Jun 11, 2014 [A]11/14HM 10m recruiting 1 RDPS <Infamous Legacy> recruiting recruiting 1 RDPS ilvl565+ raid times wed/sun/mon 6:30-10:30pm svt. some heroic experience prefered but not required. talk to me ingame vinnie#6173Vynnz5 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 Indifference 3/14 Heroic Recruiting Hi guys, Our core team is currently recruiting one geared Lock, 563+ ilvl, with heroic experience preferred. We're also recruiting all raiders of the following classes for trials on our core 2 team (13/14 normals): Elemental Shaman Balance Druid Warlock Resto Shaman 550+ ilvl have some raid exp a plus and be at least close to getting your legendary cloak.Lolliblinn4 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 WTS Formula: Enchant Shield - Lesser Parry Formula: Enchant Shield - Lesser ParryFormula is currently on horde please reply with priceCannon0 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 Returning H Pally LF raiding guild (510) hi all, been away from wow for slightly less then a year, looking to come back to raiding for 5.4 and WoD.<br/>Mature player/30+/stable job/Singaporean <br/><br/>Previously raided t6 content all the way to mid MOP and took a break. <br/>( previously in guilds like Revo/Kopitiam/new bee)<br/><br/>Looking for guilds who raid preferably gmt+8 times wed/thur/sun or mon<br/>Will be willing to change server or faction<br/>Currently in barthilas/alliance( pain in the !@# to do TI OMG)<br/><br/>Will be able to be consistent in attendance and performance.<br/>Definitely no drama.<br/><br/>Currently trying to gear myself up through lft and various means. <br/><br/>Ign : solemf#1642Solemf0 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 Returning H Pally LF raiding guild (510) hi all, been away from wow for slightly less then a year, looking to come back to raiding for 5.4 and WoD. Mature player/30+/stable job/Singaporean Previously raided t6 content all the way to mid MOP and took a break. ( previously in guilds like Revo/Kopitiam/new bee) Looking for guilds who raid preferably gmt+8 times wed/thur/sun or mon Will be willing to change server or faction Currently in barthilas/alliance( pain in the !@# to do TI OMG) Will be able to be consistent in attendance and performance. Definitely no drama. Currently trying to gear myself up through lft and various means. Ign : solemf#1642Solemf0 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 11, 2014 <Natus Vincere> 10/14H LF Resto Druid/Mage Our Vision ___________________________________________________________________ <Natus Vincere> is an Alliance based newly formed guild on Frostmourne. The guild is a reformation of a mix of players ranging from 10 HMode for our least experienced all the way to 14 Hmodes for our most experienced raider. After taking a break from WoW we are rebuilding the elite squad of players to push current heroic content as we prepare for patch 6.0 for Mythic 20 Man raiding. Currently we are looking to form a solid 10 man heroic raiding team and then will look to expand to recruit into our WoD squad. The new squad has been raiding for last 2-3 weeks together. With the release of WoD we wish to aim for a server rank within top 10 for progression. If your looking for a friendly raiding guild who takes raiding seriously to push heroic modes but at the same time looks to have a laugh then this guild is for you. <Natus Vincere> is a family not just a team. ____________________________________________________________________ Schedule ____________________________________________________________________ Raid Times: Wednesday 7:30pm - 10:30pm (AEST) Thursday 7:30pm - 10:30pm (AEST) Sunday 7:30pm - 10:30pm (AEST) Monday (Progression days only and when needed) 7:30pm - 1030pm (AEST) ___________________________________________________________________ Recruiting ___________________________________________________________________ Heals: Resto Druid Range DPS: Mage - with Fire Spec ___________________________________________________________________ Requirements ___________________________________________________________________ - 570++ iLvl - Looking to push 14/14 Heroic Modes, looking for geared and ready people (exceptions can be made) - Heroic experience - Communication (microphone) and Teamspeak 3 - Maturity, Ambition and Respect - Looking for a skilled and experienced raider that knows his class ____________________________________________________________________ Questions & Queries ____________________________________________________________________ If you have any questions about, please feel free to contact: Kqt (BT: kashf1#1545) Wtfisbarto: (BT: wtfisbarto#1573)Kqt2 Jun 11, 2014
Jun 10, 2014 Daish cant log in someone fix it for DaishDaish0 Jun 10, 2014
Jun 10, 2014 Any Horde guild play 10 men raid likekarazhan 10 man raid or regular guild activitiesForsylvanas0 Jun 10, 2014
Jun 10, 2014 Old Content Mount solo carrys. For anyone interested in any of the bosses that drop a mount i am able to solo, leave a reply and i will get back to you once my current buyer gets their mount/cancels the deal. Currently I only have one character that can solo these each week, DK is near gear level I want to start doing it, will update when he is. I have lockouts for all bosses so makes runs a lot faster. Invincible: Previous drops (MM/DD/YY format) 7/11/13 8/9/13 11/9/13 12/30/13 Pureblood Firehawk: Vacant. Drake of the South Wind: Vacant. Mimiron's Head: Will be available once I get my drop. Flametalon of Alysrazor: Will complement Pureblood at the buyers descretion for significantly less than all other mounts. Experiment 12-B: Will be available once I get my drop. Blazing Drake: Will complement Experiment at the buyers descretion for significantly less than all other mounts. Prices change depending on competitors available to solo and overall average gear on the carriers. The state of older content after item squish. I do not expect any help in any form during these solos, although welcome to. I do not expect any hindering due to the buyer wanting mount in question. Please do not bump this thread.ómrdrengr31 Jun 10, 2014
Jun 10, 2014 (H) WTB Garrosh Normal kill Hi, as stated, I would like to buy a Garrosh normal kill on horde side. Please contact me at Pinky#1252Maintenance0 Jun 10, 2014
Jun 10, 2014 WTB Garrosh normal kill As the title says I am looking for a Garrosh normal kill Please name your price either here or in-game via pm or add me on battletag at Gamma022#6984 ThanksGamma1 Jun 10, 2014
Jun 10, 2014 <A> 8/14NM 549 Druid Tank LF 10N Raiding Team As the title says above I am a Guardian Tank LF a 10N raiding team for the remaining SoO and the progression over to WOD. I am willing to submit an application if needed.Wastedliam0 Jun 10, 2014
Jun 10, 2014 [A] <Honestly> 14/14H Recruiting for 25's <Honestly> - Frostmourne Tier 14: US 126, Ocea 12 Tier 15: US 38, Ocea 4 Tier 16: US 62, Ocea 7 Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday 7:30-11:30 SVT Recruiting for 25m's, Currently looking for 1 heals and all exceptional DPS. All players will be considered, however. Pst/mail in game for more info, Nnug#6921Nnug0 Jun 10, 2014
Jun 9, 2014 [A] WTB Heavy Junkbox 10g ea buying in bulk pst or mail me in-game if you have some to offerSem14 Jun 9, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 7/14H 10m team LFM! We are interested in cross-realm raiders! Please refer to the post below: Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 9/14H Holy Paladin LF Raid Team My guild kinda took a break and never recovered a while back and now I'm looking for a new guild progressing on heroics. I'm looking for a relaxed environment of nice people who have progression in their crosshairs. Feel free to message me in game or down below if you have any further questions.Bosspaladin7 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 [H] 9/14HM 574 Mage LF Guild. Like the title says looking for a