Emerald Dream

3d 875 shaman 865 ret LFG 865-ret 876-shaman http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/emerald-dream/Shockaz%C3%B9l%C3%B9/simple looking for new guild the one im in is done raiding before we even really started. I'd rather play the pally cause of all the raid cds and different things i can do. Plus, i enjoy the play style a little more. Pally does close to 300k(ursoc heroic) (will get log today) shaman does over 300k(ursoc heroic) https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/VM1jCnPHqKFyLb7D#fight=1&type=damage-done XP wrath 11/12h(was no mythic) cata cleared everything before firelands most on heroic minus nelf. then had to take a brake cause of RL wod-didnt play till very end(SoO). killed first 4 bosses on mythic before they made it a cake walk then finished everything on mythic. WoD-started good then had to take a brake. CURRENT 7/7n 7/7h 1/7m 3/3nRetgid0 3d
3d [A] <Coast to Coast> 7/7M Recruiting We are still in high need of a -Hunter -Warlock -Priest Healer who can play with Disc and Holy -MW Monk Please apply via our website http://coasttocoastguild.us/ post below or PM an officer in game. Main/Second Team Raid times (all other teams raid times on website): Tuesday: 8-12 server Thursday: 8-12 server Sunday: 8-12 server In C2C we are a relaxed group of players. The goal we had when building this guild was to find players who just wanted to kill mythic bosses in a fun relaxed environment. Throughout HFC and EN we started to find players with this similar goal. We never thought we would be server first due to the fact we never took raiding super hardcore by removing/benching people consistently. In C2C we have two mythic teams and two heroic teams. After every tier the first team takes the 20 best players in the guild and the second team takes the next best 20 and we go on from there. If you have any more questions please let me know!Marshmallon15 3d
4d [A] <Rebel Alliance> 2-night/week recruiting! We group of experienced raiders and friends that have decided to start our own guild after years of progression raiding; we are trying to enjoy the game and raid on a semi-causal level. Although we have fun, we are serious and dedicated raiders that want to get things done. Our officers and main raiders have mythic and heroic experience, and we are hoping to get through as much content as we can, while still having fun. Currently we are looking for a few more dps to fill out our mythic raid team. We are currently 7/7H EN and 3/3N ToV. Raid Days & Times Wed 9-12 CST Thur 9-12 CST Sunday (optional fun day) 9-12 CST Exceptional raiders will always be considered, but the classes we currently need are: Mage Warlock Rogue Shaman (DPS) Healer (Monk or Pally) Contact information: GM- Pussofdoom - Gypsysavage#1220 Raid Leader- Deky - Fire#1630 Feel free to add us anytime! We're awesome!Deky3 4d
4d [H]<Phase>7/7H 1/3H Rec For Mythic Prog. <Phase> Is looking for members to add to our core raid team. We would like to begin mythic progression ASAP. We are currently looking for 6 ranged dps, 4 melee, and 2 healers. We are a tight knit group of guys who know each other pretty well and really want to bring others in to get mythic progression started. We have a pretty strict mindset when it comes to raid nights, so if you're looking to join here's what we'll expect: -Be ready on time. Invites will go out at least 5 to 10 minutes before schedule. -Be prepared. Food, flasks, pots. Make sure you got your stuff ready to go. -Be vocal. Speak up, let your voice be heard. -Be a team player. You have to be able to work with others, enough said. We currently use Discord as our means of voice communication. If there are any questions, please feel free to message me here directly, on the forum post itself, or shoot me a bnet message Meaty#1216 Thanks.Meatyx1 4d
4d Where the hell are all the alliance? I always see on realmpop and other stuff that ED's server pops are like 1.1:0.9 A:H, and hell even running a /who census with an addon for currently logged players, there's always more alliance than horde. Yet every time i go out anywhere to do world quests I see nothing but gangs of horde players camping people and !@#$. I think i run into an alliance player maybe once every hour while horde every 2 minutes. So where the hell is the alliance?Yda43 4d
4d LFM for M EN, 7/7 H EN <Fallen Titans> Hey everyone we are a Horde guild that is trying to progress through mythic EN but we don't have the numbers. We are 7/7 H EN and we do mythic+ weekly. We raid on Wed & Thurs @ 8:30pm EST and sometimes on Sunday night (same time). If you have any questions please feel free to message me or Xploitr.Cuando7 4d
4d <The Seventy Third> Recruitment Video <The Seventy Third> was filmed in front of a live studio audience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_2OhRq7f_4Tinksy25 4d
4d The Seventy Third needs YOU! ((Heavy RP/PVP)) <As you check your mail, you notice a recruitment pamphlet. Someone has taken interest in your skills!> NOTICE! ALLIANCE MILITARY CALL TO ARMS! THE SEVENTY THIRD NEEDS YOU! The 73rd and the Alliance Military are issuing a Call to Arms to all able bodied members of the Alliance seeking Companionship, Comradarie, Soldiery, or simply to aid the Alliance and her People. In these perilous times, with threats of the Horde on our very DOORSTEP, the defense of our Great Alliance is now, more than ever, in need of citizens to make the transformation from citizen to soldier, and are willing to take arms and fight the Alliance's enemies! The 73rd is a Land-Air-Water based elite Corps. of Soldiers, with soldiers holding positions in nearly everything: From Snipers, Pilots, Spec-Ops, Infantry, Naval Operations, to the Medical Corps, Chaplaincy, and more! The clarion call has been given. Your peers, your countrymen, children, and indeed, the Alliance as a whole are all counting on you. Will it be YOU who takes up the call? Will it be YOU who will aid the Alliance and her Military in a time of great need? The Legacy of the Alliance will always be borne by the soldiers who carry it forth. Speak to a 73rd Soldier TODAY and BE that Legacy! 73rd Company/7th Legion Central Leadership Roster: Commanding Officer/Company Commander: Captain Branngas Stouthammer Executive Officer/Company XO: 1st Lieutenant Demitassie Rayneclaw ----------------------------------------- 1st Platoon (Combat Arms) Platoon Commander: 2nd Lieutenant Gielnorian Dawnseeker Platoon Sergeant: Sergeant First Class Lasaedius Valoris Example Military Occupations: Foot Infantry, Cavalry, Magi Infantry, ----------------------------------------- 2nd Platoon (Support Operations) Platoon Commander 2nd Lieutenant Gidgett Platoon Sergeant: Sergeant First Class Ino'lis Example Military Occupations: Combat Engineer, Medic, Chaplaincy, Military Guardsman ----------------------------------------- 3rd Platoon (Special Operations) Platoon Commander: 2nd Lieutenant Serilan Furymane Platoon Sergeant: Sergeant First Class Tinksy Mekkagon Example Military Occupations: Special Forces, Military Intelligence, Scouting & Reconnaissance ----------------------------------------- Training NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer): <VACANT> ----------------------------------------- "The Seventy Third Company: Reforging the Alliance, one soldier at a time." --Captain Branngas Stouthammer 73rd Company, 7th Legion Commanding Officer Grand Alliance Military ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ OOC Information: The Seventy Third has been in existence for a little over 7 years--originally coming from the Twisting Nether RP PvP Server. We have a strong focus in Military Role-Play, as well as our highly active PvP membership base (we frequently get together for PvP, even when it is not set as an event!) The 73rd hosts two events a week: 1 RP event, and one PvP event--these events are posted on our calender and in our MOTD. PvP and PvE are not required, however, RP is generally encouraged and you are required to be an RPer in order to join. Even if you're just picking up RP for the first time, don't b afraid--we help our members with their story and RP skills to help them get the most out of their character, WoW experience, and story. There are many RP opportunities when you enlist, be it at: Guild Events, Casually (such as at the Pig and Whistle), or simply in Guild Chat. Participation is also encouraged, even if it is something as simple as talking to people in our Out of Character channel. The Seventy Third has no race limitations, or level limitations. Our most important goal as a Guild is to enjoy the time we spend together, regardless of what level you may be. We understand many people do not have the time to come to some events, and will not penalize people for not showing to events, like one may be forced to do at work. The Seventy Third plays the game to have fun and enjoy one another's company: Not force people to do things they do not want to do by stipulating they have to show to a PvP event, "or else". However, showing to Events will help with promotions and the gaining of rank, including PvP events. Expect to be asked to attend a PvP event or RP event if you're around! Speak to any 73rd member, even myself, if you have any questions. I can be contacted in the game on "Branngas" by mail or by whispers in WoW. Demitassie, the 2nd in command and 1st Lieutenant of the 73rd can also be contacted--but feel free to contact any member of the 73rd to get started on recruitment, and they'll point you to a Sergeant First Class or 2nd Lieutenant if myself or Demitassie is not available. Thank you, hope to see you soon! Recruitment Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_2OhRq7f_4 --Captain BranngasBranngas372 4d
4d No one yet. QQ Still out here..... few failed attempts but no Ls yet. What happen to all that noise about killing me first day or first week when i xfer? lol. ok...... http://imgur.com/a/37t5zSentaragga194 4d
