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59m [A] 874 ilvl Prot Pally LF Mythic Guild So I'm a semi-casual raider, LF a Mythic Progression guild. My preferred time is evening on weekdays and Sunday. I do not have any Mythic experience but I have done multiple 7/7H EN clears, like to research fights and actively think about my role. Leave any questions here and if interested, your battletag for any further discussion. Thanks!Bahul1 59m
1h <Immerse> Weekend Raiding! 3/7M <Immerse> is weekend raiding guild comprised of veteran oceanic raiders looking to progress through legion content in a different light. Our goal is to progress as a successful raiding guild, just in half the time! We are looking for exceptional players who believe in quality over quantity to join our team of seasoned raiders. Ideally you will have extensive raiding experience combined with a great attitude to really help us achieve our goal of proving you don't have to raid 4 days a week to see good progression. Heroic 7/7 Mythic: 3/7 Currently we are seeking these classes; However we always recruit all exceptional players regardless of class. ALL CLASSES/SPECS Raids times are as below; All times are in server time. Saturday 7pm - late Sunday 7pm - 11pm If you feel that you can contribute to the team please get in contact with the below team members via battletag; Zlx#6764 Cambrie#1488 Swampdonkk#1766Loafkat272 1h
1h [A] <One> Mythic 6/7 EN- Recruiting <One> has a long history stretching back to Vanilla, but reached its peak throughout Cataclysm finishing top 3 Oceanic 25m. After the first tier of Mists of Pandaria the guild took a break from the competitive raiding scene but are back and looking to get into it again. Raid times currently: (Australian Eastern Standard Time aka Server Time) Wednesday 7pm - 11pm Thursday 7pm - 11pm Sunday 7pm - 11pm Monday 7pm - 11pm (During progression) Currently we have high priority for ALL strong DPS. As far as heals go we would like to recruit any exceptional healers but are not a high priority. If you would like anymore information or to speak to one of the Officers please contact Baltxo, Beargoniaks, Equibus or Motelf. To apply go straight to our new website: 1h
2h [A] Just Bring it, Recruiting Just Bring it Frostmourne Oceanic Server We are a Semi Casual Australian Based guild which has been together and raiding since The Burning Crusade. We have a vast amount of knowledge and experience within our ranks, with some playing from as early as Vanilla. We mostly know each other on a personal level, and if not personally then playing online games with each other for a long time. #Raiding Details# Wednesday 1930 to 2230 Sunday 1930 to 2230 Our timings work on server Sydney time which currently is GMT +10 #What we are looking for# Tanks: Closed Healers: Open Melee: Open Ranged: Open (We are trying not to saturate classes but will look at all players on a case to case basis) #What we expect from you# Reliability (Obviously we understand RL events do happen) Be on time for raids. (10-15 min prior) Make sure to bring your own Consumables Show some understanding of the fights You need to understand your class Learn from you mistakes and deaths Being Vocal when required, but listening to instructions when directed. And most importantly be willing to have some fun with us. #What we offer to you# Knowledge of Raid Strategies and Class Mechanics, Guild Repairs when raiding, Consumables if we have spares or good donations. Planned Raids every week, Fun, jokes and personal experiences both real world and through gaming. #Loot# Master Loot (MS > OS > ALT) New members that join after raiding has commenced, will be subject to our 1 week no loot rule. This rule is purely to keep Guild Cohesion and prevent Guild issues and imbalances of loot allocation. #Who to contact# Reinhardts (Guild recruiter) Ultimatum#1743 Heerohua Shammytech If you cant get a hold of me feel free to send me an in game mail, or contact any of our officers for more information on our Guild. Regards ReinReinhardts4 2h
3h [A] Warrior and Shaman LF guild [A] Prot warrior/Vengence DH and Enhance shaman looking for a guildPerinaise11 3h
6h [A] <Paramount> LFM for Emerald Nightmare Paramount (US-Oceanic, Frostmourne) is currently reforming after taking a break in WoD. We're currently looking for reliable candidates to push for Heroic content and eventually Mythic content. If you have raid-awareness, a sense of humour, and the willingness to learn, then you may be the person we're looking for. We encourage all interested applicants to apply regardless of what we currently need Our progression is currently 7/7N, 7/7H Raid Times Wednesday and Sunday 8pm-11pm AEST (Frostmourne Server Time) Current needs are: Tanks Protection Paladin (High) Healers Resto druid (Medium) Holy Paladin (High) Mistweaver Monk (low) Ranged DPS Shadow Priest (Medium) Mage (High) Warlock (low) Marksman Hunter (low) Melee DPS Rogue (High) Enhancement Shaman (Medium) Windwalker Monk (Medium) Arms/Fury Warrior (Medium) Retribution Paladin (Medium) Please apply via (Google Form). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via Gespenst#6673 (Bnet) or radians#8731 (Discord)Supremum17 6h
