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7m [A] <Brooklyn Zoo> is Recruiting Raiders <Brooklyn Zoo> Alliance Frostmourne About us Brooklyn Zoo is an Australian based raiding guild, consisting of both real life and long-term gaming friends from many different backgrounds. We have a very long history of playing and raiding in WoW together. We are aiming at recruiting a small and dependable core raid group to clear current heroic raid content. Right now we have no plans of pursuing mythic. Guild Progression The Emerald Nightmare: 7/7N Requirements Have a microphone and be willing to talk if required (raid callouts etc). Be willing to improve (reading guides, hitting the training dummy, etc) and have the ability to take constructive criticism without taking it personal. Be able to consistently come on time to raids. Not being able to make a raid is fine as long as it's a rare occurrence (you will be expected to give prior notice). Raid Times (GMT+10) Friday: 8:30pm - 12:00am Sunday: 3:00pm - 6:30pm Currently Recruiting Ranged DPS Healers Note: social/casual players looking for a home are also welcome. Contacts Guild Master - Säyle - Sayle#6594 Officer - Nyxmoo - Invalid#1528 Officer - Diaperbaby - Bing#1977Diaperbaby3 7m
45m Returning 850Hunter & 845DH Tank LFGuild Returning Veteran players LF semi hardcore progression guild, prefer to raid upwards of 2 to 3 times a week. Later in the evening and any day of the week is fine. Looking to progress through heroic emerald nightmare and mythic+ dungeons. We have experience raiding primarily in Vanilla, TBC and WoTLK content.Elilaria1 45m
56m <Resolution> Is Recruiting! About Us: Resolution is a raiding guild located on the Oceanic server Frostmourne. We are aiming to reach and maintain a core raiding team with active rated battleground teams. We're determined to continue a strong enthusiastic and motivated environment and we're seeking like minded people who have the desire to test themselves at the highest content of end-game raiding and complete all hard-modes and achieves pre-nerf. You can apply to our guild Through the forums Our Team Our raiding roster will be around 15-20 players. Our core values entail that we have a small yet incredibly dedicated roster where all players get to see content, participate in progression and ensure that no one sits on the bench for elongated periods of time. If you join us, you’re here to raid and jump in the deep end immediately. This allows us to maintain the balance of a happy, well rotated and well geared raid while ensuring that we have as close to the most optimal class composition possible for any encounter we face. As a benefit of our small roster, we gear all raiders for alternative specs and if/when the time calls, we expect you to be able to play that spec as well as your main spec. You won’t just join Resolution as your main spec, you join as any spec you’re capable of playing at the highest level. What We Look For In Raiders We look for players who share our passion in being amongst the first to face new content, facing encounters when there are no mods and no public strategies to beat them. This is the time when your skills are put to the test and when the game is at its most exciting. Not only must you be a good player, you must also be analytical and communicative – if something goes wrong then your input could be crucial in resolving whatever is holding back progression at the time. We expect complete and utter dedication to your characters performance. We’ll make the best gear in the game available to you so long as you understand exactly how to optimize every one of your stats, professions and rotations. From you as a person, we enforce a no drama policy in guild. If you’re annoying, emo, or just a general douchebag then you’ll find yourself removed from the guild. You are expected to treat other people on the server with respect. We detest forum and trade chat trolling and if we find you spamming crude/idiotic/inflammatory remarks on either forums or in game, you will be removed from the guild. What We Expect * Mastery of your class * Open communication; the ability to call something dangerous as it’s happening and, if so, analyse what went wrong after the encounter and resolve it * A stable internet connection that doesn’t drop out/lag/overly rely on a tunneling service * A computer than can handle the latest encounters without massive FPS lag * Ability to maintain close to 100% attendance * Be able to take and act upon criticism. * Passion about your character and the drive to make sure that it’s always capable of its maximum capabilities. * Having all consumables readily available for every raid. This means flasks, potions, food, glyphs, and anything else you may need. * You must be able to take constructive criticism. * The ability to know when to act serious, but also have fun at the same time. * Be able to take constructive criticism and jokes. Trials All new recruits are placed on trial which will last a minimum of two weeks, but often extends to four weeks depending on class, role and activity in the raid. During your trial you do not receive loot priority over main-spec loot contested by a full-rank member. Once you’re promoted you will begin to receive loot. Loot All non-vanity items are handed out through a Best in Slot Loot Council System. This enables us to ensure that those with the highest attendance and best performance have first preference on the items of their choosing. It also enables us to gear up the most beneficial players first so content becomes much easier. Those who are on time and prepared and show up for progression will receive first preference on items in the raid. Recruiting all classes however melee DPS is of low priority. Raid times will me Fri/Mon 6-10pm AEST Feel free to Add my real ID : Xclusive#1671 if you would like to Discuss recruitment further!Swgameover9 56m
