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Sep 16 Warsong Battalion You should change your guild name to "Sam's Club"; quantity over quality...Lightwork83 Sep 16
Sep 16 Delete please ..Porska15 Sep 16
Sep 16 Looking for Alliance Guild Hello, Currently looking for a guild that has a good raid/PVP interest (and ideally XP boost as I plan to level this druid and another alt). Am in a guild at the moment but mostly just a social guild with no real interest in pursuing a goal. Quit WOW back in the first month or so of MOP but late Vanilla player. 2K+ (in TBC, early WOTLK, and Cata. Been close to Glad but never pushed for it) on priest/pally in arena and did heroic/naxx raiding (10 and 25) in WOTLK on priest. Decided to get back into WOW and start completely fresh, so left my horde characters and re-rolled alliance fresh (no gold transfer, characters, nothin'). The guild finder is okay, but looking for something a bit more specific and hoping there's a guild out there that takes interest. Once leveled to 110, can take any roll. Have played DPS/healer in raids, can learn tank if needed for alt runs, etc. Mic ready, Central Time. Have all the hardware and internet connection for high end whatever. TLDR: Decent player looking for a guild with some goals in raiding and possibly organized PVP. Not some ELITE player, but IMO a decent addition. Thanks,Starlance8 Sep 16
Sep 16 ED Bodybuilding Thread Hey there, Emerald Dream! Before I begin, I just want to let you all know that I created this thread purely for motivational purposes. Also to help others on general/basic fitness advice. At no point will there be any shaming/bullying allowed in this thread. Putting aside my current weird reputation I have built on the forums, I have met quite a few fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts while playing on ED. Lets get started! My current stats are: 5'8" at 160 lbs. 7.5% Body Fat. Now when it comes to lifting, I avoid 1-2 rep maxes and focus more on 5-8 rep maxes. That separates a powerlifter from a bodybuilder. Monday is chest day for me, and i just now hit 225 for 7 solid reps and 1 with help from a spotter. I then banged out 235 for 5 solid reps. That's the most I have done in a very long time, probably the best! I will edit this later and post my current Deadlift/Squat 5-8 rep maxes. My goals: 175 lbs and roughly around 10% body fat. I have never been 'bulky' for pretty much my entire life, so this will be a new experience for me! I also want to gain a bit more weight so that I can probably hit higher maxes, obviously. My goal for benching is hopefully to hit 315 for at least 5 reps. Hopefully I'll hit that in the next 6 months. What do you guys think? Any tips or advice for me besides eating tubloads of peanut butter xD lol Edit: New BF and Weight:. 275 bench for 1 rep.Aswang221 Sep 16
Sep 16 (H) Sapere Aude - Recruitment Info! Updated 9.16.16 LEGION! We are digging it and hope you are, too. Please take the time to read this entire post as it gives a pretty good description of what we're all about, what we’re currently up to and whether we might be a good fit for you. Our 1-night raid schedule and low tolerance for BS makes us a bit unique. NOTE: We have no open raid spots at this time. If raiding is your main reason for joining the guild, you will have better luck elsewhere. If you're mainly interested in the environment we offer, please read on! ----- THE GIST We are seeking kind, PvE-oriented adults who want to experience the game without having to wade through unnecessary criticism, crude language, hate speech, elitist attitudes, and general meanness. Raiding, achievement hunting, transmog runs, old raids, CMs, with some PvP and RP sprinkled here and there---that's what we're all about. Our main goal is to continue to build up a guild that's a sort of refuge from the dregs of Trade Chat. If you didn't catch it the first time, we're especially looking for kind, friendly people. We don't have patience for racist/sexist/homophobic/hateful chat, putting each other down (even in jest), or juvenile and elitist attitudes. There's no place for that stuff, and we see enough of it in-game as is. Lastly, our policy is to admit those 18 years of age or older. We make no exceptions to these rules. CURRENT ACTIVITY Our 30-player raid group for Legion is set and we will be tackling Normal modes, then moving onto Heroic with the goal of finishing up Emerald Nightmare in time to dive head-first into Nighthold on its release. We host PvP Mondays, where our players engage in whatever PvP activity interests them at the time, whether WQs, World PvP, arenas, or battlegrounds. Soon, we anticipated many of our members will be jumping into Mythic+ dungeons. GUILD RAID - ROSTER RECRUITMENT CLOSED Runs are Thursday evening from 7:15p til 10:30p server. We are also looking to feature and "Alt Raid" (read: not a second night) if the interest is there. APPLICATION PROCESS We require a short application that can be accessed in the main navigation on our website, http://edsapereaude.enjin.com. While you're there, feel free to poke around our forums if you'd like to get an even better sense of who we are. Invited players are given a trial rank for 30-days, after which in most cases the player is bumped up to member status (Philosopher). On rare occasions, the trial period will be extended. In an extreme case, guild leadership may decide the player isn't a good fit for the guild as a whole and ask that they leave. Luckily, we've only had to do this three times in our three-year history. If you'd like to know more, contact myself (Elepheagle#1877), Elynxdria (Elynxdria#1846), Allarian (Allarian#1162), Bleu (Parker#1116), or Kurocha (Zsanica#1708).Elepheagle341 Sep 16
Sep 16 846 UH Dk Lf Raiding Guild After enjoying what legion has to offer so far I'm looking to get back into raiding, I'm open to raiding most nights after 7-8 pm. Let me know if there are any interested parties.Yvela1 Sep 16
Sep 16 Your Class Hall and Campaign So, now that we have had a bit to settle in, how do you like your class hall? Does it fit everything your character is and stands for? Or are you (or your character) mildly disappointed? How was your artifact weapon quest? For Trisi, it was terrible for me as she is not a Paladin Icly. So it was like a bunch of people grabbed her by the arm and dragged her around telling her she was the greatest highlord ever, as she hid behind a corner and let them kill a voidling. She would be much better off as a hired bard in the rogue zone. For Persephone the artifact quest was pretty good. Getting Knife Wife was amazing. Only thing that sucked at all is, as I discussed with Geil, Paladins seem like the main focus of the Priest campaing. Fantasy wise, I love Silhouette's class hall. My only real complain with the rogue class hall is hearing the "fwooomp" sound as every rogue is in stealth there. @_@Trisîtella27 Sep 16