6h [A] <Devious> recruiting for core raid team <Devious> is a fairly new NZ/AUS guild and are currently a bit behind more than we would like to be in terms of raiding; (7/7N 2/7H) and are looking for any exceptional, and reliable DPS and heals that are willing to join our 20m core raid team and push through Heroic EN and into Mythic. This is a chance for you to join a new guild, meet new people, and secure a core raiding spot as we are having to recruit for our core team due to unreliability. ***Heals and Ranged DPS are of high priority, we are also looking for a Mainspec DPS/Offspec Tank. Anyone is welcome to apply and will be considered.*** Raid Times: Friday: 8:00-11:00pm AEST (Server Time) Saturday: 8:00-11:00pm AEST (Server Time) [These times are due to Daylight Savings time, normally it is 7-10pm] Voice Communication: Discord We are looking for, but not limited to: DPS: Warlock Shadow Priest Fire Mage Fury/Arms Warrior Windwalker Monk Feral Druid Boomkin Ret Paladin DK Heals: Holy Priest Holy Paladin Resto Shaman MW Monk How to apply: Please fill out this form to apply: Or, feel free to add my battle tag - Auditorex#1885Mpthreez10 6h
7h [A] <Beats> GMT+8 Raiding Guild. Beats are a brand new guild building a raid team for Legion. Our goal is to complete all Mythic raids while still remaining on our work friendly 3 day raid week. The current officer core are all friends in real-life who have come together to create a fun yet rewarding raiding experience. Due to the nature of our guild chat & relaxed rules on banter while raiding you must currently be over 18 to join. Mythic raiding experience is preferred, however players will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Information: Realm/Faction: Frostmourne Alliance Timezone: GMT+8 Loot System: EPGP Voice Communication: Teamspeak Progression: 6/7H Raid Times: Wednesday: 7:30pm - 11:00pm GMT+8 Thursday: 7:30pm - 11:00pm GMT+8 Sunday: 7:30pm - 11:00pm GMT+8 Monday (Optional): 7:30pm-11:00pm GMT+8 Recruitment: Open to all roles/classes. High priority for a Shadow Priest & Hunter. Contact: Ixz (GM) - Vallis#1237 Acepa (Recruitment Officer) - Speca#1522 Moxie (Melee DPS Officer) - Moxie#2666Ixzelement17 7h
7h [A] <Pantheon> 4/7H LF Dedicated Raiders <Pantheon> is a guild of old mates from back in WotLK & Cata days reformed to come back for Legion, and we're looking for relaxed, friendly, mature adults to fill out some core raiding spots. We understand that you have a job and other commitments, that's why we are committing to raiding on Wednesday's and Sunday's from 8.30ST to 11.30ST. Despite this we treat all content seriously and intend on hitting Mythic soon! Ideally you are someone who: Has an innate desire to be the best player they can be. Is able to commit to almost every raid time Is willing to take constructive criticism Is relaxed and wants to have a good time with the boys and girls in the Guild Wants to be part of an extremely friendly and fun guild Isn't going to get angry over getting stuck on a boss during progression Isn't afraid to talk on Discord Is able to participate in the banter Is a dog person Raid Times Wednesday: 8.30pm ST - 11.30pm ST Sunday: 8.30pm ST - 11.30pm ST Highest Priority Classes/Specs Holy Paladin Fire Mage Warlock Shadow Priest Unholy DK Havoc DH Blood DK Vengeance DH All other classes If you feel like you fulfill most of the criteria above (don't worry cat people are welcome too). Please don't hesitate to post below, with a brief description of yourself and raiding history, as well as your B.Net ID or Discord ID. Or contact me at Pretzel#7460 ( or Shoryueppa#1371 (Discord) Regards, AkirianAkirian4 7h
8h Guild merge/looking for guild Frodtmourne Guild <spooky loot> is currently looking to merge with another solid formed guild, most members of the core raid group are 5/7 heroic, with all core raiders 855+ we are looking to move onto mythic progression or even situate into a mythic run guild. Contact myself or the current raid leader: Me : kripticus#1562 Raidleader : senlad#1894Mythrandeer12 8h
8h [A] <Listen> (2/7M) [Wed/Thu/Mon 8->11] Yoyo. We're looking for core raiders that can commit to all three days, immediate spot in the raid team if you're good! Logs: If you're: * Ranged DPS (Mage/Warlock/Hunter) Hit someone up in game, or me. Misc info about us: Formed in WoD, relatively happy bunch, fun and progress go hand in hand.Samik9 8h
8h (A) looking for keen players to start raiding We are a small group of friends playing most on week nights gmt +10. We are regulars playing mythic plus dungeons and are looking to set up raids. Dungeon/ raid night is Thursday 800pm We use discord to chat so mic is preferableSkyhorse4 8h
9h [A] <Jurisdiction> 1/7M GMT +8 Guild <Jurisdiction> is an SG based GMT+8 guild, currently at 1/7M. Looking for exceptional DPS and Healers to bolster our core team for mythic progression, Raid times are SVT 1130pm-230am Wed/Thurs/Mon.Deranox0 9h