1h <Immerse> Weekend Raiding! <Immerse> is weekend raiding guild comprised of veteran oceanic raiders looking to progress through legion content in a different light. Our goal is to progress as a successful raiding guild, just in half the time! We are looking for exceptional players who believe in quality over quantity to join our team of seasoned raiders. Ideally you will have extensive raiding experience combined with a great attitude to really help us achieve our goal of proving you don't have to raid 5 days a week to see great progression. Normal: 7/7 Heroic 5/7 Currently we are seeking these classes; Resto Shaman Warlock Feral Mage Ret Raids times are as below; All times are in server time. Saturday 7pm - late Sunday 7pm - 11pm If you feel that you can contribute to the team please get in contact with the below team members via battletag; Zlx#6764 Cambrie#1488 Swampdonkk#1766Loafkat109 1h
1h <Speed> Recruiting exceptional players <Speed> is a reformed guild looking for exceptional players for Heroic and Mythic progression. Most players have been around since BC and thus have a wealth of knowledge for new and veteran players. We are looking for committed raiders who can guarantee their attendance to the raids. Currently Looking for exceptional Ranged DPS, Holy Paladin. Will look at all applicants regardless of above. Our raid nights are: Monday 8:30pm-1130pm Server Time Wednesday 8:30pm-1130pm Server Time Thursday 8:30pm-1130pm Server Time We are currently 7/7N and 2/7H If you would like to join Speed or have any questions please add Falconpunchh#1671 or message Böom, Lyrebird or SquidburstBöom4 1h
3h [A] Ret/Holy LF casual/backup spot Looking for a spot in an active raiding guild as a backup in the roster/skilled casual member. Have a long raiding history dating back to TBC, but have been inactive since mid WoD, with H Imp being the last thing I was pushing. Currently maining Ret but will happily heal if needed. Can't really afford more than 2 nights a week, but would still like to be doing Heroics (which I intend to mostly do through pugs, of my own making or otherwise). If I can slot in somewhere then great! Thanks.Vìndictus0 3h
3h [A] [Omen] LFM Weekend Heroic/Mythic Raiding We are a Weekend raiding guild looking to start raiding In legion. We will be starting in Normal then moving into Heroic quickly then Mythic. Currently 7/7 Normal 2/7 Heroic Raid Times Sat/Sun - 5.30pm - 8.30pm Server time Roles Healers ( HPriest) Dps (Havoc DH) (Boomy) (Fire Mage) Requirements Will require 840+ ilvl to begin raiding Must have a Mic Must have previous Heroic/Mythic Raiding Exp. Contact Information Leave a post here ( Will be checked daily) Contact the following B net RagingKiwi#11493 Calgar#1753Gouhadoken20 3h
4h (A) Practically Top Ten! - 9pm Server W/TH/M Practically Top Ten is a new face on the Frostmourne raiding scene looking to add to it's roster of Heroic experienced raiders with eyes of setting ourselves up for legion. We're a gathering of elitist jerks who think they're better than you looking to put together a group of tag alongs (that's you!) to slow us down, because let's face it; we're essentially Method tier at this point... After farming the !@#$ out of HFC for a year, we've now begun our progression into the Emerald Nightmare. We're finding normal has bent over for us very nicely in our first week and are beginning Heroics. Our raid times are as follows: 9pm-12 Brisbane time (UTC+10:00) which equates to 9pm Server time. Currently raid days are set as Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. We operate on a Discord VoIP server, and will be using a Loot council to handle loot distribution. We require all members to at least be able to join and listen in to the Discord server as a minimum. iLVLs are negotiable, but obviously no spots can be guaranteed to sub-par geared toons. If interested please contact Ghoul#12350/Ellaira#1270 for more information.Ghoulfang77 4h
6h [A] <beergarden> 7/7N 2/7H Recruiting Beergarden is an Australian guild looking for members to lead into Mythic raiding. Our members are highly skilled and have some really impressive raiding experience dating back to Vanilla. Raid times are 8-11pm AEST Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. We are currently looking to fill our ranks and are recruiting the following classes: Tanks - Looking for an OS tank to back up Healers - MW monk (High Priority) - Resto Druid (High Priority) - Holy Priest (High Priority) - Resto Shaman Melee - Unholy Death Knight (High Priority) - Arms Warrior (High Priority) - Enhance Shaman (High Priority) Ranged - Warlock (High Priority) - Fire Mage - Shadow Priest All exceptional players will be considered. At the moment we are gearing up through Mythic Plus and Heroics in anticipation of Mythic raiding. If you are intersted in joining contact us today!! Zeffa - Zeffa#1360 Jazza - Jazza#1444 Pensv - Pensive#6714 Sleaze - Tep#6181Zeffá3 6h
