Sep 19 [A] <Bads> Semi-hardcore. Need RestoDRUID. <Bads> Semi-Hardcore/Casual Raiding Guild. Raiding since WotlK. Urgently looking to recruit Druid Resto. We're willing to carry your toon up to 840+ilvl if necessary. We want your experience and commitment. Raidtimes (server) Sunday 8PM-12AM +1 Weeknight rostered on a weekly basis to allow for rl commitments Our players are active and helpful. Add me Bacun#1211Bizl2 Sep 19
Sep 19 843 resto druid LF one night a week team Looking for a team that raids one night a week, hopefully comprised of retired hardcore raiders like myself who don't have the time anymore for multiple night a week raids. Contact me at panpipes#6168 if you'd like to have a chat.Boy1 Sep 19
Sep 19 [H] <Immaterium> Recruiting for Legion Currently seeking any players Horde side for PvE (even those PvPers who want a change) and taking offers from players looking to move to Horde side from those Alliance scum. No set requirements, although Mythic Raid experience is a huge boon. We're currently on a Mythic Raid break until Legion, still running HFC Heroic for casual Horde players on a Saturday if you're looking to get into a team that is close-knit and very PvE / Achievement focussed. If you're currently amazing at making gold on Frostmourne, you might be interested as well; we have an in-house team of 5 players who currently are preparing for Legion launches to make a ton of gold - so if thats you're thing, come along too! Will be advertising in-game Horde side for those who miss this post. EDIT: Add me in game if I dont get to you on here, I promise I'll speak to you all as soon as possible :)Vaelstrasz12 Sep 19
Sep 18 [A] 844ilvl Rogue LF raiding guild Hey guys, I'm a 844 rogue thats looking for a raiding guild that plans to get into mythic progression. Have quite a bit of previous experience but its very on and off due to other commitments. I know most guilds are pretty full on melee right now so I know that my chances are pretty low but if you think you can squeeze me in thatd be awesome.Tygraze0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Resto Shaman LF Heroic/Mythic raid guild Looking to join a New guild to raid Heroic and or Mythic content in Legion. Im looking due to current guild filling up raid spots for new content before i decided to come back to wow after raiding for the first year in WOD. then taking a break. Availability. Mon - after 7pm.. (every 2nd Monday i have off work.) Tues-Friday: available anytime. Sat-Sun: available after 6:30pm (every 2nd sat i have off as i work the Monday) current ilvl is 841 (can boost that up quickly if needed with oblit) weapon ilvl is 872 and is lvl 21 almost 22 (ranks) have 2 gold traits. revered with all current factions except the Wardens (almost tho) Raided Heroic/mythics in WOD cleared all heroic and 90% of mythic content as it came out. can link achivments. also raided a fare bit in BC/Wrath. did mainly pvp in cata and didn't play a lot of mist. also 26 years old as i know some guilds require 18+ hit me up on here or send us an in game mail/whisper if im online ill be on pretty much all day during the week.Derpdiver4 Sep 18
Sep 18 [H]Mythic Warrior, Resto Shaman, and a Rogue Hey hey ya’ll, I'm copying my post from the Guild Recruitment forums. As the title suggests, myself and two longtime friends are looking to leave this hunk of rock server, and land somewhere great. With less than a week before raids release, we’re Mythic geared/gearing 840+ and ready to hit the ground running. Clearly we’re open to server transferring, and most likely even faction changing if the offer is tantalizing enough. We’re east/central raiders looking for primarily weeknight raiding two nights a week or more for progression/cleanup, but open to schedule discussion. We also love to slay some PvP so as a side dish and off night activity Rated PvP is a plus. Warrior (Me :D) - 22. Started playing forever ago in vanilla as the gates of AQ were being opened. I’ve mained a warrior since the beginning. I main fury, but can play all three specs proficiently with ease. Prot is incredible right now and I'm willing to switch. I’m