Mar 12, 2014 bgs? Any premade bgs going on worth boasting about? I went 42 killing blows in sota yesterday.Threegirls43 Mar 12, 2014
Mar 12, 2014 World PVPs Finest Hello this is Reszo GM of World PVPs Finest. We are officially moving to Emerald Dream! November 18th. Reason? Boxers. (Your prayers have been answered horde) We do things other guilds cant. Use 1 Raid to kill things. World PVPs Finest ~ #1 in World PVP (Non Zerg Guild) P.S. We dont care about swifty.Reszo349 Mar 12, 2014
Mar 12, 2014 Pally v Shammy Which to choose? Any and all input will be appreciated. What class do u guys enjoy more. I have little playing exp with either. Ty for ur timeNiiso6 Mar 12, 2014
Mar 12, 2014 Hearthsteed What does everything think about the new mount Blizzard just released?Dotterpepper20 Mar 12, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 A Beautiful End I decided to make one last video before I put WoW into the past. Here is the final recordings of my 30 Boxing fun killing hordies, Ruin Gaming, and the 60 boxer. I have played World of Warcraft for just over 8 years and have made some amazing friends though out my stay in all the realms I played in. I have finally decided that (at least until the expansion (WoD) comes out) I will set the game aside and save some money as I am currently in the process of purchasing my second home :) Thank you Blizzard for many great years of gaming and thank you to all of my viewers, friends, and enemies for the fun times. I hope you all enjoy my final video. . . A Beautiful End. (at least for now unless i fall off the bandwagon and pick it up again haha.) Invisahealz | DarkSpear Multibox 30 Characters 14 Death Knights 9 Restoration Druids 5 Enhancement Shamans 1 Protection Paladin 1 Discipline Priest YouTube 1080p - http://youtu.be/1zITEW5f7RU Warcraftmovies Full HD - http://warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=239741Mchammrtime39 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 Titanfall Drops! Playing Titanfall Launch tonight watch me play once it freaking connects -.- http://www.twitch.tv/brutalmazBrutalshotz4 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 LFM for a fresh and different guild My name is Jenna and I'm apart of the guild called Noob Hunters, located on the ally side of Darkspear. I'm not the GM of the guild, but I do run recruitment and the day to day operations of the guild. We loosely consider ourselves a family style guild. We work on fostering the relationships in the guild versus only caring about the perks. We are very active with just over 100 members. You will often find guild members leveling, instancing, pvping and raiding with each other. We also just set up a mumble, that is extremely active. At times it even gets to be hilariously obnoxious. I can say from experience there isn't anything I wouldn't do for my guild members (within reason of course). We're recruiting HEAVILY for raid and pvp teams as well as raid and pvp leaders. That being said, we are welcoming all levels and classes. We are more than happy to help you gear up and find a spot for you in our family. If you're part of a different realm or faction, we'd be more than happy to work something out with you to get you in our guild. If this is something that interests you feel free to check out our website at Noobhunters.guildlaunch.com or add me as a friend in game. (I can't remember my battle tag off the top of my head, and cant access it right now), or feel free to leave a comment below with your btag and I WILL PROMISE to get in touch with you! Thanks for taking the time to read all this!Aqudaraszun1 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 RUIN GAMING IS THE BEST GUILD IN THE UNIVERSE I just went there....Iter16 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 11, 2014 jobs done, wheres my gold? http://s39.photobucket.com/user/gamermang666/media/WoWScrnShot_031014_143205_zpse467c1ca.jpg.html someone told me there was gold for this guy...who has it? send it to penichillen-darkspearSqarlet17 Mar 11, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 WTT Gold from Tich/Sarg to Darkspear Hello everyone, I am trading gold from HORDE Tichondrius / ALLIANCE Sargeras for gold on EITHER ALLIANCE DARKSPEAR OR HORDE DARKSPEAR. ONLY SERIOUS TRADERS I have 20k on Sargeras and 35k on Horde Tich. Don't need to trade all simply couple thousand. How will the trade be done: 1)Add my battletag: Bobby#1801 2)You will post on this forum the amount of gold you want to trade w/ the server. 