Emerald Dream

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[RP - H] Smash and Grab Homecoming The clearing of the mists around Pandaria was only ever relative. They came and went, from thin wisps to thick, sea-level cloud and all manner of stages between. Calm waters and a steady slosh against the bow. Goblins and dwarves scampered around the deck in a cacophony of short strides. A lone pandaren on the port side, spray evaporating from the tips of his fuzz to leave deposits of salt replacing the Durotar sand. A surly dwarf at his side, who might have been more anxious were it not for his heavy pockets. "Apologies fer the rough welcome," Tavish stroked his beard, "They wee gobbos are always fear't o'... unfriendly soldiers on the boat." Sheetotum had been stopped by a goblin at the gangplank in Booty Bay and put under scrutiny by a second standing on his colleague's shoulders, "Insignia? Rolling into port with a Horde panda? Stand straight, right? Upright! Like you ain't a troll! You see this? Dust! No time to wash off all this Durotar muck before we leave! Stay by the side, hopefully it's gone by the time we get there! Keep still down there! Look at this hair! Can we braid this? Might be easier to hide him in a barrel! Might be easier to transport Vol'Jin himself! Ach, get aboard!" Only gold quietened them. Among friends in that respect, on both sides of the faction divide. "Awbody's eyes on that portal," Tavish mused as stubby fingers scratched his cheek, "Naebody cares aboot this place nae mare. Takin' what we please." The continent began to form on the horizon beneath the mists, a great, floating slug. "I wish only to stake a claim," Sheetotum tugged at his armour, "Make some easy money here. Lost so much to Draenor, you wouldn't believe. The gold moves only one way through that portal. As the Horde demands..." Tavish swivelled his head so fast he was in danger of whiplash, "Watch yer mooth! Aye there's goblins here but dinnae be 'hinkin yer with yer mates." Sheetotum held up a palm in apology, "I forgot myself. I appreciate your risk, I do." "Oh ye dae, aye? Then open yer lugs and listen; naebody's yer pal here and naebody's yer pal oot on that rock either. Awbody's oot fer theirselves. It's pure exploitation here, dinnae forget it." Sheetotum almost laughed to hear this, "I do not remember the last time you sounded so pleased at a situation." And Tavish did laugh, loud and hearty at himself, "Ha! I am, I really am. It's madness oot there, utter madness. The aftermath o' war, guys oot in the forests and jungles goin' full native. Things you wouldnae believe." "Let us hope it will not be a wasted trip," Sheetotum shielded his eyes, "I will only have been missed if I return empty handed." "Aye, well," Tavish paused a moment and went with it, "Welcome haim. I had best say it, naebody else here will." Sheetotum14
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[RP] Indecisive (( Ambient Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amdGustA3sM )) http://i.imgur.com/r5FKN6j.jpg The sun begins to set in the Hinterlands. The birds flying high in the sky as the day slowly comes to a close. A quick hush occurs with the following sound of the wind rustling the leaves on the trees within the valley. http://i.imgur.com/fojxrOU.jpg The wind carried a pine scent as it brushed past the General that was finishing a patrol on the troll camp. He returned to Aerie Peak distraught and confused. As he dismounted his steed, the weight of the world fell on his shoulders. He stood in silent contemplation of what he should do before entering the bunker to eat alone. http://i.imgur.com/svsCSC9.jpg With his hood on, the General began to eat his dinner while thinking to himself. "Lyle has been missing for months now" he thought to himself. "We just figured out the name of those that took him, and our only source won't reveal the location of where they are keeping him" The General continues chewing his food and sits back in his chair. "What am I to do....the Horde are still gathering in the Stranglethorn as well..." He thinks back to the days when they were based in Lions Landing. "Wish I could have been there at the mission in Azshara" The General looked