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<Lowered Expectations> Casual Mythic Progress Hey Darkspear, did you once dream big about clearing mythic raids but now take solace in simple normal kills? Tired of caring? Reassessing your value to the world? Join Lowered Expectations! We're a casual raiding guild who cleared Heroic back in October. A couple months back we reduced our schedule and started chewing on Mythic to keep the group together. I expect Gorefiend will go down in the next couple of weeks. We're not desperate for new members, but we would like to add a few more people to join our playgroup. It's a chill environment and a tight group of friends. We're usually willing to give everyone a shot, but we do expect (heh) new members to have some maturity, and a certain baseline of skill. We generally raid Sun/Mon/Tues from 8:00 to 11:00 Eastern time (5 to 8, Pacific). Right now we're enjoying steady progress in Mythic raids. We are mainly focused on sticking together since we enjoy our group. We're open to many classes of DPS or healer, but please be flexible. Please, God, no more warriors, though. We would be particularly excited if you are, or your group has, a Warlock or Rogue. However, we're mainly just looking for solid players who want to join a chill group. Off-server members are welcome; almost half of our raiding members aren't on Darkspear. On-server members benefit from guild repairs and a partial supply of raid consumables. If you're interested, you can contact one of the following members. Add us on bnet and send a message: Phalyce#1629 (our GM, the most likely one to find online) Puffic#1579, Reaction#1278 Solerie#1357 Suicydal#1146 Do have some patience, as many of us only log on for raid nights. (Phalyce is online more often.) Puffic0
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<A>701 Hpriest LF Guild to Raid N/H Xp: 13/13N 13/13H 5/13M 701ilvl (723Hpally/722Rshaman) Sun/Mon/Wed any time after 5pm EST Hello! I am looking for a guild to join to help with your raids! My paladin and Shaman I do not play anymore and do not desire to seek mythic progression on those two. But I would LOVE to play this priest and heal. However, on my server the guilds are slim and the two that I am in on the shaman and paladin are either no longer raiding this xpac or only doing a mythic push. So I would like to join your guild and help you all in your progression! I do not care if you're 1/13N, I just want a guild I can do some progression with that is not mythic (atm). I would prefer that you are not over 5/13H because I do not want to play catch up! I want something that will last a while and give me something to do! So I'm looking for a guild somewhere between 1/13N and 5/13H! I play Holy, not disc and not shadow! I know the strats and can help you all if you have any questions about a boss! I am relaxed and laid back but on time and knows what to do and works well with others. I do NOT want to realm transfer atm, I would simply like to add you on Btag and you toss me an invite when its raid time! Now I am willing to give up my spot if you find a player on your server who will be a permanent addition to your team! Money is tight for me atm so I do not want to transfer just yet! But I want to raid and not PUGS! If I seem like a good match for your guild add me and lets talk! Leaving a note here will be helpful so I know who is adding me and what you have to offer! Thank you! Phatori#1304 Singard0
Feb 26