Mele and Ranged DPS! We will invite any serious player looking to get into end game content, as long as you have a good attitude and can play in a calm environment while getting stuff done! Add me on btag for more info! Dylan#1149Cereibas9 Nov 23
Nov 23 [A]<Gloria Victis> Recruiting Mythic Raid 7/7 H EN 3/3 N ToV Tues & Thurs 9:30pm est. Currently recruiting for our Mythic progression of EN. Progressing on Heroic ToV in the meantime. In game mail to THREEZEE, REKUS, FORISTAL, or ALGOREHOWL. We use discord.Skotino0 Nov 23
Nov 23 [A]Underdogs selling H & N EN Full Clears Hello Everyone! Starting this week Underdogs will be selling full clears of Normal and Heroic Emerald Nightmare. These are complete carries, you can die and AFK all the fights if you desire. Normal Emerald nightmare will consist of all 7 bosses on personal loot. Heroic Emerald Nightmare will consist of all 7 bosses on personal loot and you will be awarded the Ahead of the Curve achievement upon completion. Dates and times of these runs will be semi-flexible, however they will mainly be done on Monday, Friday & Saturday. Our first N EN carry will be on Monday, Oct 31st 2016 8:30pm EST. Prices: Normal EN 7/7 Personal Loot: 175k per pug - 5 Max Heroic EN AOTC 7/7 Personal Loot: 350k per pug - 3 Max Normal EN & ToV Personal Loot: 350k per pug - 5 Max Heroic EN & ToV Personal Loot: 700k per pug - 3 Max -- This will kick in second week of ToV release. We are also able to sell Mythic+2-10 carries, this will give you a chance at gear and a guaranteed piece of gear on Tuesday. Please feel free to message me at anytime if you have any questions/inquiries about purchasing a run! ~ Lily grumpykitten#125120Lilith4 Nov 23
Nov 23 [A] LF a guild to join! ilvl 839 fire mage looking for a solid progression guild. I'm very active and dedicated to the game. I'm a little quiet but very friendly and willing to help in any way I can. I'm also super flexible with my raid times. Ultimately I'm striving for max level and having fun on the way there! Please let me know of any open spots. thanksYamzballios5 Nov 23
Nov 23 2/7M 3/3N Kusso LF Mage & SP Fri/Sat guild Kusso is a Semi-Hardcore guild on Dalaran that raids 2 days a week.. Our goal is to Progress and have fun raiding in a low stress environment as we continue our mythic progression. Currently 2/7M EM - 3/3N ToV Raid Times: Fri and Sat 8pm-11pm Eastern. We expect what most raiding guilds want: watch strat videos, come prepared (pots/flasks/food), and a desire to progress. DPS Wants - any good player not limited to the following but prefer ranged atm. Mage - High SP - High Hunter - Med ELE sham - med WW -medium Our guild site is kussoguild.com Contact Baddmoo - Syfy#1592 Mush - stayfrosty#1224Baddmoo1 Nov 23
Nov 22 [A] 843 Hunter Looking For Home I've been guildless since Legion's launch and i'm looking for a place to call home. Semi-Experienced Raider (Just not in Legion). Looking to get into Progression and Gear Runs. AF: 25 MM (main) & 14 BM iLVL: 843 I'm available any night (usually) between 7:00p & 12:00a ESTTukao7 Nov 22
Nov 22 Small Group Looking for a New Guild We are a small group of friends of various classes, all 850+, looking for a larger group of folks to merge with. We've started in on Mythic dungeons, but are stalling due to lack of members. Currently Horde on Draenor (US), We are willing to server and faction change. Our Line Up: Paladin tank 855, Druid heals 855, Hunter MM 857, Shaman dps 854. There may be a few others who would be coming along. We are all adults. Easy going with a good sense of humor and have been playing, on and off, since Vanilla. No drama or raging here. Thanks for your time! Edit: I should be more clear: We are looking for everything up to at least Heroic Raiding. We are the kind of folks that aren't concerned with the Raid class/spec composition, but just want to have fun. We are not progression players. We are all good friends, so its also a package deal. Thanks for all the responses. I'm talking things over with my guildies, sorry if I don't respond directly to everyone.Bretenn13 Nov 22
Nov 22 [A] 7/7N Starting Heroic LFM <The Last Haven> is a former reroll guild who is looking to fill its ranks a little more for Legion. We have an awesome group of members who are all very helpful and friendly. You can read about our goals for this guild in its creation here. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748574867#post-1 We want to keep the guild relatively small and tight knit. We are not looking to be Top 50 or anything we just want to have fun playing a game we love and to progress through the content at a fair pace. Right now our Raid time are Thurs and Mon 9pm-12am server. If you are interested please post in the Recruitment area of our forums please. Definitely need more Rdps, and tank w/ OS but all welcome. lasthaven.shivtr.comWudangrite8 Nov 22
Nov 22 <Moxie> recruiting 110 players <Moxie> recruiting 110 players for H EN / N ToV progression / High level keystones. -PST Evilhart / Burgandyone / Burgandytwo for guild invite.Burgandyone2 Nov 22
