Sep 14 [A] <Mimic> N/H Legion Raiding LFM <Mimic> is a casual raiding guild that has been formed by a group of old raiding friends in anticipation for Legion. With the exciting changes coming with the new expansion, we've formed a guild to take on the challenge of Mythic+ dungeons as well as Normal and Heroic raiding content. Currently, our set times for raiding will be Thursday (7-9 EST) and Saturday (7-11 EST). As far as raiding experience goes, we run the entire spectrum. Some of us have been hardcore raiders competing for server firsts and some have had very little exposure to any raiding environment. We will cater to any skill level but keep in mind that we do want to see some solid progression during this expansion. So if you're uncomfortable about whether this is the right place for you, don't sweat it. I will spend as much time with you as need be to help you hone your skills to be on par with the current skill required for progression. In the end, this guild was formed for the purpose of attaining access to difficult content. We all maintain full time jobs, some are married with children, and others are in the service and schedules change drastically. Whatever preoccupies your life at the moment is important and we understand that. Attendance will be relaxed (only core raiders are expected to be at all the raids *) and if something comes up, we will understand. We want you to the get the most out of this expansion and help us do the same. Currently Recruiting: 1 Tank (Warrior/Druid/Paladin/Death Knight) 1 Healers (Priest/Paladin/Monk) DPS (Really need a Rogue if you are out there ;p) (*) Core raiders will be the two tanks, three healers, and a handful of DPS to make sure a raid occurs at the desired times. This is to just safeguard any chance the raids would be canceled because of attendance. All others (including extra tanks/healers) can have a more flexible raid schedule. Keep in mind that as the expansion goes on and content goes to farm status, I encourage all to play around with their alts, be it opposite the role you are currently listed as or the same, just different class. In the end, I just want everyone to have an enjoyable experience! ;P For more details, send a message to my reddit account (Jundoc), open a conversation on warcraftlfg with us (https://www.warcraftlfg.com/#/guild/us/Dalaran/Mimic/), or add my battle tag (junpeer#1117) and strike up a conversation! I will be happy to answer any and all questions.Oseiros2 Sep 14
Sep 14 844 Prot Warrior LF Raiding guild Available anytime after 1130 server for raiding, willing to change factions if needed, just wanting to raid this expansion from not 2 alternate FireOnEarth#1346 if you need to get ahold of meMurdermoo0 Sep 14
Sep 14 New to WoW Hey Everyone, So i'm new to WoW however I have played various other RPGS such as GW2. I don't want to use the level 100 boost because I am new to WoW so instead I was wondering if there were any other new players interested in growing from nothing to something?Silvaros4 Sep 14
Sep 13 Server Down Down?Xaj3 Sep 13
Sep 13 &gt;FairyTail&lt; Recruiting All. Hello, the FairyTail guild is recruiting players of all levels and backgrounds. We have heirlooms, mounts and pets unlocked. We have over 700 members who are very helpful to new and old players alike. I always like to say that we aren't just a guild, but a Family and that is the kind of environment that has been built with FairyTail. ~History / Vision~ I originally made FairyTail for two reasons. The first reason was that when I first started the game I was constantly guild hoping looking for a guild that actually did things or at the very least talked. After going through what felt like 100 guilds I finally formed my own at the urgence of a friend. This is where the second reason comes into play. I wanted a guild that could specialize in everything WoW had to offer, two of the biggest being Raiding and PvP. Most guilds specialize in one or the other, rarely both. People usually have different characters in different guilds because of what they specialize in. I wanted to build a guild that was truly a home for it's members and could welcome all of their characters and interests (talk about dreaming big). ~Current State~ As it stands right now we are more of a helpful and friendly guild. There are many fine raiding guilds on the server, but unfortunately I don't feel we can call ourselves a raiding guild at present and the same goes for the PvP side of things. What we can offer at the moment is advice, friendly chatter and help. You can contact any of the officers listed below if you are interested in joining (if you want their b-tag then that is between you and them). -Officers- VastoZaraki (GM) Cheroki (Treasurer) Toxotes (Raid Leader) Merryknight Zandin Hexenhaus Gaydar You can also /who fairytail and whisper any member listed for an invite. -Notes- >We have our own Vent >We have our own Web Site >Guild repairs available to everyone >Promotions based on participation with the guild (chat and guild activities) >Yes the Guild name is based off the Anime / Manga >No age restrictions >Begging will ultimately result in a kick from the guild >Keep chat friendly (Cursing to a minimum and no drug talk) >Guild is 3+ years old >Peak times (6pm-12am server time) >Unique ranking (Fledgling, Fairy, S Class, Saint, Master)Vastozaraki85 Sep 13
