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Nov 22, 2010
Friend Zone Selling Mythic and Heroic HFC Friend Zone is now selling Mythic HFC runs! Do you want to see all of Mythic Hellfire Citadel but don’t have the time to dedicate to raiding? Now is your chance; we are currently selling Mythic HFC bosses with all loot included! Our current sale schedule is for Tuesdays at 7:30 MST (server time). Our current prices are: _______________________ Full Clear – 2 Million Archimonde (with mount) 1.2 Million Full Heroic Clear 150K on Personal Loot Heroic Archimonde 35k 12/13M 900,000 (this is a combo of all the runs in one package with a discount for each wing included in the price) On top of our HFC sales we offer the Ironhoof Destroyer from Mythic Blackhand for 250k _______________________ Destructor's Rise - 400K Mannoroth - 150K Xhul'horac - 150K Fel Lord Zakuun – 100K _______________________ Bastion of Shadows - 300K Tyrant Velhari - 150K Socrethar - 75K Shadow-Lord Iskar - 75K Hellbreach & Halls of Blood Hellfire Assault/ Iron Reaver/ Hellfire High Council. 75k Hellfire Assault/ Iron Reaver/ Kormrok. 125k Hellfire Assault / Iron Reaver/ Hellfire High Council/ Kilrogg Deadeye.110k Gorefiend. 300k _______________________ All bosses include all Mythic items with the exception of any WF/socket that we deem an upgrade (which is almost nothing). All of our runs are done with master loot on in order to allow you to obtain the maximum amount of gear possible. We are not currently selling individual item sales, you are welcome to buy one wing and use your coins in addition to the loot that drops. IMPORTANT: A 20% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of scheduling; final payment must be made in full before the start of your scheduled raid purchase. If you've made a purchase and disconnect, you'll be given a 5 minute window to reconnect or we'll continue until you reconnect. If something comes up and you are unable to attend your scheduled purchase run you will lose out on the 20% deposit. We will work with you to reschedule another run but you will be required to pay the full price with the 20% non-refundable deposit again. Buyers are asked to be on 30 minutes in advance to finalize payment and avoid any potential server issues (unable to log on, authentication servers down, etc.) We will do our best to not schedule multiple people of your MS gear requirements to maximize the loot that you are paying for, if we schedule a cloth and leather caster then any items that you both can use will be rolled for (we do our best to avoid these situations). Priority is MS over OS, extra gear can be rolled on by any buyer interested for OS. You are not required to have any voice chat software or knowledge of the fights. You are welcome to contribute on fights that we don't require you to die early on. Please make sure to save your coins to maximize your loot potential! If you are interested in seeing the environment of the raid and guild you can check out one of our streams at www.twitch.tv/glorellros FAQ Q: I'm from a different server can I still buy a run? A: Absolutely but you are responsible for getting payment to Darkspear. Q: I'm interested in other forms of payment such as TCG pets and mounts. Do you take those as payment? A: Yes but the cost may be higher, contact Randylaheyy for details. If you have any further questions or would like to make a purchase, please contact Randylaheyy at (Glorels#1155) or israphael (arisfarreach#1407) Glorels180
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[A] Challenge Mode Services **Please Note** For the last 2 days until the patch strikes we'll be charging 800k due to the high amount of players trying to schedule a run at the last moment. We currently have one opening for Saturday night at 11:50 EST, two openings monday (early morning for most of us) at 2am EST and one available spot monday night at 11:45pm EST. Feel free to me ingame or my skype which is down below for further details. What do you get when you buy our Challenge Mode package?: When you complete 8/8 Gold in Challenge Modes, you also receive the Silver/Bronze rewards! - 360 Achievement points - "The Indomitable" Title (Bronze) (Account Wide) - Silver Mount: Challenger's War Yeti - Unique transmog Weapons (Gold) Contact me: - Skype: Bosnoger - BattleTag: Chastise#11141 Requirements: - Have the following consumables: 250 Stat Flasks Food Buffs are provided We charge 500k gold per character per run. We use Skype when we're doing the Challenge Mode boost. We keep a fun and relaxed atmosphere while still getting the job done. Along with the dungeon run-through, we run through all tactics/tricks specific to the dungeon we are doing. If you have any questions concerning payments, requirements or whatever it should be, contact me on Skype (above) or on battle net for more information! -previous thread with feedback was deleted due to large amounts of salt Amazing feedback history from panda/early WoD CMs: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20419451902?page=1 http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20352305262?page=1 http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14278918245?page=1 http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15699383003?page=1 Theongreyjöy1
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Gold Hide and Seek Event I am taking a break from packing to host a Hide and Seek event in which the reward is gold. I will be on the character shown to the left, Aneterene my Female Night Elf Rogue. (Alliance of course) I will be in stealth for the duration of the hide and seek due in fact because of the new /target function that reveals the targeted person on the minimap. The way it will work is there are 3 winners. 1st (5000) Gold 2nd (3000) Gold 3rd (2000) Gold When i am in stealth the first person i see in my vicinity that i deem would have found me should i not have been in stealth, I.E. if i were in a room and you walked towards the back and turned a corner and i was there in stealth so you could not see me, i would whisper this person and write their name down as a first place winner. This does not necessarily mean i will be in a room. The same rules apply in open world. I will be on the terrain. Specifics: I will be in Ironforge at 6:55 Darkspear Realm time. I will be picking my location right now as i typed this so as to avoid people getting there before me as i am on my way to my spot. Any group invites will obviously be declined. Take your time with this, if you go too fast and it doesn't look like you even remotely investigated an area then i wont have any reason to believe that you'd have found me without the /target function. I will be monitoring this post on a second monitor for any questions as well as providing hints should it become too difficult. Aneterene4
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