an alert and flexible, and play to the Warrior’s strengths. I live for progression raiding, it is the most fun I’ve ever had in WoW. Even when I wiped on 25 heroic rag for two months straight as the guild I was in slowly died, it was still some of the most fun I’ve ever had. I want to do it again, for real, better than before in Legion. My raiding history is: Vanilla- ZG,MC,BWL,AQ20,AQ40 to Twin Emps. BC- Pretty slack, cleared to t6 content. WOTLK- Cleared normal/heroic. Cata- Was 43rd U.S. guild during Firelands, Envisage, #1 geared warrior on my server (Arygos). MoP- Quit for most. WoD- Quit for most. I blame boredom, a lack of a strong guild and LFR. Rogue/Druid- My real life friend and roommate, we’ve been playing WoW since the end of BC together. He’s been a healer ever since I’ve known him, and a damn good one at that. He raided progression ICC heroic with me for quite sometime. He’s trying to decide on a main for legion raiding currently. He switched to a rogue to obliterate people prepatch and currently, but could switch to his druid and be equally geared in a second, whatever he is needed on is who he’s willing to main. Splashbro- Shaman - Met him as a Paladin healer in my launch weeks of Cataclysm, he is an incredible healer on any class, but is excelling at his shaman in Legion. Can talk my ear off about healer stats and competitiveness, and is an extremely dedicated player who excels in intense raid environments. We raided progression in early Cata and carried a very casual guild farther than it deserved to go. Thanks for taking the time to read all this guys, if you're interested post below or shoot me a tell whenever you can. We look forward to finding a killer home for the expac where we can slay some demons, and maybe even slap sargeras around a bit. Once again, we are ready to get in there, clear normal in the first week and hit heroic the second. Lets do it.Narsik1 Sep 18
Sep 18 Make Wow Great Again - Mythic Meme Team Hey everybody, MWGA is looking for 1 Resto Shaman for our mythic progression team. Ranged dps will be considered. Who are we: We're a close knit group of primarily university students from Australia. We are newly formed guild for legion however majority (15+) have previously raided together prior in the start of WoD. We recognize that this is a game and everyone is here to have fun so we have a rather relaxed raiding environment but there is a very HIGH performance expectations from all of our raiders. If you can stand !@#$ meme's and can meet our expectations we would love to have you! Raid Times: Wed - 7:30-10:30 Thurs - 7:30-10:30 Sun - 7:30-10:30 Expectation: Be on and ready 15mins before raid. 80%+ attendance for core positions Consumables Goals: Get back into the top 10 for FM and top 20 OCE Current Achievements: Server First Legion Glory ... (s1ck mount bro) What you get from us: Quality meme's and something to look forward to 3 nights a week. I have been in multiple top 10 guilds throughout my time playing wow and I can't say anything compares to the social community we have. If this is something that interests you shoot me a message in game and lets have a chat (Carly, Carl or Freddick or add me on bnet Carl#12492)Carly0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Make Frostmourne great again This server needs a wall around itFaust3 Sep 18
Sep 18 [A] Axion recruiting <Axion> is recruiting for its Legion Heroic / Mythic progression raid team! We are a team led by highly experienced raid leaders who have played in numerous high tier raiding guilds across the MMO Genre. We are looking for raiders who are dedicated to raiding 3 nights a week at the below times, have initiative, awareness, and generally know how progression raiding goes. Our raid times: - Mon/Weds/Thur 730-1030pm SERVER time. Our current recruitment needs: - 1 Healer (Preferably Resto Druid/Hpal) - A few more ranged DPS (S-Priests/Ele shams or Boomkin needed) - 1-2 more melee (Warrior/Havoc DH needed) - Other Classes/Specs still considered under the right circumstances. What we're looking for in raiders: - Excellent raid awareness - Excellent class knowledge - Be raid focused - On time and ready to go at start time. What we offer: - A stable raid team ready to go on raid nights - Groups willing to go into mythic plus dungeons etc - Stress free guild environment (NoDrama) If intrested please contact one of the officers below Atiae#11661 Kored#11991 Discarnate#1812Azyth0 Sep 18
