Feb 6, 2015 WTS: Plan searing golden blade on AH Want to sell Plan:searing golden blade For 38k start bid at 37k gold Also sell searing golden blade for 2.1k gold Buy at AH resell every 2 day.Ilikia0 Feb 6, 2015
Feb 4, 2015 Hi im Soapkitchen and i cannot find a raid Hello, I am a Protection warrior on Dalaran. I have the requirements to join Guardians of Mogu shan, The last stand of Zandalari, The dread approach and Terrace of endless spring. I am a fresh level 90 this is my first toon. When i try to queue up for a raid the times could be FOREVER. I am not sure if it is because of the realm or am i doing something wrong Pls help ~SoapkitchenSoapkitchen2 Feb 4, 2015
Feb 3, 2015 PTR won't connect When i click play on the battle.net launcher it say connecting then it brings up unable to validate game version. This may be caused by file corruption or or interference of another program.Rupent2 Feb 3, 2015
Feb 2, 2015 [A] Looking for a dedicated raiding spot! Hello! I am looking for a raid spot, not just a guild invite. Looking to raid mon, tues, wed before 10pm EST and/or any other day after 10pmEST. Later raid time are better. I am not looking to waste time. I want a serious raiding guild. I also play many other toons including healers and tanks. My Mage is my preferred character but I am happy filling roles as needed. Please feel free to message me in game. I will respond ASAP. My battleID is OuNcE#1686 Thanks! -IcicleskillIcicleskill0 Feb 2, 2015
Feb 2, 2015 <KoR> LF DPS, Heals, fun players for Guild. <Knights of Other Realms> has been around since vanilla WoW. We are a strong community with many groups of close knit players that have been playing with each other for awhile, some new members, and all of us play a lot and are very friendly. We do mostly dungeons and raids and play nights and weekends. Currently we are raiding on Weds 8pm - 11pm and Sat 10am -1pm. We are casual raiders that just want to have fun and see the content. Currently we are 5/7 HM Normal, and 1/7 HM Heroic. We need DPS and Healers for raids but will take anyone into the guild and try and work them into the raids if they want in. Post on here if interested or whisper Paladinhealz or anyone thats online in the guild for more info. We will hold a free taco party in honor of your joining the guild. YES TACOS. We also have a Teamspeak Server for the guild. Again, TACOS :DOrangepeel1 Feb 2, 2015
Feb 2, 2015 [A] Looking for Active Social Guild I'm looking for a guild that is social but also does some raids. I mostly play evenings and weekends. I'm looking to make some new friends to play with. I've been in a couple of guilds since I started playing again but no one talks. Hit me up in game.Redeamer0 Feb 2, 2015
Jan 30, 2015 Hello friends. Alliance mage lfguild (: Good day everyone, I started up retail wow about a month back, and it was fun doing my own stuff for a while. Although I am beginning to see limits of solo play. Currently I have AoTC and all that jazz if you must consider achievements, but I'm looking for a guild with chill/funny people (: I listen to all voice chats, but I do not use a mic due to personal reasons (I can explain if you must know). Also if there are any personal information (age, etc) that must be provided, I would be happy to provide them in private as well. I'm pretty no-life and laid back so, I don't see any harm in me helping out with dps if a guild out there needs one. I was thinking about realm transfers and what not because I heard people in stormrage are no-life, but might as well ask here first I thought. Thanks for reading!Caleili2 Jan 30, 2015
Jan 29, 2015 Returning player looking for help Hey folks,I haven't play wow in more than 2 years. I a looking for help with questing and leveling I haven't decided on a main character.yet but I want to level from 1to100 an experience the game from the beginning to get back into this great game. if thier is a leveling guild out there that can help or a group of four looking for one more then count me in I am over 18 I do have a mic and can communicate I am only looking for a helpful guild/group that is will to well help I am looking for the guild/group to be active I play 7 days a week 11:30 am est to 3:00 pm est and from 11:30 pm to 3:30 am estRairios3 Jan 29, 2015
