Feb 24, 2012 [H] Vengeance Inc is LFM! Vengeance Inc is a level 25 casual friendly raid guild that is looking to fill out some recently vacated spots in its second raid team. Our usual raid times are 8-11 pm Tuesday and Thursday. Due to issues with missing members we're currently limited to one solid raid night a week and are 5/8. We're looking for a solid ranged dps (Could really use a Hunter) and a pair of healers to help us get back on track. If you're interested in raiding with us please stop by our website and toss up an app! Rizo1 Feb 24, 2012
Feb 23, 2012 Easily Amused Guild Recruitment! Easily Amused is a late night raiding guild searching for dedicated raid members to fill our ranks. A dedicated raid member in Easily Amused's eyes is a player who consistently shows up for raids on time (or before), has a respectable and kind attitude, and comes prepared to raid, knowing fights, gemmed, enchanted, etc. We are currently welcoming all specs and classes, however a minimum ilevel of 375 is needed to join. Send Kibasama or Keineschwanz in-game mail or a tell for more information! Hope to see you online. Raid Times: (East Coast Server Times) Tuesday: 11:45pm - 3am Thursday: 11:45pm - 3am Sunday: (Continuation if needed) 11:45pm - 3am Loot System: Our loot system is currently Main Spec over Off Spec Rolls. However, multiple pieces of loot going to a single player will be noted and handled by the officers. Kibasama0 Feb 23, 2012
Feb 22, 2012 Is this realm a good transfer point? Now, before I begin, I know that transfer threads are considered "bad". But, I still would like to transfer here. How's the raiding progression and the balance Alliance to Horde, etc? Is this a good realm to transfer to economically? Thanks.Sortep3 Feb 22, 2012
Feb 19, 2012 85 Resto Druid & 85 Prot Pally LF Raid Guild Hola fellow WoW'ers (is that a term?) My wife and I are looking for a raiding guild that is in need of a Tank and a Healer. Both of us have raided Pre-Patch BT and SW, so we know the ropes when it comes to raids. We are decently geared, take a looksie for yourself... Anyway, hit me up in game if anyone has openings =) Chlorophyll & Hexzena Chlorophyll1 Feb 19, 2012
Feb 19, 2012 i lvl 380 hunter looking for guild hey i am a i lvl 380 hunter just came back from a little break from the game getting my gear where it needs to be pre raid my raid times are mon/thrus/tues/fri(any of those) which times that can vary from 6-12(est) if intrested post of whisper in game, will to transfer to any horde guild/ server or email me @ liam_donkey24@hotmail.comHozluzlok0 Feb 19, 2012
Feb 19, 2012 Weekend Raiding Guild LFM <Shadows of the Risen> is now recruiting to help fill our core team to get started into Dragon Soul. Raid times are limited to Friday and Saturday currently starting at 5, sometimes 6 EST. We have a few members interested in PvP and run arenas weekly who are looking for some new people to arena with as well What we are looking for: Friendly players who know their classes Punctual players Those who like to have a good time during raids, but still get things done What we need from you: Atleast 95% attendance Fully Gemmed, Enchanted, all that good stuff Have Raidcall installed, or willing to install it, we use it for raids Current needs: Tanks - High mDPS - low rDPS - Medium Healers - Medium Extra: We run old school raids on Sunday nights normally, for Transmog, Achievments, and some good fun Please apply at or contact me, or Sylphora ingameHolytrauma0 Feb 19, 2012
Feb 18, 2012 WTB Swiftsteel Shoulders I'm looking to buy Swiftsteel Shoulders, or the recipie to make it. Also I'm looking for Shoulders of Lightning Reflexes. If you have these, can make them or anything msg me in game or post back on here! Thanks!Anenceon0 Feb 18, 2012
Feb 16, 2012 WTS Apparatus of Khaz'Goroth I'm selling Apparatus of Khaz'goroth on the AH for 40k. I've seen online it has gone for 45k-70k, so this is a bit lessAnenceon1 Feb 16, 2012
