Aug 10 Wanting To Group With You! Must have a level 100 character! Im looking for people who want to do Raids, Grind Loot, PvP, And to have fun! Join the discord chat to talk to me and the group. Link -- https://discord.gg/DT5xRwG Discord is a All in one voice and text chat for gamers. It works for Browser and client download. (just heads up as Discord is not as common as Skype and Teamspeak but works better)Vyegra0 Aug 10
Aug 8 Hello Dalaran Hello dalaran. I saw on realm pop this is a high pop est server although wowprogress shows it as a not very big raid server. Looking to reroll some new toons here. What is the server like? Is the population pretty good? I'm a social player and love to chat. Is there a lot of guilds around? They show this as a new player server. Could that be why its considered high pop est?Lenanicole3 Aug 8
Aug 8 Selling H HFC full clear/Moose Mount Fellow Dalaran guild Kusso is selling Heroic HFC full clears or just Heroic Archi for the moose mount. There is only 3 weeks left to get this mount as this is going away with the arrival of Legion. There is no ilvl or level requirement for this. Prices: Full clear=50k Archi only=20k Raid day/times start every Saturday at 8pm and will continue to 11pm est. Contact me in game or on my bnet tag: Stayfrosty#1224Kablamsauce2 Aug 8
Aug 7 Natural Affinity is recruiting Currently looking for Solid DPS for mythic raiding. We raid Weds and Thurs 8-11 server 8/13M progression Classes In high demand - Lock- Rogue- Exceptional players are always welcome to apply! If you have any questions get in touch with me or any officer. Thanks! ZifanZifan8 Aug 7
Aug 7 [A] <Council of Exiles> Now Recruiting The Council of Exiles is a newly formed guild looking for any and all social members to join our ranks and hopefully turn this currently small guild into a lively and friendly community in the future. What we're looking for: We are most interested in finding members who want to raid in Legion so we can begin forming a solid team for progression raiding and figure out a schedule that suits everyone. However, all types of players are welcome; whether you just like to fill up your pet journal, hunt for transmog or just like to help other people, our guild strives to be a home where every type of player feels welcome. What is expected of members: Our rules aren't strict by any means and just using common sense should keep you out of trouble but I'll go over them nonetheless. 1) Respect all guild members 2) No racism, homophobia etc. 3) Don't ninja from the GB or beg for gold 4) Strive to help others if they need it 5) Don't give the guild a bad reputation with your actions outside of guild chat 6) While mature language is allowed in moderation, don't go cursing at every little thing or other people What we do: In short, anything! PvE, PvP, random guild events, legacy raids, pet/xmog runs etc. We still need to build a team for both raids and RBGs but we aim to be a place where any interests or goals are welcome. Who to contact: Yels Ariellina MichymikeYels0 Aug 7
Aug 7 Serenìty: new social/raiding guild LFM We're a newly formed guild on the US Dalaran server looking to take the Broken Isles in Legion by storm. If you're a new player or simply looking for a new guild, give us a look! Our aim for Serenity is to be a place where players feel at home regardless of what you like to do in WoW. We're a social guild that plans to raid once we've got enough people interested. Guild leadership is very active and there's usually at least one of us online at some point throughout the day. No raiding experience or lengthy application process is necessary to join! We're looking for energetic, fun people who enjoy socializing and playing WoW. We don't care if it's your first day or your twelfth year of playing, we'd like you to give us a shot if you're looking for a new guild. It doesn't matter if your endgame is raiding, doing dungeons, PVP, or even just doing solo content. If you're looking to transfer servers or if you're already on Dalaran, look us up! What we're looking for The short answer: everything! The long answer: As a new guild, we don't have a raid team. We already have a raid leader, but we need people looking to raid. We don't expect raiders to have any previous experience, but we do expect you to be willing to learn and to help others learn. Raiders are also expected to be active and participating in the guild beyond just raid nights. If you're looking for a more social setting, we're looking for you too. We want to be a large, family style guild where anyone feels welcomed, so don't be put off by the fact that we're also looking for people wanting to raid! How to contact us You can contact Sêlene (alt 136 for the first e) or Dinìvas (alt 141 on the second i) if you're already on Dalaran. If you're just considering us and you're not on Dalaran, add Avalith#1298 as a BattleTag friend and let's chat.Dinìvas2 Aug 7