Sep 18 ilvl848Havoc DH SVT 830-12 w/day + sunday If title isn't too clear. Ideally 830pm SVT start and finish around 12pm SVT. Have raided in every expansion except Cata, have main tanked for WoD, MoP, WoTLK ( and done some DPS when needed) . Progression in BC / Vanilla was mainly as DPS, have pretty much done progression in every expansion. Am able to commit to those special nights if we need that extra few attempts to down a boss. Any questions feel free to message me in game or reply on here.Felynx0 Sep 18
Sep 18 846 Arms Warrior LF Guild Hey there, I am currently looking for a raiding guild any day during the week, however I need the time to be anytime between 4PM-9PM Ending time, I know a lot of the guilds are mostly late night raiding guilds, so I am hoping by posting on here there will be one guild. I have been playing WoW off and on since Vanilla and have raided Normal/Heroic/Mythic in every expansion. If you would like to have a chat either send me a message in game or add my Btag Hogger#14569 Thank youDalfurinn0 Sep 18
Sep 18 [A] Ret Pally LF Raiding Guild Hey, I am a returning player and am easing back into the game. I'm looking for a casual/semi-hardcore raiding guild that aims to clear Heroic and delve into Mythic but nothing overly serious. I know my class/spec and will show up raid ready, know boss mechanics etc. very little interest in switching to holy or prot. Currently 821 iLvl as I started a little slow but if I find a guild i'll make sure to be geared for raid. Also interested in PVP. Am looking to raid any days excluding Fri/Sat and not past midnight SVT. Pls consider. :D Extol #6285Extol0 Sep 18
Sep 18 [A]/[H] Experienced player LF raiding guild Looking for a 2-3 night a week raiding guild as a Rogue that preferably doesn't raid Fridays with like-minded mature players. A bit about myself - Been playing since beta. Cleared all content in Vanilla up to 4h in Oceanic #1 guild, all content up to M'uru in BC, all content in WoTLK, and all content Cata. Took a break from hardcore raiding during MoP and WoD but still did casual PVP/LFR/Normals etc. Would consider FCing for the right guild. Feel free to contact me : (Graky#1513) or post. ThanksIoai1 Sep 18
Sep 18 [A] <Numb> Recruiting rDPS + Heals Hey guys, we are a newly formed guild almost ready to roll out for the new raids. We are currently short on a handful of rDPS and healers for the core raid group. We are trying to keep it to a minimum of 840+ ilvl and are currently at an average of 846. Raid times are wed/thurs/mon 7-10 pm server time. All other specs are welcome for the mythic+ group and for social of the guild. Feel free to respond to this thread or add my bnet Chris#6844Lunder2 Sep 18
Sep 17 Late Night 846 Fury Warrior // 841 Havoc DH We are looking for a casual/semi-hardcore guild for Legion. Can raid for 2/3 days per week incl weekends. Needs to be a late night raiding times (10pm onwards). I am currently a 846 Fury Warrior, and mate is a 841 Havoc DH getting geared in the next couple of days. We are looking for a friendly, enjoyable guild, that is looking to have fun, whilst still getting the content completed. Reply here, or add me on btag Cyyc#11600Cyyc2 Sep 17
Sep 17 [A] <Sargeras> NZ/AUS RECRUITING REALM - Frostmourne FACTION - Alliance GUILD INFO Sargeras is a newly formed raiding guild lead by returning heroic Cataclysm and MoP raiders. Our raid team will be looking to progress through Legion heroic modes and perform to the best of our abilities. Of course we love to have fun while doing so, although killing bosses is where most of the fun comes from! RAID TIMES - Wed, Sun 6pm - 9pm AEST RECRUITMENT - Currently seeking Ranged DPS and a Holy Paladin Message either the GM or I for more information : Josh#6289 Afrodizzy#6300Sidonus3 Sep 17