Feb 15, 2012 <Invictus> Casual Mode: Recruiting Yes, we are back! In ALOT more casual way. We are a level 25 guild. We will run a 10-man twice a week for a couple of hours. Of course we will do other things as a guild/friends but the reason a lot of us quit was because we got burnt out on having to be online sooooo much. Monday and Weds, 10:30pm-12:30am ST are what we are currently looking at. We unfortunately were not able to get 10 of the original back together (only 9), so we need one more ranged. A Hunter, Boomkin, or Mage. Now, yes, we are more casual this go round BUT that does not mean that baddies are welcome to inquire. We don't care if you are under geared as most of us are since we just came back. Those of you that know us know that at the risk of sounding like an !@# are very skilled players. We practice and do the simcrafting/research in order to be that way. Not because we have to but because who wants to be at the bottom of the charts? Those of you that don't know us. We are a fun group of mature players. Current roster in case some of you wondering who is back: Zip-Pally tank, elitist jerk.... ;) Yoda-Bear tank BB-DK, in love with Zelda Mill-2 of everything, ugh, playing SPriest Tim-5 of everything, wow, playing Rogue Karo-Sham heals, horny french man Singleronnie-Pally heals Dayquil-DPriest Vulp-Our super warlock girl. So if you know your hunter, boomy, mage inside and out; wanna have fun; wanna kill $%^- with us then lets doooo eeeet! Sorry for the wall of text.... Zipspally4 Feb 15, 2012
Feb 14, 2012 [H] LF Casual Players for a quality gchat <En Taro Adun> is looking for the following some like you! We are interested in the following. * Casual, down-to-earth, and mature player * Any class, play style, and level * Sense of humor accompanied by good personality We are We used to be a 10 man raid guild forged from friendship, silliness, and leather bondage since BC. As the seasons passed, with babies being born, demanding career, social obligations, our guild focus shifted accordingly. Now--with most of us average age of 27--we enjoy the game in a more casual, transparent environment. We enjoy WoW as more of a game than an obligation as it used to be. Below are some quick bullet point about us * A small guild that desires to grow to a decent size (8-15 active players), but not too big * The guild is based on questing, pvping, achievements, leveling * We welcome Alts and Re-rollers * We value our g-chat quality (Please no noobzor or pwnz-u shizzy dizzy) We are looking for someone just like you to join in our silly adventure filled with bandages, laughter, and "O'RLY??!?!" For more info please feel free to PST Thanks! Var Currently we're giving extra love to Melee class.Varzeus4 Feb 14, 2012
Feb 11, 2012 LF Ret Pally for 5s In need of a Ret Pally, i dont care if your god and all that, just be a ret pally and have pvp gear and skypeFiobonk1 Feb 11, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 Reinforce looking for Raiders/Players Guild Level 25. LFM Ranged Dps. Raiding times are Sat at 9pm-12am+ Garrosh server time. We raid DS 10 man progression, Baradin Hold before we go or after depending battle times. Others raids are randomly allowed and can be/are posted on calendar incl. transmogrify runs. We are casual people and do not want people that rage/drama. We want people that know their class and are willing to learn fights. We welcome all players and lvls. We pay for guild repairs, and have a 7 tab Guild bank u can buy or receive all mats or gems, pots, etc. from. Please have Ventrilo. Pst me in game or send me a in game mail for more info or a trial. Thank YouBlloodwrath0 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 2, 2012 PVPers out there? any horde players interested in putting together a group or guild for some world pvp to gain achievements and rated bgs and arenas? there seem to be no places to run rated bgs and set up 3v3 and 5v5 teams. Anyone interested please reply to this post or message wurk in game. Wurk2 Feb 2, 2012
Feb 2, 2012 [A] Affliction Lock LF 3's. howdy folks. lookin' for a steady 3's team with a realistic goal of 1800. interested in running RLS, shadowplay, shadowcleave or MLS. however, while those are class specific comps, i'll trade fotm for consistent play time. don't wanna rage, hate or moan. just wanna have fun in arena. can play most every night from 8pm - 11pm est. possibly earlier, rarely later. please have a minimum goal of 1800 in mind and have/use skype. thanks.Kittenbits3 Feb 2, 2012
Feb 2, 2012 Mdps Seeking DS raid. About me; Fury dps warrior. Will spec arms if needed. Looking for 2 night a week raid ( max 3 ) Looking for a raid that can at least complete first 4 bosses, willing to wipe learning rest. I bring my own food, flasks and money for repairs. I have experience all of 10 man DS. My best raiding acheesement imo is cthun prenerf on a Old warrior named sleyvas. I dont care about achievement. Ill pummel when needed. Ill sunder if lacking, Ill attack a mob that doesnt pad my meters. I have vent installed and bigwigs. My world of logs can be found on under tasty meat puppets but my latest logs are sans a few upgrades including the sword off madness. I can make seafood manifique. I do not want to leave my guild. Sorry for the annoying bullet point like post, normally i make a post that is more personal but id rather give you the 411 straight up. Should any raid be interested in having a loyal, responsible melee dps please hit me up IN GAME. i will probably not check this. Just signing in the the forums seeing some of the titles of some posts made me abit queasy. Thank you for your time. :)Kahvi0 Feb 2, 2012
