Emerald Dream

Aug 28, 2015 Good on you emerald dream horde i've noticed a trend that I'm rather proud of. Recently I've been playing around on my feral druid having a fun time ganking in tannan, while doing this I've noticed that when I attack a group of off server horde they will not come to the aid of their fellow players, which is kind of surprising because after I kill the other person I just kill them. However whenever I attack a horde Player from our server and there is another horde player from our server nearby the "Aww hell no" is almost audibleas they will pretty much drop what they're doing and beat the ever living snot out of me, or at least try to. This really makes me proud of our server and just makes me wish server versus server was a thing. Edited for bad voice to text on my phone =pGrimbe19 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 [Story] Set in Stone ((I am so sorry; I am drinking.)) He sat on the bed, as he had since his return home. Stripped to his bare lilac skin, he worried at his lip. Sarjen sat behind him, frosted leather hands pressing against his spine, squeezing his shoulders; hands toured his back as he spoke, quietly, about what he had seen. “They were right there, Sarj.” He said for the umpteenth time. “They were there, in the smoke.” The knight hummed noncommittally as he rested his patchworked hands on the scout’s hips. Juzmik continued speaking. “It couldn’t have been them, though. I mean,” He paused, fidgeting with the end of his long braid, “It couldn’t have been them, right?” He asked, looking over his shoulder. The knight sank closer against the scout, hands tracing thighs as he spoke, low, against Juzmik’s ear. “I couldn’t say.” Instead, he slipped the braid from his partner’s hands and began to unravel it, unfurling the tight black thread that held it all together. Juzmik leaned back against the larger troll, blowing up at his bangs. Sarjen spread his arms out to give his boy some room before returning to his task, slowly separating each part in front of the scout. “I mean,” Juzmik continued, “I… Eh, if it was them,” He frowned. “I mean, it seemed like them.” And it had – the spirits in the flames had stood out; they had been exactly as Juzmik had remembered. His brother, the thick head of hair and the robust, energetic attitude. Undauted, eager to do anything and everything with his other brother. And, his father – he chewed his lip again, drawing blood. “My dad, eh. He…he liked it.” Sarjen’s hands left ribbons of deep blue hair running down Juzmik’s chest. The frost at his back met the heat of summer in the Bay that had set into his bones with an uncomfortably clammy tinge, but the scout paid it no mind. “Liked the idea of me bein’ Warchief,” The general continued, after the stretch of silence from the knight. He reached for his bottle and took a swig, settling in against Sarjen’s bulky frame. The knight traced circles against lilac thighs as the bed creaked beneath them. “And do you?” He asked. Juzmik twisted slightly, looking up at Sarjen out of the corner of his eye. “Do I, what?” “Want to be Warchief?” A moment of silence, stretching like the last rays of sunlight across their floorboards at dusk. He thought of the Warband, of its throngs of men. He thought of Rasek, working late into the night, pouring over the logs the way Juzmik poured drinks each week at his bar. He thought of Tiombi, sobbing in his arms over a misplaced decision that had the potential to cost lives. He thought of Yarbo, the smile in the older troll's voice as he encouraged even the weakest boy to grow into a man. “I do.” The knight nodded once, pressing his lips to the scout’s shoulder. “Very well.”Juzmik3 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 He who fights with monsters... Selling Void-Shrouded Satchel, which contains Touch of the Void. Please mail in-game with offer if interested! This heirloom trinket scales and is apparently really OP. Have not tried it myself yet, but from Wowhead: This thing hits ridiculously hard. On my 31 hunter each tentacle was hitting for 250-300 and were easily able to kill another player my level in under 10 seconds without me helping them. Could be good on low level twinks. I'm 91, and it's soloing rares. This trinket is doing 25.5k dps with it's use effect at lvl 100 according to recount. On a 680 geared tankadin. It's incredibly strong. Very OP trinket for low levels, twinks and leveling, It just creams any boss in 5man dungeons and annihilates groups of mobs. Did 48k dps on a 700 windwalker. This thing just solo'd a fully decked out 70 twink rogue with glaives as a 70 warrior. It's pretty damn OP and I love it. Alongside leveling and doing dungeons, this trinket is extremely useful in Tanaan Jungle as the On-Use effect is so strong. The trinket will allow you to pull packs of mobs and if you can keep yourself up and wait just a few seconds, the trinket will kill most of standard mobs while you just sit back and watch in wonder...Alpenglow0 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 Grats to Vizu on 2k RBGs! He got his first 2k in a bracket today in RBG's! Been super fun to watch him grow as a player, he improved at an insane rate and is hands down one of the best MW's I've had the pleasure of playing with. Huge congrats to him, I'm hella proud- he definitely deserved it.Bladren111 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 Gamechanger You guy's were all excited and then bummed out about the Horde racials being buffed and then nerfed again. This little number slipped through the cracks.... ... Undead confirmed as the new PVP king race kappa etc. Go ahead and reroll now, I'll wait.Vorinthguy8 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 (RP) Ruby Embrace Azexton looked into the night sky above Dalaran and took in a deep breath of the cold refreshing air. Something about the night felt like magic and excitement grew inside of him as he looked at the sign for The Legerdemain Lounge. Azexton made his way inside and looked around noting the various people which included members of the Horde and Alliance. Within the walls of the establishment they were not enemies, but patrons of food and drink. This tavern was one of a few places in the world where the fighting between both factions did not exist and the owner made sure to keep any faction violence and hatred far from this place. Azexton turned his attention to a blood elf woman with ruby hair at a corner table. A smile formed on his face at the sight of her. The woman noticed him and her emerald eyes lit up as she returned the smile. Azexton made his way to the table and as she stood up they met and embraced in a hug and a soft kiss on the lips. “I’m sorry” Azexton started “Did I keep you waiting long?” The woman shook her head “No, not at all.” Her ruby hair was done in curls and they bounced slightly as she moved. Azexton pulled away from the woman and helped her back into her chair before sitting down across from her. A waitress nearby moved over to the table “Hello Sir, can I interest you in a drink?” Azexton turned his attention away from the ruby haired woman and looked to the waitress. “Bloodwine please.” The waitress nodded and went to retrieve it. Azexton turned his attention back towards the woman across from him and noted she had her own glass of wine before her. “So Lillian, how was your day?” The pair continued talking and enjoying