9h [A] <Insufferable Miscreants> - 1/7 Mythic! <Insufferable Miscreants> of Frostmourne is a Semi-Hardcore Progression Guild working on building our core team up to take on mythic raiding in the immediate future. We are currently pushing content and a comfrotable pace but are looking to expand our team to bring in more players for our heroic clears and adjust our team around pushing content during mythic nights when needed. We currently have an already decent raid team with enough numbers to push mythic but expanding our team helps us pick and choose people if a fight is better suited for a different composition. We are looking to at least recruit enough members to full a twenty five man team for heroics and to build a team around mythic clearing. Once bosses are considered farm bosses we will continue gearing all members as we wish to push future content just the same. Currently Looking for: Healers: Resto Druid (Medium) Disc Priest (High) Holy Priest (High) Mistweaver Monk (Low) Ranged DPS: Elemental Shaman (Medium) Other exceptional ranged will be considered. Melee DPS: Windwalker Monk (Medium) We require all raiders to be in the 850+ item level range as we are wishing to push end game content as fast as possible and as there will be damage restrictions on certain fights being below the margin is just not good enough. We expect you to be fully gemmed and enchanted and have any raiding addons your require to perform at your best. We no longer supply flasks and pre-pots because of high costs and supply and demand but this might change in future as prices go down. We do still supply guild Repairs to all Trial and Core Raiders. We supply feasts when available (But because there are no current good feasts we would like all raiders to BYO food) We currently raid: Wednesday 8-11 ST (Heroic & Mythic Farm Night) Thursday 8-11 ST (Mythic Progression) Sunday 8-11 ST (Mythic Progression) We expect our core raiders to be 10-15m early on progression nights and be able to stay back where necessary if we are close to getting a boss kill. We will usually never go more than 15-30m overtime as we are aware most people have work/school and need to sleep. We use Teamspeak and require all our raiders to utilise it during the raid, we also encourage people to speak but it is not an immediate requirement. We are looking into moving to discord in the near future as soon as our teamspeak server expires. If you have any questions or concerns please add my battle.tag - Aerlion#1534 You can also feel free to message any of the officers in-game or post bellow with your battletag for more information and we will get back to you. Cheers!Aerlion21 9h
10h [A][Epic Gaming] 3/7M Thur/Fri - Recruiting Epic Gaming is a 2-night a week raiding guild that’s been around since late 2014 based in the +8GMT Timezone. Our current progression Emerald Nightmare(Mythic) - 3/7M Schedule Thursday and Friday (Progression) - 8.30PM to 11.30PM (+8GMT) 10.30PM to 1.30AM Server Time Monday (Non Compulsory) - 8.30PM to 11.30PM (+8GMT) 10.30PM to 1.30AM Server Time [We do not observe Daylight Savings] - So always do time calculations off +8GMT timezone (Perth/Singapore/Malaysia/HongKong Time) Expectations Team members are expected to be punctual, reliable, prepared and be willing to ask for help when necessary. A friendly personality (we don’t tolerate drama queens/kings) Voice communication (Discord) and a working microphone Recruitment To express further interest please head over to our guild website and fill out an application. For further information or questions please add one of the battle tags listed below. All applications will be considered and responded to. Leong#1902 / Mii#1892 / Sanzy#1406 / Scurwee#1669Venthez52 10h
10h <WLTF> Late night weekends Raid 7/7H EN <We Live To Fight> / Us-frostmourne alliance. Hardcore late night raiding as well as casual pvp's (7/7H EN) -We raid on Friday, Saturday from 11:15PM - 04:30AM (+10GMT/UTC) Server/ Sydney timezone. Looking to recruit: 1.Ranged DPS: Fire & Arcane Mage / Shadow Priest . 3. Melee DPS: Arms Warrior / Ret Pally. (Updated 16/05/2016) To fill our core raid roster for (mythic 20). We had a roster of +30 but cleared out to 15 and pulled only good players after testing on mythic legion dungeons, we also have an ALT raid to be set later on. If you are keen to join please comment bellow or You can add me on battlenet Admonlog#2417 Thank you.Come14 10h
10h [A] <The Mist> 7/7H LF M Team. 2 night raid The mist is recruiting for its mythic raid team. We raid only 2 nights a week and are already 7/7H. Raid times are 8-11pm, Wed + Thurs We are looking for: Disc Priest Healer with confident DPS spec Range DPS Melee DPS Considering all specs for DPS. Must be 860+ to apply. Apply here or in game.Lucretscia2 10h
10h [A] 1/7M - 2 raids/week Recruiting RDPS Are you an ex-hardcore raider who wants to continue in a progression guild but on an efficient 2 day a week, 6 hour schedule? Or, are you a top player who loves looking at logs and downing bosses while still having a life outside of WoW? Then Dresses Dances Suitors is what you are looking for... Quick rundown about us We are a bunch of IRL and close online mates who have played various games other than WoW over the years, and a large majority of us are retired hardcore and experienced raiders that are now too busy to commit to the 3-4 day a week schedule. Our raids are serious but we know how to have a laugh and enjoy the game at the same time. Our current progression is 1/7M with 7/7H on farm (1 shot all bosses). What we are looking for We are looking for competent and disciplined raiders for mythic progression, who are looking to be a part of our core roster on a schedule of 2 nights a week, whilst at the same time enjoying the laughter and banter that gets thrown around from time to time. All our raiders come prepared with flasks/pots/food, and have researched/knowledge of the encounters prior to progression. We use Warcraft Logs and it is expected that raiders know their class and be ranked >50% for their spec and iLVL equivalents. Raid Times Wednesday: 7:30-10:30pm AEDT (server time) Thursday: 7:30-10:30pm AEDT (server time) 3rd/optional raids will be made upon willingness and availability Recruitment Any role/class will be considered, but we do have a significant interest in the classes listed below. Ranged DPS: Mage/Warlock/Hunter - High Other - Medium Healers: Other - Low Tanks: All - Low Melee DPS: All - Low Please contact the following: Nox (Me) - Nox#1350 Brentzki (GM) - brentzki#1836 Brolaar - Brotato#1726Noxxite7 10h
