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Dalaran - New Raid Group Forming The Knights of Twisted Fate is looking for an older, more mature team of people who have Saturday nights free! KoTF is a family guild that has been working on leveling up our characters to 90. While we aren't there with all our alts yet, our mains have been participating in an Open Raid group that teaches people how to raid. Now we'd like to gather people to start our own progression group. We are looking for people who have free time on Saturday day/night or Sunday day to raid. You don't need to be spectacularly geared, but if you are that's ok. You don't need to know the raids that already exist, but you DO need to be able to follow instructions when they are given and have the patience of a mature adult. You don't need to know the minutiae of your character, but you do need to have an understanding of the basic rotation for your Class/Spec AND be open to suggestions on how you can use the spells/skills to your advantage in a raid. You need to be considerate of others and understand Rome wasn't built in a day. Raiding really isn't that difficult. It takes a little time to get used to the pace if you've only quested or run dungeons. Raiding is more about being agile with your movement, following directions and being part of a team. You will also get some nice gear in return (we use Personal Loot in PUG groups). If you are a laid back, considerate player who wants to learn how to raid or is simply looking for a frequent raid PUG group, please fill out an application at http://www.knightsoftwistedfate.com/recruitment and let me know through my battle tag Shavai#1472 you have a raid application pending. We hope to build a main progression group and have PUG opportunities for alts during the week as well. We use vent. Many thanks and we look forward to meeting you! Shavai0
Oct 24, 2014 Oct 23, 2014
[A]Death Dealers recruiting for mythic in WoD The Death Dealers raid team is a semi-casual, progression minded team. We formed just recently in late May of 2014, and have since then downed 3/14 in SoO on heroic 10m. Now with the upcoming patch and expansion, we're setting our sights on Draenor. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday from 7pm to 11pm server time. Raid requirements as a whole are pretty relaxed, because we understand that everyone has real lives. That said, however, if you can't make it every other week you probably shouldn't expect a guaranteed spot! Outside of time commitments, other requirements include mastery of class and ability to not stand in fire. We use Raidcall for our voice chat, and we will be raiding mythic content. Current Class Openings Note: These are preferences and suggestions. If you wish to raid and are a talented player but don't have any of the classes listed below, please still contact me and we'll work something out! Healers Resto Druid of Priest Resto Shaman or Mistweaver DPS Death Knight Retribution Paladin Mage Elemental Shaman 2 of the following: Shadow Priest, Enhancement Shaman, and Feral or Balance Druid Players willing and able to switch between specs will be given special consideration, specifically DPS players willing to heal on occasion. Trials will take place on normal raid nights, between now and November 13, and we'll be running SoO on normal (or heroic, once 6.0 drops). Item level will not matter and will be taken into consideration. Our goal is to make it very relaxed, we just need to see what you're made of! Interested? Contact me! Questions? Contact me! You can send me a private message if I'm online, or if I'm not, just send me in game mail. You can also post on this forum, which I will do my best to check on a daily basis. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you soon! Sultara2
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577 HPally 5/14H LF social guild 2n/week EST Hi there, I'm looking for a not too big, friendly and social guild that will raid in WoD 2 nights a week maximum. Raiding time needs to be anywhere between 9pm to midnight EST. Finding a small-mid guild with talented players but with a "medium" gap for playtime, that would probably switch to mythic mid-late into WoD would be perfect and would means we probably have the same playtime. I can switch to Alliance also. About me : Stop playing WoW around the long Cata end, and then rerolled pretty much when SoO patch 5.4 hitted. I play a Holy Pally since WOTLK. I was on a casual raiding guild. I know well my class and im a good and friendly player above all. I read a lot on holy pally theorycrfating, so Im always ready even if I have a short playtime. I managed to get to 5/14 H only by puggin here and there. Had a lot of guild invites after usually 1 run since I was a good healer, but they were always raiding 3 nights/week. The reason I pug is because almost all my old WOTLK friends arent playing anymore... and I start to miss the community that WoW used to bring me. I have a good leadership background from being PvP officer, RBG leader and then Guildmaster during Cataclysm. But for now, I do not seek to do any PvP content. My playtime is 100% PvE. I can play a support role for the GM and officers if the guild is small. Thanks! Xhor#1198 Edit : Would also love to find a guild that would like to run CMs Silver since I want the mount and tittle. Xhor2