Aug 6 Long time raider LF EST mythic Tank career Hello! I am looking to start my mythic career for the Closeout of HFC and legion. I will be specializing on my protection warrior for legion and have been gearing him alot after my transition from my Holy paladin. Im hoping to find a solid spot in a raiding guild for Legion and hope to get to know people before legion comes out! If you have any questions please add my Btag Galivon#1871 Thank you!Arroku0 Aug 6
Aug 6 [A]717RestoDruid lf H/M raiding guild Im looking for a raid focused guild experienced with heroic/mythic. Not just some random guild that spam invites level 20s with invites to make the guild big. I can use any type of coms (teamspeak, vent. ect) and can be on whenever for raids. Xeulu#1149Wardine0 Aug 6
Aug 6 Ranged DPS looking for Casual Raiding Guild some Heroic and Normal experience. Looking for a guild that's both social but mildly interested in raiding. If it's weekend raiding, even better. (thurs-sunday). Actually looking to raid with shadow priest, but have a mage and paladin too that i enjoy.Gallirí2 Aug 6
Aug 6 Veteran player LF guild 4 Legion 1. Times available & time zone: 9:30 Pacific 11:30pm CT 12:30am ET (Can work out times) 2. Server preference: Dalaran 3. Faction preference: Horde 4. Role: Main: DK Unholy Off: Blood 5. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Hardcore/Semi-hardcore 6. Current progression/experience: Vanilla: All of MC, BWL, and up to Twins in AQ40 WotLK: 25man ICC up to DreamWalker normal Cata: Heroic BWD full clear MoP: normal full clear of Vaults. HoF, and Endless Spring 7. Contact info: In-game message/mail or e-mail. ojaya15966@comcast.net 8. Anything else: Was on and off throughout the expansion except Vanilla. Looking to play Legion all the way through.Daethplague1 Aug 6
Aug 5 <The Secret Guild> is LF Raiders Hello. We're a guild based in the server Dalaran who want to prioritize progression raiding in the new expansion: Legion. Our guild plans to raid during weekdays (days still undecided) sometime between 6pm to 12am. Our guild is very well managed, and we require our members to respect each other as adults so that we can best focus on our progression. Our priority list is as follows: High Priority- Healers (Shaman, Monk, Priests, Paladins) - Warlocks - Balance Druids - Elemental Shaman - Shadow Priest Low Priority (Things we have enough of) - Tanks and Warriors Medium Priority- Literally everything else If you are interested either leave a comment here or send a whisper to either myself, Crisana or to Cymba on the Dalaran server. Thank you.Crisana3 Aug 5
Aug 5 (H) guild recruitment New guild on Dalaran, all are welcome, regardless of LVL or iLVL! Just looking for friends to play with. PM me in game for an invite. We are a casual guild for the time being, once we gather the playerbase we'll be raiding.Warlocksloth0 Aug 5
Aug 5 Experienced raider LF guild 4 Legion LF PvE guild Main spec: Unholy Off spec: Blood Has raided in every expansion experienced raider LF fun and friendly guildmates to PvE throughout Legion Raid time weeknights (prefer Monday or Wednesday night raiding) I can be flexible with raiding hours. 9:30pm pacific 11:30 CT 12:30am ET Not really looking for DKP loot system just a fair one. Preparing for Legion and looking to be a long time guild member. Dedicated to progression and making new friends. Professions 700 blacksmithing and now learning Enchanting currently at 260ishDaethplague0 Aug 5
Aug 5 LOOKING FOR A GOOD GUILD I'm looking for a good guild for my buddy and I to be in. Hoping for a guild that is social and fun, that does raids (somewhat regularly, but not totally able to commit to a weekly basis) and dungeons together, and is just overall welcoming and fun. I'm looking for a guild that is somewhat sizable, but social ableWillafren5 Aug 5