Sep 17 Returning player LF raiding guild Hello, I have recently come back after a long hiatus from the game and would like to join a guild on my havoc demon hunter, i'm currently sitting around 841+ ilvl. Please reply or add me on andicus#11264 if you have any questions. Just as a brief guild history I have been a founding member of Latency (#1 horde oceanic at the time) on Barth horde back in BC and I have huge amounts of end game experience both PvE and PvP at top levels. I don't necessarily care for top 100 guilds or whatever, just a place I can have fun with people that enjoy the game like me. Ps. I'm willing to transfer from Barthilas.Vajiira1 Sep 17
Sep 17 WTB Name "Mikey/Mick" Hello fellow Michael's! I own the names Michael, Mike, Mickey, Michail, Michalo, Mickal. I would like to buy the names Mikey and/or Mick from the owners, I've tried mailing you but I never get a reply. If you know the owners of these names, please notify me. Thanks!Michael2 Sep 17
Sep 17 'Blood and Tears' Recruiting now! We are forming in legion and are looking for ranged dps and healers! We will be clearing EN first week and we will be progressing into heroic ASAP! We currently have 10 raiders and are looking for more people to fill our ranks. Were a friendly guild looking to enjoy raids and clear the content. If you're looking for semi-casual/hardcore then 'Blood and Tears' is the right place for you! We raid Friday and Saturday nights from 8pm to 12pm server time! (good times ey'?) So come one, come all! To 'Blood and Tears' Pst me in game if you're interested! Rakruar#1507Zylina0 Sep 17
Sep 16 [A] 840 MM Hunter LF mythic progression guild Hello, Currently 840 hunter (obviously working on it) , still searching for a good mythic progression guilds with a slot open for ranged dps. Time: Time wise im looking for a 3-4 day per week raiding guild that raids between 7:00-12:00 ST History: WoD , I raided with SIF (what is not conflict resolution) on khaz and Ordeal on frostmourne Alt: I also have a 840 warlock that i plan on having as an alt, but its available and worth mentioning (19 artifact points on the hunter , 18 on the lock) Progress: Both characters have so far cleared all mythics available to them (ill get the suramar ones this week) no legendary's at this point :0( Thanks for your timeZz1 Sep 16
Sep 16 [A] <Numb> - Frostmourne <Numb> is a newly founded guild based in Melbourne in preparation to achieve a semi-serious raiding environment for Emerald Nightmare and Mythics. We are currently filling all positions and are looking for new recruits to join our community and serve as core raiders. Raid times are currently: (All times are relative to server time) Wednesday 7pm-10pm Thursday 7pm-10pm Monday 7pm-10pm Considering all roles at the moment feel free to add us on B-Net or whisper any online officers for further inquiries. Pumpernickel#1441 - Killer Raddest#6404 - RaddestKiller0 Sep 16
Sep 16 Auction House alternative Hi all Since the server is buggered I'll share something pretty sweet for those who don't know how to filter through the loads of single crafting items and quickly buy the cheapest items before most people using the in game client. Download Wow Armory app and use the Auction House from there. Far better search parameters eg "price per item" resulting in instant results regardless of how many pages there are. I've been a big user of auctionator in previous expansions but atm the above mentioned is far more efficient as you won't need to scan through each page. Good luck and may you all reach gold cap!Cnboxer1 Sep 16
Sep 16 RIP Frosty 9/16/2016 Rest in pepperoni pieces pizza. Bit early for the restarts isnt it? ;DFlayfawks58 Sep 16
Sep 16 [A] SPriest 846 ilvl LF raid guild Shadow Priest looking for raiding guild. Recently transferred from Horde, have been on Frostmourne since Vanilla. Based in NZ. Currently ilvl 846 Hurs#1721 whisper me if you are interested in trialling me. Sep 16
