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Oct 7 Such Wonder, Much Faction Choosing Hello :) I'm wondering which side you like to play on more; Horde or Alliance? I know this is all personal opinion, but I've played as both sides and I'm a little conflicted as to which side to go on. I'm going to be moving this priest over, and playing her exclusively. Thanks!Aelusia23 Oct 7
Oct 6 WTS Grunty the Murloc Code Hey there folks! Was going through a bunch of old memorabilia at my house, when I found my unused 2009 Blizzcon reward card, with an unscratched back containing a code for Grunty the Murloc Marine. Not interested in selling on ebay for $, would prefer it go to an EDer for some gold. If anyone is interested post here or add me in game!Zenflex24 Oct 6
Oct 6 Warsong Battalion purges Tanaan of Heretics Tanaan has been cleansed of all possible alliance rebellions against the empire attempting to form up. All Warsong Soldiers fought hard and bravely for the empire!Haesthlin80 Oct 6
Oct 6 This realm needs some help And I found just the way to fix this realm! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58mah_0Y8TU (what happens when boredom kicks in)Arn47 Oct 6
Oct 6 Desolation of Go'rel (This was based off IC fighting and a duel between Gor'watha warband and Blackrock, I would like to thank Gor'watha for there part) Smoke filled the air as Blackrock launched volley after volley of death upon Go'rel's men his men scrambled the screams of terror, fire and smoke clogged the sky they would dare attack his mountain he is the champion of blackrock. . Boss we got some git in our nozzle we cant fire. Boss there attacking what are supposed to do? Were being shot at, theirs guns and explosions everywhere! Charge growled the old general we live for this minute. Victory at any cost!! The orc fell in behind the general there numbers falling quickly as the weapons of his clan shredded his men into gristle. Waaaagh!!! as his orcs slammed into the iron wall of blackrock, How dare they march threw the portal and attack the true horde. As the smoke cleared, the false Blackrock was slain there commander was captured and waiting to be executed. There sat the commander forced to her knees head held in shame, Though his men let her keep her armor save for the helmet on. Remove her armor no real warrior would let the enemies capture them. Green mist escaped her mouth as she muttered, General Go'rel you !@#$, you traitor! How could you betray Ripgut, Burg and myself? Tears welled up in Rona's eyes We respected you, followed your every command! You were like a father to me she choked out as tears rolled down her face the hurt and betrayal etched on her face. Go'rel looked down at her his eyes full of rage and hate. Weakness is why Rona, I gave you, your chance and your loyalty to Ripgut was misplaced. Burg's death meant nothing he was attached to his "pets" he cared for them and proved his weakness, as for Ripgut he was never the same after the war with Gor'watha he was a broken man unfit to lead. He snarled and now I kill you and destroy the last of a failed legacy! At that Go'rel awoke in his room in Booty Bay the sounds of the sea the only thing he could hear. He looked to his sword and armor for the first time in his long life the general felt no pride in his combat skill he provoked Rona until she would fight with him, though clean he would swear he could smell her blood still on his sword. What transpired earlier in the day still boggled the old man's mind. Ripgut picked a fight with trolls he couldn't win and they insulted him and the clan, he had no choice but to accept the challenge, but he lost to the troll it didn't matter how close it was but the troll spared him as an act of mercy. Rona tended to his wounds but instead of being grateful to a young and beautiful orcess he lashed out at her like she was some stupid peon who dared to talk outta line, then he continually made snide little comments until she punched him in the jaw, then the fight broke out she was as skilled in combat as she was a healer but she was meet with overwhelming force and her anger was tangible. He loved her like a daughter and would do anything for her, he wanted to apologize and comfort her it could all end if he walked down the hall and told her he didn't mean it that he would let her strike him. Part of him knew that if he were younger she could be her mate and their children would be strong and wise, but he couldn't do it he wouldn't walk down the hall or let her strike at him. For the first time in more years than Go'rel could remember he felt remorse, this feeling keep building up inside of him, He grit his teeth and swallowed his pain. He slid his pants on and stood at the railing of the sea, the goblins watched him but the rule of thumb was they wouldn't bother the old man he put in work for them, so he was given some leeway. A tear ran down the generals scarred face, she may hate me but it's for the best.Zengna0 Oct 6
Oct 6 Now what KTM?! ''Sorry, we only carry the BMW lineup Husqvarna'' http://italhusky.com They can kiss my !@# for all i care. What kind of company that drops all the previous parts and discontinues them? Silly that Ktm is trying to bring back the Cagiva aesthetics, but they will never beat Italian history and quality of Husqvarna, not this homogenized Husaberg relabeled as ''Husqvarna. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frWCM71lc6kBubbaboomkin8 Oct 6
Oct 6 [A] <Ashes of the Phoenix> recruiting 6.2 Hello and welcome to Ashes of the Phoenix, one of the longest standing Alliance guilds on the Emerald Dream server. We are actively recruiting skilled and dedicated players to wrap up heroic Hellfire Citadel on our way into Mythic content. Currently we are 13/13N and 7/13H. We raid Tu/F/Su at 7:00PM Server (8:00PM EST). We are a close-knit group looking who enjoy raiding and progressing through difficult content. We offer guild repairs, enchants, and mats for all core raiders. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact any of our Officers in-game or to leave a reply on this forum post. Officers include: Dilliam, Elioth, Gehrond, and Braenor. Current needs: Tank: One, any non-warrior, druid or paladin pref Healers: Some, any classes with shaman highest priority Melee DPS: Enhancement shaman and DK highest priority Ranged DPS: Mage, Boomkin, Warlock, Shadow priest (very high priority) If your class is not needed above, feel free to apply anyway. All excellent applicants will be considered.Lemontastic15 Oct 6
Oct 5 [RP] Curiosity Killed the Wolf “Why?” Aether Allerstan stared at his tiny, toddling daughter, in something that resembled disbelief. “Shouldn’t you be out of this phase by now?” Maethera Allerstan, the daughter in question, merely tugged harder on her father’s cloak. “Why?” She demanded. “Why what?” Maethera pointed at her father’s desk. “Why paper?” she demanded. “Because your father has to file paperwork.” “Why?” “Because that’s part of his job.” “Why?” “Because it helps them keep records.” “Why?” “So they know what I’ve done specifically if they need to go look at it.” “Why?” “Well if I’ve done something wrong, they want to know exactly why I did.” “Why?” “Well, so they can fix it.” “Why?” “Because it’s wrong.” “Why?” Aether shook his head, and reached down, picking up his five year old daughter. “That’s enough questions.” Maethera leaned back, looking at her father for a moment. “Why?” Aether looked over his daughter’s shoulder in exasperation at his laughing wife. “This is your fault.” He accused her. Ignoring Maethera’s automatic ‘Why?’, Eleanor Allerstan simply smiled. “Curiosity isn’t a bad thing.” Aether raised an eyebrow. “She won’t hit her tenth birthday if she keeps this up.” Eleanor glared at him at that. “Oh, shush.” ~ Maethera Allerstan was excited. Today was her first day of school! Her mother had walked her to the schoolhouse and left her there, and she’d filed in and sat on one of the benches, eager to start the day. The teacher smiled