3)You will repeat the info above via ingame mail ( Creates logs, for my own safety) Attempt to scam me, I will create a live chat/ticket, will provide forum link post, followed by specific date and time for ingame whispers and will result in a 48 Hour Suspension. (It has happened to people in the past)Stormlashx2 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 Secret to unfair wpvp on Darkspear. Go to any questing hub in pandaria and just start killing alliance and then fly to the next area. Do this all over pandaria where there are alliance leveling characters. Rinse and repeat while they cry in chat for help and log on their mains searching all over for you. The best part is stealing rare mobs from them. Oh, whoops sorry.Threegirls12 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 Hpally LF Very active PvP guild Hi I am new to this server and I really do not know what guilds are best to join. Basically I am looking for an active PvP guild that does WPvP, arenas and bg's. I do not focus on any PvE, not this expansion at least, I also would prefer a guild that has a good amount of active people on. I am a Holy Paladin and love PvP so please get back with me in-game or on this forum. :)Zapotlanten0 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 Lamire VS Misslamire Battle of the YEAR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXNuc10tHmo&list=UUmDyHQPmGJbcx6Fnl27I85Q&feature=c4-overviewBrutalshotz20 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 Will alliance ever learn... Or the other horde haters, the more you trash talk RG the more the guild is going to stay around. All these posts and rants about what RG did with who for how many twinkies. It never ends and you somehow think that if you fill up the forums with angry/bitter/hateful/trolling/outing posts, that somehow the mass that is RG will pack up and move away. All you all are doing, is feeding the flame, YOU are making RG famous, YOU are making them want to stay around forever, YOU complaining daily is why RG's main guild is at max capacity 99% of the time, and why the 2nd guild is almost max capacity, and there has to be a 3rd guild. It doesn't matter one bit who leaves or why, for every one person that leaves, five more want to join. I'm sure someone will flame this, and please do, it's amusing reading DS forums while at work.Hanzò105 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 Looking to make a toon here Hey looking to make a new toon on a PvP server, to pvp yah know? Heard this one was pretty good, and was just wondering how the Horde side PvP was and if the community is relaxed or just super elitist.Lautrek13 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 Redead's Secret to Knowledge. Was browsing the Web today like every Friday evening and happened upon something very startling. Ever wonder why Redead is so knowledgeable, smart, quick witted and Intelligent, with impeccable argument and debating skills? I know I have. Secret unveiled: http://i.imgur.com/TEctsYl.gif Shhh... don't tell anyone, it takes true mental aptitude and incredible amounts of study to acquire such skills for manipulating that site. Made me laugh though, brings me back to our Alcohol discussion.Neurosurgery26 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 10, 2014 Dear Smexxie Recently you have expressed interest in receiving the weekly Blacksmith Hammer Digest in which you will also receive for the first two weeks a copy of Mining Picks: The Real Deal and Mining Picks: Are They Real?. You should begin receiving your subscription the 8th of March of the year 2014 and as always thank you for choosing Ebiah Corp for your magazine subscription, you may be one of many subscribers but you are all appreciated the same. With respects, Ebiah "Not to be confused with a troll post, I used to send her blacksmith hammers randomly and they have always been sent out of humor and respect".Kovacz26 Mar 10, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 hi hi im drewdles lux is obviously the best guild on the server hehehehehheheuehuehDrewbrees2 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 Anyone else getting disconnected constantly For the past 30 minutes I can't stay logged in for more than 4 or 5 minutes, and then it takes 2 or 3 minutes to log back in. I'm giving up for now, but this is annoying. Cable One is my provider and every other aspect of the internet is working just fine.Kubica2 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 