Nov 21 864 Restoration Druid LFGuild Hello, I am an 864 Resto Druid looking for a new guild to progress with. I am currently on the Horde Side of Dalaran but would be looking to relocate/change faction if I believe it's worth it. I come from relatively small guilds in which my progression was capped therefore I only cleared 7/7 Normal EN and all bosses of Mythic Karazhan. As much as small guilds make content harder to find groups for, I prefer that atmosphere and set raid teams over big guilds where you don't even get to know everyone. I am very active, actually I play a bit too much but let"s blame that on my extra-free time. I would like to play with good players I can enjoy content with. I have been in guilds where the easiest of mechanics, even in regular mythic dungeons, seemed like a complete mystery and no one could dodge/interrupt them and I would like the people I play with to know their class and role just like I know mine so we can move forward without too many headaches. I am looking for a small guild that would fill those criterias: - Adult Community (20+) - Horde preferably - Small friendly community - Using voice chat, preferably Discord - guild groups for mythic+ - Core Spot in the raiding team - Semi-casual Environnment If you think I could be a good fit and that your guild is the home I am looking for, feel free to respond to this topic or send me a message via Battlenet so I can consider it. (rePz#1225)Explicity7 Nov 21
Nov 21 [A] Blood DK 855 Tank LF Guild Hey, I got into WoW a few weeks after Legion launched. I'm looking for a group of people who are willing to show me the ropes for normal raids and M+ dungeons. So far I've only tanked Mythic 3+ dungeons and LFR. ZeePurifier#1900Fennrick2 Nov 21
Nov 21 (A)Reload LF Holy Paladin. Reload is currently looking for a Hpally with mythic raiding experience. We are a very relaxed guild compared to most mythic progression guilds. There is no yelling or demeaning while raiding. Our main focus is fun but we make the necessary adjustments to clear content. We've been rank 1 on the server for a couple expansions and look forward to continuing to be the best on the server. Other exceptional ranged DPS or tanks feel free to add me as well. We are always looking for solid players that enjoy farming M+ as well. Raid Times: Tues-Thurs 7:00-10:30pm EST Sometimes Monday if a we are extremely close to killing a boss. http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/dalaran/Reload Feel free to add me and say hello if you are interested in joining us. Remi#1220Remi4 Nov 21
Nov 21 Demon Hunter + Rogue LF Guild We are a Havoc (sometimes Vengence) Demon Hunter (859) and a Outlaw Rogue (861) and are looking for a friendly and welcoming guild. We are both interested in PvE as well as some PvP. So far we had mostly experience in Mythic + during this expansion, but have joined in on a raid here and there as well. We are both very active and are mostly looking for a guild that likes to have fun with one another, doesn't mind a good laugh and that doesn't have a dead silent chat or perhaps even Teamspeak. A raid group that might make use of us once in a while would be great too, but that's not too important. Please just add me (snow#14458) and we'll go from there.Sûlithiêl6 Nov 21
Nov 21 [A]<Rally> 7/7H - Serious and Casual Raids Progression: 7/7 Normal 7/7 Heroic 3/3 ToV Normal 0/3 ToV Heroic Raid Times: Serious Raid: Tuesday/Thursday 8pm - 11pm EST Casual Raid: Saturday 8pm - 11pm EST Server: Dalaran - PvE (US) Loot System: Personal loot for casual raid and farm content. Master loot/Loot council for progression content. Recruiting: Serious Raid: healers & ranged DPS. Casual Raid: 1 Tank, healers, and all DPS. We will always make room for the right person so if you feel like you would be an exceptional fit here, please reach out to us. About Us: <Rally> is a guild comprised of people who were formerly hardcore raiders at one time but have since crossed a threshold into adulthood rendering us all unable to put in that amount of time anymore. We are a casual guild but take raiding and progression as seriously as possible. We still bring all highest level consumables to every raid, run and review logs, and fully gem, enchant, and optimize gear. We are looking to recruit people who fit into our group well and get along. We are looking for people who care and want to learn and get better or are already skilled but lack the time to dedicate to hardcore raiding as well. Whether you still want to push progression or just want to raid once a week for fun and minimal pressure, please apply! We are a tight knit community of friends with a solid foundation of real life and long term friends having played WoW and other games together for 10+ years. We have a diverse membership with several couples, male and female, and new and experienced players. Our Discord is active during the day while people are at work and we are always spending time online running Mythic+, Nightbane runs, leveling alts, helping each other level and gear, etc. Our goal is to recruit a few more key people to move forward into mythic raiding. While we won't be actively pushing for sever firsts with all new content, we will strive to see all content while it is relevant and stay "ahead of the curve." Disclaimer: We do not tolerate bad behavior, carelessness, excessive tardiness, etc. How to Apply: Please visit our Discord server at https://discord.gg/ankmdQQ or simply send a message on Battle.net to Avarraela#1295 to chat. Avarraela13 Nov 21