at the class full of young Gilneans, before announcing she’d begin the day with the History of Gilneas. She lectured on, about the wars, about the Greymanes, about the Wall. Finally, the lecture was finished, and the teacher beamed. “Any questions?” Maethera’s hand shot up into the air. “Yes…?” “Maethera.” The teacher raised an eyebrow at that. “Unique name.” Maethera nodded. “Well, what is your question?” “Why did Gilneas leave the Alliance?” The teacher frowned. “I explained – we are quite self-sufficient, there was no need for us to be apart of it.” “But they were fighting the orcs, and orcs are bad. Why didn’t we help?” “We didn’t need them.” Maethera furrowed her brow. “But why?” The teacher frowned, feeling the first tugs of irritation. “Because we are capable of looking after ourselves.” She enunciated, slowly, as if talking to a fool. There were a few snickers in the classroom. Maethera shook her head, obviously thinking. “But why didn’t we help? Wouldn’t helping them have kept us safer?” “We are fully capable of looking after ourselves.” Maethera paused, considering this for a long moment. “So we didn’t help, because we can look after ourselves.” She said, slowly, mulling over the words. The teacher nodded. “Yes- now-“ Maethera cut her off, eager to ask her next question. “Why did we build the wall?” The teacher was now irritated. “To keep our enemies out.” “….but what about all the people outside it?” “Stormwind, you mean-?” Maethera shook her head. “No, Gilneans. And land! My family has land outside the wall.” The teacher sniffed. “Keeping Gilneas safe is more important than a few holdings, Maethera.” Maethera frowned at that. “But if we need the wall to be safe, why didn’t we just help the Alliance? Wouldn’t we not need a wall, then?” She asked, feeling it a reasonable question. “Helping the Alliance would not have kept us safe.” Maethera’s brow furrowed deeper. “But why?” “Because the Alliance is a bunch of fools!” the teacher finally snapped. Maethera frowned, not completely hearing or understanding the inflection in her teacher’s tone. “Why?” The teacher turned red in the face. Finally, she asked. “What is your name?” Maethera was confused. “Maethera-“ The teacher waved a hand dismissively. “No, your last name.” Maethera blinked. “Allerstan.” At that, the teacher actually sneered at her. “Allerstan.” The ten year old girl nodded. “Yes ma’am.” “You are not a Gilnean. That is why you are asking all your silly questions.” Maethera blinked again, more confused than before. “I was born here.” She pointed out. She thought for another moment. “And so was my father.” The teacher shook her head. “But your grandfather was not. Your grandfather was from Stormwind.” “But I was born here.” “Your grandfather was not. That is why you will never understand.” “But I-“ “You are disrupting the classroom. You may leave.”Maethera3 Oct 5
Oct 5 For Kul Tiras! [RPPvP] Warm months 98th day at sea.. We have traveled past the Maelstrom and have seen monsters that we never knew existed. Low on food, but not on faith, we sailed. The sun and the moon has guided us for compasses have not worked since the cataclysm. I watched as some of my detachment perished to sickness and disease. Good men were sacrificed for the chance to reach the outside world. Although we know not the way back we must reach whatever remains of the Alliance. Cold months, 119th day.... We have found an isle, The men that remain are too weak to move. None have eaten in days. I myself am barely able to stand; but where we are anchored at now, fishing shouldn't be a problem. We shall stay on board until we can defend ourselves and explore this isle.Soon after we departed the isle, what remained of my battalion made our way north to a beach where a welcome sight awaited us: an Alliance banner as well as troops.After debriefing and a meal we were brought up to as what we had missed.... As the Marines took it all in, our blood boiled at what we were hearing. Tales of a warlord, and of a continent of bear like creatures, also of the the Horde’s looming presence that threatens to destroy this world. Hearing this our conviction was strengthened. We shall go to the King and give him our fullsupport. For Lord Admiral Proudmoore’s memory we shall retake Tiragarde keep.The Horde shall not run rampant! The ground shall drink their blood,and Tol Barad shall fill once more. With the help of our allies, we shall bring the Kul Tiras Marines back to its former glory. <Kul Tiras Marine corps> RPPvP Are recruiting all soldiers to fight on the front lines to reclaim Tiragarde Contact an officer for invite.Njörðhr20 Oct 5
Oct 5 [H] <foul> Let's get Drunk <foul> Our focus is PvP: arenas, guild-hosted tournaments and events, a bit of WPvP, and RBGs. <foul> dabbles in light role-play as well, and while we encourage our members to partake, it isn’t a requirement to join our ranks (nonetheless it is to be respected). We also have an amazingly creepy mumble. This guild is all about our laid back atmosphere and our ability to have fun. We are players who wanted the freedom to make our own decisions on how we respond to our gaming environments. Everyone has a voice in <foul> and we’d love to hear from you. How do you know if <foul> is the right fit for you? First, check out this recruitment video. It highlights most of the things this guild has to offer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4PIlnOjs0k You like friendly competition.We don’t just fight the Alliance -- we like to fight each other too! We often hold a randomized 2v2 tournament and will reward the winner(s) with prizes. We also host other events from time to time, so please make sure to check your calendar on occasion. Several of us also have Alliance alts, and we will gank each other at the drop of a hat. c: You are comfortable enough to chat with us in mumble.We hardly use our Gchat and it’s probably not the best way to grab our attention. ONLY ANTI-SOCIALS USE G-CHAT. Mumble is a better way for us to get to know the person behind the character. It is also a must if you wish to join any of our teams. You must also not have a problem with creepy noises and laughing in mumble. Yammi gets a bit carried away sometimes. Ok, all the time. You have thick-skin.We like to poke fun at Jig and Dustfingur a lot (sometimes each other as well!), and our jokes can be morally questionable at times. If you are easily insulted run the other way! Very fast. Have some standards.We will not tolerate the crashing of RP events. Most RP events are obvious and you’d have to be stupid not to realize it. You will be booted from the guild if you do so. You’re more than welcome to forum-PVP or twitter yourself silly- just be mindful of your trolling level, and don’t wish cancer on someone’s children or something. Don’t be a complete tool and don’t start tossing out IRL insults that make US look bad. If you’d like to participate in rated play with us, you should have the ability to buckle down. We realize not everyone wants to fiddle about with rated play, and that’s all fine and dandy, but if you’re expecting Bacon to toss you an invite for an RBG, just know that we expect a couple things from you. You don’t have to be the bloody best, but make an obvious effort – show us that you’re willing to improve and that you can take things seriously. Don’t screw over OUR fun just because you think you’re being cute. Because chances are, you’re just being an !@#$%^-. Initiation process: Know the difference between Ganlord and Gaylord. You will be required to put Dustfingur in his place at any given time. Remember he speaks to no one unless spoken too. You must do whatever Rutee says at any given time. =3 RBG Teams! We're currently recruiting… a lot of things. We’re in the progress of rebuilding our *!