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Sep 14 Emerald Dream Role-Playing Guide (Maralah) Syrilrian55 Sep 14
Oct 14 RP-PvP FAQs (Maralah) Oringally posted on the Old ED forums by: Ehrin Level 11 Human Mage Guild: Aurora Realm: Emerald Dream (( Due to people querying the new server type, I thought Id try and consolidate a few FAQs that Ive seen floating around on the forum and in-game. I hope this helps those considering rolling on any of the new RP-PVP servers or just starting out Rp'ing. )) EDIT TO ADD: Our current RP off forum community can be found at http://www.emeralddreamgazette.com Sections: 1. What is a RP-PVP Server? 2. How is an RP-PVP server different from a regular RP or PvP server? 3. What do I do on a RP-PVP server? 4. Do I need a Background Story for my character? 5. What kind of name can I use for my character? 6. What kind of language do I use on an RP-PVP server? 7. How do I denote if what I am saying is In-Character (IC) and Out-Of-Character (OOC)? 8. Is the General channel IC or OOC? 9. Do I have to role-play all the time? 10. RP vs PvP? 11. How do I meet other RPers in-game? 12. Is it appropriate to RP in Instance Dungeons and Battlegrounds? 13. Helpful links 1. What is a RP-PVP Server? An RP-PVP server is a hybrid of the Roleplaying (RP) and Player-Vs-Player (PvP) server rule set. 2. How is an RP-PVP server different from a regular RP or PvP server? Blizzard's official explination of Realm Types can be found here: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/basics/realmtypes.html But here it is in a Nutshell: A regular RP server is based on the PvE (Player Vs Environment) rule set. That is, if you come across a member of the opposite faction, you are not able to engage them in combat. Everything in /say and /yell channels must be in-character. A PvP server does not require you to act in-character, and you are able to openly attack members of the opposing faction. RP-PVP takes the best of both worlds. You are always in-character, dealing with situations as they would and you get the opportunity to turn a member of the opposite faction into green, purple or blue jelly. 3. What do I do on a RP-PVP server? You act out the role of your character. You talk as they would talk, think as they would think and act as they would act. If you do not want to act out a character, or at least abide by the RP server rule set, you should consider rolling your character on a different server. 4. Do I need a Background Story for my character? No, but it helps if you have some idea of your characters history to draw on to help you figure out how your character will react to certain situations and people. For (a very simplified) example: Your Human character lost her parents at the hand of the Orcish Horde during the Second War. She now has a deep-seeded hatred of all Orcs and will go out of her way to kill as many of them as she can. 5. What kind of name can I use for my character? Use a name that fits in with the fantasy setting of the Warcraft universe. Names such as Pointydagger, Leetdood and Fearmages are not appropriate. Be creative! Check out http://www.babynames.com for some ideas! 6. What kind of language do I use on an RP-PVP server? For the most part, simply speak in regular English; just make sure it is in the context of the game world. Words like thee, thou, art, thyne and other terms that are considered to be Old English are generally avoided, and depending on the race, may be completely inappropriate, eg; Thrall says: Wouldst thou like to crush thyne enemies? Some races do have different accents, for example Trolls are considered to have Jamaican-like accents, eg: ZulJin says: Ya tink dat would be a good idea, mon? And Dwarves are considered to have Scottish-like accents: Muradin says: Ill ave a pint with ya laddy! There is no right or wrong way. Just remember to avoid Netspeak. Zeyad15 Oct 14
Sep 19 Emerald Dream Roleplaying Guilds (7/30/13) It seems that every time I attend a public event, I meet players from a guild I’ve never heard of before. New guilds pop up all the time, and it’s beyond even my expansive gnome mind to keep track of them all. So I decided to create a list of roleplaying guilds on Emerald Dream, large and small, old and new, serious and casual alike. The goal of this post is to create a list of contacts so that leaders can keep each other informed about events and issues. The contact people for each guild can spread the word to their members, making sure the entire community is in the loop. It will also be a good tool for new roleplayers looking for a guild that suits their characters. I would ask the guilds to provide their basic information, including name, brief description, and public contact people (not necessarily the leader, but someone whose job it is to coordinate with the outside community). The formatting is not important. I’ll start with GnomeTech: Name: GnomeTech (The Gnomeregan Technical Institute) Theme: Gnomish research university Style: Eccentric, absurd, or exaggerated characters; large public events Web Site: http://guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=50847 Public Contacts: Zappie, Elzabeth Below is an index of guilds by post number. I'll try to keep the list up to date as new guilds are added. Defunct guilds will be removed periodically. Last updated 30 July 2013. Alliance 1. GnomeTech 12. Pirates of the Iblis 27. Starsong Tribe 31. Scattered Petals 44. Bandit Lounge 45. Endless Eclipse 50. Crusaders of a New Dawn 56. Keepers of Stromgarde 57. Nobles of the Republic 58. Guardian Brotherhood 62. Sentinels of the Blade 66. Republic 67. FLUFFALO 69. The Seventy Third 72. Spirit Council 73. Anvilmar Brigade 80. Ishtar 81. Kul Tiras Horde 18. GoblinTech 25/63. Blackmoon Tribe 26. Tauren Marines 41. Conclave of the Horde 42. Nyx 52. True Authority 59. Bads 61. GorWatha Warband 64. Yongjiu Tong 65. Eastwind Trading Company 71. Clan Stormfist 74. Bleeding Hollow Clan 78. Aeturnas Trinitas --------------------------------------------------- For history's sake, here's the index from the original post on the old forums (Now-broken link: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=18315574385): ...Zappie160 Sep 19
1d Guilds of Emerald Dream: [UPDATED 8/29/16] Please follow this format: Using the + signs, indicate how much your guild leans towards a particular area in the game. There are three categories: RP, PvP, PvE. In addition, please provide a maximum of three words to describe your guild. For instance; "Troll Themed" "Instance PvP" "Hardcore Raiding". This will give an insight into what type of guild you are, in addition to the focus. Please provide either guild website, or forum recruitment thread. Whichever one you prefer people to visit more. Link to Guild Bases of Operation: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15140654133 HORDE GUILDS <Storm Earth and Zug Zug> RP+ PvE++ PvP++ http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748875375#1 <The Weathered Expedition> Treasure Hunter/Archaeology/Exploration guild. RP ++ PvP+++ PvE++ <House of the Illidari> PvE+++ RP++ PvP++ http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748506731#1 <Atrayne> Together Since Vanilla PvP+++ PvE+ RP+ http://atrayne.com (no www) <All Shall Perish> PVE Progression PVE+++ PvP++ http://allshallperishguild.com/forums/1851026 <Dreadites> Legion RP/PVE/PVP PVE+++ RP++ PVP++ <The Guldan Girls> Legion raiding. PDT. PVP+ PVE+++ http://thegg.io/ <S a n c t u a r y> Horde, all races PvP+++ PvE+++ RP++ <Iron Legion> PvP+++ PvE++ RP+ http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747616139 <Money in the Bank> PvE/PvP PvE+++ PvP++ RP+ <Ironsworn Regiment> WPVP Defense Team PVP+++ PVE++ Rp+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745776280 <DRG> PVP++ PVE+ http://digitalrevolutiongaming.com/ <WarCry> RP+ PvP+++ PvE++ https://curse.com/invite/3pHNdw4b5kSeH0KQJGQhGg <Darkwind Regiment> privet military RP++ PVP+++ <The Førsaken Ørder> Undead/Bloodelf Military Theme RP+++ Pvp++ <Thunderforge Offensive> Mid-day/Weekend Raiding PvE+++ RP+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20743284614#1 <Smolderthorn Tribe> Dark Horde Troll Rp++ Pvp++ Pve+ <The Turned Profit> Pirate themed RP++ PVP+++ PVE+ turnedprofit.shivtr.com <Elves of the North> Blood Elf Only PVP+++ RP+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20742694810 <Steelwolf Clan> Clan Style All Races RP+++ PVP++ PVE+ <Syntax Error> PvE+++ <Earthspear Clan> Tribal Clan Theme RP+++ PvP++ PvE+ <Anova> Semi-Hardcore Raiding PVE +++ <Volition> PVE focused, casual PVP PVP++ PVE+++ RP+ <Shatterspear Offensive> PVP+++ PVE+ RP+ Shatterspearoffensive.com <Blackrock Clan> All Orc, Old Traditions RP+++ PvP+++ PvE+ www.blackrockclan.com <Resolve> PvP, some RP RP++ PvP+++ <Defilers of Arathor> All Forsaken RP+++ PvP+++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15699452444 <Sapere Aude> Family Friendly Fun PvE+++ PvP++ RP+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9882019188 <Nightfall> Casually Hardcore PvP + PvE +++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15142514290?page=1 <Malum Factum> PvE +++ PvP ++ http://www.malumfactum.com/ <GorWatha Warband> Troll Themed RP+++ PvP++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20742604952 <Raided R> Casual Raiding PVE++ PVP+ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15269669326 <The Eventide Accord> RP, WPVPRP, Raiding RP+++ PVP++ PVE++ <Keepers of Lordaeron> All Undead RP+ PVP+++ PVE++ <Sinforsaken> Raiding/Heavy RP PvE+++ RP+++ PVP+ sinforsaken.com <foul> RP+ PvP+++ PvE+. Website: foul.shivtr.com <Warsong Battalion> PvP+++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/10357206088 <DO WORK> Semi-Hardcore PvE+++ http://dowork-guild.com/?action=forum <Sythegore Arm> PvE+++ http://sythegorearm.enjin.com/ <Nightstalkers> PvE+++ http://forums.NightstalkersED.com <Clan Stormfist> Orc Based RP+++ PvP+++ http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9872227138?page=8#149 <Phoenix Highguard> Blood Elf RP+++ PvP++ phoenixhighguard.guildlaunch.com <Blackmoon Tribe> Troll Themed RP+++ http://www.blackmoontribe.com/forumsBebbit142 1d
1d [20M] Mythic Raid Progression - Legion Neutral Party Disclaimer: I am here to track and ONLY track progression on this server as a neutral party. I am not going to play favorites with any guild, including my own. When you are updating your guild's info on your progress, you must list the bosses you downed. NOTE: This thread will track MYTHIC kills ONLY! Please post your kills to be listed. I'm sorry to the multitude of guilds running other size configurations, but there's simply no way to guarantee that fights will not be easier or harder with more or less raiders in the same difficulty. In addition, there will be far too many groups running normals and heroics to accurately track. http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/emerald-dream + Mythic completed * Server First Mythic Emerald Nightmare NY - Nythendra ER - Elerethe Renferal UR - Ursoc IL - Il'gynoth DN - Dragons of Nightmare CN - Cenarius XA - Xavius ___Guild________________NY___ER___UR___IL___DN___CN___XA [H]Nascent______________*____*____*_____*________________ [H]Anova________________*____*____*______________________ [A]On Cooldown__________*____*____*______________________ [A]Coast to Coast_______*____*____*______________________ [A]Livid________________*____*___________________________ [H]Nightstalkers________*____*___________________________ [A]No Talent Whatsoever_*________________________________ [A]Resolute_____________*________________________________ [H]Rise of Legends______*________________________________ [H]Remorse______________*________________________________ [H]Sanctuary____________*________________________________ Defenestrate491 1d
