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4h [H] Frostmourne Guilds? Greetings, Making a post in the hope to get a better idea of Horde on Frostmourne. I call Frostmourne home!! (Have so for many many years and cbf switching to a advantageous realm pop). I have been seriously considering make the jump to Horde for something different. So what guilds are active, friendly and have a relative good chance at a stable raiding schedule? If anyone could shed some light or steer me in the right direction that would be awesome. :D - CheersWrath16 4h
11h [A] Warlock looking for Mon-Wed raiding I'm looking for a guild that raids 7pm-ish onwards (GMT +8) on Mondays to Wednesdays. I've got experience from Wrath to MOP Heroic progression, and Early WoD Heroic progression, until I started PVP for the rest of the expansion~ I've got a Rogue, Druid and Warlock, but am keen on maiming a lock for this expansion. Please send me a message, btag is Shazzrah#1371 if you need any more information :)Crillak0 11h
18h [H] Tactical Teamkillers - Read More Hello Frostmourne, you've probably heard of, or maybe even been apart of <Tactical Teamkillers> when we first arrived during the beginning of MOP. Unfortunately towards the end of the expansion, real life called and we had to separate ourselves from the Warcraft community, after we came back, we played on Barth with a few real life mates but have now decided to return to Frostmourne. However, as the title states, we are back, for good this time. What are we currently looking for? Tactical Teamkillers has always based themselves off WPvP, that being said, many of the members were high end rated players, and some even rank one during the start of MOP. We are currently targeting players who are active, loyal and love themselves some WPvP, PvP and yes, we will be doing PvE next expansion too. One of our main purposes that we discussed before we agreed to start up the guild again, was how we were going to manage our members. We don't want to be the typical take everybody type of guild which results in max members, full of alts and highly lacking in activity, nor will be a guild who takes players who spam propaganda or hate in trade to other members. With that said, this is the very reason we question each member individually, and follow a set of rules and guidelines before recruiting each member. We are strictly after players who either have, -Experience in either PvP or PvE -Highly enthusiastic and willing to learn -Determined to obtain higher rating next season -Love WPvP and other events And most importantly, are active, we want players who enjoy the game for what it is, and play whenever they have the spare time. We don't have a target for age, however a level of maturity is always preferred when applying. That being said, this guild has been known for their fair share of forum banter, and we do in fact encourage forum banter in a respectful manner. The guild will offer the following activities: - Regular WPvP events. - Regular RBG nights for both main and alt team. (When organised) - Regular PvE nights when sorted with the raid team for preferred times. (When organised) - Support and advice with Arenas and Battlegrounds. - A social environment to be apart of. - A strong capable guild to fight along side you in the time of need. - Mini-Games with prizes such as 5v5/1v1s We also have our own voice program which is used frequently. Why do we claim to be #1? This guild simply provides an experience other guilds can't. -We were one of the first guilds to complete all gold challenge modes. -We were the #1 guild RBG team on FM during MOP -We are, and always will be the #1 WPvP guild on Frostmourne. - We have extremely talented players with rank one titles in guild (Check Roster and Guild Achievement for progress of titles) Note: In order for some progress to show, the player must be honored rank/reputation or higher within the guild and can take up to 24 hours to update. We have two Guild Masters, to avoid unfairness within decisions etc and provide a larger range of variety and availability within the guild. We are also looking for loyal members to start filling the ranks of the guild, however the guild does follow a set of rules regarding how ranking works, and who does what, we highly recommend you read the Guild Info and Document we've created for more information. This guild is a very close community full of hand picked members, this is the reason we've been so strict on recruitment, our guild has gone as far meeting each other in person, so to be accepted into this community is a privilege. This guild is strictly NOT for players who have no intention of committing or staying in one place, the guild will require time to rebuild and if you are not patient, you're best to look elsewhere. That being said, the members who have the patients and are helpful, will find themselves highly regarded in the near future. To the recently rejected applicants: We apologize to you, and most importantly to the rest of Frostmourne, we understand your frustration but sometimes it's for the best. Unfortunately, we've noticed that during the state of rejection, a player may obtain the urge to spam trade chat, or other members out of frustration, if you feel this urge, please contact the appropriate health clinic and seek the much required medical attention. Thank you. Thank you for your time Frostmourne, and if you are interested, please either contact Chiki or myself in game, or add our battle tags at CheekiBreeki#1547 and NJay#11756.Njay8 18h
18h LF Friday/Saturday Raid Guild LF Friday and Saturday night raid guild on Alliance (I have Druid and Hunter). I can only raid Fridays and Saturdays due to work and family. Looking for friendly guild to join.Shiftster0 18h
18h [A] <Quintessential> LFM Mon/Wed/Fri. Raid Times: Monday/Wednesday/Fri 7:30 to 10:30 Server Time Quintessential is a raiding guild formed during HFC, by a group of friends of varying experience. Before pre-patched we completed 13/13H and 5/13M as a casual 2 day a week guild. For Legion we have decided to progress a bit more seriously and moved to 3 days a week. Currently looking for Ranged DPS or exceptional DPS of any spec. For more information message me here or add on at Indy#1702Legendeery9 18h
18h [A] <Loot Train> recruiting for Legion <Loot Train> is a new raiding guild on <Frostmourne> Our guild founders are old-school gamers who've played World of Warcraft since release (vanilla), and have cleared all end-game raid content to-date (in the hardest difficulty). We take raiding seriously, and are looking for competent raiders to fill ranks as officer, class leader and raiders. Please contact us in-game or via Have your armory & Warcraft logs ready! ** CLASS REQUIREMENTS: ALL CLASSES ** RAID TIMES (+10 GMT): Wednesday 8pm - 11pm server time (SVT) Friday 8pm - 11pm SVT Sunday 8pm - 11pm SVT ** RAID REQUIREMENTS: - Be on time (15 minutes early) - Maintain 90% attendance - Understand your class inside-out (at least two specs). - Understand raid mechanics for current raid content. - Execute raid mechanics properly. - Maintain situational awareness and composure at all times. - Minimize mistakes. ** ADD-ON REQUIREMENTS: - Big Wigs / DBM - GTFO - Skada - EPGP / EPGP Loot Master - RC Loot Council - Tidy Plates (or equivalent) - Angry Assignments ** TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS: - Ventrilo - Headset - Stable internet connection - Stable computer ** CONTACTS: - Qannas [Guild Master] (battle tag: Metacritic#11627) - Iffet [Officer] (battle tag: NightRaven#14821) We look forward to hearing from you!Qannas4 18h