Aug 5 Kusso (2/13 M) Looking for raiders! <Kusso> 2/13 M is a social raiding guild looking to expand our ranks and clear as many mythic bosses till Legion! Guild was formed shortly after Christmas break with a goal of taking this raiding team into Legion.. All members have Mythic HFC experience while keeping a fun and relaxed raid environment. Core raid team ilvl ranges from 728-734. This is a mature guild (24+) and members have careers/families and understand life happens. We provide free repairs/potions/feasts/runes/flasks. The roles listed below are what we currently need moving forward, but will take in other roles not listed below to build into the core rotation for gear/experience. Roles we are recruiting for: Class............. Spec.............................Demand Hunter.............MM.................................High Monk...............MW.................................High Rogue..............Sub/As...........................High Mage...............Fire.................................High Shammy..........Resto...............................High Raid info. Date/time: We currently raid on Friday/Saturday 8pm-11pm est. Loot distribution is running on ML for tier, PL non-tier for farm. ML is used during progression fights (regardless of tier) Voip is Discord. Requirements: -720 ilvl/Legendary Ring/4 piece tier -Raid attendance of 90% of the time. If you can not be there, contact anyone in guild before the raid dates. -Be aware of how your class works and continue to improve -Relaxed laid back attitude in Discord -Deadly Boss Mods/Iskar Assist/ERT/GTFO addons. -Research boss fights before the fight happens. -Have fun! This is a game after all, not real life Contact me at Stayfrosty#1224Kablamsauce2 Aug 5
Aug 4 Two Mythic Raiders LF Legion team! I'll be brief but to the point. Myself and another player are looking to raid Alliance side for Legion as the Horde has really worn off its welcome. I'm looking to play a Fury Warrior, Havoc Demon Hunter or a Guardian Druid, and she plays a Resto Druid. She's 5/13M and I'm 11/13M experienced and we both have a large list of previous raiding experience. We come prepared at all times as we are both previous raid leads and we understand all that is expected of you as a progression raider. We're looking to find a team that raids between 7:30pm and ends at or before 11pm EST and raids between Sunday to Thursday. We're fairly strict on this as we both have jobs that require us to be up early. If you're interested, feel free to contact me via my battletag Tristnal#11267, or leave your guild info below. Thanks!Tristrex1 Aug 4
Aug 4 Newbie ish player looking for Horde Guild Hello All, I recently gave up console gaming and finally decided to wipe the dust off the gaming PC I built last year and actually use the thing. I have always wanted to play WoW but never could get very far without getting lost and confused. Looking for a guild of mature players with some sort of voice chat to guide me along, bull!@#$ with, make friends, and eventually get me heavily involved with endgame content such as raids. I have way too much free time right now and will be investing lots of time into this game. Road to level 100 begins tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be more fun than grinding gear in Destiny on PS4. My PSN is Emperor_Nuke and all my friends on there call me Nuke so let's stick with that. Thanks, NukeKodinis2 Aug 4
Aug 4 CM Gold Anyone selling full cm gold runs? If so,holler at me here or my Btag @ Thundercow#1165. Thanks.Majinbull1 Aug 4
Aug 4 Anyone else cant log into dalaran? World server is downTrivenom0 Aug 4
Aug 3 LFG: Looking for a family of a guild Not looking for a huge hardcore guild but a guild that plays together and does dungeons, raids, pvp, and questing together and is social and filled with nice peopleWillafren1 Aug 3
Aug 3 Server going down Anyone know why or for how long the server is going down?Imugem1 Aug 3
Aug 3 [A]Casual player?Try Order of the lion. PLEASE CONTACT ME IN GAME WITH QUESTIONS OR TO JOIN. I RARELY VISIT THE FORUMS SO I DON'T SEE MESSAGES LEFT ON THIS POST FOR QUITE A WHILE. Order of the lion is a 8 year old Alliance social / leveling guild. We are made up of ADULTS who like to play casually. They enjoy all aspects of the game (PVE, PVP, heroics, raiding, regular dungeons, world bosses, just chatting while doing their farming, etc.) We all have real lives, jobs, families, and so forth and real life always comes first! We offer guild paid repairs to everyone instead of just for certain ranks like a lot of other guilds do (how much you get is based on rank though). We accept all play styles, classes, and character levels. Alts are welcome as long as they are kept active. We have heirloom gear, pets, and mounts unlocked and have Ventrilo available for those who like to use voice chat. We are most active late evening into late night. We welcome beginning players and don't mind questions! Right now the guild is going through the end of the expansion slump and also summer is here so that adds to the issue. We are working on building the guild back up. This is an ongoing process so please be patient as we work on it. If you do not plan on talking or acting like you are in the guild in any way then please