Jan 31, 2012 1000 Gold to anyone that gets Mankrik I am paying 1000g for anyone that gets Mankrik as a Helper for the Protectors of Hyjal Daily quest. Just keep the quest in your log and contact me in game, I am online between 4 and 11PM most every day.Naturecold2 Jan 31, 2012
Jan 31, 2012 [H] Azeroth Trading Co - All levels/classes! Hello, Azeroth Trading Co, Is recruiting all levels and classes in-game! This guild is used pretty much for anything you wish to be used for. If you wish to level up, do dungeons, PvP, etc., All are welcome. We are hoping to do raiding potentionally in the future as we gain more members. Additionally, We do classic raids ranging from Vanilla WoW all the way to Wrath for achievements and vanity gear for transmogrification. If anyone is interested in joining they may send any member in-game a tell for an invite. If they are offline feel free to send an in-game mail instead requesting guild access. Thank-you for reading and have an excellent day! Regards, Azeroth Trading Co Team!Teloraelin0 Jan 31, 2012
Jan 30, 2012 Looking to Recruit a Friend! Hello, I'm currently in the process of recruiting a friend for the mount in World of Warcraft! As the game is at a low price, I'm willing to purchase the copy that includes "The Burning Crusade" However, As for the "Wrath of the Lich King" and "Cataclysm", I'm not unfortunately, Purchasing those particular expansions. I'm willing though to do the following if I recruit you for World of Warcraft in order to obtain the mount! Purchase the World of Warcraft game with "The Burning Crusade" expansion included. Help level your character up to level 70. Help you purchase your mount training by providing gold as needed. Help you purchase your class training by providing gold as needed. Help you level up your professions by providing gold as needed. If anyone is interested, They may send me a message in-game by in-game mail or whisper to my character if I'm online. Additionally, You may leave a message in this here thread! Thanks everyone and have an excellent day! Regards, - TeloraelinTeloraelin4 Jan 30, 2012
Jan 28, 2012 [H] Maniacal Disposition, PvP Recruitment <Maniacal Disposition> Horde PvP Guild Server: Garrosh Newely Reformed Level:2 PvP Guild, looking for members (Preferably 85, but if you're not maxed we'll work with helping you level) for casual to hardcore PvP. We have a lot of people who PvP with us who aren't affiliated with the guild and we welcome players who want to PvP with us and do not require you to join the guild to do that. I would prefer you be in the guild, but I will not shun anyone away who's wanting to join in with one of our PvP Groups from time to time. I welcome anyone to come run Random or Rated BG's with us, I promise you'll have loads of fun and get geared doing it, Whisper Ghavor, Naturalite, Ozo, or Chamunga for invites. Currently We're working on getting the guild populated and accepting all members for: - Random BG Premades all day long - BH raids when available - Premade Guild Rated Battlegrounds - Guild Arena Teams - A little light raiding on the side, nothing to hardcore We are a freshly created guild so at the moment we have 4 Guild Bank Tabs, Tabard, our own dedicated Vetrilo server complete with a music channel that streams a setup playlist. We're very friendly guys who like to sling light bull on vent and have a good time all the while gearing for PvP. We offer an instructive and very supportive environment. Come help us grow into what we can already tell is going to be a great guild. New applicants can message one of the following person's if they are online in the game to apply. Ghavor -(Guild Leader)- Nilbog -(Leader Alt)- Naturalite -(Co-Leader/Co-founder)- Chamunga -(BG Leader)- Ozo -(BG Leader)- Reaver -(BG Leader)- Thank you for your time and interest in the guild.Ghavor17 Jan 28, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Defenders of Stormwind LF 1 R-Healer 1 RDPS We currently have 2 open spots on our raiding team. We are looking for a Raid spec'ed Healer non pally, and a Ranged DPS. Raiders must have Raid awairness and supporting Heals / DPS to compete in DS. I have noticed that there are a lot of solid raiders stretched out through many guilds, and we have had to have some people move from different servers to fill spots. Our raid days are Friday @ 8pm server time, and Sunday @ 4pm Server time. We require 100% attendance and the use of Vent! DOS is looking to to be one of the top raiding / social guilds on Garrosh, and needs your help to achieve this. You can contact me, Youguys, or Boxoflunch for any additional information. Good luck, and Have Fun! DOS mgtKhaiden3 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 25, 2012 2200 geared players in garrosh! Put your hands up! Volkon25 Jan 25, 2012
