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Aug 11
WPVP Concerns - A More Eloquent Summary RIP WPVP. Jk. I've been having a lot of people ask me why I think that the revelation of information so far implies that world pvp is going to be murdered in Legion, and, fair enough, I didn't express a lot of my concerns in a way that was conducive to understanding. Additionally, people say it's too far off to make judgements, and that's fair, because a lot of what I'm going off of is speculation. So I'm here to convey to you why I'm concerned about the announcement of an entire expansion being based around a PVE weapon. First - me - I'm a software analyst by trade, first at a video game developer here in Texas and at another organization that does city infrastructure software. A good portion of my job is looking at the design of things and pointing out large gaps that other people may not see. Honestly, I know that may sound egotistical, but let me explain what I mean. I instantly saw the flaws with basing an entire expansion's combat abilties around a weapon based upon what they showed, and here's why. First: http://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/13199-wow-legion-interview-with-tom-chilton-ion-hazzikostas/ ... Alright. So the weapon is IT. IT it. That makes sense because of how critical the talents are to the spec. What may not have registered to you: These are your talents. These replace your current talent trees (hence the point of having a weapon specific to each spec, you can have talents more geared directly towards your spec). I kinda like the idea, in concept, if it was just for PVE in a vacuum. The problem? It isn't. Let's take a look at some of the abilities for legendary weapons they've shown: http://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2015/august/Panel024.jpg http://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2015/august/Panel023.jpg HOLY CRAP. A self-rez for DKs and something that doubles some of the most powerful attacks for ret. These things are going to be serious freaking business. Jeez, that self-rez seems OP as hell for pvp, doesn't it? Wait. What was that they said about pvp talents? Oh right. The new system lets you BUY pvp talents with a CoD type prestige system. Ooooooooooh. Ok. So the whole point of the PVP talents being separate, like they said, is so they can have a separate set of talents to balance around PVP play and can make the PVE stuff different (like self rez). So your legendary weapon talents disable in instanced PVP, and your prestige ones take over (more on that later). Whew. Thank God DKs aren't going to have a 100% self rez out there in the world and rets won't be double striking me like they are when they're hitting a dragon with a health pool that takes 10 minutes to drain. But wait. That means out in the world running around, your active talents are in PVE mode. Based upon the prestige talents shown so far, I do NOT believe your entire talent set will swap out the second you switch from pvp to pve combat. Why? http://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2015/august/Panel078.jpg http://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2015/august/Panel079.jpg Well, first off, they are entirely new abilities in a lot of cases - PVP trinket for example. In other examples, it replaces another ability - Necrotric strike replaces scourge strike. Returnlol139
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[H] <Rise of Legends> recruiting for HFC! Welcome to our recruitment thread! <Rise of Legends> is always looking for quality players to bolster our raid team. If you think you have what it takes to take down heroic and mythic bosses with us please read on! Who we are: <Rise of Legends> is a long standing guild that originally started out on Twisting Nether. We have been around since early on in The Burning Crusade and migrated to Emerald Dream back in Wrath of the Lich King. We strive to maintain a competitive raiding environment that is both challenging and rewarding. Our Progress: 12/13N 9/13H We are striving to get into mythic content. If you are looking for a guild intent on being competitive in 6.2 you are in the right place. Our Schedule: T-W-TH 7-10 server (CST) Our Needs: Mage Rogue Ele Shaman Frost DK Will also consider exceptional players of any spec, so if you are good please contact us! Recruitment and attendance policy: If your application is accepted, upon your invite, you will be set to an Initiate/Trial rank. You will stay in this rank for a minimum time period of 6 raid days, and your attendance will affect if this time period extends past that. The reason this rank is in place is not only to help us get a feel for you and how you will perform in raids with RoL, it is also for you to get a feel for us. 90% attendance is required to keep a Raider standing with us, and if you are going to be late/not show, we ask that you post on our guild forums. We use an EPGP Loot System, where attendance and how much gear you've already taken is all taken into account when distributing loot. Please do not apply if: You do not believe in maximizing your character to best help the raid. You care about getting loot more than downing bosses. You are not open to learning. Loot rules: We use EPGP to distribute loot. Often times performance, attendance and guild needs are factors in deciding to help further progress the guild. Thank you for your interest in <Rise of Legends>. Contacts: Takanich BTag Taka#1398 Website: http://www.rise-of-legends.com Takanich4