11h [A] <Benched> 3/7M LF RDPS <Benched> is recruiting a Hunter (RDPS) for our Mythic EN progression. 850ilvl plus AOTC preferable but will be considering all candidates. 7:30 - 10:30 ST Wednesday / Thursday /Monday add Creamy#11721 if interestedDumbledad8 11h
11h [A] 7/7H <The Honor Guard> is recruiting 7/7 Heroic <The Honor Guard> is recruiting ranged dps. We're currently looking for experienced raiders with ilvl 855+ to join us in our core Heroic/Mythic team. Current Raid tmes Mon/Wed/Thurs 8.30 - 11.30 server time Currently Recruiting Exceptional players of any class Any interested players please add Kyekowala#6986 or Cronnox#2934 in game or post below.Kysabelle34 11h
11h [A] [Omen] LFM Weekend Heroic/Mythic Raiding We are a Weekend raiding guild looking to start raiding In legion. LFM to push mythic content Currently 7/7 Heroic 1/7 Mythic Raid Times Sat/Sun - 6.30pm - 9.30pm Server time Roles Range DPS Healer (Resto Shaman) Requirements Will require 860+ ilvl to begin mythic raiding Must have a Mic Must have previous Heroic/Mythic Raiding Exp. Contact Information Leave a post here ( Will be checked daily) Contact the following B net RagingKiwi#11493 Calgar#1753Gouhadoken42 11h
12h LF raid guild (A) Looking for raid guild I have a 858 feral with legendary boots, 850 DH havok and an 838 affliction lock I'm sick of PuG raids Im looking to progress threw content at a good pace any help/advice point in the right direction would be great thanks in advanceMattdeemen6 12h
12h [A] Prot Warr & Prot/Holy Pal LF Guild Looking to move to Frostmourne after a lack of progress and lack of available player talent on Jubei'Thos has caused us to stagnate our progress through EN. We currently raid Wednesday 6-8 ST and Sunday 5-8 ST but can do any day except for Monday. We have experience tanking up to 5/7H EN but don't see us progressing past here with our current group due to player consistency (with mechanics/dps/showing up) We're both laid back Kiwis but appreciate coming prepared to a raid, executing the mechanics and strategy to get the content done, wipes and mistakes are fine and expected, just as long as we don't have to explain the mechanics/strategy before every boss pull (and then watch people not do the mechanics we've just explained) We're also happy to either start a secondary group inside an existing guild or join a core team if there any any spots available (unlikely) We also have a number of alts including a resto shaman, guardian druid, blood death knight, destro lock and don't mind leveling/gearing toons to match a specific need but would prefer to tank if possible. We also typically run a route of Mythic+ dungeons including available keystones on Fridays or the weekend (personal life schedule allowing)Dizen3 12h
12h <Entropy> Oceanic 1st - Selling 7/7 Heroic EN We are now selling full 7/7 heroic Emerald Nightmare clears! There will be two 30-man raids starting between 7-8pm server time on; - Friday 21/10/16 - Saturday 22/10/16 The price is 250k, we will be using personal loot. A 10% deposit is required. If you are interested please add me, my battle tag is Booze#1586.Booze12 12h
13h LF Guild that does Mythic+ Looking for a guild that does mythic+ regularly. Doesn't have to be one that specifically does mythic+ only, can be a raiding guild just looking for casual players (I'd love to raid but my work schedule interferes with that). If spec matters, I plan to go main BM and off MM (but will focus on putting my AP into BM first). I look forward to joining you :)Nilboqt3 13h
13h <Scared of the Dark> 7/7M LFM Heals <Scared of the Dark> is a progression guild which came about with the merger of two long standing progression guilds on frostmourne <Immortal Dream> and <OVER NINE THOUSAND>. How quickly we have burned through content since merging is testament to the level of skill and desire within the guild. Current Progression: 5/7M WoW Progress: Raiding Schedule: 8:00-11:30pm ST, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday. Guild Website: The type of raiders that we’re looking for are: - Fast learners - People who know both their classes and game mechanics really well - People that can take criticism - People who constantly want to improve - People with a good sense of humour that can take a joke. As of now we’re looking mostly for ranged dps (a Shadow Priest being a priority) and we possibly have a spot for an exceptional healer (a mistweaver being preferred). As always if you aren’t one of the classes listed above but believe you have what it takes to get into the core don’t hesitate to contact either myself on Tinylol#1658 Haptix or Jovan.Tinytoo136 13h