20h [A] Just Bring It, Recruiting for Legion Just Bring it Frostmourne Oceanic Server We are a Semi Casual Australian Based guild which has been together and raiding since The Burning Crusade. We have a vast amount of knowledge and experience within our ranks, with some playing from as early as Vanilla. We mostly know each other on a personal level, and if not personally then playing online games with each other for a long time. #Raiding Details# Wednesday 1930 to 2230 Thursday (not 100% at this stage) Sunday 1930 to 2230 Our timings work on server Sydney time which currently is GMT +10 #What we are looking for# Tanks: Closed Healers: Open (exclu Hpriest, RDruid) Melee: Closed Ranged: Closed (We are trying not to saturate classes but will look at all players on a case to case basis) #What we expect from you# Reliability (Obviously we understand RL events do happen) Be on time for raids. (10-15 min prior) Make sure to bring your own Consumables Show some understanding of the fights You need to understand your class Learn from you mistakes and deaths Being Vocal when required, but listening to instructions when directed. And most importantly be willing to have some fun with us. #What we offer to you# Knowledge of Raid Strategies and Class Mechanics, Guild Repairs when raiding, Consumables if we have spares or good donations. Planned Raids every week, Fun, jokes and personal experiences both real world and through gaming. #Loot# Master Loot (MS > OS > ALT) New members that join after raiding has commenced, will be subject to our 1 week no loot rule. This rule is purely to keep Guild Cohesion and prevent Guild issues and imbalances of loot allocation. #Who to contact# Reinhardts (Guild recruiter) Ultimatum#1743 Heerohua Shammytech If you cant get a hold of me feel free to send me an in game mail, or contact any of our officers for more information on our Guild. Regards ReinReinhardts10 20h
20h <Resolution> Is Recruiting! About Us: Resolution is a raiding guild located on the Oceanic server Frostmourne. We are aiming to reach and maintain a core raiding team with active rated battleground teams. We're determined to continue a strong enthusiastic and motivated environment and we're seeking like minded people who have the desire to test themselves at the highest content of end-game raiding and complete all hard-modes and achieves pre-nerf. You can apply to our guild Through the forums Our Team Our raiding roster will be around 15-20 players. Our core values entail that we have a small yet incredibly dedicated roster where all players get to see content, participate in progression and ensure that no one sits on the bench for elongated periods of time. If you join us, you’re here to raid and jump in the deep end immediately. This allows us to maintain the balance of a happy, well rotated and well geared raid while ensuring that we have as close to the most optimal class composition possible for any encounter we face. As a benefit of our small roster, we gear all raiders for alternative specs and if/when the time calls, we expect you to be able to play that spec as well as your main spec. You won’t just join Resolution as your main spec, you join as any spec you’re capable of playing at the highest level. What We Look For In Raiders We look for players who share our passion in being amongst the first to face new content, facing encounters when there are no mods and no public strategies to beat them. This is the time when your skills are put to the test and when the game is at its most exciting. Not only must you be a good player, you must also be analytical and communicative – if something goes wrong then your input could be crucial in resolving whatever is holding back progression at the time. We expect complete and utter dedication to your characters performance. We’ll make the best gear in the game available to you so long as you understand exactly how to optimize every one of your stats, professions and rotations. From you as a person, we enforce a no drama policy in guild. If you’re annoying, emo, or just a general douchebag then you’ll find yourself removed from the guild. You are expected to treat other people on the server with respect. We detest forum and trade chat trolling and if we find you spamming crude/idiotic/inflammatory remarks on either forums or in game, you will be removed from the guild. What We Expect * Mastery of your class * Open communication; the ability to call something dangerous as it’s happening and, if so, analyse what went wrong after the encounter and resolve it * A stable internet connection that doesn’t drop out/lag/overly rely on a tunneling service * A computer than can handle the latest encounters without massive FPS lag * Ability to maintain close to 100% attendance * Be able to take and act upon criticism. * Passion about your character and the drive to make sure that it’s always capable of its maximum capabilities. * Having all consumables readily available for every raid. This means flasks, potions, food, glyphs, and anything else you may need. * You must be able to take constructive criticism. * The ability to know when to act serious, but also have fun at the same time. * Be able to take constructive criticism and jokes. Trials All new recruits are placed on trial which will last a minimum of two weeks, but often extends to four weeks depending on class, role and activity in the raid. During your trial you do not receive loot priority over main-spec loot contested by a full-rank member. Once you’re promoted you will begin to receive loot. Loot All non-vanity items are handed out through a Best in Slot Loot Council System. This enables us to ensure that those with the highest attendance and best performance have first preference on the items of their choosing. It also enables us to gear up the most beneficial players first so content becomes much easier. Those who are on time and prepared and show up for progression will receive first preference on items in the raid. Recruiting all classes however melee DPS is of low priority. Raid times will me Fri/Mon 6-10pm AEST Feel free to Add my real ID : Xclusive#1671 if you would like to Discuss recruitment further!Swgameover4 20h
22h <SuperStars> M Archi Mount Sale - Sunday 7:45 <Superstars> have an available spot for a Mythic Archimonde + Mount sale on Sunday 7:45 St. We are currently planning to sell it for ~2.5 million gold negotiable, as this will be the last week (2 days) before legion comes out and it is reduced to a 1% drop chance. Pst Neoglaive, Rakija or Souljudge in game for details.Neoglaive0 22h
22h Exp Death Knight DPS/Tank LF raiding guild! Hello everyone, Raiding since 2007, I'm a DPS/Tank (pref DPS) Death Knight looking for a dedicated guild to contribute to. Below is a compiled list of the latests raids I've completed according to expansion with a link to my latest logs in Warlords of Draenor. TBC: Black Temple WotLK: Icecrown Citadel 25H Cata: - MoP: Siege of Orgrimmar 25M WoD: BRF 10/12M, HFC 13/13H ---------- Having some trouble finding a guild because I work retail hours and most guilds raid right after dinner. Evening raids: Mon AND Thu: 2100hrs - anytime (SGT) / 2300hrs - anytime (AEST) Sat OR Sun: 2000hrs - anytime (SGT) / 2200hrs - anytime (AEST) Morning raids: Wed, Fri, Mon, Tue: anytime - 1500hrs (SGT) / anytime - 1700hrs (AEST) Thu: anytime - 1230hrs (SGT) / anytime - 1430hrs (AEST) Please add me up or leave your btag here to discuss! Andriel#1654Cryagosa0 22h