Sep 16 Legion WPVP 'potential' Since Legions lunch, major PVP changes seemed to have gotten more attention then ever before, sadly a great many of these are not so great. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE Legion so far and I am having a lot of fun with its content, but as someone who has only ever played on PVP servers it kind of feels like Blizzard neglected to really address problems WPVP had in WoD had in the first place. I could write up a TLDR story about some reacquiring issues that I am sure we are all aware of, or I could post this video that covers most in 10 mins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjwI_0izUYo Notice the key word potential and how often it is brought up. That one word pretty much sums up every possible thing that Blizzard COULD have done and would be really amazing, but did not. Take for example the Dalaran sewers, this could have truly been a free for all area, pitting players of both factions against each other...but its not. The Dalaran sewers turned into Ashran Jr the second people found out you can form raid groups to farm the NPC's, completely destroying the idea of free for all PVP. I could go on and talk about the problems with gear,followers,toys,shards, etc but I think another thing that the forums have really neglected to mention is the honor talents. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that most to all of these 'talents' were just our old abilities that they removed brought back? How is that 'revamping' PVP? In conclusion, absolutely loving Legion thus far however when it comes to paying attention to the large community of end game PVPers it would seem Blizzards stance really remains the same in saying with out saying "Well the PVE community is bigger.". I will give them this though, I am loving that we have a glimmer of faction tension based lore again with whats happening between the Forsaken and Worgen, but even that seemed to have been short lived with the cut scene.Zhii63 Sep 16
Sep 16 Your Class Questlines: Good or Bad? Hiyo, Grand Warlock Netherlord of the Burning Deathkillers, Tinksy Nethergear here with a question for you all. Now that we've all had time to level our characters and finish our class questlines, what are your thoughts on them as a whole, and what would you rather Blizzard've done? I'm sad to say that I found the Affliction questline mediocre. The whole thing can basically be summed up like this... "Hey, go kill one-hundred demons!" "Oh, you did it? Okay, now wait 7 days." "Now, queue for this dungeon that you've already done 3 times." "Congratulations, you're now Netherlord here's your title grats" And that's about it. It felt like I hardly did anything, besides kill some things. Some times it was cool, but most of the time it was just... tedious. Even the big grand finale (spoilers) when I fought the Eredar Twins felt kind of meh. It's cool to have them as followers and all, but for all the time I sunk into this, I would've liked a little bit more. If you ask me, Blizz should've gone full Sith mode with the warlock quests, to the point where you can choose between sparing or killing story characters and stealing their souls for Uthalesh, and maybe have the voices of those characters speak to you just like the arcane mage artifact does. Or even, have the questline end in you and your demonic army marching up to raid a Legion spaceship. *Shrugs*. Anyways, that's enough of my ranting. What are your thoughts?Tinksy30 Sep 16
Sep 16 [H] Twisted Mayhem Recruiting About us Twisted Mayhem is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Emerald Dream. We began raiding late in the expansion and realizing we had the ability and skill to do great things and we were confident that we can bring these same skill sets into Legion and progress through its Mythic content as our goal together as a guild. We use RC loot council to distribute loot to players upon performance, attendance, and main spec. Outside of our raids there is always something to do whether it’s World Quest, Mythic Dungeon, PvP, or levels alts, you will always multiple members looking to do something. Raid Times Tuesday/Wednesday–7pm to 10pm server time Friday–6pm to 9pm server time What we expect from you Come prepared, this means have all your consumable ready, gear enchanted & gem, have the required raid add-ons (DBM/BigWigs, RC Loot council, and Curse). Being able to listen and communicate is important so please have a mic. Currently Recruiting Priest – Shadow / Holy Warlock Hunter Monk–Mistweaver Druid–Resto Shaman –Resto Any exceptional player are encourage to join our ranks For additional question, please contact me in-game or via battle tag Syence (Zzat#1591)Syence3 Sep 16
Sep 16 Holy or Ret? Alliance or horde? I just want to stick with what I sorta know and that is holy. Will I be able to do damage? I won't be able to play a lot. Life is so much different with my daughter out of her wheelchair. We go out more. Sometimes though I just want to stay home. Thoughts? Faith8 Sep 16
Sep 16 A warning to all Legion Collaborators (OOC: aka all alliance I meet in the world) I am hunting you!Narator42 Sep 16
Sep 16 [RP] Darkly Dreaming Druids ((Hello, I wrote this on the plane so any criticism is probably wicked valid.)) They called her the lady of dreams in jest, her restless sleep a detriment to the other druids in Val’sharah. “It's because she's a troll.” They said. “They're not attuned to the Dream like we are.” And true or not for all of them, it was for Tiombi. She faded in and out of her dreams and their own, haunted by a painted face and tusks kissed by the cold winds of Northrend. The elf at her side caught her attention, speaking in hushed tones at the foot of a verdant green. “Here is the gate of Elrathil, that guarded the first druids against the nightmare thousands of years ago, when they first crept into Ysera’s land.” She pointed to the gate, wreathed in Darnassian far older than either of them and strangled with blooming vines. “Alah’ni thera dirini nor eburi. Darkness found within the heart. No nightmare creature will find rest here.” The druid pressed her palm against the gate and it swung open, vines receding before her touch. The garden inside was lush and deep, fringed with silver bell flowers dripping with dew, grown from the oldest and most fertile soil Azeroth would ever dream. It was still, and quiet, the din of the forest beyond the gate lost to Elrathil and those who dwelled within it. Around it was a girdle of mist, softening the stones and thorns that looked out from the garden and into