Sep 16 Spriest- Looking for Raidiing Guild Shadow Priest/ Holy Looking for Raiding Guild I have just recently Transferred to (A) Frostmourne - US. Coming from the Guild "The Core from Vanilla to WoTLK. Had a break till WoD and then Transferred. Pref raid times 8pm - 11pm (may go to 12am some raid day) depending on prog Personal Information: Age: 25+ Country: Aussie land Language(s): English Character Information Current iLvl: 840 Region: OCE Server: Frostmourne Faction: Alliance Name: MÄdheal Race: Human Class: Priest Played time: 83 days Raid Experience Vanilla,BC,WOTLK and WODMädheal2 Sep 16
Sep 16 <Exit> Frostmourne Guild <Exit> is a casual pvp and semi hardcore raiding guild looking to top up some spots in our core team! currently looking for healers preferably Hpally or Hpriest! Raid times: Wed: 7-10 Thurs: 7-10 We are a friendly guild looking to push hard through all legion raid content and eventually progressing into mythics providing we have numbers! Add Btag Redheadrep#1159 for more infoJackthemage0 Sep 16
Sep 16 Group Looking for Raiding Guild Group of mates looking for a guild to raid with on the 20th. Currently the group consists of; - Warrior Tank - Monk Mist-weaver - Warlock Destruction - Shaman Enhancement - Rogue Outlaw - Demon-hunter Havoc - Hunter Marksmanship We are all experienced players with large degrees of raid history since vanilla. 845+ average item level between all of us. Looking for a semi-serious guild with raid days between Mon-Thurs. If we don't have luck finding slots for all of us we are also considering running our own raid nights on release, anyone interested feel free to contact us on this post. Cheers.Aztec10 Sep 16
Sep 15 Login queue Looking to transfer, how is it?Kruzzii1 Sep 15
Sep 15 What does AOA stand for? Please, i really want to know...Keishar7 Sep 15
Sep 15 WTS Corrupted Hippogryph 580k! Pst Me in game or leave a response here...........Lavaslash0 Sep 15
Sep 15 WTB ilvl 850 Six-Feather Fan pst ingame KyuaiKyuai1 Sep 15
Sep 15 [A] Prot pally. LF Wednesday/Thursday guild Hello everyone. I'm currently looking to join a guild to raid during legion! I've had lots of prior raid experience as well as team experience in other online games. I assure you all that i research and understand how my class works. I'm also always willing to take new advice and work hard with a group of people to improve. The nights i would be looking for are Wednesday and Thursday, the time doesn't so much matter, however i do live in New Zealand so earlier server times the better. Any questions, please feel free to ask via here or bnet tag. Thanks for reading:) sawry#1591Mostrad0 Sep 15
Sep 14 [A] Casual weeknight raiding guild "No scrubz" is a newly formed guild looking for players of a similar mindset to ours: relaxed yet progression oriented with the patience and requisite skill to push content at a reasonable rate. We are a group of real life friends based in Melbourne, all working adults that see WoW for what it is: a game to be enjoyed. Having said this, the leaders are veteran players that has stuck around since vanilla and bring an abundance of raiding experience from cutting edge guilds to ensure that raiders reach their full potential. We are currently running mythics in preparation for the opening of new content next week. We aim to start progressing on mythic + and Emerald Dream raid as soon as they become available. From time to time, we will organise Rbgs and skirmishes for those that are interested in pvp. Raiding times will be Wednesday and Thursday nights, no more than three hours per night. If this type of guild sounds like what you are looking for, please adid timmy#1626 for a chat. All classes and specs are welcome. The ideal members would be mature, laid back players that has the patience and willingness to learn, and preferably has the basics down pact. Elitist asshats are not welcome. The guild has a vent and provides consumables/repairs to all raiders. We look forward to playing with you!Timmylol2 Sep 14
Sep 14 You broke the AH, you colossal !@#$%. It's all in the tittle people, Blizz, or the derps flooding it with 1 stack no buyout spam, or both, have crippled the AH to the point where it isn't even worth using. DiscussSafetysoff1 Sep 14