@#, and hope to be running consistently in the near future. Healers and capable target callers are ALWAYS needed. Please be aware that upon signing up for a <foul> RBG, you are expected to be present and on time. Failure may result in disintegration and your loved ones notified of their loss. Sorry, not sorry. RP! The great thing about <foul> RP is that we really give you the freedom to operate in mostly whatever fashion you see fit! Our story is a Mercenary group working for our dope-$%^ company, but as with any group, we’ll have need of everyone from a Chef all the way up to an aggressively passive drug addict! Which is right for you? Guild defense is set up in Stonard. Will respond to pings if we feel like it. (Which is never.) RP background posted by Hoskold (we miss you Hoskold!). http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9881949241 Stromgaurd story line. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/10497759771 Writing contest some members hosted last year. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14058727314#1 Other Games: We also play a lot of other games together, such as Minecraft, H1Z1, Gmod, and Team Fortress 2. Ask in guild and see who else plays! Members! Resident Asian: Third leg Yammi Co-GM: Lexandriah (Just here to look pretty), Tazral (Dem bunny ears guuurl~) Officers: Rutee (Rank-One Gypsy and nicest person in the guild! =D), Booze (Wargame initiator), Bacon (He who must be dispelled), Vorinthe (Wallowitz), Dustfingur (gross….) Interested in joining our ranks? Whisper an officer!Anya499 Oct 5
Oct 5 [RP contest entry] Enemy (( if you would rather have this read to you click the link and enjoy the sounds of Professor Pachy https://youtu.be/k3qZ0EltlHk )) Only one of my enemies can fill me with fright. To battle this thing I must go on alone, before I do more things for which I can never atone. He shows me his face every night. Clouding my thoughts, taking my sight. I cant keep hoping that mercy be shown the time has come to reap what I've sown. I just hope this time I put up a fight. If I try hard enough I can reach my goal. The time is now the enemy moves nearer. But years of fighting has taken its toll. I need to focus, try and see clearer. He loses again as he lights up his bowl. "There he is." He thought as he looked in the mirror.Bitrathaen4 Oct 5
Oct 5 Felocity! Selling 8/8 gold challenge modes! We are selling 8/8 Gold challenge modes with over 18 months of previous success in Mists of Pandaria and 6 months of Warlords success 3k runs completed total :) The average clear takes about 2.5-3h hours give or take some time depending on spec The rewards you receive - Gorgeous transmog weapons (everything your class can equip is available) - Challengers War Yeti ! - Title : The Indomitable - 360 achievement points. Requirements:. - A DPS specialization - Have Skype! we use skype for our communication and you'll need to be able to listen for things like invis potting! Contact me Skype - Felololqt since we use skype as our communication you'll need to have an account! (btag: chrislol#1816) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Felocity/advancedChenielle0 Oct 5
Oct 5 ((RP Story- Black Arrow and Silver sickness)) (( Little RP story as Shotaris and I start a new thingy. not too long of a story also some Silver sickness thrown in! And what’s this? another small cameo for my priest for an upcoming plot? I think so!)) Orgrimmar’s elevators creaked and moaned, slowly making there way up to the Skyway as they always do. The loud noise and grinding wasn’t doing at all justice to Tarenor Swiftdawn’s ears, increasing his already dark mood of what had just transpired in the main Horde keep in the Valley of Honor. Your orders are clear High Commander Swiftdawn, he is a murderer and a traitor, you will capture this “Black Arrow” or Shotaris, whatever you call him and bring him to justice, You are a man of justice are you not? Or do I have to brand you a traitor too? The general had been very clear, shown him proof even of tare’s close friend and comrade, being a traitor, a murderer- no a slaughterer. He killed an entire family for what? Gold? power? simple damn boredom? He needed to find out more. Yes he was a merc, but he’s a good man, always supported Tarenor through his time so far in command. After these past few weeks though, and now this, his list of those he can trust is getting smaller.. and smaller. He made his way up the skyway and towards the zepplin tower to the Eastern Kingdoms, for some reason though there was a large crowd exiting and boarding. As he drew closer and closer he saw that many of the people were sick, horrible scars and mutations grew on their arms. It looks like sha-infestation.. but different- that’s odd, even the forsaken have it, and they all look like warlocks or mages.. Tare boarded the zeppelin and watched the strange infected group limp or be carried towards the Drag until the canyon city was shrouded in by the surrounding mountains. Hours past and the odd sha-like infested group soon was far from Tare’s mind, what he focused on was the new task placed upon him. The tracking down and capture of a close friend and one of the leaders of the Merc outfit allied to the Highguard. If not played out he could be facing another enemy, but one closer to home. One he doubt even the highguard could fight and come out alive. Reaching Tirisfal Glades finally he walked down the dark tower where the zeps make dock, he hardly noticed that scores of more infected people where around waiting gloomly for the next zep. But something did catch his eye as he made his way towards the ruins of Lordaeron City, many of the one here were Sin’dorei just sitting around camp fires while doctors and even Royal Apothecary Society professors worked on the infected to know avail. Tare hoped direly that whatever this was, was only a isolated case, perhaps a RAS experiment gone bad. But if not he better make sure his battalion is safe. First Shotaris, now whatever this is. Light, what else can possibly happen? On one of the walls overlooking the causeway to the Teleporter to Silvermoon, a lone forsaken walked the parapets. The corpse leaned heavily on a staff that on it’s top were candles that burnt a dark shadowy flame. He has followed Swiftdawn for weeks now from the shadows. His... “pets” watched others in his battalion, always keeping tabs. never seen. Professor Kalvinus Wormwood smirked slyly under his dark cowl. he caressed one of the candle’s flames. “No.. no my dears, not yet. But soon, for the Shadows always beckon.”Tarenor2 Oct 5
Oct 5 @CBH Hey so I was talking with one of y'all and I d/c'd right as you sent me some contact info about planning an event. Sorry about that. Uhh, if you could either resend me that stuff in-game or post it here, that'd be great.Antorias10 Oct 5
Oct 5 DoA is back for Hallow's End! Hallow s End is nearly here, Gather round, we'll spread Some fear. The clouds move in and darkness grows, Sounds drowned out by the caw of crows. Watch your step, the tenacious may stumble, The Defilers rise, and gravestones crumble. We're back to help Emerald Dream celebrate our favorite holiday! So grab your spookiest gear, and help us spread some Forsaken cheer.Teirvel7 Oct 5