Nov 21 [A]Monk+Resto Shaman LF Casual Raid Guild My wife and i are looking for a semi-casual raid guild with a consistent raid spot for us.She prefers to heal and I have been main spec tank so far, but I am willing to play and have experience raiding with any role. We are both Ilvl ~852 (slightly lower on my off specs). We are typically available to raid Sun-Thurs~6:30pm-10pm and Friday ~6:30pm-whenever(EST) If you are a somewhat laid back guild with a consistent raid spot for us please contact me in game or right here!Zarkamoth4 Nov 21
Nov 21 860 Vengeance DH 7/7N 4/7H LF guild Hello, I am trying to find a raiding guild that goes Normal, Hero and eventually progresses into Mythic EM. My current guild stopped raiding or doing content as a guild an I am looking forward to explore WoW Legion in more depth. Outside of raiding, I am more then happy to help others to get fast queues in Hero and Mythic and am looking forward to goes some Myth+ (highest achieve +6). Please contact me in game or here. Thanks.Gerdemon3 Nov 21
Nov 21 <Digital Stank> 7/7 H, Mythic Recruitment We still need 2-3 for our core mythic progression group. Please check recruitment needs below, we will consider paying for transfer for the right player / fit <Digital Stank> 7/7 Normal 7/7Heroic on Mal'Ganis, made up of a group of friends that have been gaming together for a few years now. We have been in multiple MMOs together and held server firsts in WoW, ESO, and FF14 as well as high ranking Diamond players in LoL. Our Goals While we only raid on the weekends we are in no means casual. We simply are a bit older with full schedules during the week and we aim to make the most of our time on the weekends. We plan to be in the top 10 on the server for progression and spots will be competitive. You must be able to pull your own weight, research fights, and come prepared to raid Raid Schedule Saturday 6p.m-10 p.m. Server Sunday 6p.m-10 p.m. Server We are looking for like minded individuals with not only a sense of humor but also a drive to get these raid bosses down. We currently use TS3 and it WILL be required for all raiding. We do welcome casual players and PVPers but as a whole we are focused on recruiting raiders for mythic progression. Current Recruitment needs Tanks None Healers' Monk (will consider other solid healers) DPS Huntards Monk Enhance All Exception DPS welcome to apply but the raid spots are competitive While these are the classes we are in search of all Exceptional players are welcome to apply. Please feel free to Contact one of the 3 people listed below. Senax#1743 (contact after 7p.m cst) Bloodbane#11222 (Contact on Kik @@Raistlin_B_Onion anytime before 6pm est) Shigedy#1765Wyrmarc4 Nov 21
Nov 21 [A] Fortress - LFM for second raid team Hi all, welcome to a non-traditional guild. Who we are... 1) Our core has been playing WoW since day 1, some of us since beta. We've stayed friends for 10+ years and have even met up in RL. 2) We are old (by gamer standards), some of us even older than dirt (Gim). We are the "older crowd" and after Warcraft we tend to drive our Buicks to go play Bingo, eat Tapioca pudding (while driving), while fighting over which of us gets to wear the blue colored Depends™. So no one under legal age please. 3) We are family/working stiffs (<--- see an old man term) that take life first over WoW, and consider ourselves friends before guildies. We play other stuff together as well on occasion. 4) We tend to joke around ALOT on Teamspeak at each others expense. For example, we had an Orc main tank when we were Horde that hated Gnomes. We all rolled Gnomes with some variation of his name and met up with him in Shattrath (we then proceeded to do a naked gnome Hogger raid after). Thick skin is a benefit though by no means required. :) 5) Experienced- Besides being here from Day 1 or Beta, some of us have been in top shelf guilds and have raided everything up untl WoD. At one point, we were the #2 Alliance guild on Fenris way back in BC when Kara was new. Myself and one of our Officers have been in server first guilds, etc. We've dabbled in group PvP (way back in seasons 1-3) but nothing major. 6) Plug and Play. While we all have mains (somewhat), we are ok with playing whats needed to keep running. We love alts to the point of needing therapy. 7) Patient (sometimes beyond logic). I once had a Warlock talk about me behind my back during the Kara days and some guildies asked me to boot him. I kept him around because he was respectful to the guild in general, was always on time for raids, helped with mats, had good numbers, etc. He even left to join another guild that promptly benched him for his attitude, and asked to come back a week later. We welcomed him back. Sometimes, you may want to see what else is out there. A guild is a collection of alot of personalities, sometimes people just don't mesh. As long as we are still having fun, it's all good. If it gets disruptive though... Who we aren't... 1) Anal jokes, trade spam, airing out your dirty laundry, ninja looting, etc. tends to make us more crotchety than losing our blue pills. We all pay to play but if any of the above get you through the day, then you probably won't be a good fit. 2) Cheap. We have always helped each other, we don't ever charge for guild mats, make stuff for free etc. Repairs are for guild dungeons/raids/pvp activities (Bank permitting), anyone is welcome to mats to level up skills etc. ****This is not a requirement though, we just never did it any other way. We understand that you will probably not be as trusting as we are in the beginning (if ever), so it's all good. 3) Drama.... This is sometimes a gray area. Every guild has some drama from time to time, its unavoidable. We keep it to a minimum though, talk to us before going off the deep end (we might even share a Zoloft™ with you). 