do NOT contact me to join. We are tired of getting new members who won't speak, group, or act like the guild exists. This is a social guild so I want social players! Having said that.....We are looking for people age 20+ who want to be social as they play, who ACTUALLY TALK and who want a friendly place to call home. We'd like to have more join us to chat, group, or just hang out. We welcome new player as well as returning players or those just looking for a new home. Alts are welcome too as long as they are kept active. While we do not raid at this time (it just didn't pan out for us in WoD but the guild raided from BC all the way through MoP) we hope to get back to casually raiding on weekends in Legion. So we are always looking for people who might want to be on a raid team with us. Contact Linalli in game with questions. I don't check the forums very often so its best if you send me an in game mail. Or you can whisper anyone online in the guild for an invite (fastest and easiest way to join). All have invite privileges. Type in /who order of the lion to see who is online. I am also willing to consider absorbing another guild into ours. Just contact me so we can chat about it. HAPPY GAMING EVERYONE!Linalli36 Aug 3
Aug 3 WTS Alani mount slot Hi all, I have recently farmed 10 sky shards and I would like to form a party to kill Alani for the Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent mount. Please add me Avana#6249 and send me the offer. Look forward to it! Thank you.Jervene0 Aug 3
Aug 2 [A] LF Active Semi-Hardcore/Social Guild Hey All! I recently graduated college and will be starting a big boy job soon. Schedule is a bit up in the air and random at times so at this point I can't commit to a specified raid schedule. However, I am very serious about doing as much as I can in Legion. Raiding whenever possible, going as far as I can in the new dungeon system, World Quests, etc. I am very active right now and for the next two weeks until my job starts. I am having a hard time finding a solid guild with a social but teamwork mindset. Prefer to use some kind of voice com! Feel Free to add me: SeanTaylor#1365 or reply on here! Thanks!Soracoys2 Aug 2
Aug 2 Angels of the Crusade is recruiting! https://goo.gl/forms/DJ9Ly3TTsz2241S62 Raid formChaser0 Aug 2
Aug 2 Kiroxxigar the Brave Me, Kiroxxigar... The orc who hammers foes with thunder and smack lazy peons with hardened yet hot lava will tell you all what is to come. We are to face a legion of demons, Kiroxxigar is training daily the ways of the enhancement Shaman. Kiroxxigar wants to show the world of azeroth who's the number one master of the elements. But why does Kyroxxigar wants to do walk this path? is it because Kyroxxigar wants to feed his ego? or is it because Kyroxxigar believes he is destined to become a legend? ... Well neither ... Kyroxxigar once had a friend, a jaded friend. She was a beautiful blood elf. Kyroxxigar met her once while fighting a bigger beast. Kyroxxigar was fairly new in the shaman path and hadn't mastered the elements to defeat such beast. This particular Blood elf helped Kyroxxigar defeat the beast. She was strong like no other and Kyroixxgar had never seen beauty like the one she radiated. Kyroxxigar and the Jaded blood elf became good friends, they battled, laughed and drank together. Jaded blood elf was Kyroxxigar's first real friend in the vast world of azeroth. However, one day Kyroxxigar recived a letter from the beloved jaded blood elf saying: "Kyrox, I am leaving the world of azeroth, I have to change my ways in another world ...". Kyroxxigar was devastated, could not understand why Jaded friend left and why she didn't give Kyroxxigar a proper explanation. After that day Kyroxxigar was doubting his role in the world, the elements were still with Kyroxxigar but what was the meaning if there was nothing to fight for, no one to fight with... One night the spirits of nature came to Kiroxxigar in a dream and showed him the "Elemental Planes". The spirits told Kyroxxigar that my journey is just starting and not to falter. Kyroxxigar has never been there before but Kyroxxigar knows there is a reason why Kyroxxigar must travel there. Kyroxxigar will get stronger. Although Jaded friend is not around anymore, Kyroxxigar wants to make a name for himself. A name big enough that it echoes through worlds so that maybe one day Kyroxxigar's Jaded friend hears of his deeds and returns to the world of azeroth. Kyroxxigar will keep training daily, will continue to master the elements and when the fearsome legion returns Kyroxxigar will be ready to face them. Until Kyroxxigar reaches #1 , until the elements stop giving Kyroxxigar their power, until Jaded blood elf returns, Kyroxxigar's hammer will keep smashing. LOK'TAR OGAR!Kiroxxigar0 Aug 2
