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Nov 22, 2010
Introducing the Guild Mentoring Program Azeroth needs more heroes to rise through the ranks and your guild can help. We’re looking for a few good guilds to volunteer for the new Guild Mentoring Program. Guilds participating in the program will take part in identifying new players within selected realms, offering to invite them into the guild, and teaching them the ways of Azeroth as they level and reach the end game content. F.A.Q. Q. What is the Guild Mentoring Program? A. The guild mentoring program identifies guilds on select realms to act as mentors for new and low level players (below level 85). Q. How long does the Guild Mentoring Program run for? A. The Guild Mentoring Program will run for a period of four months from the time that guilds are selected and notified. Q. Is there a certain criteria for being selected as a mentoring guild? A. Guilds must meet certain criteria to be considered for the Guild Mentoring Program: Guilds must be located on one of the selected realms. They must be willing to commit to the program for a four month period. They must be willing to change their name for the four month Guild Mentoring participation period. (Names will be changed back at the end of the program.) Guilds must be at least level 6 and have an active membership. Q. How many guilds will be recruiting per realm? A. Only one guild will be selected per faction on each realm. Q. What does my guild need to do to volunteer? A. The guild leader will need to submit an application to with the following information: Current guild name and guild leader name Current realm and faction of the applying guild Current guild level and number of guild members Guild leader’s real name and phone number (this information will not be published and is for internal use only) Brief description of the Mentoring Guild Q. How long are you accepting applications for? A. We will be accepting applications for two weeks. We will then select a guild for the Guild Mentoring Program from those that meet the criteria and contact the guild leader. Q. On what realms will this program be available? A. Mentoring guilds will be chosen for the following realms: US Realms Aggramar Azuremyst Blackhand Cenarius Dalaran Doomhammer Garona Garrosh Ravencrest Sen'jin Shu'halo Ysera Oceanic Realms Dath'Remar Saurfang Q. Do participating guilds get anything special? A. Some of the benefits for taking part in the program include: MVP status on the forums for the guild leader and recruitment officer Guild member private forum access Recognition for your guild as being participants in the program Kaivax7
Mar 28, 2015
Guild Mentoring Program: Launch Initiated We recently introduced the Guild Mentoring Program and asked for a few great guilds to volunteer their time and services. The call was heard and answered with many potential candidates sending in their applications to do their part. After further scrutiny, gazing at crystal balls, and a visit to the Darkmoon Faire (we love the food), we have called forth the following guilds on Garona to serve as mentors for a new generation of heroes: Fair Enough, now known as Blizzard Mentor Alliance Focus Fire, now known as Blizzard Mentor HordeIf you are a new player to World of Warcraft, this would be a great opportunity to get connected with seasoned veterans who are here to assist you. Learn more about the Guild Mentoring program in our FAQ. Crithto0
Sep 8, 2012
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Looking for older adult social guild Title pretty much says it all. I'm an older adult - grew up in the '60's and looking for folks that share common life experiences, music, etc. My kids are grown, and though I'm not retired, that day is coming. I have a number of horde and allied toons, 100 and lower. I'm currently enjoying leveling classes I've never leveled before. Right now it's a subtlety rogue, but there are many others. I'm an experienced tank (druid and warrior) and healer (mostly druid, but some disc priest). My tanking and healing was mostly done at the 90 and below level. I am not a hard core raider or elite in any way, but I'm certainly competent. Would love to tank/heal current content with guildies. I like to help others, will not tolerate drama, and generally pitch in to help. I don't particularly like bad language, but I was a sailor for 20 years and have heard it all before. I'm also an experienced GM. I had a guild that shall remain nameless on another realm a while back that is still going strong with over 400 people in it. I also have horde and allied guilds here on Garona, but my recruiting skills are not the greatest, and starting a guild with one person is pretty rough. I might let them go. I play pretty much 7 days a week, late afternoon and evening eastern time. Unfortunately, my friends have mostly quit the game. I just can't seem to shake it. I don't type particularly well and like to use voice chat, so extra credit if your guild uses mumble or some such. Magots1
2d 4d Jul 20