13h [A] Shadow Priest Looking for Raiding Guild Character: Erilly Class: Priest Spec: Shadow Priest is my preferred Spec, I am committed to always improving myself and am very active on my class discord. However I am also working on my Discipline artifact. I am looking for a stable, friendly raiding guild progressing through Heroic Emerald Nightmare. I am dedicated, and committed to the raid and the guild. Previous Bosses killed: In Legion, I have completed LFR EN, Normal EN, and Nythendra + Dragons of Nightmare on Heroic difficulty. Favourite Encounter: My favourite encounter to date has been Blackhand, I enjoyed the multilayer aspect and the fact that It was more than a straight DPS race. For Legion my favourite fight has by far been Il'gynoth (not only because he drops my hidden appearance, I promise). Do you have a working headset and Mic: Absolutely, I have no problems speaking when required, but I'm careful not to spam chat and always leave the channel free for raid leaders during fights. What do you find the most rewarding in game: Going into my armoury and seeing that green bar under the raid. I love to progress and learn my class. What do you find the most frustrating: Lack of communication and when people belittle others that are learning. Attendance: I can raid most nights, preferably weekends.Erilly6 13h
13h <Bads> Recruiting for Mythic, Wed/Sun Night <Bads> are recruiting for Mythic! We are currently 7/7 H and are looking for more players to fill out our mythic raiding team. We are a group of friends that have been raiding together since WotLK and enjoy progressing through content together as a team. We are looking for raiders that enjoy banter but can play their class competitively and seriously when progressing through content. Raid times are 7:30pm - 11pm Wednesday and Sunday nights server time. Currently recruiting: Healers: Monk Paladin DPS: Balance Druid WindWalker Monk Unholy Deathknight Marksman Hunter Tanks: Blood DeathKnight Recruits with strong Tank OS are highly desirable. Please contact any of our officers in game or comment on this thread for more details. Contacts: Apollo#1443 Boomoo#1702 Bacun#1211Boomoò10 13h
14h [A] F R I E N D S 7/7HM LFM wed/thur/sun < F R I E N D S > is now looking for members to expand into a mythic raiding team! Currently holding a very tight group of 18 members we are looking into expanding this into a 20 man mythic raid team. Current progression 7/7HM Raid Times: Wednesday, Thursday & sunday 7:30PM-10:30PM ST Currently recruiting: Holy Priest Resto shammy Mage/Boomkin/DK/Spriest (High Priority) We will also consider skilled/experienced players of any class/role Requirements: 18+ Ventrillo Being punctual to all raid times, except where adequate notice has been given. <F R I E N D S> Encourages a fun and relaxed and banter filled environment while raiding but knows when to switch on to get bosses down in the time frame provided. Please feel free to add me ingame or on Btag for more info Mightadin#1330Cicatriser9 14h
15h [A] <Annihilation> 7/7H LFM for Mythic Annihilation is currently looking for skilled DPS and Healers for Mythic progression. DPS with a strong Healing OS is a plus. DPS preferences: Rogue/DK/DH/Pally/SPriest/Locks. Healer preferences: Pally/HPriest/Disc. Raid timings: Wed/Thu/Sun 18:30-21:30 ST.Bolwar2 15h
16h [A] <Knights of Frostmourne> 4/7M Recruiting If you're sick of the super hardcore guild(s) you've been a part of in the past that are too toxic and strictly serious about WoW and raiding only, forcing you to give up your first born child for the cause, then KoF might be the perfect place for you.. When we raid, we have a lot of fun. We're the opposite of "politically correct." There's a stupid and fun environment that gets developed after playing games together for over 11 years. I want to reiterate the fact that we are still very effing good at killing bosses tho, that is not to be understated by our fun raid environment. Knights of Frostmourne (on Frostmourne) formed on the first day the server opened up. We're looking to hit the ground running in Legion by recruiting a few extra like minded people. What we want from you! The standard stuff a hardcore raiding guild would request; Attendance to raids... if you can't you MUST let SOMEONE know Potions, the kind you use twice a boss fight that make you go pew pew! Not dying to slow moving raid mechanics like huge blue waves or puddles of fire Best in slot Enchants & Gemming Flasks, unless they decide to bring back the flask tables.. and even then.. What we offer! With Knights of Frostmourne you're going to get a really fun group of guys that idle in vent/discord together when not raiding.. we laugh, we have fun, we progress quickly, we send awesome snapchats to each other, we play other games on off nights, we have occasional meet ups IRL, we pay your repairs, we keep feast pumping throughout a raid, we're fair with loot, we're forgiving when you make a mistake and learn from it we will make fun of you because we love you. We ride together, we die together, bad boys for life! Current Progression 7/7 Heroic 4/7 Mythic Raid days are Wed: 7:30pm - 11pm+ Thurs: 7:30pm - 11pm+ Sun: 7:30pm - 11pm+ Mon (optional): 7:30pm - 11pm+ Currently Recruiting 1x EXCEPTIONAL dps. Resto Sham 3rd Tank (Mostly a backup position, alternatively a good dps offspec). Hit us up by smoke signal, pager or any of the more modern forms of communication like in game mail or whisper me: Tygzor - tyg#6248Tygzor14 16h