down at the table and sees the Book of Heretics and picks it up and looks at it intently. "I could have stopped all of this from happening. I could have prevented all this pain and suffering." He slumps down in his as his hood covered more of his face. "I'm not sure what to do anymore. Nobody has responded to my call for arms against the Horde in Stranglethorn, and the Stormwind reserves are being used to finish off the Iron Horde in Tanaan Jungle" General Jalen then sighs to himself "And the location of Lyle is still unknown. Unless we pursue the leads that we have, we can't find him." He firmly grasps his face and looks down. "Do I risk everyones lives in order to pursue our own desires? Or do we claim Lyle dead and take our fight to the heart of the Stranglethorn?" "Umm....sir?" Jalen looks up and sees Dionysiuss. "You usually have your hood down while eating. Is something the matter?" The General slowly lowered his hood and stood up and beckoned his pet over. "Nothing is wrong Dionysiuss. Has anything come up in your search?" He shook his head. "No sir, we're still trying to get more information out of our prisoner. Perhaps you could give us a hand?" The General sighed, "Fine. Lead the way" Jalen blew out the candles exited the bunker. With the star lit sky, trees rustled one last time, as the General entered the holding cell. http://i.imgur.com/bufgglm.jpg Jalën8
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Hearthstone ED Cards !NEW! 8/10 STICKY ME! Here in this thread are the official releases of the Hearthstone: Emerald Dream Expansion cards!!! 5 Cards are set to be released everyday!! Emerald Dream Cards: One Mana Cards: Bronkk/Erstus:http://i.imgur.com/zidhOYL.png Hollyforest:http://i.imgur.com/Aw4vCZz.png Annoyed:http://i.imgur.com/Onj21ET.png Stablemare:http://i.imgur.com/dfnsQ1z.png Two Mana Cards: Belstir:http://i.imgur.com/ueUP0Qg.png Aekaron: http://i.imgur.com/FYzkghQ.png Amrothos:http://i.imgur.com/JmGnJ1L.png Veskina:http://i.imgur.com/WumGLRm.png Three Mana Cards: Ceralium:http://i.imgur.com/LmbnAoM.png Aglacia:http://i.imgur.com/5pKZYG3.png Zeales: http://i.imgur.com/qRdfV6u.png Four Mana Cards: Bathory:http://i.imgur.com/XwWDkYV.png Bacon:http://i.imgur.com/LqseHLo.png Kittylicious:http://i.imgur.com/h1SsnIz.png Five Mana Cards: Grace:http://i.imgur.com/xUvUM70.png Avici:http://i.imgur.com/2f4Zg49.png Charax:http://i.imgur.com/HTsOB29.png Delurk:http://i.imgur.com/IbpAFzu.png Legs:http://i.imgur.com/jlolCW9.png Dnasis:http://i.imgur.com/pfZsxvF.png Predatoria:http://i.imgur.com/FxmWHYR.png Noxi:http://i.imgur.com/D4IPekY.png Six Mana Cards: Sledgehammer:http://i.imgur.com/XBQk2xV.png Jalen:http://i.imgur.com/J2enmLA.png Seven Mana Cards: Return:http://i.imgur.com/4G7rMap.png Hebro:http://i.imgur.com/5N4J0kL.png Vesker:http://i.imgur.com/DDmxmnE.png Apparition:http://i.imgur.com/rPmnIkQ.png Eight + Mana Cards: Googles Mcdoodly:http://i.imgur.com/ML8laBk.png #1 Chinese Warrior:http://i.imgur.com/vIYWaLO.png Himanshu:http://i.imgur.com/Bzy4Ldn.png Heltor:http://i.imgur.com/74Naafr.png Weapons: Forum Trolling:http://i.imgur.com/4exi5kg.png Proper Forum Grammar:http://i.imgur.com/MYtbxYV.png Wpvp Happened SS:http://i.imgur.com/rRqDKqx.png #Salt:http://i.imgur.com/3vDflkH.png Mortignis: Wriggle:http://i.imgur.com/vjaO7Ti.png Spells: White Knight:http://i.imgur.com/h5f0vMi.jpg Rasek, the Troll Queen:http://i.imgur.com/yADI71y.jpg Ban Hammer:http://i.imgur.com/qfAPV6w.jpg Xeer: Secret:http://i.imgur.com/m1NWnUp.jpg IRL Attack:http://i.imgur.com/kaHDdXN.jpg #Truth:http://i.imgur.com/9nb0Iid.png At the end of everyday, 5 new cards in the Emerald Dream collection will be released. Stay tuned!! Veskér107