themselves for the next three hours. Azexton had met Lillian a week prior in the same tavern they sat at tonight. Lillian was at the bar drinking alone and warding off the various men who were trying to draw her attention. Azexton had been sitting two chairs down from her and over the course of a few hours they began talking. The two hit it off quickly and at the same time every day since they had met at the tavern. Lillian locked her emerald eyes onto Azexton’s as she placed her hand over his. The waitress moved up to the table again. “Is there anything else that I can get you? Perhaps more wine?” Lillian paused for a moment her gaze still locked on Azexton before turning her attention to the waitress. “Perhaps a room key…” the sentence seemed to hang in the air. Azexton took a moment to register what she had said before he answered “Yes and a bottle of your finest wine.” The pair stood before the door of the room as the feeling of anticipation grew inside of them both. Azexton opened the door and the scent of flowers and candles filled his nostrils. Candles adorned the various pieces of furniture and flower petals lay scattered around the room. Lillian made her way past him making sure to be deliberate with her movements as to catch his attention. Azexton shut the door behind him as he kept his focus on her form. Lillian wore a red dress to match the color of her hair and it showed off all of her curves as she moved towards the bed. Azexton followed in tow placing the bottle of wine on the nearest object that would support it. Lillian stopped as she reached the bed glazing a hand over the covers before turning to face him. Azexton made his way to her and they embraced in a deep and passionate kiss. (continued on next post)Azexton5 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 ☭Warsong Dream News: Ex Unitate Vires☭ Moments ago a battle between the Warsong Empire and a massive force of Alliance concluded. Among the already sizable forces deployed by the Alliance, a multi-headed beast and mercenaries not native to Emerald Dream. A brief skirmish broke out in the area of Lion's Watch between a scouting party and the Alliance. Believing they had a fighting chance, the Alliance pursued the scout troopers back to Vol'mar. It was there a long and intense battle was waged. The dogs of the Alliance tried everything to crush the Empire's forces but to no avail. The heroic men and women drove back the multi-headed animal several times during the fight. Then the Alliance enlisted the aid of a group of mercenaries. These mercenaries were no strangers to the wrath of the Empire and were quickly dispatched. You could say they were "Ruined". The fighting lasted hours but slowly the Alliance were losing ground. It was then that the Emperor ordered his closest advisers to unleash fel upon the Alliance. So they did. The Alliance crumbled before the might of the Empire and her soldiers. A shout that seemed to shake the jungle itself was heard. "FOR THE EMPIRE!" Strength through unity. Unity through faith. LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR!Xanathal45 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 [H] [RP/PVP] <Druids of Cenarius> Recruiting! Cenarius, lord of the forest is the patron god of all druids he was teacher to both the Kaldorei and the Shu’halo and preached balance and protecting nature. Cenarius, grew to the stature of his proud father Apa’ro. A brother to both the trees and the stars, the great hunter roamed the far places of the world, singing the harmonious songs of the dawning. All creatures bowed before his grace and beauty – there were none so cunning as the son of Mu’sha and Apa’ro. Eventually Cenarius befriended my people the Shu’halo and spoke to them of the turning world. The children of the earth knew him as brother and swore to help him care for the fields of life and the favored creatures of their great Earthmother. Cenarius taught the children of the earth to speak to the trees and plants. The Shu’halo became druids and worked great deeds of magic to nurse the land to health. For many generation the Shu’halo hunted with Cenarius and kept the world safe from shadows that stirred beneath it. The Night elves of the Alliance have in time forgotten the teachings that the great Cenarius taught us and in their arrogance and superiority complex are no longer fit to call themselves the guardians of nature save for Shan’do Malfurion Stormrage. They had become addicted to the powers of the first Well of Eternity and as a consequence led the Burning Legion right to Azeroth. Azshara their Queen and her loyal faction within the Highborne nightelves start the War of the Ancients by opening a portal to the Legion and even attempted to bring the Dark Titan Sargeras into Azeroth though they were defeated it came with a great cost. Illidan Stormrage, Malfurion’s own brother one of the most infamous night elves in history gave Sargeras the Demon Soul to create the portal into Azeroth. After the war his lust for arcane magic led to him creating a second well of eternity, his hunger for power would not stop there as he took the skull of Gul’dan for himself and become half demon half night elf. Even night elves that practice druidism such as Fandral Staghelm a night elf supremacist believing the Kaldorei to be the supreme race and only true druids poisoned Malfurion with Morrowgain keeping him in his comatose state. Fandral in his arrogance believing his people and himself were deserving of immortality created the new World Tree Teldrassil which was plagued with corruption ultimately removed by Malfurion. Fandral eventually became Majordomo Stanghelm the Firelord’s chief lieutenant and created a new circle of druids loyal to Ragnaros, the druids of the flame composed of nightelves loyal to him. Night elves were also responsible for the worgen race and curse due to their transformation into savagekin (druids that have become feral). This was done through the Druids of the Pack. They used a form known to be unstable these nightelves were transformed into worgen and lost their minds attacking friends and foe alike and were eventually banished. Regrettably even after millennia of forbidding the use of arcane magic it has been adopted by the Kaldorei, it is an insult for them to continue to use it after all the suffering it has cost. The final straw of it all though was for so-called ‘guardians of nature’ and ‘students of Cenarius’ to use fel magic and become Illidari servants of the Betrayer. Guild Information Who are we? The Druids of Cenarius is a horde druid guild on Emerald Dream, a newly formed guild .We are a RP/PVP guild with a heavier emphasis on RP, we’re a druid only guild. Promotions in rank will depends on involvement in RP and PvP as well as showing your devotion to Cenarius (getting exalted with his two factions). As we gain more members we will create events that can involve one or the other, we aim to involve ourselves with WPVP and in the future RBGs. Requirements - Be a Troll or Tauren Druid - Be willing to participate in RP and PvP guild events - Wear guild tabards to all events along with specific mounts (TBA) - Respond to calls of distress by members of the horde Ranks and Guild Leadership. Tanka (Taur’ahe for Leaf): This rank is given to initiates who have just joined the guild, it is a trial rank and the beginning rank of all druids in our circle. Once a Tanka has proven