Aug 2 Help please Does anyone know the steps on how to fly ? in Ashran/Warspear/Frostwall. I can fly in other realms but not here ?? :-)Magnumrock0 Aug 2
Aug 1 Returning Player Seeking Guild or Partner I PVP as well but raiding is what I like most. Nothing too serious, but focused enough to get progress. I am a returning player, I plan to play Retribution paladin mostly. I'm a pretty good tank if necessary. Mainly seeking ACTIVE people (in a guild or not) to play through Legion. I Started a new human toon on Dalaran. We can level together or I can catch up. Contact me in game or via this post. Thanks in Advance, Roxks-Roxks0 Aug 1
Jul 31 Kusso [H] (13/13 H) recruiting raiders! <Kusso> is a social raiding guild looking to expand our ranks for Heroic HFC. Guild was formed shortly after Christmas break with a goal of taking this raiding team into Legion. All members have Heroic/Mythic HFC experience while keeping a fun and relaxed raid environment. Core raid team ilvl ranges from 720-730. This is a mature guild (24+) and members have careers/families and understand life happens. That being said, we still progress at a rapid rate through Heroic HFC and are looking for certain roles to build into Mythic HFC and into Legion. We provide free repairs/potions/feasts/runes/flasks. The roles listed below are what we currently need moving forward, but will take in other roles not listed below to build into the core rotation for gear/experience. Roles we are recruiting for: Class............. Spec.............................Demand Druid..............Feral (Tank OS)............High Shammy........Ele (Resto OS).............High Rogue............Sub...............................High Mage..............Arcane..........................High Warrior...........Fury/Arms.....................High Raid info. Date/time: We currently raid on Friday/Sunday 8pm-11pm. Loot distribution is running on ML for tier, PL non-tier for farm. ML is used during progression fights (regardless of tier) Voip is Curse Voice. Requirements: -710ilvl with 715 legendary ring. -Raid attendance of 90% of the time. If you can not be there, contact anyone in guild before the raid dates. -Be aware of how your class works and continue to improve -Relaxed laid back attitude in Curse Voice -Deadly Boss Mods/Iskar Assist/ERT/GTFO addons. -Research boss fights before the fight happens. -Have fun! This is a game after all, not real life Contact me at Stayfrosty#1224 or any of the guilds officers: Duffman#1157 Kelnik#1741 Tane#1487Mushromstamp18 Jul 31
Jul 31 Lowbie Mage looking for casual raiding guild Hi! I'm pretty new to WoW in general. I've raided in FF14 so I'm looking to try out raiding in WoW in Legion when I hit max level. I'm looking to start out in normals, then possibly work up to heroic. Mythic is a possibility but I'm not sure I'll be that good at the game that quickly, but if you deem me worthy of mythic when the time comes I'm willing to try it. I play quite a bit so I should be max level by the time legion launches. Qualities: I'm a very patient player. Wiping never bothered me in FF14 at all. Thick skin. Very little offends me. I love looking up guides to improve my play. Never late Thinks ahead of time. It's pretty much the reason why I'm looking for a guild even though I'm not done leveling yet. Leave your guild info below and I'll contact youBredita0 Jul 31
Jul 30 <Kaizen> 3/7MHM, 10/10HBRF, 5/10MBRF LFM! Kaizen (Dalaran-US), 3/7M HM, 10/10H BRF and 5/10M BRF is looking for players to top off our roster of mythic raiders. We are accepting applications from nearly all classes and specs. Our raid times are Tues-Thursday: 8:00-11:30 PM server (EST). Monday is optional clean up, we cycle in main raider’s alts in order to make cleaning up more interesting. We typically fill the raid with around 30 members. There is no such thing as a “bench” or “main raiders”. We embrace the concept of non-committal raiding, the majority of us will be there a majority of the time because we want to be there and we enjoy the company and the activity that we do together. Many of us have real lives; if you have a date, your kid's ball game, finals or any other kind of real life event that would come up every now and again, we would not want you to miss it for our raid. Missing a raid night, or even a raid week, does not mean a raider will lose their “spot” in the roster - we will simply be happy to see them back online when their real life allows! But this also requires that people are able to step in and out of fights as requested, which necessitates a