4d Order of Theramore [A-Heavy RP-PVP] Doors are open: Short interview required to join OOC and IC We are small, we need founding members Current Legion Headquarters: For interview and Recruitment Purposes - Stormwind The Slaughtered Lamb, will change to an penetrable base in future once we get established. Guild Policies tidbit on Faction Loyalty: I am a Horde player, but on Alliance alts, my Loyalty is to my guild and current faction and expect same from my guild members. I do not care if you play both sides as I do it myself. This does not stop me from fighting my Horde guilds and Horde friends and it should not stop you from doing so either. Guild Code of Conduct - Must adhere to RP server naming policy: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/300463 -All /say /yell is to be IC. OOC chat should be left to designated channels (Guild OOC channel, raid chat, party chat, whispers -Must remained flagged for PVP combat upon reaching max level (110) -Theramore is traditionally Human, Elf, Dwarf-with some gnomes. (No worgen/Pandaren/Draenei) -No Griefing of RP is tolerated and all violators will be removed without warning if the incident requires it. -All members are required to remain buffed for guild events(unless otherwise mentioned)...this means bring your food/flask with you as I will not always provide it. You do not go to a raid without consumables, you shouldnt go out on WPVP without them as well. -No excessive Spam -No excessive banners...bodies only require one...not 50 -Warlocks...(remember to dismiss/move your demons out of the rp area at least, though demons allowed for all pvp encounters including RPWPVP) -Do not CRY about being ganked, it happens it is a RPPVP server, deaths happen. Res up, heal up and move on. If you are being camped feel free to ask the guild for help--try not to call the guild in on 1v1 fights...as that is just insulting to the opposite faction and reflects bad on the guild. Guild Uniform: -None, though we do suggest stick with the colors of Theramore...which has 3 banners over the years. White/Gold(Theramore) or Blue/White(Lordaeron) or Green/Gold(kul Tiras) Sample outfit Theramore Colors (gold/white) http://imgur.com/a/gM6ri Guild Mounts Guild events any of the Swift steeds may be used (swift white/brown/grey) or a Gryphon if the rules allow flying which normally will not cept in guild WPVP Backstory Work in Progress the basic jist is The Fall of Theramore The Eye of Theramore was out at sea, off the coast of the Barrens when the night sky lit up in a violet flash, the ships equipment went haywire, detecting massive magical disturbance, and the smell of pure arcane energy flew over the sea. They arrived to theramore by morning. The crew as well as Tenebril were devastated, many fell to their knees, seeing their town nothing but a crater and rubble, their families nothing but ash. Cpt. Trenchmar sent the crew to seek out any that may of escaped in the surrounding marsh and town, it was not long after, the crew became ill. Tenebril sought out help from Darnassas, she knew it was mana poisoning from the residual bomb radiation and soon found a poultice that would leech the radiation from the body, but any damage done, was permanent. Most of the Crew perished. Overcome with bloodlust, Cpt Trenchmar and Commander Tenebril Silverbough decided that the Horde would pay for their crimes. If the Alliance would not destroy the Horde, they would, and with the crew that was left, they formed the Order of Theramore, a group dedicated to avenge Theramore, a group dedicated to avenge the families that fell, an Order that would seek out justice for the fallen from any Horde member they found, regardless of guilt...no one showed us any mercy. Guild story will come once we have a few officers and members to help craft it and focus it in a direction we as a group wish to go. GM/Officers and ranking Captain Aglaica trenchmar - GM Commander Tenebril Silverbough -GM alts Lieutenant Commander - Officers Lieutenant -Officer alts Lieutenant JG - Veterens Ensign - New members/memberÀglaica11 4d
4d [A] Kingdom of Arathor - Arathi/Human RP-PvP + The Era of the Arathorian Crusade + It has been many months since the Noble Houses of the Kingdom of Arathor parted ways. A separate kingdom that was once ruled by three Noble Houses, now hangs by a thread as the last house of Delronde remains. As the invasion of the Legion descend on Azeroth, events have spurred in the Arathi Highlands leading to the fall of Stromgarde. Upon hearing this news, Avici has returned to gather the last remaining loyal to the House of Delronde to form a new order in the Kingdom. For on the day of the 16th of the 11th month, Avici gathered the remaining loyalists of Armin Delronde, Emphesias, Gerrek Blackwood, Crus Bob, Kuthroat, and Grymar, to form the Arathorian Crusade! The newly formed Arathorian Crusade now focuses on rebuilding the Kingdom of Arathor and restoring it to its former glory with honor. In addition, this new Crusade strives to improve the Kingdom of Arathor’s reputation by teaching the ways of honor and respect to those who join their cause. With Honor and Vengance taught to them as virtues by the Keepers of Stromgarde, the Arathorian Crusade shall bring life to Arathor once more! For the Arathorian Crusade! I. Mission Statement To provide a friendly and respectful RP-PvP community while aiding the community in their best interests. II. Background The Kingdom of Arathor has long been a protector of the Arathi Highlands. Separate from the Kingdom of Stromgarde, the Kingdom of Arathor was founded by a group of knights called the Knights of Arathor. The Knights of Arathor -descendants of the Keepers of Stromgarde- gained a great deal of support during the time of the forsaken wars against the Defilers of Arathor. After a gruesome and vengeful war, the Defilers of Arathor had fallen into an internal segregation leading to the Knights of Arathor gaining full control of Stromgarde once again. It was at this moment that Avici Delronde, Percival Dereth, and Artuer Delronde formed the Kingdom of Arathor. A separate Kingdom of its own, it would be created on the lands of Arathi, taking the name Arathor to honor the old Empire of Arathor. III. Ranking System Knight King .:. (GM) Royal Senator :: (Co-GM) General : (High Officer) Champion (Veteran Honrary Rank) Captain (RP Military Leader Rank) Noble (Honorary Rank) Major-At-Arms (RP Military Rank) Crusader (Primary Crusade Rank) + Squire (Introductory Crusade Rank) + Citizen (Introductory Rank) IV. Uniforms Th Kingdom of Arathor has standard uniforms for each class. Although not everyone (such as citizens) in the guild is required to wear a uniform, one is required to obtain the guild uniform to achieve higher ranks. Once you have obtained the guild uniform, you may choose to wear your own transmog or remain in the guild uniform. Although we always recommend you wear the uniform, it is not always required. Though, when achieving certain ranks within the guild, members must be ready to transmog into the uniform when a special event, or situation is called for by an officer.Delronde24 4d
4d [A] <House of Nobles> RP-PVP The House of Nobles is an rp-pvp guild for players who like to enjoy a deeper social experience during their playtime, and experience both rp and pvp content. We have a very active community that is steadily growing. We're a very easy going group and you'll never hear us criticize your play or demand you do something differently because at the end of the day, we value time spent together more than anything else. More information: * Website - www.houseofnobles.org * Roleplay - We love roleplaying and are always willing to help those interested in starting. We have rp events scheduled each week so that there is always something to look forward to. * Player vs. Player - We love starting fights in the open world, and have weekly events centered around world pvp. Contact any of the following if interested in joining. Robinson Bolvyn Malein Helgrum Ellwynbrooke Ellrek Sincerely, SixonSixon15 4d
4d Alliance-based late night raiding guild? Is there an Alliance based raid guild that is centered around playing/raiding at night? I love my guild, the members I have played with have all been great people, but my schedule just doesn't align with theirs for raid progression. I work Mon-Fri from 2:30PM to 11:00PM CST, so I was hoping I could maybe find a guild whose raid times fell somewhere after 11:00PM on the weekdays, or would I be better off starting my own guild and raid group? Any help or references appreciated!Amursa1 4d
4d ((RP Backstory Opportunity)) "CFed Report" ((Hey guys! A quick synopsis of what happened in a Confederate event- you'll see why it's relevant!)) ((In an effort to interact with the community to gain notice and solidity instead of spamming recruitment, I openly offer this as a background for a new character someone would like to make. It spreads the good word about the new guild, while also giving someone a chance to RP a fresh character/profile! More of these will pop up as we go.)) ((NOTICE: You're not required to join the Confederation if you RP a character with this as a background of some sort. It's just a way for CFED to interact in a new and hopefully successful way. Happy holidays!)) Morgan Halt sat at his desk, beginning to scribble out a report of the first successful escapade of the new Confederation for his records. He grit his teeth on occasion as the stinger wounds acted up. "Report 1; Silithus Slave Trade; Confederation." "President Halt, Benefactor Hallewell, Marrock Sinfang, Knight Anna." "After arrival to the ruins, two cultists were slain, found to be Twilight's Hammer. Deeper within, mummified, preserved silithid corpses were found half-buried in the sand, remarkably well kept. Benefactor Hallewell reported the slaves chainganged within a tower." "Upon arrival to the tower, five slaves, three dwarves and two humans, were held against the wall. President Halt went upstairs, finding a cultist and a hibernating brood queen of the silithid. Slaying the cultist and almost dying to the queen, the other three escorted the slaves out, attacked by hibernating silithid, aggravated by a remaining cultist." "Unfortunately, two of the dwarves, already weak, were lost on the way. It is with our greatest regrets that their corpses were unrecoverable from the ravages of the silithid." "However, the two humans and last dwarf were successfully spared a grisly fate, sacrificed to whatever dark rituals they would've performed upon, and relocated to Ironforge and Stormwind." "End report."Adarick1 4d
4d Remorse Officer loves griefing fellow druids So yeah, this dude has been on his mammoth sitting over the weekly chest for around 10 minutes now. Dude has done this 3 weeks in a row at this point. I'm really shocked this is how an officer in a 5/7 mythic guild acts. Yeah I have a screenshot. Yes I'm contacting a GM about griefing (this kind of stuff is punishable). I really wouldn't have expected a person in a position of authority in a guild that does have importance and weight on the server to display behavior more fitting of someone in the guard. I'm not naming the person, because ya know forum rules. The guild themselves if they care (if they don't meh) and the people at support can sort it out. If the Guild master of the guild or anyone in a position of authority wants to contact me and have the screenshot provided, I would be happy to oblige. Regardless, I hope the blues punish the person with a temp ban as has been the normal punishment for this kind of stuff in the past.Dárìus15 4d