4) Hard Core and/or Elitist- a couple of us are from hardcore server first guilds through the years, those days are over. We just want to have fun with people we like (in some cases tolerate ;)). Our unlimited patience ends at elitists btw. We prefer the Clint Eastwood type of amazing but humble, badassery-exuding players who know they are the cats biznachos without needing to broadcast it. If you had to google Clint Eastwood, you may be too young for us. Rules... 1) Not much beyond "Honor thy guild tag." We've always cultivated relationships with other guilds, and we've always been respectful and respected. Every member represents the guild, this is non-negotiable, treat others with respect. No loot !@#$%s, Ninja looters, griefers, campers, chat spammers (beyond trying to legitimately sell stuff), etc. 2) Play what you want, whatever spec you want, etc. Just have fun. Our main goal is obviously to build a fun guild doing everything possible. Dungeons/Raids/PvP or whatever suits the guildies fancy. We've all given up on WoW from time to time (moreso with WoD for us), we wouldn't mind a return to the glory days of WoW with Legion. So Join us. Free Cake signing bonus while supplies last (though the Board of Health doesn't allow us to eat it by the ocean). Agreeing with the GM that Jessica Alba was one of the hottest things to ever walk the planet will get you extra points, maybe even a corner office. Think about it. Looking for all active players that want to enjoy and awesome experience! Casual Raid team is looking for Healers - Would pay for a Mistweaver but we could always use any other types of heals Ranged Dps - Any and all are welcome Melee Dps - Any and all are welcome Contacts 1) Ilydian, Kaileria, Thelanaan, Gimdrood, Khanquera, Healiosa, Ismarek, Jubileo, Silentline, PawlahSilentline6 Nov 21
Nov 21 The Ancients Misbehaving recruiting horde <The Ancients Misbehaving> is a horde guild on Dalaran for adults and family. Guild focus - PvE, Social, leveling, running instances and casual raiding Guild style is casual and social. If you are looking for a casual and social guild and want to find friends to play with come join us! This is a new guild looking for others to join us and help us grow. We are a guild of adults and family who want to play and have fun. If you want to run instances, level or just pvp we have a place for you. If you want to raid without the progression orientation we have a place for that. We want to play with other players who just want to play wow in a fun environment. Raiding style will be more serious. Emphasis in raiding will be to work together as a group without drama. The expectations will be that players sign up and come on time with food and flasks and work together with the group to get bosses down. For raids which will be casual our needs are: Tanks Heals dps My btag is battlemom#1568Najyah1 Nov 21
Nov 20 [H] <Maritime Marauders> Raid: Tues/Wed 6-9pm EST, 7-10pm AST LFM: DPS/Healers/Tank We’re a few old BC raiders from the east coast that have been out of the game for half a decade. Turns out we’re old now and can’t stay up late anymore, and there’s only so many doctors notes that my boss is gonna take this year. Our goal is to get a group going that wants to raid in the evening without staying up too late. We are in the Atlantic Standard Time zone, which is evidently a !@#$ time zone to be in if you live on the Atlantic coast and don’t want to be up late with work in the morning. We are starting from exactly rock bottom, neither one of us has had a complete run on EN normal, due to jumping back in so late after launch. So far we have a few people interested in making this happen, but we are going to need more! We’re really hoping that we are going to find some people that are in the same situation; east coasters looking for a crew. Our current focus is to build a raid team to progress through current and future raid content, while at the same time not having to run with a bunch of dickheads. Being as fresh as what we are, we also just want a good group of people to be around and run other crap with too. As a new guild we want raiders, casuals, friends, and alts to be part of the family. One of us has experience in BC as a raid leader and will be trying to get something together every Tues/Wed 6-9 EST, pugging until we have the folk to run as a proper guild. We are looking for commitment from you for 2 days a week, for 3 hours each day. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, so there will be no dilly dallying. Everyone wanting to raid is expected to be on time and ready. It’s very important to us that we are efficient and use our time as wisely as possible; whether we are wiping all night on the same boss or just farming content we’ve already nailed. We are all learning, so wipes will happen. Learning is the key here. Patience and understanding is important. We will work together to get through the ups and downs of raiding, this is truly one of the most rewarding parts that make the effort worth it. Things are very relaxed here. Saying that, drama will not be tolerated. A few warnings, then gtfo. Yarzor#1321 dfrnz#1971 TL;DR People on the east coast that want non-dicks to raid with before their bedtimes because they are too old to stay up.Defrnz3 Nov 20