good deal of humility and patience. A little more about Kaizen - first and foremost, we are a casual progression raiding guild. The word kaizen is a Japanese concept that stands for the improvement of progress. Different people may have different takes on the idea and ideal, but for us it means working a bit, day to day, to improve at a pace you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t matter how low or high you start – at anything, there is room to improve. We aim to build a community with this very concept in mind. The biggest thing that we look for in Kaizen members is character, so like-mindedness is very important. People will approach and ask to immediately join, or ask about things like ilvl requirements, some will list their great achievements and rankings and parses. We sometimes turn these people away immediately, albeit a bit unfairly, but it isn’t immediate results we’re looking for. We seem to confuse a lot of people when we tell them that we’re not looking for a particular skill set or ilvl for members, but character. Maybe this will clear things up a little bit! The ability to put in effort, focus, get things done while kicking back and having fun is really what we are after. We don’t expect anybody to just come in and blow the fight out of the water. What Kaizen is looking for is improvement; it could be bettering your class rotation, your movements, or just being more acquainted with the fight via running normals or LFR. Improvement could be as simple as finding yourself a job from being unemployed. Because Kaizen is focused on improvement instead of item level, we do not require a specific item level in order to trial applicants - we will simply judge performance based on someone’s current gear. We are more than happy to run heroics to help new raiders catch up to the rest of the raid. Kaizen as a crew of misfits that just run together and have fun. Sure, we do a bit of progression every now and then. Sometimes we have successes and occasionally we’ll ram into frustrating brick walls, just like any other raid team. With Kaizen’s ideals in mind, the raid as a whole is able to overcome these challenges while also maintaining our casual and fun-loving raid environment. If joining Kaizen is something that you would be interested in and you would like to improve with a group of people who also like to have a bit of fun, you can reach our recruiting officer at Eriu#1440 or you can apply at <http://kaizen.guildlaunch.com/>. I look forward to hearing from you!Ériu32 Jul 30
Jul 30 (A) Healer Ld Raid Guild 4 Legion Hi, I'm looking for a adult casual / Semi hard core raid guild for legion. I've available most days, But I would prefer a Tues - Thurs raid Schedule. Add me MagicGnome#113515 PS I will actually show up ! Thank you.Slaughterhof0 Jul 30
Jul 30 returning player Hi everyone, Looking to come back to the game after a few months away, and find a guild. Small, yet does things. Not sure about raiding, crazy schedule and kids. Any suggestions?Roxanneroll2 Jul 30
Jul 30 <Silver Sword> recruiting! Fun events! Hey guys, Sylithia here, GM of Silver Sword. We're a new guild that is trying to bring that close-knit aspect back together. I was tired of not being able to say what I wanted in the more "PC" guilds in Dalaran, so I made my own. Expect to find some pretty random !@#$ from time to time here, so a general 18+ is recommended. We just had our first awesome Guild Event, Hide and Seek, which went pretty well. We gave out 25k gold in prizes and had a pretty fun two hours! Our next event is going to be WoW trivia on August 1st, with prizes of 5k gold, 3k gold, and 1k gold for first, second, and third place respectively. If this kind of guild sounds like something you would be interested in, feel free to drop me a PM or in-game mail, and I will get back to you ASAP. Also looking for dedicated players to become officers (current roles are Legacy Lead, Event Lead, Guild Bank Lead, Recruitment Lead).Sylithia0 Jul 30
Jul 29 Seeking alliance friends! :) Hey there! I play every day all day for the most part, I'm in a guild but still having issues finding good friends to pal around with. My battle tag is Peaches#11519 if you're looking for a new friend that's on a lot and likes to talk/ run stuff and even play on alts feel free to add me! Have a peachy day~Eiralys2 Jul 29
Jul 29 Selling Alani Mount Ladies and Gentlemen, I've finally farmed the shards for the Alani mount and now that we can have a "personal loot" party of 5 - I'd like to sell the mount. I'm selling a spot for 15K. Please let me know if you're interested. Happy hunting! smoke#1215Dmitrizhukov0 Jul 29