4d Best way to gear for world pvp This expansion sort of confuses me with gear. I've asked a lot of people how to best gear when I hit level 110 and I've gotten an array of answers that span the entire spectrum. I've heard I have to raid. I've heard I don't have to raid. I've been told mythic dungeons are an easy way to gear. I've heard doing the arena will gear you well for world pvp, along with the opposite that it doesn't. I'm not really sure what gearing is going to be like at 110 and with pvp gear not really existing so I want to ask people here. How did you get geared for world pvp? Were you able to avoid doing raiding? I'd prefer to just do arena and battlegrounds if I can avoid pve'ing. Also, how did you get your legendary?Predatoria36 4d
4d [H] Clan Stormfist (RPPVP) An unrolled parchment is tacked up over old announcements on the board. The top is decorated with a red fist holding a lighting bolt. ... ((Today is the clans 4th birthday!! To celebrate we are opening our doors once again. Thats right, we are back!!! We are orc only at this time and will consider other races on a one on one basis. We are currently camped out in the Stonedark Grotto in Highmountain. Contact any officer for more information))Shoita60 4d
5d Project Valkyrie Project Valkyrie is a WPVP/RBG guild. We are looking for friendly and dedicated players that like to have a good time. We are not a guild that has rules that oppress people. We respect our members, and everyone is treated equally. We do not RP and do not hide this from anyone. Most Rpers on this server only do so to hide their disgusting agendas, and to score forum points. Visit our webiste for more information http://www.thevalkyrieproject.shivtr.com/Arashicage35 5d
5d LF Guild I'd like to join a casual pvp/raid/rp guild. Just returning to WoW after a long hiatus during WoD. Willing to level any of my toons that I have to help the guild in any way possible. Transferred from Norgannon at beginning of WoD and joined a very nice guild, but got bored with WoD and apparently so did the rest of my guild. Looking forward to slogging through Legion with a great bunch of people!Achluo2 5d
5d [A] <GankSpank> has entered the dream. <GankSpank> has recently transferred our core group from Bleeding Hollow, in search of new adventures in the form of RPPvP. We've been an active and objectively successful guild for nearly two years now. We are currently recruiting those with a good sense of humor and a desire to form respectful rivalries in WPvP. PVP While our focus is mainly WPvP in the form of avenging the ganked souls of our realm, we have many members active in Rated PvP. We have a weekly RBG group, which we will be reforming post transfer - still recruiting for FC (pref bear druid) as well as a one healer and a couple DPS. PVE We comfortably run Mythics, and we run them often. We were 7/7N the first week and have members at various stages on Heroic. That being said, PvE isn't our main focus, outside of gearing for WPvP. RP http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20751485508#1 We are a band of Horde-hating mercenaries, willing to lend our services to those that provide us with chances for vengeance. Expect in-character prejudice. TS3 is our go-to for comms, and we therefore require it of our members. We do not allow underage players, or Pandaren. Other than that, we have a very diverse group here. While we were quite large pre-transfer, we plan on being a smaller and more selective guild now. We will be working and RPing in tandem with other Alliance guilds.Zanjiu171 5d
5d [RP-Criticism/help wanted] Forming an Order ((This is the basic foundation I would like to use for Tenebril and the general synopsis of the guild's formation. I want it to be lore compliant, and have many questions, and wanting to know if what I have down so far...is at least plausible? How farfetched is it? this is general notes/ideas...please all and any critism is wanted bad or good. Id rather get it fixed before i run around too long with it.)) When the citizens of Lordaeron first established Theramore, Tenebril was sent to keep watch from a distance by the Sentinels in Ashenvale, fearing the Alliance of Lordaeron was going to assault. She kept her distance from the city, keeping to the shadows, and high in the trees of the swampland, watching, listening to soldiers that passed by for any bit of information. Soon she had learned that the Alliance of Lordaeron had travelled east to escape a terrible plague, and could not help but approach finally after weeks and offer aid and training to those that would listen. She had been trained in herbs and alchemy and ways of Elune all her life and set forth teaching those that would listen the herbs of Kalimdor and their uses. In later years, she left the Sentinels to live with the humans of Theramore, continuing to teach first aid and basic healing prayers to troops and citizens alike. Tenebril Silverbough eventually joined the Theramore naval forces and was assigned to The Eye of Theramore, a ship that patrolled the coasts of Kalimdor seeking out magical disturbances and coastal disputes. She rose through the ranks and eventually became a Commander withing the Theramore Navy and took a permanent position under Captain Aglaica Trenchmar on The Eye. Tenebril is skilled at triage, knowing who needs medical aid first and who can wait, she can almost do it blindly, this probably came from her past expieriences in battle (war of shifting sands, many incursions with centaurs, and demons) Tenebril is skilled at battlefront first aid, battle healing, calling upon the powers of elune to aid her men in battle and naval tactics. Tenebril tends to not be well recieved as she is blunt, has difficulty with communicating with races she believes are beneath her (Worgen, gnomes, all death knights and demon hunters ) The Fall of Theramore The Eye of Theramore was out at sea, off the coast of the Barrens when the night sky lit up in a violet flash, the ships equipment went haywire, detecting massive magical disturbance, and the smell of pure arcane energy flew over the sea. They arrived to theramore by morning. The crew as well as Tenebril were devastated, many fell to their knees, seeing their town nothing but a crater and rubble, their families nothing but ash. Cpt. Trenchmar sent the crew to seek out any that may of escaped in the surrounding marsh and town, it was not long after, the crew became ill. Tenebril sought out help from Darnassas, she knew it was mana poisoning from the residual bomb radiation and soon found a poultice that would leech the radiation from the body, but any damage done, was permanent. Most of the Crew perished. Overcome with bloodlust, Cpt Trenchmar and Commander Tenebril Silverbough decided that the Horde would pay for their crimes. If the Alliance would not destroy the Horde, they would, and with the crew that was left, they formed the Order of Theramore, a group dedicated to avenge Theramore, a group dedicated to avenge the families that fell, a group dedicated to spilling the blood of as many Horde possible whether they were guilty or not of the bombing.Tenebril2 5d
5d [A]<Helios> 930-1230 Fri/Sat LF Busy Raiders Progression Status: 1/7M EN, 3/3N ToV Summary <Helios> is recruiting for our core progression team. We're a guild who enjoys all the fun of hardcore heroic progression on a 6 hour casual schedule. We are currently 1/7M and looking to push to 3/7 this week. We're incredibly fresh, but our logs should attest to our ability to play at a high level (90%+ from our core). See an example of our logs here: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Xp8DBqKMjT4bcZQ1#type=damage-done&fight=29 We are currently looking for all classes and specs - some more so than others like ranged dps and tank heals. Description <Helios> is a guild full of hard-working players, doing their best to fit in their passion for raiding into their busy lives. We take raids seriously when we're raiding, but understand that IRL can complicate the possible commitments one can make. We are lax on IRL interruptions and more than willing to put in time when we can to help those who aren't as fortunate. Specifically right now, our raid leader raids while holding his newborn. These are the sorts of people we are looking for. We strive for a light-hearted but productive atmosphere in raid, even during wipe nights. If you are one to get incredibly frustrated if a healer's baby wakes up or our top dps has some wife aggro and we have to wait 5 minutes, this is not the team for you. However if you're the one who knows you may have those issues yourself and it's keeping you from raiding, you have found your place! This is a relationship driven guild and team, we would much rather work with you and make you a better player if you're a type of person we can stand raiding with. This is a long-term team, we're looking for people who are looking to settle, get to know us, bull!@#$ with us, and destroy some bosses with us. Schedule Friday & Saturday 9:30PM - 12:30AM Server & CST (10:30PM-1:30AM EST, & 7:30PM-10:30PM PST) Recruitment We're looking for veteran players who have more going on in their lives now. They used to raid - but factors in their lives have changed and they're not able to raid like they used to. We aim to give that sense of hardcore progression in a casually scheduled team. Recruitment Status: Actively recruiting, please proceed to our website, helios.gamerlaunch.com, to apply or contact Rith#1500, or DontLookAway#1158Rithaniel5 5d
