Emerald Dream

Aug 16, 2015 [RP-Intro] The Turtle Sage ((Disclaimer: This is my first RP post)) At first glance, the masked man is enigmatic, with an aura of authority about him. His thick armor and stoic posture make him seem almost regal. Then he opens his mouth and becomes the most foolish sounding lunatic to everyone in the bar. He says he speaks to turtles, that they have taught him how to live, how to survive, how to fight. He says he is a great sage of legend, that he travels the land to stomp out villainy wherever it hides. He never stops talking about how his destiny is to protect the weak, stand against the strong. Well perhaps he is a lunatic, but at least he knows where he stands. He goes on, describing the beauties of the world, the treacherous situations he has overcome, and the many brews he has come to enjoy. His feats further portray the delusional rantings of a madman. Most people begin to distance themselves from him, yet a few stay, intrigued. Eventually one rather drunken orc becomes tired of his boastings and rantings and speaks up, not in the traditional sense, but with a swing of his right fist. The blow collides with the side of the masked man's face with a solid crack, yet the man continues to speak. Another one follows from the left fist, however this one does not fare as well as the first. The masked man becomes a blur, and the orc sails through the air, only to land on a table a few feet away. Within an instant, a simple bar fight becomes a brawl. The orc's friends draw weapons, demanding the masked man leave. Instead of obliging, the man bizarrely sits down and continues to speak of his many feats. What happened next defies all logic and belief. When the armed men finally decided to attack, not one could hit the now-boasting man as he continued to tell the confused bar patrons his feats. Ducking, parrying, and deflecting swords and daggers with nothing more than his fists, the masked man told of his many adventures in foreign lands, the friends he had made, and the evils he had triumphed against. With a quick duck and a sweep of the leg, he begins disarming the men of their weapons. At this point guards have arrived, but they are just as baffled as the rest of the room watching this arrogant and loud man yell his own praises as he disarms the attackers. Once the last sword falls, the attackers back off. The guards come to escort the attackers from the bar, but are stopped by an open palm from the masked man. With great excitement he jumps onto the middle of a table of wide-eyed patrons and exclaims: "These men have learned their lesson, and been delivered justice by the one and only Turtle Sage Khaladar! Let us all drink together in merriment and fellowship!" With that he strikes a pose, lifting his right arm high in the air and spreading his stance wide, but seems to have done so a bit too enthusiastically, as his foot gets caught on his cape and he slips backward, knocking the table over as his back collides with its edge and he tumbles to the ground. Scratching the back of his head, he stands up, obviously dazed as the onlookers have long ran out of commentary. After a long pause, he declares: " Let that be a lesson to all of you! As demonstrated, striking heroic poses is dangerous when on unsturdy surfaces such as tables!" He seems content with himself, and raises a flask to the air before taking a large drink from it. Upon finishing the flask, he looks around to the rest of the bar, but all but the manager and the unconscious orc had already left. With a hearty laugh he pats the manager on the back and states: "Clearly they were so inspired by my heroic presence they went off to start their training right away! I need to stop underestimating my charisma!" The bar manager nods back uncomfortably, as Khaladar, the self-proclaimed Turtle Sage of Legend, leaves a bag of gold on the counter for damages and happily leaves the bar, humming a foreign-sounding tune as he walks out.Khaladar2 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 [A-Open RP] The Night Watch Needs Volunteers! (This roleplay is now inactive, and will be iterated on when characters are moved to a different locale.) Finding her way along the dilapidated cobblestone paths toward the fog-shrouded town of Darkshire, Althea Ebonlocke reached behind her and bunched her raven hair into another ponytail, after the last one had come undone earlier during the ambush. It was merciless, how the pitch black darkness of the Duskwood region would suffocate the senses and drive even the burliest of men to tie ropes to their waists when venturing out into the unknown. The dull lamplight couldn't have been more welcoming for Althea, but the familiar feeling of knowing she'd live another day failed to comfort her; she carried a brown sack of clattering blades, ones who belonged to members of The Night Watch that lost their lives only hours ago. Angered, Althea’s balled fists drove into one of Darkshire's doors, the gloom of clouded moonlight kept at bay by only by the hanging lantern's shaken light. “Dreuger, you bastard! Face us! Face us, now!” Dust was shaken off the door's rough wooden finish, the four survivors left of Althea Ebonlocke's patrol standing behind her. “Your promises have left us with nothing, our numbers dwindle... we lost boys tonight, Role! Boys!” Althea's pale expression turned to a grimace and her wailing despair faded into a loud plea. “We're finished with this, Role. You take action now, or we report to our king that you're unfit to lead, unfit for your badge! Show yourself!” A moment passed, and