Jan 29, 2015 [H] Looking for fun casual guild Hi. Subject says it in short form, but the rest of this post will go into detail if you are interested to read it. I'm a long time player of the game (account established in Feb 2005) , I'm mostly an alliance player - having my highest geared and highest level (all my 100's are alliance) being alliance characters. I used to raid but gave that up mid Cata haven't raided since and honestly the "fire" is no longer really in me to raid, in short .... I'm over it. I'm not over having fun with good people who are easy to get along with and joke around with as well. That's what I'm looking for in a guild. Looking for a guild managed by mature adults who have a sense of humor and not wound too tight over some 15 year olds on mini power trips. My view on guilds is very utilitarian and blunt --- "the purpose of a guild is add value to one's game play by helping others but in turn also getting helped, in addition entertainment value is raised by the friendly social aspects a guild provides." If your guild doesn't serve that goal your guild has no value to me (nor should it have value to anyone).....Its a two way deal....it has to be as much about the guild serving its membership as it is about the membership serving the guild. I like helping and I have very low need for gold so I have no issues tossing gold into the guild bank weekly. The only disclaimer to that whole sentence is -- it's all contingent with my level and resources at any given time. Before level 20 you won't see me contribute much, but say by level 60 and up you'll see contribute often. Long post for a casual player looking for a guild to chill with sorry .been in the IT field for almost 20 years and I'm used to providing detail. I don't play all the time....so if your guild is OCD about players being inactive for even 3-4 days at a hit....I'll drive you nuts. this game is fun to me and when I play it I really enjoy it but being honest its not even in my top 20 things in my life as a priority these days. Thanks for your time.Garnoc1 Jan 29, 2015
Jan 29, 2015 Couple looking for a friendly guild Hello everyone, I am looking for an active, couple-friendly guild for my fiance and I. We are relatively new to the game. It would be cool to run dungeons and raids with a guild. We usually play during the evenings and on the weekends. Let me know. Thank you!Naruth2 Jan 29, 2015
Jan 27, 2015 Signatures for Microguild Charter- Etiquette? Trying to get my alts-only guild going, <Koalas in the Rain>. Never done this before and trying very, very hard not to be an a-hole. What's the general accepted etiquette for requesting signatures, how much should I offer, etc? Thanks kindly.Cywen1 Jan 27, 2015
Jan 25, 2015 [A]2/7M LF Hunt/ELE/Shadow Contraband is a progression guild on Runetotem looking for a geared Hunter, Ele sham and a Shadow. We are tied with another Ally guild for best on the server and 3rd overall. Looking to push hard for the next 2 weeks before BRF comes out and keep pace with the lead guilds. Raids are Tues/Thurs/Sun 8:30-11:30 est. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO MAKE THESE TIMES!!! Can hit me up in game or add me to Real ID Arkelem#1685 contrabandgaming.guildlaunch.com ** Possible paid Xfer if you're like outstanding**Arkelem0 Jan 25, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 Filthy casual seeking guild accommodation <H> Hi Dalaran, I'm looking for a guild to hang out in, and occasionally run some raid content. I'm not the kind of player who could be part of a "core" raid group. I'm not able to keep a raiding schedule because I have other priorities, but for example I'm happy to be a ringer or step into an alt raid when the timing is right. That said, when I do show up for raids I come prepared with flasks/pots/etc, I read up on fights, quickly learn from mistakes, and put my best foot forward. I have a 646 destro warlock and 645 prot paladin and I regularly play both. I've done 6/7 HM in normal pugs (as both of those specs). I can't tell you how many wipes I've experienced in imperator normal pugs, but I know that !@#$ing fight like the back of my hand. As far as community, I'm looking for a light-hearted but considerate group of people to play and chat with. The kind of group that jokes around before pulls but puts the game face on in combat. If you have room for a filthy casual like me, I'd be happy to join ranks! Thanks, HoblitzHobzor0 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 ilvl 670 hunter LF mythic raiding guild ign: Mccake progress: 7/7 normal, 6/7 heroic I am looking for a guild that is working toward completing mythic content. Preferably, 2-3 raids per week, in the range of 6pm - 12pm Est. feel free to contact me in game or leave response here. Thank you,Mccake0 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 Weekend raiding guilds/groups? For the last 2 months I've been trying to recruit for our guild and I'm having so few responses it's getting discouraging. I'm about ready to hang things up. Before I do anything drastic like server transfer, I'd like to see if maybe there are other weekend raid groups struggling to fill the ranks. We are 6/7N 1/7H. Decent bunch of players, just suffering from raider loss, making it very difficult to progress further.Khandro6 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 LF Guild - Rdy to raid again! 