5d [RP] The Twisted Kingdom (Part 1) ((So this story is actually a glimpse into the guild I used to be in over on RH! Hope you guys enjoy!)) It was a calm and cool evening. Closing in on the twilight hours that few would dare tread out into. But one thing had to be done, just to be rid of all guilt he would have. Tylissius and his brother Sokli, followed by his comrade in arms, Dashiell, walked along the beach towards a cave. Typically this island wasn't accessible to them as it would be guarded closely by the Coven. "Why the fel are we even here, Tylissius? You know the rules, and you especially wouldn't be welcomed back after what you've done!" The Warlord Prince exclaimed. But it was of no use. Sokli smirked as he looked around warily, "Perhaps we're here because of that reason? No one of the House would even know of our presence since they believe we wouldn't show our faces after such treasonous actions." "Yet we risk our own lives by coming here!-" "Quiet." Tylissius finally spoke. He had gone over this plan several times in his head but each time it would end in their minds being lost to the darkness that lay within those caverns. "We'll need to keep our wits about us. Sokli, do you have the spider?" His brother nodded once and pulled out a covered cage. "Excellent. Since I still have my power I will put a leash on it." Masterfully, he wove a tiny purple lasso, opened the cage and attached it to the creature. "Now witch, please lead us into the cave... We're in search of a jewel." "Monsters! There's no way the Lady of the Hourglass would-" "SILENCE! I have my ways to deal with members of the House should my will be denied. Now go..." The Elf was a tyrant when he had to be, but if all worked according to plan he'd have a way to empower his army and bolster the Scourge forces he was in charge of... The spider lead the way into the cave. Only pausing to dismantle any traps and alarms that would certainly bring any plans to a grinding halt. As they maneuvered the tunnels, they eventually reached it, the skeleton of one of the attendants to the Web. Tylissius reached out slowly and took hold of the Red jeweled necklace that laid on the sunken chest. "We have it, a way to restore your power Dashiell." "My Lord, you know full well I might not be able to even use that jewel. It's not mine." Spoke the Prince. "True, but that doesn't mean you can't at least channel what's left. With the both of us reaching into it, we could tap the potential within and possibly have full access to the strength it possesses! Now come! We must-" As the Scourgelord was finishing his sentence the very walls of the cave began to shake. "There's our queue..." With a blink of an eye Sokli touched both men's shoulders and whisked them all outside... ((To be continued!))Tylissius0 5d
5d Qotd: biggest rival Which guild or player do you consider to be your biggest rival?Arashicage141 5d
5d ED Royal Rumble (Legion edition) Quoted from previous event: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/18719276002#post-1...Here's a clip of WoD's event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEawS4aBlXE So, I've done this 4 times total now and they've surprisingly all ran relatively smoothly in terms of cooperation from enemy players and rival guilds. It's a really fun event to take part in, or even just to view from the stands, and it seems most people can acknowledge that and get behind it. I'm gonna list some details below but ATM we'll be looking for people to make gold donations into the pot as well as volunteers step forward to be referees. Referees will need to be relatively vocal, competent and relatively unbiased. I would like to have 3 referees. Gold Prize: 140k -100k, Heltor -20k, Vawr -20k, Präas Referees: Sledge Time: Thursday, December 15th, 8pm Server Time Voice Com: DiscordHeltor24 5d
5d free money first person to find me and kill me / beat me in a duel gets 11k gold (all of my money) http://i.imgur.com/rd1JOpg.jpgEsuba29 5d
5d [A] <Dissociation> Recruiting for H EN <Dissociation> is a newly formed guild recruiting for raid and M+ dungeon teams. We are 7/7 Normal EN and looking to start heroic progression. Need Raid DPS and Heals for our core raid group. We are also taking casuals and PVPers to start an RBG team. Voice: Discord Raid Days: Tuesday & Wednesday Time: 8pmST - 11pmST Message Dethelocke#1816 or Palyn#1236Detheknighte1 5d
5d LF a noob friendly Horde raiding/mythic guild So I am pretty late to the Legion party and as such having a really hard time progressing past Heroic Dungeons. Can't get into regular Mythic for whatever reason and I have not been in any raids yet. ATM I am a 837iL BM Hunter looking for a Horde guild that will raid with meHabskillaa0 5d
6d Emerald Dream Discord server for everyone! New Emerald Dream Relm Discord server just though id put this here, what could go wrong? https://discord.gg/4K9qJngRelom20 6d
6d New to Emerald Dream, looking for RP. Hi guys, i'm new to this server but i felt attracted to it the minute i stepped in the Emerald Dream's forum, so many RP focused guild's, and just watching the threads relived the nostalgia about RPing. So i was wondering if anyone could take me in or guide me, im looking for a military style RP guild. I will level up this character, but i wanted to know if i can get into a guild regardless of my actual level, just to get to know the environment and if it is active or not. Well, also, if you could give me a hand with the addOns that i need to download, because i'm a bit outdated. PS: I'm from Latin America, and there is no RP servers in my native language, so i hope that this doesn't matter and you still embrace me as one more of this great server. Borká bows before Emerald Dream's community.Borká9 6d
6d [RP] Enter Sandman (( The title is a joke, sorry. Written partially because I was going to anyway, partially for this RP contest ( http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748986903 ). It's a bit, uh. Long. )) He hadn’t expected the Warband to be so neatly split up into the rest of the armies of the Horde, stationed away from each other in the places where they could do the most good. He had waved his goodbyes to the rest of the Warband in Dalaran, let himself be lead away by other druids to Val’Sharah, and promised he’d be back soon. He didn’t let them see his shaking hands or the fear in his eyes when the other druids told him that Val’Sharah wasn’t where he’d really be going, just where he’d be sleeping. Sleeping, resting his body while everything that was really him went into the Dream. Still, he put on his best brave face and tried to pretend it wasn’t a grimace. It was only a quick rotation into the Dream, just two weeks to help fight back the Nightmare. Not so bad as the years many spent asleep, not so bad as he had feared it would be when he was finally coerced into doing his duty. It was just two weeks. The Barrow Dens were cold, lifeless, with a natural stream that ran through them. They were quiet, lacking even the small sounds of people sleeping, and Umcha shuddered as they descended into them. He had his own den, with a pile of silk blankets and a feather down pillow. The elf that escorted him to the den said something in thick Darnassian, giving him a sweet smile, and the troll just nodded in return. She left him to the cold and the stream, already making notes in her paperwork as she walked away. The stream gurgled, water slipping over the rocks. As Umcha curled up into the blankets, closing his eyes, birds far overhead sang him into a fitful sleep. He opened his eyes, and everything was green. The Dens had been rocky, but rocky in a way that told of years being worn down and traveled; they had become smooth and yielding, easy for any druid wandering down to Dream to walk through. In the Dream, the walls were craggy. Water trickled down them still, making its way to the underground stream through soil and roots, but it found few easy paths down the stone. The walkways were overgrown and wild, and the troll tripped down them as he made his way out of the cave. But there was something comforting about the Dream itself, and he didn’t seem to mind. His feet stumbled forward, catching on vines and soil. He could hear laughter, the closer he got to the surface, and as the light of the sun within the Dream hit him for the first time, someone clapped his shoulder. “Welcome to the Dream, kid!” A human, with light skin and dark hair. His smile seemed to have too many teeth, and his long ponytail draped over his shoulder. He waved idly, talking to another human-- a boy with a farmer’s tan, who seemed hopelessly confused and lost. An elf took Umcha by the shoulder, smiling gently down at him. “It can be a bit overwhelming, I know. Come, we shall get you settled. You shall meet your patrol group soon enough, I’m sure.” “Uh, ya. Ya, dat sounds, eh--” “They shall search you out, young troll. But first, you need time to adjust. Relax. You won’t have time for that soon, after all.”Umcha43 6d
6d LF troll rogue ^title I need to hunt down this mysterious creature only seen by some in Dalaran. I am at the Dalaran Well and going back and forth to the Horde side of town. Maybe posting this will lure them out of hiding.Limnadra5 6d
6d Nvm Found my answerMadrue2 6d
6d QoTD: Do you namedrop your guild name in RP? This is an RP server and people RP, yet there is plenty of guild names or player names who aren't really RP friendly. This can be something amazing too, some of the best RPers I met over a year of playing in this server named their character over stuff like simple clothing garments or even just food, and tools like TRP3 ( A must have to RP in Emerald Dream) allows them to have a full names, detailed background stories and even better emotes. Question: How do you implement your guild's name or their IC association in RP? Do you add your rank in the guild to your RP profile? I haven't seen people say "Being a paladin takes an iron will and Resolve™" as an example (They are a great guild, great people btw) or stuff like that, but every time I see a new guild name It makes me giggle to think about it.Stromburn10 6d
6d LF raiding guild Hi my name is michael and i am looking to join a mythic progression raiding guild, I am a mythic exp tank and am looking to join a raiding guild that plans on to push into the content available for raids in legion. I have put forth dedication into every thing I do from researching fights to my own class. I have a blood dk that I am exp with as well and now I am maining the Dh tank spec. I have logged various hours into this spec trialing in raids and testing it out and what its future holds in the raiding environment. I am looking for a place that I can call home and enjoy the game with as well as progress into this expansions content growing as a team and a family. If any guild out there is in need of a tank for Legion Raiding I am available. my btag is keld#11782Keldreia4 6d
6d Ganker brought to justice http://naratorscreenshot.blogspot.com/2016/11/justice-is-served_22.html My camp happy rouge nemsis (who I admit has caught on to my oneshot) has met his doom once again!Narator72 6d