the door's lock clicked. The fireplace washed the small gathering in an orange glow within the man's home. Dreuger had a modest dwelling, not unlike everyone else. The countless family heirlooms he held from before the First War were still gorgeous and gold, but unpolished. They would become hidden under the deputy's pacing shadow. “I am not one of the murderers you're hunting tonight, Ebonlocke. You wish it were so easy... We all do! But don't barge into my home and harangue me,” Role growled with his jaw clenched and a thumb jabbing at his chest. “The invasion of Tanaan has completely taken the tiny pool of volunteers we had. They struggle every day to hold Lion's Watch, and you think it's my lack of trying that killed your men and women?” A lion would be envious of Role Dreuger's impassioned presence. He stood before Althea and her Night Watch, with them staring holes right back. “My point still stands,” began Althea. “If we do not find new blood to bolster what precious little we have, we will perish in...” She paused, shaking her head to reveal her loss for words and pressing her lips to hold any emotion in check. Role finally yielded, sitting down and raking his fingers through his brown hair. The air of doubt subdued the gathering, and forced the deputy to speak candidly. “I will be the last to leave our home, Miss Ebonlocke. By that I swear. No ghoul, no feral worgen, no necromancer or anything of the sort will shake that promise.” Role gazed up at Althea, shoulders drooped and hands falling to his side. “But who will help us? Who will deliver us from this? Where are they?” “Tell me, who?”Sharp10 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 [RP] The Start of my adventure... “The greatest prison people live in, is the fear of what other people think." -David Icke There was a time in Valascia’s life when she had little time for introspection. She was all about facts and structure, because there wasn't room for much else when you were literally holding someone's life in your hands. Such was the life of a surgeon in the alliance military. One day your patching a friend up from an Orc axe or a troll spear. The next your pulling teeth from a shoulder where a forsaken sunk their teeth into. Looking at her life and what she was doing or going with it, was something she didn’t spend much time on. Which was fine with her, because she didn't need to bother with questions of who she was or what to do with her life. Pre-death she was sure in who she was. She was a surgeon, and she was going to push herself to be the best one the Alliance military had ever seen. It was so easy to identify herself that she didn't even need to think about it. She was Valascia O’Hare, sometimes Val. She was a field surgeon with a brilliant career ahead of her. She was a daughter. She was a sister. It was easy to know who she was when she had so many things to define her. As a Forsaken, not so much. She was still Valascia O’Hare, sometimes Val, but she was no longer a brilliant field surgeon. No she was an apathetic life weaver, using her mind and research to manipulate the life force in the world around her and weave it into those she now lived and fought alongside of. Her life was still about saving people, and she still wanted to save people as that was deep in who she was, but the joy and thrill of it was gone. She was a daughter, a sister, on the rare occasion that she could remember her family still. She did research. She studied old text. She raided scarlet crusade old keeps to learn the ways of their monks and healers. On her simple quest to help her people without burning them with that god forsaken unholy light so many of her healer kin used, she knew there had to be a better way and she spent her life looking for it. She was a Forsaken. All other definitions kind of paled in comparison—difficult to imagine, given that she had something of a monopoly on paleness now. Her edgy sarcasm, that was new. It was hard to keep in good humor given that she was pretty much dead. She only joked to keep from crying, or to keep from eating people, which was also an issue. It was hard for her to truly know who she was when she constantly felt like someone else. [tbc]Valascia9 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 [RP] The Rise of a Camel Crusader. Xope was comfortable with his new life, he owned his own farm on the outskirts of Stormwind, though he had no family he took comfort in his solitude. He was retired from his life of thieving, killing and mindless war, he wasn't old in years by any means, but in his mind he felt retired. He stared at the sunset and smiled to himself as it was crossing the horizon, darkness was closing. Xope always took comfort in the darkness, it was his ally, his hopes, his dreams, it was the only thing he ever knew and he cherished it, must have been the only reason he slept so good at nights, was the only time he felt safe from the world. He awoke one morning and prepared himself for his daily tasks, a farm doesn't run itself. He continued his morning ritual, milk the cows, tend to the chickens and the other daily chores that entail running a farm. For some reason he felt today was different, he couldn't quite put his finger on it, but he felt it in his heart, he felt it in his bones and for some reason even walking in the shadows gnawed at him and he felt it. Night was settling in and Xope knew it was time for a days rest from the hard work, still reeling from that feeling inside his gut that something was amiss, he tried to brush it off as he walked towards his cabin. "Why can't