Oct 5 [Story] The Frosthand [[Posting this here for purposes of linkage, but you all can enjoy it as well]] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Llaine Tetheros. That was my name. Paladin of Lordaeron, knight of the Silver Hand. My faith was unwavering and my dedication to justice unrelenting. The Light was my shield and my guide, and I its hammer of retribution. My life was rich and happy. I had a lover, Natalie Hawkins... to this day I can still recall the smell of her hair on the breeze, the touch of her skin to my hand. Though war with the Horde raged we had peace within the sanctuary of our life together, and I knew nothing would ever tear us apart. I had everything I could ever hope or dream of having, and I was contented. Then, Arthas the Betrayer... took everything from me. We fought valiantly to defend our city. The hordes of Undead washed over Lordaeron like a tide washes over sand, and not even the power of the Light could stay the hand of the Lich King. Natalie and I barely escaped, saving as many as we could along the way. I kept faith, faith that one day I would walk Lordaeron's streets again with my love at my side and this undead nightmare would be kept in the archives of Alliance history where it belonged. Natalie and I joined the Argent Dawn and fought the Scourge in the Plaguelands, trying to reclaim our home. Despite the unending tides of the undead we kept hope, and I kept that faith. I held onto it tightly, I believed with such fervency, and I struggled to keep up the spirits of my brothers in arms and my lover. In the end... my faith was my undoing. It was a rainy early morning. All throughout the night we had battled the Scourge, losing so many of our warriors in the process. A general retreat was called, and I sent Natalie ahead. I stayed back to hold off any advance Scourge forces and allow my comrades to escape. I knew my faith would see me to the morning. I knew the Light would see me to the dawn. I died in the mud and mire of that stretch of blasted land. The Light did not save me. My brothers in arms did not save me. Natalie did not save me. My faith had betrayed me. I had lost everything. In the darkness of death I stayed, peaceful, quiet. I bore no pain, I knew no sadness. There was nothing but the Void. Once again, I was contented. And suddenly, I was ripped from my slumber by hands of ethereal ice. My body burst forth from the dirt screaming, stumbling, wracked with pain. Before I could make sense of what was happening I heard his voice in my head, the Lich King, whispering with the subtlety of a crack of thunder, "YOU ARE MINE." I couldn't resist, I couldn't keep a grasp on my own free will. I was a servant of the Lich King. I was a Death Knight. It was not long before I was judged worthy, and I joined the ranks of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. Under the command of Highlord Mograine I committed unspeakable atrocities. I was an instrument of the Lich King's wrath. All who opposed him were slaughtered by my brethren and I. We were a tide of frozen darkness that consumed all we set our eyes upon. The Dark Riders of the Scourge. The Blades of the Lich King. My unlife was gripped by a singular, driving purpose - to serve Arthas the Betrayer - and I did so willingly. Gladly. The day the Lich King's Death Knights were severed from his control, was one of the worst days of my life. My soul and my memories returned to me. I recalled Lordaeron, I recalled the sacking by the Scourge, I recalled the day of my death. I recalled Natalie. I sought out a tomb in which I could seal myself away in what used to be the lands of the Scarlet Crusade. I don't know how long I lay upon that cold dusty stone screaming my repentance for my sins. Eventually the screams died out, replaced by cold, numb silence. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to simply die again, return to the cold black nothing of the Void. But, I could not bring myself to do it. I was given new life for a reason, I had to have been. I was cut off from the Light, I felt only cold, but one does not need the Light to live an altruistic life. I would repent for my sins by aiding others. I would be the Shadow that follows the Light, treading where those still blessed by the Light cannot. I would be the hand of retribution that strikes out from the darkness, I would aid the Light, and those who still bathed in it, even if I would never again feel its warmth for myself. I would do this for repentance. I would do this for Lordaeron. I would do this for my love, my light, my Natalie. And I would extract my revenge upon Arthas the Betrayer. My name is Llaine. I am the frozen blade in the darkness, striking out in the name of the Light. My sins will be absolved. My vengeance will be absolute.Calemoth3 Oct 5
Oct 5 Tell me I'm not alone in this, ED When making an RP mog... http://i.imgur.com/YFZYM3B.gifPachyderm21 Oct 5
Oct 5 monty spriest movie teaser I made a thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipqvFJYC9NQ&feature=youtu.be soon maybe edited because people kept asking me what thread it wasAuyaa22 Oct 5
Oct 5 [RP] Triple Cross (( continued from "Rivals," which can be read here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/19136253443 )) Liv frowned at the man standing in front of her desk at her apothecary shop. A rather unpresuming blood elf, Sinreal Bloodthistle tended to outperform some of the other snitches. It was an occupational hazard when you employed spies and eavesdroppers that some of them would get too caught up in the fantasy of the position and make fatal errors. From the beginning, Sinreal had proved himself to be the opposite. He dispatched his order with the subtlety and tact that assignments of that nature required. Yet, he stood in front of her desk, and Liv knew he was lying to her. Perhaps it was the way his left eyebrow twitched involuntarily. A fraction of a movement, but movement nonetheless. A nervous tic if she ever saw one. Or perhaps it was the telltale way he wouldn’t meet her eyes, but rather focused on a fixed point somewhere on her left cheek. She sighed inwardly and clasped her hands in front of her. “Sinreal, how long have you been working for me?” Tic. “Just over a year, ma’am.” Tic. “And in that time, have you even once been successful in lying to me?” Tic, tic. “Not that you know of.” “You’re lying to me now, Sinreal. What are you lying to me about?” Silence. Tic. Tic. The man was frozen, his expression as neutral as he could manage, but for the stray twitching eyebrow he would have had a decent poker face. Liv would have to move him to a desk job, she decided. If he got this nervous out in the field… “Very well. Until you come clean with me, you’ll be working with Ancilas on translations. Report to him at Fairbreeze Village by nightfall.” He bowed his head, not protesting the reassignment, and practically skittered out of the office. Liv rubbed her forehead with the back of one hand. She hated dealing with double-dippers. One of her rivals had obviously gotten to him. A knock at the door interrupted her reverie. Ciaran stood in the threshold with a chilled pitcher of moonberry juice. Liv gestured for her to sit in the place recently vacated by Sinreal. Her apprentice did so after closing the door behind her, setting the pitcher in front of the rogue and producing a pair of wooden cups from an apron. “You wouldn’t know anything about Sinreal’s new employer, would you?” Liv asked, inspecting her cup for a moment before pouring for herself. Ciaran waited for her mistress to finish before following suit. “I have a pretty good guess, if you’d like to hear it.” Liv nodded, gesturing for her to proceed as she took a sip. The heavy, overly-sweet beverage was tangy and refreshing, but Liv inwardly bemoaned that it wasn’t coffee. “You recently took a trip to Dalaran, yes?” Liv nodded. “To see your old boss.” Again, Liv nodded. “You’re doing better at observing, Ciaran. You think V may be behind this?” Ciaran shrugged noncommittally. “Who else would it be? Most of your other rivals in the Eastern Kingdoms would rather wipe out your operation than subvert it. You mentioned that he wanted a percentage. Maybe he intends to get it with or without your permission.” “Hmm…” Liv drummed her fingers against the side of her cup. “It’s certainly more his style than theirs. I had better look into it.” She reached into a drawer and withdrew a sheet of stationary and a pen. Without looking up at Ciaran, she began to draft a letter to Silane. “Is there anything you need me to do?” the apprentice asked, gathering the pitcher and cups. Liv shook her head, then frowned. She looked up, her vision blurring slightly. “I didn't mention what we talked about...” The pen slipped from her hand to clatter against the desk top, blotches of ink forming where the nib rested against the parchment. A moment later, Liv slumped forward in her chair. The last word passed her lips in a breathless growl. “!@#$%…” When Ciaran was sure Liv wouldn’t spring up from her stupor to slit her throat, the younger elf reached around her employer and retrieved a fresh sheet of parchment. In a nearly-flawless imitation of Liv’s cramped scrawl, she finished the letter the older elf had begun to one of her lovers. ... (( cont. ))Livyani4 Oct 5