22h [A] <Adorable> 13/13M LFM Legion Adorable is recruiting talented players in preparation for Legion, after quickly clearing HFC following formation in January 2016. We're looking to build on our initial success to have fun and progress further and faster as a team in upcoming tiers. HFC schedule - Wed/Thu: 7pm - 11pm AEST. Legion schedule - Wed/Thu/Mon: 7pm - 11pm AEST. What we expect from our raiders - A desire for progression - Near-full attendance during progression, or at least let us know what's going on - The ability to take constructive feedback and improve from mistakes - Placing the team above yourself - Exceptional class knowledge and performance - A stable internet connection - Coming fully prepared to all raids (boss knowledge, food/flasks/pots, attitude), and participating outside of them (e.g. forum discussion) In turn, from the officers you can expect stable, organised, positive and collaborative leadership. Current recruitment We will consider all exceptional applicants regardless of class and spec, as we are looking to build on our squad for Legion, and our roster is based on performance. If you're interested in joining us, drop in an application at or contact one of our officers on the below btags and have a chat! Altar#1802 Critmang#6605 (me) Tribby#1244 Shaym#1755 Adopt#1593 CheersAzurelol58 22h
23h [H] <Immaterium> Recruiting for Legion Currently seeking any players Horde side for PvE (even those PvPers who want a change) and taking offers from players looking to move to Horde side from those Alliance scum. No set requirements, although Mythic Raid experience is a huge boon. We're currently on a Mythic Raid break until Legion, still running HFC Heroic for casual Horde players on a Saturday if you're looking to get into a team that is close-knit and very PvE / Achievement focussed. If you're currently amazing at making gold on Frostmourne, you might be interested as well; we have an in-house team of 5 players who currently are preparing for Legion launches to make a ton of gold - so if thats you're thing, come along too! Will be advertising in-game Horde side for those who miss this post. EDIT: Add me in game if I dont get to you on here, I promise I'll speak to you all as soon as possible :)Vaelstrasz5 23h
23h <Kings Guard> NZ Guild LF Legion! <Kings Guard> is recruiting for legion! We are a new guild based in NZ looking to recruit members to join our core Legion Raid Team on Frostmourne. We are a fun laid back group of friends who are all experienced with running Mythic raids and have got together to form a new guild. Our goal for Legion is to move quickly through the Heroic raids and into Mythic, with a strong and skilled team while enjoying the game and making decent progression through the raids. We raid on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 6pm - 9pm AEST. If this sounds like it works for you, add me @ Zyres#1646 and we can have a chat!Zyres6 23h
1d <Daybreak> Selling Mythic Archi/BH mount <Daybreak> is currently selling the Mythic Archimonde mount Felsteel Annihilator and the Mythic Blackhand mount Ironhoof Destroyer. This will be the last chance to get these rare mounts before they become 1% drops in Legion. We currently have bookings available for Sunday 28th August. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact myself or any other officers or leave a comment below. Jealous#1390 VKF#1783 Rapid#11991 FAQ What we require of you during the boss fight We are more than appreciative for you to join us during the easier encounters, but for some of the harder more strenuous fights we will require you to do certain things. I.E tag the boss and jump in the lava to die while we complete the fight. Payment We require 10% deposit up front prior to the scheduled raid, (I.E if you buy a full mythic clear for 1.4million gold, 140k will be deposited before the scheduled raid) this way you have 100% chance of a guaranteed spot. Before we begin with the carry we require the rest of payment before the carry commences. LOOT The buyers will receive all loot relevant to their Main Specialization, this will include all warforged and gem socketed gear. You will find that most other guilds do not do this, but here at <Daybreak> we strongly believe you get what you pay for.Jealous0 1d
1d Daytime Raiding, any interest? <Notorious> is thinking of pushing for a return to raiding, the first time since Karazhan. The only catch, it will be daytime raiding, as I work nights. At the moment just seeing if there is enough interest in the idea. Would be between the hours of 9am and 2.30pm . Any days of the week, could also add some other things on the weekends if there was enough interest. Feel free to add me on BNET if you have more questions. Cornellious#1289Daltón3 1d
1d <A> Novium 12/13M Recruiting For Legion <Novium> is a newly formed guild reprising of Long time experienced raiders on Frostmourne Alliance Run by an 11/13M raid leader, we are looking to form a competitive raiding team which can push into Legion when it drops in August. Raid Times Wednesday 8pm - 11pm Thursday 8pm - 11pm Monday 8pm - 11pm Invites are sent out at 7:45pm. With Legion on the horizon, during progression we may extend the raiding times to 11:30pm on raid nights if the raiders feel that we aren't making enough progression. We are currently recruiting Hunter All exceptional dps If we sound like your type of guild, then feel free to apply to our guild at Or add us on BattleTag for more of a chat! Novium#11385 Pernaboy#1121 Froot#11202Ódium34 1d
1d <A> BashBrothers! Recruiting for Legion. [A]BashBrothers 13/13H HFC. BashBrothers of Frostmourne is 3 night, Alliance, raiding guild which has a tighknit friendy vibe. We are recruiting ALL Specs and Classes to join the family for Legion (As poeple are obviously going to change their minds between now and Emerald Nightmare). We run LOOT COUNCIL loot system. It doesnt matter how long someone has been in the guild - if it benefits the guild for the new guy to get the trinket or whatever - he will get it. When we hit the point where we have more than enough for the mythic roster, an attendance based draft system will be run. There is no playing favourites in terms of drafting. If you are here every week, it is your right to raid. Because we have a light schedule we expect full effort and commitment from the whole team, in preparation for and during raids. We strive to achieve solid mythic progress while sticking to a 6 hour/week raiding schedule: Wednesdays / Thursdays/ Sundays - 19:30 - 22:00 ST (AEST) As such, our core values as a guild are : Teamwork, Attitude and Commitment. If you share our beliefs and can promise this commitment for the whole of Legion, we look forward to hearing from you. If you don't expect to play all of Legion, or If you are more comfortable in either a slack, or elitist atmosphere : BashBrothers is not the right guild for you and we wish you luck in your search. If you wish to raid 3 nights a