[A] 8/8 Gold CM Carries 750k FEEDBACK THREAD #1 FEEDBACK THREAD #2 FEEDBACK THREAD #3 *ask about the slots available very early / very late Sunday and Monday. Aerie Peak / Lightbringer / Sargeras / Garona Every other realm @1000k PRE-PATCH WILL BE LANDING JULY 19TH, PLEASE BE SURE TO CONTACT US QUICKLY! SUBSTANTIAL OFFERS ARE OPEN FOR THE VERY LAST SLOTS WE HAVE OPEN. MAKE AN OFFER FOR A SLOT THAT YOU WANT, IF NOBODY WANTS TO COMPETE/OUTBID FOR IT, YOU GRAB IT. Our group of players GUARANTEE a clean and quick 8 of 8 gold challenge mode carry for any class or spec. We are willing to accept gold from multiple realms and especially Garona, just ask! Our line up consists of experienced mythic raiders that are multi-9/9 and 8/8 on many different classes, the current pool of players we use for selling these runs include: The rewards of obtaining gold in all 8 challenge mode dungeons include: Title: Name, The Indomitable Mount: ... Weapon Transmogs: ... MMOchampion video of the weapon animations, Challenger Savina also displays the weapon in her inventory if you want to see what they look like on your character. Achievements: 360 points Requirements: Must have mumble installed with working headphones/speakers. You must have done all 8 of the heroic 5 man dungeons at least once on the character you plan to bring. At least 3 hours of uninterrupted time in order to complete all 8 challenges back to back.Payments: The gold must be paid upfront 750k total before we begin. Scheduling: Contact Retromen#1227 for scheduling. I will schedule a date and time that works best for you. Operating hours: Friday: 12:00 PM PST - 12:00 AM PST Saturday: 12:00 PM PST - 12:00 AM PST Sunday: 12:00 PM PST - 12:00 AM PST Contacting Me: Retromen#1227 Dreamkin-Garona Hawtnightelf-AeriePeak Nhi-Aeriepeak This forum post. Ingame Mail. Have any questions about challenge modes/sales? Don't hesitate to contact me. Dreamkin13
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Surgery's GDKP is back Just seeing if anyone would be interested in this for the Garona Server, I ran these back in Wrath when we were doing ICC and they were quite successful and lucrative. What: Surgery’s GDKP 30 When: Saturday 5/22/16 8:30 PM - 12:30 PM Server Time Lead: Surgery/Bigeazy How: Sign up (use template below) and /join GDKP in game ***** BASICS ***** -GDKP stands for "Gold-DKP". It can also be known by similar names such as "Gold runs", "GKP runs", "Cash runs". - Everything of value will be auctioned off in raid chat. The highest bidder receives the item and the gold they pay is added to "The Pot" - "The Pot" keeps growing in value until the end of the run - "The Pot" is split evenly at the end of the run to all 30 players in the raid present when the final boss dies. Everyone gets an equal share. - There is no mainspec > offspec priority, its gold which determines who gets what. ***** RULES ***** 1. All Auctions and Bids will be in public raid chat. Items will have minimum bids, but no maximum bid. No private tells for bids are accepted. No loot is reserved. No item limit. There is no extra loot/gold for the raid leader. 2. Raid members will only receive their share of the gold pot if they are present in the raid when the final boss dies, no exceptions. If you leave early, you forfeit your share of the pot. 3. In the event a player is AFK for an extended period without notice - or performs poorly - a fair first warning will be given, but they may be removed from the raid and/or forfeit their share of the pot if it continues. 4. Gold must be immediately payable, sorry no IOUs. If you win an auction and refuse to pay you will be kicked and banned from future runs. 5. We are here to have some fun raiding, kill bosses, and make gold leave the drama out of Raid chat, GDKP channel, and vent. Items will start at 5000g with a 1000 minimum increment between bids. Tokens/tier pieces will start at 10000g. Raid performance will be tracked and will be a factor in invites in subsequent weeks. ***** Sign Up ***** Must be heroic geared at a minimum. Name & Class & Raid Spec: Equipped ILvL: Hellfire Citadel Raid Experience: Ever run a GDKP with me before? On which toon? Calendar invites should go out by Thursday before raid. Accept by Friday before or be replaced. No shows are not taken lightly - they will be tracked and will effect invites for subsequent raids. Once you are on the roster below you can be 95% sure that you have a spot. Once you have a calendar invite you can be 100% sure you have a spot. Come prepared w/flasks/food/potions and runes if you use them. Surgery4
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New Horde Guild Forming - Garona I was in a social guild for a couple of years that at first was a wonderful experience, but then it got not so wonderful. Basically, I think it just got too big, with a couple hundred members. Even though we were pretty selective about recruiting, things got chaotic and we lost track of who and what we were. I played with that guild for about 2 years and then quit the game. I've tanked, healed and done dps at 90 through Mysts. I quit after I got my first couple of garrisons. After taking a year or so off, I'm back and wanting to try to build my own version of The Perfect Guild, for which I am very carefully recruiting. I'm going to try not to make the same mistakes we made last time. If you have never helped start a guild from scratch, search around for what this means, as we may not be the right place for you. If you like the idea of helping to create something of lasting value from scratch, are not in a big hurry, and don't mind the fact that we don't yet have all the bells and whistles, then maybe we are. I'm on the Garona realm, and Garona is paired with Ner’zhul and Sargeras, so you will need to have a toon on one of these or be willing to roll one. We're going to be small. No more than 20 members at any one time, although the number 20 is subject to change. But hopefully you get the idea. I want enough guild mates to be able to do dungeons and classic raids, but I also want to know