themselves worthy they will battle a Druid to show their worth to Cenarius, should they show how worthy they are they will be elevated to the next rank. Druid: After a Tanka has successfully proven their worth they will be an official Druid of Cenarius, Druids will be able to participate fully in guild events and in time be able to propose their own Awak (Taur’ahe for Tree): A veteran rank for those who have shown themselves to be more than just a member. They will be able to propose ideas to the council for voting and should they choose to, petition to be a Seer.Caruhm3 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 new Xfer looking for a guild Hi! I just transferred to ED and I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to a guild with good server presence, RP, and pvp. thanks!Celedwyn10 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 <foul> Recruitment Have fun and enjoy. Things we do: 1. Arena Carries to cap (free wintrading) 2. No butthurt RBGs 3. Redicule each other in mumble (very unqiue channel names) 4. Kill anything that is targetable from critters to level 90, does not matter. 5. Whatever floats your boat. That is all, LOL.Yammi499 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 (RP)A Call to Arms Veirylle lounged against a wall in Silvermoon City, safe within the rogue training facility 'Students of Shadow' that seemed all to deliberately placed in Murder Row. His red eyes traced the lines of his daggers as he inspected and thoroughly maintained his weapons. He thought for a moment about how his daggers had been his most trusted comrades, and had help him deliver death to every enemy to cross his unit and because of this they deserved his utmost care and attention. Veirylle's thoughts were cut abruptly short as his mind screamed with an alarm bell; Scya-Lord Zeroden was calling for reinforcements in the great jungles of Tanaan and it would be the duty of every Hunter to make their way to him immediately. Veirylle quickly applied a fresh coat of poison to his daggers before sheathing them and standing up, fishing through his pouch for his trusty hearthstone. Griping the stone tightly Veirylle closes his eyes and feels the world shift as he is teleported to its bound spot, the temperature taking a sharp dip as he came into existence in Frostfire. Shadow Hunter Ukambe turned to Veirylle as he appeared and with a nod muttered “Boss.” just before Veirylle took off again out the garrison door. His rogue training lending him the strength required to move with blazing speed, rushing out of the garrison gates and up the cliff side leaping the small gap to his Tower of War and diving through the always ready portal to Warspear. Veirylle felt his world shift again as the once frigid air of Frostfire turned into the salty sea air of the island warzone of Ashran. Veirylles stay within this pleasant atmosphere would be short lived though as another burst of speed rushed him down the hill and propelled him through yet another portal, this one taking him to Tanaan and to his unit. As he felt his world shift one last time the oppressive humidity of the unchecked jungle settled on him like a second skin, but in an instant it was forgotten by his desire for battle. As Scya-Lord Zeroden brought him into a telepathic link that allowed him to feel his brothers and sisters in the unit Veirylle willed the shadows to envelope him and unsheathed his trusty daggers. With a smirk Veirylle allowed for one last thought before rushing to join the battle “Tonight there will be blood.”Vierylle2 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 I dont think Im ever going to fly in draenor I just fully looked at and acknowledged the achievement needed to unlock flying and it seems ridiculously tedious, especially considering I barely quested all while leveling 90-100 and I have like no rep with any of these factions... All that questing really isn't my lane so I think I'm just going to abandon draenor after 6.2.2. Anybody else in the same boat?Muffjøhnson65 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 Rp rppvp guild project! Good morning ED, I was think about my characters story and how a Tauren can be a pally last night. This morning I came across the Sunwalkers and was instantly drawn in. I just wanted to see if anyone had the idea for creating a Tauren guild that was focused around this lore? If enough interest would anyone like to take on this challenge? I know this toon is lvl 10 but I do have a 100 pally that I can be used if needed. Thanks for your time.Glottkin4 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 28, 2015 [A] 700 Ret looking for heroic guild There are couple of realms Im looking to transfer to. Reason for I am interested in EM is because I am originally from here and would like to come back. Currently I am part of a morning raid group however my schedule will no longer allow me to continue raiding at that time. I have only been in HFC a hand full of times but Im 6/13 heroic, 12/13 normal. I do have Aotc for High Maul and BRF and looking to do the same with HFC. Days available - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Sunday night Time - 9pm est. preferred. ***I want to stay Alliance. If interested my id is Lite0990#1358 or respond here.Liteborne1 Aug 28, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 The Shmultyboxer "problem?" I was in grade 11 and level 32ish. Vast was the World Of Warcraft, and the "max level" of 70 was something of a myth to me. I remember my good irl friend Armourin (many of you know him as moss) was a level 61 Warrior, and boy let me tell ya, HE HAD BEEN TO THE DREADED OUTLANDS. A dark place, filled with riches and wonders. Armourin told us the tale of how after spending merely 2 hours of grinding herbs he made over 200 GOLD! Such an unattainable amount. Lo unto me as I checked my bags and saw the meager 20 gold, 13 silver and 2 copper pieces. So it was that my Level 32 paladin named Imrial was strolling through STV on the server of Lightninghoof. I was hunting some big tiger for a quest, and then they came upon me. A handful of blood thirsty horde players came storming through the jungle at what seemed the speed of light. It was then I noticed they had 100% ground speed. With horror, my eyes glanced at their names to check their level. My heart sank as I saw the dreaded skull instead of an actual number. All hope faded. The Lord Imrial, righteous paladin of the Light and bringer of divine justice, turn and fled from the oncoming savages of the wpvp guild Sublime. Total terror gripped my heart as all 6 of the red lettered minions saw me and veered in my direction. As I was slowly keyboard turned away a thought entered my head. A small glimmer of hope, a chance at even a few more moments of life. It took me a few seconds to find the correct move on my action bars. Just as the hunters arrows flew through the air and the warlocks dots were applied and about to tick, I clicked my gift handed down to me by the great GhostCrawler. DIVINE PROTECTION! With glee I began to run with my beautiful little bubble protecting me from thine enemies. The horde, furious that their gank had been thwarted stamped their feet in consternation and followed me along the Stv road waiting for the kill that had been denied them. Tears burned in my eyes as I realized the end was nigh. The final second had come, the twilight of Lord Imrial was at hand. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! A blast of blue lightning streaked through the muggy air and within moments 6 horde players lay vanquished at my feet. On that day, I met my first multiboxer. 10 elemental shamans mounted in unison and road off into the sunset. No words were spoken, but I knew, that poor soul who paid a small mortgage in subscriptions had forever changed how I viewed this glorious game! All you sniveling whiners that hate multiboxers...WAAAHHHHH. The man spends a fortune to play 10 accounts at once. It's wpvp, there is no "fair play." If you can't beat him then run. Don't talk about how this guild or that guild is garbage because they were in the same vicinity as a multi-boxer. People need to get over the "NAWT FAIW" aspect of wpvp and deal with it. Have none of you heard the tale of the great Sledgehammer, thunderlawling a legion of boxers off a cliff to their demise? THAT IS THE STUFF LEGENDS ARE MADE OF! TLDR: Long live the Multi-boxer!Amrothos51 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 Should ED be the Penal Colony for WoW? I saw this article on GD: http://money.cnn.com/2015/08/21/technology/video-game-exile/index.html Basically, EQ2 will be sending cheaters and trolls to a separate server to do whatever they want with no customer support whatsoever. It is a one-way trip. What are your thoughts?Charax21 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 Return of the Hardened Shell (6.2.2 Notes) From the 6.2.2 patch notes that for some reason were not bumped to reflect the updates as of 8/25: ... http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booterang Apparently this has been on the PTR for a while, but this is the first I've heard about it. Also lock nerfs! :DTreízar23 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 [A] <Resolute> 13/13H LF HPal/DPS Mythic We are looking for any strong dps that want to compete while progressing in mythic. We raid Tues/Weds/Thurs 8-11CST 9-12EST and will always call it at the scheduled time unless we're really close to downing a progression boss. We have a very serious atmosphere during progression but when on farm or not raiding we have a very social and active guild that spends a lot of time hanging out on mumble. High Priority Recruits Hunter HOLY PALADIN Boomkin Warrior Rogue Warlock Even if not listed here, we are looking for all competent DPS What we look for Attendance Knowledge of spec/class Desire to always improve Competitiveness Care about the game Mandatory Addons RC Loot Council Angry Assignments WeakAuras 2(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) If you want to apply please go to www.resoluteguild.us and put in an app or contact me (CaranTheMan#1638) Logs : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/18664 Kill Videos : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVm1kV1U5DAzbl0iCOexbUuy8rVF0NrXnMymind4 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 Gali's "List" Never thought I'd have to do this one day. Dreaded the possibility of it happening. Left ED once. Came back, as they all do. But it's different this time. I know it. Wasn't sure if I'd make a post for this. I'd already left after all. And most people who know me don't read these forums. But I don't do so in malice or anger, but rather sadness and nostalgia. ED was a home like no other for me. And I'll never regret the time I spent here. That's why I'm making this post. An "I was here" graffitti tag perhaps. Or maybe a Tombstone morelike. Selfish I know. But isn't that one of the virtues of forum PVP 'round here? ED's not been the same for a while now. Maybe it's just been me, but most I have spoken to have mirrored my sentiments. And for me, it will never be the same without the following people. People who have had an impact on me, large or small, good or bad. People, who for me, are an integral part of what made this realm larger than life. People, who for me, will forever be immortalized in my memories of my time on ED. The names, personalities, places, and events, conjured to mind as I look back, even beyond my time here. ED, for me, would never be the same without any of you. And so in no particular order... Lily Carasaib Araane Fafen Tenjimen Abebi Aisperfana Baelavar Sylanthe Dargarok Return Alvarix Roxamus Takota Lariss Zoula Vesker Aglaica Clix Grace Legren Siddis Graphite Sphyx Juiceboxmvp Ruvin Swiftkiss Nachta Lovatae Lithiaris Shoita Sledgehammer Vargrok Bricke Jalen Kheldren Milkydud Toriavon Mortiginis Keybuh Vedma Degno Hazelnut Mani Jkspiritlink Tinkerbolt Urivial Avici Heltor Kurgrum Ravenhul Vaporelli Tarenor Imfernal Zurga Rasek Demitassie Himanshu Frinkls Nymnaway Bronkk Zendarien Rhusty Treng Delurk Zeales Aislin Oshiral Kalrum Charax Galathan Hebro Annahilation I likely missed a bunch of people, and I apologize. But this realm is so much more than just a list, and no amount of name dropping with convey my gratitude. Thank you. For everything. Signing off~ Galithalalalalalala http://i.imgur.com/ObJEg.gif (( What would a post on these forums be without an imgur? )) PS: Add me if you want to join my ventures on WrA :) Gantrithor#1897Lorendrethil51 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 I'm Firemagic - AMA! Glorious magic-er. ...Of fire. Can I have a ginvite please?Ashishishe15 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 [RP] A Druid's Beginnings ((I wrote this sometime last year for my main. I thought of it more as WoW fanfiction than RP, but it's basically RP. There's a lot more to it but I'll just post the beginning for now. Sorry, it's a bit long :o)) She was young, very young. She walked the desert sands barefooted, her tough feet well suited for this environment, ungraceful though they were. Her wooden staff was slung over her back and she had only cloth as covering - no armor except the leather bracers on her forearms. There was a faint clinking noise as the beads in her hair moved against each other, and she was all troll, head to foot. Edethra sank to her haunches, resting for a moment in the hot sun. She had been tracking a boar for three days now, and was so close to Orgrimmar that she could hear the sounds of shouting within the walls as training commenced for warriors and whoever else. She had gone around the city in a wide semi circle, and was now clear on the east side. She did not wish to go much further; she was nearing the borders of Durotar, and she had no idea what lay beyond, in the foresty region she could see in the distance. The boar was nowhere in sight. Sighing, she stood, and reluctantly turned to go back. It was not a rare occurrence to return to Sen’jin village unsuccessful, but she hated it nonetheless. Suddenly a movement caught her eye and she froze, listening. The unmistakable sound of an animal rustling in a bush. Slowly she turned around, and summoned a flame from the heat of the sun. She watched as a fireball began to form between her hands, and she waited, her eyes fixed on the bush. Finally the boar stuck its snout out, and she threw the fireball at him, quickly summoning another flame as the thing charged at her, screaming angrily. She cast another one just before it was on her, and then it gashed her thigh with its sharp tusks. Quickly, she called on the power of the moon, and a faintly blue blast stunned it, and then it fell over, dead. Edethra placed her hand on her thigh as she walked over to the