guild prefer a 11/14+ HM guild 10 or 25 doesn't bother me and also looking to do mythic in WoD, I can fill out applications if needed can make mostly all raid times. btag: lycan#1652Manglz0 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 550 Holy Priest LF Guild I am looking for a normal SoO guild soon to be progressing into heroics. I am 8/14 Heroic on my main (and I know all the fights up to 10/14). I'll be getting my legendary cloak in 1-2 weeks as well. And I am very flexible with raid times. Also, more about me: Earlier this expansion, I was with a solid raiding guild on my main. I would still be with them, however guild drama caused much damage to it. I was willing to stay around if what we had left was salvageable, but too many people left. And so, it caused me to want to gear up my priest more to try and find another guild because I have no interest in playing a guardian druid anymore. I have played a priest healer since wrath, and wanted to start playing it again this expansion. I am hoping to find a guild that offers not only to get the job done as far as raiding, but that's also social and friendly in the process. The reason why I chose PvE over PvP in this game is mostly because of how much I enjoy the social aspect. If interested, please reply here or add my battle tag (Dezay#1284). Edit: I also forgot to mention, I am indeed on Sargeras right now, however I am wanting to transfer if I find the right guild.Dexy0 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 WTS Variety of Pets Hi all, I'm just a small time pet seller looking to make some extra gold. As I don't sell pets often, I am not sure on the prices, but am looking to sell the following: Living Sandling Phoenix Hatchling Proto-Drake Whelp Snarly's Bucket Egbert's Egg Please mail me in game or reply on forum regarding the petsTotemcough0 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 8, 2014 [A] <Guild repairs> 7/14HM LFM DPS/Heals Guild Repairs is a 10 man heroic raiding guild on Frostmourne Alliance progressing quickly, we are looking for geared and experienced Members if your class/spec is not listed below but you feel we may be the right guild for you feel free to contact me! We are looking for members who are at least 560+ and tackling heroic already. We raid Wed-Sun-Mon 7:30-1030 AEST DPS: Mage/warlock~ High Priority Heals: Shammy/pally Tank: Please contact the real ID: Mightadin#1330, Shnoozg#1786Cicatriser9 Jun 8, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 572 resto druid LF Guild 8/14hm I am looking for a guild that raids any days at any times just not sundays. #Jellyfish1817 O my mate said to add that I am a proven healer o.ORootsforall2 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 7, 2014 8/14 Heroic Dps DK LF Raiding guild Hey there guys. im 8/14 killed on heroic with 9/14 experince, when d3 hit my guild kinda took a break never recovered now im looking to join a raiding guild with pref 2-4/14 heroic but would be willing to settle for less if the guild an i click. Im mainly looking to find a WoD mythic raiding team in the future. Please feel free to message me ingame or here.Valoc5 Jun 7, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 [A]Sunjois 25m SoO GDKP Fri 6th June 7:15pmST Please not this thread is for 6th June, I will not be running a raid on friday 30th May as I have plans sorry. Week 1. 474K - 18.9k each. 10/14 Week 2. 1 MILL - 40k each. 1H + 13/14 Week 3. 788K - 31.5k each. 1H + 14/14 Week 4. 1 MILL - 40K each. 1H + 13/14 Week 5. 1.33 MILL - 53.8k each. 1H + 14/14 Week 6. 1.1 MILL - 44k each. 1H + 13/14 Week 7. 947K - 39.4k each . 1H + 13/14 Week 8. 1.18 MILL - 47.2k each 1H + 14/14 Week 9. 859K - 35.1k each. 2H + 13/14 Week 10. 943K - 37.3k each. 2H + 13/14 Week 11. 1.13 MILL - 45.2k each. 1H + 13/14 Week 12. 999K - 40.1k each. 1H + 13/14 Week 13. 925K - 37.4k each. 2H + 14/14 Week 14. 1.27 MILL - 51k each. 1H + 14/14 Week 15. 1.39 MILL - 55.6k each. 1H + 14/14 Week 16. 