Oct 5 What do rogues and noobs have in common? They both pick locks.Mìyagi18 Oct 5
Oct 4 Clan Warbeard vs the horde HI guys, we are almost to a point where we can do some wargames. Would anyone on the horde who has some lvl 29s, like schedule a few games with us? As you might know, Clan Warbeard is a lvl 29 twink guild. We would love to get some practice so we can start other events against twink guilds. If anyone is interested please let me know so we can set something up. I really appreciate your time guys.Bhalgram14 Oct 4
Oct 4 Considering transferring but have never rped Hello all, Im looking for a server with a good close knit community and my research has led me to emerald dream. I love pvp, looking get more into raiding with the release of legion but nothing hardcore. This realm seems a lot of fun but I have never rped before. Im totally down to try it but is there a huge amount of it on here and what are some tips for a first time rper?Thrashér5 Oct 4
Oct 4 World of Warcraft in today's Graphics Came across this video of an updated World of Warcraft in today's graphics. This isn't a real Blizzard video but still somewhat neat. Imagine the other zones and what WPvP/PvE/Players would look like in these kind of graphics. What do you all think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tstt-bxdZ2sAvici20 Oct 4
Oct 4 Ya boy Matt Damon Yo so we were getting some good vibes going in the thread over there you know the thread about ya boy Robert whos just tryna have a good time chillin with all his homies but you know how it is the ed forums gotta stir that drama you feel me so we gotta switch the subject when the going gets tough and so we landed on ya boy Matt Damon in the film the Martian and let me tell you oh boy you are not gonna wanna miss this one ya boy Matt Damon just chillin on Mars with his potatoes you know he gets left behind and its like "Yo thats cool boys I'm just gonna go farm some potatoes and chill for a few years here on Mars" and everyones like "OH NO MATT DAMON IS DEAD!" but it isn't true you see ya boy Matt Damon is just chillin' there on Mars and like everyones thinkin he's dead but hes not hes just chillin and growing some potatoes fam and making some vlogs for the crew to watch later after the few years that hes just waiting around on so he makes some sick vlogs about the crew that ditched him you know when they were tryna get off Mars they forgot about ya boy Matt Damon so they had to go back and try to get him you know? So the boy Matt Damon you know I'm not usually a fan of actors you know I ain't about that hollywood lifestyle but let me tell you The Martian has changed me you know ya boy Matt Damon just scienced the !@#$ out of Mars you know take that Neil Armstrong you aint got nothing on Matt Damon, ya boy Matt Damon just made a sick potato farm even the Idahoians and the Irish ppl would be jealous of you know? That potato farm fam let me tell you gave him that extra life span boost he needed to just chill some more on the planet of Mars. fun fact did you know Mars was named after ya boy Ares, the God of War, and you know ya boy Matt Damon might as well be Ares reincarnated because you know Matt Damon %^-*ed up Mars you feel? Mars was fkn scared after that whole ordeal let me tell you man, Matt Damon struct fear into Mars' core and man that planet hasn't ever been the same you know, Mars used to be a pretty chill planet out there in the space and stuff but now Mars is a scared shivering mess and I dunno if it can ever recover from ya boy Matt Damon's wrath, its just too much for any planet to handle, even Uranus probably couldn't handle Matt Damon. Oh and by the way if you liked Interstellar and all the mind fookery that u got in that film but it was too much for u then ur gonna love Matt Damon in his new film The Martian go check it out I r8 9/10 because any more would get the people fuming because you know if you stretch for that 10/10 people get mad and its just not a good time they try to kill your vibe and man oh man ya boy Matt Damon ain't got time for no vibe killers because he's busy tryna chill on Mars. So if you got any questions about the sick new flick, The Martian, definitely hmu on twitter you know ya boy Monty here coming at you with some sick new reviews on the new films of the century and we all know ya gotta have them reviews before you go to see some films so here we are @Monty_WoW holla at cha boy Matt Damon chillin in the new movie The Martian go check it out you wont regret it bring the fam and grab some overpriced movie popcorn and dranks and you are good to go get out there go chill with ya boy Matt Damon on Mars. Oh did I forget to tell you ya boy Childish Gambino AKA Donald Glover AKA Meme Master Extraordinaire is also chillin back on Earth you know doin some astro physics stuff and man oh man does he do a wonderful job just chillin back with the crew on Earth, gotta help save ya boy Matt Damon you know? Man for a hippy you know Donald Glover really puts in work on them astro physics so let me tell you you gotta go see that new flick The Martian great movie I highly recommend thank you for readingAuyaa7 Oct 4
Oct 4 The kill on Vol' Jin Shout out to Mavaran, Unholy, and Andrew for leading groups. The kill on Vol'jin was a great victory for the Alliance. Congrats to all 7 groups!Polymorph146 Oct 4
Oct 4 [A] <Rogues> ROGUE ONLY GUILD Welcome to <Rogues>, here's a little bit about us if you want to learn more! - Who are we? Well, the clue is in the name. We are a Rogue only guild, attempting to create a social, friendly and helpful community hub for any Rogue wishing to join us on Emerald Dream. A place where us sneaky people can rally together! - What do we do? Primarily we are a social guild, really for the friendship and meeting other like-minded Roguey people. Other than that, possibly a bit of everything. Of course we aren't a raiding guild if that's what you're looking for. We will probably be mainly focused on the PVP aspects, especially world PVP. Sneaking around Orgrimmar with a squad of stealthy buggers sounds like good fun! Emerald Dream is renowned for it's WPVP. - Why should you join? Because you're a Rogue! If you want to meet and become friends with other Rogues across the realm, this is hopefully a good place to do that. Learning tips from veterans or giving tips to newbie rogues. Teaming up with some other ninjas for some ganking or whatever else. The sense of belonging? Ok I'm clutching at straws there. - Sweet, what are the requirements? Nothing, as long as you are a Rogue, you are welcome here. We'd love to have you no matter your gear or rank. Just everything Rogue, come and join the family! You can catch me in-game at: ábc (with the accent...) OR add my BattleTag: Krimbo#2771 See you in-game, Rogues!Ábc24 Oct 4
Oct 4 Small transitional announcement You'll soon see my avatar back as its typical Night Elf. Not that I think I am important, but as an avid poster, I'm sure people would comment and ask about it, so I'll toss this post up for you all. Lately, I have been more into the Alliance RP-PvP scene with my alts and I wanted to move all my assets back to one faction for the rest of WoD instead of spreading out my focus on multiple game aspects. That's pretty much it. I enjoyed my time in WSB and appreciated the opportunity to get to know Himanshu and his players and what the guild was really about. I wouldn't hesitate to rejoin them, especially if a WPvP transfer guild threat could potentially damage our community. No guild plans for my main. Plenty of stuff to occupy my time with my alts. Cheers.Charax63 Oct 4