Sep 14 [A] Just Bring It, Recruiting for Legion Just Bring it Frostmourne Oceanic Server We are a Semi Casual Australian Based guild which has been together and raiding since The Burning Crusade. We have a vast amount of knowledge and experience within our ranks, with some playing from as early as Vanilla. We mostly know each other on a personal level, and if not personally then playing online games with each other for a long time. #Raiding Details# Wednesday 1930 to 2230 Thursday (not 100% at this stage) Sunday 1930 to 2230 Our timings work on server Sydney time which currently is GMT +10 #What we are looking for# Tanks: Closed Healers: Open (exclu Hpriest, RDruid) Melee: Closed Ranged: Closed (We are trying not to saturate classes but will look at all players on a case to case basis) #What we expect from you# Reliability (Obviously we understand RL events do happen) Be on time for raids. (10-15 min prior) Make sure to bring your own Consumables Show some understanding of the fights You need to understand your class Learn from you mistakes and deaths Being Vocal when required, but listening to instructions when directed. And most importantly be willing to have some fun with us. #What we offer to you# Knowledge of Raid Strategies and Class Mechanics, Guild Repairs when raiding, Consumables if we have spares or good donations. Planned Raids every week, Fun, jokes and personal experiences both real world and through gaming. #Loot# Master Loot (MS > OS > ALT) New members that join after raiding has commenced, will be subject to our 1 week no loot rule. This rule is purely to keep Guild Cohesion and prevent Guild issues and imbalances of loot allocation. #Who to contact# Reinhardts (Guild recruiter) Ultimatum#1743 Heerohua Shammytech If you cant get a hold of me feel free to send me an in game mail, or contact any of our officers for more information on our Guild. Regards ReinReinhardts17 Sep 14
Sep 14 prot warrior LF mythic+ / raids to whom ever this may concern, Hi im jewpowers currently 837 prot warrior 13/13 mythic xp in WOD PRE PATCH (cutting edge the black gate). looking for a guild that starts around 7pm server time - 10:30pm server time week days and any time weekends. These time frames are for raiding. stepped down from old guild as work / life has taken over. happy to play any class / spec, currently only have a 110 warrior / dk both tank spec. my self and a friend are currently actively looking for a mythic+ plus team 835 prot / 850 mm/bm hunter, keen to hear from anyone interested to join us / pick us up. have my own team speak / mumble servers for voice chat. or we can use urs either or. please feel free to contact me jewpowers#1897 kind regards The jewMiltiades1 Sep 14
Sep 14 Need day-raiding guild I work at night and so I need a guild that raids in the day. Does such a guild exist or shall we make a day raiding guild on our own?Devodil1 Sep 14
Sep 14 [A] New Guild forming raid team Hello New guild Legion stole my nuggies is currently recruiting to form a raid team for Normal/Heroic raids in Legion. Lead by previous Cutting Edge raiders just taking it easy. Aiming at 835+ ilvl. Raid Roles currently filled: 2x Tank 4x Healer 6x RDPS 4x Melee DPS Raid Roles looking to be filled: 1x Healer(pref shaman) 3x DPS(Warlock) Whisper either myself or Riscatto/Ducci#1468 in game for more info or to express interest. EDIT: Current/Searching roles.Viviàna3 Sep 14
Sep 14 Delete ..Hàkk1 Sep 14
Sep 13 Daish is annoyed the auction house is very lagged on Frostmourne Daish is annoyedDaish7 Sep 13
Sep 13 [A] <Loot Train> recruiting for Legion <Loot Train> is an established raiding guild on <Frostmourne> Our guild founders are old-school gamers who've played World of Warcraft since release (vanilla), and have cleared all end-game raid content to-date (in the hardest difficulty). We take raiding seriously, and are looking for competent raiders to fill ranks as officer, class leader and raiders. Please contact us in-game or via Have your armory & Warcraft logs ready! ** CLASS REQUIREMENTS: - Mage - Warlock - Boomkin ** RAID TIMES (+10 GMT): Wednesday 8pm - 11pm server time (SVT) Friday 8pm - 11pm SVT Sunday 8pm - 11pm SVT ** RAID REQUIREMENTS: - Be on time (15 minutes early) - Maintain 