100 Holy Priest Good afternoon all! For those of you who may remember me, this is Razr/Vilesilencer from BD/PIE/MnM. I'm back on the game/server and enjoying the expansion a lot!I'd like to remain on this server, doesn't really matter Horde or Alliance anymore -- I have toons on both sides. Divi is a holy priest (got to 100 in just a few days), and I'm working on her gear so that she can pull her own weight in a progression raid (realizing that's gonna take a bit of time, but I'm ok with that). Having been away from the game for 4 years, I have no clue what the lay of the land is here on Dalaran. I'm reading threads and finding out who's looking for what classes - and so far it appears Alliance guilds definitely have a leg up. All that said, I'm still For The Horde! at heart. :-) What hurts me the most is seeing the purple bubble of love wither and die! So I'd like to find a home here on Dalaran that can afford me the opportunity to return to a competitive raiding environment in the near future. I'm glad to be back, and if you remember me please say hello! I'd love to hear from old friends!Divinorum2 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 21, 2015 Late Night Raiders? Hello I am living on the west coast and all the guilds I see raid at 4pm for me and that is too early any later in the night active guilds? Please message me in game my battle tag is salabalaba#1412Panicka1 Jan 21, 2015
Jan 20, 2015 Dungeon server down? Anyone else having problems getting into dungeons?Imolie0 Jan 20, 2015
Jan 19, 2015 Pair of players looking for a guild My wife and I are looking for a land back guild that is also doing some later content. We have been playing for multiple years and have played most classes to 90. We have been out of the game for a year or so, but we have rerolled on Dalaran. My wife does play during the day, but I work normal business hours PST. Could anyone provide any recommendations for guilds that fit this profile? Thank you in advance!Luq6 Jan 19, 2015
Jan 18, 2015 Feral druid LF social raiding guild/pvp Hey guys I'm new to the server but not the game. I was on the Uldaman server and I was in the top raiding guild on the alliance side. I rolled Mage during that 4 year span and stopped playing at the beginning of cataclysm. I understand what is needed by a raid member and also know a great deal about the mechanics of encounters and what is needed me. I rerolled after my hiatus as a druid. The class is very complex but I'm getting it down pat as feral. If anyone needs a new raid member I'm your man!!!Tattwoyou0 Jan 18, 2015
Jan 17, 2015 [A] Akh Valehr LFM Greetings Dalaran! Akh Valehr is looking to recruit a couple of dps. We are currently 2/7 normal in Highmaul and are looking for either a warlock or mage (both would be fantastic) to join our group. Item Level: lvl 630 Raid Schedule: Tuesdays 9pm - 12am Server Sundays 9pm - 12am Server Requirements: Teamspeak - Akh Valehr uses Teamspeak for voice chat. A microphone is not required but it’s necessary that you are able to listen in. http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads EPGP Lootmaster - We use the EPGP addon to distribute loot Recommended Addons: Deadly Boss Mods GTFO Ask Mr. Robot If interested, please send an in-game whisper to Rhet, Sirecraig, Jugerknott or LittykitterSatiekins0 Jan 17, 2015
Jan 16, 2015 LF Monk/Spriest/DPS 2/7M(CMR raiders?) I hear CMR is disbanding. I hate to hear this, but wanted to reach out to my old server to let you know, we may have a spot for you. With our first night of attempts on Twins and a few sub 30%, we will kill them tonight. 4 healing makes it tough, so really looking for any healer, but prefer a Monk, with WW offspec. About <Dark Origin> is a recently formed guild looking to build a strong roster by the time BRF rolls around. We're looking for like-minded serious, strong progression players to join up with us so we can complete content quickly and efficiently on a short, 3 night a week schedule.We're a tight knit group of players who've been playing WoW together for several years. If you're looking for a guild where you can expect a solid performance out of your teammates while performing at a high level yourself, please keep reading. Current Progress 7/7H 2/ Mythic Highmaul Schedule Main Raid: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8:30PM – 12:30AM EST Optional Alt Raid Starting Soon Class Needs: -Monk(All Specs with ability to play two well) -Shadow Priest(Ability to heal is a plus) -Any Exceptional DPS Expectations - First and foremost, you must have the ability to take criticism, constructive or otherwise. If you have an attitude or can't stand being called out for dying to mechanics every pull, we're not all that interested in you. - You should have the will to research fights before attempting them. Everyone is expected to have a fair understanding of mechanics without having seen them, either by watching streams, videos, or testing content on the PTR. - You must know your class. We're not looking to hold your hand while you read up on your class on Icy Veins every 3 seconds. You should be constantly looking to improve yourself in any way possible for the benefit of the guild. - All raiders are expected to come to raid prepared and on time if not a bit early. You should have pots, tomes, flasks, seals, w/e else you need. Once raid time starts, its time to get serious and get things down. - Most importantly, we run a no drama raid and guild environment. All loot is assigned via council during progression, and we will not deal with any whining over it. Gear comes with raiding, everyone will get their turn.What you get from us - A low drama raiding environment where you can feel free to speak your mind, and an environment filled with competitive players all sharing the same goal- To down raid bosses.- A fair loot council where you WILL get geared. - Raids for your alts. Contact Info Apply @ www.DarkOrigin.Enjin.com GM: LennyKravitz#1168 Recruitment Officer: Grundizzle#1604 All applications will be responded to within 12-24 hours.Grundizzle2 Jan 16, 2015