Oct 5 Thinking about Emerald Dream? Read This! v2.0 Greetings travelers! Thank you for taking the time to look at Emerald Dream. Please feel free to read this guide in full detail to decide if you are right for our realm. Don't skim - it's important to make sure you are able to give back to this realm as much - if not more - than it gives to you! Before you find yourself $27.23 poorer than you were yesterday, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we see on an almost-daily basis!: Please let me know if any of this information isn't correct, is outdated, or simply needs to be added, and I'll edit it accordingly. Lets answer the more difficult questions first: "Is Emerald Dream right for me?": This question really should be, "Am I right for Emerald Dream?". Emerald Dream has its own unique flavor in that we are both an RP server and a PvP server. That doesn't mean that we are mainly RP with a little bit of PvP thrown in or vice-versa. We are as much an RP realm as we are a PvP realm. How you fit in to that description is entirely up to you. "How is the RP here?": It depends how you look at it - if you're coming from a PvP or PvE server, it will be quite a bit more prevalent (I can't recall seeing open RP on any of my PvP-realm stints). If you're coming from a dedicated RP server, it probably won't be as prevalent. But regardless, it's still here, and we're doing our best to keep it alive and well. Admittedly, most of the true RP is guild-centric, but not exclusive to anyone. In other words, you may not just up and stumble across 10 random players RPing together. Instead, you're more likely to envelope yourself in an RP group if you start introducing yourself to well-known RP guilds, so you can tag along when they host events. Or better yet, become a part of their guild so you can host your own. Emerald Dream RP is what you make it. Side note: Hop into the RP channels on Horde/Alliance and give it a spin (/join RP). "What is an RP-PVP realm?": RP-PvP servers were opened at subscribers’ request. Prior to the opening of this type of server, players had to choose between RP-PvE servers or pure PvP servers, often splitting time between realm types to satisfy both areas of interest. In other words, an RP-PvP realm such as Emerald Dream is not a realm designed for players to partake in only RP or only PvP. RP-PvP servers were created in response to roleplayers that wished to play with the PvP ruleset. It is not a request, but an expectation, that veterans, transfers, and new players alike be well-versed and capable in both. As mentioned above, if you do not satisfy that criteria, please invest your time elsewhere on a more suitable realm! "How is the PvE here?": Generally pretty decent. Long-time PvE'ers will tell you that "PvE comes to Emerald Dream to die", but we have countless guilds clearing normal-mode raids on both Horde and Alliance and quite a few conquering several bosses in Heroic and a handful have Heroic/Mythic bosses on farm. PS - Pre-emptive grats to all guilds competing for realm-firsts. WIll update with the first full Heroic/Mythic clear for the expansion! Best of luck to everyone! If you're a hardcore dragonslayer, please take a look at where other guilds are and decide for yourself, in comparison to your server, where we're at: 20-Man Mythic Progression Sticky: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7415131707 Continued....Aeterna90 Oct 5
23m Transmog rate thread! Brought to you by Mog Grand Poobah Hargus! You know what to do folks. Oops wrong char.Hildreth46 23m
24m [Transmog Contest] TFL - Oct. 28th https://twitter.com/LoDG_Vurian/status/780277373644046336?lang=en Transmog Contest hosted by <The First Legion> Start Time: 6:00PM (Server time) on October 28th. Categories: Best Transmog (Your best looking transmog) Ugly Transmog (Your transmog that matches but just looks ugly) Rewards for both categories will be handed out! Rewards: 1st Place - 25,000Gold 2nd Place: 10,000Gold 3rd Place: 5,000Gold If you need any more information you can contact me in-game Vurian#1109 (BattleTag) or on Twitter @LoDG_Vurian 1 week before the contest (October 21st), I will return to this thread and make a post about being able to enter. This is to ensure we do not have people entering and getting plans shortly before it.Vurìan24 24m
27m WoW research - help a fellow player! Western Michigan University Department of Sociology Principal Investigator: Whitney DeCamp Student Investigator: Ryan Castillo Title of Study: Timelines and Trade Chat: Comparing Contextual Self-Disclosure and Perceived Social Capital on Facebook and World of Warcraft You have been invited to participate in a research project. This consent form will discuss the purpose of this study and will explain the necessary time commitment, the procedures employed in the study, and the risks and benefits of participating in this research. Please read this entire document carefully and feel free to contact the principal investigator if you need more clarification or have any questions, comments or concerns. We would like to invite you to participate in a study on the uses of various online mediums, such as online games, and how these platforms allow users to share different types of information and form relationships online. The results of this research may help us to better understand how popular forms of online communication influence users’ ability to both maintain existing relationships and forge new connections with other members of their online networks. We have decided to ask World of Warcraft (WoW) players to participate in this study due to the game’s large player-base and the many online WoW communities that provide opportunities for recruitment. Participation in this study will require completion of an online survey regarding both your use of World of Warcraft and general online involvement. This survey should take no more than 15 minutes of your time. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this study. Your participation is completely voluntary and you are free to stop participating at any time. Your responses will be anonymous, your name or any other identifying information will not be requested, and your IP address will not be tracked. Data used to analyze responses for any future reports will not include any identifying information that could trace your responses back to you. No one will learn of your personal responses. You may choose to withdraw from the study at any time and for any reason. While your participation is greatly appreciated, you will not suffer any consequences if you decide to stop participating. If you have any questions prior to or during the study, you may contact the primary investigator, Ryan Castillo at (442) 242-3302 or at ryan.p.castillo@wmich.edu. You may also contact the Chair of the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board at (269) 387-8293 or the Vice President for Research at (269) 387-8298 if any questions or problems arise during the course of the study. This consent has been approved by the Western Michigan University Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (HSIRB) on September 1, 2016. Do not participate after September 1, 2017. Participating in this survey online indicates your consent for use of the answers you supply. I have read this informed consent document. The risks and benefits have been explained to me. I am above the age of 18 and agree to take part in this study. If you agree with these statements, please follow the link below to begin the survey. https://wmichcas.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_dhiNzLAgwceX1B3Incubus1 27m
33m [ED Machinima] The Spirits Speak Just wrapped up my latest Machinima, thought some may be able to get a few chuckles from it :) Still working on "Class CHats" Episode 3, so fret not it's on the way ! Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddubZOlwy3oStrausin9 33m
38m [H] <Dominion of the Sun> RP/PvP <Dominion of the Sun> Blood Elf Oriented RP/PvP Guild Who to Contact: Lord Commander: Thalendros (Wraith Ebondawn IC) High Council: Eldrena, Sindorynn, Vairal Centurion: Liedori, Moriyna About Us: IC: From the ashes of the Wardens of Eversong, the Dominion of the Sun is born. An Order focused on the preservation of not just the forests of Eversong but the eradication of the Legion and preservation of Horde interests. It is time for the Sin’dorei to take their rightful place at the head of the spear that the Horde will thrust into the Legion’s Heart! We of the Dominion will lead the charge against any and all who would threaten Quel’Thalas, Mulgore, Durotar, and any other Horde holding on Azeroth. We will take the fight to those who would do us harm, and give our enemies their just due! For the Horde. For the Sunwell! OOC: We’re a whole lot of the same people you knew from Wardens of Eversong, but with relatively new leadership, new energy, and a new direction. Much of WoE’s old leadership either wasn’t enjoying Legion, wasn’t enjoying Emerald Dream, or wasn’t enjoying Horde anymore. With Moriyna’s help those of us left with the drive to create something new have come together under this new banner to make Dominion of the Sun. What are we about? We’re mostly the same as WoE, but with an expanded focus. We’re still blood elf driven and blood elf led, and we still make our home in Quel’thalas and the Sin’dorei Lands. However, we see a need to grow beyond the label of “Blood Elf Only” which is why we’re now accepting other races and aiming to extend our influence from Quel’thalas to the Broken Isles. Recruitment: At this time we are recruiting all RPers, no matter your level. As far as RP experience goes, we prefer those who know what they’re doing, but will be happy to make exceptions for those who may be new to RP but come across as intelligent and actively eager to learn. As time goes on and we begin to grow, we may tighten up restrictions, and this segment will be edited to reflect that when the time comes. Voice Chat: We are heavily invested into Discord at this point and have our own discord server set up by the lovely Moriyna for us. We’re going to be making a concentrated push to make that our main hang out point in weeks to come as we hopefully grow as a guild. Suggested Addons: The only addon we strongly recommend at this time is Total RP 3 or any RP addon that can read TRP3 and be read by TRP3. Dominion's Forum RP: [RP] Broken Shore, Broken Elf: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749787113 Written by Relare [RP] Dominion: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749787641 Written by Vairal [RP] Appearances: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749727997? Written by Eldrena [RP] From Darkness: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749808137 Written by Sindorynn Other Information: For now that’s all there is to say. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be brought to me or another officer in game, or posted below. Thanks for reading!Vairal57 38m
39m No Legendary Club Starting up a "No Legendary Club" where people with no legendaries get together and talk about life in Azeroth without a legendary. My name is Donkey. I don't have a legendary but I'm here. I know people with legendaries. I've seen legendaries. I even got to touch one.Donkey37 39m
46m [A][Priory Rising] 7/7H Recruiting for Mythic Introduction Hello Emerald Dreamers, we are Priory Rising, an Alliance raiding guild from Emerald Dream (RP-PVP server) focused on semi-progressive raiding. This guild was originally formed this expansion by a group of longstanding friends from previous expansions, games, and real life. The leadership and the members come from a varying degree of experience in World of Warcraft ranging from hardcore raiding to brand new raiders. We all have one very important thing in common: a desire to have fun while experiencing the cutting edge difficulty of progression. Priory Rising performs efficiently, at our own pace, by using a 6 hour a week raiding schedule. The leadership of the guild believes in open communication with all members and believes all decisions should be heard by the guild. Of course, for an environment like this to exist we must remain small and tight knit, and that is exactly our plan. If you are interested in joining a guild that wants you to be part of it's family, to have fun, and to experience content at it's most challenging difficulty then Priory Rising is already your home, you just have to walk in the door. What We Expect From You: We are currently looking for more active raiders/members to fill our roster heading into Mythic. You Must Be: - Open to advice and constructive criticism. - Good/Positive Attitude during and outside of raids. - Prepared for every Raid [watching kill videos, class knowledge, etc...] - Able to AT LEAST listen to communication via voice chat [Ventrilo] - Plan for the long term, live in the now. Currently Recruiting: ilvl - 850+ - Hunters - Mages We are willing to talk to anyone about joining, regardless of class/spec/role! However, that may not guarantee a raid spot. Raid Schedule Monday - 8pm - 11pm CST Thursday - 8pm - 11pm CST Our raiding schedule is 6 hours a week (two three hour raids), so you must be very efficient. We work very hard in a short period of time so our members have more time for their lives and what they enjoy. This means bringing your own A game to every raid and to have great attendance. With such a low requirement of raid times, this should hopefully never be an issue. Community Outside of raid, you are your own person and are free to do what you like, but we hope you enjoy what our small community can offer. You can participate in Mythic+ runs that can help each individual become stronger, faster. We also enjoy playing other games outside of WoW with each other such as League of Legends, Overwatch, and more. Each member is welcome to be part of the discussion involving the guild. This includes open officer meetings and round table discussions. We want each member to feel like they have a voice and their opinion matters, because it does. We use logs via warcraftlogs.com to track performance and to help each individual player reach their full potential. Some of our members are very proud of performing at the top of their respective class/spec and we hope that is an interest we can share. Some members and leadership specialize in reviewing logs and can help anyone, of any class/spec, become a better player. However, if you don't care for logs, then you don't have to worry about it! As long as you can perform well in raids then no one will force you to change. Contact Feel free to use this post to let us know you're interested or contact us in-game! Meihira Alaray Caevo or Me! Jotuhn. You can also reach me via Battletag at aSith#1783 We look forward to hearing from you!Jotuhn2 46m