6h [A] <relax> sat sun 11am - 3pm mythic raids LF2M raiders. DPS and Healers will be expected to parse consistently above 90 percentile rankings. Raid times will be primarily for progression, ie. Mythic > Heroic. Heroic can be farmed at any other time during the week Send ingame mail to Nyleah or add isei#1816.Pupah21 6h
7h GL for the race! I'm excited to see which guilds grab the top spots in the upcoming race. Predictions?Wahtisdis2 7h
8h [A] <Cyber Chaos> Looking for more <Cyber Chaos> is looking for a Druid Healer and a Warlock or Shadow priest to fill our Legion raid team. We are a casual group who can teach people newer to raiding. We raid Wednesday and Thursday from 2030-2300 Server time. Add me on Rookiepunk#1781 for more infoKreyaas1 8h
9h [A] Gone Casual Recruiting Gone Casual: Gone Casual has been formed in response to the desperate need of a home for retired hardcore raiders who still wish to see raiding content. Gone Casual’s main objective as a team is to finish each expansion with the same rewards as if we had participated in hardcore raiding. Why join Gone Casual? Reduced raiding hours. Friendly and inviting raid atmosphere. Proven Leadership history (World 89th, Oceanic 4th). Experienced Raiders from high ranking guilds in Warlords of Draenor.Loot: Loot is distributed to the person who will benefit the raid the most. The only time loot distribution is left to chance is when raiders both benefit the same amount. Raid info: Thursday 7:00PM -12:00 AM Sunday 6:00 -10:00 PM These times are all server time (GMT+10) Discord voice application will be used for all raids. Current Recruitment: Range dps for core mythic spots Current Progression: 7/7H EN Applicant Requirements: Be punctual to all scheduled raids and if unable to make a raid provide warning to officers within a suitable time frame. Have the initiative to research fight strategies beforehand. Stay up to date with their class and its optimal play style for each encounter.Interested in joining? If you are interested in joining you can apply via our website (below) or contact either myself (Babh#6497) or Boz (Boz#11500) with any questions. Website: www.GoneCasual.comValaína30 9h
10h [A] <Not Serenity> LFM Legion <Not Serenity> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild currently looking for more to fill our ranks heading into Legion raiding content and beyond. Raid Times Wednesday 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM AWST Sunday 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM AWST Monday 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM AWST Invites sent 7:15 PM AWST. Currently Recruiting: 1 Tank All Ranged DPS If Interested feel free to apply at - Or contact an officer on one of the BattleTags below: Shifty#1507 Jimp#11293 Kuroshi#11966 Weirdness#1327Ohq11 10h
11h 854 Mage LF Mythic Prog Looking for a mythic progression guild that will raid on a limited schedule of 3 days a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. Have raided numerous heroic and mythic raids as current content having cleared DS, MSV, HoF, ToES 2/4 and SoO as current but due to work commitments needed to slow down in WoD. Post below or add me on Fao#6687 if you are interested to discussManaburnz1 11h
14h WTB > Rare names Hi, I would like to buy some "rare" names, please list your name and your price. IF you like list the name and we can discuss a price. ThanksNoviq6 14h
16h [A] <Insufferable Miscreants> - 4/7 Heroic! <Insufferable Miscreants> of Frostmourne is a Semi-Hardcore Progression Guild working on building our core team up to take on mythic raiding in the immediate future. We only recently reformed our guild at the start of Legion and have had a lot of success in our efforts so far. The core members of our raid team are vastly experienced, with most of us having raided together for a few years now. We are a friendly and relaxed group of people who like to enjoy ourselves and love helping each other out, but we take our progression raiding very seriously. We constantly encourage self-improvement and offer guidance and assistance where necessary. Currently Looking for: Ranged DPS: Exceptional DPS Healers: Disc Priest Holy Pally Other Healers will be Considered We need you to be at least i830 with good knowledge of your class and be able to play it effectively. Lesser geared players may be considered for future positions and will be assisted in their gearing efforts. Some raiding experience is necessary for immediate acceptance but we are happy to take anyone on and into our casual night clear to judge your ability/skill. We expect you to be fully gemmed and enchanted and have any raiding addons your require to perform at your best. We supply Flasks/Pre-pots and Guild Repairs to all Trial and Core Raiders but