Jan 25, 2012 Looking for help in Booty Bay for "Insane" Hello, Yup, The Bloodsail Bucaneers are the very last thing I need to get to Honored in order to get the "Insane" title for the Feat of Strength "Insane in the Membraine". Any help is much appreciated, And I am willing to pay for the assistance! Thanks for reading and if you are interested you are welcome to post in this thread! Regards, - TeloraelinTeloraelin6 Jan 25, 2012
Jan 23, 2012 (A) Without Equal looking for solid raiders Without Equal is currently looking for a few more pieces for our main raid team. We currently raid Tues/Thurs/Sat 9:15-1 server time. We are (5/8) in Dragon Soul. Our biggest need is range dps. If you are interested in raiding with Without Equal please message Eychoo or Immoral in gameEychoo5 Jan 23, 2012
Jan 23, 2012 <Crescendo> 3/8H is recruiting DPS! We've got one spot open for a DPS, either ranged or melee. Almost all specs will be considered. We currently raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 8:30 to 11:30 realm time and expect raiders to attend at least two nights each week. We're a close team with a roster that hasn't significantly changed in over a month, but we would like to add one more for stability. Gear and previous experience of the applicant does not matter as much as the player behind them; if you're the one we're looking for, please apply at our website: Jan 23, 2012
Jan 22, 2012 This is why Bliz removed 40 man raids Jan 22, 2012
Jan 21, 2012 how is the server doing so how is the server now still dieing ? is it gaining ground in pvp or pve? just wondering if anyone has answere plz gimie dat feedback yoMutiläte2 Jan 21, 2012
Jan 20, 2012 Dark Talbuk "run". Need Horde and Alliance. I am looking for 5-10 Horde and 5-10 Alliance that would be willing to trade kills in Halaa (Nagrand) to gain marks for the Dark Talbuk and other Talbuk mount. 170 marks are needed and last time I did this it took about 2 hours with 4 people on each side. With 10 on each side it could take as little as 45 minutes. If you're interested, drop me an email in-game. A vent server will be used to coordinate it when the time comes.Jaymez4 Jan 20, 2012
Jan 20, 2012 <A> Deity looking for raiders Deity is an adult 10 man raiding guild 4/8 in DS looking for a couple more raiders to replace a few who quit the game. We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00-11:00pm server time. We want laid back people who want to raid in a friendly and fun environment. Our guild is deliberately kept small so that we all get along and do things together. Looking mostly for ranged dps (heal offspec a plus), but are open to others if they fit in to our guild. Check us out at our web site or contact me in game for more info. Taerce0 Jan 20, 2012
Jan 16, 2012 Mayhem group 3 Mathem group 3 is reforming looking for all classes . We raid Ds wed and thurs 8 - 11 server time. pst me in game on jesmord or moonslave.Jesmord0 Jan 16, 2012
Jan 15, 2012 The battle for Goldshire! Battle ensues! Hello, To those who were at Goldshire tonight, Hope you all had a great time! Alliance gave us a good battle and hopefully we can do this again soon! Happy to see many Alliance and Horde players there. Kudo's to Crooks for forming the group! =) If you were there feel free to share your thoughts.Teloraelin0 Jan 15, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 Mayhem is Recruiting Mayhem is recruiting for Group 4, DS, Friday and Saturday 7:30 pm to Midnight server. Looking for a Warrior Tank w/ DPS OS, Resto/Enhance Shammy, Rogue. Reply, or send ingame mail if you are interested.Bralion0 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 Paying 1500g for any of these alchemy recipes I will pay 1500g for any of the following world-drop alchemy recipes: Elixir of Dream Vision Heroic Potion Insane Strength Potion Potion of Petrification Transmute: Earth to Life Transmute: Life to Earth Transmute: Undeath to Water Transmute: Water to Undeath Wildvine Potion You can COD them to me in-game or catch me playing.Jaymez0 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Made you look. Oh Hi! Audacity is a semi-hardcore guild that originally formed in 2009 as a break from hardcore raiding. We play to have a good time and to kill internet dragons. We believe that it's important to play with players we're comfortable with - both skill and personality-wise. We recruit solid raiders that fit in well with our guild's unique atmosphere. We do NOT recruit for bench positions. Audacity's raiders play on the premise that there are times to joke around and times to be serious. We work well as a team and continue to enjoy new content that Blizz throws our way. 18+ is a serious plus. Feel free to ask any questions in-game or on our website. Currently Recruiting: 1 Melee: Death Knight, Enhance Shaman or Ret Paladin 1 Ranged: Boomkin, Elemental Shaman or Hunter 1 Healer: Restoration Druid or Shaman Raid Times: Tues, Wed, Thursday: 8:00-11:00 EST Loot system: EPGP 25man Progression: 1/8 Heroic, 8/8 reg In-game Contacts: Pocketninja or Avocado, Email: Website: We respond to applications in a timely manner – please check back at our website for feedback! Epic Video that Blizz took down: Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 RMP baddies How bout them TSG's.Drjuevos1 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 Happy New Year Our peeps from the East Coast wishes everyone a Happy New Year!Odenknight6 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 8, 2012 batle or beserker stance? im a fury warrior, what shood i use battle or beserker stance? Camisx0 Jan 8, 2012
Jan 6, 2012 lv 19 rogue & hunter twinks, rejoice! For I am selling Feet of the Lynx! Send me in-game mail or drop a line here if you're interested. And I don't want this turning into a feet thread, either, Abs.Xaver2 Jan 6, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 Tank LF raiding guild Know 8/8 and 1/8 heroic as well as 7/7 and 6/7 heroic on my main. Cant raid sun/mon/tues leave me a message here or message me in game if you see me.Záludný1 Jan 1, 2012
Dec 31, 2011 [H] Easily Amused LF LATE NIGHT raiders Hello, <Easily Amused> is back and recruiting for LATE NIGHT raiding. Raid times Mon-Thu 1am-3:30 EST (could be tentative atm) Relaxed mature atmosphere as always, savvy leaders who know every fight in Firelands in and out Looking for any exceptional candidate in their class Please contact Majix, Chamoix, Lunestaa, Zydd or anyone online can help you further with recruitment.Toshik10 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 28, 2011 Frost mage (A) LF 3s or 5s arena team. Subject says it all, just msg me in game with mail or PM. Thanks!!Dracolis1 Dec 28, 2011
Dec 19, 2011 <Nascent Divinity> Hello everybody on Garrosh, I'm bringing back a guild that I had started in wrath, we did pretty well at the start. I had plans to leave the server due to friends moving as well, so we had merged the guild with another. TL:DR is towards the bottom. Many of those people that merged in have been unsatisfied with the guild and left. So hear I am to remake it before the merge and hopefully get back what started off as an amazing guild. ::Structure:: Guild chat = Leveling chat Officer chat = Raiding/PvP chat Tab 1 = Leveling Armor/Weapons Tab 2 = Leveling Professions Tab 3 = Raiding Enchants/Gems Tab 4 = PvP Enchants/Gems Tab 5 = Flasks Tab 6 = Reserved Items 1.Guild Master 2.Raid Officer 3.PvP Officer 4.Lvling Officer 5.lvl-2 Raider 6.lvl-1 Raider 7.lvl-2 PvP 8.lvl-1 PvP 9.lvl-2 Member 10.lvl-1 Member ------- Now, I'm sure I've missed something but I'll just edit it later if I do notice something missing. Regardless, I've divided the chat between Leveling and Raiding/PvP. This will help create more centralized conversations and less clutter of conversations. It also allows planning to be more controlled. The way the guild tabs work is very likely to change, so please keep that in mind. The ranks are pretty straight forward. ---TL:DR--- We are a new guild. We need... PvP Officers Raid Officers Leveling Officers Raiders, PvPers, and Leveling/Casual gamers Any edits will be of things I have forgotten, or added things I need to clarify, or mention. Send an In-Game message to Stability if you'd like an invite, once the guild really gets rolling I'll be bringing my mage or shaman to the guild, who will also be raiding. Stability0 Dec 19, 2011