6d [RP] Master and Servant ((A Scourge story all about how this man's life got flipped upside down!)) Cold. That's all he felt when opened his eyes. "Wh... Whazzuhh?" He spoke, but couldn't quite form the words he was thinking. He appeared to be in some kind of lab. Out of the shadows stepped an Elf. This man appeared to be a High Elf, or Blood Elf, or whatever they called themselves. "Good, you're awake. I was hoping there'd be more success than just a simple transformation but this will do for now." The Elf man spoke. A sly grin crossed his face, was he pleased with himself? What was going on? "I'm sure you have many questions, all you need to know is I am your master. Your creator... Your god. If you disappoint me, your life will be forfeit yet again to the Shadows. Do you understand?" He had walked closer to the table that the awakened man laid upon. The only response muttered was a grunt and nod. "Good." The master undid the chains and allowed the man to get up. He sat up, hunched in a crouch on all fours and looked about. Catching his reflection in a nearby mirror. He was ghastly! What had happened to him? Didn't he used to be handsome? Now he was... A monster?! He began to jump and leap around the lab. Knocking equipment over, and shouting at the top of his lungs as if he was dying... Again... The Elf master only shook his head in disappointment. "You all are always so primitive." He reached out with a shadowy tendril and halted the ghouls movements. "Now be still! You're going to do as I command, and will forever be at my service. Is that understood?" The ghoul gargled up ichor as a sign of acknowledgment. The Elf let out a long sigh, "It's a start..." _____________________________________________ It had been five years since that day. Since then the master had grown kinder, but colder. The ghoul was granted the name 'Tuibea'. Not because he remembered his name, and certainly not to appeal to his former humanity. But it was a gesture that he stood apart from the others in the master's army. Tuibea was put in charge of overseeing the spy network that his creator had set up over the years. A means to keep in contact and know just about everything there is to know around Azeroth and beyond. He never understood why, or how things ever came to be. All he needed to know was he was chosen to be the eyes and ears for a greater purpose, and that they reported directly to a higher calling than some King or Queen of insignificant principalities. They belonged to the call of the Shadows, the call of their King, the call of the Lich King...Tuibea2 6d
6d H <Prime Intent> 4/7M LF Exceptional Players <Prime Intent> US: Emerald Dream, Currently 4/7 Mythic, We raid three days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7-10CST(5-8PST). We are looking well rounded exceptional players. About Prime Intent: <Prime Intent> is a newly formed guild of people raiding together for a couple months. We've pushed 4/7M in a very short amount of time and are looking for exceptional raiders to join our rank and push Nighthold seriously. We expect you to come in ready to take constructive criticism, listen to raid leader calls, and follow to mechanics. We are looking for players with a competitive attitude, who seek to better not only the guild but themselves, admit fault and possess problem solving skills. We use a loot council system, where we weigh the benefits of loot to better the entire raid not one person. Our core raiders, and anyone who expects to come in is always thinking, “Would that piece be better for the raid, if we give it to a healer for pushing progression?” Attendance: <Prime Intent> raids on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7PM to 10PM CST, 8PM to 11PM EST, 5PM - 8PM PST. 90%+ Attendance is MANDATORY. If you know of an absence let any of the officers know when you will be late/absent. Current Interests: Priority: Warlock – High Rogue - High Warrior – High Priest - High Druid - Medium Shaman - Medium (all exceptional players accepted) While this is our current priority list, we are currently considering any exceptional players. Contacts: http://prime-intent.enjin.com/home Phtes#11727 - Guild Master (Melee Officer) Plissken#1646 - Officer Neurotika#1301 - Healing Officer Stickyfish#1505 - Ranged Officer Luke#1714 - Tank OfficerMoocas1 6d
6d [Horde] LF arena partners LF arena partners for 2's practice and 3's push. Only play healers right now RDruid and Rsham - Best rating this season 1794 looking to make it to 2K+ for safe Duelist. Looking to make some friends to play with. Isunami#1263Isû0 6d
6d Legion RP Contest *WINNERS ANNOUNCED* Dez and Hazel are back again to bring you another wicked fun RP contest that empties their bank accounts, this time with a 300k prize pool! Jolly gee willikers Batman! Did you say 300k?! That's right kids, our total prize pool for our first contest of Legion is 300k! Now to the business side of things. Our topic for this contest is the Broken Isles and Legion - tell us a story set in one of the zones in the Broken Isles, be it your experiences with the bathtub druid, a quest-line, crossing swords with a demon or a romantic picnic in Val'sharah. First Prize: 150k gold Enter Sandman by Umcha http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749835980 Second Prize: 100k gold A Very Sweet Dream Part 5 by Verrah http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749897477 Third Prize: 50k gold Diary of a Tinksy - Day 0: Prologue by Tinksy http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748805599 Now for the fine print: Deadline for entries is October 21st One entry per character Make a thread with your entry and link back to it here. Must have at least one level 100 on Emerald Dream, (we understand that some people are still leveling so we will make allowances... this time.)Judges TBA Entries: Diary of a Tinksy - Day 0: Prologue by Tinksy http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748805599 [Legion RP Intro] M.I.A. Caldrice Sullivan by Caldrice http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749177362 Picking Sides by Zhii http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749376623#post-1 Felblood by Dangreth http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749316653 Nectar of the Gods by Vanoza http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749604859 We Aren't Withered, Miss by Eldie http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749814855#1 Enter Sandman by Umcha http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749835980 Signed, YT (Yours Truly) by Rasek http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749725796 Sagun Qadira-Zara Zahiri by Chibbsly http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749836087 The Brown Peaks of Highmountain by Zoula http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749666462 A Note of Crimson by Bropedal http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749766857 War Never Changes by Lucciian http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749866606 Dominion by Vairal http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749787641 The Jealous Lover by Ainaise http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749837343 Left Behind by Nemo http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749757877 Literary Criticism by Anisse http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749837425 A Very Sweet Dream Part 5 by Verrah http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749897477 Good luck!Ematerasu137 6d
6d [RP] The Jealous Lover (( Rasek told me to write a story about a song, so here we are. Sort of counts for the RP contest ( http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748986903?page=1 ) maybe? You may want to read my previous Anaise story first ( http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749377105 ). Warning for depictions of self harm, as well. If you're curious about the song, this isn't the version I used, but still: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqzgpLqPFVY )) Bradensbrook was quiet, or at least as quiet as it could be under siege from long-dead elves. The Gilneans who inhabited the area, long divorced from the conflict between the horde and the alliance, accepted the undead woman who had once been among their number with only minimal complaint. There were plenty of undead around, after all, and so long as she wasn’t focused on killing their families, the villagers of Bradensbrook had much larger things to worry about. Anaise smoothed her skirts and tipped her hat to the villagers. They regarded her largely with suspicion, yes, but that was no unfamiliar feeling. The bitter distaste on their faces was something she had been used to even when alive. The sum of gold she placed into their hands assuaged their fears, however, and the witch rented an abandoned cabin on one of the many hills. The crow on her shoulder preened himself, croaking happy caws to more than one young lady as he and his mistress passed through the town. Though the women took no notice, Anaise’s hands shook until the pair reached their new cottage. “You're cruel, Nawat.” Despite the words, no true emotion reached the witch’s voice. With a small flick of her hand, the crow’s croaks shifted in tone, a melodic laugh coming from the bird’s throat. “I'm the cruel one? Anaise, my love, do you even still hear yourself when you speak? I swore I ate your eyes, not your ears.” The bird-- her husband-- hopped to the back of a rotting wooden chair. “At least I didn't kill you.” “You aren't dead, Nawat.” The witch brushed the dust from another rotting chair, folding her decaying body into it. “That makes one of us, at least.” “Might as well be. It's been five years, woman.” “Yes. It has.” Nawat scoffed, wings flapping in irritation. He opened his beak, some scathing retort on the tip of his tongue, but paused. When he opened his beak again, his quiet tenor filled the room. “Down in the lonesome meadow where the violets bloom and fade, There sleeps my blue-eyed Ellen, so lonesome in her grave. She died not broken-hearted, nor from diseases fell, But in one instant parted from the home she knew so well.” Anaise’s lip twitched as she stood from the table, wiping the dust and dirt from her skirts. “Last night the moon shone brightly; the stars were shining too. Up to her lonesome cottage, the jealous lover drew, Sayin’, ‘Ellen, let’s take a ramble and o’re the meadows stray To murmur and to ponder and to plan our wedding day’.” The crow preened his feathers, voice still for a moment as he watched his wife grip the broken table. “Are you lost, dearest?” “No.” “There's a lot of clutter on that floor. Do you need me over there so you can see through my eyes again?” “No, Nawat.” The bird shrugged. “’Down on this field I have you, you have no wings to fly, No mortal arms can save you; sweet Ellen, you must die!’ Down on her knees before him, she pleaded for her life, But in her snow white bosom, he plunged the fatal knife.”Ainaise22 6d