1h [Off Topic] - The World Series. More sports, more smack, more betting. This is life. If you want in the pool, please let me know. 100g buy in. Send to Zigra (H) or Svendeta (A) by start of Game 1. First Pick the winner. Second pick the number of games. Third: pick the total runs for both teams scored in all games until the winner is decided. (tie breaker) So for my pick, Zigra: Cubs, in 6 games, 42 total runs.Zigra13 1h
1h Chocolate milk is awful You're all dumb.Maekur11 1h
3h [H] <Mob Mentality> 6/7H Recruiting <Mob Mentality> is a newly transferred Emerald Dream guild from Draenor. Our goal is to become one of the top Raiding guilds in Emerald Dream while having fun. We need players who are serious about progression and the desire to learn and gain feed back so that they can be the best they can be. We also have group Mythic + and use Discord! Wow Progress Page: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/emerald-dream/Mob+Mentality Current Progression: 6/7 Heroic Raid Times: 11:30pm - 2:30am CST (9:30p -12:30a PST). Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday Recruitment Priority/Needs (multiple): Guardian Druid (Tank) Holy Paladin (Healer) Marksman Hunters (DPS) Shadow Priests (DPS) Fire Mage (DPS) Havok Demonhunter (DPS) Other Roles/Classes Welcome and also wanted! Guild Website (freshly out of the oven): http://mobmentality.shivtr.com/ Derisia - Animationhac#1607 (Guild Master)Derisia1 3h
3h [RP] MASQUERADE! (Horde Halloween event) ((If there isn't already a horde event for Halloween Monday the 31st (or even Sunday the 30th)... I'd like to offer to host a masquerade ball complete with murder mystery who done it and prizes for best costume. If there is any interest post below with your preference for date I will try to be accommodating. )) An ornate, if macabre, Venetian volto mask hovers before you. In its fanged mouth is a small invitation that reads: "You presence has been requested in the royal quarter of Undercity by Her Most Royal Majesty Sylvanas Windrunner Banshee Queen of The Forsaken and Warchief of the Horde. We will gather to celebrate the anniversary of The Forsaken and our Queen gaining independence from The Scourge. A masquerade will be held with all the pomp and circumstance due our most honored and Royal Warchief and Her court. Guests are invited to come in costume and participate in revelry including but not limited to: dining, dancing, a costume contest, storytelling, and The Game of Masks. Prizes will of course be awarded the winners of the game of masks as well as to those judged to have the best costumes. Time and location on reverse. RSVP." *Stamped with the Seal of The Forsaken*Alashar11 3h
3h <Over The Hills> 7/7N 2/7H LFM Mandatory RP Preface "Epic, but not trying to hard... eloquent, balanced, and appropriate... it needs to have that" Starborne paused for dramatic effect, elven features drawn forward as if suckling on a Tauren's nipple. "Special *something.*" Lythosse had long tuned him out. Starborne's voice reduced to the sort of audible humming that makes you acutely aware you have an ear on either side of your head. They had been at this for hours. Myrhina scribbling on parchment after parchment, hopeful that the two stubborn elves would come to a consensus. "It's just a name, pick one." She said. "The name is everything..." Lythosse replied, finally breaking his silence. "She's right man," Starborne echoed, "The Legion is scheduled to hit Azeroth on August 30th, we can't wait any longer." At this point, the floor was nearly covered with tiny paper balls. Each piece of parchment holding a name that neither of them could agree upon. It was becoming a trip hazard, and neither of them stacked agility. Lythosse brow furrowed, as they so often do in roleplay scenarios. His eyes flicked up from the table, catching the light of the many candles he'd placed strategically around the room. "Tell me something." He said. Both Starborne and Myrhina produced audible groans. "He's gonna monologe again." Said Myrhina. "Bear with me," Lythosse began. "We're old, right?" He asked. "Super old," Starborne said, running his finger along one of his withered elven ears. The dust that rolled off the tip could be seen flitting through the air. Myrhina didn't respond, and Lythosse didn't press it. He wasn't tanky enough to ask a woman her age twice. "I don't know about you two, but I'm retiring soon," Lythosse sat forward, his armor, which once fit him perfectly, now sagged and bubbled where body parts shouldn't sag and bubble. "After this, I'm done." Lythosse could tell they wanted to protest, but they stayed silent. They had been questing together for so long that they could tell he was serious. "Does that mean we're over the hills?" Myrhina asked. "Exactly." Said Lythosse. - and therein lied his genius. _____________________________________________________________________ Guild Summary <Over The Hills> is an adult oriented community for both veteran and new players who are interested in common company. Our goal is to create a friendly, casual raid environment that is able to include all levels of experience. Raid schedule: Sat/Sun [1-4pm server time] Raid progress: 7/7N \\ 2/7H Emerald Nightmare Voice program: Discord Contacts: Labyrinthine#1616, Starborne Currently, we are interested in recruiting 1-2 healers, and limited DPS to better balance our raid group. We may also be in the market for 1 tank who can make raid attendance on both Saturday and Sunday. Tank: ✥ Any non-Monk DPS: ✥ Shadow Priest ✥ Windwalker Monk ✥ Havoc Demonhunter ✥ Fire Mage ✥ Enhancement Shaman High demand healers: ✥ Holy Paladin ✥ Mistweaver Monk ✥ Restoration Druid If you class/role is not specifically mentioned, but you feel like we would be a good fit, please contact the recruitment officer. We will always make an effort to include all interested players into the raid environment.Lythosse20 3h
4h Mystery Masquerade Party! <Prototype> is hosting a Mystery Masquerade Party on October 28th at 9p server located at the Writhing Haunt in WPL. There will be a costume contest at 930p, Murder Mystery RP at 1030p! http://imgur.com/a/Jk1I1 Server wide- bring your guildies and friends Wear a costume and have some fun! Murder Mystery RP Prizes/Refreshments/FUN <3 JEziJezicah14 4h
4h [H]- PVE - The Village, EN Heroic The Village is recruiting for our core raid team. Days/Times: Tue/Thur/Sun(optional) 7:30-11pm CST Requirements: Full enchants, full gems, flask and food. Curse Voice and mic. Progression: 7/7N, 5/7H Tue/Thur: These nights are for our core members only to push progression in Heroic. Sunday is a full clear on Normal for all guildies that are 840+. This gives them a chance to learn the fights, work on strats and try out for the core team. We are 1 shotting all bosses in Normal. Core usually do not need anything on normal and pass gear to others. We also do achievements in EN on this day as well. We would like dps to be 200k+, heals to be 200k+ hps. We are a really focused group when raiding but we also have a good time. No drama, inflated egos, whiners, etc. We all know what we need to do and work as a team. I am looking for more core members to get up to 20 regular core so that soon we can focus on Mythic raiding. When not raiding we are doing Mythic+'s and hanging out. If you feel you have what we need for our core please whisper or in game mail me or my officers and we'd get you running with us asap. GM - Flaflafloofy, Battletag: Flaflafloofy#1324 Officers - Hdk and Ummas Thanks, FlaFlaflafloofy6 4h
5h [RP] Letters of a Silver Spy ((This is an old series created on Ravenholdt, but could easily apply to any server, and features one of my favorite ongoing Horde characters.)) Verilore stood before one of the tapestries in his bedroom. It was a particularly gruesome (and wholly fanciful) depiction of fall of Kael'thas Sunstrider. He had it on fairly good authority that the erstwhile Prince was not so... dismembered... during his defeat. However the tapestry-makers were a bit gleeful with word of his passing, and had taken a bit (or a lot) of artistic license in the tale of "the traitor" Sunstrider's end. The Felguard beside him faced outward, always scanning the area around him for possible threats. The demon was particularly vigilant in light of recent events which had somehow allowed a trained Kal'dorei assassin to slip past his many wards into the heart of his domain to demand many things, not the least of which were information and her freedom. A demonic hound also patrolled the room, ensuring there were no unseen intruders. Satisfied that he was in the company of only his demonic servants, Verilore uttered a harsh phrase. The air around him flared green, and the warlock disappeared with a soft 'pop' of air rushing to fill the void where he had stood. The narrow room in which Verilore appeared had no doors or windows. It was built on the other side of the wall of his bedroom, and could only be reached through the magical portal that Verilore employed. Well, technically, one could spend the hours necessary to beat one of the walls down, but someone -- either elf or demon -- was bound to notice and put a stop to the nonsense. The room contained a desk, shelves for books of particularly controversial or secret research, as well as a small ritual area for summonings or sacrifices. It was warded magically to prevent its detection, sealed to allow only himself and summoned servants to enter, and rather uncomfortably devoid of any air sources. It required that Verilore maintain a spell that eliminated the need for breathing, but it definitely discouraged vermin of all sorts. The pale-haired Sin'Dorei seated himself primly at the desk. "Rupnip, what do you have for me?" he stated to the seemingly empty room. An imp appeared, crawling onto the desk, carrying a sealed envelope. Verilore took it, feeling the tingle of magic on it, as the wards on the envelope tested and recognized him. Still he didn't break the seal on it. "The Sorrow of Mardenholde," he intoned. He felt the final release on the note signaling that his pass phrase was accepted. He opened the envelope and took out a thin sheaf of paper. It was two or three pages long, in a careful, scholarly script. The language was Eredun to further confound anyone who managed to get ahold of the missive before Verilore read and destroyed it. He didn't know his contact's name, nor anything about him or her, save that his counterpart was a warlock as he himself was, and most likely of the Alliance persuasion. (cont'd)Landrêth10 5h
5h [RP] 7 Years After Gilneas a beat up parchment found near a campsite outside Moonglade(it looks like a first draft)- -The parchment is smudged and the handwriting is awful but the stranger can see it says- The Day Sylvanas Came It was a bright day The crops were growing the beer was good The day was peaceful and calm Then Sylvanas came. The darkness spread like a scourge on our land The day Sylvanas came The night terrors became all too real The day Sylavanas came The evil came from the dead that walk again The day Sylvanas came. My home my town was burned to the ground The day Sylvanas came My parents, My friends, and Greymane's son murdered in cold blood The Blade of Sylvanas came I live alone in a tent not a home I wake up screaming from nightmares of... The day Sylvanas came Corpses that walk a scourge that stalks The day Sylvanas came I have no home I sleep alone my mind is fractured my heart is broken My family is dead I cry myself to sleep all because of The day Sylvanas came For seven years I have wandered No home No rest A flask my only friend I miss my family I miss my home I miss myself and who I used to be I look in the mirror I see a stranger I see a broken soul who hurts and cries all within her has completely died Everything she loved Everything She was is shattered. Here lies a damaged woman who will never recover from The day Sylvanas Came. -Below the poem it reads in a hastily scrawled script- " I don't know if anyone will find this but I fear I will never be a whole person again. I can't take one more night in this sad little tent waking up every hour from nightmares. Please let the other Druids know of my fate. I am sure they will want to give me a proper burial. Signed Feonnarala Blackheart, daughter of Moira and William Hartnell" -Horrified, the stranger hastily shoves the parchment in her bag and runs toward the campsite in the distance-Feonnarala6 5h