bringing your own is also good. We supply feasts, But we prefer you bring your own food. We currently raid Wednesday Thursday and Sunday 8pm-11pm ST. We expect our core raiders to be 10-15m early on progression nights are be able to stay back where necessary if we are close to getting a boss kill. We will usually never go more than 15-30m overtime as we are aware most people have work/school and need to sleep. We use Teamspeak and require all our raiders to utilise it during the raid, we also encourage people to speak but it is not an immediate requirement... unless you're a tank. If you have any questions or concerns please add my battle.tag - Aerlion#1534 You can also feel free to message any of the officers in-game or post bellow with your battletag for more information and we will get back to you. Cheers!Aerlion10 16h
17h [A] <Loot Train> Frostmourne <Loot Train> is an established raiding guild on <Frostmourne> Guild founders are old-school World of Warcraft raiders; having cleared all previous raid content (in the hardest difficulty). We take raiding seriously, and are seeking players to join our raiding team. ** CURRENT PROGRESSION: The Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 Normal Mode The Emerald Nightmare - 5/7 Heroic Mode Updated: 27/09/2016 ** CLASS REQUIREMENTS: All exceptional players will be considered; however, these are our immediate requirements :- - Elemental Shaman - Enhancement Shaman - Arms/Fury Warrior - Retribution Paladin - Balance Druid - Holy Priest - Restoration Druid ** RAID TIMES (+10 GMT): Wednesday 8pm - 11pm server time (SVT) Friday 8pm - 11pm (SVT) Sunday 8pm - 11pm (SVT) ** RAID REQUIREMENTS: - Be on time (15 minutes early) - Maintain 90% attendance - Understand your class inside-out (at least two specs). - Understand raid mechanics for current raid content. - Execute raid mechanics properly. - Maintain situational awareness and composure at all times. - Minimize mistakes. ** ADD-ON REQUIREMENTS: - Big Wigs / DBM - GTFO - Skada - EPGP / EPGP Loot Master - Tidy Plates (or equivalent) - Angry Assignments ** TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS: - Discord (guild / voice communication) - Headset - Stable internet connection - Stable computer ** LOOT DISTRIBUTION: Normal Mode - Personal Loot Heroic/Mythic - EPGP ** CONTACTS: - Chibee [Guild Master] (battle tag: Metacritic#11627) - Ellixa [Officer] (battle tag: NightRaven#14821) We look forward to hearing from you!Chibee2 17h
20h [A] <The Cabal> Wed/Thurs/Sun Raiding <The Cabal> are looking to recruit a few more members to fill out our raid team. The Cabal is the oldest active Alliance guild on Frostmourne with an emphasis on community and progression. We are currently looking for healers and a few more Ranged DPS. We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sundays from 7:45pm - 11:00pm ST. We are 7/7 normal Emerald Nightmare and starting heroic this week. We are especially interested in any of the following: - Resto Druid - Balance Druid - Disc Priest - Shadow Priest - Mistweaver Monk - Mage If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in game or add me on BNET (Saltz#1468) for a chat or visit and apply!Saltzii9 20h
21h [A] <The Honor Guard> is recruiting <The Honor Guard> is recruiting ranged dps. We're currently looking for experienced raiders with ilvl 840+ to join us in our core Heroic/Mythic team. Current Raid times Mon/Wed/Thurs 7.30-10.30 server time Currently Recruiting Shadow Priest Fire Mage Exceptional players of any class Any interested players please message Kysabelle or Cronnox in game or post below.Kysabelle12 21h
21h 850 Fury Warrior LF Heroic Day Guild New to raiding, am 7/7N so know the EN fights pretty well now. Looking for a daytime raiding guild since I work nights, this includes weekdays and weekends. Anytime between 8am-3pm works for me. Reply here or add me on btag Cyyc#11600Cyyc1 21h
21h [A] <Daybreak> 7/7 H, LF EXCEPTIONAL PLAYERS <Daybreak> is a newly formed guild on Frostmourne Alliance, built by an active and mostly 13/13 M core from the remnants of many past and present guilds. We are currently 7/7 H EN, and are looking to have a very bright tier. Wednesday 7:30-11pm svt Thursday 7:30-11pm svt Sunday 7:30-11pm svt ***Our times may extend due to almost getting a boss down and maybe for the first few weeks of a new tier*** We currently don’t have any specific class requirements however we are only after those with the drive and mentality to always want to improve, and are willing to put in the hard yards to learn mechanics, play their class to their limits and flawlessly kill bosses. If you believe you are still suitable for our guild and your class is not listed still apply. All exceptional players will be considered. <Daybreak> is a group of friends with the drive and want to kill bosses and progress further into new tiers and new expansions. We work hard, so we play hard. Since forming, the guild has gone above and beyond expectations, netting an incredibly strong team and pushing for a potential spot in this regions 3 night a week powerhouses. We're a collective, a family, and we're constantly working harder and harder to become what we believe we can. Contact info: - Booty#1809 - Nick#13760 - Jealous#1390 - VKF#1883Bootypop140 21h