everyone in the guild. I want my guild mates to be my in-game friends. It's going to be for MATURE players. Please be over 30. We're going to be a family style, social guild. Not looking for hard core raiders or elitists. I don't run recount, and don't care about item level. We will level, do dungeons, classic raids, and maybe LFRs. I like the idea of doing things together with friends. Personally, I don't much do PvP, but I don't mind if you do. I don't like excessive bad language. We're adults and will all revert sometimes, but I really like politeness. Let's keep politics and religion out of our guild. Like you, I have strong opinions, but WoW is not the place to voice them. I don't type particularly well, I prefer voice chat, and I have a mumble server. Please join me. For me, WoW is about relaxation, and not always about competition. Above all, I want my WoW experience and yours to be relaxed and positive, taking us away from the daily stresses of being an adult and having a real life. I don't much care about anything else. Please be male or female, and have a toon of any Horde race, class and level. If you want to level with a friend, I'll happily roll another toon and level with you, and the kind of folks I'm looking for will too! If all this sounds like your kind of place, reply here or send me a mail in game or just request to join! I play most days in the afternoon and evening eastern time. I have several toons, both Horde and Alliance, and play them all, so looking for me online to whisper is going to be touch and go. Oh, and by the way, if this works, I'll also likely start a similar Alliance guild :) Dynix1
May 1
LBB (Tu/Wed) Recruiting for Mythic Progress Hey Garona! General recruitment blurb below but LBB is moving into Mythic and if you're a skilled and geared player who would like to progress on mythic bosses please get in touch. Los Burritos Banditos (or LBB for short) of Garona is currently looking for skilled players who want to progress into mythic content. Our roster has been hovering around 16-18 players as we've been farming heroic HFC for a few months and we're pushing pass the "recruitment" boss and moving into mythic progress. We expect our members to play at a high level in a laidback, generally low-stress raiding environment. We want people who can bring a positive attitude, above average performance, and have a low tolerance for people who like to start drama. We do expect our members to be listening as we communicate a lot on some of the fights when needed. Mumble is required. Highly skilled players who's gear is not at mythic levels can be helped along with Heroic gear. Unlike a lot of raiding guilds, we are fairly active on non-raid nights. Most of us enjoy playing other games with each other (Like Diablo) and are generally doing something in game, and talking to each other about random things. Progression 2/13M 13/13H Schedule 6:30-10:30PM Central Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Recruitment Priorities High Priority -DPS Druid with Resto OS -Rogue -Holy Paladin -Mage Medium Priority -Warlock -Spriest -Plate DPS We are heavy on hunters currently, but if you aren't one of these classes above but are confident in your skills don't hesitate to send us a message. Feel free to contact one of us if you think our guild is the right fit for you, and please refer to this post when contacting one of us. saune#1704 (myself) Lealion#1841 (GM) Emaciator3
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<Umbrella Corporation>(6/13 M) LFM DPS Mythic Garona, <Umbrella Corporation> is looking for DPS ready and able to contribute to Mythic Hellfire Citadel! If you are feeling hopelessly stuck in your progression because others can't dodge fire or you are just tired of the pugging scene, check us out! We would love for you to come and take a look at our group. Currently we are 6/13 M and have core roster spots available. We hope to hear back from you, but if not we wish you the best of luck. Thanks for your time! **[A][US]<Umbrella Corporation> (Mon/Wed/Thur 8-11 CST) LFM for M HFC** **Reasons to Join:** - Guaranteed Active Roster Spot - Show us your commitment and we'll commit to you - Free Guild Repairs - 1000 gold Repair Budget for Core Raiders - Short Trial Period - Usually just a 3 hour raid trial + 2 weeks (partially loot eligible during this time) - Consumables & Resources Provided - Flasks, Pots, Runes, Enchants, Gems - Stable Guild - Actively raiding since Cataclysm **Recruiting:** We are fortunate to have some flexibility with our recruitment. We seriously consider all skilled players, while also having a few openings for a few select roles. Please keep in mind that for mythic raiding we expect you to have the legendary ring already because without it you simply won't be competitive. - Competitive Minded DPS (55k+ DPS and desire to top meters without failing mechanics) **About <Umbrella Corporation>:** Currently the raid team has an average ilvl of 725. During raids, we usually joke around during trash but we expect everyone to be focused during fights. We also expect > 95% attendance from our raiders because gearing someone up who only shows up 2 out of 3 days or takes 3 weeks off after a month hurts everyone. We are a very friendly and open group, and many people that have played with us have been surprised at how fun our raids are for a guild that focuses on progression. **Contact Us:** If you're interested, apply here for the quickest response ( or contact: Super (Btag Supersasian#1536) Thomp (Btag Thomp#1338) Thompysama7
Dec 22