5h What things do you miss? I miss things like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hgcy6bsg4g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR7FC-h0Fb8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltM5jHIJFw4Boadicea47 5h
5h Costumes! I'm dressed as a Blood Elf until the first! I promise I made it myself, I didn't kill some unsuspecting little elfie by luring them to a trap with, like, mana or something. I promise. Show me your costumes!Liraelan6 5h
6h [RP] A Traitor's Burden Pt. 3 CRUNCH The sound of steel meeting bone vibrated across the stone floors of Blackrock Mountain as the hammer came down hard upon the exposed toes of Sneavle Danglebraid. His cries of terror and pain followed, but his pleas for respite were answered only by the silence of the mountain. There’d be no heroes to save him today. Today, there were only villains. Tholdrim gritted his teeth, trying to ignore the bloody carnage that surrounded him. Mangled chunks of flesh lay within congealing pools of blood. Shards of bone that had once been attached to dwarven feet were littered among the gore, like sprinkles on some twisted cannibal’s cake. “Three doon lad. Ye got seven t’ go. Now, I’ll ask ye again. Where is th’ soulstone?” “I doon’t know! I swear it! Please, Flamebeard, have mercy! I swear t’ th’ Light an’ all tha’s holy I dooon’t kn-” CRUNCH “Ah, see, now tha’s unfortunate Sneavle. All this violence...it’s nae really me mug o’ ale, ye know? Six t’ go, lad.” The bookish dwarf pondered a moment on the truth of that statement. Violence never had appealed to him. It was a means to an end, and nothing more; a tool to be wielded in times when logic and wisdom fell short, and conflict was inevitable. However, whomever coined the phrase “violence doesn’t solve your problems” had lived quite the sheltered life. For violence was unique among problem solvers, in that if it did not solve your problem, you most likely didn’t use enough. The violence which inherently lies within the hearts of mortals was no secret to Tholdrim. Tomes upon tomes had been written throughout the ages detailing the tactics and strategies used in a multitude of ancient wars. Often, the army that applied the most innovative, or simply brutal, form of violence emerged as the victor. What had came as a surprise, was the violence he’d suddenly found within himself. Where had it came from? The anger, the rage, the burning desire to destroy the dwarf he’d tied to the chair before him. All of that emotion burned deep within the mage’s chest, and yet, this was no crime of passion. It was premeditated in every aspect. From luring Sneavle to another secret meeting, to teleporting him to the dark laboratories deep within the mountain that had once been used by Nefarian’s ilk. The tools, the chair, and the chains all laid out before hand. With his livelihood on the line, something dark had awakened in Tholdrim’s soul, and he wasn’t entirely sure he could lull it back into slumber once this deed was done. Sneavle’s horrified shrieking rattled him from his thoughts, and Tholdrim recomposed himself to continue on his bloody mission. “Are ye ready lad? Count o’ three. One, two…” “WAIT!!! They’ll kill me! They’ll kill me family! They’ll kill anyone I’ve ever loved! I beg o’ ye, please stop. For th’ love o’ th’ Light PLEASE!” The shackled dwarf sobbed, his words heavily slurred as he forced them out through the anguish he’d been subjected to. “Ye’ve ne’er cared aboot anyone but yerself. But yer right, me shady little friend. Yer right. Let’s move on from all this smashin’. What do ye say?” Tholdrim grinned wickedly as he sat his bloody hammer aside and paced across the room to a nearby workbench. Finding a new tool to his liking, he brought the object over to his trembling captive, making sure to flash it well within his view. “Wha’...what’re ye gonna do with tha’? Tholdrim I beg ye…” “Hush now Sneavle. Ye’ve had yer time t’ talk. Now it’s my turn.” The focused torturer moved his tool of choice closer to his victim’s face. Held within his fist, the object appeared to be a simple wooden handle the width of a dwarven hand, with a long rusted nail jutting out between the middle fingers. “They say th’ eyes ‘re th’ windows t’ the soul, lad. Do ye believe tha’?” Sneavle’s reply was more of a whimper than actual words, as the overwhelming fear that washed through his body left the helpless dwarf without control of his bodily functions. A new, vile liquid now joined the grisly collection of blood and meat upon the floor. “Doon’t go quiet on me now, lad. It’s quite an interestin’ subject. Nae t’ sure o’ th’ answer meself, but I can tell ye what I do know. I know tha’ if I stick this just below yer eye, yer gonna be in more pain than ye’ve ever thought possible. Juuuust far enough t’ spark those nerves, but nae far enough t’ hit yer brain. Ye’ll live, but ye’ll wish ye hadn’t.” Tholdrim gently pressed the nail against his chosen point of entry, but stopped himself before the nail sank beyond the eyelid. “Are ye ready lad? Count o’ three, off we go! One, two…”Tholdrim5 6h
7h [RP Day] Little Lion Man (( Do you remember my adorable priest? Jokes on you, he's getting character development finally. Shout out to Gielnorian for the proofread, and for writing Merellia. Also yes, the title is from a Mumford and Sons song, which is his theme. )) The sun was just beginning to go down over the Eastern Plaguelands, and Loraeus knew he had to hurry to Light’s Hope before sundown. He was tasked with retrieving bandages and antiseptics, the paladins still reeling from the attack on the holy ground just last week. The Ebon Blade made themselves an enemy to the Silver Hand, and it was only a matter of time before conflict would arise from all of that. Loraeus sighed, the bottom of his robe trailing behind him, marred with dust from his travels. Everything was happening too fast. In mere months, there has been a Legion invasion, where most of Azeroth's inhabitants were, securing the Broken Isles. The priest was there for a time in Dalaran, administering care and healing to whoever needed it. Then there was a conflict picking up between Gilneas and the Forsaken, where Loraeus was sent to heal the injured on the front lines. He was terrible at it, he believed. His healing was dwindling. Loraeus’s faith had been faltering since the invasion, something that is needed to shield allies, and even smite foes. It all started when his fiance left him, the priest losing someone near and dear to him once more. He thought there was something wrong with him, the small priest growing more and more apathetic. Why did the Light forsake him like this? Why did the Light keeping taking his loved ones away from him? His prayers were soft, barely a candle's glow. Now the Light was leaving him, and his morale was too low to try to rebuild his faith. Because of this, the Gilnean front sent him away to Light’s Hope. Perhaps he could be of use there. Loraeus swallowed the lump from his throat, clutching the medical supplies to his chest. He needed to hurry back, the priest terrified of the forest around him. The way they were twisted from the Scourge made him uneasy. The trees appeared to be crying out in agony, trunks permanently disfigured from the cruel diseases that plagued it. While the Gilnean was a gardener, the effects were irreversible, and that made him upset. Another thing he could not fix, he thought. The snap of a twig roused him from his thoughts, the small priest looking around in confusion and fear. Loraeus did not carry a weapon with him, cursing himself for not retrieving the poniard Serilan had made him all those months ago. He could hear the shuffling of feet from within the wooded area beside him, the Gilnean clutching the supplies to him. A slight laugh erupted from the forest, followed by a roguish bandit emerging from the trees. “Why, hello there little la--aaaaaaaand you’re a man.” Loraeus blinked at him. The priest was always mistaken for woman from behind, his height and structure throwing people off. The bandit huffed a little, shaking his head. “No matter, same difference.” He pointed his dagger at the smaller man, his voice turning sinister. “Gold. Now. Give it to me.”Loraeus7 7h
7h [A] <Soulrend> Laid-back PvE I'm here to announce that <Soulrend> has opened its doors as a new, social leveling and 5-man content guild, as in normal to mythic+. We would like to raid if we can get the numbers. We wouldn't raid hardcore, but would rather take it easy and enjoy growing and learning and conquering the content at our own pace. RPers and PvPers are welcome to join as well, as I would like to have groups for world PvP and battlegrounds/arenas, and do some light-medium RP. That being said, if you're looking for a laid back, somewhat casual, friendly, experience while playing, then message me in game to join! Hope to see some new faces! ~~(Wilan) Sorrowblood - GM~~Sorrowblood2 7h
7h [RP/RP Day] The Art of Hopefulness Regardless of it all, Caldrice still wondered what the big picture was for the Forsaken, for his constituency of undead. He was chasing a pipe dream by deploying all three of the major sects of the Defilers at once, but with much ground being covered from all fronts – something might be uncovered by at least one of them. It was upon the Northern edge of Dalaran in which he sat, gazing down at the Broken Shore idly with a whimsical, distant, look to his eyes. The Legion continues to pour out like roaches, the Horde is pressed on two fronts by both the demons and the Alliance, and it seems like the world itself is waiting upon baited breath. What’s one to do when all circumstances and possible outcomes are grim? How have the leaders of old responded to trying times? Unbeknownst to the Lightslayer, when he set sail for shores unknown to leave the Defilers to their devices, talks of legacy were held. How Calvin Blightbane was loved, that Teirvel Stromsbane was a man driven mad by the passion for his people, but Caldrice Sullivan was feared. Though, it wasn’t the past leaders of the Defilers in which he pondered their sense of direction from, no, but it was the leaders that had existed all throughout history. How had they responded under such pressure? He searched his mind near and far, but found the same conclusion yet again as he gazed upon the distant Broken Shore. Caldrice simply did not have the answer for the first time in a very long time, well, not the answer exactly. He didn’t have a hypothesis to even begin to formulate an answer, so he opted to give his people, the Defilers, hope by sending them to the far reaches of the Broken Isle in hopes of one of them finding what they seek. They needed something to counter the substantial loss of un-life during the landing upon the shores of Stormheim, but will they find it in time? Will he be remembered as a savior, or the leader who damned his people in their time of need? He rose slowly from his reverie, shaking the thoughts from his head as he forced a raspy sigh from his perforated lungs, “How I wish I had someone to speak these troubled thoughts to. I hate nothing more than keeping these within myself, my own burden to that I can only speak upon the seemingly empty morning’s air.” He pursed what was left of his lips before furrowing his brow, “How I wish I did not have to face this burden alone, to do otherwise is to show weakness.” Caldrice shook his head, musing idly as he watched a cloud slowly drit on by, “In these troubled times where history is currently being made? We do not need the leader to be a rusted link in the chain.” His tone softened to a low whisper as he muttered under his breath, “So how do I keep myself from tarnishing amidst this sea of calamity? What does it mean to truly lead?” He heard a voice, a feminine voice, answer his question approaching from the grassy ledges to his left, “It means that you’re willing to sacrifice everything, no matter how great the risk.” She brushed auburn strands from her eyes before tossing a pair of enchanted manacles towards the High Executor. He lifted a brow, they were manacles used to animate Kirin Tor familiars – had he been watched? The Human pursed her lips, hand resting upon the hilt of her Morningstar as she shifted uneasily in her chainmail, “It’s about the needs of the many coming before the few – before yourself.” “A good leader doesn’t falter under pressure, Caldrice Sullivan.” The Paladin approached the Lightslayer, kneeling beside him to gaze down at the Broken Shore alongside him before shaking her head slowly, emerald eyes dim with thought, “Though, those are just in the old fables and fairy tales. No leader is perfect. We all falter in due time, but what truly makes a leader great is swallowing that fear and living or dying without any regrets.”Caldrice7 7h