1d [a]DPS or Tank ilvl 843 dps or 841 tank LF a casual raiding guild that raids EST between 7pm and 11pm. Pm for more info, Happy to chat and answer questions if required and give a full detail of my WoW experienceCannedfruit0 1d
1d Alliance and Horde Ratio Are there plans to balance this out between Barthilas or something? It's a bit absurdAgul13 1d
1d [A][FM] Old Town Bazaar-Join our Community Hello Frostmourne/ Oceanic / Anywhere Wow Gamers, Our mission is to be a large guild with multiple events running. This guild is for like minded players who wish to experience WoW within a strong community feel. We have a code of conduct that is female lgtbi friendly and we want all to experience the game while we have no patience for 'those' players. Integrated Teamspeak Server and Website. Recruitment is open to anyone or everyone. The events below are our current schedule. PVP Mon : Organised BG Sat Night : Organised BG Organised Social Tue : World PVP - Gank Night Wed : Organised 5 man Content Thur : Organised 5 man Content Friday : Old achieves/Raids Sun Night : Old achieves/raids PVE Sat : 2:00pm - 4.30pm Progression Raiding Sun 2:00pm - 4:30pm Progression Raiding The raid team will focus on clearing heroic and experiencing mythic. The focus will be on fun, learning and camaraderie. Cutting edge progression is not the goal rather building a strong team. We will however be using logs and improving performances of people who need it. Essentially bring the fun back Also have need for the following Raid Leader (filled) RBG Shot Caller (open) RBG Group Leader (open) Social Events Co-ordinator (filled) Come help us become something great.Stratti1 1d
1d [A] <Monkey Business> 6/7H Weekend Raiding <Monkey Business> is a Weekend raiding guild led by a group of friends with extensive mythic experience dating back to WOTLK. With our weekend raiding schedule it caters to working adults and those that wish to have serious progression, while leaving your nights free. We are looking for exceptional players with a great attitude who believe they can fit in nicely with our core group and contribute. Currently recruiting BM / MM Hunter Blood / Frost / Unholy DK Ele Shaman Warlock Prot / Ret Pally Prot Warrior Current Progression Normal: 7/7 Heroic: 6/7 Raid Times Saturday: 1pm - 5pm AEST Sunday: 1pm - 5pm AEST If you have any questions, find one of us in-game: Chihao, Stormflury, mcjággèrz, Ekspozed Or Btags: Deadpool#2869, Storm#13982, Ekspozed#1990, radianshot#6162 Or drop an app at 1d
1d WTB TCG MOUNTS i would prefer swift spectral tiger/spectral tiger or magic rooster egg paying on frostmourne 150k add me GrumpyKitten#111969Ultimobenjio0 1d
1d [A] <Envelop> Recruiting for Legion <Envelop> are currently recruiting for our Emerald Nightmare team. Formed during HFC, we’ve established a team of skilled, reliable and dedicated raiders heading into Legion and we’re looking for a few recruits to fill core spots in our team. Raid Times: Wednesday, Thursday & Monday 8PM-11PM ST Currently recruiting: Holy Paladin (High Priority) Resto Shaman (High Priority) Warlock (High Priority) Will also consider skilled/experienced players of any class/role Requirements: Being punctual to all raid times, except where adequate notice has been given for foreseeable circumstances. Having the initiative to be self-raid-ready, including researching your class and all upcoming encounters and having enough raid consumables prepared for each raid. We expect players to be self-motivated to perform and improve each week through reading logs and/or constructive criticism from officers. Being vocal to make necessary raid calls and include yourself amongst the team banter. <Envelop> promotes an environment that caters for plenty of banter and fun, but also realise a reduced raiding schedule means knuckling down and being serious when necessary. Any questions, or to apply, please contact one of our officers below: Tom (Thorax#1466) Nam (Rei#6294) Jackson (Spoon#1548)Phazes15 1d
1d [A] <Legacy Esports> 6/7 H LF healers <Legacy Esports> is new guild that is made up of bunch of friends and we are looking for more people to join us raiding to push to mythic raiding content. We are pretty casual guild but hard progressing guild when it comes to progression At the moment we raid: Wednesday 730-1100 Thrusday 730-1100 Sunday 730-1100 we are currently looking for 2 healers to fill up the raid Preferably Holy pally Priest Monk and any additional DPS and tanks wants to come join us also welcome For any more information whisper Soulol, Outasite or Tallychamp in game or post down below.Soulol2 1d