I shake this feeling.....It has been years...." He thought to himself as he was approaching his cabin and then he seen it. Was nothing more than a blank note with a knife attached to his door. "It.....It can't be" Xope muttered to himself. He carefully flipped the note over revealing nothing more than a simple picture of a bunny, Xope grinned, he could not contain himself from what he discovered. His mouth salivated and he licked his lips with excitement, the saliva dripping from his mouth and coated the wooden floor, he smiled. "At last." ((First write up, nothing elaborate, pretty simple. Hope you enjoy it.))Vd11 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 [RP] Great Hunt Results (N.Barrens) ((I want to thank all those who came out. it was a fun event, and I am happy that we are reaching out beyond our own server. Special Thanks to the Thunderhoof Clan of Venture Co. who helped with the food and refreshments for all those who entered. Also thanks to all the lower level spectators who were respectful to everyone participating. Rule change for this event as no mounts were to be used. but druids could use cat or stag forms only. so no further Adieu, here are the Results. Round 1: Kilikio of Thunderhoof Clan defeated Humar the Pride Lord and collected his hide. Well done at out running everyone else. apparently the lion put up quite a fight but could not out last the druid. Round 2: Chel'Manu Stoneblade of the Bladeborn Concurrence defeated Sister Rathtalon in the Dry hills. making great haste she took advantage over the other hunters and found the harpy with a flock of her sisters right behind. Though not coming out perfect she managed to fight off the harpies and claim the victory. Round 3: TIED- Kranuh of the Redwood Tribe and Anglio of the Thunderhoof Clan both managed to find two Dishu cats. Which would explain why it was seen in different areas of the Northern Barrens. But both arrived back in Cross roads both with a pelt of the elusive cat... or cats it was. Both were younglings and were proud of their success. Additional Notes: Attack at Crossroads by an alliance rogue did not dampen the spirits of the event. as well as some targets still remained elusive and were not caught. Trigore the lasher got away with its head.....heads still on. Dinner was had after and celebration took place. Next Great Hunt event will take place next month with a 2 week prior notice as always. Was a bit longer than usual taking 1 hour and a half. But we look forward to the next Great Hunt and hope to see you all again next time.))Tanahrok1 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 A list. Eggs Bacon Hotpockets Milk More bacon Monsters Protein powder Bread Even more Bacon Liver of a child Steak Dong Popcorn chicken Chips Vegetables Lettuce Cat food Litter TP Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker Maekur Tacos Deodorant Toothpaste Mouth wash Waffles Going to the store. Did I miss anything?Propedal36 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 [RP] Testing out Renewal ((Hey guys I was just testing out how to practice for a tauren renewal ceremony that would happen for Sunwalkers and Seers. In case anyone does not know. I am wanting to get others together to make a once a week ceremony that would only last for 15 mins at most. but its a good social thing for other players who worship the Earth mother, An'she and or Mu'sha as well. So basically I started off on Thunder Bluff. I went to Spirit Rise where I walked to the far end facing north towards Stonetalon Mountains. facing An'she. I knelt down and said this prayer)) "Great Earth Mother; We welcome your light through An'she. We a grateful of your bounties and we only ask to have An'she illuminate our spirit. May her fires fuel our strength and may her light give us focus. In An'shes light and flame we will bring balance to those who would bring darkness." ((Its still very much a work in progress. I am wanting to make it sound more inspiring for a prayer. but this is just a test so I wanted to share with you guys I plan to do this every morning when I have a chance but would like to do it with others like once a week. when im higher level I want to add "Elune's lantern" to create the effect of the light.))Maholta0 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 Bathory is a Pandaren racist! Bathory and many others have been extremely racist towards me, and this must end! Bathory and Bullseye are the main culprits plus many others. END PANDAREN HATRED! http://i.imgur.com/skAtGI8.gifTobi60 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 Kitty ^Cat Walk^ 100K T Mog Fashion Show-8/15 (( This will serve as the official thread for the 3rd Annual Kitty ^Cat Walk^ 100k T-Mog Fashion Show. Date: Saturday, August 15th, 2015 Time: 7pm server Duration: 4 to 5 hours in its entirety (last year was exactly 4 hours) Location: Dalaran - Map of where to stand: http://imgur.com/AWNuCQt Categories: Times are approximate. I do look for a much smaller turnout this year so we may finish sooner than planned. 