Jul 29 connected realms to us dalaran? i cant find info on this , but i have friends from Tanari and few other realms. How does it work? I cant trade with my friend , but some one told me that AH works with connected realms and across the faction?Elsafaust5 Jul 29
Jul 28 LF Top Active Horde Guild New Player Friendly LF, Active , raiding , group events , dungeons , parties , any kind of team activity and an active guild chat. who can teach me , and allow me to grow into the role of destruction warlock /aoe dps dealer in group activityElsafaust1 Jul 28
Jul 28 Unholy DK LFG Legion 1. Times available: 3pm PST Mon-Fri, 12pm Sat-Sun: May very certain days 2. Faction preference: Horde 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-hardcore 3-4 days a week. 5. Current progression/experience: 13/13N 7/13H 5. Contact info: Btg-Slowjazz#1997 Email: coldcsgo@yahoo.com 6. Anything else: 19 years old, attending college part time. Don't have any kids and live with 1 room mate. Not really emotional but connects with groups. My favorite thing to do is touch butts, chat, and eat tacos. I'm a big innuendo pun player who will throw jokes at most curve balls. Glory to the horde!Slowjazz1 Jul 28
Jul 28 LF Active Community Guild Hello there, I am new to WoW as a whole and have been interested in raiding for a long time. I am also starting to like the idea of group pvp. I am currently looking for a guild that can help me learn the ropes of wow raiding, help me prepare for legion when it launches and raid during legion. I can dps and if need be, tank. I will read guides and install addons if suggested or told too. I want to do heroic raiding so that i am not considered a filthy casual, mythic if i am good enough. I can communicate via any communication programs that the guild is using. My battlenet is Chief#1111.Mainchief1 Jul 28
Jul 28 Opinions on Chipotle Hi Dalaran, I know everyone and their mother is 'recruiting for Legion' right now... but I would really enjoy knowing my fellow server friends' opinions on Chipotle. I think we can certainly tell sense & sensibility from someone's opinion of Chipotle. Are you a taco eater, or a burrito eater? Did you know Guacamole is 2.00 extra? I personally steer clear of Chipotle like the plague. I'm living in the past, and the past is Moe's. I'm an equal opportunity flap eater... I'll do tacos, sometimes burritos. Gotta keep it diversified.Phirt1 Jul 28
Jul 28 Is Alliance on Dalaran all noobs? Hello, I've been thinking of making a toon on Dalaran. The population seems right for me, but I have noticed that it is a new players server. This kind of worried me as I do not want to be in a server with a whole bunch of level 10s... Are there a good amount of dedicated players on Dalaran?Derekt8 Jul 28
Jul 28 [H-Dalaran] <Potential> T/W 9pm-12am EST Tuesday/Wednesday 9PM-12AM Eastern (server) US-Dalaran Horde - High Pop PVE Method Loot Council About Us: Potential travels towards focusing on end game progression. The goal in Legion is top 300 US. Raid slots are merit based via World of Logs data. The friendships at the core of the group is made up of several RL friends. We exercise discipline and we focus on efficiency, but at the end of the day we're all playing a video game. While waiting for the Legion expansion, guildies are playing Overwatch as well as doing H HFC, CMs, and Mythic dungeons to gear alts. Web site is http://potential.gamerlaunch.com/ Currently we are recruiting raiders to fill our mythic roster in anticipation for Legion. We are recruiting 1 Resto Shaman and DPS. However, all candidates should apply! Thank you for your time and enjoy Legion regardless of where you are! Hit me @ Enixa07#1397Ðtf3 Jul 28
Jul 28 Let's get Herald of the Titans! Hello guys! I've been wanting Herald of the Titans for a very long time now, but never had the urge to get a character to 80 and stop there and farm. However, I want to get it before Legion hits just as a personal goal, so I thought I would make it a bit more interesting. I will be starting a guild on Dalaran-Alliance to get this title for as many people here as possible. Now, we have one of two options. A) I use one of my other accounts and simply carry us through Ulduar (the main raiders) to get BiS gear or B) We run it true legacy style, gearing up without a carry, just us level 80's doing dungeons and stuff Here's a strawpoll so I can kind of gauge which option more people would prefer: http://www.strawpoll.me/10087687 Anyways feel free to add my battletag if you want to join, I still need to see if we're going to get enough people to start this up. Darkfox#1466Tanche4 Jul 28