Sep 13 New guild forming for PvE content <The Beast of Beauclair> New guild LF active and mature players for Mythic dungeons and Raids. In dire need of dpsHawkmoön0 Sep 13
Sep 13 New player looking for a guild Hello I'm new and looking for a clan that's social and likes to help and do quest and dungeons. I'm 20 years old if that matters. And just want have fun and meet some new people since I don't know anyone IRL that plays this.Dreamsnow1 Sep 13
Sep 12 Looking for guild Hello I'm new and looking for a guild that's social and likes to help and quest and do dungeonsDreamsnow1 Sep 12
Sep 12 (A) Prot Warrior LF Mythic/Raid Guild Hey there! I'm looking to join a guild that is currently doing mythic 5-mans and will be raiding once that content is available. I have extensive raid experience and I've played Warrior for the last couple xpacs. Currently 835 ilvl and climbing as I do more mythics. I'm looking to raid 2-3 nights per week. My availability is Tues-Saturday starting at 9:30 PM ET as well as any time on Sunday or Monday. Shoot me a message if you're looking for a good tank! I may miss your reply if you only post here, so make sure you message me in game.Croyo2 Sep 12
Sep 12 Guild and Server info for Veteran returning Hello Guys I am need of information about this server. I have been playing WoW since Vanilla where i used to be a hardcore raider, as time passed in the expansions i started playing on and off until i pretty much stopped playing altogether. Legion seems pretty good and enticing so i was wondering: - How is life here? - which side is in need of more players? - I cant choose between Resto Shaman or Holy Paladin for end game - I can no longer dedicate 8 hours a day to wow so im likely to only be able to raid 3 times per week tops, any progressing guilds with that kind of schedule? - I will reroll from one to 60 to get a grasp and on my class and then boost to 100 to also get free professions I really want to get back into the game is this a good server to do so?. Is there any free netherweave bags going around? :< ( no high level char here ) Thanks in advance for your help.Eyra1 Sep 12
Sep 12 Elemental Shaman LF Active Mythics Guild Hi there, I'm a RDPS who has finished running all heroics and I am looking to join an active guild that runs daily mythics with one another in preparation for raiding. I've raided Vanilla/BC/Wotlk and came back to WoW for legion and looking to join up with a guild of like minded individuals that focus on completing end game content. If you need a RDPS/Ele Shammy with raid experience to fill out your active mythics/raid group then feel free to whisper me in-game or leave a reply with your name.Chambers1 Sep 12
Sep 12 Possible Migration - Queues? Hi all, I am currently on a full pop server with large queues. It is affecting my guild's ability to operate. I know that Dalaran has a large population as well. Have you been affected by queues? Thanks!Balewind1 Sep 12
Sep 12 Looking for new server Well met citizens of Dalaran. I am currently fighting the log in boss everynight on Stormrage-US and am hunting for an east coast time centric server that would actually allow me to log in. I would like to find a semi hardcore- casualish group of folks to run dungeons and raids with. Does this server have a healthy community for such a thing? is this server worth transferring to? I wish to bring along my former main as well Fizzlewick from Stormrage also. Any input would be great.Venancio1 Sep 12
Sep 12 [A] Mistweaver LF guild Looking for a guild that raids primarily earlier in the evening on weekdays, done no later than 9PM, and on the weekends, done no later than 11AM. Calendar restricitons primarily due to nature of employment. I would be happy to speak more in PM.Theblackpaw1 Sep 12
Sep 12 [A] Long-time player LFG Been playing since beta, with occasional breaks between releases, looking for new guild. Leaving current guild because of real life issues with another member, figure it's best for the part-timer to leave than have problems. I have numerous characters, which I'll move into the guild if we're a good match. I'm looking for a mature guild. Not as in uptight people that freak out over the slightest profanity, but I don't want to deal with annoying kids (and people that act like kids) that love throwing racial / sexual orientation epithets around. I'm a casual gamer that would like to find a guild that doesn't have internal cliques that you have to break in to to get invited along on instances or raids. I'm primarily DPS, but am willing to learn tanking if someone is willing to help me out and act as my guinea pig on a few runs.Jassra1 Sep 12