Oct 4 Bwoknapped! The young Pygmy was uneasy this particular night. Perhaps it was the familiar stench of the residents of the Blue Recluse.."Wh0res," Bwok was told they were called, although never to the face. Such a lesson has earned the small fellow a slap or many, and he was in no mood this particular night. A stroll was in order, so he prepped accordingly. Leaving his trusty shovel behind, he was vulnerable, but still felt safe within the city walls. It was after a few hours, but the evening would soon change from good to bad. The little one fell into their trap, and before he could act, a strange sack covered his entire body and he was swooped into the air. "Gotcha," he heard before being carried away, to where.....who knows?Bwok11 Oct 4
Oct 4 Tale of a Wizard.... There was once a young Paladin, not just a Paladin.. But a Paladin... He went by the name "Jason Mason Brander, here's his tale... One stormy night, a hat named "Kal'zad" was in search of a head to call home. Kal'zad was in search for many, many hu'man years, he spotted a man.. Not just a man but a strange boy named Jason, the man looked as if he was busting out dance moves by a large fire. Kal'zad found his target, he flew towards the man, screaming "take one, take all" he attached his Wizard hat bottom to the head of the man. The man woke up the next day naked.. He was covered in blood of a boar which he was chewing on in his sleep. He places his hands on the top of his head and said "They're eating her! And then they're going to eat me! Oh. My. God!" He passed back out. The tale continues but the pages look as if they've been pelvic thrusted in half... Good day, travelers.Jasonbrander2 Oct 4
Oct 3 Thundering ruby cloud serpent looking to buy the mount Thundering ruby cloud serpent, send me a btag request, have gold on either faction, jramm187#1832Jrammy0 Oct 3
Oct 3 [RP Video] Refugees of the Alliance I made a new video to add a bit of backstory. Hope you like it! https://vimeo.com/141237041Siddis3 Oct 3
Oct 3 Looking for 1030PM+ raiding Guild, exp raider Title. I have played WOW and lead raiding guilds for roughly 10 years. I have recently come back to wow, and have an itch to play. I'm currently a 700 warlock (PVP Gear AMIRITE) working on my ring. I can make Any times on any days past 1030 PM, and I am available Friday/Saturday also at any times. Entarium#1386 is my battle tag, add me and let's talk about your guild. I don't mind if your progression isn't the greatest.Blunted0 Oct 3
Oct 3 Favorite class for WPvP? What is your favorite class for some WPvP funs and why? I'm partial to paladin and lock, myself.Earthshatter5 Oct 3
Oct 3 Cringe-tastic! I realize that some of you may have seen this video, but I'd like to show those that may not have seen it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al4V-BN9TkYNakunaru67 Oct 3
Oct 3 I hope Gizzee sees this! <3 I'm not sure what's up in your life but I hope you are doing well and I want you to know you are still one of my favorite people and I miss you! <Meddle> is very quiet these days and several people including myself have left because it was just bumming us out not seeing you and trying to get events going with very little success. I hope you are doing well, whether you're taking a break or done with WoW for good. You've been a great friend to me and I wish I had another way to contact you but this is it, I guess! Don't believe my avatar, because it's totally lying. I am actually a lovely Tauren Paladin and I'm in <Foul>! I know I'm filthy Horde now, but I'd like to think you wouldn't want to turn me into a steak dinner if you saw my pretty transmog and I waved at you! ;) You're one of the most genuinely kind and uplifting people I've met in this game, and I hope I see you around soon! :) "You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." -Robin Williams P.S. I miss that hat!! <3Natalie4 Oct 3
Oct 3 Stormwind Monthly An exciting new opportunity awaits for those of you that aspire to do more than just fight for the Alliance. The Stormwind Monthly is a new newspaper dedicated to spreading the truth, bringing joy to those that desire reading material while parked in an outhouse, and for those that need something for the dog to go on. But most importantly, we’re here to provide a service for you. Are you an experienced or aspiring freelance journalist? photographer? advice columnist? Do you find yourself reaching for your camera in the heat of battle, instead of your sword? Can you document your fights with reasonable accuracy as well as creatively with at least average spelling and grammar? I want to know! Our moderately trained professionals would like you to work for us. We have positions for: At least 3 field journalists to document battles against the horde. Maybe 1 or 2 journalists to cover events and social gatherings. Maybe 1 or 2 journalists to write fluff pieces or advice columns. A field photographer to photograph battles! A photographer to document important social events! If you can cover any of those positions please contact our office and send in the relevant qualifications and documentation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello ladies and gents, I am here today to speak to you about a little something I have been brainstorming. Due to my busy life lately I have found myself struggling to put as much time into the game and therefore have been finding it hard to fill that little RP void inside me that is growing - so I am trying to find a way to contribute and create RP without having to pour hours into the game. So here I am, with an idea. I'd like to create an Alliance newspaper made almost entirely of user submissions. RP articles written about events that transpired in the game, be it PVP, parties, what have you. I would like to have a classifieds section where people can write about their professions, things they have for sale (pls no Urivial, you can't participate in that), and even guild recruitment. I'd like to have advice columns, user submitted photography, and all of the things you would really see in a newspaper. The opportunities are really up to you guys, but I would love some feedback and if anybody would like to participate, you're welcome to. If you would like to start submitting articles, or if you would like to communicate with me about it without being nice to me in front of your friends that don't like me you can do so here: stormwindmonthly@gmail.comZebra6 Oct 3
Oct 3 [RP] First Traces: Silver Sickness Stormwind Harbor was eternally noisy, even at night. Ships would arrive and depart at a constant rate under the tolling of bells and the strong salty winds assaulted the senses of any landlubber -- but the men and women of the Alliance working there were well used to it all. The latest shipment of goods for soldiers fighting on Draenor was ready: Weapons, ammo, and fresh men had been sent to relieve weary combatants over the past few months, and it became routine and almost mundane at this point. Compared to the desperate rush of when the Dark Portal was first sealed during the the Iron Horde retreat, these portal openings were almost leisurely. The portals were vital, a necessary life-line linking the two worlds together. Magus Andelaeon Dawnsinger stood in a large circle of power alongside other mages within a wide open lot in the harbor, each dressed in brilliant blue and gold. A quel’dorei such as Andelaeon carried soft features that clashed against the rough humans and dwarven magi, but all ultimately carried themselves similarly, their studies and love for of knowledge being their bond. Beautiful and outright bewildering to the uninitiated, the runes within the circle of power adorned the soil in a sort of chaotic symmetry. It was uneasy tonight, how they would wait. The high elf blamed himself; perhaps he had held his quill a bit too harshly earlier… perhaps he did actually catch his fingers on a door shutting closed. His fingertips were bruised, and it hurt to get a perfect grip on his stave. Pressing onward, the other magi raised their staves in unison and