LF RaF - Must read! Hi, everyone! I'm opening a RaF call to power-level on more than one toon in Darkspear and Kil'Jaeden (maybe Tichondrius) servers. The requirements are the following: » Be able to get the Battle Chest at least. » Availability to level up several times every week. » Basic knowledge of each class in the game (I will give preference to Tanks) Since I'm actually moving out from my dead server I can't help with mats, items or gold BUT as my new friend, I can send you a x2 months Prepaid OR x1 Mount as a GIFT from the Battle.net Shop (this must not exceed the price of the 2M prepaid) for the inconveniences. However, you get these benefits when the RaF time ends (actually two months). Why? As I said before, I'm just trying to move and start over. How? Mail me to: DamascusRaF @ gmail.com When? Well, I'm available from 12am to 2pm (PST) (we should power-level for at least 3hr). Let me know if you are interested by mailing me or leaving a comment. Have a nice weekend! (If this post breaks any rule, let me know to edit or delete it).Damascus7 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 Fury Warr LF PvE Guild Hi there! I am an ilvl 530 Fury/Arms Warrior looking for a PvE guild on Darkspear Alliance :) I am getting ready to start progressing through flex and normal, so hopefully I can find a raiding guild on my server to join and make awesome memories with. I bring along raid knowledge, fun involving chat, and pure cuteness :3 Please let me know of any suggestions or openings! Thank you :)Warrden0 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 Deleted DeletedDoge7 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 I Love Ruin Gaming. They Are So Amazing. Ruin Gaming is the best guild ever!! They are so awesome! They are all rank 1 players. I wish I could be like them. They are amazing in Rbgs etc. They are the best guild on U.S. Even their GM is a god. Archaos that sexy man. I wish I could be like him. I wish I could be as fit and healthy as he is. He is a such a god. Even Swifty can't top him. Archaos is the best warrior on Darkspear. Everyone is so jealous of them because they are so great. Their players are so amazing. Don't we all wish we could be like them guys?Honestlyusux28 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 Disc priest LF CM carry group. Only 2 at once I currently run a carry group on horde Korgath. I also have an alliance priest w/ near BiS. My teams times make it so we only get 3-4 in a week. So I'd like to have another set of people to run these with on either, or both horde and alliance. You can message me in-game via Btag (Blamemebro#1909) and we will move from there, thank you :DLifegripahoy0 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 i got outplayed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRt2wE6B9QoRedead100 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 8, 2014 I think I took it too far http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pfTpsDwtPI&feature=youtu.be RG drop outs come at me bro quality is still processing so give it a little to become 1080 pBrutalshotz15 Mar 8, 2014
Mar 8, 2014 Hi all how has every one been? /waveSilentrouge42 Mar 8, 2014
Mar 8, 2014 Horde questions Are we dead in darkspear? how's the farming and how often do we get killed by players awhile questing?Snowgaze2 Mar 8, 2014
Mar 8, 2014 To Troll or To Orc that is the Question? That is going to be a pretty big thing to think about In Warlords of Draenor. Orc are taking a nerf to Stun resistance and Trolls taking a nerf to Haste Racial cool down. Will Orc be better for their Racial Cool down since it's not taking a nerf? Kind of a toss up huh? Inc many Trolls doing paid race change to Orc????? Troll: https://twitter.com/Celestalon/status/439226136535396352 20% berserking reduced to 15%. Orc: https://twitter.com/Celestalon/status/439224917289353216 Blood fury unchanged, Hardiness reduced to 10% (from 15%) Either way both are getting nerfed. /sadfaceThreegirls7 Mar 8, 2014