7:15-7:30pm Alliance Cloth - 5k 7:35-7:50pm Horde Cloth - 5k 7:55-8:10pm Alliance Leather - 5k 8:15-8:30pm Horde Leather - 5k 8:35-8:50pm Alliance Mail - 5k 8:55-9:10pm Horde Mail - 5k 9:15-9:30pm Alliance Plate - 5k 9:35-9:50pm Horde Plate - 5k 10-10:15pm Best Couple (does not need to be same faction, same sex, or same armor category) - 10k 10:20-10:35pm Best match of a Mog to a Mount Alliance - 5k 10:40-10:55pm Best match of a Mog to a Mount Horde - 5k 11pm- Best in Show (Chosen by Kittylicious) - 20k (Best in Show will line up in the Mail section). Remaining 10k TBD by the Judges. Rules: Judging criteria: Mog Rules: Contestants can choose to wear a set or mix things up. Bracers do not need to be mogged and will not count against your slot requirement. Helmets and cloaks do not need to be shown. Mages and Locks do not need their minion out. Hunters should have a pet out. Mog Slots: You will only be judged on what armor you are showing. You do not have to show your helmet and/or cloak. Each entrant is allowed 2 slots that are not mogged. Rings, neck, and bracers will not be judged. Entrants who are griefing the event in any way (emotes, mounts, harassment, etc) will not be considered. Entrants will be allowed to enter 1 toon in each category. Your toons need to already be in place according to the map so that you can log over when that category comes up. ***If you are only entering in Alliance Plate (as an example), you do not need to be on that character the entire time. You can log on to any other toon and watch the event and when your faction/category comes up you can log on to your entering toon at that time. Or, you can use your plate toon to watch the entire event and then get in place when your category is called. It will take hours to get to the Plate category. There is no reason for you to wait around while we are judging other categories. You are encouraged to watch any event you like, just please stand to the side to give the judges and entrants room to do their job. If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask. The reason I ask for your toons to be in place early is so we do not have to wait for you to fly there when a category comes up. There will be a 5 minute break in between each category. Judges cannot and will not be answering whispers or questions during the event. Due to the size of the event its crucial we stay focused and keep the flow going. It is up to each of you to make sure your friends and guildies know where to be and what time. Please understand there are literally hundreds of whispers coming across our screens, mostly from people who don't know where to be. We will not be responding to any questions once the event starts, however questions are welcomed in this thread. Judges In an effort to cut back on the length of the event and due to new categories, we will only be using 3 Judges this year. Kittylicious Jig0watt Bricke Whats new this year? The entire event will be streamed and you will be able to hear the Judges talk as they pull people forward and cast their votes. If you want to keep up with the votes, you will need to do so yourself as we will not be keeping a record of who voted for who - we only tally the numbers. Once participants are pulled forward, the judges cast a vote on 1 to 5 with 5 being the best. Those numbers are added and the person with the highest vote wins. Should there be a tie, we vote among those who are tied. Streaming information will be shared closer to the event. Since we are streaming, there will be no live music broadcast for the show this year. Jig0watt will be handling the streaming. Please direct all questions about that to him. More info to be posted soon. ))Stablemare145 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 A Big Thanks! A big thanks to all those who attended. It was nice to meet some of my OOC enemies IC and have fun chatting with them. Big thank you to the TMO members who showed up- Shotaris you were great to speak with ICly. Kitty it was great seeing you there and meeting you undercover character. You did seem very suspicious! Blightbane, thank you for washing our dirty soldiers. Nayadri, thanks for coming along and joining our Ts3! Vd, it was great seeing you interact with us! I had fun. Great learning about Tauruk's nickname, Bullseye! Fun chat man. Didn't get to meet Arn there, but I'm glad you were there. I didn't get to meet as many people as I could IC at the party, but I thank all of you for coming along, including the Chaos/Iron Alliance raid that dropped in! We had some splendid RP-PVP tonight. /salute P.S. Grats to Lions Vanguard for getting that kill on me :PHimanshu40 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 Legion PVP Hopefully you guys are watching and supporting the final 3v3 tournament for a spot at regionals and potentially blizzcon, if not go to twitch.tv/wow and start. We just had ~20minute interview with Holinky about the future of PVP in legion. Some good things were mentioned and it sounds very interesting. Hopefully mmo-champ will have a recap of his more interesting points but it sounds like alot of our fears were groundless.. specifially, ---wpvp gear and talents wont be an issue, it sounds like theyre designing a more polished version of the pvp scaling system we have in WoD. ----Human racial may just be changed to something new with the first tier of PVP talents being directed at CC reduction/breaks. ---spec specific gear tuning. I LOVE THIS IDEA. they will be able to specifically tune individual spec stats. If elemental is underperforming in damage? increase the amount of intellect they get. If Rshamans are too mana efficient? Reduce theirs and theirs only mana regen. --- other stuff i might have missed? like i say, hopefully MMO-C will have a better recap up later ----Also mentioned Ashran was a mistake. hahaha. It was good to hear him actually admit "it was poorly executed"Vayris29 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 Back to the game and looking for a guild Hello all, I recently got back into the game after a bit of a break and was finally able to decide on my main and went