8h (RP) The Bravest little human alive (An excerpt from Narator's account of the Argent Crusade during the march on ice crown many years ago.) ...All I could do was go to ground and bury my head beneath my shield in a warm and smoking crater. Not a moment later a blast of grapeshot from one of the captured siege engines struck just yards in front of me with a thunderclap that rattled the nerves in my spine. I tried to take a peek over the edge and beyond the safety of my crater in hopes of finding Gaskal and the others. But before I could even get even the slightest bearing of my direction. The sharp hiss of thousands of saronite arrow heads snapped in the cold and frigid dragonblight wind. In that instant I curled up into the tightest little ball I could under my shield as a volley came pouring down upon us, peppering and pattering the ground and my shield with the ferocity of a Northrend blizzard. It was just when I got the idea of turning around and crawling all the back to camp when I heard a soft human voice. "Sergent Swiftfoot?" It said. I looked up and saw out of all things in azeroth, Lt. Samiya Mason sitting on the edge of my crater as if she ready to have a hearty evening meal. Only all around us there was cacophony of explosions, accurate rife fire and the thick noxious smell of a forsaken plague barrel that had fallen a bit short for comfort. I gave her the weakest and most patric excuse of a salute as I continued to shake and coil up ever tighter. Samiya didn't seem to mind my momentary lapse of courage as she looked towards the midday sun as if to try to tell the time through the rolling cloud of saronite arrows headed straight towards us. "How goes our attack orc?" She asked. I didn't have time to respond. Instead I pulled her down beneath my shield as yet another volley of saronite arrows riddled the ground around us. But instead of a thank you or even a moment of gratitude I earned my self a biggest slap across the face her skinny human arms could muster. "Sergent! Let me go!" She demanded with one nasty looking leer. I released her and retorted. "Dont you see they are shooting at you human!" But despite my warnings, Samiya sure enough stood right back back up. Unchalent and indifferent to a second blast of grapeshot from the captured tank that blew just inches past her long, flapping blond hair. The human shrugged. "Oh don't worry about that Sergent Swiftfoot," She kicked aside a saronite arrow that lodged itself an inch away from her left boot. "Might be more that a nuisance if those bone-headed skeletons had even a quarter of the aim of a Ten-thousand year old, blindfolded spell chucking sin'dori virgin, confused as to the correct orifice to shove his prick into." Samiya then pulled out a pair of heavy duty seaforium charges from her backpack. "I was going to ask you for some help with our little tank problem." A few dozen or so clouds of permafrost kicked up at her feet as the tank's clatter gun tried to find its beed. But still she stood high above the frozen earth and snow for friend and foe to see. "But it looks like you and your boys are kinda of pinned down. Guess I'm gonna have to go on without ya." Then off she went through through the storm of steel and saronite unafraid or more likely oblivious of what horrors lie ahead. I cursed her beneath as breath as this brave little Lt. appeared she would be a dead one very soon. It was then my legs found strength and my heart courageNarator1 8h
8h [A] The Order wants YOU for Legion! Order of the Blue Wyvern is a product of two guilds merging and some old ideas and practices coming to fruition. We are back, reformed and re-situated and recruiting for the last few months of WoD/Legion. We are looking for players of various backgrounds, and skill levels. Weekly WPvP events Rated Battlegrounds PvE progression RP events We aren't focused on one activity. Some guilds limit themselves in scope and end up hurting themselves in the long run. While we are careful not to over-extend ourselves or our membership base we are a diverse group of people who like to experience all of what WoW has to offer. We aren't just a guild, we are a tightly-knit community of friends and family who like to play various games together, namely World of Warcraft. Requirements Teamspeak 3 » Someone or another is always on Teamspeak playing WoW, Dayz, Rocket League, or any other number of games. This is how we remain social, coordinate events, and catch up with one another. Guild meetings are held in TS3 as well. When grouped our looking for something to do you should almost always be in Teamspeak. Level 105+ » There really isn't any reason for you (the player) to not be 100 with an instant 100 boost fresh off of buying Legion. But we recognize some people are new and just now levelling, or are playing on alts. 105+ is all we ask. Thick skin » We aren't a very politically correct guild and I do not censor peoples political/personal views, rancid humor, or anything like that. That being said any drama is squashed out immediately and will not be tolerated. Freedom of speech is one thing but personally attacking other guild members based on any variety of reasons is another. We won't stand for it. What are we? The Blue Order is the product of Light's Hope and House Valron merging, along with a lot of old members from an old chapter on Maelstrom coming back to the game in preparation for Legion. We are a community that has in one form or another been together since late Cataclysm (not always on ED) who enjoy each others company, senses of humor, and shared common interests. While we are a primarily RP-WPvP guild, we also have members that seek to push themselves via rated-pvp or progression raiding/dungeoneering. There truly is something for everyone here and WoW may be our main focus, but it is far from the only game we play. What are our goals? Domination » As a WPvP guild we are constantly battling the Horde on several fronts. Whether this is by defending cities, taking the fight to the heart of the Horde war machine, or even confronting multiboxers and RP-griefers. Our motivation stems from an unrelenting desire to be victorious, and we are often are. Progression » There are several ways to progress in today's World of Warcraft. This could mean publishing a personal RP story/arc, downing a current end-tier raid boss, or hitting 2k in one of several PvP brackets. No two people are the same and we recognize that. All we ask is that our members continue to strive to be better, and put their best foot forth while doing so and maintaining a good attitude. Fun » This is a game. We realize that, and we strive to have fun in every capacity we can. We laugh together more than any guild I've been apart of, and we truly find fun in just about anything we are doing. Growth » No guild survives without recruits. We actively seek like-minded players who have and share the same drives and desires as us. We do our best to ensure new recruits fit in and become core members.Danterius284 8h
9h [RP] From Darkness ((This is the first RP story I've written, and I thought I would share it for RP day. It's about my main character, Sindorynn. Hope you enjoy!)) The soft sounds of the trickling stream nearby played lightly in his ears as he sat leaning against the trunk of a large tree. The persimmon grass below him was long and soft, perfect for a short repose. Even the air was comfortable – not too hot – and the shade from the leafy branches above added to the peaceful calm that graced his senses. He took a long, deep breath through his nose, filling his lungs, and opened his eyes as he slowly let it back out. For several moments he stared absently into the water in front of him, eyes open yet seeing nothing. Withdrawn to the confines of his mind, as if in a trance, he allowed his consciousness to drift away with the flowing water… … Sindorynn awoke slowly and opened his eyes. How long he had dozed off for he wasn’t sure. But it didn’t matter; nobody was expecting him anyway. He thought about that for a moment... How tragic. Nobody knew where he was, and nobody probably cared. If he were to simply disappear… “No,” He shook his head, sending the thought away. No time for such foolishness. There was work to be done. He looked up at the Suramar sky: the morning was long gone and now the tired afternoon was slipping away. He whistled three sharp notes into the air. A few moments passed, and then a brilliant red and silver dragonhawk came gliding down toward him. Sol Celer was magnificent to behold, and Sindorynn had raised him from a hatchling. He smiled and pet the creature gently as it approached. Reaching over its neck, he jumped onto its back, taking the reins to point it in the direction of Dalaran. “Swiftly,” he whispered, and off they went. … As they approached Krasus’ Landing, the streetlamps were just being lit. Yellow windows illuminated the sky and accentuated the city’s towering spires – a sight to behold. Architecture like this reminded Sindorynn of his home in Quel’thalas. When they landed, he jumped off of Sol Celer’s back, and whistled again to dismiss him. The dragonhawk seemed to understand, and flew away into the quickly advancing night until he was needed again. Sindorynn had business to attend to. As usual, he tried to ignore the stench and the fel-green rubble strewn about the courtyard, reminders of the demon attacks he would prefer to forget, but he left the landing and entered the city proper with the Burning Legion on his mind. They were his enemy, of course; they were just about everyone’s enemy. But he didn’t share the fanatical combativeness that it seemed many of the people around him did. Sindorynn preferred to take a more academic approach. Why was the Legion yet again on Azeroth? How could the people of Azeroth defeat them? What else was out there besides the Legion? In particular, his interest in recent weeks had been piqued by the discovery of the Nightborne. The thought that such a noble people, and their splendid city, could live in secret for ten thousand years was fascinating. He yearned to know more about them – their history and culture, their magic… their origin. That was his current objective. He had thought he would be able to learn about the Nightborne here in Dalaran. After all, with such expansive libraries and so many mages, what couldn’t you learn in Dalaran? Unfortunately, information was scarce, and nobody seemed able to point him in the right direction. Ten thousand years was far longer than most libraries’ records stretched back, and with the Nightborne having only recently been “discovered,” research on the subject was slim-to-none. But he hadn’t given up. A resourceful mage never does. There was one place in all of Azeroth that could possibly rival Dalaran’s magical libraries, and Sindorynn was well familiar with it. As he walked down the side street into the Horde-controlled area of Dalaran, he was already starting to picture the serene woods of his homeland. He walked across the square and straight into the portal to Silvermoon City without hesitation.Sindorynn3 9h
9h Event - Murder Mystery As part of the Prototype Masquerade Ball hosted by the lovely Jezi, there is a murder mystery to be solved. A few individuals will turn up dead and it’ll be up to the community to find out who the murderer(s) are. At exactly 10:30 PM (On the 28th) we’ll release information regarding the suspects and the victims for people to read and use the information to help solve the mystery. There will also be clues in-game so pay attention to the RP especially to how the victims acted before they died. Below is a template of how the information will be released. Victim # 1 Name: Race: Gender: Background information: Details of Scene: Suspect # 1: Name: Race: Gender: Background information: Relationship to Victim # : Relationship to Victim # : When I post the information, you’re free to comment in the thread of your theories to the case. If you have any questions or would like to play a part in the event please send a message to me in-game or send a DM over Twitter @NayadriED. While this is an RP event, on the same token it can be out of character. For example: In your actual RP you’re a historian but you could participate and RP in this event as virtually anything. Here is a link to the entire night which includes a costume contest: http://i.imgur.com/u3dgP7V.jpgNayadri1 9h