Nov 20 [Horde] 871 Holy Paladin LF Guild found a guildRumsale0 Nov 20
Nov 20 <Barba Tenus Sapientes> H Recruiting. Hello! Barba Tenus Sapientes is currently recruiting healers and DPS for raids. We are a laid back guild looking to set up a core raiding team, and a secondary raiding team. If you would be interested in seeing content and progressing through the end game we are the guild for you! Our officers have raid experience from TBC all the way through WoD, and we have all the tools to help you succeed in a raid environment. We raid Wednesdays at 9pm server, Friday and Saturday at 8pm server. So come join us, have some laughs, kill some bosses, and get some loot! DBM and Mumble are required. If you are interested message one of the following officers in game: Coranin Scruncho Blacanusbeef Abbotwhite Noshomdar Orleleron Or anyone with the rank Legate or Above! We hope to see you soon! Coranin.Coranin3 Nov 20
Nov 20 (A) Kaizen is recruiting 1/7M Kaizen (Dalaran-US), is looking for players to fill out our roster of mythic raiders. We are accepting applications from all classes and specs ranged dps being top priority. Our raid times are Mon-Wed: 8:00-11:30 PM server (EST). Thursday is optional clean up night, we cycle in main raider’s alts in order to keep things interesting while gearing up those that still need it. We typically fill the raid with around 30 members. There is no such thing as a “bench” or “main raiders”. We embrace the concept of non-committal raiding, the majority of us will be there a majority of the time because we want to be there, and we enjoy the company and the activity that we do together. Many of us have real lives; if you have a date, your kid's ball game, finals, or any other kind of real life event that would come up every now and again, we would not want you to miss it for our raid. Missing a raid night, or even a raid week, does not mean a raider will lose their “spot” in the roster - we will simply be happy to see them back online when their real life allows! But this also requires that people are able to step in and out of fights as requested, which necessitates a good deal of humility and patience. A little more about Kaizen - first and foremost, we are a casual progression raiding guild. The word kaizen is a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement.Different people may have different takes on the idea and ideal, but for us it means working a bit, day to day, to improve at a pace you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t matter how low or high you start – at anything, there is room to improve. We aim to build a community with this very concept in mind. The biggest thing that we look for in Kaizen members is character, like-mindedness is very important. People will approach us and ask to immediately join, or ask about things like Item Level requirements, some will list their great achievements and rankings and parses. Often, these players see Kaizen as a way to get loot faster, instead of an opportunity to grow; we look for people who strive to improve themselves as players. We seem to confuse a lot of people when we tell them that we’re looking for character, not a particular skill set or item level . Maybe this will clear things up a little bit! The ability to put in effort, focus, get things done while kicking back and having fun is really what we are after. We don’t expect anybody to just come in and blow the fight out of the water. What Kaizen is looking for is, well, ”Kaizen”; it could be bettering your class rotation, your movements, making sure you are consistent, or just being more acquainted with the fight via running normals or LFR. Improvement also extends beyond the game. If your personal life is crumbling around you you’re not going to perform well in Guild. Conversely, If you’re getting back in shape, doing well at work, or just enjoying life, you’re substantially more likely to contribute in a positive manner both socially and mechanically within the guild. Our motivations may not be purely altruistic, but we do care about our members lives both within the game and outside of it. Because Kaizen is focused on improvement instead of item level, we do not require a specific item level in order to trial applicants - we will simply judge performance based on someone’s current gear. We are more than happy to run heroics to help new raiders catch up to the rest of the raid. Kaizen is a crew of misfits that just run together and have fun. Sure, we do progression, and sometimes that means running into frustrating brick walls, just like any other raid team. With Kaizen’s ideals in mind, the raid as a whole is able to overcome these challenges while also maintaining our softcore and fun-loving raid environment. If you’re looking to save Azeroth from the Legion and have a helluva time doing it, you can reach our recruiting officer at Sovereign#1895 or NymStark#1874 you can also apply at http://kaizen.guildlaunch.com. We look forward to hearing from you!Paramecia13 Nov 20