the darkening of the dream. And at the center of the green stood a troll, easily a head above Tiombi and her companion, leaning on a broadsword. The blade crawled with blue and red runes, casting an eerie light in contrast to the dappled sun between the trees. “Ezzran.” “Sorry?” The elf pushed past her. “Don't speak Zandali to me, please.” Tiombi gave the knight a look over and smiled, offering him a small wave when her guide wasn't looking. Another interruption from her dream to theirs. “I said it’s calm here. And safe for portals, I'm guessing.” Her Darnassian was better understood than spoken, and she was all too keenly aware of her guide’s amusement at her efforts. “That it is. We can bring more dreamers here directly, as long as there is someone standing vigil. The portal requires an active druid in the area to remain, else Elrathir in the forest of Al’donir will close its gates again and we’ll have to walk back.” “Do we need many druids here?” Tiombi asked. “In the Dreamgrove I saw many of them armed to the teeth, mostly guardians, but we are farther out than any of them and I haven't seen any since the outpost yesterday.” Her guide nodded. “Not too many, but enough to make a proper party of it. I am a druid of the fang like my mother, and you…” She eyed Tiombi, tall and swathed in her priestess robes. “You will take care of me if I get into trouble. We need a few more like me and perhaps others if we are to make this trip a promising one. Elrathil will make a good outpost, and we are further out into the Dream in the south than any others that aren't lost.” The shade of Ezzran seemed to laugh and opened his mouth to speak, but only black ichor poured forth, bubbling between his lips and dripping down the front of his armor. Tiombi shook him from her thoughts. They had a portal to prepare, and it was not so hastily done as those made by mages in Dalaran and the great cities. A portal to the Dream could only be taken by druids and those who lived in the garden of Cenarius, laughing sisters and grove walkers and gentler creatures of the forest. “Thellia? Would you like me to start, or stand watch?” The elf pulled her dagger from her belt and dropped to her knees, scratching runes into the dirt beneath them. “Stand watch for me, voodoo priestess. I know what they call you, and of your troubles within the Dream. I'd rather do this myself and have it come out right.” Tiombi gave her a cold smile and shouldered her war hammer, turning toward the gate. Two druids could slip through the Dream easily enough, but the eyes of the nightmare were everywhere, and their hands corrupted everything they touched. Even the gate of Elrathil wouldn't stop them on its own. The shade of Ezzran bounded up beside her, unseen by Thellia the guide and unable to speak. It attacked her sides with pinching fingers, an otherwise easy smile still laced with bubbling tar. He was handsome as he ever was, broad and proud with weathered skin and cold blue eyes. She would trade places with anyone to be in Dalaran with him still, curled up on a blanket of furs in the Filthy Animal, drinking in stories from half-truths he conjured up in the early hours of the morning. But he was gone, called away by an emissary from the Ebon Blade, and no word had come from him since.Tiombi6 Sep 16
Sep 16 All you reroll tanks. I better not see a single 20 minute queue time ever for anything. There are so many of you ugly bastards now, no Heroic/Mythic Dungeon/Raid should ever wait for a tank.Hornigold59 Sep 16
Sep 16 Football! Hey there folks! I am new to likening football and looking for a second team to root for! Any team that's not in the Nfc west! So came down to few options! Raiders, steelers, Bengals, Ravens, Vikings, Cowboys, and Packers!Gohhan28 Sep 16
Sep 15 Club Emerald Dream! [plug.dj] Link: https://plug.dj/club-emerald-dream What is Plug.dj? Well instead of explaining in my own words, let me copy paste from their Facebook page! ... Club Emerald Dream is a room dedicated to this server. Play tracks from youtube and soundcloud, while your friends, rivals and enemies do the same! Every so often we will host theme-nights chosen by the community. This thread will be updated to reflect that! ^.^Contre11 Sep 15
Sep 15 RP guilds - Scarlet or Argent Is there any Scarlet or Argent Crusade RP guilds active? I think there could be some pretty good potential for some story with them with the upcoming expansionHirren14 Sep 15
Sep 15 [RP] The Corpse Summer, Year 618 The Ghostlands, Eversong He was like this when she met him. A stare like no other, fixed insistently on something just out of sight. Verrah breathed, puffing a cloud of warm mist into the frigid air. Again she observed him, motionless, resting in yellow-brown leaves and decaying woodchips. Without a sound she crouched down on her knees, leaning in close to his face. She would feel his breath if he choose to exhale, but he didn’t, he was stubborn like that. With lithe movements she slid her hand beneath his long golden hair and lifted gently. His neck was stiff, the twins had visited before she’d reached him. He’d taught her the rules of death, long ago when they would practice skinning and cleaning beasts for consumption. Algor had chilled him and Rigor was the finishing seal, turning something once lively, as cold and rigid as ice. She lowered his head, watching for any signs of disapproval, it couldn’t be comfortable where he lay, surely he wanted to be held. She peered again at his face, looking deep into his clouded eyes. They weren’t like an animal’s just before being carved, wild and reeling from the final moments of the chase, they were stolid, staring far off into a different plane with an almost smug acceptance of the finality of their motionless gaze. It made her sick. She moved her hand gently over his brow, shivering a bit as her small hands touched wax-like skin. She closed them, the glassy orbs, like he had done for her mother, and like her mother had done for her father, as tradition dictated. A violent wind tore between the boughs of the trees, uplifting leaves and loose dirt in a flurry all-round the woodland. In the midst of that gelid breath of death, she could make out something that was completely different from everything else. A faint gust of warmth, not enough to heat her freezing limbs but enough to bring her out of her morbid trance. “Dad!?” The wind swallowed her words before they could leave her throat. No mirrored voice replied with a mocking phrase, no birds fled in her wake, she was alone in the vortex. She looked around, bewildered; how had she arrived to this horrible place, in this great whirling forest, where her only beloved had finally met his quietus. The golden and apricot branches she had once known where withered and rotting, giving way to the various colors of death. Blues, grays and whites. She grabbed violently, desperately, at his sullied clothing, begging for some respite from the aching loneliness that had followed his sudden departure. Surely he would come to her, as a spirit, or an angelic light in the sky. He would move the shackles of time to protect her. He’d said so himself, on some desperate night when the afterlife had loomed closer than sunrise. He’d be there when she needed him the most. It was a lie. She called to his ears but he could not hear her, her tears wet his face but he ignored their caress. He had gone, and left her behind, in hell.Verrah3 Sep 15