Jan 16, 2015 Looking for an active raiding/dungeon guild It needs at least 50 peopleCitychaser2 Jan 16, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 LF Blacksmith with truesteel essences LF blacksmith to craft truesteel essence (645->655) and greater truesteel essence (655->665) or someone who has both on hand. Will provide gold for both completed or gold + savage bloods. Leave a message on here or ingame. Thanks.Earring1 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 <H> Guardian/feral DPS LF Guild I have a 667druid tank or a 657Feral. I am currently looking for a guild, I would consider faction changing to alliance. I am 7/7H with AoTC, I am aware that druid tanking is a bit sub par with the thrash damage nerf...and it is really disappointing...could have given thrash a bit more aggro gain on it, but thats besides the point. Back to the task at hand, I am willing to go to a guild that is not really 7/7H, I don't mind helping others out in gearing and helping learn fights since most likely I will end up doing everything on my own just for a guaranteed kill before the week ends and it has been how I've always been since DS. LMK if interested, please note, obviously this is an alt, but my achieves are still all there. I have multiple AoTC achieves and I acquired those on my own and not with a guild, and with the way new lockouts are, I will most likely also get BRF AoTC before guild members if not at my level. Mythic progression doesnt really matter much to me as far as achieves go, unless its the final leg of content, then I may care, other than that if it happens great, if not oh well. Bit about me, I have played since classic, off and on player as my situation allowed. I run with DBM and elvui, and I have a nasty habit of doing things on my own, I am always punctual to raids, UNLESS work keeps me longer, and if its usually a sat night/sun/mon raid nights guild, I can pretty much guarantee my attendance, if other days. I support myself my wife and my kid, so work has to come first, income > pixels. I will not however walk people through their class and how to play, if you don't know how to play by now with the dumb down version of this game then I def wont be the right suit for you. There is a difference between not knowing a fight, and knowing it and failing. I look forward to hearing from your responses, if interested drop a btag and ill add you and we can talkBhalanyue0 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 [A]4 RL Friends looking for heroic guild Hey All, We are a group of 4 real life friends looking to find a good Heroic raiding guild. We currently are running Resto Druid, Feral Druid, Ret Pally, and I will be rolling a rogue for DPS. He will be 100 in the next few days with an Ilvl above 645 as I will be purchasing all the BOE's and the 660 daggers. Their character pages are below. We all have been raiding together since Vanilla. Resto, Ret and myself have 7/7 Experience with 2/7 experience on these main characters or other toons. The Feral is currently 6/7 and 1/7 Exp but knows every fight. Nights we can raid are Monday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday. So we are looking for those days. Eastern time zone between 8 and 11. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dalaran/Bustybiggun/simple http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dalaran/Damick/simple http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dalaran/Laddimyr/simple My two toons I currently been pugging on. I do not wish to play these toons though http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dalaran/Bâlor/simple http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dalaran/Aayyee/simpleAayyee8 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Mythic Progression http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15701395536Rastajay1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 6/7heroic hm 663itlvl resto shaman Aotc lfg Alittle about myself back In wrath and cata was in the top guild on my server as a dps / tank getting many realm first as a guild in 10 man strict content been playing since the beginning of wrath took all of MoP off and got back into wow in WoD been pugging 6/7heroic hm with AoTC achie but looking to get into mythic raiding before black Rock hitsDrimbat3 