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Jdp: The Introduction *struggles to move arms* "I...I can't move. My body won't budge." Pinned down. That's how it all began. Back against the burned grass, I attempted to crunch my body upwards in an attempt to stand. I looked forward, only to find some sort of spectral angel in front of me. My mouth was dry, and I could hardly speak. Angel: "You cannot get up. Not until you let go of your past that is holding you down." My past? What the hell was she talking about? Didn't I just simply fall asleep here? Angel: "Lillian, come here please, and bring the mirror." I saw her. Lillian: "Are you not scared?" "What is there to be scared of? You are Forsaken. I have slain many of you before. When I get up from this ground, you will be no different than the rest of your fallen comrades." Lillian: "No, you are wrong. It is you, rather, that will be no different from us." *Lillian holds a hand mirror up to my face* *I stare blankly into the mirror* "I...am dead?" Lillian: "No, you are alive. You have just been stripped of everything you once were." I tried to think back and remember what had happened, how I had wound up in a situation like this. All I could remember was a searing pain, and the smell of burning flesh. Angel: "I am Agatha. I may have been the first you talked to since waking up, but do not call me mother." "I didn't plan on it. Can you please tell me what happened, Agatha?" Agatha: "I usually do not remember, nor witness, the death of past humans that wake up here reborn, but yours I remember. A group of Forsaken assaulted you and your friends one night, as you were all studying for your Frost Magic exam for the following day. As the Forsaken entered your halls, you watched your friends be slain one by one as death approached you." "My friends...all of them... are gone...?" Agatha: "Yes. It seems as though while you did not have many of them in life, the few close ones you had were murdered that night alongside you. I arrived before the attack happened, to see what would come of it. I watched you and your friends joke around before you began studying. You all seemed happy, joking around and flexing in the mirrors of the lavatories. I couldn't help it." "...you watched as we were all murdered?" Agatha: "Them? Yes. However, you were not murdered" "Then why am I here?" Agatha: "After having killed your friends, all 4 of the Forsaken came to kill you. By that time, you had completely lost your sanity. With your arms covering your face, you bent over and screamed as loudly as you could." "As if that would save me..." Agatha: "It may not have saved you, but that scream avenged your friends. Your body ignited because of it. Your shirt burned off of your body, to reveal a pattern of scars that ran across your body, which was seemingly the only part of you that caught fire." "Saved by a past self that I killed long ago..." Agatha: "What?" "I was heavy as a child, and when I turned 20 I decided to become as perfect as I could, and that included altering my physical appearance and health as well. I lost a lot of weight, for a human at least. An amazing transformation from fat to muscle, with little consequences, other than the scars that remained from when I gained weight... they used to burn me sometimes when I would get frustrated at something. Funny how that worked out..." Agatha: "I see... well, after you caught fire, you scorched down the 4 Forsaken around you. However, you could not control the fire well, and it eventually combusted against you, and burned you to death." Lillian: "Sounds painful." Agatha: "As if you remember what pain feels like..." "I see. So that is what happened." Agatha:"Why do you seem so content with this?" "I have never feared death. I even sought after it from time to time. I did not have the happiest life as a human. I see this as a new beginning. I have now died twice before, once mentally, and once physically. Let me up from here." *Lillian laughs* Lillian: "You are weak." "No, I am powerful." *I slowly make my way off of the ground* Agatha: "So be it. You may use the magic of fire to aid you in your new "life," as that is how you were destroyed in the past. It seems to suit you well. What should we call you, mage?" "You may call me Jdp. It is the initials of my past human self." Agatha: "So you cannot truly let go of yourself I see.." Jdp: "No, I just don't want to forget of the hell from which I came." *Agatha nods as Jdp makes his way down the path to a small town* Lillian: "He has a far longer road ahead of him than the one he walks on now" Agatha: "Yes, yes he does." Jdp4