waited for the order to come through. A bassy, powerful voice echoed against distant shipyard walls, washing over the rows of soldiers standing in formation. “Listen up! We’ll be sending in the 12th Gilnean Royal Infantry and receiving in exchange the last of the 3rd Westfall Battalion tonight.” Commander Hightower would be heard before being seen by the weak glow of the torches. An absolute bear of a man, little imagination was needed as to how he earned his rank. “Stand clear, our men will need the space.” Standing back, he looked at the men standing ready and then to the mages. “Open it up!” A violent snap was heard as the mages twisted and bended the space at the heart of the circle. Overwhelming amounts of power tickled at the skin, the fabric of the air appeared to swallow itself into a vortex… until a beam of light shot through. Daylight broke through the pinhole, dilating quickly into a beam of light and shining onto Magus Dawnsinger, the awaiting men, and an apparently-satisfied Commander Hightower. Stabilizing, the portal’s power gave way for Draenor’s humid, gentle air. It was heartwarming how such downtrodden soldiers returning from Draenor were welcomed by awaiting families. Two columns of men streamed back onto Azeroth, breaking ranks just moments after arriving. Smudged faces and thousand-yard stares gave way to tears of joy, children running to their brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers. Minutes later, Commander Hightower barked again, satisfied with the last of the returning men coming through. “9th Gilnean Royal Infantry! Forward! March!” Dozens of Gilneans poured into the portal, two single-file lines marched into Stormshield and each carrying crates or sacks worth of supplies. Invigorated, the inbound soldiers would be unstoppable. The last worgen passed through unceremoniously, her mind far elsewhere. The rift between such vast amounts of space began to collapse, leaving the dirt underneath ruined and reducing the meticulously drawn runes to nothing. The mages looked at eachother, Andelaeon himself knew something was amiss. Licking his lip, he tugged at his glove’s ring finger… and revealed that the bruise had darkened and had spread to his knuckle. Far from shocked, confusion was the first emotion that came to mind… and it intensified when he would press his thumb against the affected fingers. The magi began to usher amongst themselves, shedding their gloves and revealing infected patches on their extremities. Heads began to shake, and the mages all looked onto the arriving soldiers with knitted brows and concerned expressions. Andalaeon’s lips pressed into a hard, thin line. ((This short RP is directly linked to the events of Silver Sickness, a multi-server, multi-faction event that will run over the course of several weeks. Find more information at silversickness.tumblr.com!))Sharp11 Oct 3
Oct 3 PVP Happened in Tanaan! YO Thanks to Darkmoon Defilers and Nocx (also Beerfridays and I'm sure i missed some) for some awesome wpvp in tanaan. The fight went on for sooooo long. It was small scale and fun. When once side overpowered the other, things would shift and a tug of war happened. Some of the most fun I've had wpvping in a while. :D (also i got to try out my new camel rp out on some people too! That was "fun" :D )Bohr4 Oct 3
Oct 3 LF Enchanted Thorium Mog Anyone know how to craft this or know someone who does? Hit me up here or in game.Moss0 Oct 3
Oct 3 RP help for dealing with Ashbringer. Hello Emerald Dreamers. I want to ask you guys for some suggestions/help on something dealing with the upcoming expansion. As FEW of you may know, I am reforging <Knight of The SilverHand> a Paladin only guild. Starting with our core and then actual full tilt recruiting soon. Anyways we are in a little bit of RP confusion and the like. Now we are RP based first and foremost of our other concepts and have run into a major issue. That issue being Ashbringer in Legion, we don't want to overstep a few things so to explain. We want to have a strong feel of our order so we don't want to completely ignore the fact that the Ashbringer no longer belongs to a lore figure. Being that we will focus on being part of the whole Paladin Class Hall and the like as well on top of that. So instead of saying "well Ashbringer belongs to mysterious random pally" we feel there might be some ideas to deal with this. So we came upon a few and ended up with our own idea. Our idea is taking center and instead of following direct lore since it basically says "all of you are the same paladin" basically we are making our own concept. Our idea is that the Ashbringer's gem gets broken into 3 pieces, and our finest smith attempts to reforge them together but fails. In return he finds a new gem material to forge with them so he ends up forging the current blade with one gem piece and the rest of the gem replaced, and two other blades with the other two pieces fused with the new gem material. Ending with our Glead having one, and two Highlords with the other two(top rank members), And then Our smith uses his newfound knowledge to try and replicate the blade thus the rest of the guild having the same thing just slightly weaker in our lore concept. Anyways my question is what do you guys think of this idea for our RP perspective, as well what suggestions you might have for it as well totally different plan suggestions? I mean there will also be other artifacts and I am not sure if we will deal with them or not so may be using multiple suggestions from here. I also understand if some of you say "just ignore the stupid mechanic" because you know, it's a major lore item and all. But it's kind of hard accepting that the blade goes to unknown paladin xyz. I don't know maybe we are just being special snowflakes in wanting to deal with it in the first place. It probably sounds like a bunch of bull but I'd like to see what we can best do about it without ignoring the weapon altogether or simply saying "F IT" and giving it to one special snowflake.Jakosta44 Oct 3
Oct 3 What's on tap at the Emerald Dream pub? I brewed a batch of beer today and on brew days I like to treat myself to a fancy beer. Tonight I'm drinking this bad boy: http://i.imgur.com/ZyGkDtj.jpg I felt with all the Monty Python jokes going around by TMO, it would be appropriate. What are you drinking tonight ED?Vorrinth28 Oct 3
Oct 3 How lazy are you guys with leveling? Personally, I'm extremely terrible with it now, wife and I were leveling our lowbies and we both decided to just transfer our other 90s to ED 30 minutes in. Are you guys good at leveling?Phen30 Oct 3
Oct 3 [RP Contest Entry] Of Inevitable Fates “I believe this is yours.” Kael’than stepped on the rocky platform, releasing the head of a Doomguard from his grasp. The head rolled towards the Forsaken, who was bent over clutching his golden staff. “So you came? I should have expected as much.” The decrepit figure tightened the grip on his staff as he turned to face the Blood Knight. “I came to end this, once and for all, Netherus.” Kael’than drew his steel blade from his back and aimed it at the warlock in front of him. “The choice was simple. Your path was clear. One drink and you and I could have shared this gift. This power! An infinite Bladeborn at your disposal.” The Forsaken strode towards him, his golden crown bearing a heavy weight atop his shoulders. Kael’than held the blade out further to prevent his advance. “There was no choice. My duty, my purpose, is to protect those I care about. Those I love! You will not rob me of that. I would sooner die than have you lay one more finger on them!” “So be it, Blood Knight.” The Forsaken slammed the bottom of his staff against the rock beneath him, summoning a vortex of fel flame to engulf its body. The Forsaken twirled the staff above his head and aimed it at Kael’than, ready to strike. Kael’than imbued his weapon with holy energy and charged the warlock, forcing the blade forward only to tear through the warlock’s green and