1d <Verdant> 6/7H Recruiting Ranged <Verdant> About Us : We're a semi-hardcore raiding guild that will run 3 nights a week with a total of 10.5 hrs a week, during progression this may stretch out after raid time. The raids is run by 13/13M Leadership from WoD. We're also open to casuals and socials to the guild. Progression : Emerald Dream : Normal : 7/7 Heroic : 6/7 Mythic : N/A _____________________________________________________________________________ Requirements : Rank 20 Artifact Weapon for main-spec 850+ Ilvl equipped 80% attendance ( if you cant make it at least let us know ) Raid required Addons ( will be listed ) Research on boss encounters Raid Consumables Relevant Raiding Experience ( Mythic ) We use Discord for our voice communications which you'll be required to download and use _____________________________________________________________________________ Raid Times / Nights : Monday - 7:30 - 11:00pm Wednesday - 7:30 - 11:00pm Thursday - 7:30 - 11:00pm _____________________________________________________________________________ Currently Recruiting : Tanks : Closed Healers : Holy Priest Melee : Warrior Ranged : Hunter / Mage _____________________________________________________________________________ Add me for a chat on BNET : Cyclops#6359Motaro1 1d
1d Ruthless - LF DPS Several spots have opened up on our roster for Hunter Rogue DK ELE warr mage DH prefer 845+ with a raid ready alt Raid times are Wed/Thur/Sun/Mon 7.30-11.30. aussiegears#1190 xoxo - gossippatHumpalicous6 1d
1d Please Delete double post Returning Veteran players LF semi hardcore progression guild, prefer to raid upwards of 2 to 3 times a week. Later in the evening and any day of the week is fine. Looking to progress through heroic emerald nightmare and mythic+ dungeons. We have experience raiding primarily in Vanilla, TBC and WoTLK content.Elilaria0 1d
1d 845 FMage & 848 ARogue LF Mythic progression Returning players for Legion LF semi hardcore progression guild - can raid up to 11ST ~14hrs a week. Experience in raid leading and guild management back in MoP clearing SoO and leaving before mythic progression due to a few reasons. Have warcraftlogs if interested - 7/7N cleared at the moment. Josh3#6312Winnie0 1d
1d Returning 840+ Rogue LF Guild Hello, Looking for a Mon-Fri casual raiding guild that can clear Heroic. About Me: I am an experienced raider that has been playing since the Burning Crusade. I took a hiatus from raiding during WOD as i wasn't happy with the state of the game. I cleared 8/14M Siege of Ogrimmar during Mists on my warlock before any nerfs, but i had to leave due to real life issues. I want a guild to call home.Gaverik2 1d
2d <Inexplicable> 2/7H ~ Recruiting for Mythic! Inexplicable stands to imprint itself as a top 20 premier raid guild on the competitive Oceanic scene. Created from a small clutch of likeminded players, Inexplicable has quickly emerged as an ambitious World of Warcraft community. Boasting players with impressive resumes, from Realm-First kills to multiple Warcraft logs top parses. Our goals are lofty but achievable, and we will spare no effort in accomplishing them. Inexplicable is a guild built around dedicated and hardworking members. These are people who have made a commitment to excellence and performing their roles to the highest level. As such, when we look for new members to join our community, it is important that they share the same ideals of success as we do. Currently Recruiting: Holy Pally or Holy Priest/Range DPS *All amazing players regardless of class or spec.* Raid Times (AEST/Frostmourne server time): Wednesday – 8PM to 11PM Sunday – 8PM to 11PM Monday – 8PM to 11PM Current Progression: 2/7 Heroic 7/7 Normal Previous Tiers: 12/13M HFC 14/14H SoO For more information, please whisper Ventruss (Roguex5#1511), Envicious, Heranie or Ragemuffin.Ragemuffin0 2d
2d <Mindtrip> LFM Healers & RangedDPS <Mindtrip> We are a newly xfered guild to Frostmourne looking to re-establish a mythic progression core team. We are looking to recruit the listed classes and specs below for our core team as we head into legion for progression. Classes and specs: hunters Shaman - resto Paladin - Holy Shaman - Elemental Druid - Boomkins!!! Information about us Realm: Frostmourne Faction: Allaince Timezone: GMT +10 (Sydney, Australia) / Server Time Loot System: Personal/Master for mythics Voice Platform: Ventrilo Raiding Times: Wednesday: 8:30pm to 11:30pm Thursday: 8:30pm to 11:30pm Sunday: 8:30pm to 11:30pm Contact Info: To apply add any of the following Btags and send a message or mail MrPolska#11319Catbeär2 2d
2d [A] BrM Monk LFG Hi all, I'm a seasoned player (been playing for 10 years next month) who is looking for a raiding guild for my BrM monk. I raided mythic in MoP achieving 10/14m in SoO and in WoD achieving 10/13m in HFC. My availability is mondays, fridays and saturdays. If you'd like to speak further, feel free to add my btag, Bluebird#1418 : )Moistwoman5 2d
2d <A> Deviants, recruiting for Legion! Okay, a brief introduction. We're freshly formed from a bunch of returning raiders, some with 13/13m HFC experience, some not so much. Current progression : 7/7N, 2/7H Things we're looking for in a raider: - Commitment (able to turn up on raid nights, give notice if unable. etc) - Willingness to do research on bosses, class, specs - Positive, mature attitude would be nice too! Raid Schedule: Wednesdays and Thursdays, Sundays: 2300 - 0200 ST(Server time), 2100-0000 GMT +8 GMT. Classes we're looking for: Tanks - Warrior/Druid/Paladin DPS - Pretty much everything except for DHs/Monks/Shamans We are a Singapore based guild, running on +8 GMT. If you're interested and feel like you meet those requirements, feel free to apply at 2d