Nov 19 (A) <Redacted> recruiting open again! What is Redacted: <Redacted> is an Alliance guild on the Dalaran Server, focusing on building a strong community first and foremost. We believe in maintaining a relatively small roster, usually around 60 accounts, to help ensure that everyone knows everyone else, and you are not just a number in some large zerg guild. We can best be described as a semi-casual guild, meaning that we are laid back and are all here to have fun with friends, but want to use our time efficiently and work together to accomplish goals. Raid Info: Currently we farm EN normal in about 1.5-2 hours one night a week, and have a heroic EN progression night, that is currently 3/7. Our raid nights change each week (we intend to go back to having set nights at some point in the near future) but the time is usually from 8-12 Server (EST) time. Other Information Sources: We use discord, as well as have our own forums/website that we use to communicate outside of the game. Our website can be found at www.redacted-guild.com Current Recruitment: Currently we are seeking the following: PvE: We are looking for 2-3 more healers, who are willing to dps offspec when needed. Our ideal healers would be: 1 Druid 1 Monk 1 Shaman We are also seeking 1 more tank, who also has a dps spec. (We can’t promise you will get to tank full time in raids, but you would probably get to from time to time) We want someone who is willing to work on 5 man content with other members, such as mythic keystones and kara. Any tank class will work here. We have room for 2-3 more dps as well, preferably in the RANGED dps department. Ideally we can find: 1-2 Warlocks 1 Hunter PvP: We are also seeking folks interested in PvP. Specifically we are seeking a rogue and a mistweaver monk, but we can use more than just that, so if you are interested, come talk to us! Contacts: Wild#1567 - GM Khro#11340 - PvP OfficerArcthor10 Nov 19
Nov 19 [H] <Violently Apathetic> 6/7H EN LFM! Violently Apathetic is a Horde guild looking for raiders, mythic+ dungeoneers and all around dedicated guildies! We are willing to teach fights and class strategies and hope to bolster our ranks with social players. Raid 1 6/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare Days: Sunday 1pm PST (4PM server) Current Needs: - Heals - Ranged DPS - Melee DPS (potentially room for 3rd tank on Xavius) Raid 2 7/7 Normal (we use this team to teach fights and gear our future heroic and mythic raiders!) Days: Wednesday/Friday 6PM PST (9PM Server) and possible PUGS throughout the week. Current Needs: Everyone is welcome! - Tanks - Ranged DPS - Melee DPS - Healers For anymore information please check out our new forum site: http://violentlyapathetic.enjin.com/ Hit up Bounding-Dalaran in game or /who violently apathetic to find an officer if you have questions or would like to apply to a recruitment run!Bounding0 Nov 19
Nov 19 [A] Citatic Recruiting Players, not Classes guild.citatic.com We're not your standard guild. Here at Citatic, we don't recruit classes or specs, we recruit players. At the core, we all play Warcraft because it's fun, and encourage you to play a class and spec you enjoy. We have a transparent roster and system that allows you to see what we have going for us and you will never be required to fill a role unless that is what YOU want to do. At the moment, we are 2/7 Heroic in Emerald Nightmare and it has been a fun ride since the guild began just months before Legion. All of this being done with a rotation of players committed to different roles and different time restraints. Multiple groups found Citatic to be that one guild that met their needs. Those groups have melded together into a community that has created new and better friendships. We are here to help, whether you are part of the guild or not. Many groups are formed to help each other get better and to test ourselves against new challenges every week. There is an age requirement of 21 at this time. Raid days are now Tuesday, Thursday, Monday based on a WoW week, and we have reduced raid times from 4 hours to 3. We still start at 10pm server time but now we end at 1am server. All are welcome. We have plenty of people that are non-raiders that take part in smaller group content. From our Guild Leader's original post: ... Please inquire further on our website. Apply at guild.citatic.com There is a charter and guild blog that contains information and guidelines about how the guild is run. Any questions, please feel free to find myself (Wittlefoot) in game.Wittlefoot2 Nov 19
Nov 19 Mighty Fortress looking for more! Mighty Fortress is newly transferred to the Dalaran server and already growing! We are a casual and laid back guild looking for more people who want to have fun and enjoy helping others. We are working towards progression and are doing Mythic + dungeons. There are no requirements to join. It's okay if you just want to pick flowers and not raid. Our only requirement if to have fun. We have Discord and our 1st bank tab is our freebie tab. So come join the fun with us! Our officers are myself, Aggroeless, Fattygnome, Shammail, Tykshot and Bluekitsune. See you all in Azeroth!!Aggroeless0 Nov 19