Sep 15 <Highbourne> Recruiting for Heroic Raiding. <Highbourne> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for competent members to join our line up. We are located on Emerald Dream. and Raid Times: Group 1: Thurs, Friday, Sunday, 7PM-11PM Central Time. Group 2: Wednesday, Monday, 7PM-11PM Central Time. We will have multiple groups starting on September 22nd, and we need to fill some position. GROUP 1 (Hardcore HEROIC Progression Group) Open Recruitment: HIGH PRIORITY - Holy/Disc Priest, Resto Druid NOTE: This group will be starting HEROIC on September 22nd at 7PM Central. We will not be wasting time in Normal. 840+ ilevel Required. (You may also join the guild with the intention of joining the main raid group. Although most positions are theoretically filled - anything could happen. It is not uncommon for a bencher to become a full time raider.) GROUP 2 (Semi-Hardcore Progression Group) Open Recruitment: HIGH PRIORITY - 2nd Tank (Warrior, DK, Druid) MEDIUM PRIORITY - Healers (Any), Ranged DPS LOW PRIORITY - Melee DPS This raid group will have main group members on their alts filling empty spots until it becomes a raid group of its own. An officer, like myself, will periodically join the group if help is needed with progression and mechanics. There will be a group discussion regarding starting in Heroic or Normal mode, based on gear and general concensus. About the Guild: We have all Mythic Dungeons on farm, and will have groups for Mythic+ once available. We are looking to build a roster of tank, healers, and DPS to increase the amount of concurent runs happening during peak hours. (If you simply want to join to run the occasional Mythic, that is OK as well!) IMPORTANT: Know that we require a certain amount of respect and maturity from all our members. Not to say we don't goof off or have fun - because we DO! BUT! We will not have ragers in the guild, or children that are unable to take constructive criticism or feedback. All members are expected to know how to not tunnel, get tilted (IE: Triggered), etc. But enough with the serious stuff - we all just really like to have fun. While Group 1 will be serious while raiding, at the end of the day, we just really like to hang out, chill and laugh together. If you think <Highbourne> would be a good fit for you, contact: Zevrek-EmeraldDream in game or my BTAG: Deophyte#1757 Thank you for your time.Zevrek1 Sep 15
Sep 15 Story idea I am out of story ideas but I really want to write something for Zhii, for those who know his character. what would you recommend?Zhii17 Sep 15
Sep 15 [RP] Death is Too Kind (Part 2) ((Part one for those of you who didn't catch it! http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748947139 )) An oppressive silence had fallen on Dalaran. The arcane city was at the center of a deceitful calm before the storm, and a sultry air only aided in the heaviness that seemed to bear down on the inhabitants. Actrisa cursed the Broken Isles and its radical weather as she walked down the cobblestone street, with Richter, the large forsaken looming behind like her over-sized shadow. It was a far cry from the temperate climate of the eastern kingdoms, and a sudden longing tugged at her, beckoning her back to those dead lands. Casting away the distracting desires with a sniff the countess shrugged her cloak closer around her, clinging to what chill the air permitted. She had found her prey, and it would all be over soon, and she could return home. Glimpses of Ezzran could be seen between the thin crowds bustling to and fro; he was thirty paces or so ahead of her. Slowly the trolls following him from the bar had peeled away from their monstrous headhunter to heed the call of their bunks, drunk and tired. Only his woman was clinging to him now, arm wrapped around his. Green as a spring field she was, and warm and bright as sunshine even in the fel twilight. The laughs and sweet nothings they were undoubtedly trading made Actrisa’s wine-colored lips curl into a sneer. No doubt it was Tiombi, the druid that Actrisa had learned of in her search for Ezzran. She was his mender, and he was her ward. Her hand momentarily caressed the hilt of the long, crescent-shaped dagger strapped around her waist. She could feel its eagerness, its hunger and its malice all matching her own, feeding off her and she off it. The blade had been created with a part of her, forged with scourge magic and dark rituals of sacrifice. Its blood-red edge thirsted for not flesh, but a soul. Ezzran’s soul. Actrisa picked up her pace, shedding her huddled, unassuming trot and straightening into her natural aire of superiority. The pair had stopped by the archways of Krasus’ landing, and the woman was jabbing a finger at a nearby inn. This was the best chance she would get, and she would not let it slip through her fingers. Lightning thrust across the sky in a bright green flash, and a loud crack and boom brought on the rain. A sprinkle turned into a torrent of large drops that sang as they struck roof, stone and armor. Undoing the silver clasp below her neck Actrisa shrugged back her cloak onto her pauldrons, making a tabard of the Ebon Blade she wore over her dark red and silver armor. Coming to a halt just a few feet from Ezzran she tilted her chin up and gave a crisp salute. Tiombi stared at her with sleep-deprived confusion, hand still pointing towards the inn. Ezzran turned and stared down at her, head tilting to the right like a curious lizard. The troll was every bit as massive this close, but Actrisa matched his hollow, dead stare with her own. “Osh’Kazil,” she half-shouted over the rain. “You have not reported for duty.” Ezzran tilted his head to the left, his lips forming a slimy smirk.Actrisa4 Sep 15