1.15 MILL - 46.2k each. 2H + 14/14 Week 17. 1.12 MILL - 44.8k each - 2H + 14/14 Week 18. 1.34 MILL - 56.5k each - 3H + 14/14 Week 19. 1.29 MILL - 51.7k each - 2H + 14/14 Week 20. 1.16 MILL - 47.3k each - 2H + 14/14 Week 21. 1.11 MILL - 44.7k each - 5H + 14/14 Week 22. 1.22 MILL - 49k each - 4H + 14/14 Week 23. 973k - 38.9k each 6H + 14/14 Week 24. 838k - 33.5k each . 4H + 14/14 GDKP Logs: Will do 3-7 heroics depending on how many buyers/carriers we have at the time. If you are new to this, sign up on this forums like this; Chara name - Sunjoi Class/Spec/ilvl - Hunter / Surv / 579 Gold - 200k Armory - Mains raid exp - 14/14 H Rules- Anyone not familiar with what a GDKP (gold) run is please read> This is a GDKP run. All items of value (Epics, Spirt of war, Pets ect) that drop will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The combined Gold Pot from all Auction Sales will be split evenly 25-ways to everyone at the end of the raid. Raid members will only receive their share of the gold pot if they are present in the raid when the final boss dies, no exceptions. You forfeit your share of the Pot if you have to leave early or need to be replaced. MUST HAVE VENT READY TO GO WHEN WE DO INVITES! You may be replaced if: - You AFK for more than 10 minutes without informing the Raid Leader - You DC for more than 10 minutes - Your Raid Performance is terrible, Eg: You don't listen to Raid Leader's instructions, DPS is terrible for your level of gear etc. - You will also be kicked if you do not bid on anything, that is an ilvl increase. All Auctions and Bids will be in public raid chat. Items have minimum bids, but no maximum bid. No private tells for bids are accepted. No loot is reserved and there is no main spec or off spec. The mod GDKPd will be used to keep track of bids and pot size which will be managed by the raid leader. Everyone must bring flasks to the raid. Feasts or carts will be provided and dropped only after half the raid needs more. Bring extra food along if you're going to die a lot. Starting Bids: Normal Armor - 5k Warforged Armor - 10k Tier Tokens - 15k (gloves/pants 10k) Normal Weapons - 15k Warforged Weapons - 25k Normal Trinkets - 15k Warforged Trinkets - 25k Heroic items are 10k more expensive per category Minium bidding increments of 1k. If an item receives no bids it will be DE'ed, no exceptions. All raid members are expected to be fully gemed, enchanted, reforged, meta ect.... Unless otherwise specified by the raid leader. ===================================== Friday 6th June 7:15PM ST > 1:00AM Raid List. ===================================== Tank - Khaleesi [100k-] (warrior 571) Tank - warbringer (warrior 581) Melee - Aruthär [210k] (paly 558) Melee - Asunayuukî [120k] (dk 559) Melee - Çalia [200k] (dk 570) Melee - Bombsta [160k] (paly 574) Melee - goyalice (druid 575) Range - Moriici [200k] (lock 540) Range - Ingredientxo [200k] (hunter 514) Range - Phearsum [160k] [lock 540) Range - Priestbeeast [350k] (priest 570) Range - Zuriana [250k] (mage 572) Range - Rexy [200k] (druid 574) Range - valley [200k] (priest 570) [+alt rogue] Range - Talisín (mage 581) {late} Range - Giñgerdeath (575) Range - Haggerti (hunter 578) Range - Tenkai [100k-] (hunter 573) Range - Vosska (mage 573) Range - Jadeedshadow (shaman 563) Healer - Mystère [100k-] (priest 573) Healer - Dellusional [60k] (shaman 571) Healer - worgsun [100k-] (druid 572) Healer - Ratxox [120k] (paly 584) Healer - Yeabrah [350k] (druid 575) Reserves - Please note that being a GDKP raid spots are available to buyers with the highest gold, if you notice your name go into reserve its because another person is willing to spend more than you. Anyone interested please post on the forums to get onto the list. The list is subject to change, it is in no way set it stone.Sunjoi30 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 [H] WTB SoO carry Hi everyone, I wanted to know if there's anyone who can carry this alt in Normal SoO. Tell