6d [RP] Literary Criticism If you wanted a book while deployed to the Broken Isles, Dalaran was the place to be. Every author of every genre could be found somewhere in the city. Even the Hero’s Welcome stocked a few popular series. With that in mind, it made sense that Chaplain Anisse Pinewood would be found there as often as possible. She had brought a respectable collection of books to the Seventy Third Company’s makeshift chapel in Greywatch, and even more were strewn about her tent. They didn’t look to be organized at all, but in reality, every placement had a purpose. Mostly, that purpose was to hide other books. It wasn’t her fault that one of her very nice, very honest superiors had a tent next to hers. She was just being extra careful. If Lieutenant Gielnorian ever saw her romance collection, she might die before getting to fight a single demon. So here she was, standing beside a small cart that proclaimed it held “Soon-to-be classics, straight from Stormwind!” She didn’t imagine spending her precious down time digging through the bargain bin, but here she was. She was almost ready to head back to camp when she found it— a book she couldn’t help but pick up. The title was displayed in big, beautiful cursive beside the similarly large bosom of a Vrykul woman. The woman on the cover was depicted wearing platemail that covered less than anyone in an Illidari camp. The title read, in the most elaborate script imaginable, “The Shieldmaiden’s Wife.” It was perfect. It would go under the boring nonfiction, with the others. Not that there were others, if anyone asked. She paid and placed it in a discreet paper bag before rushing off. In the city clamor, she had no idea when her bag ripped. By the time she made it to the gryphon master, it was too late to go search-- she’d simply wasted her money. With a loud sigh, she ordered a flight back to Greywatch, wistfully thinking of her lost novel. Morning faded to afternoon, and after Anisse was gone, more people flooded into the city. Inquisitor Merellia Hallewell was one of them-- she had things to buy. She did want to return to the Eastern Plaguelands as soon as possible, but she also had to get a letter sent out to Greywatch. As she walked the streets near Krasus’s Landing, she noticed a little book on the side of the road with pages fluttering and a receipt still inside. Being a Light-fearing woman, she glanced down and decided to try to return it. Merellia plucked up the little book, then glanced at the cover and did a double take. The first thing she noticed was the rather risque cover art. A beautiful vrykul woman leaned forward as her black hair fluttered in the wind from under a golden helm. Her helm was the only part of her armor that actually could have deflected a blow—the rest was “tasteful” scraps of platemail and leather straps. The vrykul gazed adoringly down at the human woman lying beside her and clutched one of her hands close to her chest. The human looked up at her with starstruck eyes. Her hair was also blowing in the wind—but in a different direction. Over all of that was the title. In golden cursive text, it read, “The Shieldmaiden’s Wife.” The author’s name was slightly smaller: “Lady Amelie Bagswell.” Merellia cringed at the awful pen name and tried to get it off her mind. She turned over the book in her hands, unsure what exactly to do with this. The only kind thing to do would be to return the lost item, even if it did depict immodest things. She’d been lucky- there was a receipt sticking out. She gingerly took the receipt out from between the pages, and despite her best intentions, she found her eyes drawn over the words. “Hayley saw her through the trees, moonlight glistening in her hair like little drops of liquified desire. The Vrykul stood proud and tall over the corpses of the wolves that had been descending upon her position. She braced herself to die all over again when the Vrykul approached. Her heart was caught in her throat, and she could only hope for kindness. Hayley gasped as this unknown woman chose not to attack, but instead to kneel down beside her. Her cerulean orbs glanced up to meet those brown doe eyes, and she was struck by the gentleness she saw in them. Hayley felt as though she could see into her soul. The shieldmaiden lifted a hand and brushed a strand of hair back from Hayley’s face, causing a shiver to run up the human’s spine. Her voice was a rumble, but there was no mistaking the concern hidden behind the gruff tone. ‘I am Shieldmaiden Isveig. Did they hurt you?’”Anisse11 6d
6d [RP] A "Steamy Romance": Argent Allure (Note: this isn’t actually steamy, but Merellia sure thinks so. I cross-referenced a few other characters and stories in here, so thanks to all the people I borrowed characters and ideas from!) It was a quiet October morning at Light’s Hope Chapel. The wind stirred at the leaves of the trees, sending handfuls cascading slowly to the ground, while the branches of the pines rustled against each other under the chilly breeze. The sun shone brightly overhead, illuminating the grounds of the great encampment around the chapel. Holy men and women of all kinds had gathered there recently, offering aid to the wounded paladins of the Silver Hand. Merellia Hallewell was among the clergy there. She’d kept to herself these days, only leaving her tent when she would check upon her leader, wounded in battle with a death knight. With Lady Valorheart incapacitated, Merellia might have even even grown a little bit lonely. She hated it here. It wasn’t as if she enjoyed the company of the self-righteous Argents, anyway, but somebody to talk to would be nice. She opened her small bundle of belongings she’d brought with her, and began to search for her journal- it was time to do some writing. In the months since she’d joined the Scarlet March, Merellia hadn’t gotten much time to write. She’d allowed herself to be consumed by work, keeping little time for herself. “I used to enjoy this,” she muttered, locating the journal and fishing it out of the bundle. “I think it is time to start a new story, though.” She found a fresh quill and ink bottle, and arranged them on the small table she’d been provided. She enjoyed writing romance. It was fulfilling for her, in a way, to get these ideas out onto the page. It wasn’t as if she’d have a romance of her own, after all. Was it a vice, to write such things? Perhaps so. After all, she had taken vows, early on in the Crusade, but writing romance wasn’t like she was breaking them. Merciella let out the last quiet note of her morning hymns, allowing a peaceful silence to return to the small chapel. It was barely past sunrise, the first light of the day just barely peeking past the eastern hills and through the stained glass to fall onto Merciella’s kneeling form. Her arms were still lifted up, as if she was offering her hymn to the Light... Merellia lifted her quill, squinting judgmentally at her own words. Merciella the priestess? Was that truly what she was going with for a name? If somebody found this- it might even be obvious who the writer was... not that Merelllia had any intention of publishing it. No, none at all. This was something purely for her own eyes. Perhaps she’d make Merciella an Argent, just to be sure to throw people off. Up at the top of the page, she scribbled out “A Steamy Romance Novel: Argent Allure.” That worked. ...A slight cough disturbed the silence, and Merciella froze and turned her head towards the source of the noise. Before her was a woman of such incredible beauty that she couldn’t help but inhale sharply. Long, curly hair the color of sunlight itself cascaded down onto her shoulders, her form encased in an armored robe that gave only the slightest hint at curves hidden beneath. Her sword rested at her side as she leaned back against one of the pillars, eyeing Merciella... Merellia dipped her quill in the ink once again, coughing slightly before she resumed her writing. She could picture it in her mind’s eye, now. ...Their gazes roamed across each other briefly before their eyes met. Her face seemed kind and youthful, and the look in her eyes belied wisdom and grace beyond her years. After a moment’s worth of eye contact, the woman spoke. “That was a beautiful hymn, priestess. Forgive me for intruding, and for my quietness. I didn’t wish to stop you.” The corners of her mouth twitched into a small, encouraging smile, and Merciella couldn’t help but feel a smile form on her own face in response. She’d nod after a few moments, trying to suppress the blush creeping onto her cheeks.. “Thank you, Miss. This is... just my daily ritual. I am not used to having an audience, a- and especially not one like you.” Merellia16 6d
6d [RP] Steed and Rider (I basically just wanted to try writing a battle sequence because I read a book and liked the style of it. This isn’t set anywhere in particular, so maybe Broken Isles or Lordaeron. *shrugs* I just wanted to write for fun. Totally down for constructive criticism because I’ve never written extended fight scenes before and I didn't do much editing for this.) Gielnorian Dawnseeker raised his shield against an incoming javelin, which hit and then bounced away into the throng of enemies assailing him. He hacked and slashed at the shambling corpses beneath, dispensing a final death to all the wicked undead that assailed him. All around him was nothing more than the rotting stench of the risen dead, permeating the air and befouling it with their presence. Quester, his armored steed, darted his head forwards, jaws clamping to hold a lightly-armored enemy still for just long enough that Gielnorian sliced its neck clean off. The armor of both steed and rider was slick with gore, their muscles weary and sore from hours of battle. Death itself rose like a tide against them, a mixture of Forsaken soldiers and mindless, screaming ghouls dashing against the soldiers of the Seventh Legion. His soldiers had vanished in the midst of the undead, and for all he knew, they had been swallowed by it. They’d thought themselves fine, their smaller strike meant only to take out the Forsaken war-camp. What they hadn’t counted on were the presence of necromancers in the enemy ranks. Before they knew it, the strike force was beset on all sides by undead, by both armed troopers and mindless ghouls. The ancient battles fought on this land provided endless fodder for their foul craft, and the soldiers quickly found themselves trapped beneath an endless wave of death. As he dispensed with the final enemy before him, Gielnorian peered around at the carnage. Some of the soldiers still stood, and he regarded them with simple nods. You are alive, and that in and of itself is a blessing from the Light. After an extended moment of silence, he spoke, his voice harsh and rough from battle cries and the barking of orders. “By the Light, we will hold against these monstrosities! Reform the line! We will not break!” Armored fists punched out from beneath the slew of corpses, pulling themselves up from the brink of oblivion and taking up their arms once again. The line began to rise from the carnage, their once-polished helms caked in gore and the stench of undeath. Yet they rose, despite all odds. Mere paces behind the wreckage of the last fight, the line began anew. Fourty soldiers might have been left, perhaps fewer. Footmen locked shields once again, and behind them, soldiers bearing heavy crossbows took up a position. Their tattered blue cloaks flowing behind were reflections of them- ragged and beaten, but, mercifully, alive. Perhaps not for much longer, though.Giélnorian8 6d