20h <A> Deviants 1/7M recruiting! Okay, a brief introduction. We're freshly formed from a bunch of returning raiders, some with 13/13m HFC experience, some not so much. Current progression : 7/7N, 7/7H, 1/7M Things we're looking for in a raider: - Commitment (able to turn up on raid nights, give notice if unable. etc) - Willingness to do research on bosses, class, specs - Positive, mature attitude would be nice too! Raid Schedule: Wednesdays and Thursdays, Sundays: 2100-0000 GMT +8 GMT. Classes we're looking for: RDPS!!! We are a Singapore based guild, running on +8 GMT. If you're interested and feel like you meet those requirements, feel free to apply at 20h
21h [A]<Whats Good>RDPS/RDruid for Mythic (7/7H) <Whats Good> is recruiting for Mythic raiding in Legion! Raiding Schedule: Wednesday and Sunday => 7:30pm-11pm ST (AEST). Invites go out at 7:15pm We are are currently looking for the following roles to help fill out our raiding team: High Priority: x1 Resto Druid x1 Mage x1 Ele Shaman Currently 7/7 Heroic down. Please keep in mind that exceptional applicants of any class are always welcome to drop us a line. If you know some of our members and/or think you'd be a great fit for us in terms of personality and skill, we'd always like to hear from you! About <Whats Good>: We're a bunch of close mates who have been raiding together for many years across different guilds, servers, and expansions. Our raid group consists of folks from many walks of life, from those with server first achievements from raiding in previous expansions, to those who are just starting their foray into the raiding scene. Mostly though we're just a tight knit crew who want to have good laugh and a bit of banter while still ensuring we're getting things done. We're more than happy to help you gear, so long as you repay the favor by showing up and putting in the effort to succeed Feel free to drop us a line here, or you can get in touch with one of the blokes who runs the joint: -Revam/Bestofftank (Justt#1181) -Revan (Skylanirl#1238) -Declined/Netherlord (Declined#6595) -Wolvvez (Nado#6582)Revam3 21h
23h [A] <Envelop> Recruiting for Legion <Envelop> are currently recruiting for our Mythic Emerald Nightmare team. Formed during HFC, we’ve established a team of skilled, reliable and dedicated raiders heading into Legion and we’re looking for a few recruits to fill core spots in our team. Raid Times: Wednesday, Thursday & Monday 8PM-11PM ST Currently recruiting: Mage (High Priority) Shad Priest (High Priority) Warlock (High Priority) We will also consider skilled/experienced players of any class/role Requirements: Being punctual to all raid times, except where adequate notice has been given for foreseeable circumstances. Having the initiative to be self-raid-ready, including researching your class and all upcoming encounters and having enough raid consumables prepared for each raid. We expect players to be self-motivated to perform and improve each week through reading logs and/or constructive criticism from officers. Being vocal to make necessary raid calls and include yourself amongst the team banter. <Envelop> promotes an environment that caters for plenty of banter and fun, but also realise a reduced raiding schedule means knuckling down and being serious when necessary. Any questions, or to apply, please contact one of our officers below: Tom (Thorax#1466) Jackson (Spoon#1548)Phazes27 23h
1d [H] <Just Quietly> JQ is a normal progression guild on Frostmorne Hordeside, we cleared all of WoDs raids on heroic so if you want normal/heroic progression we've got you covered. Raid leader has cleared Heroic EN Up to 5/7 bosses, and uses the same strats. We raid on Mondays 8:00, but be on 20 mins or so before hand as to not waste time. We currently need a tank, preferably not a warrior but were flexible All healers are welcome, but a paladin is needed for some bosses All dps are welcome, im fine with cross-realm trials, just add me on battle tag We are accepting new raiders or old, just follow strats and know your class (we use discord for coms) TeaRain#1429 (contact me)Tamashi5 1d
1d [A] <Pure White> Recruiting Pure White is now recruiting for World of Warcraft! We are seeking highly skilled Oceanic gamers for both PvE & PvP on Frostmourne - Alliance. We have newly transferred from Horde to Alliance and need more players to fill our roster. We are focusing on Mythic Raids for PvE and are accepting both old school players who are returning as well as players who are up to date. We will be accepting based on all around experience, personality and availability. We have 3 raid nights a week: - Mondays: 7:30pm - 10:30pm Australian EST (Mandatory) - Wednesdays: 7:30pm - 10:30pm Australian EST (Mandatory) - Thursdays: 7:30pm - 10:30pm Australian EST (Optional/Alt raids) About Pure White is a multi-gaming guild consisting of dedicated and skilled individuals from the Oceanic region across several titles including but not limited to Overwatch, Dota 2 & World of Warcraft. The leadership of Pure White has lead many groups in various games with great success finally forming under the name 'Pure