me your price in game not 40k per wing for 60k more i can have Avast Heroic carry. Thanks a lot !Rägnär1 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 MEGA SERVER LAG I heard a few people in the capital complaining but just wanted to make sure everyone is experiencing it. How bad is it for you? they at least fixed the log in timeNefariouswar0 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 571 Spriest / 553 disc LF HM guild 10/14H xp Hi all, Looking for a similar xp 25 ( or 10) man guild ally side to finish up the tier and prepare for heroic and mythic raiding in WoD. Ideally looking for Wed, Thurs & Mon nights, but can be flexible. Anytime between 7-1130 svr. time would be best. Also gearing a tank as needed and 9/9 gold CM xp for interested guildies. Pst me in game with questions, Reignmaker#1567.Raynemaker12 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 6, 2014 574 9/14HM mage looking for WoD home. As the title says I am looking for a guild for WoD progression / finishing SoO can submit applications if needed btag: lycan#1652Manglz1 Jun 6, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 What is love? .....?Damargis25 Jun 5, 2014
Jun 5, 2014 <Natus Vincere> 10/14H LF Proc Warrior Hi Guys, As title states we are currently looking for a Protection Warrior. We are looking for a skilled and experienced raider that knows his class and can play offspec DPS as well. Requirements: - Working microphone - Teamspeak 3 - 570+ Item Level or close - Some heroic experience Times: 730pm - 1030pm AEST Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday Contact: Kqt : kashf1#1545Kqt0 Jun 5, 2014
Jun 4, 2014 Should I transfer? I have looked at this server for a while now and I'm wondering if transferring from Area 52 to this would be a good idea because of the Horde/Alliance ratio was the best I could find.Drildaeth1 Jun 4, 2014
Jun 4, 2014 WTB Full run 14/14 SoO N10 carry Everything is in the title I need to gear 2 alts so I need 2 different runs. Add DIDI17#1584 for offers or tell me your price. See you in-game.Babibel2 Jun 4, 2014
Jun 4, 2014 Experienced resto shaman lf raiding guild Hi all, been away from the game for a while just come back and looking to get into the end of MOP and WoD, experienced raid leader through cataclysm and start of mop. pm in game if interestedRikena2 Jun 4, 2014
Jun 4, 2014 WTB SoO 13/14 NORM CARRY with loots Prefer 25 man. 13/14 without Garrosh including all the loots. pm me offers Emporio#6157Embborio0 Jun 4, 2014
Jun 3, 2014 WTB garosh kill before instance resets tonigh Jellyfish#1817Rootsforall0 Jun 3, 2014
Jun 3, 2014 [A] WTS Alani 20k As title says, 20k for alani. i have the skyshards you have leader and ML. SemTex#1221Xithius0 Jun 3, 2014
Jun 3, 2014 WTS 250k Heroic Garrosh & Mount this week Last Attempt of Thaurissan Horde selling heroic garrosh kill with mount for 250k, usually booked out weeks in advance, last minute opportunity this week. You will need to have enough gold on Thaurissan or Dreadmaul Horde to make a deposit to secure the spot, and pay the rest before pull. For more information, please visit: Happy raiding!Quidproquo0 Jun 3, 2014
Jun 2, 2014 [WARNING] Herald of the Titans There is a man in Frostmourne trade that quite often sells Herald of the Titans runs. I thought I should warn you all about him. He will take your money and recruit the rest of the group in trade, most of the time this is people that have no idea how to do the fight. If the pug group he puts together fails he blocks you and refuses to refund you. Obviously I can't say his name but if you see him recruiting in trade DO NOT BUY A RUN.Kayalle4 Jun 2, 2014
Jun 2, 2014 wtb NM Garry kill tmro night 2/6/14 anytime sup, looking to buy a NM garry kill anytime tmro. Would buy one tonight but doing heroic prog on my main. 14/14nm 8/14 heroic exp, know my !@#$ not a mechanical carry but dps wise more than likely. (lol shadow) cheers Proz#6185Nofu1 Jun 2, 2014