Sep 11 Gloria Victis Recruiting "Gloria Victis" is a new guild on Dalaran looking to create a good experience and to push down heroics into mythic raids. We also would love to have members who just enjoy playing the game casually. Our raid times are going to be 9:00 P.M to 12:00 A.M server time. The days are to be determined but are looking at Tuesday and Thursday with an optional clear of Saturday. Whisper Tatherion for more details. *Edit Currently full on tanksTatherion1 Sep 11
Sep 11 (A) Prot War LF Late Night Guild Hi all, my friends and I are searching for a guild that plans on running mythics and raids late at night. We generally play after midnight PST. Any guilds recruiting or anyone needing a guild that plays at the same time frame, let me know! If there are none, perhaps we could start one!Eventtyde1 Sep 11
Sep 11 Restro shaman looking for progreshion guild I recently had to move to germany for work and am in need of a new raid guild that fits my avalibility. Please contact me here by whisper or through in game mail on mangyhealz. My avalible time is roughly 2pm server time to 6 pm server time any night of the week. I may be able to flex a little bit around that time if needed.Mangyhealz0 Sep 11
Sep 11 [H] New player looking for social guild Hullo all. I'm a relatively new player just hoping to find a guild where chilling out is fine. I've got absolutely no experience raiding or anything like that and this isn't really where my interest lies as I work 50-60 hours a week. I'd like to find a fun, sociable guild where chilling out and faffing about is acceptable, where people can chat while soloing, or help out on quests, maybe one that dabbles in low-pressure raiding where a new player could comfortably learn. If any guild has a place for a slightly awkward newbie, that would be neat. Thanks all!Paopaohia3 Sep 11
Sep 11 Blood / Unholy Dk Been gone most of WoD but Legion has been good so far. I would like to get into a raiding guild with progression a little casual / a little hardcore as of 9/6/16 i am ILVL 828 Blood and ILVL 825 Unholy. Working on Mythics as of right now. Whisper me, or post on this thread ill look back at it later on.Bloodstlkr1 Sep 11
Sep 11 <H>Looking for a progression focused guild Greets all. I'm currently a returning player, with a 110 havoc spec demon hunter. I'm trying to hunt down a guild to enjoy my time with on the server and share in the fun. A bit of background, I was a raid member for vanquish of Cho gall ages ago and raided at the top 1%. So many countless hours and wipes but oh so much fun. I'm hoping to find a guild once again and have just gotten back into the game since the end of wotlk.Zlilith1 Sep 11
Sep 11 Recruiting For Legion Currently looking for all classes and specs for Legion. MT-Filled Flip - Druid OT-Filled Pete - Pally Heals- T Heals: GaryPriest (H Priest) H Pally Quin R Heals: Metrobookin) R Shaman Wolfs R DPS- Mage: Brandon Hunter: Sean Lock: Pedro SPriest: hunter: M DPS Rogue: Fury Warrior: Warriorlad Unholy DK: Havok DH: DylanFlîp2 Sep 11
Sep 10 A <Imminence Reborn> looking for all <Imminence Reborn> is a new guild on this wonderful server of Dalaran and we are looking for you... that's right YOU! Our goals are to do daily guild dungeons, heroics, mythics, BGs, and eventually get in to raiding. If you are looking for a laid back environment and not be pressured to fill a role. Then give either me (Bloodkips) or Sifjar a PST.Bloodkips0 Sep 10
Sep 9 Resto Monk LF Raid Guild for legion Greetings, I'm looking for a Adult/ Social / Semi competitive raid ( PVE ) guild for Legion. A guild with an active voice comms is preferred. Please no needlessly large guilds, If I wanted a PuG community I would just use the LFG option in game and save myself the trouble of posting here. I prefer to get to know the people I raid with. Also I have SEVERAL monks available so what faction I play on isn't really an issue. I can heal , tank or dps, but prefer healing. As an Added bonus I will actually show up on scheduled raid nights. I'm not afraid to put in work ,wipes are just part of the process. I'm available Tuesday-Thurs evenings & maybe Friday for the right group ( I like to save weekends for PUG groups and alts ) I know my class and bring 110% to every pull. I haven't really played actively for this entire x pac for many reasons in game and outside and I'm really excited for legion ,So I would love to find a small close knit progression guild. Send me a message on real ID to chat : MagicGnome #113515Quimbi4 Sep 9