9h <Starborne Legacy> Kaldorei RP/PvP Legacy... What does this mean to us. By definition legacy means something received from an ancestor from the past, but what does it mean for us? Our legacy is in our blood, it is the wind whispering our name, the water cleansing our soul, the ground lifting us to new heights. Legacy is indeed our blood. From the dragon riders that gave their last breath defending land and friend, to the love sparked between two of our most gracious, legacy is in our blood. It is now time to write our own legacy, a song of sorts to pass down to Kaldorei in the ages to come. We are Legacy... We are Starborne. Starborne Legacy is a RP/PvP guild Contact Information Victor, Laylei, Taldiirath (contact anyone in guild to find out where these slackers are hiding) Guild Base Astranaar - Friend and foe alike feel free to show us a visit. Darnassus - If not in Astranaar we can usually be found here. Most active times Weekdays late evening to late night and all weekend Recruitment Until the start of legion we are recruiting all night elfs without ic interview. After legion we will begin ic interviews. All night elf classes are accepted. Voice Starborne uses Discord for all guild events Addons TRP 3 is highly recommended to get the most from interactions within guild and beyond. Message Boards is also recommended. Other info guild mounts are Swift Frostsaber and Twilight Drake guild chat is ooc Please note, all levels of RP are welcome as we have everything from novice to loremasters. We are all learning and growing together.Victor407 9h
9h Walking Dead: S7 (Spoilers) Discuss last night's premiere here. Thoughts? Were your predictions correct? Will you still watch it?Courser32 9h
9h [H]<|Shatterspear Offensive|> 7/7H Greetings fellow Horde, I am Isu(Nami) Of <Shatterspear Offensive>. Stance on RP Est Nov1st '14 - We have been together for 2 years almost now ,while not an RP centric guild, we do our very best to be courteous ,respectful ,mindful and defend RP on the server - I personally will be debating with our officer core to evolve our RP stance and story for the well being of the server and our members who wish to indulge including myself. Our name holds alot of lore and the server will know our story... UPDATE: First RP Publication in the works. PVE We are recruiting for Legion Expansion, this time around we will be pushing PVE progression right from the start in hopes of taking our HEROIC roster to MYTHIC during LEGION. UPDATE: We are now 7/7H - Server 4th H Nyth kill on Wow progress - Server First H Nynth on Guild OX. Mythic Progression Starting - Need Healers! PVP/WPVP We have also become a small but powerful presence in the servers small scale WPVP - We will continue this as one of our main motives as a unit as it has fueled great rivalries and provided many good times outside of regular content. <Shatterspear Offensive> has been known to run Premade Ashran/AV.Since Ashran will no longer be relevant, we will seek to replace PVP Premades with whatever becomes relevant to the player base on a regular basis Update: We have been having a hard time finding fights, We will continue to seek fights with the likes of certain alliance guilds in good sportsmanship.We do this to build team work and good spirits among our faction and the emerald dream community, respect is shown when due. Photo OP http://i.imgur.com/Ef5HPug.jpg Calendar In Current Standing: Sunday Night Core 10Man RBG Roster - 7pm EST/ (Low MMR Progression) Tuesday Night Core PVE Progression 8pm to 1030PM EST Thursday Night PVE 8pm EST-1030PM EST Friday Night Guild Event "The Shattered Hour" (Wpvp/games/forfun)8PM EST Saturday PVE Raid(Normal/H EN) - All welcome - 4pm EST/Guild OX: http://guildox.com/rank/ilvl/us/emerald-dream/Shatterspear%20Offensive WoW Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/emerald-dream/Shatterspear+Offensive Official Twitter https://twitter.com/shatterspeared Community Spotlight Mention with Gameonmag.com(Formerly Forsaken Hour) http://gameonmag.com/portfolio/world-of-warcraft-community-magazine-issue-7/ Thank you for taking the time to view this post and we hope to see you on the battlefield during LEGION! *Contact isunami#1263 or DM on twitter.Isû70 9h
10h [RP] The Brown Peaks of Highmountain Zoula paused and breathed in the cool mountain air, letting the crispness of the Highmountain sky fill her as she closed her eyes and felt a brief moment of calm in the rocky hills. The repeating cracks of gunshots broke her out of her tranquil reverie and again she thought about how much she hated Hemet Nesingwary. Years ago she had read the Green Hills of Stranglethorn and she had formed her original opinion of him then: a pompous blowhard that liked to feel superior by shooting (mostly) defenceless creatures. The fact that he was a loathsome dwarf didn’t help the matter any. Then she had met him and his psychotic cronies in Northrend, merrily shooting up the land while a desperate war against the undead was going on. She was no druid, but she had enough respect for the land not to kill everything she came across unless she needed food or to defend herself. Growing up in the forest, with the spirits had taught her that much. And so it rankled her that she had come to Highmountain to aid the poacher instead of burying an axe into his stunty head. Regardless of ones feelings towards the hunters it was impossible to deny what they were doing for the war effort against the Legion. Scores of animals were taken down every day, skinned, butchered and the supplies moved on Thunder Totem and then to Dalaran to keep the troops fed and leather armour and shields manufactured – even barding for exotic mounts. When she had arrived at the small camp she had been simultaneously horrified at the dwarven assembly-line approach to hunting but also impressed by the sheer magnitude of the operation, even if it was operated by sadists and madmen from both the Alliance and Horde. Scuffles and skirmishes seemed to break out between them on an hourly basis. Zoula was here in response to a bounty placed on the Warchief’s board in Thunder Totem. As usual the orders from her warband had been extremely vague. When she had pressed Juzmik if he had any orders for her he had just sort of waved his arm and drawled “Eyy, deres demons out dere. Jus’ go out dere and kill a bunch ey?” and dismissed her. The only clear instruction that members of Gor’Watha had been given was to never travel alone, to always have support from other members. The “Buddy System” they had said. Well, she didn’t have any “buddies” in the warband. She still stood apart from it, and she wasn’t sure if she would ever feel truly welcome, many of them probably resented her actions in the past. Either way, she could handle herself and didn’t need anyone else’s charity. The bounty had declared that some kind of monstrous bear had been mauling some of the less experienced hunters. She found it ironic that the mighty hunters were running scared of a beast, but still it was something that needed to be dealt with, and a few extra gold coins in her pockets would be welcome. She had found Nesingwary at a tanning rack, tying skins to it and whistling a horrid dwarven diddy. He had seemed pretty cheerful for a leader who had lost a number of hunters to a wild beast but he just laughed and said “these things happen lass!” Dwarves. After giving her some unsolicited tips of skinning the local creatures he told her where they had tracked the beasts spoor to: a cave at the top of a winding creek, near an apparently abandoned tauren village. “Somethings got all them bears riled up lass, drove the beefsteaks right outta there. Best be on all four a’ yer toes!” he guffawed at his own private joke and took a swig of something Zoula could smell straight through the wineskin and waved her off “Much tae do lass, much tae do!” And so she had hiked up a small woodland trail that followed beside a cheery creek. It babbled and she enjoyed the numerous little waterfalls as she hiked. The woodlands were pleasant and she could almost forget everything that was going on until she stumbled on some hunters dragging a dead mountain cat back to camp, or almost stepped on a rusty bear trap.Zoula10 10h
10h [H][PvP/E]<Good Ol Boys> Recruiting We’re a casual, small-scale PvP and PvE guild looking for more easy going people to hang out and play with. Our most active times are during the hours of 6 PM to 2 AM CST. What you can expect from being a part of our guild: • World Questing • Hanging out in the world quest areas and pestering Alliance • Random Battlegrounds, Arenas, Skirmishes, RBG’s • Mythics(+) • Chillin in Discord voice What you shouldn’t expect from our guild: • Guild Heroic or Mythic Raids • Elitism • *Heavy RP • 100% Maturity (Things get a little wild sometimes) • Vent dues • Sylars, Moojerks, or Annoyeds Our sense of humor, language and age of members on average is 18+. We expect that you can take a joke and are not easily offended! *Some of our members roleplay and participate in events from time to time. We do not enforce or peer pressure participation in anything, but will not condone members griefing RP events. If this wall of text sounds good, whisper a guild member in-game and we’ll get you in!Mallonelol43 10h
10h Honorable kill etiquette Honorable kill etiquette - when im level 102 and you are 106, i die and you win; that is proper. regardless of my opinion of rogue being (balanced 7.0). now what i was experiencing last session. groups of 110 players camping my quest progression. I warning you now. all the people that don't practice Honorable kill etiquette will have a complaint filed about cheating. its funny i spend five years not knowing about weakened armor making eviscerate hit like a train from stealth and its conveniently gone and broken. i sure am smart about breaking the rogue even further.Nàìàttàvàìn60 10h
12h <The Crew> 7/7H EN Recruiting We Da Crew, and we're looking for you, yes you! We have defeated The Hinik, and soiled the very sheets of his bed. We have braved Ashoke's dungeon, and lived to tell the tale. We have battled the hammer deep within the earth, and yet we still stand. Hello all, The Crew is recruiting geared, raid ready players for our next challenge, Mythic EN. We raid Wed-Thur 7-10 ST, and use Discord for comms. Requirements are 850 or higher ilvl, and ability to learn, and adapt when !@#$ hits the fan, because %^-* will hit the fan. So be prepared. Solid dps, and healing numbers are expected. Needs 1-2 Holy Paladins 1 Enhance Shaman 1 Ret Pally 1 tank non DH Caster dps Mage, Lock, possibly SPriest or Boomkin. Now, we can always use healers of any kind, and encourage you to apply, because we can always use hybrid healers/dps for interchangeable roles. Any, and all are welcome to apply, since not everyone can always make the raids due to irl engagements, like myself as I work out of state a lot. Apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdWDIrp_813_aShWyqNuO7BqSUzVYak6e_z4kQ5QMxMtKEiuA/viewform?c=0&w=1 Just whisper for an officer, and we'll go from there. We also do rbg's casually, and do arenas. Good luck to all.Xizwhoa7 12h
12h [A-RPPvP/E] <BBV>: Brothers in Beards [the three Dwarves are comparing their scars] Vapo: What's that one? Kurgrum: What? Vapo: That one, there, on your arm. Kurgrum: Oh, uh, that's a tattoo, I got that removed. Kreauxm: Don't tell me, don't tell me..."Mother." [he roars with laughter] Kreauxm: What is it - [Kurgrum solemnly clamps a hand on Kreauxm's arm] Kurgrum: Mr. Kreauxm, that's the Wildhammer Stronghold. [Kreauxm immediately stops laughing] Kreauxm: You were in Twin Peaks? Vapo: What happened? Kurgrum: Ten Horde dismounted us in the river between th' bases, Rev. We was comin' back from th' stronghold, just zoned in an' buffed up. Went over th' strat. Ten Dwarves went into the water. We had a Path o' Frost. Well Path o' Frost breaks on damage, Rev. Didn't see the first moonkin for about half a second. Tauren. Thirteen-footer. You know how you know that when you're in the water, Rev? You tell by lookin' from the claws to th' cloaca. What we didn't know... was our flag cap mission had been so secret, no distress signal had been sent. Heh. [he pauses and takes a drink] Kurgrum: They didn't even list us overdue for a week. Very first light, Rev, Horde come cruisin'. So we formed ourselves into a beardball. Y'know, it's... kinda like ol' chokepoints in a battle like, uh, you see in a calendar, like the Battle of Alterac Valley, and the idea was, Horde comes to the nearest Dwarf and that Dwarf, he'd start poundin' and hollerin' and screamin', and sometimes the Horde'd go away... sometimes he wouldn't go away. Sometimes that Horde, he looks right into ya. Right into your eyes. Y'know the thing about a moonkin, he's got... lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be livin'... until he moonfires ya. And those black eyes roll over white, and then... oh, then you hear that terrible high-pitch honkin', the ocean turns red, and spite of all the poundin' and the hollerin', they all come in and they... zerg you to pieces. [he pauses] Kurgrum: Y'know, by the end of that first fight... lost ten Dwarves. I dunno how many moonkin. Maybe a thousand. I dunno how many Dwarves, they averaged two a second. When we rezzed, Rev, I bumped into a friend of mine, Kragus from Ironforge. Big drinker. Tori's mate. I thought he was asleep. Reached over to wake him up. Bobbed up and down in the water just like a kinda top. Upended. Well... he'd been moonfired in half below the waist. Noon the fifth day, Mr. Kreauxm, a Gnomish Gyrocopter saw us, he swung in low and he saw us. Old pilot, a lot older than Mr. Kreauxm. Anyway, he saw us and come in low and three hours later, a big fat battleship comes down and start to pick us up. Y'know, that was the time I was most frightened, waitin' for my turn. I'll never put on a life jacket again. So, ten Dwarves went into the water, ten Dwarves sent to th' spirit healer, and th' Horde won th' match, October th' 22nd, 2016. Kreauxm: But that river's only like... 8 feet wide. [Kurgrum pauses, smiles, and raises his glass] Kurgrum: Anyway... we're LFM RBG's.Khurgun9 12h