Dec 19, 2011 Born into Darkness {A} Recruiting Born into Darkness (Level 25) Alliance guild is recruiting for our 10 man raiding group. We are currently looking for a raid healer (Priest/Shaman preferred) and solid dps to fill out our core. We raid on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and are currently working on progressing in Dragon Soul content. We also enjoying doing BG's and arenas in the guild and run dungeons, heroic dungeons and level. If interested please contact Raptoros, Illspally or Thordric in game.Illspally0 Dec 19, 2011
Dec 17, 2011 Where are you.... Continued from Aveladé33 Dec 17, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 WTB Fangs of The Father If anyone can get me to hagara to pickpocket her I will pay 5k gold send me a tell in gameSypherous0 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 Fellow Garrosh players I am looking for a generous guild that would be willing to let me hop into their raid lock out at Hagara so I may pick pocket her. I enjoy raiding myself, but as of right now my guild is at a stand still because most of them are too busy with work/school (irl friends) so we are as you may have guessed, not raiding. So I'd like it if I could get in to a lock out to acquire the new daggers so that when we start raiding I won't have to worry about replacing my daggers up until past that point. I'd very much appreciate it.Alchemykillr0 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 Dear Garrosh Alliance Stop posting Elementium Ore for 200g per stack. You CANNOT prospect epic gems from it, the people who told you they could were scamming you into paying their jacked up Elementium prices. That is all. :)Xaver3 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 Transmog Runs I've asked around with friends and heard that other realms have Transmog Runs all the time. Not really seeing many in Trade Chat. Any guilds do semi-regular Transmog Runs of old Raids/Dungeons? If so, keep me in mind?Stormgear8 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 Last Attempt 12/13H recruiting healer/dps. Last Attempt is a raiding guild on the US-Garrosh PvE server. We are a group of people that share common goals within World of Warcraft and strive to improve ourselves and the guild as a whole. Last Attempt is more than just a guild, and expectations encompass much more than a raiding environment. We stand by the assumption that our raiders carry themselves as mature adults within the Garrosh community and wear the name Last Attempt with respect. Here in Last Attempt, we believe strongly that our raiding core represents the players, best at their individual classes on the server. This being said, recruitment is something that is always a challenge, if not the most challenging part of keeping a guild performing at a high level. We expect our applicants to apply, understanding these things about Last Attempt and strive to be "the exception" when we read your application. Understand what Last Attempt is, what is expected of its players and its leadership. Last Attempt: Last Attempt was formed late in November of 2010 as the result of the top 2 guilds on the server looking for that elusive Heroic Lich King 25 kill. Shortly after the creation of Last Attempt, we achieved a server first Light of Dawn and haven't looked back. We are currently ranked 1 on Garrosh and strive to keep the rank next to our guild name. Current Cataclysm Progression: Server first Blackwing's Bane Server first of the Four Winds Server first Dragonslayer Current Need: Holy/Shadow Priest Resto/Ele Shaman We do however accept applications from any class at any point in time. We are always looking to add that exceptional player to our raid roster. Raid Times: Mon-Thurs 8-11pm Eastern Website: In-game Contacts: Drury, Amywong, Summit, Horizontal, Grawpp, and Deadshane.Drury72 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 Rogue Paying 10k gold for Hagara raid PP... LF fresh raid to sub me in to pick pocket Hagara for roque quest line. I am PST so it would have to be a late raid. Mail, whisper me, or respond here so we can get it settled and scheduled.Sadìstìc1 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 HELP ME PLZ Guys ive been having alot of trouble in pvp, all of my friends like do well i have an 85 mage and im pretty good like i use arcane missiles as my main spell but it doesnt seem to working my friends say to use my water elemental but i dont really like the look of him so i dont and also the thing i really am finded hard to do is activating my trinket how the hell do you activate your trinket like i did it once but it didnt do anything. I have also recently gone thunder bluff and i cant escape.Mercx9 Dec 14, 2011