with my Tauren warrior. I just hit 100 on him Thursday evening but am working on getting him some gear. I am at 659 ilevel currently gearing as fury but I really want to get into tanking. I am not really looking for anything serious as far as raiding goes. If I could find a guild that matches my odd schedule, which is unlikely, I'd definitely be down for raiding in a weekly basis, but if not that is fine as well. What I am mostly looking for is to not have to play the game alone anymore. I don't want to be in one of those guilds that spams people with invites and then never talks in guild chat. If possible I'd really like to get involved in some RP as well but I've never really done it so I may need some pointers. I really want to feel like I am playing a social game again and I've always been interested in RP but never took the steps to get involved. I guess that's really all I have to say right now. I hope I can find a guild or even just some people to play the game with again. Happy farming all!Kuhzorn2 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 @Graphite Stop griefing my gypsy RP. I report you.Annahilation53 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 @Charax That's right I made an @ thread. Just wanted to ask you to stop godmodding me with your TRP3's Current Info. http://i.imgur.com/LyVmsTL.png I don't feel even slightly compelled to bow in your presence.Vairal4 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 [RP] Horde and Alliance Ball TONIGHT! Do not forget 9PM ST Ghostlands Sanctum of Sun @ the water. 9PM ST Greeting and Open Ceremony 9:15PM ST - 9:30PM ST Dancing and Music 9:30PM ST - 10PM ST Gambling and Poker 9:40 PM ST - 10PM ST Ball Kings and Queens Contest 10PM - After party Those who feel valued as high targets and do not trust particular horde can make Blood elfs which allows you easy access to our dance. We have increased our Teamspeak 3 server to 200 for those who want to listen to the music and talk OOC. =)Spartanic2 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 girls play wow - Crypticx AMA bCryptïcx51 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 A New Player Appears! Hello, ED! Just popping in to introduce myself. I'm a brand new player, having only started a few days ago; I'm really enjoying the game so far! The zones that I've seen up to this point (Elwynn Forest, Dun Morogh, & Mulgore) have been nothing short of amazing & I'm looking forward to eventually experiencing all that the game has to offer. While PVE is likely to be my main area of play, PVP is also something I'd like to dabble in eventually. I haven't seen much of the social aspect, though, so if you see me in game....say hi! :) I'd love to make some friends in-game to chat with while I quest & possibly join a guild. I'm also itching to start getting into dungeons at level 15. If you somehow end up in a group with me, just know that I'm probably going to be a little lost (but I won't stand in the fire). Please bear with me! /bowsKilmani35 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 Letter of Intent (Disclaimer: Not an RP story/IC) Dear Emerald Dream, I intend to take over your Auction House. http://i.imgur.com/XwrMyUa.png I know its not much so far, but I'm just getting started. 3k+ items by Legion release or bust! Sincerely, That Guy Who's Overcharging You For Everything.Vairal21 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 Don't worry guys! WSB will apologize for their actions before Legion comes out so that they aren't endlessly corpse camped while they level. And that will continue until near the end of the expansion when they'll get bored and start crashing RP again. This is what is called the Tater Cycle.Colbor10 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 Looking for an alliance guild Looking for just a casual guild with some raiding/pvp. Mostly just looking for a talkative place to chat and make some friends. If anyone knows of a guild I could join let me knowLionbull2 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 16, 2015 is this server good with raiding I was into pvp but now i want to switch and do a bit of raiding but i never see people with raiding gear only pvp. So I'm just asking how is this server with raiding? is it popular or just mainly focused on pvpZeedox4 Aug 16, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 Hello Emerald Dream! Hi guys and gals, I'm Varick. I'm just taking a few minutes to introduce myself as I'm new to the server! So first of all thank you for taking the time to read this post, I'm not sure if this is something done frequently or if I'm just making a fool out of myself, but here goes. Like I mentioned, I'm Varick. I've been an avid world of warcraft player since early TBC / Late Vanilla. (My brother created his account around the time naxx came out, I didn't get my own until later on.) I've always loved to play the rogue class, and my primary outlet is PvP, which is what brought me to choosing this server over my own. I heard there was some really good World PvP on this realm, so I decided it was high time I transfer over one of my rogues to see what was up. To get the most out of my Emerald Dream experience I brought a level 90 rogue over! I was not disappointed in the least. From the moment I left frostfire ridge I was spending every cooldown reset on some new group of alliance, I had my share of fun killing all of you locals! :) As well as being killed several times myself. I'm always looking for world PvP, so if you see me, feel free to attack! I love world PvP and random encounters. - Fair