18h [RP] Mom? Its me, your daughter. ((Im not a writier but this idea came into my mind about my dks story, and how it usually goes for DK's who try to get involved with their past life again. I hope you enjoy!)) Ralada Lynwood, Urithel Saroline, and Gracie Emberspear, three deathknights tasked with hunting down a demon of interest in Aszuna. They were hot on its trail as they chased it down, crossing into Val’shara. They lost sight of the demon in the thick woods and began searching about. It was then where Ralada realised where she was. As the three continued to search the area Ralada slowed down and eventually stopped. Urithel looks over her shoulder and notices Ralada just standing there, looking around in awe. She lightly bumps Gracies arm to get her attention and turns around. “What is it, Ralada? Why did you stop?” Urithel asks. Ralada doesn’t answer right away, she slowly brings her hand up to her goggles and takes them off. She blinks a few times as she adjusts to the sunlight. Ralada continues to looks around in awe. “This...is where i grew up, this is my home...Val’shara…” Urithel and Gracie both look at each other with a curious look. Gracie nods and looks back to Ralada. “Well welcome home, Miss Lynwood. We have a job to do though so we should get that done first.” Gracie timidly takes a couple of steps back, trying to lead the way. The other two eventually follow suit. Ralada trails behind the entire time. Gracie glances back at Ralada for a moment before looking to Urithel. “Have you ever seen her take her goggles off, Miss Saroline?” Urithel shakes her head, keeping her eyes forward. “I’ve known her since the day i was risen. She’s never taken them o-” Urithel is then interrupted by Ralada running right passed the two. “- Ralada, where the hell are you going?” Urithel sighs and the two chase after her. When they catch up they find Ralada kneeled down over a small animal. A dark magic coats its fur. She holds on to it as it takes its last dying breaths, a look of concern growing on her face. “This is nightmare corruption, this shouldn’t be here.” Ralada quickly stands up and starts heading off in another direction. “If it’s here then the temple could be in trouble.” As Ralada walks off Urithel gives Gracie and annoyed look, shaking her head. “So much for hunting that demon…” As the three get closer to the temple the sounds of a battle grow louder and louder. Ralads draws her axe and darts off towards it. Urithel and Gracie follower her lead and draw their blades as well. As they approach the temple Gracie comes to a stop. “If this is a temple it must be a temple of Elune...i do not wish to defile such hallowed ground…” Urithel grabs Gracie by the shoulder and shakes her. “You are a deathknight, Gracie. Use what you have, unleash that power I've bestowed upon you.” With a single nod Gracie holds out her blade, dark energy shoots out from the blades tip and summons a horde of undead. Once the last of her army rises the two head into the fray. (1/2)Ralada4 18h
18h [A]<Valestriders> RP-PVP Nelf Guild. - RP Though it should have been mid day, the skies were black as pitch overhead. Illuminated only by an unnatural energy that crackled and poured forth from them to the earth below as emerald flames. Sereven witnessed chaos and death all around her. Hordes of demons rampaged through the streets of Bashal'aran filling the air with cacophonous roars only broken on occasion by the screams of the people they tormented. “Where are the city guards? Have our defenses fallen so quickly!?” Sereven thought as she looked on, stricken still and silent in horror. The demons cut a swift path through the city. Packs of bone-clad and tentacled hounds bounded through the streets alongside their fearsome masters. Flickering in the distance, demon warlocks’ hands called down living fel meteors which wrought havoc as they toppled ancient buildings in their paths. Worst of all were the elves, men and women she had known as her neighbors, driven to madness that now joined in the slaughter alongside the demon army. Nearby a child desperately reached out to the corpses of his parents as a pack of jeering imps converged upon him. They brought the boy to the ground under their combined weight as they tore at his face and clothes. A pair of them clawed at his gut and pulled what they could snag with their gnarled claws as far as they could before the flesh gave completely. Sereven could do nothing but look on in horror as her thoughts turned to her own child. In the distance she could make out the forms of a group of elves who had escaped to the forests on the outskirts of the city. The only hopeful sight in a sea of fel fire and gore. If she and her daughter were to survive, their single chance at survival lay in joining them. She prayed that Elune’s hand would guide them both in the endeavor. She turned from the nightmarish scene before her and sprinted into her home. Her small cottage lay on the outskirts of the city. It had yet to succumb to the chaos, but she knew this would not be the case for long. She had to hurry. Inside she found only darkness. Panicked, she frantically cried out for her daughter. “Naraya!” She called again and again and listened for a reply that would not come. Without a thought paid to her surroundings she delved forward into the darkness, all the while continuing to cry out her daughter’s name; for all her efforts her searching and pleading yielded nothing from the void. The darkness was suffocating. The now distant flickering lights from the burning city did not pierce far into the surreal world she found herself in. Certainly not enough to let her catch a glimpse of anyone or anything in there with her, let alone the hands she kept outstretched as she fumbled ever forward. The void seemed to weigh on her. Eat at her. Her energy was rapidly sapped, and each step grew heavier and heavier. Soon the pervasive darkness that ate at her body made its way through the cracks of her mind, and pulled her into a spiral of despair. How could she survive the Legion’s onslaught? How could anyone? Where had Naraya gone? Where was this place of cloying darkness that she found herself in? Her thoughts swirled as her legs finally gave out from under her. She collapsed to an unseen ground and stared out at the nothingness above. Surely death would come soon. She wondered if it would be so bad. She woke with a start, gasping into the warm night air. Rivulets of sweat lining her body glistened in the moonlight as it shone through the window near her bed. The old nightmare had returned. Wiping her brow free of sweat with the back of her arm she turned her sights over to her only true comfort left in life; her love Myis. Recent events had taken a hard toll on the man. She knew all too well what sort of hell he had been through. It was why she had failed to follow him when he registered to participate in the assault on the Broken Shore. And why she now looked at him with so much pity and regret. She had hoped she could keep her head down and let the latest threat to Azeroth’s safety pass as all the rest had. Shifting her sight to the night sky through her window she thought on how wrong she was. This would not pass. It was her old nightmare made reality once more. A resolve welled within her as she focused on Elune above. For all the world’s sake none could be so passive as she had been any longer. Days ago the summit’s message of unity had struck Sereven hard and the message had not faded in her mind. It was a message she had full intent to relay going forward. A plan had been formed in her mind and it was time to set it to motion.Sereven62 18h
19h [RP] A "Steamy Romance": Argent Allure (Note: this isn’t actually steamy, but Merellia sure thinks so. I cross-referenced a few other characters and stories in here, so thanks to all the people I borrowed characters and ideas from!) It was a quiet October morning at Light’s Hope Chapel. The wind stirred at the leaves of the trees, sending handfuls cascading slowly to the ground, while the branches of the pines rustled against each other under the chilly breeze. The sun shone brightly overhead, illuminating the grounds of the great encampment around the chapel. Holy men and women of all kinds had gathered there recently, offering aid to the wounded paladins of the Silver Hand. Merellia Hallewell was among the clergy there. She’d kept to herself these days, only leaving her tent when she would check upon her leader, wounded in battle with a death knight. With Lady Valorheart incapacitated, Merellia might have even even grown a little bit lonely. She hated it here. It wasn’t as if she enjoyed the company of the self-righteous Argents, anyway, but somebody to talk to would be nice. She opened her small bundle of belongings she’d brought with her, and began to search for her journal- it was time to do some writing. In the months since she’d joined the Scarlet March, Merellia hadn’t gotten much time to write. She’d allowed herself to be consumed by work, keeping little time for herself. “I used to enjoy this,” she muttered, locating the journal and fishing it out of the bundle. “I think it is time to start a new story, though.” She found a fresh quill and ink bottle, and arranged them on the small table she’d been provided. She enjoyed writing romance. It was fulfilling for her, in a way, to get these ideas out onto the page. It wasn’t as if she’d have a romance of her own, after all. Was it a vice, to write such things? Perhaps so. After all, she had taken vows, early on in the Crusade, but writing romance wasn’t like she was breaking them. Merciella let out the last quiet note of her morning hymns, allowing a peaceful silence to return to the small chapel. It was barely past sunrise, the first light of the day just barely peeking past the eastern hills and through the stained glass to fall onto Merciella’s kneeling form. Her arms were still lifted up, as if she was offering her hymn to the Light... Merellia lifted her quill, squinting judgmentally at her own words. Merciella the priestess? Was that truly what she was going with for a name? If somebody found this- it might even be obvious who the writer was... not that Merelllia had any intention of publishing it. No, none at all. This was something purely for her own eyes. Perhaps she’d make Merciella an Argent, just to be sure to throw people off. Up at the top of the page, she scribbled out “A Steamy Romance Novel: Argent Allure.” That worked. ...A slight cough disturbed the silence, and Merciella froze and turned her head towards the source of the noise. Before her was a woman of such incredible beauty that she couldn’t help but inhale sharply. Long, curly hair the color of sunlight itself cascaded down onto her shoulders, her form encased in an armored robe that gave only the slightest hint at curves hidden beneath. Her sword rested at her side as she leaned back against one of the pillars, eyeing Merciella... Merellia dipped her quill in the ink once again, coughing slightly before she resumed her writing. She could picture it in her mind’s eye, now. ...Their gazes roamed across each other briefly before their eyes met. Her face seemed kind and youthful, and the look in her eyes belied wisdom and grace beyond her years. After a moment’s worth of eye contact, the woman spoke. “That was a beautiful hymn, priestess. Forgive me for intruding, and for my quietness. I didn’t wish to stop you.” The corners of her mouth twitched into a small, encouraging smile, and Merciella couldn’t help but feel a smile form on her own face in response. She’d nod after a few moments, trying to suppress the blush creeping onto her cheeks.. “Thank you, Miss. This is... just my daily ritual. I am not used to having an audience, a- and especially not one like you.” Merellia13 19h