6d Fight for the Dead (RP) (( PHG is having a story contest within the guild and i decided I'd share mine with the server! Takes place in the Crusade in Northrend in Zul'drak, after becoming a Centurion in the Argent Crusade. One of the First times commanding. Enjoy!)) Zul'Drak had always been a cold damp hell, for over a year now this had been his home. The infested and ruined husk of a once great troll empire- reduced to a battlefield between the Argent Crusade, The Scourge, and the remnants of the troll savages that killed their own gods, the Drakkari. For too long it seemed Centurion Tarenor Swiftdawn and his small detachment of Shieldbearers had spent fighting for what seemed nonstop, holding off in one of the large ruined temples. Food was low, and morale was even lower. Out of a hundred only sixty-nine remained and the Drakkari never stopped coming. The orders had come just few days past, when a large warband had been harassing the southern flank of the Argent Stand attacking what supply caravans dared to make the trek from Grizzly Hills. The Stand relied heavily on the supplies, so his detachment and others like it, marched out to hunt them down. But once they entered the ruins, the fighting started and had not stopped since then. After the first night of fighting his phalanx was becoming splintered so he ordered them to fall back into the run-down buildings. From there they were able to hold, but no sign of reinforcements were near. The occasional arrow twang or spell blast sounded outside as the trolls continued their pseudo-siege of the ruins. Tare checked on some of the wounded, the clerics doing that they can though they themselves were drained from the constant fighting and healing. He patted a dwarf soldier on the leg while another Sin'dorei wrapped his bleeding head in cloth. Tare sighed, running a hand through his blood and dirt matted hair. Second mission in command, and already we have lost so much. Light guide me through this hell. He walked up the broken stairs to a small rampart looking out into the thorn infested woods surrounding the ruins. At the top was a large orc, black of hair spiked into a mohawk. He wore brown and black leathers and no Crusade sigil, a Horde Auxiliary, but fastly becoming a friend to the new Centurion and someone Tarenor could rely on. The Orc reloaded his massive crossbow and fired a bolt, a second later a troll yelled in death. "Sagarrek, how does it look?" Tarenor said hoarsely, his throat dry and bleeding from so much smoke and yelling. Sagarrek Nighthowl smirked tiredly almost as if he was enjoying it but would enjoy it more after a long nap. "Aye it's goes but they're not letting up. It seems their numbers have begun to increase though. What little order they had is beginning crumble, I think they're beginning to grow impatient." Sagarrek notched another bolt and let loose. another perfect shot. Tare forced a smile eyeing the various bulwarks and skirmishes along the outskirts, his Shieldbearers despite their losses held the line, their faith, not just in the Light, but in their duty and cause would not let them give ground. The chance this ruin may become his and his soldier's tomb was high. But he was proud of them and honored to fight and die beside them. He turned from the scene grabbing his sword and shield off his back. "I need to return to the front, call for me if anything changes." but before he could return down the old stairs, Sagarrek grabbed his shoulder. "Centurion, something's wrong, look!" The Orc pointed to the southern flank where most of the trolls that once held position there were running to the northern flank. At the Northern flank the Trolls started bunching up against the makeshift bulwark. pushing with pure weight of numbers, the trolls seemed crazed, almost... panicked? Sagarrek asked aloud. "What's gotten into them? Bloodlust?" Tarenor eyed the scene and shook his head. "I don't know and I don't care, but we can use this. Start gathering the wounded I need to make it to the bulwarks."Tarenor6 6d
6d [RP] The Knights and Faronaar (Note: I'm doing this off of a basis that no Highlord has been named ICly at this time, and am simply saying my character wasn't some high important person, just a Knight who went along that has their own story! Also, first story post so....yay! Enjoy!) The Legion had its foothold in Faronaar, a small island off the coast of Azsuna, and this was upsetting to the Knights of the Silver Hand. The Highlord had reasons to be there, and had come with a detachment of Knights with them, one being Ash'aea. As a Vindicator, she was in her environment and preferred enemy to fight. She conversed with her fellow Knights, awaiting the order to begin the march on the Demonic foothold with her allies. She carried with her a warhammer blessed by the Holy Light, and a personal revolver with a paint coat to match her armor she began to wore upon being anointed as an Exarch of the Draenei. The Highlord came forward, saddled on their horse and blade held up toward the sky. “Knights! Ready your blades! We ride to Faronaar! For the Silver Hand! For the Light!” The Highlord shouted, their horse rearing back as they led the charge into battle. Ash’aea looked up as the Highlord began the charge, grabbing her hammer and looked outward, her fellow Knights grabbing their various weapons as they shouted their various cries in proclamation to the Light and began charging into a land of Felfire and Demonic structures. As Ash entered the area of interest to the Silver Hand, she took in her surroundings. A small team came beforehand and set up a forward command area, several Paladins at work healing the wounded. She went into the camp and grabbed a few bandages, knowing she would not come out of this assault unscathed. “Knights! Clear out the Demons! We must save those who came before and were captured!” The Highlord proclaimed as they rode off with a small amount of Knights at their back. Ash did exactly that, as did her brothers and sisters in arms. Within minutes, several smaller Demonic forces such as Imps and Felstalkers were clobbered or butchered to pieces. “Forward! Do not let these pious fools enter Faronaar!” Shouted an Eredar, likely the target by the Highlord. At the call of the Eredar, several Felguards and Wrathguards materialized all throughout the surrounding area, and they began a charge on the assaulting Knights, taking out several within the first clash. Ash’aea was busy mopping up a small pack of Imps she barely had time to duck a slash from a large Felguard, flanked by two more. She raised her hammer and entered a clash with the Felguard. Two of her fellow Knights saw her in a situation being outnumbered and came to her aid, and the other two Felguards were occupied, allowing Ash’aea to focus on her duel. The Felguard fighting Ash’aea broke from the duel and began slicing at her in a flurry of blows with his large axe, Ash ducking several but receiving a knock on her shoulderpad. The blow dented the shoulderpad inwards, luckily not breaking through. This caused Ash to grunt and forced her to dart backwards in a quick dash as she had to regain her stance from the blow. Ash had begun planning in her mind, several ideas darting in and out. She had several ways to take out this Felguard, allowing her to aid her fellow Knights in their own duels. She could charge straight forward and charge her hammer with the Light to burn the Demon. She could blast it with a tempest of pure Light. She could grab her revolver and shoot it before one-handing her hammer into a flourish of strikes. She had to cut the planning short as she heard one of the Knights scream out in pain as he was struck in the side by a Felguard’s axe. “No! Light damn you, Demons!” Ash charged at the Felguard who struck her, using her hammer to sweep the Demons large legs as she quickly reached for her revolver, planting three of the weapons rounds into the Felguard’s head. The bullet wounds oozed out the blood of the demon, a bright green starting to puddle beneath its head as Ash charged into the Felguard who had managed to strike one of her fellow Knights. The Felguard saw Ash coming and simply palmed her charge back with one of its large hands, a distorted laugh echoing from the Demon. “Is that all you can do, silly Draenei? Pitiful. Kil’jaeden will reward me for your soul.” It laughed again, cleaving at Ash’s side with its axe and landing a blow, Ash still recovering from being palmed backwards. The blow caused Ash to drop to a knee as she put a hand to the wound, she rose back up, dropping her hammer as she eyed the Felguard, the Demon cackling as it slowly started to march towards her, its axe raised high as if to smash downwards for a killing blow. Ash rolled off to the side just as the axe came down with a large crash, sending up a bunch of dirt from the impact. (1/2)Ashaea5 6d