Sep 9 Dead thread Dead thread please deleteVeromar0 Sep 9
Sep 8 [Praetorian][A] Heroic guild recruiting Hi, our guild, Praetorian, is recruiting 3 dps that are preferably range to come raid with us on our core group. In WoD we were a 3/13 mythic guild and we want to continu our progress in Legion right when Emerald Nightmare launch. To be eligible to join you will need before Sep 21st : - a minimum of 840 ilvl; - a minimum of 15 traits in your artifact weapon; - your gear enchanted; - all the available consumables for your class. Our raid nights are Wednesday and Thursday 8h00 to 10h30 PM server time. Add my battle tag to communicate with me "Toofattowin#11999"Edji0 Sep 8
Sep 8 Potential new server!? Hello! I'm looking for a new PvE server with good ratios on both factions. I was looking at the numbers and this server seems to be doing well. How is the PvE end game raiding / do you think it's worth boosting my 100 on here? Thanks in advance!Sumiko3 Sep 8
Sep 8 Any alliance PvE guilds on the west coast? Looking for a guild that raids during weekends or at night during the weekdays, PST time.Lawros1 Sep 8
Sep 8 {H} Looking for guild i have a shaman healer lvl 110. and form raider. i also have a hunter lock and demon hunter in the 100. looking for a guild that either raid about 9am (cst) do to working over nights.Ketsuekiish0 Sep 8
Sep 7 [H] Druid looking for a guild to call home. Greetings all, I am looking for a guild to enjoy legion with I am a returning player. I played in classic/BC than again in Cata before moving on to other MMO's for a while. I am looking to run dungeons and raids mostly I do not PVP at all really so not really looking for that. I would like to tank, but I know getting a tanking spot in a raid team is hard to come by. I can also heal and dps, just prefer to tank I have experience tanking in the past. When it comes to a raid schedule I am not looking for anything super late I could do 6-10 server time pretty easy on most days. Hope to find a place to call home thanks all.Gizemiya2 Sep 7
Sep 7 Group of 3 LFG Hey all, My group and I are looking for a guild to join for raiding. One is a Fury Warrior the other is a Mistweaver Monk. I am a Vengence Demon Hunter. We're looking for some cool guys who want to progress in raiding we are experienced raiders though relatively new to WoW (WoD is our start) we have all played MMO's for a long time such as Lotro. I'm open to switching classes if necessary i realize with only 2 tank spots it limits my options. I'm also open to playing a Disc Priest or Mage (Altoholic here). Though I prefer tank. The other two are pretty set on playing those classes. We are fairly open to raid schedules.Aúrora1 Sep 7
Sep 7 [A] <Los Pollos Hermanos> Recruiting raiders <Los Pollos Hermanos> A close/smaller raiding and progression focused guild looking for recruits for the raiding team and maybe eventually Alt/B team. We are raid leader and raiders from a sister guild <Umbra Domini> which is a more casual/social guild. We will be diving right into Mythic+ and Normal/Heroic Raids, though mythic is always a goal our number 1 goal is having fun and progressing into Mythic while it is still current content (Ahead of the Curve). We are currently recruiting We still have a recruiting drive for RPDS and a Holy Paladin! We are willing to take any raider who wants to progress though. Our raid times are going to be Wed/Thu 9:30-12:30 EST. We use Discord for voice communication. If you are interested in learning more about our plans, what our needs are and where you could fit in feel free to message me or our guild Leader in-game (Faesight or Chololoco). Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon! Contact info: Faesight in game or Azi#1688 Battle.net Chololoco in game Leave message on here if you do not reach us in gameFaesight4 Sep 7
Sep 7 [H] Fury/Enhancement Canadian duo lf guild! Hi! My girlfriend and I are looking for an active, yet casual guild. One that dables in everything. As for raiding, ideally, the schedule would be anywhere between Monday through Thursday 7pm-10:30pm eastern. We're both grown adults (31/29) and work full time. We know this is just a game. Real life comes first and we don't care for game related drama. If you've got what we're looking for and have a similar mindset hit me up ingame! Just copy paste Typhoeüs ;)Typhoeüs0 Sep 7