warning; I fraps my world PvP encounters in the naive hopes of making an old-fashioned pvp video. Just for the sake of sharing the fun I had! I hope we have lots of fun together, feel free to drop in and say hi! P.S If I killed you I'm mostly not sorry.Vãrick33 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 Warsong Rank1 RP Server can't handle how OP our RP is.Xanathal40 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 RP questions about writing wizard things So I'm writing some stuff for my shadow priest right now and I had a few questions for the guru writers of Emerald Dream. How do you write your use of spells when writing a wizard? As a shadow priest and it being all psychic type abilities and such I have just been scrolling through shadow ability tooltips and seeing what handy things they can give me. How do you explain mana? Abilities like Vampiric Touch return mana to the shadow priest, how do you think something like that could be explained? Should it be, or should it just be left to game mechanics? I apologize if any of that comes off as being stupid questions, I've just never really written a wizard before, rogue abilities were so easy to write :(Zebra32 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 VERY OFFICIAL PETITION This is the official petition to allow Pandaren warlocks, because I know it's what everyone here wants the most. Everyone sign on the dotted line. --------------<3Backstory21 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 Legion I didnt see anyone mention this, but it sounds pretty cool "The current plan is for Dalaran is to have a free for all PvP area in the Underbelly. You can bribe the guards to make them go away for a while"Vayris17 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 [A] Exp Mage lf RP/raiding guild! Hiyah! I'm posting on my alt at the moment as my Mage isn't available in my character list for some reason. >_< Anyways, my Mage is a level 93 Gnome and I'm new to Emerald Dream, sort of. I've had an alt here for a while but it's always been a very casual alt. I've been wanting to get back into WoW for a while now (I was in a semi-serious raiding guild before 6.2, made it 7/10 Mythic BRF) but was finding it difficult to rekindle my interest. Long story short, I decided to pick up my old main and switch to an RP server, something I've always wanted to do but never got into. So it goes without saying that I'm very new to RPing in game, although I've done some forum RPing before. I'm really looking for a guild to RP with and (hopefully) raid with. I say hopefully as my schedule is a little tight right now, working from anywhere between 5 PM EST to 4 AM EST and attending classed from noon to 4-5 PM EST. That being said, I really don't work that often. Heck, I'm not even part time really. The most I usually get a week is 20 hours over three days, usually at the end of the week or weekends, and that's the most! (My past two weeks have been 6 hours a week, thank god I don't live off my job.) I rarely work on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. So I can likely raid, I just might have to call off a raid once every few weeks for work. Feel free to message me in game if I'm online (I'm Jokaste on the server and Jokaste#1658 on B-Net!) and/or leave me a message here if you're interested. For raiding references, my main is Jokaste, a Goblin Rogue on Arthas. I was a pretty active player up until 6.2 dropped, at which point I kind of dropped off. It goes without saying that I still need to level to 100 and gear up, so I'm not a good choice if you need someone immediately haha.Ylrah2 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 My Dearest Sunferenboli It was many months ago when I returned to my computer and found that in my absence a certain priest had killed me. I swore vengeance, I swore retribution. Mostly, I just swore. It was a few days ago that I was heading over to Hellfire Citadel, intent on beating down the mechanical boss monster pet that resided at the entrance. Karma smiled upon me that day, for within my gaze was you, AFK, at the stone. I waved at you, and when you didn't wave back, I giggled like Dustfingur in a field of butts. A quick switch of my talents and you lost control of your body. I couldn't help but notice you looking rather sweaty in those robes. Now, I am not a foul individual, despite my guild tag, so I thought to cool you off in the nearby pool. RIP. There is only one Disc to rule them all. I have been sated.Propedal13 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 The List Everyone on the server except Treng.Realskane21 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 LF Soulare of Andorhal (A) Hey! I'm looking for someone with the Soulare of Andorhal follower so I could come to your garrison and grab the toy. Let me know! Thanks and I really appreciate it! - AceAceheart1 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 Heroes of the storm Tournament in Korea It just came out and its already starting to have an established professional league. http://www.twitch.tv/ognglobalZurga2 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 WSB Griefs my RP || Alliance Griefs WSB You cheeky buttwaffles. I was just about to get another drink with Victor. http://i.imgur.com/yfPQEdC.png _____________________________________________________________ UPDATE: Changed the title since a raid was dropped on the event. We survived but that's still bad taste, cmon guys.Nayadri26 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 Deuces I left WOW a few weeks ago, had a few things to wrap