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564 fire/resto lf casual raiding guild I know this may or may not be far-fetched, but if there are any super casual raid teams, second squad teams or any other guilds that aren't bad and wouldn't mind taking in some dudes that have been playing for nine years over the course of like eight servers, send me a tell in game at Bigmama or to Biscuita, or anyone online in Hoodrats. No, we are not new and no, we are not idiots, we are here looking to make some friends and all that because raising a guild from 1 to 25 with two people is kinda lame and we are trying to do more than just raid finder and !@#$ty flex groups. Bigmama1
Aug 17, 2014
25m SoO fresh run tonight @ 7pm server Seeking more bodies to help fill my Openraid.us event. http://openraid.us/r/211872 Welcome to Bubblebut 25m Raiding Siege of Orgrimmar happening every Friday night from 7pm – 11pm EST. *** this week is Thursday night for I go on a 3 week vacation this Friday night** *** DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED TO THURSDAY RAID NIGHT, Real life issues is preventing me from raiding tonight but I can make it tomorrow night *** RAID NIGHT HAS CHANGED *** Let’s set the ground rules right off the bat: You must be item level 560+ ONLY exception is if you have been running me before and I have you listed as a friend. You must have vent (mic not needed but you got to hear the raid leader. You must be fully gemmed / enchanted / reforged and repaired before arriving at raid. You must have your own flasks (crystals of insanity is not acceptable). You must have ORA3 installed and running for the game http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/ora3 YOU MUST BE ABLE TO STAY FOR THE FULL RAID TIMELoot in my raid is very simple, it’s MS>OS. Thus the following applies; MS>OS. IF a person has already obtained a MS item this raid, they are ineligible for another MS piece unless no one else rolls on that item. OS has no limitations ** You can roll for as many MS item(s) as you wish, however, if you have already won a MS piece of gear and someone who has not rolls vs you, then they will win the piece of MS gear. If you have both won a piece of MS gear then whoever rolls the highest will win the MS piece of gear.. Gear will NOT be DE'd unless nobody needs for MS / OS. ** Track the loot as it drops live - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D2neqOYeSzE17-TCdKyLpWywi_8IE9VrYxoT_CC_T1w/edit#gid=417990617 ... Why did we have issues? Late attendance, people not knowing the fight, people not properly gemmed / geared for the fights. If you are in a profession that allows you to get an extra bracer slot but you are too lazy to level the profession, DO not sign up for my raid. If you are not wanting to take the time to get your character to the best setup available then I am not interested in helping you. ... This is both normal and heroics, (Norushen maybe H Imm, if the tanks are confident) if you are not pulling you weight, if you are using crystals of insanity, if you don't have the addons required, if you are not pulling the DPS needed, you will be replaced.. I cannot be messing around with excuses on heroics.. Come prepared to destroy some bosses. This is your ONLY warning. What can you expect on 7/31/2014 raid night? ... INVITES? Add me – Marine4you#1870 or if you are on the Dalaran realm - Bubblebut I will send out invites to all the raiders 30 minutes of the start of the raid I want to be starting on Trash and pulling the 1st boss / setting up the first boss not later than 6pm EST If you are not online by 6:50pm EST for your invite I will start to find replacements and report you for a NO SHOW. It is NOT my job to add all ppl that are approved that is why my btag is posted.. ADD ME :) ADDED NOTES Do you want to see your logs for the night of raiding? I run combat logs every time that I raid, you can find them at this link, please check out how you did, and if you ranked, congratulations! IF you didn't better luck next time. http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/295958/ This event may be recorded/live streamed on the internet. Your voice and virtual likeness may be viewed or recorded by individuals not involved with OpenRaid. OpenRaid is not responsible nor liable for any issues arising from your involvement in this transmission or recording. I stream my events - Twitch.tv/Marine4you Bubblebut1