Sep 15 Anglin' For A Stranglin' It was a human who sold me my first mudskunk lure, propelling me to feats of great fishing heroism. "The Hooker of Gahz'ranka", they would call me, and totems were carved in honor of my Big Iron Fishing Pole. Out of appreciation and respect to Nat Pagle, I have upheld the unspoken truce and never attacked an alliance angler outside of the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. But Zul'Gurub was a long time ago and my hero days are behind me, I'm just a monger of fish trying to make a living. So, I am hereby declaring Highmountain rivers to be Tauren waters, and Tauren waters run red. Horde Red. If I catch you fishing inland I will put you to sleep and drop a moon on your face, no questions asked. (I will however honor the Warriors' Code, the beach will be safe, probably, can you dig it?) Walk with the Earth Mother... ...back to the Dalaran coin pond.Oakmór2 Sep 15
Sep 15 [H] Balance Druid & DH LF Friendly Guild Hi, my friend and I have been roaming around the world in search of a friendly, active and social guild to call home. We both are pretty casual due both of us having busy lives outside of WoW. However, we try to be on as often as possible. We are both very friendly 18+ individuals that love to game, socialize and make jokes ;). We hate drama, not going near that, ever. We are looking for a guild that is casual to semi-casual, medium sized and is planning to do both raids and pvp. Both of us love to PvE and PvP. We have experience in both fields, he started raiding during Cata and I started raiding at the beginning of WoD. We have also delved in arenas during WoD days but never got too far due to a burn out. Now that we are back, I hope that we will be able to find a guild soon! :)Keylari2 Sep 15
Sep 15 Looking for raid team I am currently looking for a raid team on the alliance. If you are in need of another demon hunter let me know. I have mostly been tanking but can play havoc as well. If you are interested and want to talk to me about my long history of playing too much WoW, you can message me here, in game or by battle tag - xloks#1582Endowd3 Sep 15
Sep 15 Npc voiceovers So I'm doing Highmountain now and Jale Rivermane sounds oddly like Salome Jens. Any actors confirmed to have lent their voices to WoW?Peeks13 Sep 15
Sep 15 [RP] All That I Am (Part 3) Thank you to everyone who has been commenting and giving feedback, I really do appreciate it! Here are the links to the previous parts: Part 1: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747314820 Part 2: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749085145 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am determined… I am strong… I am powerful… I am… …not alone. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “If my heart is the source of the darkness within me, there’s only one thing I can do to get rid of it,” the warlock whispered, finishing the enchant on the simple weapon before the demon could stop her. In her head, the demon roared in protest as he realized what she intended. “I’ll cut it out…” Grabbing the hilt of the dagger with both hands, she thrust the blade towards the center of her chest, but the demon exerted his power over the warlock and stopped her, and the battle for control began. Neither would relent while the tip of the blade rested a breath away from her red skin. Her arms trembled as she struggled not to lose any ground. If she did, the battle would be over and the demon would win. You cannot beat me you ungrateful little creature! You’ll tire long before I do! the demon taunted. The warlock closed her eye, trying to not let the demon’s words distract her. If she didn’t make progress soon, though, her strength would indeed begin to fail her. A cold sensation touched her hands, then, and her eye shot open. Kneeling in front of her, with his hand over hers, was an apparition of her deceased lover. Whether real or a hallucination, she didn’t know, but he stared at her with pity. His gaze lowered to the dagger for a moment as he placed his other hand over hers, preparing to assist her in her endeavor to rid herself of her demon once and for all. “You… will not... control me,” she whispered to the demon as her gaze locked on to her lover’s. He nodded his head once, signaling his readiness. While shaking from fatigue and fear, the warlock nodded her head in return. A silent acknowledgment between the two that they were both ready for whatever the outcome would be, for there was no guarantee she would survive. Her lover pushed the dagger forward while she continued to pull it towards her chest. The demon, and the warlock, screamed as the dagger bloodlessly pierced her skin. The enchantment on the blade protected her from the physical damage but she still felt every bit of pain as the dagger plunged through skin and bone, into the beating heart of darkness inside her. The spell began to work immediately. It absorbed the corrupted blood, stealing the dark magic from her veins. Lightning flashed, and the warlock’s scream was lost in the rumble of thunder. Her insides burned as the dagger continued to pull the demon from every corner of her body. The demon continued to try and regain control, but with every second that passed his presence inside the warlock’s body diminished. The apparition of her lover disappeared as the first drops of rain began to fall. The demonic modifications that had grown on her, the wings and horns, crumbled to dust. The once glowing runes on her arms, neck, and face turned into nothing more than scars. And her skin slowly faded from red to a pale cream color. When the last of the demon’s blood and power was absorbed into the dagger, the warlock ripped the weapon from her chest. However, the enchanted weapon took one final piece of darkness from the warlock. She swayed unsteadily as she looked at the new weapon. The blade was black with a shadowy haze emanating from it, and embedded in the hilt was an exceedingly dark purple gem, with the warlock’s true name inscribed below it. “Son of a...” the warlock muttered before exhaustion took over and she crashed down to the ground; the dagger slipping from her grip. A steady rain began to fall over the warlock’s unconscious body, and the Soul-Bound weapon that lay next to her.Akianastone0 Sep 15
Sep 15 Rets of ED Your Hidden Artifact apperance has been found. -Have artifact knowledge 12 (might be slightly lower). -Get both pieces of Nat Pagle's book from Dire Maul and Alterac Valley. -Bring them to Sister Elda in the paladin order hall, and she'll give you the complete book. -Bring the book and Nefarian's head to Prince Tortheldrin in Dire Maul. -Speak to Bardu Sharpeye (H) / Alexia Ironknife (A) in Western Plaguelands. -Read Isillien's journal in Hearthglen. -Kill the Large Vile Slime in WPL, which drops Timolain's Phylactery. -Talk to Timolain the Accursed, who will spawn. -Fish up the Shard of Darkness (reportedly taking 400 - 2000 attempts) in the river next to the slime. -Bring the shard to Lord Tyrosus in the order hall. https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/52t3ik/comment/d7n1j9l?st=IT3R1R01&sh=938b1fb2 GL and Happy Hunting!Hornigold9 Sep 15