Nov 19 Returning raider looking for a guild Hey everybody I guess the title says it all really, I have had a long break from the game (since cataclysm) I have logged back in started fresh with a orc warrior took the boost and I've just started in the broken isle's. I'm looking for a nice guild to call home I'm online a bit and I used to raid quite a lot and I want to again so looking for a active raid guild who can help me get back into things gear wise and tactics wise I'm always happy to run quests and dungeons or help where I can. ThanksGulmoroxx5 Nov 19
Nov 19 [A]WipesOnTrash LF Heals <Wipes on Trash> 7/7H is currently recruiting experienced, mature healer (21+) for Heroic Raiding. (Not to be confused with "Wiping on Trash") Heals: Resto Shammy (Highest Priority), Resto Druid Raid Days are Sundays and Tuesdays from 8-10 EST. We use TeamSpeak 3 If you are interested in discussing how you can contribute, Please fill out an application. http://wipes-on-trash-dalaran.enjin.com/recruitmentPurrfekt3 Nov 19
Nov 19 (A) At Deaths Door - Open Recruiting For Cata Open Recruiting For Cataclysm And Beyond About Us <ADD> We are a well established guild comprised of talented players who have experienced all aspects of the game. Our members have a simple common goal: successful raid progression. Members of <ADD> are knowledgeable about and focused on end-game content, and have amassed vast experience as we have progressed over the years. Expectations - Apps should be prepared to start raiding immediately upon joining. - As we are currently recruiting for Ruby Sanctum and Cataclysm, apps should be expecting to finish strong, level fast, and jump right in to raiding at the start of level 85 content. Experience with achievements/hard mode encounters in current (and older content, where applicable) is a must. - Omen, BigWigs, and a few class-specific mods depending on your role. - Ability to attend all raid days on a regular basis, with no major recurring conflicts. - Ventrilo, and a working mic. Listening and speaking (at least to convey time-sensitive raid information) are both required. - A good attitude towards raiding and other players. Members are expected to bring their "A game" to raids every night, not take excessive AFKs, follow instructions, and so on. - A focus on progression. As a guild, our eyes are always on where we're going next, not where we've been. We move older content aside in favor of unkilled bosses and unfinished achievements, and push finished instances aside as soon as practical to leave more time for progression. If your goal is to farm old instances or "easy mode" bosses, this is not the guild for you. - A sense of humor. We're rough around the edges, largely uncensored, and critical of each other. We make jokes at each other's expense, and give out constructive, but often blunt criticism when mistakes are made for the good of the raid. If you are easily offended by such things, you will not feel at home here. Additional Notes: - We have a fully stocked and wealthy guild bank that provides all raid-related expenses for applicants and members. - Members run other instances on off-nights and before/after raids, including heroics, 10 man instances, PvP/arena groups, alt runs, etc. Contact Information If you have any specific questions about the guild, the app process or anything not listed here, feel free to contact Treelicious (alts: Hooflicious, Tanklicious) Kaelwyn, Riamson or Tiberseptom in game. http://add.guildlaunch.com/ Treelicious4 Nov 19
Nov 19 [A] <Reborn> LF Hunter/Mage/H.Pally <Reborn> (US-Dalaran) is the finalized vision of two previous GM's who had massive success in past expansions before different factors tore apart their guilds. After meeting and talking, they decided that it was time to be <Reborn>. Helping each other, they have created a guild that is planning on hitting the ground running and hoping to match the success of their past guilds. Why <Reborn>? Reborn plans on being the last guild you'll ever join. With a semi-hardcore mindset, where progression goes hand in hand with respect and friendship, the focus of the guild is and always will be downing mythic content in a timely manner, without this hobby we all share turning into a part-time job. If you're tired of joining guilds ran by overly ambitious elitists, or maybe you're annoyed with the frat house that can't seem to focus up and pull the boss, <Reborn> is the place for you. We don't recruit for a bench, if we message you, we want you in our raid group. We also plan on being a serious bunch when it comes time to pull the boss. With a limited raid week, time will be spent efficiently to see the most progression we can. What does <Reborn> expect from you? We expect our raiders to be online 15 minutes before raid with flasks/pots/food ready to go (and yes that means repaired too!) We expect all our raiders to be able to recognize mistakes, fixing them within an attempt or two, and understand mechanics. With that in mind, we also have a ZERO tolerance for elitist attitudes. Raging after a wipe will never be tolerated. Raid attitudes can get tense, but remember, if we down it or not, the raid will reset in a week