19h [RP] Bandages: A Tale of Murder and Family ((1 more RP tale before the day ends.)) ((This Happened 3+ years ago, 1 year after the wreck of the Sky Seeker)) PART 1 OF 3((eveil char limits or maybe it's my spacing)) "HI!! I am home! And I have groceries! Who wants some Xi soup!!" "Hello???" Out of nowhere a crazy human clad in animal skins rushed at the young pandaren. Her groceries toppling to the ground she was suddenly in a violent struggle to stay alive. With giant hands holding her down suffocating her Xiayyrla pulled out her dagger and defended herself in a flurry of blades and panic. Over and over and over again; her hands hurt from the repeated thrusts. She had never been scared so much in her life. She realized he was dead but she couldn't move. Struggling and screaming she was trapped. Feeling crushed under the weight of the now dead man on top of her she cried out for what seemed an eternity. "Help! Someone Please!!!" In answer to her screams there was a short knock then the door opened. "Xiayyrla?" Ta Pol walked into the huge common area of Xiayyrla's house. "Ta Pol!! Is that you?? Help me Please!!!" the poor pandaren sounded very frightened. "I'm coming! What's Wrong what Happened? How can I...." The 26 year old pandaren looked in horror to see a huge hairless creature with a flailing familiar arm underneath. "XIA!!!"She quickly ran over and pushed the giant corpse to the side and helped Xiayyrla get out from underneath it. "Oh Xia, you poor thing are you ok what happened? Are Zhao Yen and Lilyzek ok?" Tears welled up in the older pandaren's eyes as she held her cousin tightly against her chest. The poor thing couldn't stop crying as tears rolled down her blood stained fur. It was the saddest sight Ta Pol had ever seen. Her cousin had always had such beautiful fur, and now there was more red than white and almost more red than brown. "What happened here?" "I don't know I just came home I was gonna make Xi soup for my parents, They have both been working so hard at the new recipes Lily created that I wanted to make us all dinner and celebrate our new family. But when I came home nobody answered and then I was attacked, if Lily hadn't made me take her dagger everywhere with me I would be I would be.... "Shhhh. It's ok, everything will be.. "Xia!" The all too familiar voice was like a shock to Xiayyrla's ears. "Lily!" "Lilyzek???" Both Ta Pol and Xiayyrla ran for the bedroom where Lily's cries came from. The sight they saw was horrifying. There were clear signs of a struggle. The limp form of Xiayyrla's mother lay in the corner next to a broken staff. Xiayyrla started to rush but Ta Pol stopped her. "Xia.... "Mama.....is she...she she...."The teenager started crying again bawling her eyes out and grasping onto Ta Pol. "I'm sorry Xia, I'm afraid...." "Lily!!! ARe you ok!!!?" "No...no I am not..Your Mother is gone. I fear I am not long for this world either." "But we can help you, we can nurse you back to health just like before......You can live....Please Please live….. So I'm not alone....Please....I need you to live" Xiayyrla just kept crying. "Xiayyrla, I don't know I hurt all over your....he was about to finish me off and then ran out after you said you were home...." Ta Pol looked at the multiple cuts and contusions on the goblin. It was obvious that this had been a violent fight and she had likely been thrown against the wall several times. Ta Pol had training in first aid but it made her heart hurt to see someone she had grown to respect and even care for in so much pain. Between Lilyzeck and Xiayyrla it was hard keeping her emotions in check. "Lilyzek, I need to bandage you....your injuries are extensive I may not have enough bandages in my kit"Xiayyrla2 19h
19h Buying ALL Legion Greens ( Horde ) Paying 40 gold per green C.O.D them to my bank character, Legiongreen mail is checked at least once every 12 hours, or when I am on that character advertising in trade. I will buy 1 and I will buy 1000 you cant sell me enough so have at it :) Thread high jacking is considered spam and will be reported. Price will be updated as market changes. Thread will be bumped every 24 hours.Riàker6 19h
20h [RP] Farewell to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms ((bringing the sick pandaren rp for RP day. I figured i'd post something else before it ended too)) "Get away from me!" The young woman's vision blurred in and out as she snarled her warning to seemingly nobody around her. she was knelt in the once beautiful grassy fields of the Vale. the bottom of her dress was soaked in dark, sticky blackness. She couldn't see. Everything was dark, and then awfully bright. Her head pounded as she finally found her way to her feetpaws. Her robes adorned the golden flower that all protectors of this region wore. She whipped her head around, searching for her polearm. Upon seeing her reflection she gasped, a slice ran down her face, partly glowing with white-hot energy. She reached up to touch it and flinched, it felt burning hot to the touch, yet left her fingers freezing afterwards. She tucked her brown streaked bangs behind her ears and ran off in fear. Everywhere she looked was death. The bodies of her comrades lay in the dust surrounded by sha-beasts. some seemed as if they were being eaten alive. others seemed to have been dead for days, already rotting and turning to nothing but dust. "W-why.." She choked out, blackness pouring from her mouth. Stumbling through the ruin she could see nothing she recognized. She shook her head, trying to put names to some of the empty faces she passed. She looked up into the sky to see only more blackness and shivered. Reaching into her sack she pulled out a gold-trimmed letter, smudged with dirt that only said one sentence; " Yinzhen--Report back to the Masters once you have finished your scouting of the western side of the Vale." There was no signature or name other than 'Yinzhen' "Is...is that me?" Yinzhen looked back around, her ears twitching as the winds shifted. She kept walking, the only thing she knew right now, to find somewhere that wasn't completely desolate. One of the countless bodies Yin couldn't tear her eyes away from seemed familiar to her. At this point, she was exausted. Not just from her wounds, but also her mind-numbing amnesia. At this point, she stopped, seeing a large male laying on his side. Her eyes welled up with tears as she approached it. She reached a single paw up to wipe away her tears and look at them with confusion. She had no idea who the body belonged to, yet she couldn't leave him. She sat down. laying out a blanket from her sack and brought her knees to her face. "I won't leave you." She mumbled, her whole body shaking as she was filled with fear she had never felt before. ----------------------------------------- ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀ ----------------------------------------- A young Pandaren walks down the hallways of a strange building she doesn't recognize. it had been a few years since the destruction of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, dust settled on the floor with every pad of paw, outside of the building the dirt was still black with memories of the war and of Garrosh's influencethe walls are a beautiful yellow color, with etchings of mogu war-heroes throughout the paint-chipped tiles. Her hair is tied in a thick ponytail, a streak of eerie white down her bangs. Her clothing is dark and she wears a mask, covering most of her face. She's holding a large skull and singing to it in her native tongue. "On a lonely night Was a blinding light. A hundred leaders would be borne of you. And though I know, since you've awakened her again She depends on you, she depends on you She'll go alone, and never speak of this again We depend on you, we depend on you" She kisses the skull gently, tears welling up in her eyes as her form flickered and particles of white and black floated into the air, surrounding her -and- her precious skull. A small Sha-ling climbed out of it to perch on her paw. "We depend on you."Cranesong0 20h
20h [A] New and Original is recruiting Long time Heroic/Mythic/Burning Crusade raider run guild just starting fresh for Legion with the intention of quickly pushing into Mythic content. Were looking for everything. Raid times are Thursday & Sunday 7pm-11pm server / central time. Find a member in-game or post here for any concerns or questions. Drama is not tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly.Verod1 20h
20h [RP] October 24th - RP Day! So, it's been forever since our last RP day. I don't know why, it's not like an expansion dropped that sucked up all our time or anything... oh, wait. Anyway, it's high time for another one! Just like some of the old RP days, I've got prompts for you! By no means are they required, but they're a starting point if you're stuck on what to write. Optional Prompt 1 - Artifact weapons! You may not be the wielder of your class' artifact weapon ICly, but that's what alternate universes are for! Tell me stories about you wielding Ashbringer, Light's Wrath, or whatever other, lesser weapons exist out there! Go as crazy with this idea as you'd like! Optional Prompt 2 - Hallow's End Spoops! The holiday is just around the corner, and lots of strange, spooky things are going on around Azeroth, even with the demonic invasion. Tell me something scary or silly, it's totally up to you! What is RP day? It's a day where we, the RP community of Emerald Dream, flood the forums with our awesome RP posts and then go around and read everybody else's! Anything is fine, so long as it relates to RP, whether it be story, poem, or something else entirely! Why is RP day so important? RP day is so important because it's a day set aside where all the roleplayers post their stories, so that they don't get lost in the crowd of non RP-related posts. Also, the ED forums can sometimes get pretty negative or dramatic, and so RP day is a chance to flush all that out and leave a solid wall of nice [RP] posts covering the front page. Feel free to ask any questions below and I'll do my best to answer them. Otherwise, I'll be excited to read everybody's RP posts on the 24th!Merellia21 20h
20h [RP] The Hedgehog’s Dilemma (( Hello ED! I've never posted any of my writing here, so I thought i'd try a shot at something i wrote ohhh...maybe last year? It's pretty old, but I haven't done much story writing lately, and I've seen a lot of positivity here when it comes to rp writing. Only those of the Hollow have seen this!! A lot of the time you see Pandaren roleplayed in a whimsical, silly light, with booze in each paw, a buffet of food at their table, but it's important to remember that even though they bask in the beauty that is life, they have also suffered through many tragedies as a race, and as individuals. That being said, they're fun as hell! )) Lao Cranesong let out a heavy sigh as he finished setting out his yaks for their early morning run-about. Something was weighing heavy on the old farmer's mind, and it wasn't for the first time. As he shuffled quietly back to his small home in the fog of the early light, he reminisced on days past. Days he had tried to erase from his memory for good. ------------- The man took a long swig of whatever drink he had in his glass that day, thrusting it down on the table with a harsh noise. Just by observing him you'd be able to tell he was broken and beat down. His body sagged and he seemed not to notice anyone in the midnight bustle of the pub. with the Shado-Pan busy fighting the mantid in the Silken fields, it really wasn't safe to be out, but the man found his way to the bar anyway. "She's not gonna want me around no more!" The man seemed to speak to nobody, bags under his eyes told worried onlookers that he wasn't to be approached. "All I do is for this damn woman, and she goes and tries to leave me!" he chugs another quick drink and rises from his seat, swaying in the process. A gentle looking older woman cautiously approaches him from behind the bar and gives him a soft look. "Sir, i'm afraid you have to leave." When the brown furred Pandaren finally stumbled into his own residence, he was met with a harsh glare. "You've been drinking again haven't you?" the woman's voice, although high pitched and normally sing-song was cold and had venom to it. The spit that came out of his mouth as the man retorted sprayed the room, "It's the only thing I got, Wen-he!" And with this, tears. Her face shifted as quickly as the wind changes and she covered her beautiful ginger-furred face with her paws. As the man noticed her ring on her finger gone, his demeanor changed as well. "Wen..." He tried to approach her now. "Don't you dare touch me! It is your fault we cannot have children, Lao! Instead of -doing- something about it, you go and you spend all day drinking with the pigs!" the venom was back, but weaker and not as meaningful this time. "I...I just need some time to myself Lao, I'll be back after the weekend. My sister is waiting for me." And with that Wen-he Cranesong grabbed the only bag she seemed to have and stormed out in the dead of night. -------- The old farmer now settled into his empty bed, looking at the only thing he had left of his deceased wife, a small, ornate picture frame with seashells on the edge with a painting of him and Wen-he, smiling happily on a trip to the shores of Krasarang. As he closed his eyes for the night, a soft gentle song in his native tongue escaped his lips; Flower of jasmine, so fair! Flower of jasmine, so fair! Budding and blooming here and there, Pure and fragrant all do declare. Let me pick you with tender care, Sweetness for all to share. Jasmine fair, oh Jasmine fair. My sweet, Wen-heCranesong8 20h