week in a drama-free environment. If you desire to raid with like-minded people who know when to be serious and conquer that boss ; or when to banter and have a giggle. Then come join our growing family, for the new adventure that is "Legion". We look forward to hearing from you! ______________________________________________________________ We are currently recruiting the following: All ranged/healer classes Considered. Al mellee/Tank classes Considered. DISCLAIMER: AS ITS PREPATCH AND LEGION ABOUT TO DROP - THE ROSTER IS IS IN FLUX - SO ANY SPEC HAS A CHANCE AT A SPOT. All applicants should have experience of high end current content in their role Find our raiding days suitable for them Be pleasant and free from drama Be looking for home for the entire Legion Expansion :) ______________________________________________________________ Our raid times during progression are: Wednesdays 19:30 to 22:00 Server time. (AEST) Thursdays 19:30 to 22:00 Server time. (AEST) Sundays 19:30 to 22:00 Server time. (AEST) Optional Monday Raid 19:00 to 22:00 (Lower Difficulty, up to Heroic Difficulty) ______________________________________________________________ For more info feel free to poke me for a chat: Statickism#1759 or message an officer in game! Kind Regards, ~The BashBrothers Officer Team Necrolica Maziam Zenepops Paladidicus PrikerNecrølic5 1d
1d Frostmourne Discord It's like the hill but better 1d
1d <A> Deviants, recruiting for Legion! Okay, a brief introduction. We're freshly formed from a bunch of returning raiders, some with 13/13m HFC experience, some not so much. We're planning to raid semi-hardcore when Legion drops. Things we're looking for in a raider: - Commitment (able to turn up on raid nights, give notice if unable. etc) - Willingness to do research on bosses, class, specs - Positive, mature attitude would be nice too! Raid Schedule: Wednesdays and Thursdays, Sundays: 2300 - 0200 ST(Server time), 2100-0000 GMT +8 GMT. Classes we're looking for: Anything and everything We are a Singapore based guild, running on +8 GMT. Will be using Discord for comms If you're interested and feel like you meet those requirements, feel free to contact me Leon#14313 or Inkion#1571. Alternatively, just post here!Castanas1 1d
1d <Honestly> Mythic HFC Sales - Updated Prices Hello friends, With T18 well and truly over, we are once again opening up our sale spots for Mythic Hellfire Citadel. Next Available Sale Week: Sunday 7th of August ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price List HELLBREACH - 200K Hellfire Assault - 50K Iron Reaver - 75K Kormrok - 100K HALLS OF BLOOD - 250K Kilrogg - 75K Hellfire High Council - 75K Gorefiend - 100K BASTION OF SHADOWS - 325K Shadow-lord Iskar - 75K Socrethar the Eternal - 100K Tyrant Velhari - 200K DESTRUCTOR'S RISE - 400K Fel Lord Zakuun - 75K Xhul'horac - 175K Mannoroth - 200K THE BLACK GATE Archimonde - 1.5M (with mount) - Next available July 31st Archimonde - 600K (no mount) PACKAGES 13/13M - 2.2M (with mount) 13/13M - 1.2M (no mount) 12/13M - 800K 11/13M - 650K 9/13M - 500K ALL TIER BOSSES (Korm/Gore/Soc/Xhul/Manno) - 600K Prices are subject to change, and there can be some discounts granted for larger purchases and long term buyers. A non-refundable deposit of 10% is required to be payed a few days before raid. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQs Can i pay with (insert any realm that isn't Frostmourne) gold? No, sorry we only take gold on US - Frostmourne. What are the loot rules? The loot rules will be Raider > Buyer. You will receive any items that are not wanted by Raiders in the group. Our main raid's average iLevel is 741, so there are a large number of mythic items (ilvl720-735) currently being disenchanted. BOEs from trash or bosses will be looted to you if they are not an upgrade for a raider in the instance. This includes BOEs outside of your main stat & armor class. If you are interested in a specific piece of loot, please let me know and I can look into its availability. What time do you guys usually run HFC? Honestly's HFC farm nights are on Sunday nights at 7:30PM server time. We usually expect to finish before 10:30PM. How do I contact you in setting up a run? Whisper or mail me in-game. My b-tag is Horseriderx#1841 ( is). Alternatively, please reach out to Dorfie, Tekniqzs, Warler or Meod. As we have a large amount of casual members in guild, it is recommended that you should only deal with the aforementioned people when organizing a sales run. I have more questions! Leave your question here in this thread, and I'll try to answer them as soon as possible. Alternatively add my btag Horseriderx#1841. Thanks for reading friends.Pumps144 1d
1d [A]<Australían Made> Recruiting for Legion Australían Made on Frostmourne Alliance are recruiting for Legion Heroic/Mythic progression. We are 9/13M 13/13H HFC. Things we're looking for in a raider: - Reliability (shows up most raid nights and gives notice when unable to) - Ability to research and understand fights before raid time - A good knowledge of your class/spec - Positive attitude Currently looking for: Range DPS: Mage, Warlock, Balance, Shadow, Hunter Other classes/specs will also be considered. Raid Times: Wednesday and Thursday: 7:00PM-10:30PM AWST, 9:00PM-12:30AM AEST (Server time), 4:00AM-7:30AM PST. We are a WA GMT+8 based guild. For anyone applying from the Eastern states be aware that raid times will change to 10:00PM AEDT once daylight saving begins. If you are interested please contact fRieDcHiCkEn#1659.Mòó10 1d
1d LF Hardcore/semi hardcore raiding guild Returning player looking for a hardcore or semi hardcore guild that raids Monday-Friday minimum 9 o'clock server time and anytime on the weekend. I'm an experienced raider that will show up with everything required. I'll either be playing a Mage or Hunter. Hit me up @ Jayden#1754Ihatecasting0 1d
1d Returning player,need hardcore raiding guild. Going into legion I just dinged 100 on this toon due to invasions and I wanna go for hardcore progression, I'm dedicated will always be on time with flasks enchants etc always, learn quickly and easy to talk to. Tons of raiding experience at high level, recently been playing private servers hmu. btag: earl#12832Hibyelol2 1d
1d (A) 5 Returning Singaporeans HiStaticnergy3 1d
1d [A] <relax> sat sun 12:30pm - 4:30pm raids LF2M raiders. DPS and Healers will be expected to parse consistently above 90 percentile rankings. Raid times will be primarily for progression, ie. Mythic > Heroic. Heroic can be farmed at any other time during the week Send ingame mail to Nyleah or add isei#1816.Pupah10 1d