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LF Raiding Guild Hello, I have played WoW a long time on and off but never really got the opportunity to progress through end game content as it came out and I really want to do that while I am young and still in college without any overbearing priorities. I am looking for a raiding guild for the end of the expansion, but I am primarily focused on Warlords of Draenor. I am looking for a guild that is more than casual, but not overtly hardcore. Specifically, I would like to and believe I am capable of pushing through normals and focusing on heroics. I do not, however, want to be focusing so intently as to be pushing realm first, but I would like to generally be above the curve. A few hours maybe two or three times a week would be perfect, but I am flexible. I have not raided previously other than during the Firelands patch. I joined a guild during this time and healed for them with my Priest. We progressed through the normal content but I left the guild after because the realm was not in my timezone and the raiding hours were really bad for me. I stopped playing WoW afterwards and only recently began again. I am quick to learn though, and during my raiding I was usually on the top of charts for healing, though unfortunately I have no parses to prove this. I also learned encounters quickly and carried my weight, but it was only the B team for the guild on a low populated server and so it was not as focused on progression. I definitely believe that I can keep up and do really well in a guild that was more progression orientated. I have a high gpa, and in regards to other games I've played I am ranked Platinum in League of Legends, if any of this means anything. I am a quick learner and am easy to get along with. I do not have a character on this realm, HOWEVER if a guild reaches out to me and wants me to join their core team and shows promise to raid throughout Warlords of Draenor, I am planning to pre-purchase WoD and will have a character boost. Following that it will take me a 2 to 3 weeks to gear up to help current progression. (I can gear up faster but I do have some other priorities so I'm giving a longer estimate just to be on the safe side). It is the end of the expansion though, so this shouldn't be too much of a problem. I am primarily looking foward toward WoD. I am open to play any type of character, though I would prefer to DPS or Heal, with either a Fury Warrior, Windwalker Monk, Mistweaver Monk, Holy Paladin, or any Shaman/Mage specialization. One more thing to note is that I have never really played games with friends, though I have always wanted to. Many of my friends do not want to pay for WoW so I have generally played alone. Therefore, the personality, friendliness, and other social aspects of the guild are very important to me. I want to make friends in the guild that I can talk to whenever I'm on, do things other than raiding with such as questing and dailies, and generally be close to. If you're interested in me, or want me to prove that I can fulfill the requirements of the guild and perform to the level required of me, just leave a message/way to get in touch and we can talk. I would like to know about the guild beforehand and the people in it to make sure that it will be a good place for me. Iytarra5
Aug 3, 2014
[A] Crimson Moon Rising is looking to merge! [A] US-Dalaran Crimson Moon Rising is looking to merge our 10 man to get into 25 mans before WoD hits and continue raiding when WoD starts! We are a group of about 13-14 raiders looking to merge with another 10 man guild or a solid group of players. Most of our raiders have top tier experience. Many of us got realm firsts and top 300 kills in the first tier of MoP. Our guild leader has top 25 experience. Right now we are only 10/14H but only due to starting raiding as a team a few months after SoO released with basically naked toons. So our progression was flex, months after people had killed heroic garrosh :P. With WoD though we plan to be top of the server and push top tier in US and world rankings while still maintaining a fun atmosphere. We want to find a suitable guild to merge with and start working on 25 mans and down heroic garrosh before the expansion ends and while doing so working on new team chemistry for upcoming WoD raids. We raid Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9:30-1:30 EST. Will be using loot council when WoD hits, right now just running roll system basically. We are looking to absorb a guild not be absorbed. We would like a guild to be similar in experience and with the same goals as us ideally. If you think your guild might be a good fit to join us please contact me on bnet #adaann1932 or leave your bnet on here and I will message you as soon as I can. Really would like to talk it out with a few people and find a good fit for both of us and end up having a great time in the future! Tacocostume1
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