gold embroidered garb. Founts of holy and fel energy spewed across the all-consuming night at the clash of their armaments. Netherus clutched his staff against his chest, pushing against Kael’than’s sword. Kael whirled back and arced his blade for Netherus’chest. Netherus gripped his staff and thrusted in forward, colliding with Kael’s sword in a monumental crash. The veins across Netherus’ pale body surged with fel energy as he leapt backwards, somersaulting in mid-air and landing on a rocky platform above Kael’than. “The Legion has granted me power beyond your narrow-minded comprehension!” Netherus conjured a bolt of chaos that struck the side of the rock. Chunks of stone began to tumble down the mountain. Kael leapt to his side, rolling out of the way and keeping hold of his holy blade. The warlock cackled as he filled his hands with chaotic energy and sent several bolts flying in Kael’than’s direction. Kael swung his blade back and forth, matching the incoming chaos bolts and deflecting them back in haphazard directions. The bolts soared into random rock formations as stone and fel sludge began breaking and pouring from the mountainside. Kael ran towards the elevated platform and latched onto the broken rock with his plate gauntlets, pushing himself upward to quickly reach the warlock. Netherus shifted his grasp to the bottom of his staff as Kael reached the platform and swung at him, leaving a trail of fel fire on the edge Kael was so desperately grasping. Kael screamed in pain as he felt the fire seething through his armor and charring his skin. “The Light will not fail me now.” Using all of his strength and holy divination, Kael’than thrusted himself upward, landing behind the warlock. He quickly grasped the hilt of his sword and swung at Netherus who barely protected himself against the surprising blow. Netherus began slamming his staff at Kael’than’s body, meeting only sanctified steel as they danced this duel of inevitable fate. They shifted back on the platform, Netherus’s fel veins growing and surging with power. Netherus battered his weapon against Kael’s blade, every blow increasing in intensity. Kael reflected the blows by manuevering his sword to keep pace with the warlock’s advance. As they progressed, they came to lake a fel sludge that let out down the mountain in a hellish waterfall. Netherus pulled back and blasted at Kael’s feet with fel fire; the Blood Knight leapt backwards in retaliation. As Kael’s boot made contact with edge of the rock, the stones crumbled beneath him causing him to he lose his balance. Kael fell backwards, landing on a chunk of dark stone. The platform broke away and began to drift into the center of the green lake, nearing the waterfall at the end of its body. Kael grasped his blade tightly, his gaze fixed intently on Netherus. His once luminous skin now charred with black smudges from the fire. His black hair mangled and tattered from their back and forth exchange. Kael grasped the hilt with both hands and slowly brought it down in front of him, bowing his head in what seemed like him trying to gain a peace of mind. Netherus’ eyes flared green as his skin tightened around his face in pure disgust for the leader of Bladeborn. “This is where you die.” Netherus snarled as he launched chaos bolts from his rotting fingertips.Netherus3 Oct 3
Oct 3 Turwinkle ventures to the Searing Gorge! Hi-ho folks! Turwinkle is back in a brand new Adventures of Turwinkle, the Gnome Mage. In this fun-filled Adventure Turwinkle leaves Dragon's Mouth in the Badlands and heads out to the Searing Gorge! Our heroes are tasked with helping the Thorium Brotherhood. Up first they are given the quests to find out who is behind the Dark Iron Dwarves and their plots within the Searing Gorge. With that done, They are tasked to help the Thorium Brotherhood get ready for the upcoming war between the two faction. Come and join us, won't you? So grab a soda, your favorite snack and cuddle up to all the Turwinkle goodness! https://youtu.be/pgijGLBb_PoTurwinkle0 Oct 3
Oct 2 @Treizar Been trying to get ahold o'ya. What are your playtimes? Will you be on tonight?Hebro0 Oct 2
Oct 2 Bringing my Rogue back from the dead. I've decided to bring my old Rogue back as an alt, which I haven't played my Rogue since cata, I'd need some help with the class again, and some tips from you other Rogue's who've been playing for awhile, in exchange perhaps I could tell you everything there is to know about Monk, the playstyle, what to do in each spec, and how its played. I'm pretty clueless about the current Rogue playstyle as its changed drastically over the years, I just need an experienced Rogue to bounce ideas off of, and perhaps exchange class information with if they're interested in Monk. I pretty much play Monk and Dk primarily and know a lot about both, but mostly Monk. Kyle#11974 Any help is appreciated! http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/undermine/Neptune/simple My fossil of a Rogue.Phen91 Oct 2
Oct 2 Uther Lightbringer is back in rp! The fall of Tirion Fordring and the loss of the Ashbringer has all but brought a new age of darkness. But in the dawning of this new dark age a light shines through for I, reincarnation of Uther Lightbringer have finally gained my chance to rise to fame! For only I can re-forge thy missing blade of heroic deeds, the Ashbringer! Yes after many years of studying the famous arts of fine dwarven craftsmanship and gaining the knowledge of dreanor gems hath enabled me to recreate that which hath gone missing! From my mighty blacksmithing  hammer that I received from my father many a ages ago I shall re-forge the ashbringer. Thus need to gather all my ingredients. One piece of wood from a door from a outhouse. one apple from out of season. One over used mop that has changed colors from over use. Yes, all of the ingredients are set! I have finally after years of attempts to carve the perfect shape for the blade from my outhouse door taken full advantage of the perfect curve that can not be done by any mortal hand. And this, the fable apple of faded glory for the rotten texture of the apple is the same as the original stone when it was found, full of corruption only to be turned pure and powerful. And last but not least we have the fabled handle of the greatest mop to ever be wielded! This mop has seen many years of use from my father and has perfected the art of cleansing, indeed it will do well to purify the core of the blade once connected. Crafting these items together with the finest of masters glue and the most durable of tape that could be found in all the land. I now must perform the ritual of the master smiths by pounding out the impurities of the blade thus perfecting it's form and purifying the last remnants of corruption within the newly forged core. *Uther pounds the new fabricated blade with his smithy hammer, releasing loud sounds bursting from the hammer in the form of squeek-like eruptions.* Yes the loud bursting sound of this most reliable hammer hath enabled me to know how well my strikes sing so that I have trained to perfect my art of smithing. This work is nearly done now for thy hammer be pure and capable of forging the finest blades in the shortest amount of strikes possible. *The paladin sighed in relief once the loud squeeking sounds halted as he finished his work. He then took a small knife and scratched in the side of the base of the blade his name Uther and then adding in a few random marks around his name.* Yes now with my name entered into the blade, it has the same power that flows through me. The special marks detail my difference from the original Uther for I am Uther .02!! *He grabbed the handle of the newly made blade and swung it into the air raising it above his head an a heroic stance.* I have finally finished! The blade of legend is renewed in a new and more powerful form and within my hands as Uther's reincarnated soul I shall bring forth the destruction of the Legion and all in my path!Ûthêr29 Oct 2