Jun 2, 2014 Selling Alani Mount Alliance side 30k I got a Skycrystal ready to go. The sale goes like this: - You will open trade and I'll put in the sky crystal for proof. - You pay up front. (Open a ticket if I 'scam' you, although I won't) - We group up, and you get master looter. - I cast the crystal on Alani and I help you kill her. - You get the Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent. Selling for 30k pst me ingame my battletag Grego#1389Koldia0 Jun 2, 2014
Jun 2, 2014 [A] <Novus> Recruiting .Xithius20 Jun 2, 2014
Jun 2, 2014 578 Prot Pally LF A/H Heroic raiding guild. Sup friends, I'm looking to get back in to raiding because I am a hollow shell of the man I used to be without it. I am currently 9/14 Heroic, all of which I did before 2014, I have extensive raid experience in all tiers, on heroic. I am an extremely competent and capable player. I am also very competent at Ret, and i'll be willing to respec and deeps (574 ilvl). Currently my hours are very flexible and I am looking for 3-4 days a week. Hit me up in-game if you want to know more info; Kashmir#1751. Cheers -Kash.Kashmir22 Jun 2, 2014
Jun 1, 2014 WTB level 17+ Alliance guild WTB a level 17+ Alliance guild My btag: wbrandon#1499 Thanks!Jmbalt0 Jun 1, 2014
Jun 1, 2014 581 Lock LF Guild 12/14 HMs Basically, my current guild is dead. 581 ilvl 12/14 HMs Gmt +10, 7:30pm onwards. 7/9 Paragons dead, learn quickly, do well. Have vent/mumble/ts and a working mic, speak and understand English fluently. Preferred three nights a week (Wed/Thurs/Mon), can also raid Sunday's if necessary. Naffyboi#1509Markofchaos9 Jun 1, 2014
Jun 1, 2014 RIP Klindas Beard As seen live on twitch Jun 1, 2014
Jun 1, 2014 [A] 7/14HM Frostmourne 10 man guild LFM! Guild Repairs is a 10 man raiding guild on frostmourne Alliance we are looking for active and keen raiders to fill our team. We are progressing fast and are looking to fill our core spots ASAP. Raid times: Wed-Sun-Mon 7:30-1030 AEST We are in need of: DPS: Moonkin/Mage Heals: Paladin/Shammy Tanks: If your class/spec is not here but your interested on having a trial please contact my real ID Also. Mightadin#1330 Shnoozg#1786Cicatriser0 Jun 1, 2014
Jun 1, 2014 <Just Heal Through It>25m LF DPS/Heals 11/14h Just Heal Through It - Frostmourne 11/14h (10m) We're a bunch of mature raiders who like to relax and enjoy raiding whilst downing the content. We're currently on the lookout for more DPS, specifically the classes below. = Raid Days/Times = Thurs, Sun, Mon - 8pm until 11pm SVT = Classes we're looking for = Open to all classes = What we expect from you = * Availability for ALL of our raid days/times. * Ventrillo with a working/clear microphone * Stable internet (Especially going into 25m) * Exceptional understanding of your own class * Ability to adhere to mechanics in raids to a decent standard =Min ILVL= 565ilvl If you're interested in joining and think you'd fit in well with our core group, pst/mail Paladina (Guild Master) battletag: babydoll#1299 Lycurgos (Officer) Pneumatix (Raid Leader) battletag: pneu#1539 or just apply:á73 Jun 1, 2014
May 31, 2014 WTB Level 25 Alliance Guilds Hello all, As per thread title. Kindly leave your contact and offers in this thread, or feel free to PM me in game. Thanks :) Regards, XenaXenagoth1 May 31, 2014
May 31, 2014 [A] 569 Frost Mage LF Raiding Guild As per title, I'm looking for an Alliance Raiding Guild. Doesnt matter what raid times are. I am horde on Barthilas atm, but will be transfering if I get a good offer. Add Zizzkonk#1167 for more information. Excited to hear from you!!Zizzkonk1 May 31, 2014
May 31, 2014 <Noctus Sero> Recruiting for Flex mode <Noctus Sero> is a group of older raiders looking to get back into it in WoD. Starting with flex and normal modes at the end of MoP. Raid nights currently Sunday/Wednesday. With times to be decided. Recruiting all classes and players. Add me on Real ID Solat#1443 or add Solat or Mccready in game to have a chatMccready0 May 31, 2014