2d [A] <Last Prodigies> LF melee dps & heals Last Prodigies is looking for skilled and mature players to join our core team. We are a friendly bunch always happy to have a laugh but when it comes to crunch time, we focus and get it done. The end goal will be mythic progression Currently we are looking for melee DPS and healers Specifically: -Unholy DK -WW Monk -Rogues -Resto druid -Mist monk If you aren't one of the above classes/specs, please still apply as we are happy to take anyone who has ability About us: Realm: Frostmourne Faction: Alliance Timezone: GMT +10 (Sydney) Voice Platform: Discord Raiding Times: Wednesday: 8 to 11pm Thursday: 8 to 11pm Sunday: 8 to 11pm To apply, please add one of the following battletags and throw a PM or mail #Jazza1444 #Zeffa1360Jazzá0 2d
2d [A] [SPG] Dynamic Raids: Shift Work Solution Our DPS use skills to do massive critical damage, our healers practice real life Hungry Hungry Hippos® at Timezone in a weekly deathmatch, and our tanks taunt UFC fighters. When we enter instances bosses walk up to us, drop their loot and kill themselves. Blizzard pays us to play. We date supermodels. We've all won the lottery. Every sixty seconds in our raids a minute goes by. Our mages have Warglaves of Azzinoth. We all have IQs above 180. Our private parts are so big that they go all the way from A to Z on the keyboard. We melt steel beams, We are all rock stars and may need to stop raiding for our world tour. We party with celebrities and mingle with the political elite. We built this city. We have appeared on the NEWS twelve times this week. We do not talk about Fight Club. We do test on animals. TV-Series: 60 Minutes did a two hour special on our Guild Achievements. We are on a first name basis with Felicia Day, and Hugh Jackman, he plays a Worgen Warrior on Frostmourne. We are [SPG] South Pacific Gamers, The Guild Bank is storage for Leadership only. There is no guild tabard, as it doesn’t match my hairstyle or Transmog Sets. Now all the bullsh*t is out of the way, Let’s get to the Point.Noxie11 2d
2d [A] <AOA> 3/7H is Recruiting <AOA> US-Oceanic, Frostmourne is currently recruiting skilled to solidify the roster of it's second raid team. Our second team is 3/7 Heroic after the first week of raiding with clean kills on Nyth, Ursoc and Dragons. We are looking to recruit permanent members for our team to continue heroic progression, and eventually mythic. Raid Times Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 7:30pm-11pm AEST (GMT +10) Current needs are: Healers Holy Priest (Medium) Mistweaver Monk (Medium) - Healers that can play their dps subclass will be given higher consideration - Ranged DPS Shadow Priest (High) Mage (High) Warlock (High) Hunter (High) Balance Druid (High) Melee DPS Arms Warrior (Low) Feral Druid (Low) All excepcentional players are welcome to apply regardless of spec, the above is an indicator of the specifics we are after If you are interested, add me on and we can talk and perhaps organise a trial run on one of our raid nights. My battle tag is Drakaath#1905Oppaisuki1 2d
2d [A] <Paramount> LFM for Emerald Nightmare Paramount (US-Oceanic, Frostmourne) is currently reforming after taking a break in WoD. We're currently looking for reliable candidates to push for Heroic content and eventually Mythic content. If you have raid-awareness, a sense of humour, and the willingness to learn, then you may be the person we're looking for. We encourage all interested applicants to apply regardless of what we currently need Our progression is currently 7/7N. Raid Times Wednesday and Sunday 8pm-11pm AEST (Frostmourne Server Time) Current needs are: Healers Discipline Priest (Medium) Holy Paladin (Low-Medium) Ranged DPS Shadow Priest (Medium) Mage(High) Melee DPS Warrior(Medium) Demon Hunter(Medium) Enhancement Shaman (High) Please apply via (Google Form). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via Gespenst#6673 (Bnet) or radians#8731 (Discord)Supremum1 2d
2d WTB MAGIC ROOSTER EGG Looking to buy the Magic Rooster Egg mount. If interested in selling, add me Red#15945Redpool0 2d
2d [H] <Build Trumps Wall> Recruiting Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:30-10:30pm, Recruiting all with an emphasis on ranged dps. Nightmare 7/7 normal 1/7 heroic. Aiming to clear mythic on every tier. Friendly atmosphere. All welcome, we are building a long term team, growth mindset required. add dmac16#1960 or rio#11595 to enquire furtherDmaac4 2d
2d [A] - You Are Not Prepared - NZ/AU Weekends <You Are Not Prepared> on Alliance Frostmourne are looking for one skilled shadow priest with healing off-spec to compliment our raid team. A little bit about us. We raid two nights per week, Friday and Sunday 6.45pm server to 9.45pm server (may tempt Kiwi players or those wishing to only raid weekends.) Please only applicants who can make both days 90% of the time need only apply (We simply cannot make your "I work one friday every 2 weeks' thing work, sorry!). We boast a laid back, easy going, drama free raiding environment. Drama llamas need not apply. Times again are as follows: Friday and Sunday nights 6.45pm-9.45pm server. Weekend raid team. Over the HFC tier, we have seen a lot of growth in the team and whilst most roles may have been filled for Legion, we are still interested in hearing from you if you are an exceptional player with a can-do attitude. Doesn't hurt to inquire. Casuals also welcome, but we may not be able to guarantee you a raid spot for the night. If you are interested in joining a relaxed, stress-free raid team who can get the job done in two nights (rather than three), have some class skill and know how to not stand in the fire please contact me in game or by adding my battle tag Aivera#1679(Raid lead) or Minxy#1659(Guild lead) to discuss further. Thank you :)Variella16 2d