1d [H] Pure White Recruiting for Legion Pure White is now recruiting for World of Warcraft - Legion! We are seeking highly skilled Oceanic gamers for both PvE & PvP on Frostmourne - Horde. We will be focusing on Mythic Raids for PvE and are accepting both old school players who are returning as well as players who are up to date. We do not care about your current gear state or level and will be accepting based on all around experience, personality and availability. We will have 3 raid nights a week starting at Legions Launch: - Mondays: 7:30pm - 10:30pm Australian EST (Mandatory) - Wednesdays: 7:30pm - 10:30pm Australian EST (Mandatory) - Thursdays: 7:30pm - 10:30pm Australian EST (Optional/Alt raids) About Pure White is a multi-gaming guild consisting of dedicated and skilled individuals from the Oceanic region across several titles including but not limited to Overwatch, Dota 2 & World of Warcraft. The leadership of Pure White has lead many groups in various games with great success finally forming under the name 'Pure White' (pW) by 'Pure' in August 2012 at the launch of Guild Wars 2. Mission The mission of Pure White is to have a large, amicable and naturally skilled group of individuals who play games together for the rest of their lives. Instead of finding a new group of people to play with every time a game comes out, Pure White members will have that community of like-minded folk who will be able to branch out together comfortably establishing themselves in all new titles. The idea is that you could be in your 50's, have a busy life and family yet quickly jump into a game and be able to enjoy it without going through the grind of finding like-minded people to play with. Requirements - Age 18+ - Must be active on guild Discord + Forums - Working Headset and Microphone - Skilled gamer + Fast Learner - Discord App installed - Good sportsmanship - Can play at Oceanic times - Mentally Mature (no “ez u suk lulz”) To join, Fill out an application form in detail at: 1d
1d [H]<Moist> - Barthilas 13/13M LFM Legion! Moist's goal is to defeat Mythic content while maintaining an enjoyable, approachable raiding environment, we also have a high standard set to ensure full attendance and progression. <Moist> is aiming for higher progression in Legion and is looking to bolster the roster leading up to the next expansion. The guild is currently recruiting skilled players to crack into the top 10 for raiding guilds on Barthilas. Information: Current Progression: 13/13M HFC (Archimonde kill - May 4, 2016) WoW Progress: Mythic Archimonde Kill Video: Current server rank: 17 Realm: Barthilas Faction: Horde Timezone: GMT +10 (Melbourne, Australia) / Server Time Loot System: Loot Council + Suicide Kings Voice Platform: Mumble Raiding Schedule: Wednesday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Monday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Optional voted night - Sunday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Raiding Requirements: - Play using a stable computer and Internet connection. - Be online and ready 15 minutes prior to the raid. - Communicate efficiently over Mumble when necessary. - Research and participate in discussion for raid strategies; utilise class resources. - Able to accept responsibility for your actions/mistakes & take constructive criticism. - Have fun and be able to fit in with the raid group. Recruitment: - Tank: (Exceptional players considered) - Healer: Holy Paladin, Disc / Holy Priest, Mistweaver Monk - DPS: Hunter, Havoc Demon Hunter, Death Knight, Mage Contact: Add Sollaar#6990 to your for more information! Thank you for your time <MOIST> - BarthilasSollaar10 1d
2d Looking for Singapore Casual Players Server - Frostmourne PVP Guild - MYTH SG Time Zone - +8 GMT Faction - Best Faction of Course, HORDE What time we play - Weekdays after work, weekends and whenever our wives are not in town. Current progress - Black Belt in Fun. White Belt in Raids. Hello, we're a bunch of somewhat alright looking but funny guys from Singapore looking for more Singapore (or foreign talent) players to join our guild. We're a laid back bunch who do occasional quests, BGs and some heroics. Some of us are old timers and some are noobs. None of us are geared past 700 and frankly our guild progression is at 0. But none of that matters because we're all black belts in just having fun and making fun of one another. Here are some scenarios where MYTH SG is the perfect guild for you ! Scenario 1. PVP Being ganked by Alliance a$$holes. Not to worry! We'll come down in our !@#$ gear and be ganked with you. nothing says it more than having your friends with you when you're being ganked. We have two amazing healers (myself included) who are particularly capable in healing each another while everyone around us dies, then we die of course. Scenario 2. Questing & Levelling & Stuff & Other wow stuff Can't get past a particularly strong elite or world boss ? We'll google the %^-* out of finding a solution, do the opposite and succumb to multiples wipes with you. Again, no death is complete when you're with a fellow guildy who don't care about wipes. Scenario 3. Female Problems Feeling lonely or even having female concerns ? Not to worry, the married ones will recommend how to hook a female and trick her into marrying you. While the pimply virgins with no women will make you feel better about yourself and life in general. Scenario 4. Personal Advice on how to be a Man Who says being in a WOW guild limits you to wow stuff. I'm in the skincare industry and I can suggest great advice on how to cure your acne problems. We have a contractor also who can advice you on renovation stuff if you're old enough. If you're young, we also have young ones who can discuss young stuff people stuff with you. I'm really not sure about all that young stuff because I'm old. But I digress. Need I say more ? MYTH SG is the guild for casual to hardcore players who aren't too concerned about reaching the pinnacle of WOW and just want to make fun of our government, not feel lonely and use singlish in WOW. Other Guild Achievements - We know the difference between using your and you're - We've mastered the art of balancing marriage/army/gf and playing wow - Know how to use google to solve problems faced in wow - Don't comment or yell at others in BG or Trade, unless our guildies are being bullied, then we comment and yell till we get kicked. So if you want to join the most handsomest and the most awesome guild in WOW, you have to look elsewhere. But if you are an opposition party supporter, not very good looking, slightly noobish but willing to do what it takes to make MYTH SG get into the top 100,000 guild WE WANT YOU ! BONUS - Join our guild today to stand a chance to win a plate of Chicken Rice on us. Limited to the first person who joins only. Please send a message or email to the following names on the server for a GUILD INVITE ! Littletrolly - Frostmourne Missynoob - Frostmourne Scicario or Constantinè - FrostmourneConstantinè2 2d
2d (A) Practically Top Ten! - 9pm Server W/TH/M Practically Top Ten is a new face on the Frostmourne raiding scene looking to add to it's roster of Heroic experienced raiders with eyes of setting ourselves up for legion. We're a gathering of elitist jerks who think they're better than you looking to put together a group of tag alongs (that's you!) to slow us down, because let's face it; we're essentially Method tier at this point... Farming 13/13H - Currently recruiting For Legion, and enjoying pushing mythic bosses over, after their recent nerf - RDPS(Hunter/lock/Boomie) Other applicants appreciated and considered. Our raid times are as follows: 9pm Brisbane time (UTC+10:00) which equates to 9pm Server time. Currently raid days are set as Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. We operate on a Discord VoIP server, and will be using a Loot council to handle loot distribution. We require all members to at least be able to join and listen in to the Discord server as a minimum. iLVLs are negotiable, but obviously no spots can be guaranteed to sub-par geared toons. If interested please contact Ghoul#12350/Ellaira#1270 for more information.Ghoulfang76 2d