Sep 15 Guild Bases of Operation - 11/15 This is a continuation of Bebbit, Jakosta’s, and Landrêth’s posts! As in previous attempts, Sticky Request please! :) World PVP: many guilds have claimed a territory that they will defend if you 'ping' (attack) it. If you're looking for a fight, attack a base listed below. Keep in mind the time of day you attack. Just because you want a fight at 4 am doesn't mean the guild you're trying to ping is obligated to come. Try to be aware of RP implications when claiming territory for your guild, such as clear faction cities. I will be enforcing this idea for attempts to claim Class Halls in Legion if a guild is not roleplaying that class. If there are conflicts of interest regarding multiple claims on a single place, I will need representatives from each of the guilds involved to send in-game mail or a forum-post resolution, or it will be left as CONTESTED so sides aren't taken. All sides must come to the same conclusion before updates. Please limit claims to one location/proximity as much as possible. This is more for claiming a base than zones. Though areas with justifiable proximity/RP value may be considered if in a justifiable sphere of influence, if a location is part of a claim including multiple holdings and another party wishes to claim it, an agreement will need to be reached, or by default the new claimant will receive the location if it is the only location they wish to claim. The other option is for the initial holder to give up other claims and share the location with the new party. Basically, you give up the spot to the guild that wants just one spot, or you give up your other spots to show you actually care about that location. No individuals; Guilds only. Chat Channel: /Join WorldDefense <Clan Battlehammer> Blackrock Mountain (Searing Gorge), Ironforge (Dun Morogh) <Baradin's Wardens> Baradin Base Camp (Tol Barad Peninsula) <Bolvars Vanguard> Terrordale (Eastern Plaguelands) <Divine> Tower of Azora (Elwynn Forest) <Dragon Moon Templars> Temple of the Moon (Darnassus) <Magetank Industries> Dun Garok (Hillsbrad Foothills) <Mekka Corps> Thundermar (Twilight Highlands) <No Mercy Mafia> Halaa (Nagrand) <Order of the Blue Wyvern> Valiance Keep (Borean Tundra) <Pride of Lothar> Tyr's Hand (Eastern Plaguelands), Responds to Northern Areas <Starborne Legacy> Astranaar (Ashenvale) <The Blessed of Telredor> Elodor (Shadowmoon Valley) <The Criminal Underworld> CONTESTED: Surwich (Blasted Lands) (SFK?) <The Guard> Hearthglen (Western Plaguelands) <The Hounds> CONTESTED: Surwich (Blasted Lands) <Origins of Adventure> Loch Modan (Thelsamar) <The Päck> Tree Tal'doren in the Blackwald (Gilneas) <The Seventy Third> Westgarde Keep (Howling Fjord) <The Templar Knights> Northshire Abbey (Elwynn Forest) <The Wylde> Twilight Grove (Duskwood) <Warbringer> Aerie Peak (Hinterlands), Temple of Karabor (Shadowmoon Valley) <Winter Raven Melody> CONTESTED: Gilneas Cathedral (Gilneas) Horde Guild Claims: <Aeturnas Trinitas> CONTESTED: Splintertree Post (Ashenvale) <Blackrock Clan> Stonewatch Keep (Redridge Mountains) <Blackmoon Tribe> Sen'jin Village (Durotar) <Clan Stormfist> Garadar (Nagrand) <Dawn of the Horde> Fenris Isle (Silverpine Forest) <Defilers of Arathor> Stromgarde (Arathi Highlands) <Desolation Meat Co> Desolation Hold (Southern Barrens) <Dragonmaw Clan> Dragonmaw Port (Twilight Highlands), Angerfang Encampment (Wetlands) <Elves of the North> Hall of Blood (Silvermoon City) <foul> Brokenspear Tavern, Warspear (Ashran) <Frostwolf Clan> Hall of Legends (Orgrimmar) <GorWatha Warband> Orgrimmar (Durotar) <Ironsworn Regiment> Hall of the Brave (Orgrimmar) <Phoenix Highguard> CONTESTED: Silvermoon City (Eversong Woods) <Redwood Tribe> Thunder Bluff (Mulgore) [Co-Owner], Responds to Mulgore <Resolve> Grom'gol Base Camp (Northern Stranglethorn) <Scarredmaw Clan> Thunder Bluff (Mulgore) [Co-Owner], Responds Mulgore <SinForsaken> Sri-La Village (Jade Forest) <Smolderthorn Tribe> Zul'Gurub (Northern Stranglethorn) <Technique> Gadgetzan (Tanaris) <The Weathered Expedition> Ramkahen (Uldum) <Thunderhoof Clan-TheVentureCo> Thunder Bluff (Mulgore) [Co-Owner], Responds to Mulgore <Wardens of Eversong> Falconwing Square (Eversong Woods) <Warsong Battalion> CONTESTED: Gilneas Cathedral (Gilneas) <Warforged Legion> Contested: Spintertree Post (Ashenvale)Tulkes157 Sep 15
Sep 15 [H] Tank searching for Raid / RP (( Greetings, I'm a new member to ~The Emerald Dream~ and am looking for a PVE-RP Guild on the Horde side that have plans to Raid. I've been an experienced Heroic Raider and Main Tank in my past and I am looking for a RP Community to play with. I'm specifically looking for a Guild of like minded individuals interested in Raid Progression but also enjoy casual to serious Roleplay on the off days. If you know of any guilds, or are yourself are a Guild who meets the description, please leave a comment below. ~Thank you and if you see me in Dalaran, walkup RP if you're brave, It's highly encouraged~ ))Eevlyn6 Sep 15
Sep 15 New Guild recruiting Emerald Dream [H] {GENERAL} [Not Sober] is a new guild formed by experienced raiders and friends. We are looking to be a semi-hardcore raiding guild meaning we take progression seriously and want to progress but its not the end all be all. We plan to be raiding on the first week with normals atleast and possibly heroic. The guild currently cosists of [Resto Shaman] 840+ilvl [Enhancement Shaman] 840+ilvl [Havoc DH] 840+ilvl [Arms Warrior] 840+ilvl - He might play blood DK [Assassination rogue] We are gearing him right now Two more players that have created new characters and are leveling quickly and plan to be running mythics this week. They are Outlaw Rogue and Druid, spec undecided. {ROLES TO BE RECRUITED} We are currently looking to recruit any class and spec as long as you can show you are competent with your class and spec. However, since we have quite a few melee already, we will only be trialing high ilvl experienced melee players. Obviously we are in need of atleast another healer and two tanks. Ranged DPS is in dire need since we currently have all melee. {TRIALING NEW RAIDERS} We will most likely be trialing new raiders through mythic dungeons. This isnt a deciding factor in you staying in the raid team or not, its just there to help me and the other officers see how you play. {RAID TIMES} These times are subject to change but most likely wont unless something major happens. As far as we know we are basing the raid times on EST and will most likely be 7pm-12pm for the first few weeks to give ourselves time to familiarize with the raids. There will of course be