90% attendance - Understand your class inside-out (at least two specs). - Understand raid mechanics for current raid content. - Execute raid mechanics properly. - Maintain situational awareness and composure at all times. - Minimize mistakes. ** ADD-ON REQUIREMENTS: - Big Wigs / DBM - GTFO - Skada - EPGP / EPGP Loot Master - RC Loot Council - Tidy Plates (or equivalent) - Angry Assignments ** TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS: - Ventrilo - Headset - Stable internet connection - Stable computer ** CONTACTS: - Qannas [Guild Master] (battle tag: Metacritic#11627) - Iffet [Officer] (battle tag: NightRaven#14821) We look forward to hearing from you!Qannas11 Sep 13
Sep 12 [A] Boomkin + Mage LF raiding guild Found a guild for the moment, thanks guys!Slippykins1 Sep 12
Sep 12 <Rejected Legion> [A] Recruiting Hi, Rejected Legion is a home for those of us who would like to see end game content but may have more to do outside of the game that hinders our chances of joining a more progressive guild. We're currently after all specs and classes our idea raid time and days would be Friday/Saturday 6pm ST Currently gearing via heroic and mythic runs. Literally just formed so currently consists of myself and my partner but will be bringing in additional friends once their RL commitments have been sorted. Hit me up in game if you're interested. Thanks CnixCnix3 Sep 12
Sep 12 LF 2 Prot Paladins - I Ain't Even Cold Yet Hi there, Myself and two Prot Pallies are looking for 2 more prot paladins to complete the achievement 'I Ain't Even Cold Yet' in Vault of the Wardens. We'd be looking for 825+ Item Level. Please post here or contact myself, mooshu#1345 if you're interested. Cheers.Mooshius1 Sep 12
Sep 12 [A] Balance Druid LF Raiding Guild I'm seeking a raiding guild that is not Hard-Core but is still able to clear current content at a high level. I am after a guild that also raids at times that suit my schedule and has an active friendly community. Raid Exp SoO - 12/14 M HM - 4/7 M BRF - 5 /10 M HFC - 13/13 H Raid Times that suit me 8:30 - 11:30 Pref Wed Thur Sun Mon Add me CHEWIE#1135 If you would like to know more.Chewiestylez1 Sep 12
Sep 11 LF Early weekend raiding guild Just wanted to see if there are any early weekend raiding guilds. have both a enhance shammy and a holy priest both looking and will be 100% attendance. Please post here or hit me up ingame.Bezzy0 Sep 11
Sep 11 [Nagrand][A]<True Essence> LFM M EN <True Essence> is a fairly new semi-hardcore guild recruiting for Mythic Raids in Legion on the connected server Nagrand-Caelestrasz. We were formed and are led by raiders with top 100 US raid experience and are keen to form a solid mythic group and start competing for high progression and eventually server firsts. We're looking for dedicated raiders who are able to focus hard and down progression mythic bosses efficiently with us during raid time, who are also keen to hang out and chill in a good guild environment and banter during downtime. Raid Times: Thursday, Sunday and Monday - 7:30 til 10:30 ST (GMT+10). We will generally stick to these times, however if we feel we're close to downing a boss raiders may be asked to stay a bit longer. Recruiting: Tanks: Full. Healers: Full, but with a potential spot for the right Resto Shaman. Melee: Full, but would consider a WW Monk. Ranged: Currently seeking 1 Lock, 1 SPriest and 1 Hunter to fill out our team. Would also consider Boomkins and possibly an Ele Shaman. Applying: Visit our temporary website at and drop in an application by the recruitment tab. Feel free to add me on at Spiral#6785 if you want to discuss details or get some help with the app. Otherwise, search True Essence in game and ask if there are any Officers online to help you out!Prolific1 Sep 11
Sep 10 (A)Frostmourne n/aMädheal0 Sep 10
Sep 9 11111111111111 Add "Andre" in game or C.O.DAndre0 Sep 9
Sep 9 842 hunter LF progression guild Can make any days and times from 7pm SVT onwards. very free schedule. looking for a serious raiding guild. Raiding XP: 5/13M SoO (AOTC Garrosh) 5/7M Highmaul (AOTC imperator) Add me on btag: brad9752#1876Xscout0 Sep 9