2d <Ruthless> 13/13M #weback Hey people A few months ago I returned to wow after taking a break and decided to reboot ruthless and have since got a team together and pushed 13/13M. Ruthless was one of the top 20 OCE guilds through ToT, SoO and HM. Despite the team undergoing some significant changes since then we plan on going into legion seriously and hope to end up in a similar position for legion. At this stage we are just LF boomy/spriest/lock/hunter that are able to show they can perform at a high level either in current content or via demonstration of previous raiding experience accompanied by suitable logs. Raid times are Wed/Thur/Sun/Mon 7.30-11.30 during progression and dropping the Monday raid after the initial 2-3 week push at the start of raid release. Part of this initial push will involve a split run to help funnel loot through to mains etc. i.e. 1 main and 1 alt ready by raid release. As such you must be comfortable/competent playing both classes to a suitable standard during this 2-3 week period. To apply contact myself (aussiegears#1190) i.e. Humpalicious/MrTasty/Lilpat or speak to sloppyhunter or chaffsascrub Hope to chat with people soon and cya's in legion if not :PHumpalicous23 2d
3d (H) NZ LF Casual Raiding Guild Hi all, I don't really know if this is going to work, I've recently re subbed for legion and I am looking to get into some casual raiding and fun yarns. I levelled a char during MoP but before then only really experienced raiding in Vanilla/BC. Currently keen to get into DH tanking but I am open to playing just about anything. While I may lack a bit of current experience with the game I am not new to wow and I know not to stand in the fire... Enough from me. Cheers for reading. Tobi.Cynisse0 3d
3d [A] Gone Casual Recruiting Gone Casual: Gone Casual has been formed in response to the desperate need of a home for retired hardcore raiders who still wish to see raiding content. Gone Casual’s main objective as a team is to finish each expansion with the same rewards as if we had participated in hardcore raiding. Why join Gone Casual? Reduced raiding hours. Friendly and inviting raid atmosphere. Proven Leadership history (World 89th, Oceanic 4th). Experienced Raiders from high ranking guilds in Warlords of Draenor.Loot: Loot is distributed to the person who will benefit the raid the most. The only time loot distribution is left to chance is when raiders both benefit the same amount. Raid info: Thursday 7:00PM -12:00 AM Sunday 6:00 -10:00 PM These times are all server time (GMT+10) Discord voice application will be used for all raids. Current Recruitment All experienced applicants welcome. Raiding will start in legion. Applicant Requirements: Be punctual to all scheduled raids and if unable to make a raid provide warning to officers within a suitable time frame. Have the initiative to research fight strategies beforehand. Stay up to date with their class and its optimal play style for each encounter.Interested in joining? If you are interested in joining you can apply via our website (below) or contact either myself (Babh#6497) or Boz (Boz#11500) with any questions. Website: www.GoneCasual.comValaína26 3d
3d {A} Pop Culture 9/13M looking for mythbusters <Pop Culture> is a pretty small, relaxed group who basically just play to raid and have fun. We are currently 11/13M (9/13 pre-nerf) and looking to improve our comp to storm the Legion. To help us with that we're after new folks to lend their sword, axe, bow, etc. Particularly... Ranged DPS - Ele Shaman, Warlocks, Balance Druids, Mages, etc Melee DPS - Less desirable but if you're good, try out! A Healer - Paladin or Monk preferred Any other specs will definitely be taken into consideration and we're ideally looking for ilvl 720+ but are mostly interested in how well you can play, and whether you have experience. Raid times are Wednesday & Sunday 8pm – 11pm ST. If the pretzels are making you thirsty, and you want to declare this myth busted, then give us a yell here or shoot a message to Wildtime (Bowie#1176), Merciligh (Merc#11115) or Skyefelon (Core#1704). Also, if you're not looking to raid but just want a sweet guild to hang out in for Legion, maybe to do some Mythic dungeons or achievement runs, feel free to come on over.Wildtime69 3d
3d 13/13M 742 LFG ASAP Hey guys im looking for a moderate-hardcore raiding guild for legion, Im 13/13M, I have rank 10 Mythic Archimonde Dps for Fury Warriors on Frostmourne. (Links at bottom) I dont have many other logs as i never logged when i progressed through mythic with my awesome old guild "Drafted"! Im happy to raid anytime of the day/evening as i play about 5-12 hours a day currently, I Started raiding seriously in Late Mists as i was mainly a casual player since mid wrath beforehand. Im 22 years old, I can be serious when im needed to be but i can always have a good laugh and dont take negative people too seriously, I like being vocal on the mic if im needed and one day would like to be an officer of a decent raiding guild. If you think i would be a good addition to your team please feel free to contact me at Shenfu#11201 an/or In game mail/whisper to Aeryyn or Nightrisen I hope to hear from someone soon as im in a rush to find a reliable raid team who are dedicated to smashing raid content! The other logs are progression logs, Im not sure why someone posted them.Aeryyn0 3d
4d Ordeal - HFC Sale Thread (Prices Updated) <Ordeal> has just finished clearing 13/13M T18 and are now selling Mythic and Heroic HFC runs as well as Mythic Blackhand (BRF). We are happy to be offering our services to Frostmourne once again. Packaged Deals: Mythic HFC: 5/13: 300,000g 6/13: 440,000g 9/13: 650,000g 10/13: 725,000g 12/13: 1,000,000g 13/13: 1,400,000g 13/13 including the Felsteel Annihilator Mount: 2,200,000g Individual Prices: Mythic HFC: Hellbreach – 200,000g as package Hellfire Assault – 60,000g Iron Reaver – 75,000g Kormrok – 95,000g Halls of Blood – 240,000g as package Kilrogg – 75,000g Hellfire High Council – 75,000g Gorefiend – 100,000g Bastion of Shadows – 300,000g as package Shadow-Lord Iskar – 95,000g Socrethar the eternal – 95,000g Tyrant Velhari - 145,000g Destructor’s Rise – 400,000g as package FelLord Zakuun – 95,000g Xhul'Horac – 175,000g Mannoroth - 200,000g The Black Gate Archimonde including the Felsteel Annihilator Mount – 1,500,000g Archimonde excluding the Felsteel Annihilator Mount – 600,000g Heroic HFC: Packaged Deals: 13/13 Heroic with ALL Loot you can use (including WF/Sockets) - 250k Individual Prices: Heroic Archimonde (no loot) - 40k Currently no other Heroic bosses are being offered, although if interested in a no loot spot and you want to coin a boss a price can be arranged. Mythic Blackhand - Mythic Blackhand Achievement, Title and loot - 100k Mythic Blackhand Achievement, Title, Loot and Mythic Blackhand Mount - 250k Time: Heroc HFC - Monday 8:30pm Mythic HFC - Either Wednesday or Thursday 8:15pm (contact me in game) Mythic Blackhand - Contact us in game Heroic Runs will be Master Looted with buyers receiving everything that they can use. In mythic runs Raiders will have priority over buyers, however our raiders generally don't need anything off the first 10 bosses other than socket/WF. Buyers will not compete with each other on loot. Runs will begin Wednesday at 8:15pm ST. A 20% deposit on all purchases must be paid before raid night and 48 hours notice being given if you are unable to attend to receive your deposit back. The following 80% will be paid before the boss pull. In our Heroic Archimonde and Mannoroth kills we always have 25+ people in the raid group (we guarantee a minimum of 25 people) which means more loot for you since many sellers run with 10-20. If you are interested in buying a run or have any questions; contact either Aidan#1312 or Josheleet#1965Ablutos177 4d