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 LFGuild request Quick background, 44yrs old lifetime gamer.. Wow since launch but quit after LK. Now i'm on perm disability with nothing to do for the most part so WoD release got me back in the game. I have 3 100 toon with no guild. I'm looking to find a active mature guild that dose active heroics, raids and pvp. Voice communication is important to me since typing its an issue.. half my left hand don't work well anymore.. typing sucks lol In my years playing WoW I never got to see "End game" stuff and i would like to see that.Gotdabs2 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 <H> Tank/Heals/DPS LF guild Druid, RG & Hunter looking for a active raiding guild. I'm a noob of sorts, haven't played WoW since LK and came back like a lot of others with WoD. I'm 44 and now on disability so time wise I have plenty of it. 3 100's and working on a 4th.. I want to get into the heroics and raids now and hoping to find a good crew to do it with.. Voice chat is important because with a semi-paralyzed hand typing sucks.Gootch2 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 Going from Ironforge to the Silverpine Forest How do I avoid the Horde and Syndicate in the Aranthi Highlands on the way to Silverpine Forest?Rainfoot4 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 [A]Wipes on Trash is LFM! <Wipes on Trash> is recruiting experienced, mature raiders to expand our current raiding team; We are looking for: Rogue, Monk, Fury/Arms Warrior, Enhance Shaman. Raid times are Tues. Thurs, and Sun 8-10PM. We use TeamSpeak 3 Currently 5/7N, 1/7H We have cookies and punch too! :)Hellabella1 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Old Timer just returning, LFG I played WoW from day 1 all the way through MoP and left shortly after due to burnout, guild disband, etc. I'm currently on a different server but looking to transfer for the right guild. Looking for a fun, friendly, casual, mature guild. Alliance. I have 2 accounts with several 90's (Healers and DPS). I work, like most folks, so my time is valuable and can not commit to "hard core" raiding, but I'm on enough and would help any guildie needing it and would join as many guild runs as possible. Please reply here, I can contact you in game after. Thanks.Pinkfloyds4 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 LF Friendly Guild and eventual raiding I'm returning to this game after not playing since WotLK and I'm looking for a casual raiding guild that recruits lower levels. I'd really like to find a guild with voice comm and actually socializes. ThanksDrooptroop2 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 Looking for a family-friendly guild Howdy! I am a returning player looking for a friendly guild where people actually talk to each other, in guild chat or in voice chat. I'm looking for a guild that enjoys experiencing all aspects of the game. I've never done end game content, but I'm interested when that time comes. In the mean time, I enjoy questing and messing around in my garrison on my mage. It would be nice to have non-PUG groups every now and then! I play with my son and occasionally my husband plays, too. I'm looking for a guild that's got other couples playing with their children as well. I know there's bound to be a group out there like this! Let me know if your guild fits! I'm not in a hurry, I'd rather take my time and find the right group. Cheers, EvaEvacheer2 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 <Rabid Pandas> Alliance Recruitment Rabid pandas is a friendly and semi hard-core raiding guild with a really good progression in the old Heroic content. We are currently 5/7 in heroic and 7/7 normal and we are missing some DPS and Healer to start our mythic core raiding group. Guild members are all Mature and adult player with a huge background in World of Warcraft. We are looking for players who can raid at least 2 or 3 times a week with us and want to have fun with us. Our raid schedule is Wednesday, Friday, Sunday from 8pm to 10h30pm server time. We don't run and waste time on a website and everything happen ingame. If you want to join as casual and not raid. You are welcome. Requirement for raiding: Deadly boss mod (DBM) Ventrilo If you have any question, contact Yasuko or filimor#1950 on BtagYasuko0 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 <H> Tank/Dps LF raiding guild. I have a 638 Druid tank or balance spec.I am looking for a guild that has recently began Normal Highmaul or will be starting relatively soon. Thanks.Rustymagic5 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 10, 2015 Server Raids I am a member of a very fun and social guild; however, very casual when it comes to raiding. LFR is great for a quick run, but leaves me wanting a little more. Is there any interest in forming, or is there already a group of Dalaran raiders working on end game content besides LFR. I enjoy the Guildies I play with on a daily basis, and I don't have the time dmto dedicate to "hardcore" progression style raiding required by moat guilds, but I would also like to push my toon to the max. Thanks, PhuzzPhuzzball1 Jan 10, 2015