and we will be in here together again then, there is no need to demean or belittle others. We would rather have to recruit again than keep the top DPS or healer in the guild if they can't follow that simple mindset. There will be a 90% attendance requirement to remain the progression group. What days and times does <Reborn> raid? <Reborn> will be raiding every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday starting at 10:00pm EST and ending at 1:00am EST (7pm PST - 10pm PST) Recruitment Needs H.Pally MW Monk Holy Priest Hunter Mage Shadow Priest Warlock Ele. Shaman We are also looking for 2-3 officers to fill positions in the guild, so if a position like that interests you, please let us know. One shot 7/7 Normal (First 2 hours of raiding together). Starting Heroics Friday! <Reborn> will also be setting up alt runs and other off night, non-mandatory fun during the week, so please, bring non-raiding friends/family along with you if you're interested. How to Contact Us Co-GM - Suhdude#11218 Co-GM - Fark#1190Dravën2 Nov 19
Nov 18 [H] 876 Mage LF Raid Guild Been pugging my way through raids so far, but want a more stable group. Have legendary and almost maxed trait artifact.Cashpanda6 Nov 18
Nov 18 Guardian Druid LF a new guild I play a Guardian Druid (and leveling some other tanks as well) and I'd like to join a guild that runs stuff together. Nothing too hardcore, but doing some M+ and clearing a normal raid in the week would feel really good. I pugged whatever I could, but nothing compares to doing content with a guild. Any guild like that out there, willing to take me in?Angren4 Nov 18
Nov 18 Resto druid looking for Raiding Guild Hello, I am looking for a nice raiding guild to join for when i hit max level (i really want to start getting to know everyone now). When i hit max I plan on specing resto ( i can also go guardian if thats what the guild needs). I have been playing wow on and off since BC and have raided in many expansions. Just looking for a mature guild full of nice people to raid with this expansion. I will be available all nights.Dwerva4 Nov 18
Nov 18 842 Vengeance DH lf raiding guild Hello, new player here looking to get into WoW endgame. Came from FFXIV where I was a very experienced raider. Cleared the raid tier til the next expansion so Ive been looking at wow and have been enjoying it a lot so far. Available mon-thurs during the day.Shirtsu1 Nov 18
Nov 17 [A]Wiping On trash, Forming Raid Group We're experience players looking to start a raid group We're quite friendly and very willing to teach you the mechanics if need be, you must be competent in your spec and be willing to not be a douche.... Mature Players Only 18+ Mic Required(For Heroics/Mythics) We are all eastern and can take -/+ one hour ahead of EST but our raid times are 7-9PM Mon/Wed/Fri Be willing to participate in keystones, be social and mythic dungeons to kill the time. NEED ALL EXCEPT TANKS seriously though as long as you're fairly competent and aren't an !@#$ we will teach you what need to know. Add me GodlessHeath#1138Holderthord0 Nov 17
Nov 17 LF noob/leveling guild! I am a returning player who just got my girlfriend into WOW. It's been a very long time for me and she has never played. We're looking for a social and friendly leveling/noob guild to help us (re)learn the ropes. We are both very competent and active. Any responses would be appreciated! Thanks, ArchukArchuk0 Nov 17
Nov 17 <Internet Bullies> Ranged dps and heals Progression: 5/7M 2/3H [A] Internet Bullies is a newly formed guild of returning veterans with a lot of top 100US experience looking to re-start progression raiding in Legion. The goal is to reach the top 100 again at some point this expansion. Our core is a very tight knit group. Some of us have known each other 10+ years. We are looking to add to that core and polish off our mythic roster (cliche i know). We are looking for individuals with top raiding experience. Our DPS spots are very competitive and we expect you to be able to push competitive numbers while doing mechanics. You're also expected to maintain a near perfect attendance. We do not recruit for the bench so we depend on you to be reliable. Our raid schedule is: Sunday 8-12pm EST Monday 8-12pm EST Tuesday 8-12pm EST Current recruiting needs: DPS: Hunter Warlock Mage Balance Druid Elemental Shaman HEALERS: MW Monk Resto druid We recruit the player not just the class. So if you feel like you would be a good fit with our group, please feel free to submit an application at internetbullies.enjin.com or contact us via bnet Warmachine#1364, Shynn#1383, or Aurora#1587 We look forward to hearing from you!Wãrmachine2 Nov 17
Nov 17 [A] Regime 7/7N LFM Hello all, Regime is a new guild on Dalaran. We just transferred from our old PVP server where Horde vastly outnumbered us! We are looking to refuel our roster with some new members! Any class or role, especially DPS. Our core has been together since Vanilla WoW and some are friends outside of WoW. We are normally always around doing something when we aren't raiding. Always looking for something fun to do, even if hanging around on vent. Our raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday 8-11 EST. Feel free to message me in game or add me! ADDave#1449.Kired2 Nov 17
Nov 16 ** **Ciliegia0 Nov 16