4d Thinking of moving in. Hey Frostmourners! I've been in Aman'Thul since Oceanic realms went live, but now that Legion is on the approach I've started wondering what life on a PvP realm would be like. I do miss the good ol days of outdoor PVP, many a nostalgic moment. So I noticed Frostmourne is the most populated realm, and so I have a few questions I'd like to ask you guys before making a decision. 1. What's the community like here? I appreciate toxicity is hard to escape no matter where you go, but as an Alliance player, what can I expect? 2. Queue times, I'm not too familiar with how the current system works, but how are the queues, more specifically Battleground queues on Frostmourne? 3. How active is the server in terms of open world PvP? It's been a looooooong time since I've played on a PvP server, do the occasional Tarren Mill/Southshore skirmishes still occur etc? 4. (This is a slightly off topic question). Having no characters on Frostmourne, would it be possible for me to spend my free lvl100 token from pre-purchasing to create a freshy on the realm, and therefore be able to create a Demon Hunter right off the bat? I only ask this because I heard somewhere that DH's require a toon that's at least lvl70, but also heard that toon can't be "boosted", so how would this work? Any feedback you guys can provide would be great, might see you on here soon. Cheers! -TrondleTrondle12 4d
4d [A] <Set to Mystic> HFC Sale Thread! After several weeks of consistent 13/13M reclears, <Set to Mystic> is now offering Mythic and heroic HFC sells! ____________________________________________________________________ Mythics Hellbreach - 200k as a package Hellfire Assault - 55k Iron Reaver - 75k Kormrok - 95k Halls of Blood - 240k as a package Hellfire High Council - 75k Kilrogg - 75k Gorefiend - 100k Bastion of Shadows - 300k as a package Shadow-lord Iskar - 80k Socrethar the Eternal - 100k Tyrant Velhari - 150k Destructor's Rise - 400k as a package Fel Lord Zakuun - 80k Xhul'horac - 175k Mannoroth - 200k The Black Gate Archimonde with mount - 1.5M Archimonde without mount - 600k 13/13M Package with mount- 2.2M 13/13M Package without mount - 1.4M 12/13M Package - 950k 6/13M Package - 420k All tier boss Package (Kormrok/Gorefiend/Soc/Xhul/Manno) - 600k The mythic runs will take place on Wednesday or Thursday between 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm server time. Buyers are required to pay a 10% deposit when they book for a spot. The remaining 90% will be paid before entering the raid with us. The loot rules will be buyer > raider. Any loot usable by the buyer, be it main-spec or off-spec, will be master-looted to them. We guarantee that there won't be any conflicts in armor/token types between the buyers. ____________________________________________________________________ Heroics Full 13/13 clear with all loot masterlooted to the buyers - 250k Full 13/13 clear with Personal loot - 130k Heroic Archimonde only (personal loot, separate run) - 30k We guarantee that there will be no conflict on loot between the buyers as we will ensure that all the buyers are on different tokens. We also promise that there will be well over 20+ raiders to maximize loot for the buyers. The heroic runs will take place on Sunday from 7:30 pm server time. Buyers buying a full clear will be required to pay a 10% deposit when they book for a spot. The remaining 90% will be paid before entering the raid with us. Buyers of the separate Archimonde only run will pay the full 40k before we pull the boss. ____________________________________________________________________ Mythic Blackhand Mythic Blackhand kill with mount - 250k Mythic Blackhand kill without mount - 75k Blackhand buyers will pay the respective fees before we enter the raid. ____________________________________________________________________ If you are interested in any of these offers or have any questions, please contact Eunko#1829. Alternatively, please contact Jmp (Jmp#1672) or Reidaraa (Allukaa#1693). Thanks for reading! ____________________________________________________________________Eunko42 4d
4d Need day-raiding guild I work at night and so I need a guild that raids in the day. Does such a guild exist or shall we make a day raiding guild on our own?Devodil0 4d
4d [A] <Vitare> WTS Mythic Archi+Blackhand mount Come get your Felsteel Annihilator before Legion hits. Also selling Ironhoof Destroyer. Mythic Archimonde and mount = 1.4M gold (Frostmourne gold only) Mythic Blackhand and mount = 250k gold (Frostmourne gold only) Both Mythic Archimonde and mount + Mythic Blackhand and mount = 1.6M gold (Frostmourne gold only) The next available sale will be for Thursday 25th Aug. Raid will be between 8-11pm Server Time. Contact Addyluv (Addy#6392), Edan, Botthor or Razzii ingame for enquiries.Addyluv5 4d
4d [A]Valiancê 8/13M W/Th/Sn 9:30pm - LFM Valiancê is a +8 GMT Casual Raiding guild formed in early March 2015, with most of our members have been playing together since the beginning of MoP. We have a strong core team that functions well together and are keen to fill the guild ranks with competent players to step up to Mythic progression. Our vibe is infectious, we joke a lot and laugh at each other all the time whilst maintaining steady raid progression. -=Our Current Progression=- * Hellfire Citadel (Mythic) - 9/13 *ê -=Our Raiding Schedule (Server Time)=- * Wednesday - 9:30PM - 12:00AM * Thursday - 9:30PM - 12:00AM * Sunday - 9:30PM - 12:00AM -=Our Expectations=- * Be online 10-15 mins before raids for invites * Reliable raiders that can realistically attend all nights (We understand real life matters can take priority at times) * Come to raids prepared - having the necessary consumables (Flasks/pots and stat food) and enchants/gems for upgrade item drops. * Have sound knowledge of your class and fight mechanics especially for progression bosses * Quick learner with a positive, persistent and mature attitude with ability to take onboard any criticism (Drama queens need not apply!) * Always on chat (TeamSpeak) with a mic to communicate -=What we can offer you=- * A mature and relaxed raiding environment with focus on progression * Healthy competition between fellow raiders * Guild repairs -=We're Looking to Recruit=- * Recruiting for Legion. All exceptional players will be considered for any role! If you feel you would be a good fit for us please apply! Whisper in game - Qezzr/Fatesnabber/Neishala or contact us via Battlenet on Qezza#1641, Neishala#6283 or Ethan#6617.Qezzr28 4d