breaks when needed. We are aiming the raiding days to be Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday. The Monday raid time will be shorter by atleast an hour, that day is there for finishing raids and such. After the first few weeks of raiding the raid times will shorten based on how fast we can clear. {WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU AND WHAT TO EXPECT FROM US} As far as maturity goes, the only thing we dont permit is hate speech. This includes racism, sexism, and the like. Profanity is free game as long as you arent causing drama or intentionally being mean. You can expect fairness, drive, and the want to progress. And with that, we expect the same thing from you. We expect our raiders to be open to constructive criticism and have the drive to improve and cooperate. {LOOT} Loot will be done through loot council so there is no favoritism between people. {DISCORD} We will be requiring discord for raids and will also have channels for just hanging out and doing dungeons, leveling, and whatever channels people want. {CONTACT INFO} My battleID is DaTerminator#1165. Im only typically from 8pm-10am. My schedule currently is pretty messed up so just send me a message or post on here and Ill get in contact.Drahka3 Sep 15
Sep 15 Server Crashed Thanks HimanshuJalën22 Sep 15
Sep 15 Feral lf weekend or later night raid guild. Hey so I am just looking for something progressive but also fun and laid back, I would be completely content with casual heroic/mythic progression over the course of each patch. Kinda been missing that guild bond of friendship that I used to have with raiding so I am looking to get back in it Background: Been playing since late vanilla, on and off scattered experience in heroic progressive pve over the years. Also have pvp experience if that speaks to my ability to play. Availability: Saturdays and Sundays anytime and weekdays after 8 P.M West coast time Edit: Also willing to go Horde if the offer is enticing enough My battle tag is babywipes#1513Splub9 Sep 15
Sep 15 [A] Raid ready HPally LF content push Ill keep it to the point Holly Pally LF Day/Late night raiding(between 10AM-4PM or 11PM-4AM) + content push. I would like to find a group of elitest jerks like myself ready to push raid content. I would like to note ive always been competitive in PVE realm first push but recently transfered to emerald dream as i feel it has balance for all my wow needs. Raid Ready (ilvl843 + Geared for the 21st) Holy Pally with many years of experience. Currently in Legion i have cleared all un-attuned mythics and should have my attunement for the other 2 mythics within days. Most memorable and furthest raid progession: Vanilla AQ40 Twin Emps + Black Temple Illidan + Hyjal Archimonde + pre nerf Vashj + Kael'Thas (Hand of A'dal Title aquired) Sunwell: Never pushed during sunwell was focused on pushing arenas at the time(2400) WOTLK: All content cleared (was pretty much a joke at the time and used my gear for PVP push) MOP - WOD: im pretty much focused on pvp as i was dearly dissapointed with the content. If there are any serious guilds out there looking for a serious holy pally pm in game or reply to the post. I dont mind helping people gear up and progress as long as the end game is clear (content push). I do consider myself somewhat of an elitest jerk for playing this wretched game on and off since 2006. With that said, my competitive nature is not tunnel visioned. When progressing I tend to keep frustrations away, keep positive and continue to help build up the spirits of raids during wipes and frustrating moments. This is something learned way back when we would do countless attempts in AQ40 on twin emps night after night. Again PM in game reply or even just laugh at my post any will do, thanks for reading :^)Hydroponics1 Sep 15
Sep 15 [A] LF Heroic/mythic raiding guild Havoc Demon Hunter looking for a heroic/mythic raiding guild. I have been raiding since BC and have recently returned to emerald dream. Prefered raid times would be 830-1130 server, 2-3 nights a week.Plumbz3 Sep 15
Sep 15 Blizzard 2D Fighter Would anyone besides me find interest in a Blizzard Universe themed fighting game? Hell, IDC if they just reskinned Street Fighter. Throw Huln Highmountain over a Zangief and call it a day, I'd be happy.Agrar4 Sep 15
Sep 14 Allaince pvp? Hey guys since legion hit and a bunch of my old friends split up some going horde some going to other serves staying ally. I was left on a server with no one to interact with or talk to. How is the alliance side pvp wise on Emerald Dream? I love balanced servers so this one is def in my radar.Xionos6 Sep 14
Sep 14 Origins of Adventure [RP/PVP/PVE] In-Character Letter: Dear fellow adventurer, I am here today to invite you to join my cause in exploring the world of Azeorth and other potential worlds with my companions and I. We wish to discover more about the land and it’s people, culture, languages, history, geography, leaders, and so much more that we possibly can’t even dream of. We are equipped and geared for taking on any challenge or threat that stops us from learning or potentially harming the land. I’m asking you to join us on our conquest to gain knowledge of this universe and keep it safe from the hands of those who wish to corrupt and take control of this power. We abide by these words…”Knowledge is power…” So join my fellow adventurers...We are waiting for your arrival. By Samadar Quannor Who we are: We are a new Roleplay guild (With potential elements of PVP and PVE) and recruiting for Legion. The Theme: The theme of this guild is a group of adventurers who are on the case to discovering the wonders of Azeorth in many unique and fun ways. With The Burning Legion returning for a third time to spread the wrath of Sargeras, these will be tough times for these characters, but they will pull through. Requirments: -Must have TotalRoleplay 3 Addon, it is a must for Roleplay -Must have at least the general information filled out alongside a Backstory, it must be at least a paragraph long -Backstory must be acceptable in a Roleplay standpoint. Examples an unacceptable Backstory: “I fell out of Sargeras’ A** Hole and Gul’Dan is my Uncle.” “Illidan passed me the Warglaives of Azzinoth in his dying last words.” “I am half-Demon, half-Blood Elf,half-Worgen, half-Gnome, and half-Murloc.” “I was best friends with Arthas before he became The Lich King.” As long as it is believable it is acceptable, we do occasionally accept some things that may be out of the ordinary, but as long as it makes sense it will most likely be fine. -To get out of the OOC Rank, you must fill out all these requirements and join an event and a meeting, then you will be put as a Wanderer, which is the starting In Character rank. PVP and PVE: Because of Legion approaching in a couple of weeks, we are also accepting people who wish to do Dungeons,Raids,Leveling,PVP,Arenas,Rated BG’s/Random BG’s ,WPVP,etc. We wish to do Mythic Dungeons are our best, Normal/Heroic Raids, and High-Ranked PVP. How to Join: Whisper an Officer or I and we shall do an OOC Interview for you, ASAP. After that, we shall observe if you have all the requirements. After this you need to be part of an RP Event and Meeting to become an IC Member. Ranks: The Captain- Top Explorer- Strategist- Battle Lord- Hero- Adventurer- Thrill-Seeker- Wanderer- Shiny- OOC/Alt- The Leaders of the guild: Leader:Samadar Officers:Corgouth,Johncena(Aston),Quickshot,Whïspèr.Samadar4 Sep 14