up on the forums and Twitter. I feel that my work here is done for now, since today ended up being extremely productive. So boys/ girls/ "thugs". I will see you all down the road. /saluteAskari4 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 WSB bar event theme song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5KqEQvgYyk Sorry I missed it but heres a late cheers!Narator1 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 A Formal Request for WSB Bar Night Hi guys, Shots here, a simple hunter in TMO and accused by WSB as a 'RP Griefer/Supporter' here to make a pretty large request. I'd like to quote something from Turwinkle's thread that I believe carries a lot of merit, especially how things are looking now. "So let us not intentionally go and destroy an event a guild is doing...let us not troll someones RP scene just to get a chuckle for ourselves..lets all share in the fun. Lets see how we can make that event better by participating in it..or that role play by asking to join in." For some of us, there is no doubt in our minds that the reason the area was switched to a place in contested territory, and then have Turwinkle's interview ruined, was simply to draw a reaction out of the server in order for a retaliation to their event. If that happens, they win. They can claim, "Oh well you guys didn't let us have our event and so now you have no ground to stand on." They want to be attacked. If they didn't, it would have still happened at the Zepplin between Org and TB, and Himanshu wouldn't claim "I don't think people who blatantly flame my guild should be allowed to do anything in contested zones." Even if they dropped a raid on Turwinkle and Warbringer just for their own reasons, it still fueled the fire for WSB hatred and WSB flaming. But now is not the time for action, at least not of the PvP or griefing kind. My request to all Alliance and Horde GM's, Officers, and Members is to refrain from trying to crash it, or blitz it, or whatever it was that you felt you needed to do in response to their actions. I can't expect everyone to follow suit, I know there are those that will do things on their own without fear of judgement, but I ask as a whole, please do not bring a PvP/Griefing solution to a claimed RP event. What I ask, is that people come out and support RP. Even if you hate them, hold zero respect for them, I ask that that the community can band together and be the bigger person in this situation. And even if the event as a whole wasn't even planning to RP to begin with, I believe with enough there who's intentions are to RP, we can make the event an enjoyable experience for all of us. "Lets see how we can make that event better by participating in it..or that role play by asking to join in." Let's do it.Shotaris216 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 [RPQ] Fiction Stranger Than Fact? Welcome, ladies and germs, to the newest section of our program: Roleplay Questions! I'm your host, Annahilation, and I've got a very interesting question for all of you that's been boiling in my mind for some time. When it comes to myth and legend, is it lore compliant for players to make up their own stories that aren't wholly Blizzard-made and supported? It's an interesting topic because we all like making up stories, but what about tall tales, urban legends, and other tales of fantasy within Azeroth? Blizzard has a ton of such things in their standing lore, but can we make up our own? Or is it not okay to completely make up something that has no basis of existing? For example, I go to a tavern night and tell a wild tale about wind elemental gnomes that sneak through people's homes at night and steal their shoes. Crazy, right! It's a story that has no support from Blizzard... so is it okay for my character to believe in such fantasy and perpetuate the myths of these little devils? A wild example, but one that I hope clarifies my query. Thoughts, ideas, comments? Let me know what you think!Annahilation14 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 Worth Playing on this Realm For PvP Polling the community in search of the best realm for WPvP to play as the Horde. Was told Emerald Dream, but after browsing around for a few hours last night and finding Org basically Deserted, im not too sure. Players thoughts for those that are already invested here? I dont want to level up a character just to abandon it because the PvP is meh.Edwacoo27 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 Is Horde Dead or I want my undead model :v(Aleckzander6 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 LF Tank/DPS Gold CM's About that time boys, gonna clear 8/8 since I've got nothing left to do in the game that seems fun anymore. Did 9/9 Gold on my Resto Druid in MoP, planning on doing the same this season. 