4d <Scared of the Dark> 13/13M LFM for legion! <Scared of the Dark> is a progression guild which came about with the merger of two long standing progression guilds on frostmourne <Immortal Dream> and <OVER NINE THOUSAND>. How quickly we have burned through content since merging is testament to the level of skill and desire within the guild. Current Progression: 7/7M 10/10M 13/13M WoW Progress: Raiding Schedule: 8:15-11:30pm ST, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday. Guild Website: The type of raiders that we’re looking for are: - Fast learners - People who know both their classes and game mechanics really well - People that can take criticism - People who constantly want to improve - People with a good sense of humour that can take a joke. As of now we’re looking mostly for ranged dps (a Shadow Priest being a priority) and we possibly have a spot for an exceptional healer (a mistweaver being preferred). As always if you aren’t one of the classes listed above but believe you have what it takes to get into the core don’t hesitate to contact either myself on Tinylol#1658 Haptix or Jovan.Tinytoo118 4d
4d ◄For Crits N Giggles► 13/13H 2/13M LFM <For Crits N Giggles> Alliance | Frostmourne | - Current Recruitment - ... - Raid Times - ... -About Us- ... -What We Are Looking For- ... -What We Expect of Raiders- ... -What We Don’t Need- ... -Contact Us- ...Denots28 4d
5d [A][FM] Old Town Bazaar-Join our Community Hello Frostmourne/ Oceanic / Anywhere Wow Gamers, Our mission is to be a large guild with multiple events running. This guild is for like minded players who wish to experience WoW within a strong community feel. We have a code of conduct that is female lgtbi friendly and we want all to experience the game while we have no patience for 'those' players. Integrated Teamspeak Server and Website. Recruitment is open to anyone or everyone. The events below are our current schedule. PVP Mon : Organised BG Sat Night : Organised BG Organised Social Tue : World PVP - Gank Night Wed : Organised 5 man Content Thur : Organised 5 man Content Friday : Old achieves/Raids Sun Night : Old achieves/raids PVE Sat : 2:00pm - 4.30pm Progression Raiding Sun 2:00pm - 4:30pm Progression Raiding The raid team will focus on clearing heroic and experiencing mythic. The focus will be on fun, learning and camaraderie. Cutting edge progression is not the goal rather building a strong team. We will however be using logs and improving performances of people who need it. Essentially bring the fun back Also have need for the following Raid Leader (filled) RBG Shot Caller (open) RBG Group Leader (open) Social Events Co-ordinator (filled) Come help us become something great.Stratti0 5d
5d Guilds that cater for newer players! TLDR: New dedicated player in search of a friendly, social raiding guild. What's up! I've recently got into Wow after seeing some of the features of the new expansion. I tried it before but never really got hooked due to the fact that none of my IRL friends play, and also not having a guild. I've been invited to many guilds but they always spam trade chat and never seem too promising. I'm looking to get into raiding in legion but I really just need to get thrown into a decent guild head first. I'm available any time and always looking to learn and make new friends. If someone could point me in the right direction in regards to getting into raiding / joining guilds it would be much appreciated.Pesimyst0 5d
5d ◄For Crits N Giggles► 9/13M LFM Legion! <For Crits N Giggles> Alliance | Frostmourne | **************************************************************** We are now recruiting social & proactive members to expand our active player base for Legion levelling and beyond. Raid spots are available for Legion pst for more info, We ceased raiding HFC at 9/13 M **************************************************************** -About Us- ... - Current Recruitment - ... - Raid Times - ... -What We Are Looking For- ... -What We Expect of Raiders- ... -What We Don’t Need- ... -Contact Us- ... Thanks You!Denots3 5d
5d [A] <Monkey Business> Weekend Raiding Guild <Monkey Business> is a new guild aiming to be at the forefront of Frostmourne raiding. Led by a group of friends with extensive mythic experience dating back to WOTLK. With our weekend raiding schedule it caters to working adults and those that wish to have serious progression, while leaving your nights free. We will be using a Loot Council. Council members will be rotated to eliminate favoring certain raiders. Currently we are 13/13 H HFC and we have cleared 5/13 M HFC with a few pugs. We are still actively recruiting for our team while keeping a weekly raid running for the current guild raiders until we have gathered enough members for our own Mythic Raid. Everyone is welcome to join and be part of the guild and the atmosphere, even if you're not ready to raid now or just returned to the game you can prepare yourself for a future raid spot or just be a casual player. Currently Recruiting : 1 Healers (DPS OS preferred) Disc/Holy priest Tank : Blood Death Knight / Protection Paladin 2-3 Range DPS : Warlock Moonkin Mage Shadow Priest Raid Days: Saturday and Sunday Raid Times: 1pm-~5pm (AEST) Requirements : - To be punctual and ready for raids with the necessary consumables. - Most importantly individuals have to be able to accept constructive criticism - You are welcome to debate and offer suggestions on raid encounters (Encouraged) Feel free apply at our website : To apply, leave a reply here / find one of us in-game: Naidarx, Fami, Stormflury, mcjággèrz, wÔof Or Btags: Deadpool#2869, Storm#13982Wôof16 5d
6d {A} <WTB Friends> Recruiting! <WTB Friends>(A) Is a newly formed guild with experienced leaders recruiting for a solid raiding team for legion. By the start of the expansion we strive to create a close community of players with clearing heroic raids during current content. Our end goal of guild is to clear mythic content but are starting with a realistic goal of heroic clears while dabbling into mythic. We are looking for sociable members which aren’t easily offended by banter, we prefer dedication and commitment to learn rather then experience and personal ability. We want players who are looking for a long time home and NOT looking for players interested in personal gain, we are focused on guild and team progression rather then personal progression. While we strive to be the best players we can, and to improve our raiders but understand mistakes happen and want our raiders to share a similar mentality. Players expecting flawless kills, quick progressions and no mistakes aren’t welcome. Raid Times Monday ST 7:00pm-11:00pm Wednesday ST 7:00pm-11:00pm Thursday ST 7:00pm-11:00pm Contact Information In-game Name (Battle-tag) Limesy (Iime #1267) Blairee (Blairee #1505) Corey (boommers #1117)Corey2 6d
6d Priest & Shaman LF Mythic Guild Disc/Holy Priest & Enhance/Resto Shaman LF a stable mythic guild. Looking for a +8GMT Guild or a +10GMT Guild that doesn't raid so early. (School&Work Commitments) We're a party of 2 with multiple end boss and realm first kills between us(since BC). We've been on a hiatus and are looking to return for legion. As such we don't have any recent logs and such. We're happy to app or talk to any guilds that are interested. Thanks for taking your time to read this :D You can contact either of us at: fabboface#1442 gweeeee#1589Issardre1 6d
Aug 20 Looking for PvP Guild for Legion! Have a outlaw rogue and boomy (Don't mind trying resto) druid on Frostmourne - keen to improve. Prefer RBG, but i'm trying to improve Arena game.Redshade0 Aug 20