Sep 14 <This Is Fine> LF New Members <This Is Fine> is a new guild on US-Emerald Dream with very experienced core members. We raided with each other through the beginning of WoD but fell apart due to life circumstances. We are looking to bring it back together and charge head first into Legion. About Us We are a close knit group of individuals that have been playing together for years and are looking to compete with the high-end guilds on US-Emerald Dream. First and foremost, we believe that raiding should be fun. Raiding should never feel like a chore. Secondly, we want to push ourselves to be masters of our class and help one another along the way. We will always be around to help with any questions a player may have with their character. Lastly, we want to build friendships. We started as strangers, but through raiding, we developed our core members, and we want to bring that to more players. Our goals in Legion are to (1) be a competitive raiding guild, (2) build a small community of players looking to push themselves, and (3) have fun together. That all being said, we are looking for players who are competitive, enjoy raiding and developing their skills as a member of a raiding group, strive to play to the best of their ability, and have fun. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. (Päÿne) Destinations#1172Päÿne11 Sep 14
Sep 14 849 dh tank/dps plenty of raid exp lf guild i have two legendariesAnnababigyrl6 Sep 14
Sep 14 Rogue looking for daytime raiding guild. Hi everyone, thanks for reading my post. I doubt a guild exists on this server that raids during the day or a.m. times, but I thought I'd ask. I have 2 kids and after school through bedtime is an impossible time for me to raid. Just too much to do. I pvp a lot though it's been a while since I was at the 2300 game to be honest. I just don't have the time like I did when it was TBC and Wrath. I've played a rogue as a main for the last 5 expansions and do not class switch. Please get at me in game as I don't often read the forums. Take care and good luck out there.Rouler0 Sep 14
Sep 14 Emerald Dream Role Spread Good afternoon, folks! I just rolled on Emerald Dream after being away from WoW for almost ten years. I'm excited to get into PvP and Roleplay in the Warcraft universe again. I was hoping you all could help me with a class issue I'm having. Are healers in need on this server? I'm bouncing between ranged DPS and Healer. All input welcome! Thanks ahead of time.Caidenus12 Sep 14
Sep 14 Legendaries Who all has gotten legendaries so far? Which ones? Have they been altering your gameplay drastically? I've gotten 2 so far. Frost Mage bracers (ice lance increase) and Fire Mage helm (35 yd dragons breath 100% increased dmg) Frost Mage is so weak right now, even with the legendary I'm weaker than most. The fire helm is the trolliest thing in WPvP. Dragon Breath sniping throws people off.Poshey30 Sep 14
Sep 14 Open Letter: Horde Trainees. To all whom it may Concern. It is an accepted fact that our current state of mutual avoidance is shaky at best. We've all been forced to come to terms with this necessary Cohabitation. Relations have been further strained following the appalling betrayal of the alliance by Lady Sylvanas at the battle of the broken shores leading, indirectly, to the death of King Varian Wrynn. Today, the meager truce that we held has been pushed to it's breaking point. A band of fighters known as the Nerazim has taken it upon themselves to slaughter our trainees without remorse. Young warriors who've given everything to fight against the threat of the legion are being cut down in the name of the horde. That truce is over. Let me it be known that you are now marked for death. This oppression will be responded to, swiftly, and in kind. The broken isles will no longer provide you safe harbor. The alliance has laid dormant and unresponsive to your savagery for far too long. No longer.Bamf32 Sep 14
Sep 14 [A]Newbie seeks casual RP guild~ New to the server, recently new-er to the game. And very... very new to RP. If there are any guilds out there that have a flexible RP atmosphere who are seeking fresh-faced greenhorns, please drop me a line! Having a focus on PvE or PvP isn't really necessary*, I'm looking more for a community to hang out with. So if you're down to field many awkward questions such as "How many times can I use the word 'Verdant' in a character bio before I get kicked out", please take me in. It's so quiet Val'Sharah. People do not respond as kindly to /caress emotes as I would expect. IGN: Nasmir, Bnet: Keeroh#1956 *but hey, if you want to drag a Super Scrubby™ Resto Druid into your group, I won't say no. Nasmir3 Sep 14
Sep 14 NFL WoW Edition? You know how they did the remake of the NFL logos with like family guy or like star wars. What would be some cool Wow stuff to put for Nfl logos? I was thinking tauren for Rams, Night elves For the bengals ( Night sabres), Arakoa for ravens, Steelers for Dwarves, Colts for dranaei? Raiders Orcs obviously.Gohhan7 Sep 14
Sep 14 849 dh tank/dps plenty of raid exp lf guild i have two legendariesAnnababigyrl0 Sep 14
Sep 14 METZEN IS OUT, boys. WHAT DO WE DO? http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749157269Myis53 Sep 14
Sep 14 Sending more Alliance toons Oy before i send any more of meh Alliance here are there guilds besides the 73rd that take any race? ))Gohhan2 Sep 14
Sep 13 Aaaand the Server dies GGIgnitheus5 Sep 13
Sep 13 [A]Blood DK and Fury Warrior LF Weekend Raids We are looking for a mature guild that wants to down heroic and mythic raids. Due to weekday time commitments we are unable to reliably raid during the week. We want a team that is willing to learn and progress through difficult fights. Blood DK: 839 ilvl Fury Warrior: 841 ilvl What you can expect from us: Always show up to raids on time and prepared Know fights and our class Always looking to better ourselves and our characters If interested message me on here or in game at Mannshow#1146.Mannshow5 Sep 13