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[RP] An Elder Rests The Shu'halo dropped to the ground, his back against the cave wall. Green and yellow moss covered the interior of the hidden recess, and made for a more comfortable resting spot than the wild land outside. Takota had surveyed the area before choosing this resting spot. He was tired. His time in Draenor had been too long, and his supplies were dwindling. The last of his dried kodo meat would be gone by weeks end, and then it would be up to him to gather and hunt to survive. But these lands were not Mulgore. When was the last time I saw the Warband? he thought? His choice to join to Warband while the rest of the Clan stayed in Azeroth made sense. Initially. But now his mind wandered to the days of fighting alongside Machik, Auryan, and Legren. Of keeping the Alliance scum from kill Shu'halo women and children. Of sharing stories by the fire in Thunder Bluff. Why had he not stayed with his clan? Because he wanted to protect his clan. And to do that, he had to go on the offensive. The Warband was quick to accept him. And the Elder had prepared himself for battle. The elements would come when needed, protecting him. And striking down his foes. But in the transition, the move to Draenor, he had gotten separated. As he trudged through the snow covered lands that awaited him, everything seemed odd. Takota was used to wandering. He had done it for so long while the centaurs chased his clan. But these lands. These beasts. The shaman's eyes closed. He needed rest to continue on. He hoped to find someone who might guide him back home. Back to his clan. ((Part of an in game story arc. More posts to follow.)) Takota4
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[H-RP/PvP] Earthspear Clan Recruits! "The Earthspear Clan is here to protect the Horde!" The Earthspear Clan, an RP/PvP guild, has begun recruiting once again. Read on for further information. Quick Facts about Earthspear Clan Colors: Ochre & Umber Base of Operations: Thunder Bluff Guild Mount (Subject to Change): Black War Kodo/Black War Wolf (Ground, Warband) Kodo/Wolf (Ground, General Member) Accepts: Tauren, Orc, and Troll Type of Guild: Heavy RP / Heavy PvP & WPvP / Light PvE guild Who is Earthspear Clan Earthspear Clan is a guild that has been on the Emerald Dream in some form for four years now. Our main goal has always been quality RP with PvP, following the traditions of the orcs and taurens. We have taken part in multiple RP/PvP campaigns against a variety of foes. Our strength lies in our roleplay, which helps to motivate all the other parts of WoW that we partake in. Earthspear Clan Goals The goal of the guild is to provide Emerald Dream with a Tauren, Orc, and Troll RP guild. Tauren and Orcs share many beliefs and compliment each other very well. There will be a combination of storyline RP and improvisational RP. If you are interested in having a lot of fun while you do your PvP and PvE, we may be what you are looking for. And though our focus is on RP and PvP, that does not mean that PvE will ignored. Those members that are interested are encouraged to partake in the PvE elements. Members will be expected to partake in the RP elements, with the knowledge that real life comes first. We are a family friendly guild. This means we will not tolerate any type of hate speech or prejudice. Having said that, trust me when I say that cursing and yelling at alliance scum does happen. So if you have gentle ears, we may not be the best fit. Though there is no minimum age limit, those that are younger will be expected to adhere to the Clan's rule set. Our RP ranges from small in guild gatherings to cross faction RP/PVP with alliance guilds. We are honorable in our fighting, and promote RP in all PvP events that we take part in. Membership The Earthspear Clan is open to Tauren, Orcs, and Trolls. There will be an in-character interview process for each member. This is an RP guild. As such, RP will be stressed, and we will adhere to all RP conventions. All /say and /yell will also be in character. Those that are seeking to join the Clan will need to have acquired level 20, or level 70 if on a Death Knight. For further questions, please contact Machik (Takkala, Tiponi), Vargrok (Gramuul), or Rumuk Machik74
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