2d 848 ilvl Fire Mage LF Progression Raiding Looking for heroic/mythic progression raiding. Available Sunday through to Thursday (preferably not Friday or Saturday). Have logs. RamPaG3#1944.Maybekid2 2d
2d <Tactical Teamkillers> Frostmourne Request Hello Frostmourne, you may know me as the Tactical Teamkillers Guild Master, I'm creating this forum post today as I am tremendously disappointed in the Frostmounre Alliance Community. Before I continue: This post should be ignored by the following - *People who have been kicked out of our guild. *People who create guilds with my name, because they think people might actually join then. *People who claim to be in a PvP guild, but have no viable PvP achievements as a guild. *People who pay their monthly subscription to only trade-chat banter because they get bullied at their high-school. Before you stop reading and assume this is just another typical forum troll post, I want to assure you that it's not. Each day without fail, <Tactical Teamkillers> has dominated the world of Azeroth, we've camped flight paths, quest zones and have even been the first guild this expansion to successfully slay and defeat all Alliance leaders to obtain the [For the Horde!] achievement even with their insane amounts of health as raids aren't out yet to scale it correctly. (Screenshots will be provided below) Which leads me to the point of this topic. What are all you Alliance doing out there on Frostmourne? - No counter attacks - No helping your fellow friends - Not even defending your own KING! What type of example does that set to the new and returning players of this community? You're all running around like headless chickens as we rampage through your cities. A famous rapper once said, "But chicken heads get chicken feed (bahk bakh) a Lil' !%*@*!%@ and weed (bahk bakh) Everything that a chicken need (bahk bakh)" ~ Ice Cube. Do you really want to be known for that? I'm asking for all and any guilds to step up, PvE and PvP. Defend your cities, create raids to counter us down, and make your faction have a purpose on this realm. You have no excuse, the imbalance of Horde to Alliance on this server is in your favor. If you're busy some days, we understand that, but at the very least defend your leaders! (We've actually resulted to ganking in Dalaran Sewers, both Alliance and Horde, because Alliance just simply can't compete.) We don't want a war on forums, we don't care for your banter, we want the fight to be in-game, where it matters. If a guild happens to step up, you will have our full support, we will give you time to organize, form and even keep in contact to create guild vs guild activity. We hope to see you all soon, feel free to add Chiki or myself on BTAG, which is listed on our recruitment forum. Screenshots of the king slain: More of the other 3 leaders + king can be provided upon request. Screenshot before the raid, as we rampaged through your cities: Other guildies who were there are welcome to post their own screenshots of last nights event. Thank you for reading, and we hope to have some rivalry soon.Njay72 2d
2d Experienced Resto Druid LF Heroic Raid Guild Hi there, I am looking for a very co-ordinated guild that is currently working on Heroic Progression through Emerald Nightmare. I am currently 849 ilvl although that doesn't really indicate much to my skill. I'm working on organising some logs to provide anyone interested in recruiting me. I have been #1 healer on all my meters thus far and have averaged 230-240k heals on Xavius through normal difficulty. I understand these contexts are restrictive in providing insight into my capabilities, and accordingly, I'm open to chat or join in on a couple fights to perform as a trial. I am always on top of mechanics and have a very solid understanding of almost every mechanic on boss fights. Admittedly I am a little sketchy in DPS related kill priorities, though most tank mechanics I understand to ensure I can respond effectively. Please contact me in game or on my battlenet, Euthia#1956. Hope to be healing you soon, Euthia.Euthia2 2d
2d WTS Heavy Junk Box ( 10% DMF ) Selling Heavy Junk Box Service for players after 'The Insane' Title, until the beginning of legion. With this week being DMF, I would advise if you are interested in going for the title, to make progress on the boxes this week as a 10% buff will decrease the amount of boxes you'll need to get exalted. With a good price I can get the whole total amount of boxes for you in a couple of days. Thanks Whisper me in game or add me on btag so we can discuss further Cyclops#6359Motaro9 2d