White' (pW) by 'Pure' in August 2012 at the launch of Guild Wars 2. Mission The mission of Pure White is to have a large, amicable and naturally skilled group of individuals who play games together for the rest of their lives. Instead of finding a new group of people to play with every time a game comes out, Pure White members will have that community of like-minded folk who will be able to branch out together comfortably establishing themselves in all new titles. The idea is that you could be in your 50's, have a busy life and family yet quickly jump into a game and be able to enjoy it without going through the grind of finding like-minded people to play with. Requirements - Age 18+ - ilvl 840+ to join raids - Must be active on guild Discord + Forums - Working Headset and Microphone - Skilled gamer + Fast Learner - Discord App installed - Good sportsmanship - Can play at Oceanic times - Mentally Mature (no “ez u suk lulz”) Current Focus Heroic Emerald Nightmare. Currently Seeking - 2x Tanks (Must be able to offspec dps/heal) - 4x Dps - 2x Heals (Must be able to offspec dps) To join, Fill out an application form in detail at: 1d
1d [A] <Loot Train> Frostmourne <Loot Train> is an established raiding guild on <Frostmourne> Guild founders are old-school World of Warcraft raiders; having cleared all previous raid content (in the hardest difficulty). We take raiding seriously, and are seeking players to join our raiding team. ** CURRENT PROGRESSION: The Emerald Nightmare - 1/7 Mythic Mode The Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 Normal Mode The Emerald Nightmare - 5/7 Heroic Mode Updated: 24/10/2016 ** CLASS REQUIREMENTS: All exceptional players will be considered; however, these are our immediate requirements :- - Restoration Druid - Holy Paladin - Elemental Shaman - Enhancement Shaman - Arms/Fury Warrior - Feral Druid - Mage - Warlock - Hunter ** RAID TIMES (+10 GMT): Wednesday 9pm - 12am server time (SVT) Friday 9pm - 12am (SVT) Sunday 9pm - 12am (SVT) ** RAID REQUIREMENTS: - Be on time (15 minutes early) - Maintain 90% attendance - Understand your class inside-out (at least two specs). - Understand raid mechanics for current raid content. - Execute raid mechanics properly. - Maintain situational awareness and composure at all times. - Minimize mistakes. ** ADD-ON REQUIREMENTS: - Big Wigs / DBM - GTFO - Skada - EPGP / EPGP Loot Master - Tidy Plates (or equivalent) - Angry Assignments ** TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS: - Discord (guild / voice communication) - Headset - Stable internet connection - Stable computer ** LOOT DISTRIBUTION: Normal Mode - Personal Loot Heroic/Mythic - EPGP ** CONTACTS: - Chibee [Guild Master] (battle tag: Metacritic#11627) - Ellixa [Officer] (battle tag: NightRaven#14821) We look forward to hearing from you!Chibee7 1d
1d [A] Euphoric <Euphoric> About Us Euphoric was a guild origionaly forged on Barthilas-horde but due to lack of available/ skilled players we decided to move our guild to Frostmourne Alliance, We are a group of players focused on hardcore progression and are 100% buisness during raid time. Outside of raid time we are a laid back bunch who enjoy joking around. Current Progression 7/7 Heroic EN 2/7 Mythic EN Days & Times AEST- Wednesday: 7-11 Thursday: 7-11 Sunday: 7-11 Monday: 7-11 Current Recruitment- Hunter Mage Arms Warrior Resto Druid Warlock Enhance Shaman Feral Druid Requirements- All Raiders must have the following- Discord & a Working Mic Raid Supplies, Flasks, Pots Etc able to handle being called out on mistakes and own upto them (be thick skinned) able to handle a joke (again be thick skinned) able to commit to the raiding roster and inform us ahead of time if you cant make it Contact- Interested players please contact - Nicko#1899Côrn7 1d
1d <ENVS> 2/7M recruiting Lock/spriest Envs 2/7M Currently looking for ranged dps (high demand on warlock/spriest) ! Casual members are also welcome! Raids 7-11 wens-thurs-sun Add Billy#1399Kakmakka11 1d
1d [A]<Australían Made> 2/7M 7/7H Recruiting Australían Made on Frostmourne Alliance are recruiting for Mythic Emerald Nightmare progression. We are 2/7M and 7/7H EN. Things we're looking for in a raider: - Reliability (shows up most raid nights and gives notice when unable to) - Ability to research and understand fights before raid time - A good knowledge of your class/spec - Positive attitude Currently looking for: Range DPS: Mage, Warlock, Balance, Shadow, Hunter Other classes/specs will also be considered. Raid Times: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 7:00PM-10:30PM AWST, 10:00PM-1:30AM AEDT (Server time), 4:00AM-7:30AM PST. We are a WA GMT+8 based guild. For anyone applying from the Eastern states be aware that raid times will change to 9:00PM AEST once daylight saving ends. If you are interested please contact fRieDcHiCkEn#1659.Mòó4 1d
1d [A] <Gaytime> Late Night 7/7H <Gaytime> on Frostmourne (Alliance) is currently recruiting for 10 man/flexible heroic progression raiding. We are currently progressing through heroic Emerald Nightmare and are looking to grow our team into mythic progression. Our guild focuses on progressing through current content with a positive attitude and having fun. Our raid nights are Thursday, Sunday and Monday 9:00pm - 12:30am server time. Our raid leadership has extensive mythic raiding experience. Emerald Nightmare: 7/7H Please contact me in-game or add my battle tag Marsha#11318 or Flottz#1131 for more information!Tronsie12 1d