Sep 6 [A] <Heavenly Sword> LFM Raiders and Guildies <Heavenly Sword> is recruiting! We're a newly formed guild on alliance side based around a multi-game community and looking to add to add some active members to our ranks for leveling, dungeons, pvp, raiding, and more. We have a solid group of old school WoW players currently, and we are always happy to help out new and returning players. Some perks: Discord voice & text channels Website: http://www.heavenlyswordgaming.com/ Frequent events Videos and social media Points for attending events, which can be spent on real prizes Supported by a 200 person multi-game community Want to know more? Please contact Fairylights in-game (fairylights#1471) and she will assist you with any questions and facilitate your entrance into the guild and our community!Fairylights0 Sep 6
Sep 6 [H]Legitimate US-Dalaran LFM Legion Raiding Greetings fellow Warcraft players, Legitimate is currently recruiting a few more members to round out our roster! I have posted our general information below for your perusal. Guild Name:Legitimate Realm:US-Dalaran(PvE) Realm Timezone:Eastern Standard Time Raid Progression:Currently 13/13H (due to unsubs until Legion) Raid Schedule:Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday Evenings Raid Times:9pm-12am EST Raid Openings:Currently we are considering all classes/specs due to rerolls. Rogue and another Warlock will be nice. About Us Legitimate is a horde guild which focuses on casual, yet progressive raiding. Throughout our years of being on Dalaran, we have raided many of tiers together & was top Horde guild in SoO. Our casual schedule requires determination, focus, and dedication for success. It also requires, however, a fun and friendly atmosphere that we really hope every applicant contributes to. Due to how well WoD end up, a lot of our members unsub but are coming back for a taste of the Legion. Applicants A model applicant will demonstrate intelligent and effective game play; indicating clear knowledge of their class and current raid content, as well as raid awareness and adaptation. Such an applicant will also maintain excellent raid attendance, learn quickly, and take constructive criticism. Being prepared is key for our raiding schedule. Attendance One Key factor in downing any boss is to defeat the attendance boss*wink*. Over the three days we'll meet for three hours each night, a total of nine hours a week. This schedule will start immediately when the first raid is release and will continue until the last boss of the expansion is on farmed with everyone getting mounts. Now, with that being said, we completely understand that LIFE happens and last min emergencies happen but unfortunately its hard to tell 19 people we can't raid because someone isn't on without a ETA, and we wont do that. We'll pick up, swap out as needed. Open Arms Policy Whatever you're interest is in the game, if you want to join us and be an active member in our guild we'll be happy to have you. If you think you would make a valuable addition to our roster or have any questions, feel to contact us. RL - Deatramak#1421 GM - Chadwick87#1813 Me - BlueMoon#1773 Thank you in advance and looking forward to hearing from you. Happy gaming!Redsweets15 Sep 6
Sep 6 SELLING STAR BELT PATTERN I am selling the star belt pattern for 50k gold which is cheaper than AH prices currently my battletag is rocketmaster add me and message if u are interested in the patternAnderalexson1 Sep 6
Sep 6 [A][Semper Para Bellum]-LF Ranged DPS Greetings all! If you are reading this thread it means you are either a player seeking out a guild to settle into, or that you are a player that is unhappy in their current guild. Whether you are one or the other does not matter, what does matter is that you want to be part of something. Our goal is to raid in Legion, but to do so with a group of people that know each other. Raiding should not feel like a job, it should be a fun series of challenges that a group of players can overcome together. We are Semper Para Bellum. Currently Recruiting: Shadow Priest, Ranged Hunter, Mage, Elemental Shaman. Raid Times: Saturday 7pm-9pm, Thursday 7pm-9pm MST Our History: We are a tight-knit group of friends that have been playing together since vanilla. We have all seen our share of raids over the years, and have been in numerous guilds doing so. After some guild drama early in the Warlords expansion we ended up separating from a guild we had been in for 3 years and decided that we would make our own. So if you are looking for a raiding guild full of people that will care if you log in, we would be happy to have you. For any questions about our guild please feel free to message me in game or add me on battlenet Haunted#1837.Restorår0 Sep 6