Jan 9, 2015 [H] Cross realm team LFM We are solid static team who are looking for people that has exceptional skill and raid awareness but wasn't able to make commitment or take risk on realm transfer to join raid guild. History: The group started on the day of highmaul released when I pugged with few people from the raid search and with 2 CM friends, unexpectedly we were 6/7 on the first week. We think this will be the group that able to down everything if we stick staticlly. It happened.....about few weeks into the highmaul release we were able to down 7/7 on both heroic and normal. Current situation: We are a small team, that said we only have 12 people and we need additional 8 members to form a mythic team when blackfoundry release. (Too bad, it was designed so cross-realm is disabled in participate mythic raiding until next content releases). Good and bad: If you raid with us you won't need to worry about transfer to top servers to find a raid guild. There is no risk involved, and you can also stay with your current guild. The team is static so pretty much is like a guild from many different servers. The downside of this is you cannot raid the current mythic until the next content comes out (feb). Progression: 7/7 Normal, 7/7 Heroic, 0/7 Mythic (unable to particiate yet) What we require from you: Since this is like a guild we require a strict participation, preparation, raid awareness and know your class well. We do not like people has "1 wipe and I am out" type of mind or "Screw up and you get kicked" type of leadership. This is a corss-realm progression so please respect it and treat it like one. What you will need: min 630 ilvl gear for normal highmaul min 655 ilvl gear for heroic highmaul min addon: DBM, Skada or recount We do not use voice, I repeat.....we do not use voice and we never use voice on any of the raid bosses, just have solid awareness and execute mechanics well. Raid days and time: Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday All at 6:00 pm EST The 8 spot we are filling currently are: 1 Melee DPS (class doesnt matter) 5 Ranged DPS (class doesnt matter) 2 Healer (Disc Priest; Resto Druid/Shammy) If you are interested please come talk to me (Twilight#1256) We hope to have all 20 people ready by the end of this month.Deathmending1 Jan 9, 2015
Jan 7, 2015 [A] <Dawn Slayers> 1/7H 5/7N LF DPS Background Dawn Slayers is a semi-hardcore progression raiding guild. We use a technocratic meritocracy style of government, meaning that representatives are chosen for each of the four roles (rDPS, mDPS, Heals, Tanks) based off of their skill/experience, forming one manageably-sized council of which makes the raid calls and recruitment decisions. Raid Times Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11pm EST Immediate Need DPS -Ele Shaman -Mage -WW Monk -Boomkin -Warlock Moderate Need DPS -Death Knight -Ret Paladin -Feral Druid Heals -Priest -Holy Paladin Will Consider DPS -Feral Druid -Shadow Priest -Shaman Heals -Resto Shaman -Resto Druid -MW Monk Position Requirements All positions will have 100% guaranteed run-time (as long as you show up on time)! None of the stupid temporary-filler or "only boss x" crap. General -Show up on time! -Must not mind heavy language. -Remain active in the improvement of your build/rotation/mechanics! -Build a helpful OS with extra raid gear (i.e. tank OS for a DK, or MW OS for a WW) -Change to an OS temporarily when required. -Must be able to attend the entire 3 Days/9 Hours on a consistent basis. Guild Website http://dsdalaran.weebly.com/ For more information post here or you may add my B-Tag/Real-ID ferghus#1305 rambler.american440@yahoo.comFerghus19 Jan 7, 2015
Jan 7, 2015 LF Blacksmith for Crafted Dreadful set. LF Blacksmith for Crafted Dreadful Gladiator set for Paladin. Respond here or in game. Will provide mats. And gold tip. Thanks.Psylencer0 Jan 7, 2015
Jan 6, 2015 German Speaking Guild/Friends Hello, I've been learning German for a while and thought it would be great if there was a German speaking guild or any players out there to help. Any of you out there?Lindehurst1 Jan 6, 2015
Jan 4, 2015 Looking for a Raiding/Friendly Guild Hey, I am fairly new to this game, having never done a raid before. And I am looking for a guild that is willing to help me learn how to play/raid. I am willing to spend the time to level and learn any role. If you need any more information just leave a comment below. Thanks for for reading.Carleta3 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Maybe it's the healer's fault. So I was running a dungeon with my friend's guild with a new healer I didn't know and they're all awesome guys, but something just wrong. And it was hilarious. http://tinypic.com/r/2dgnwhj/8Mikehuntooa1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 2, 2015 (A) LF Guild with early hours! WTF are there no guilds on this server with people with jobs in them? mDPS LF raid guild that has a 6:30pm start time till around 9:30/10 PM EST contact me on forums or in game plz.Krocell1 Jan 2, 2015