1d Looking for a guild (A) Are there any guilds that raid between 12pm-5pm server time?Eokepa0 1d
1d (A) WTB Friends LF DPS + Priest We are looking for: - Ranged DPS (pref warlock, mage) - Holy Priest <WTB Friends> (Alliance) is looking for active players for our raiding team. We are currently 7/7 Heroic and are now focusing on getting numbers and progressing through mythic difficulty. We do weekly normal/heroic runs currently and hope to move into mythic within a week. Our guild is a very odd-ball bunch of people who love to chat, throw a bit of shade and have a good time. We are focused on progressing as a guild and would love for some new faces to join us. 850 ilvl is a minimum requirement. Raid Times: Monday ST 8:00pm-11:00pm Wednesday ST 8:00pm-11:00pm Thursday ST 8:00pm-11:00pm Please shoot us any questions you have on here or through our btags. Contact Information: In-game Name (Battle-tag) Limesy (Iime #1267) Blairee (Blairee #1505)Limesy1 1d
1d [A]Frostmourne <Beergarden>7/7H LF Tank + DPS Beergarden is an Australian guild looking for members to lead into Mythic raiding. Our members are highly skilled and have some really impressive raiding experience dating back to Vanilla. Raid times are 8-11pm AEST Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. We are currently looking to fill our ranks and are recruiting the following classes: Tanks - Prot Warr (High Priority) - Prot Pally (High Priority) Healers - Holy Priest (High Priority) Melee - Enhance Shaman (High Priority) - Arms Warr (High Priority) Ranged - Fire Mage - Shadow Priest(High Priority) - MM Hunter (High Priority) All exceptional players will be considered. At the moment we are gearing up through Mythic Plus and Heroics in anticipation of Mythic raiding. If you are intersted in joining contact us today!! Zeffa - Zeffa#1360 Jazza - Jazza#1444 (Range Officer) Sleaze - Tep#6181 (Melee Officer)Zeffá14 1d
1d Guild recruitment Divine Nature> (7/7N) (6/7H) looking to recruit MW monk/Hpriest all strong dps will be considered for our progression into Mythics . Pst for more info. Raid times are Wed/Thurs 8-11pm Server TimeIhealitank0 1d
1d [A] <Resolution> 2/7M - Recruiting! <Resolution> 2/7M - Is a relaxed casual raiding guild looking for Dedicated Raiders to fill in our final slots , to Progress through Mythic Content. Classes Needed - Marksman Hunter Shadow Priest Fire Mage Restoration Shaman If you are looking for a Guild that will clear Content before each Tier and have a good laugh with the Members. We are the guild for you. Raid times are Friday 6pm-10pm ST. Monday 6pm-10pm ST. Contact for more Information ingame - Resky Holyvengance Wingdingslul Synchrawx Rcrsv or Apply @ Thank you.Resky4 1d
1d Havoc DH LF late night raiding guild Currently looking for a guild that is raiding late nights. My main used to be a mage but coming into this new xpac I was very keen to play DH! I do have raiding experience I just have not committed to the game enough in the last xpac and a half to have any recent raiding experience. So in summary, I am looking for a late night guild as a DPS Demon Hunter. Battle tag is 'Verbalmurder#1688' Thank youPuriphico0 1d
1d [A] Pixel 7/7H Frostmourne GMT+8 guild Pixel is a reformed raiding guild who had great success raiding on frostmourne alliance during Cataclysm and early Mists. We reformed the guild at the start of February 2016 and quickly progressed through to and fully cleared mythic HFC. Now we are looking to turn that success towards the Emerald Nightmare! We pride ourselves on a great culture and level of activity within the guild. We enjoy a fun but serious raiding environment in order to progress as far as we can in our limited raiding hours of 2 nights per week. We demand a high level of performance from all our raiders and as a result we progressed through normal and heroic HFC very quickly, fully clearing heroics in a couple of weeks. Afterwards we looked at Mythics and progressed at the same quick pace, clearing completely before the end of the expansion. Raid Times are: Wednesday and Sunday 7:30-10:30pm GMT+8 (currently 10:30pm-1:30am eastern standard time) Current recruitment needs: We are currently looking for: Prot warrior / Prot pally/ Bear! Warlocks Resto druid/ Holy priest or Holy Pally. Boomkin! For any further questions or to talk about joining us please add my battle tag: Sylethom#6490 If you wish to apply to the guild hop over to: and once your account has been approved, fill out an application! We wish to see you apply and hope for you to join us in the coming invasion!Raylorswift5 1d
1d [A] Hodor 3/7M Wed/Thu/Sun 8-11pm ST G'day, We are a friendly and mature raiding guild with bunch of great guys and girls. We are currently recruiting mature and dedicated raiders to round out our Mythic roster for Legion. Raid Time (Server Time): Wednesday - 8pm to 11pm Thursday - 8pm to 11pm Sunday - 8pm to 11pm We are currently recruiting 1 Resto Druid. 860+ ilvl and 25 Artifact Traits is preferred. Please apply to: Please contact the following in game if you are interested and want a chat! - Merlorr (Merlor#6904) - Bigfatshield (Ragetard#1177) - Raidbreak (Raidbreaks#680)Merlorr140 1d