1/8 so far, did Iron Docks Gold on our first try. Looking for a Blood DK tank and Warlock DPS (DPS Class is open to change). Leave your experience below, would prefer you to have Gold experience, as the rest of the group does and I'd prefer this to be quick and painless. Add my battletag if you're interested @ Happy#1248. Looking forward to hearing from some of you!Bladren7 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 QnA since my name has been spewed around horde and alliance a lot lately.. Ask me anything, what do YOU want to know about Me, Visibilities?Visibilities15 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 Turwinkle has some questions to answer Why haven't you interviewed me? I'm literally Emerald Dream's Tom Cruise. I get whispers pretty much daily about how ornery people are over you not interviewing me.Myis7 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 How is this server for horde? Hey guys. I never joined an RP server before, so I was hoping to finally see what the whole hubbub is about since I have been wanting to try out the RP since forever. I was wondering what your thoughts are for the horde faction on this server, and the environment it entails. This question is also regarding both RP and PVP, or RPPVP. Thanks.Bigfattmario20 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 WTB champion's honors I need 10, I'll buy 12k-15k each (12k is the median price). PST in game or C.O.D. them to me. In case you want to fact check my median price, check on undermine journal.Worlds18 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 @ Arn How dare you steal my last post spot?Boadicea18 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 Hello ED Just a quick question. I have recently returned and was wondering if I could skirt the issues Garrisons have caused with lack of world interactions by adding the RP element. Do you guys find your capitols and player hubs to be more active because of RP or is the RP close knit? Thanks for your time!Deadmåus4 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 To the Worgen Locks out there 2 Words. Sulfer and Brimstone. Your sensitive noses... how...Faralos25 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 I felt this deserved a reposting https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Baz8LdREgDE#t=270 Just rewatched the video. Confirmed no RL-shots from WSB members towards Sorrow or his kids. It was the Bandit Lounge video in that those comments were made You can find that video on Youtube with a quick search. Edited by Erstus on 8/14/2015 9:38 AM PDTBoadicea40 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 A short video on the community of this server I have a lot to say, so I decided the best way to do was through a video. It gets a clear and concise messages across. Feedback would be appreciated. Enjoy: !The volume may be a tad loud headphone users warned! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7E4Id89SEoMyis10 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 Hi-ho folks! Hi-ho folks! Wow! First of all, let me just give a BIG thank you to all the wonderful folks who said some awesome things about Turwinkle. I am truly humbled by the kind words of support. It is what I love about this community that we all call home. It is why other MMO's don't last. Our Community is what has allowed this game to last as long as it has. Not the game itself, but rather you fine folks that play it. It has been and will continue to be a passion of mine to seek out great RP guilds, players and organizations to speak with. To share their stories with you all. To shine light upon the great things we have all created here within World of Warcraft. Over the years, I have had a great number of opportunities to come to Emerald Dream and meet many of you folks. Even through things such as yesterday, I was able to have the chance to talk to some wonderful folks here that I had not had the opportunity to do so in the past. If I could, I would take all of the Emerald Dream server to Blizzcon with me this year! To be able to shake each one of your hands or to hug each and everyone of you. To be able to meet the fantastic folks who have crafted such great stories and characters within, would be truly an honor. Turwinkle has never turned away from anyone. Nor shall he do so in the future. Turwinkle will continue to do all he can to make the community as bright as he can. To make the community a safe and happy place where everyone can enjoy the RP they create within this community. To allow that new person, wanting to come and experience RP, be able to do so and florish. To those who would seek to destroy our community, to belittle RP, to mock events or one another. To seek out to disrupt our creative outlets or to hamper them, to darken our skies with negativity, hate and fear. To you folks, I say : "I know you are better than that. Turn your ability to do harm to do good. Help create something that will last years, rather than tearing something apart that only last moments. Be a helping hand to those who need a hand up rather than pushing those down that are in need. Seek out kind things and watch as kindness is given. It is far greater to be loved and respected rather than to be hated and feared." Will that change everyone? No, unfortunately not. It surely will fall on some deaf ears. Those folks who find enjoyment of dragging down others. But, it could change someone. It could make some rethink the things that they do and start to utilize all that effort they use for bad to putting toward something we could all embrace and love. That is how Turwinkle sees Azeroth. That is how he always will. I wish I could be more like him at times. Happy, bright, and full of life. Seeking out new adventures around the next corner or over that hill. Meeting new people and looking at them with a sense of wonder and curiousity as to who they are and what they are about. So be on the lookout folks! Turwinkle is out there and he is looking to meet you! To sit down and chat with you over a plate of cookies and a fresh cup of coffee. To enjoy one another's company for a moment in time. ~TurwinkleTurwinkle43 Aug 14, 2015
Aug 14, 2015 30 minutes of ______ ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atVNDwWtcjY @Hollyforest @Bawkachu @Lufifi @Meeps @Edenfox @Desire @MagsBubbaboomkin8 Aug 14, 2015