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[₵] <The Scarlet Legion> RP,PVP Recruting Who are we: We are members of the Scarlet Onslaught recently charged with seeing how our brothers in the Eastern Kingdoms are doing. However In light of current events and having seen the chaos and disarray of the Scarlet order in the Eastern Kingdoms, we have decided to take back our former holdings. Our forces will be sailing from Northrend to reclaim our lost Scarlet lands. Rules: Your typical “play nice will other RP’rs” Uniform policy: I would like to be as uniform as possible. While everyone has there own unique variants, uniformity does add a sense of pride in one's organization. Unless leveling, armor is to be transmogged >= 30% red colored pieces. At least 3 visible slots. Cloth wearers are slight exception. (Plate wearers I recommend red boots, shoulders, and preferably red cloak or gloves) An excellent reference I have found on wowhead: http://www.wowhead.com/guide=953/so-you-want-to-join-the-scarlet-crusade Races: As we are trying to be historically accurate for now, currently only humans, dwarves and worgen are allowed. (however as our campaigns get closer to the present we may include other races) I am currently in the GMT +9 time zone so I will be online mostly in the late evening except on weekends. Contact me for invite. Battletag for easier contact: Redchameleon#1657 Our new addition, The Scarlet Chronicles is a group of our backstories check them out here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/16858136572#1 Crimsoncat28
Aug 10
[Story] A Trip to Zul'Aman ((I wasn't going to post here anymore, but then I realized I like posting stories. Harrumph.)) The ride to Zul’Aman was scenic, but dull. With most of the Horde in Draenor - or better yet, traipsing around Stranglethorn, intent to repel the interloping Alliance – the scattered roads and beaten paths were quiet. Zinki and Raiyda, sharing a bear, spoke in hushed tones just ahead of the knight and the scout. Juzmik paid no mind to the way his sister’s hands wrapped around Raiyda’s hips, or the way her head rested on his shoulder. Instead, his bear loitered lazily beside Sarjen’s – their pace easy, their conversation light. The bar, the war; the bustle of Booty Bay and how they might keep their troops attentive to their arms instead of the coy glances of the working girls. The Ghostlands were as true to form as ever – rotten leaves on decaying branches, wildlife with haunted eyes and hunger in their every movement. They avoided the decay that the knight radiated, and any that dared press their luck met the bone claws of the loping geist that trailed behind their party. The great gates of Zul’Aman loomed in the distance – disused, as derelict as the land around them; the troll tribes in the area were wary, as always, but Juzmik always found that they were more welcoming if Amani populated the party heading toward the ruins of their greatest city. They left their bears at the gates; Zinki grabbed Raiyda by the wrist and led him ahead, disrupting the butterflies gathered in the overgrown gardens. Sarjen shouldered his axe, silver armor glittering in the late afternoon sun – he had little interest in the task they had come to complete, no empathy for the pull at Juzmik’s stomach to pay homage to spirits that had spared Sarjen little kindness in the past. The small squad ventured down into the lowest crevice, reeds clogging the shoreline surrounding a central platform. Zinki stopped for a moment, retreating to tug on Juzmik’s arm, speaking in excited whispers – always whispers, in Zul’Aman – that they could take some home to their mother; how happy it would make her to have some for her baskets. The scout smiled, ruffling her Mohawk – they would get some on the way out, but not before. Instead, they made their way to the right and up the crumbling steps – the altar of Jan’alai. The emerald inlay vaporized and vandalized, the intricate carvings crumbled from repeated Horde assaults. Thousands of crushed dragonhawk eggs, scattered shells of varying sizes, lay in a mangled heap – some previous patron had cleared the debris, discarding not one shell. Zinki’s lips pressed thin as Raiyda spoke in low tones, a ramble about nothing and everything, fidgeting hands and eyes occasionally tracking elsewhere, away from everyone. Sarjen stood with his back to the damage, surveying the grounds from their ideal vantage point while Juzmik set to work, pulling his tightly wrapped offerings from his satchel. It was a routine well practiced; it would have been better facilitated by a priest, but those were far and fewer between. Instead, the scout worked alone as the sun set, smiling only when his sister and her monk settled down beside him. The girl had always been fond of dragonhawks, though she herself favored the great lynx; Juzmik knew little about what drove Raiyda, and had no real cause to ask – the boy never removed himself from their sight, not on this trip, although the scout could see that he wasn’t entirely present, either. There was little and less answer when his work was finished, but he expected little else. He was poorly practiced at priestly matters, and had put in none of the time to develop a real rapport with the spirits. The last time he had tried, the last time he had pursued it, he had been daunted by the sheer magnitude of it all; no, better to leave the priests to speak with the loa directly – Juzmik’s job was earthly, feet firmly entrenched in the dirt and the gravel; leave him out of it and let Taz’jin and Tiombi tangle with the spirits. They made camp inside the ruined walls that night; Sarjen took the watch, standing beside the low wall while Juzmik sipped from his flask. Sleep didn’t come easily here, not for the scout – and not with the noises coming from the tent at his back. It crinkled the scout’s nose and set a creeping frozen fist up his spine, but he couldn’t worry about it – Zinki had grown up, and at least she hadn’t landed with some meat-headed jerk. Instead, he spoke to Sarjen in low tones about his aspirations, a slow smile on his lips as he laid out his plan for the future. The recent restructuring of the Warband had given him impetus, the notion simmering away on the backburner since the last leadership change almost a year prior. It wouldn’t work now – it couldn’t work now – but, he intoned with a sly grin, it could work soon. “But first,” He sighed, looking up at the stars. “I gotta get buff.” Juzmik7
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