6d [RP] The articulations of a dead man. ((Written for the "[RP Contest] Villains Victorious Once More!" hosted by Vairal. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752055678 - link )) It was a wonderful night for nostalgia. The patter of rain paired sweetly to the crackle of his hearth. Looking in the mirror he had realized his armor had been adorned for months now. With gentle motion, the cobwebs clung to his skullcap from his hair as he lay it on the table. The scars across his face were alien to him. With the thought still fleshed in his mind he continued removing his filthy raiment. "And to think I would go this long without taking this bloody gear off. You'd think I was a demon." Disrobed at last, he gazed back into the mirror. Wearing only his pants he turned his head to see his backside. Mortignis knew he would always find the mishmash of stitched flesh to be jarring. Perhaps that was why he never washed his clothes. And then it dawned on him. His body was always sloping to one side. One leg longer than another, the fermented flesh of his hand a tone darker. The time as a fleshcrafter had long past. Time seems to escape him. Sitting down and inspecting his open palms he went into deep thought. He ran his right index finger along the wrinkles in his left. These scars weren't his own. "What was his name? And who was this?" He thought. Turning his head quietly to one and then the other. It was in gentleness that Mortignis had only recently realized he was missing. However the sight of the flesh had awakened ancient memories. Perhaps it was time to close his eyes and remember. This introspection he had taught himself to avoid. His left hand clenched shut. "You were such a fool, paladin with no name. To enter Hearthglen in attempts to follow your faith's conviction. Though no longer there, the vessels which walk in those lands brought me comfort. My friends, my neighbors, they waited for me to come home. And you turned them to ashes." The image of fel fire blasting the tissue from the man's skull along with his deafened rattles were freshly ringing through his mind. "I was merely returning the favor." He had remembered now. Nothing sweeter than using the hand of a holy man to deliver swift justice. Eyes open on his trophy he had noticed how frayed the nerubian silk had become. The cupboard held a near lifetime supply of this thread. Stitching his wrist he had kept the momentum of his memory to recall his right.Mortignis3 6d
6d [RP] Good Deeds Undone Entry for : http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752055678 A midnight stroll through a forest was quickly disrupted, as the the motionless body of a Deathstalker was thrown at his feet. “I was told a warlock had drained her soul, we could dispose of her but I was told you could at least recycle her body for abominations.” “You came here. In the middle of nowhere... Let’s see what we can do.” It didn’t take long before he could recognize her. The undertaker left without saying a word. It was just yesterday when she had smugly bragged about stealing a coin from a goblin, a young trooper had been slain. She wasn’t the brightest, a little cocky, but the poor girl didn’t deserve to die so soon. She was a Syndicate in life, but she was doing a good job as a forsaken. Her mouth was completely dislocated, so he only thing that passed his mind was sewing her mouth shut. There was nothing he could have done, but even them he blamed himself. Not that it mattered. The midnight moon gleamed it’s light over the dreary night, showing what seem like the ashes of a camp fire. A small flask of Skaggldrynk was uncorked, and he drank it. His vision began to blur, he needed a soul to bring back his trooper. A beautiful spirit of a woman, it seem to have a smile and tears of joy too… Who could it be? Not that it mattered, he gripped the spirit and placed it over the body of his trooper. Her spirit-hand touched the face of the apothecary, caressing his dead face. Her voice muttered “My hero, you came back?” His hands carefully began to carve necromancy runes through the body of his Deathstalker. The spirit was being bidden to the corpse. It seem to her that he could not hear her ghostly voice. The spirit did not understand, but she cried tears of joy. He remembered her even after her death. Hoping he remembered her. As the carving continued, somehow the familiar pain began to be felt again. She attempted to mumble words but only noise could be heard. Her lips were sewn shut. “Could it be, maybe it’s not ready?” The girl early waited as her savior kept crafting her a medium of communication.Plagueghoul4 6d
6d [Rp] A mentor's last wish. <Cogspark>: I'm glad we could come to a deal! The gnome shakes Lenny "fingers" McCoy's hand, also known as a local old town lucky trinket merchant. With a confident smile the gnome begins to make his way out of the small alley onto the main street. He strolls by the Pig and whistle tavern and the Heavy handed weapons shop before coming to a stop. He turns his attention to a familiar set of boxes and crates in-between two lampposts. Before he can even get close enough to the area a flashbacks begins to unravel within the gnomes head. http://imgur.com/PU5Gd7n http://imgur.com/MPm9NRZ Two gnomes approached the small area, A elderly gnome dressed in fine silk cloth accompanied by a younger gnome within a old rugged apprentice outfit. <...>:Here it is! See I told you Cogspark its perfect. Lighting, props and even critters to tame for the show. Now we'll need to get everyone in uniforms and posters, a lot of posters so that the entire city hears of this! http://imgur.com/bxNdTO1 The younger gnome steps up closer to the area, he seems to be a much younger version from the Cogspark known today. <Cogspark>: I-I see that sir, but what was this for again? I can't see why this has anything to do with polymorphic spells, are we going to practice on rats or something? http://imgur.com/5IeoLab With a snap of the old gnomes fingers he teleported onto one of the boxes with a grin. <...>: We're going to make a magic show Cog! We'll do street magic for everyone in the city to enjoy, we can have gnomes shrink down into pygmy size and have them spring out at people! Maybe we could get some meeker members do some "heavy lifting", say... lift a gnome illusioned as a tauren into the sky! http://imgur.com/JY77xNk The elder mage went on with his ideas, his eyes seem to spark more and more as he continued to come up with more ideas. <...>: We could even get mounts involved, turn gnomes into giants riding small turtle and horses! Cogspark we'll be the talk of the town, thinking of all the smiles we can help create with this show! Maybe we can convince a Worgen to help us...or a Draenei! The list goes on and on with what we could do, we just need to make it a reality! http://imgur.com/Q9PhZZ5 The younger gnome's face could only be translated with two emotions: confusion and anger. <Cogspark>: <...> I understand what your trying to do, but I just don't get it. Why? You constantly take me to these places and tell me these ideas that have nothing to do with training or even gnomes! Every week its something new, last time it was a auction house and now a magic show?! You waste so much time and effort on things people around here wouldn't even notice! No one ever notices what a gnome does! Why do something for them when they barely even acknowledge us!? The younger gnome seemed to seethe with anger and frustration. http://imgur.com/Qyzo5Ev The elder gnome could only frown at his younger apprentice <...>: Cogspark, you won't always be able to ignore your allies forever. You can't see it now but one day you'll understand that not everything can be done by gnomish hands. If we isolated ourselves off and focused on ourselves we would become no better than goblins! This magic show can bring people together, give us all something to smile and look forward to. This isn't for coin or reputation, its for the joy of others.... The older gnome let out a small sigh as he hoped down from the box. Placing one hand onto the other gnome's shoulder. <...>: I won't be here alwasy to guide you through your training and you can't hide within Ironforge forever. Promise me this young one, when the time comes for you to meet new allies and friends. Meet them not with just a open mind but a open heart. <Cogspark>: I'm sorry for lashing out master, I'll do my best. With one last nod the old gnome uttered words that would lock into Cog's head for years after. <...>: Make me proud. http://imgur.com/zRmZ2MjCogspark3 6d
6d [RP] Shadow and Soul Hedorom speedily walked through the moon-lit plaguemist. He wasn't in a hurry, but he had always had a quick pace even before undeath twisted his tall form. Deathknell was was quiet this time of night, most of the tradesman and smiths having done a reasonable amount of work for one day. Now was the time for the Cult to do their work, where their revered rituals could be undisturbed. Tonight was such a night for a gathering of darkness. He glanced up at the rotten buildings that made up the town. they both pleased and disgusted him. It was good to see human-made buildings turned to ash, but the fact that they had not been replaced by new, solid, forsaken-made structures felt backwards. He loved the new architecture. Not only was it visually pleasing to him, but it was another thing that gave the Forsaken their own culture. Made them feel like more of a distinct people. As the priest approached the quiet graves behind the town, several other cloaked figures emerged from the chapel. Two deathguards carrying a coffin followed them out. Hedorom stopped in front of the crypt east of the Shadow Grave and turned to greet the cloaked figures. "The Darkness has guided you well, I see," Hedorom began "I'm glad that you all came." One of the figures flipped his hood back, revealing a leather mask hiding the lower portion of his gaunt face. He wore a pair of shadow-infused daggers at his side, and the armor of a lightslayer. "This had better not be another one of your games, Hedorom. I expect results from this." "Ah. Impatient as always, brother." Hedorom smirked. "I still say that sparring with a dreadlord for a few years would do wonders for your mental stamina." "The lightslayer has a point." This time it was another priest that spoke, only he did not bother to remove his hood. "I do hope that you will prove yourself on this, Hedorom. It would be the inspiration we need to prompt the rest of our followers into action." The two deathguards carefully set the coffin in front. Hedorom looked at each of them carefully. "You procured the potion required? To my exact specifications?" He asked. The deathguards nodded. "We went to extra lengths for precision, my lord." "Then stand back." Hedorom waved his hand over the coffen lid as the two deathguards walked past him and stood at the door of the crypt. Shadowy energy snapped the metal bindings on the coffin and opened the lid. Hedorom stepped forward as some of the cultist peered towards the inside. A man in his forties wearing the armor of a paladin rested in the coffin, with his hands over his chest as if he were dead. Hedorom reached down and tapped a finger wrapped in shadow on the man's forehead. "Awaken. Death has not claimed you yet... brother."Hedorom7 6d