Dec 29, 2014 Smirk's Heroic HM - 2/7 Mythic experienced RL Smirlk's Heroic Highmaul - 2/7 Mythic Experienced Raid Lead Opening up a 30-player Heroic Highmaul run to cross-realm and Dalaran players for temporary, and possibly permanent recruited positions in Crimson Moon Rising Guild on Dalaran (US) Server. The raid event is scheduled for Saturday starting at 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm EST (invites begin promptly at 7:15 pm). As a friendly reminder this event is rated for "Extreme" level of play-style individuals and are inappropriate for all skill-levels. Please DO NOT be intimidated! Our first-class raid environment really makes it easy to feel welcomed and to have a good time. We believe people do their best when they are having fun. Prerequisites include: Minimum 5/7 Heroic Highmaul experience & 7/7 Normal Highmaul experience. Minimum PvE equipped item level of 650+ gemmed and enchanted. Mumble Client with working microphone. Full event attendance. If you sign up for this event you are expected to stay for its entirety. A talent to play your class both efficiently and effectively. Must be a fast learner. Possess a real-time adaptive play-style. Have good situational awareness. Must have a great attitude. **Each player is responsible for bringing his/her own consumables such as flasks, and potions (not optional). We will be checking logs & will not re-invite individuals on the following week if they were found not flasking/pre-poting and poting in mid fights as that portrays lack of effort. We will drop feasts as in when required** On the menu: Full 7/7 Heroic Clear. We have successfully pugged 30 man full clears for the last 2 weeks and there were a lot of individuals who wanted to be a part of this run every week. Hence to manage invites for cross-realm players and players on Dalaran we decided to put this event up in Openraid, which will promote repeated players every week and also help us get smooth clears over the period of time. Loot Distribution: Loot is awarded using Master Loot and decided by the roll system for MS>OS. Players may compete for all heroic items appropriate for their class and spec. Quality Control: The goal is to use our time as efficiently and effectively as possible. As a result anyone whose incompetence is found to be a burden on the group will find themselves removed and replaced without hesitation. The groups progression has out most priority over the individual. Detailed information about invitation and formation of the raid: Raid starts precisely at 7:30 pm EST on every Saturday. Battle Tag requests will start 30 minutes prior to raid time; Invites will begin 15 minutes before raid time. I will begin to invite Reserves 5 minutes prior to start time. If you are not online and available for invite, you may not have a spot available! Please have Mumble installed. Mumble info will be displayed to you if you are approved for the current week's roster. We require all participants to be online and ready no later than when invites are scheduled to begin, otherwise we politely ask you not to waste our time by signing up, thank you! You´ve been warned: This event may be recorded/live streamed or logged on the internet. Your voice and virtual likeness may be viewed or recorded by individuals in the raid. If you are interested in joining this run and meet the prerequisites then kindly sign up at https://openraid.us/events/view/257032/editedThank you for reading and hope to see some of you guys in the raid !Smirk2 Dec 29, 2014
Dec 28, 2014 Dalaran Population Hey, I started fresh on Dalaran with my now level 38 mage. I was just wondering if the Alliance and Horde population in the realm is balanced. It's still a new server but still, my question stands. Thanks! :DHeliodoros1 Dec 28, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 Observations of an Undead Female Misunderstoo d - AND IT'S STILL ALL GOOD. Okay where to begin : 1) When I get mad at my xbox 360 , I Turn 360 degrees and walk away! 2) Love killing the horde, baby. 3) Doom sucks! With that out of the way, A) The native UI is so WEIRD now! NPC's you mouse over get a glowy sheen? Items you need to interact with get a GIANT THROBBING ROTATING GEAR? Every Panda has a voice track? B) SMART BAG MANAGEMENT HAHAHAHA I like it. C) I re-sub'd for the new models, and, enh! I mean, they stayed true to the original, so, yay. There's more pixles, so, cool. My hair looks good, and that's important. D) Transmorgification. Shutup I haven't been here in awhile. Transmorgification. I'm now wearing full devout and Benediction. SOMEBODY PINCH ME BECAUSE I'M LIKING IT. E) Stats squish. Seems okay so far. How does everyone feel? F) Where'd everybody go? G) IM HUNGRY.Thayla3 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 24, 2014 delete deleteUmbarto0 Dec 24, 2014