Jul 28 [A]Recruiting raiders for Legion Legion of Boom is recruiting raiders. We are a close knit group that takes raiding seriously, but also knows how to have fun. A good sense of humor is required! What we need: 1 - Tank 1 - Heal 1 - Hunter - Marksman 1 - Ranged (full on mages) Our raid times are Fridays & Saturdays - 8:00 pm server time to 11:00pm. We will be running heroics, LFR, PVP as a group for gear to get into raiding asap. You don't have to be an uber raider, or have ever even stepped foot in a raid to loin. Just be willing to learn and follow directions. If you're interested, feel free to add me to btag: Daphne#1598Heartlèss0 Jul 28
Jul 27 WTB Moose Mount Run 20k Already bought! Thanks to Lumius in Dalaran!Edvar0 Jul 27
Jul 27 [A] Sustained - 4/13M - Recruiting for Legion <SUSTAINED> (Alliance-Dalaran US) is seeking quality players ready to tackle Legion and round out our core of dedicated raiders. We aim to progress as much as possible through mythic HFC during the last few weeks of WoD. We are an 18+ guild of mature, friendly, highly competent players focused on progression raiding. We're aiming to find the optimal balance between time invested and progression achieved. Our trial period is one week (approximately 3 raids), and we can accommodate cross-realm players who are willing to transfer once accepted. Our raid times: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Sundays: 9pm-12am EST Server Time We are recruiting: We have a few spots remaining to round out our core team Melee DPS - Rogue, Pally, Shaman, or Demon Hunter Ranged DPS - Warlock, Priest, or Hunter. Healers - with dps dual spec - Monk or priest preferredHowever we will consider exceptional players of any class. We are looking for players who are currently in Upper HFC Heroic progression. We are adding to our core group of competent, diligent players and are successfully tackling Mythic content (currently 5/13). When Legion drops we plan to be be fully prepared so we can hit the ground running. What we offer Repairs Food/Flasks Teamspeak RC Loot Council fairly distributed loot Mythic Dungeons and other off-night fun together 7 Bank TabsWhat we Require Addons; DBM, Iskar Assist, Exorsus Raid tools. We use RC Loot Council, and loot is distributed in accordance to: Attendance, Best in slot, minor upgrade/socketed, and Loot history. Attendance must be at 90% with absences communicated as early as possible.Can't make all three raid nights but think we might be a fit? We do have a few spots open for fill in raiders for those nights when core raiders can't make it. Please contact us with any further questions. The trial periods will run on our main nights. Please reply to this post, or add an officer's BattleTag to know more information about Sustained. Please visit the website (http://sustained.enjin.com/recruitment) if you'd like to apply or check out our full range of expectations. arithion#1360 snickles#11103Arithion0 Jul 27
Jul 27 [A] Looking for Lavaforged Warhammer crafter http://www.wowhead.com/item=30089 The recipe for this was only available to Weaponsmithing, and was removed with Cataclysm. Any old-timer blacksmiths have it?Vook0 Jul 27
Jul 27 [H&A] Looking for twink guild hey guys just started playing on Dalaran server again :D just wanted to know if there was any twink guilds on the realm either horde or alli would love if it were 70+ twinks all the way up to 91 but anything I'm open for :) thanks a lot if u have any questions feel free to add my btag! PrankCall#1383Nwhysea0 Jul 27
Jul 26 Selling Warlord of Draenor for Nemesis Quest What are the Nemesis Quests? Nemesis quests are, when reaching Gladiator Sanctum building level 2 at your Garrison, are granted one by one where you have to kill 500 of each race - granting a title for each quest completed while also progressing the "Warlord of Dreanor" achievement. You will receive the following titles: (or the Horde equivalent) Troll Hunter The Butcher Orcslayer Death Stalker Killer of Kezan Slayer of Sin'dorei Huojin's Fall The boost itself should not take more than 2 hours. You can also book specific races if you have already completed some. Pricing: (Contact for Alliance pricing) Pricing: 100k for all 7 races. Panda only: 25k. Goblin only: 25k. Panda + Goblin: 40k. Orc, Undead, Tauren, Belf, or Troll: 15k each. -If you have already started a nemesis quest, you cannot drop it and take another, that means that if you have already taken one you must complete it to take the next ones, and therefore you may have to join on two runs - You can bring an alt with level 2 gladiator sanctum to pickup the race we will do first. -We accept gold on all realms. To schedule a run or get more information, please add the following btags: Baelas#1626 Ace#1558Baelia1 Jul 26