carcass, and by the time she reached it, the gash was significantly less deep and a faint green glow hung around it like a mist. She bent and using sheer physical strength she hoisted the heavy carcass over her shoulder, wincing a little from the weight as she straightened. She had a long walk back, but she was strong. As she neared the desert road she would have to follow to reach Sen’jin, a group of four warriors appeared in the distance, closing in quickly on their mounts. Edethra eyed them suspiciously. She did not like the types that went in and out of Orgrimmar; they were arrogant and self-important. Only rarely had she met a warrior who was humble and wise; most of them seemed to be only to happy to recount their many achievements and victories. And besides that, they always seemed to find it terribly amusing to tease a young troll female who was clearly from a rural place.Arriaddne6 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 Hello! Hi everyone! I am new to ED. A little about my WoW "career": I have been playing since vanilla. My first toon was a Warlock on a PvE realm. A few months before BC went live I switched my main to a feral druid on Bleeding Hollow and played through BC and WoTLK. I quit playing at the start of Cataclysm. I absolutely love world PvP and Battlegrounds. I am looking for a WPvP guild with some RP that will accept me; an experienced returning player that is currently leveling. I am aware that Feral is very good right now, but that is not the reason for choosing this class/spec. I have always loved the feel of playing a feral even in the vanilla days where we were a free kill. Anyways its good to be playing again and I look forward to meeting all of you in game. RP Backstory: Lochru was born to the Grimtotem Tribe and was part of the great invasion of Thunder Bluff during the Shattering. He followed his father in joining Magatha Grimtotem during their exile into Stonetalon. Pain, misery and suffering was all Lochru knew living in Stonetalon. He felt guilty for raising steel against his brothers and sought forgiveness. After the death of his father, Lochru became deeply troubled. Nightmares of the forests of Kalimdor and The Eastern Kingdoms burning. On one paticular night, the dream returned but something was different: As the fires burned out, there was one lone sapling that survived the flames. As Lochru moved closer, a soothing voice began to wash over him. Despite all the destruction surrounding him he felt at peace. It was the Earthmother calling him to the path of Druidism. During the night, Lochru snuck out of the Grimtotem camp and fled east towards the The Barrens. Their he surrendered to the Horde and was brought to Thunder Bluff where he was forgiven and welcomed back to the Horde by Stormstrong.Lochru245 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 Care for a Duel Lareit? Hey Lareit, Congratulations! You successfully killed me after I aggroed ~10 mobs together with my Brewmaster's Black Ox statue in an environment where Guard doesn't benefit from Resolve (WPvP) by stunning me and allowing the trash to kill me. You're so good at rogue that you still almost died to me spamming BoF at the trash, but I would love the opportunity to face you 1v1 in a fair fight so you could show me how good you are. This message is brought to you by Warforged Legion If you're interested, please reply back here and we can work something out :DZoremn128 Aug 27, 2015
Sep 4, 2015 Straight Outta Compton Definitely my favorite movie of the year so far. Award winning quality released as a late summer blockbuster. It's a great biopic.Antorias14 Sep 4, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 A question if you will? before i bring my Je ne sais quoi style of posting back to the forums and ED i need to catch up on months of post. I like to have a firm grasp on the goings on before posting. I do see that Charax Emperor of Mogs extraordinaire of in game fashion knower of all things pristine is not only horde but in WSB? I find this merger intriguing. I also see the WSB is still at the pinnacle of World PVP, but lets be honest where else would it be. Have we had an unbiased Mog contest yet? Has watchbringer aka blueman group refocused themselves? they were being really weird when i left with in house fighting and strange canadian banter on the forums. Is Andrew still a.... You know what ill just catch up on my own, I think ill start on page 50 and work my way forward. http://i.imgur.com/FZ8AY2c.gifvMilkydud83 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Et tu, Brute? Inquiring to see if any individual would be interested in being an RP partner of sorts for upcoming RP days. It would be a long, story style format RP; I have some awesome ideas and can write out the story myself, but I think the perspective and reaction of another individual would be entertaining for you all to view. It does not have to be YOUR character, what I have in mind may not be for the faint of heart, so it'd be basically just writing some of the story for future RP days. =) I have intentions of bringing my RP Story, Shadows into a Book style format in the future as a fan fiction type of sorts. I am not AMAZING but maybe somebody out there does enjoy reading my writing! As stated, it would be story style format RP, so keep that in mind. (This is not asking for some sort of boyfriend, it is simply seeing if anybody would be interested in being a part of my story in the future, and NO you would not be obligated to RP with me 10 hours a day, though I do love that >.>) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/18704212371 (Part 1.) Btag Is: ColonelMeow#1806 Add me here if interested, though sending a Twitter message is the best bet to get ahold of me for serious inquiries. @omglips Thanks, =)Lips115 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 late yesterday evening (RP) On into the night, The Late Doctor Lectur, Associate Professor of the Undercity Decorative Mold institute and his less than reputable cohorts drank and gambled. One thing led to another and the next thing you know the unfortunate ex- evil psychologist and serial cannibal stood in the Ironforge throne room over the baby, with a few spears protruding from his chest. Lectur, who normally resides in a coat room adjoining the mold museum was put in a storage vault with plenty of air ducts to make sure he didn't stink up the place before he could be tortured and eventually executed. No need to worry, folks, there's no way he could ever escape from there because the door is locked. Unfortunately, the liquid spatter from his most recent death covered the baby, and there is considerable reason to believe that the delicious thing may have been infected. So far, The stern dwarven rulers have declined to allow an independent physician to examine him and say that every thing is fine. Everything is just fine. What was that noise in the ceiling?Lectur9 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Meanwhile!! On bizzaro emerald dream!!!!! http://imgur.com/M1BspHQBlackmane19 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 [RP] Cat and mouse Branches and leaves whooshed past him, dirt and debris flung from paws hitting the soft earth beneath him at a quickening pace matched by his heavy breathing. He ignored the branches striking his face as he ran with purpose, his mind racing with one word that repeated “COOKIES! COOKIES! COOKIES!” Endriago ran through the dark brush of Elwynn Forest, the trees allowing only slivers of moonlight to pass, but he did not need it, his feline eyes worked just fine in the night. She had given him a task, and a scent to track and he would have his reward. Coming to a stop abruptly, skidding in a cloud of dirt as he suddenly caught sight of where the scent had led him, a small collection of buildings, an Inn, and a smithy, this was Goldshire. He lowered to the ground and prowled slowly creeping closer towards the Inn, slinking close to the outer wall of the inn being careful not to spook the horses tied up out front. A Human male exited the inn dressed in what he could only assume was formal attire, slowly followed by a half-naked female Night Elf whom seemed to giggle mindlessly at nothing. Endriago furrowed his brow and tilted his head curiously watching the two as they walked out of the small hamlet and down a dirt road heading west. His curiosity piqued and he decided to tail them, his curiosity getting the better of him. As he moved slowly up to the horses he froze as he could hear the slow but thundering sound of a precession of the Stormwind Royal guards on horseback entering the hamlet and heading towards him. His mind raced “Crap! Crap! Crap!” He thought to himself looking around and finding no other option but to stay where he was, next to the stabled horses. As the procession ever so slowly trotted past he choked his impatience down and held still, unknown to him the horse next to him was shifting its position, until a hoof came down on his tail. The sharp pain rolled through his body and he bit down on his tongue to stifle the cry that wanted to escape his lips. The horse shifted again and he was able to pull his tail closer into his body and he thought to him “This day couldn’t get any worse.” The procession had gone past and was safe for him to move on, following the path the couple had taken, he was still curious what they were up to. He remained hidden in the shadows as his nostrils flared picking up their scent, noting to himself that neither were the one that he was sent after, and followed the trail to a farm just outside of the city limits, several pigs roamed the fenced pen. He slunk under the wooden fence and slowly and followed the scent of the Night elf towards the barn, her scent was the strongest of the two and easy to find. As he was busy taking in their scents and trying to avoid the pigs moving around the pen he didn’t see the pig feces he just stepped in, until he could feel it between his toes. “Sighing and looking over at his paw he softly shook his head and muttered “Yeah, that’s how it’s going to be huh? I swear to Zeroden someone is going to die…” He shook his paw and continued to the barn. Slowly he moved through the open doors and peeked around the corner, a large grin crossed his face when he caught sight of them. Two lovers in an embrace in one of the stalls meant for horses. His tail flickered behind him causing a wince of pain, prowling closer to the couple purring and speaking out loud “Well, a feast shall make up for this horrible night!” And he jumped at the two in the stall with a loud roar; claws and teeth flashing, their screams quickly extinguished and blood oozed in copious amounts from the stall. He did not find his target, and may have bruised his ego but he wouldn’t go hungry and the Kiith-Sa would be amused by the story at least.Endriago5 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Whiskey/Scotch/Bourbon selections Over the past few weeks for D&D night, I've been buying different whiskeys to try. Last time was The Glenlivet 12, time before that was Glenfiddich 12, time before that Johnny Walker Double Black. Any suggestions for this week? I try not to go over 50$ simply because we drink it in a night, but I might make an exception.Kellindrill54 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Tell me of your travels. (Sits patiently)Fenghuo39 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Friendly Alliance Guild Recruiting A new expansion is coming and it looks like a doozy. We could all use a few good friends. Who we are: Our main goal is to provide a place for good people to escape from the elitism and toxicity of certain types of players. We want the nurturing and good-natured feel of the old days in WoW. Amicus Maithe plans to provide a sanctuary of sorts for those nice players that still want to be productive and accomplish goals in a gaming community. We are a social guild of a few rerolls, and will be leveling to 100 (for the 5th time for me, and many more for others). You can expect to raid and do RBGs at max level with us, as we are no stranger to high end content. We also have several alt-a-holics that just enjoy leveling. Our officers all have raid leading experience from Molten Core/AQ20 all the way through BRF. We've even ran pug groups in the first half of HFC. What we are looking for: Players that will enjoy the game with us, and join our group of nice / helpful players. It doesn't matter if you're new, we will teach you and guide you. It doesn't matter if your undergeared, we will gear you. It doesn't matter if you only pvp, we will slay with you. If you can't play every day of the week, don't worry we will be here for the times that you can make it. I have faith that this community of WoW players is still full of great people, and I want to gather those people and play together as a team. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in game!Yetsul5 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Icebane gear and Frozen runes please. If anyone has these items i'm willing pay you very well for them. I've been searching for a long time for these. I just need Shoulders, Gloves, and Legs.Coldreavér2 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Resurrection in RP and WoD 'nd stuff lads :^) ... http://www.wowhead.com/quest=34801/a-pilgrimage-gone-awry ... If blizzard is willing to suggest resurrection is possible (even though in the quest the potion fails) why wouldn't it just work IC too? inb4 Nadur is a loonie thoZeales111 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 [RP] Revenge, I Think ((I really like the Plaguelands. Especially the sad little ruined towns that clearly tried to save themselves, the remaining guardsmen who are probably terrified every day, and the piles of burning bodies.)) The last time he saw her alive, she had withdrawn inside herself completely. She hardly answered when he spoke to her, and her hand was limp in his. She knew he was there, and she moved around their house, window to window, to the kitchen to get food, too bed. She never changed from her nightgown. He’d heard the rumors: Some kind of disease was popping up several kilometers east of them; bad bread or something. No one knew the details and he knew it worried her, but it was just another weight to her sagging shoulders, and she showed no sign of it. Still, he made sure to head across the Thorondril River for the market. Details began to trickle in. Bad bread, quick deaths, whole towns succumbing to fever. Merchants and common folk were all headed west to the capitol, soldiers all headed east. Paladins, it looked like. He watched them from their door. His wife watched them from the window. There hadn’t been very many people living in their hamlet to begin with, but those that remained