Sep 6 Tank LF adult casual / dungeon guild <Sorry if this double-posts, the forum is behaving strangely for me> I'm returning to the game after ten years and am looking for adults to play and chat with. My favorite type of content is single-group dungeons. I love challenging dungeons and hope to progress through the single-group content at level cap. I used to do the hardcore progression raid thing, but I can't and won't devote that kind of time anymore. Though if there are more casual raids available, I'd be interested in those. I love tanking, but I enjoy playing alts and other roles, as well as crafting, questing, and just seeing the sights. I also enjoy helping and supporting guildies of all levels. To me that's what makes a guild a guild. I mostly play evenings and weekends Eastern time. I'm looking for a small to medium-sized group that is active at those times, large enough to reliably form groups together but small enough that I can get to know people. I enjoy the social aspect of guilds and I don't tend to fit well with huge, anonymous guilds. Must be LGBT-friendly. This is important to me. If you think I'm a good fit and would be interested in having me, let's chat in-game! Thank you <3Mirahna1 Sep 6
Sep 6 Chinese bro Looking for Chinese friends play WoWLemonleo1 Sep 6
Sep 4 Considering moving to Dalaran Hey Dalaran! I've been looking for a new home (PvE server) ever since Emerald Dream got crazy with random gankers and horde/alliance drama griefing. How is the population on the server? I've tried looking it up on some websites, but gotta take those with a grain of salt... From what I can tell the faction balance is about 60/40 here, can anyone help me out? Looking for a good home that is a little bit less crazy than the PvP servers of ED. Thanks! (Please no flamers or trolls...)Shadowkow9 Sep 4
Sep 2 [H] <Ouroboros> Recruiting raiders for Legion Hello friends, My name is Pause. You Hordies may remember me in such channels as /2 (Trade) and /1 (General). I talk about sports! More to the point; <Ouroboros> is recruiting members for Legion! After a not-so-satisfactory end to Warlords of Draenor, which saw our raiding come to a halt after only 5/13 M HFC due to burnout and attendance issues, I'd likee to personally take this opportunity to get a fresh reset at the start of the expansion, and really buckle down! <Ouroboros> raids 3-4 nights a week (Tuesday through Thursday and Sunday) from 8:30pm - 12ish. We try to progress with as full a raid group as possible during heroic, and then take the BEST OF THE BEST to Mythic. Our recruitment is sort of open. We're looking for healers, maybe another tank, and some more ranged dps. Honestly, we're open to all ranged dps specs (aside from mages, really) and all healers. While these are the stated roles we need, ALL exceptional applicants are considered, no matter what role/class. As we move forward onward into Legion, we want to field the absolute best roster possible, and I personally hope the competition is fierce. Applicants are expected to use Ventrilo. You should also have all raid materials you need to maximize your performance. While feasts are provided, I'm going to call you a baddie if you don't use personal food and healing tonics. Gear must be gemmed/enchanted properly, as would be the norm in any raiding guild (at least, I hope that's the norm for raiding guilds.) Pleasepleasepleaseplease if you are interested, send me a tell in game, add me on bnet @mortificial#1983. Feel free to also contact any of the officers in the guild as well. Left this relic from the past: We're a level twenty-six (26) guild and we wear two (2) tabards at one time. Thanks for reading!Pause9 Sep 2
Sep 2 [A] <Citatic> Recruiting Players, not Classes <Citatic> We're not your standard new guild. Here at Citatic, we don't recruit classes or specs, we recruit players. At the core, we all play Warcraft because it's fun, and encourage you to play a class and spec you enjoy. "But how will you make sure you have the right roles for a raid?" I'm glad you asked. Our Legionnaires and Raiders specs are posted proudly for all to see. If you see a void in the composition and think, "Hey, that could be fun," have at it! But know that no one will be chasing you down to level a tank. We're also not going to recruit someone just because they main a healer and we really need one. We believe that if people are having a good time and working toward a common goal, we can come together to make it work. So enough with the soapbox, here's who we are: We play a lot of World of Warcraft. That's a given. You probably do to. We have jobs. For some of us, that means we won't be able to raid as often as we like. But we know that keeping the power and internet on is just as important as family and food. No guild is drama free, but we like to keep ours at TBS comedy levels of dramatic. We enjoy the social aspects of a guild, and some of us have friendships that span the game. We want you to get to know us and we want to get to know you. We are helpful and considerate. We're not out to prove we're the best, but we still want a challenge. We respect each other, and respect other players outside the guild too. We are adults, looking for other great 21+ guildmates. Here's what we're looking for: We're looking for experienced players that have been playing since Vanilla, who have gone from 60 hours a week of free time to maybe 10. Players who want to keep playing and raiding, but don't have the time for a Hardcore raiding guild. We're looking for newer players who have never raided before, but are wanting find out what it's all about, and are willing to listen to feedback and learn. We're looking for dedicated players who want to be a part of Citatic, and be the driving force behind conquering raid content, and earn rewards based on skill and effort. We're looking for new friends, new memories, and the love for the game we've been playing for so long. Still Interested? Find out more and check us out at guild.citatic.com!Kholdan10 Sep 2
Sep 1 <A> Returning Death Knight LF Guild About Me: Experienced PVE player coming back to WoW after a hiatus that has lasted since Throne of Thunder in MoP. Before I took a break I was progressing through content every tier since Cata. Preferred Role: I plan on maining my death knight for Legion in Frost Spec. I would be willing to switch to tank or a different class if it would help me find a home! What I'm Looking for: I'm looking for a guild that is willing to have fun while progressing through the content but at the same time progressing as fast as possible. My schedule: I am available every day after 9pm estCeredorth1 Sep 1
Sep 1 Looking for a guild Hello, I am Kylmar and I am looking for a guild. I am 26 years old and have a full time job in the military. I am currently a night shift worker but every 6 months we shift schedules. I work Sun - Thurs nights 1030pm EST to 7am. I would like a guild that raids during the day time or has an alternate raiding team that raids during the day or morning. I will be a blood death knight and i am strongly interested in progressing through all of legions PvE content. I have played on and off since 2004. I am a quick learner and love challenging content. Nothing is better than being on Voice chat with your guild and after countless wipes you kill that boss that's been so difficult. I am excited to give legion my all. Once again I am looking for: Not a mass recruit guild Family oriented Progression but not competitive Has raid teams that Don't just raid at night I will tank, I have PvE tank experience dating back to TBC on my paladin.Kylmar1 Sep 1
Sep 1 Holy Priest Seeks Guild Hi all, I've been playing since Vanilla (I dinged 60 on my original druid from grinding on ghouls in EPL the day Burning Crusade came out) and am now considering transferring my priest to Dalaran. I have experience raiding in BC, WotLK, Cataclysm, and, very minimally, in WoD; I've also lead a handful of raids and was Guild Leader for a time, though that guild was mostly a group of real life friends, and our raid progress was nothing to phone home about. (So please don't worry that I'm power hungry or one to moan and groan about authority.) My main interests are PvE and raid progression, so I'm hoping to find a friendly but motivated guild that will be raiding around 7 or 8 pm EST. If you're a member of such a guild--or know someone who is--I'd love to hear from you. I also have a 100 druid (on Kil'Jaeden), a 100 monk (on Kel'Thuzad), and am thinking of using the 100 boost for a Warlock, possibly Horde side. Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any questions!Pantelea0 Sep 1
Aug 31 [A] <Knowledge is Power> Recruiting [A] <Knowledge is Power> is a brand new group of Librarians, information professionals, readers of literature and boozy gamers alike!! Find a friend to quest, dungeon or possibly raid with along with fun and friendly chatter. No level or skills requirements. Message me in game or on here with any questions.Imry6 Aug 31
Aug 29 Looking for a Serious Raiding Guild Hello, I am looking for a raiding guild on Dalaran (alliance side) I have a Monk that I plan to main as a brewmaster in legion, and I also have a mage and a priest as well, I'm not opposed to transferring my druid as well but I would rather play the characters that I have made on Dalaran. I have been in a progression raid guild before back in cata and then taking a break only coming back towards the end of MoP for pvp and sticking around in WoD playing causally as a Pug-er. I am looking to get back into the progression grind.Garuraalga0 Aug 29
Aug 29 [A] Possibly moving here I'm still undecided on my class (warrior, dh or mage (I can dps or tank)). I'm looking for a raid that ends before or at 10pm est as I work third shift.Wcdevil0 Aug 29
Aug 29 LF Alliance PVP Guild Hello Dalaranians, I'm looking for some mature, casual PVP oriented players. Is there such a guild here? :)Jaymoh1 Aug 29
Aug 29 Possible transfer to this server. PVP/PVE Nevermind. Quimbi gave me all the reasons I need to not come here.Rathore5 Aug 29