Mar 8, 2014 A different perspective. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxqCf82MZvk . . . Only a real Hans Yolo would utter such blaphamous hate against this brave soul.Chillerace7 Mar 8, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 Warlords of Draenor Racial Changes http://wow.joystiq.com/2014/02/28/celestalon-and-holinka-on-warlords-of-draenor-changes/ For the Alliance! Looking forward to race changing my toons to Draenei and Dwarves, provided that Every Man for Himself does go, which I think it will. Even if I don't race change I think this is great news for racial and faction balance... although I am not sure it is enough for some progression guilds to come back to the blue side.Giovanni37 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 Fast Leveling Guild looking to start 10/flex Hi, Are you a level 90 that wants to be in a raiding guild but isn't experienced in raiding? Do you need help gearing up and preparing for WoD mythics? Well Noob Hunters may be the guild for you. We are a very friendly "Family Style" guild in Darkspear. We are currently actively recruiting for Healers and DPS but would be open to a tank. If interested please contact me on battle tag Dizzypally#1997. We'd love to talk to you! Also, If you are an experienced PVPer looking to run your own PVP team get in contact with us as well! Thanks PS. Visit our guild website at http://noobhunters.guildlaunch.com/Madanan0 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 Flowers in the Vale There are some really neat flowers in the vale. Especially in around the trees in Vale of the Eternal Blossom. It's sad what the sha is doing to Pandaria and I hope that after we win the war against the Sha the Vale can get returned to it's former glory. Most likely it won't because the sha's gooey smoke stuff stains things pretty bad. /sadfaceThreegirls9 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 LF lvl 24 think guild Any good 24 twink guilds horde or ally I just wanna have fun lolDmee5 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 Jeezus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfqHlFnmcs4Hanzò8 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 Lf 2's/3's Lf consistant people to play with. Have uhdk, rdruid, mmhunter. Highest rating is around 1700(2's) so looking for players willing to put the time in to push rating together.Feárìtself0 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 Yo Horde Word up!Foxyshot13 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 RUIN GAMING OWNED 1 V 100 AS YOU CAN SEE THIS SUSPENSION FILLED GIF OF THE BATTLE http://imgur.com/JiKOJKcThecherry9 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 wod With the. Racial change coupled with the new gear buffs I think rogues will all change races to gnome.Threegirls17 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 So long WoW Well for the people that do know me its been fun playing with and getting to know you all and shout out to Reszo and world pvp's finest for the great world pvp experience I had with them for the time they were on Darkspear. Shout out to Bustt, papabear, elecktra, vivify, fatpleraus or however you spell your damn name you know who you are you always gave me symbiosis 120k crits, fearmyburst, for keeping the forums entertaining, sir chillerace, wherever you went, Scarlyn, I still hate you :), Redead, I don't really know you but your on forums a lot so you'll probably read this, Modge, who had that big !@# slug pet named fearmyburst some funny $%^-, Swifty, I wish you could have at least responded to one of my whispers, prepared, going to miss trying to kill you with my wind chimes trinket, if I could have gotten that ordon death chime trinket I could totally one shot you, slyphene, you vanished and never logged back on, Spartacus, I guess you'll never get that chance to eventually beat me in a duel :(, Ryangosling, cant forget about you, July, The-best-Draenei- holy-paladin-ever-get-your-space-bar-fixed-bro, and if I forgot to mention anybody else I'm sorry just leave a comment and ill comment back with what I remember about youGrant19 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 Soooo... Everyone b*tches about ruin gaming or swifty or other things... Lets find something new to b*tch about.. How about dem cowboys??Foxyfreaky3 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 Protection Warrior 14/14N Looking for Guild! Background: - Played the game since vanilla. Have many alts (progressing to level them) to have better understanding of other classes. - Have hardcore raiding progression experience from Vanilla - WotLK. - Always played warrior. - Always dedicated my time to improving/helping guild progression. About Me: - 14/14 Normal SoO 10 man - 13/14 Normal SoO 25 man - Open to constructive criticism, always striving to improve. - 562 Tank, 551 DPS Seeking: - Looking for a semi-hardcore/casual guild with end game focus who wants a passionate focused raider with with