were stubborn, and believed the stories were blown out of proportion at most. Still, they all moved towards the center of town, to the inn, and set a perimeter of wood and iron along the road. With their backs to the mountains, there was only one way in. The markets had closed. Even heading across the river was out of the question. The sky had taken on an orange tint from spores and smoke that crowded the air, and anyone venturing outside wore a mask or choked. But she was hungry, and he made his living off the land. He made sure to put her wedding ring back on her finger before he left. She had a habit of leaving it on the nightstand, and when he slipped it on she almost smiled, and touched his shoulder and kissed his cheek. He was going to get as close as possible to the river, see what wildlife remained, get some food for everyone. It would take about a day, that’s all. But when he returned, their grand protection against the plague had been torn to shreds, and the door to the inn, barricaded, had been blown open. The silence was deafening, and while he desperately wanted to call for his wife, something at the back of his neck told him not to. Best not be the only one making noise. He left the town and headed east, off the road but close enough to see its traffic. He hadn’t seen them heading west, so something must have driven them east. East, into the heart of the scourge. “Cavistius?” He blinked, sunken lids over sickly yellow eyes. They’d come to this area as part of the Forsaken, newly freed and eager to prove it. The Dark Lady was flaunting them across Lordaeron, stretching her arrows as far and as wide as was safe. But the Argent Dawn paladins who were here had, sadly, been put to death before the Forsaken arrived, and they picked over the corpses without compassion. Cavistius stood over one of their burning pits. It was piled high with corpses, some wrapped and some not, flames feeding on the bed of human ash beneath them. His compatriot stood beside him, unable to see what his friend was seeing but happy to stand there just the same. “My wife.” He croaked, the tear in his throat still causing him grief. His compatriot followed his hand to the fire, to the gleam of a stone upon a golden ring, affixed to an unwrapped, delicate hand that peeled away and stank like the rest of them. “Tragic.” His compatriot said, already bored. “What do you plan to do about that?” Cavistius gripped his gun tighter, bony fingers on polished wood. “Revenge, I think.” “Oh? On whom?” “The Argent Dawn, I think.” His compatriot agreed that was fair but unwise, impatiently tapping the pommels of the short swords at his hips. The Banshee Queen was trying to prove their worth as a sentient people, dividing them from the scourge they all sprang from. Still, it was fair. They survived where others didn’t, after all. “Death to the living.” He offered Cavistius a half-hearted salute, barely aware of the echo of his words behind him. It wasn’t the sorrow he thought he’d feel. It wasn’t grief for her loss, or remorse for not finding her in time. It wasn’t self-loathing for not being home when it happened. He didn’t fall to his knees and beg, or cry, or tear at his hair and curse whatever god was listening. Instead he felt almost nothing. A grey pit at the center of his gut that washed a numbness across his body and made room for only one thing, one will, one dream. “Death to the living.”Cavistius4 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 (RP) Blood in the Jungle Everything about the jungle was displeasing to Azexton. Perhaps it was the humidity or the fact the bugs here were easily the size of his hand, but in any case he was not fond of the jungle of Tanaan. Azexton and his brothers had been tracking a group of Alliance for the better part of an hour before Scya-Lord Zeroden had discovered their location. Zeroden stood before a dense underbrush as he awaited the group’s arrival. Zeroden was cloaked in shadow as he stood hidden from the world, but not hidden to his Hunters. Together the four of them moved towards their leader. The death knight Constaunt whose eyes burned with hatred, the stubborn and capable warrior Colaraith, Endriago a druid of restoration, and Azexton a priest of the shadows. Together the five of them shared a mental link. This link allowed communication without words and let them act quickly both in and out of combat. Zeroden gave the commands out via the mental link and with a plan in place he slipped through the underbrush with Endriago in tow. Azexton moved up to the two plate wearing men and noted how hulking the blood elves seemed in their armor. Constaunt looked towards Azexton and smiled as did Colaraith. Azexton noted the unmistakable look on their faces as the lust for battle saturated their expression. A signal chimed in their brains and together the trio pushed past the underbrush and into a clearing. Azexton noted that Zeroden was a flurry of speed as he danced with his blades around a human female, her essence that of a priest. A nearby gnomish mage was yelling in what could only be discerned as panic and Colaraith charged towards it. A nearby male night elf hunter had begun to assault Zeroden from range and a large wolf also charged towards the rogue undoubtedly the hunter’s companion. A worgen warrior appeared nearby and jumped towards Azexton, but it didn’t take Constaunt long to pull it towards himself and their own battle began. Azexton scanned the area and saw Endriago who was now out in the open freely casting spells of restoration on Zeroden. Azexton turned his attention to a monk who jumped in to attack Endriago in an attempt to disrupt his focus, but a series of mental attacks slowed the monk’s assault down. It wasn’t long before the female priest had collapsed in a pool of blood and Zeroden turned his attention to the night elf attacking him. Zeroden leaped to the hunter diving in and shredding him and his companion apart with speed and precision. The human monk broke off his attack on Endriago and rushed towards Zeroden to save the hunter, but the damage had been done. Unable to save the hunter or its companion from Zeroden’s assault and with his party members dying around him the monk panicked and began to run. Colaraith now stood over the corpse of the gnomish mage as blood dripped from his weapon. Colaraith turned towards the running monk and let out a roar of fury as he charged, striking with such violent power it nearly cleaved the man in two. Azexton watched the assault, but quickly lost his focus as he sensed another’s presence. Azexton’s crimson eyes scanned the jungle around the battle and saw nothing, but surely he felt another priest somewhere nearby. Constaunt pierced the skull of the worgen warrior who lay before him “Mongrel!” he muttered as he withdrew the blade from the skull. Colaraith made his way back to the party totting the intestines of the monk around his neck. "Hey guys look!" Scya-Lord Zeroden stood over the corpse of the hunter and the wolf as he called out “Hunters! The battle is won and over! We are done here.” Azexton broke his search and called out in response “Finish your kills, no prisoners and no one escapes!” Azexton watched Endriago shift into the form of a cat and slink off into the underbrush nearby. Azexton wasn’t concerned about the druid knowing he could handle himself. Perhaps he also sensed the priest nearby. Together with his brothers they celebrated in the blood of the fallen before making their way back to Vol’mar.Azexton3 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 LF 680+ DPS for HFC Raiding <Eternal Creators> (A) US-Terenas/Hydraxis is 6/13 N HFC. We are currently searching for more ranged DPS who want to be dedicated raiders to join our guild. We raid every Friday and Sunday night at 6pm-10pm CST. We're actively progressing through Norm HFC, so those new to raiding are welcome! We're patient, fun, and mature. We have Mumble, a Guild Facebook page, and website! We also do legacy dungeons/raids/achievement runs! Contact me via this post or in game: Evee-Terenas or my officers Neithia-Terenas and Praetorrian-Terenas.Evee2 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 I miss you. <3Crøøkz14 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Looking for Prymal. Anyone here have a way to connect with Prymal(CBH Dwarf who did amazing art for ED) outside the game? He seems to have vanished and is not responding to his emails. (Hope he's alright)Ironblood9 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 How is your pathfinder cheevo coming along? Are you ready for flying? I had a very late start to this expansion but I am trying to put in work to get it done. Just need the rep grinds and half of the bonus objectives. I am really looking forward to exploring with all of the treasures to find and rares to hunt. So many unique new trinkets and transmog items to locate. How far along are you?Sacramant9 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Alliance vs Horde Tutorial The difference between the alliance and horde. Alliance have 11 world pvp guilds. Horde has 1. Enlist in the army of Division VII today!Dominatricx42 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Glad to see ... ... that everyone seems to be in a better mood today. :)Agrar61 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Wicked Mithril Blade LF a Blacksmith with this pattern, I have mats and i'll give you a 2k tip for it. :(Tobi0 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 @PM Why u gotta defile our cathedral on a nightly basis?Jímlahey17 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 I agree with Charax Alright man, due to some forum shenanigans I don't think I can support you in this anymore. I mean, not a single post of mine has counted towards your total. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/search?f=post&forum=1181104&q=agree%20with%20Charax&sort=time&dir=dKellindrill18 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Warsong Battalion-WSB Hello friends, I have been in this guild for three years, and I feel that this is the best guild in Wow. I will try to explain as to why I feel this way. 1. What is WSB, and who are these people? Some call us monsters, and beasts from hell. I have accepted and enjoy the label that people have put on us. I don't know about others in WSB but personally I thrive off the negativity we get while we pillage your lands. Some say that we are the third faction in Wow, and I agree. WSB spreads love through war, and gives the community hope for a better future. While the community rages about our ways we smile and laugh because WSB is a FAMILY. 2. Why did WSB have so many enemies? Our success makes people jealous, and resentful which results in hate. Many guilds have tried to destroy WSB, and they all have failed because they underestimated our Strength, and Tenacity. We go where we want, and take what we want. We Dominate all guilds that want to destroy us. 3. Is there a guild out there that can dethrone us? Nope we have defeated all of our enemies, and stand proudly on top of the mountain as those not affiliated with us look up and beg for mercy. And mercy shall be given to those that have faith in us. Here's a list of guilds that have tried to destroy us but have failed. Clan Battlehammer- Surrendered Warbringer- Surrendered MOM- Destroyed Abolition- Destroyed Division VII- Surrendered but rebuilding, and planning a crusade against WSB with RG. Ruin Gaming- Surrendered but rebuilding in the Nether with Division VII. Army of the Blue Wizard- Destroyed Chaos- Surrendered The Harrowing/WPVP- Destroyed Warforged Legion- Surrendered There were many other smaller guilds that tried to destroy us but they were never a threat so there's no need to list them here. I hope this helps the community to understand us a little better so that you realize that we are here for you. We protect, and defend our own and destroy those that oppose us. Thank You for your time, ArashicageArashicage168 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 What's been the best part of your day can be wow or r/l related. Found out today that I'm going to qualify for a raise at work And I finished gearing my resto Druid alt :)Grimbe23 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Roleplay Questions of the Night: Thought I'd start up a fun RP discussion tonight, so here goes. 1. Have you ever killed off one of your main characters? 1a. If yes, how did they die? 1b. If no, do you think you'll ever kill them off before you quit wow? 2. Do you have regrets about killing them off (if yes to #1)? 2a. If yes, did you retcon or resurrect your character in some way to bring them back as the same race/class? 3. Do you feel like resurrecting (or retconning) your character cheapens his/her story? ~*~*~*~*BONUS QUESTIONS*~*~*~*~ 4. What's your favorite Pizza (it's spelled with a capital P)? 5. Will Donkey be here?Acadiana24 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Pre-HOTA grats to Vizu! Congrats on your legitimate 2100 achiev bud :^)Staystrapped0 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?! http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booterang http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booterang http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booterang http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booterang http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booterang http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booterang http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booterang http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booteranghttp://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booterang http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booterang http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booteranghttp://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booterang http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booteranghttp://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booteranghttp://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booteranghttp://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booterang http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booteranghttp://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booterang http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booterang http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booteranghttp://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booteranghttp://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booteranghttp://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booteranghttp://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booteranghttp://ptr.wowhead.com/item=129295/spike-toed-booterangVayris18 Aug 26, 2015