the ability to adapt. - Core position, but always willing to sit if necessary. - Guild with at least the same progression as myself. Availability: Any day of the week From: 5:00PM - 10:00PM PST (8:00PM - 1:00AM EST) If you are interested in a dependable hard working raider with qualities as mentioned, please leave some information here so that we can talk further. Thanks! BattleTag: Shaklee#1915 Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/bloodscalp/Sevric/advancedSevric0 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 6, 2014 Multi Boxer Mass Reporting Posts. Apparently tons of people got forum banned and it is suspected that [removed] is mass reporting posts on all 60 of his tons. How much of a loser do you have to be to take the time and report someone on every single account that you own? EDIT: Please take care not to name and shame in the forums - doing so may be construed as a form of harassment, and can lead to a suspension or revocation of posting privileges. Such posts may be edited, removed and/or locked.Honestlyusux0 Mar 6, 2014
Mar 5, 2014 <Guild Name Pending>(A) Recruiting for WoD That's not the real guild name :) A buddy and I who've both been heroic raiders bought an old guild, and are gonna start a social group that fits our schedules/playstyles, and have it set in stone for WoD release. That gives us a few months of growing a culture and finding synergy amongst players. Also, in a week we can rename it finally. We're recruiting for a 10m core for SoO normal, progressing into heroics, and it's going to be a serious approach with a laid back lead. Content is too old to be pissed off for wipes, but to maintain a raiding status you gotta perform well. We expect punctuality and being prepared (knowing content, reforging, gemming, flasks) out of courtesy to those you're raiding with, but we want to enjoy the content instead of push everyone hard, seeing as server firsts have all been achieved. Basically, if you're an above average raider, but not feeling hardcore raiding at the moment, hit us up for a social guild with a crew who's far above average and don't act elitist. Add Dextreme#1807 (Me) or grizz#1409 (Thesneak, Raid Leader) to get an invite and join us.Banerok4 Mar 5, 2014
Mar 5, 2014 Veramex Hi.Powerhouse5 Mar 5, 2014
Mar 5, 2014 A must read. Shake V.S RG Can I just say I love REDEAD! <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-kd72_QMXs I'm so GLAD you caught footage of all this. This was the raid group in which I was told "TheePheonix you're a idiot!" Hm , Well I am glad you can see me Life Grip a officer at 20% health and save her but she stupidly runs right back to the boxer. You can see me void shift with Flashshock "Their healer" & must I add I was the last on alive. I was the only one kiting Redead & The Boxer. BUT HEY!!! They might be right "Pheonix , you can't play your class. Shake killed you instantly!" Ehhh , I beg to differ. but once again I LOVE REDEAD!! <3 <3 ------ #Let'sHearYourThoughts #OhHereComesTheInsults #IReallyAmMissingAllianceFactionTheepheonix31 Mar 5, 2014
Mar 5, 2014 LF members for a family style guild/10 mans We are a EXTREMLEY ACTIVE level 15 guild, now recruiting for raid teams and pvp teams as well as raid and pvp leaders. That being said, we are open to all levels and classes. The guild was started in an attempt to bring back the types of guilds that existed in vanilla. We do have perks, but the focus of the guild is not the perks. You'll often find guild members leveling, raiding, instancing and pvping together. We have very strong ties with each other, and we help each other out when someone asks. We are the TRUE definition of a family style guild. If you want more information or feel like this is the guild for you, feel free to visit our website at noobhunters.guildlaunch.com or add the battle tag dizzypally#1997 We look forward to seeing you in our family!:)Aqudaraszun0 Mar 5, 2014
Mar 5, 2014 Game Over Last Legendary Needed Done: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/darkspear/Shakesniper/achievement#81:a725 Once and for all across all of my battlenets, this was the last legendary I have never received until today :) http://i.imgur.com/JBVpjIG.jpg One day, one day. <3 all hate none.Shakesniper9 Mar 5, 2014
Mar 4, 2014 Selling guilds with 7 tabs <The Art of War> level 25 - 6 tabs (Can purchased 7th for 10k) <Et Sanguinem Tonitrus> Level 5 - 7 tabs Make an offer Also Selling Muradin's Favour and Vial of the SandsSteevers10 Mar 4, 2014