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[H] Blue Collar Crew Looking for Members. Greetings, The Blue Collar Crew is an Adult guild ran by a couple of 30 something working stiffs with Families. Mature bunch of buddies that was sick of just being in a guild where cliques ran rampant. We figured it was time to make ourselves a home, and build a Family, not just another guild. Myself as GM has been playing the game for 9 years (10 in Feb) and have been in every type of guild you could think of, from Leveling (Where I ran a Guild on Thunderlord named Fourtwenty Brotherhood) to a Full PvP Guild, to Hardcore 40 man Raiding guilds, and then in Wrath ran a successful 10 & 25 man Raiding Guild here on Garrosh when it opened as a server. (Guild dissolved after all current content was done and Everyone took a Summer Break and never reformed due to School, Kids & Lives) Another of my buddies has played on and off since Beta. He still plays here and there, but due to family, work, brewing beer, and trying to start his own business has turned into our guild farmer. My other friend just started the game and is leveling his first character, He has also severed our great nation! If you are looking for a Relaxed place to play be it Solo, but with someone to talk to, or you are looking to raid or run Dungeons we could be the place for you. We plan on keeping things small and personal, as we enjoy our hobby. Come and join us as we level up and recruit the members needed to make this a great Family. Real ID: VTSniper#1386 Facebook/Groups/311570422381493 Festie0
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Raider LFGuild - Class Flexible First, if you're a guild who is recruiting and you're looking at this thread then thank you for your time. I know there are a plethora of people out there who want/need a home and I appreciate the time you're spending here. About Me I'm a 43 year old technology professional with a wife and 2 kids, 19 and 15 years old. I have a fair amount of free time during the week (after 7pm) and generally reserve weekends for family things. I've been playing since Vanilla with the exception of some time off here and there. I am extremely reliable, self sufficient and always looking to improve. I welcome constructive criticism and while I don't expect perfection I do expect people to try and be considerate of the fact that their actions impact the people who they are raiding with. Outside of this, there will be kills and there will be wipes; it's all part of the game. What I'm Looking For I am looking to play the game with people I can just have fun with. It is the most important thing to me, followed VERY closely by being able to clear content. Does that mean I'm looking for a top 10 guild? No, but I am also not looking for a guild that will raid "as long as we have enough people online" and "will take whoever shows up, so long as we have enough people". Does it mean I am trying to make long lasting friendships, meet IRL and take long walks on the beach? No. However I am 10 minutes from the beach and have made several RL friends over the last 10 years of playing. Specifically, I am looking to raid 2 to 3 nights a week, starting any time at or after 7pm and ending by midnight EST. I love being Horde but would faction xfer for the right group. At the end of the day it's about the people, remember? =) I am currently playing a priest and it's the toon I leveled first but if you're looking for something else I can be somewhat flexible. I love healing and have healed on a Priest, Pally or Druid (a little) since Vanilla. In SoO I played Shadow mostly and dabbled in a little melee dps with my DK and Rogue as we tried to work through some composition issues. The point is, I would be happy to switch mains for the right group and get raid ready asap as long as it's a toon I would enjoy. We can discuss this in a more real time discussion. Why Am I Looking? I am currently on Thrall and getting owned by the Queue Boss. Even before WOD there were some times in the 6 weeks prior to 6.0 that a queue would pop up unexpectedly as the masses started to make their way back to the game. I should have done something then, especially considering our guild had died almost completely (just 3 of us left), but I had never expected it to be this bad. It will suck to leave behind the couple of peeps who were remaining when we merged in to another guild but it's also the right time to make such a switch. If you think I would be a good fit for your PRIMARY raid group (sorry, not interested in sitting on the sidelines or being filler for an alt group) and want to chat some more then leave some info about your guild and the best way to contact you. Thank you again, GL & HF! Weggo0
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[H][PVE]<Aspect of the Wolf> Recruiting We are currently at 9 team members, all with multiple toons with golds in the Pandaria Challenge Modes. We would like to get to 15 team members. Tanks and healers are covered, we need just a few more select DPS. Looking for : Mage, Warlock, Warrior, and Rogue to round out what we currently have, or any class that you feel you can rock with a good attitude and positive encouragement towards others.. What are we like? Looking for players that are interested in the new expansion challenge modes and then on to raiding. We are not hardcore players nor will be be following a hardcore schedule. But we do believe that challenge modes will properly prepare a team to come together for very successful raiding and good times on a more flexible schedule. What are our plans? Once we have leveled to 100 and we are able, we will be running 2-3 times per week for challenge modes, 2 hours per meetup, starting around 8:30 pm server, as flexible as needed. Challenge modes drop LFR level gear and with the team building we would consider starting to raid at Normal difficulty and then on to Heroic, we might get to mythic if we still have time and get a solid 20 members. All members are mature and the leadership believes in integrity, encouragement and great communication as just a few of the qualities of our guildmates. We would love meet any players that this seems like a good fit for them. For more information, visit our website at Cyraktokken0
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[H] Dark Destiny is recruiting Late Nighters! Greeting friends, [H]<Dark Destiny> We're a late night social guild. Ever get home and the raid or dungeon groups are done with? Well, join us! We all work and understand that feeling. Raids and Dungeons are something we enjoy doing. Busy hours: 11pm-5am Guild Name:<Dark Destiny> Guild Type: Late Night Levels accepted: Any Classes accepted: Any Objectives: • Dungeons/Heroics • Challenge Modes • Raiding • Socializing What can Dark Destiny provide: • An environment that you actually enjoy • Help in any content be it quest or dungeon • Guild repairs for guild raids/dungeons • Classic Raids/Dungeons for Transmog gear • Raids will commence on set times once WoD content is activated! Most activity: 11pm-5am GM: Relics Officers: Rhondo, Simplicity, Sarahmarie Whisper anyone in guild to get an invite or ask more questions to one of our officers. *************************[A little History]************************* Back in Vanilla and Burning Crusade guilds were a group of people that you actually knew, and enjoyed talking to. Recently with all the changes to guilds, including perks, cash flow, and guild levels...That, was lost. For the last 4 years guilds have been a place for guild masters to mule players into making gold for them simply by being in the guild and doing something we all enjoy... questing, raids, dungeons, while they reaped all the benefits from us. Thanks to the latest patch, all that is a thing of the past! Dark Destiny is a guild that has men and women all over the ages of 21 playing and enjoying the game. We started out as friends, but as time goes by, most dont seem to want to be anywhere but here, because the attitude and friendship we develop, eventually becoming a family type environment. We all work during the day, and not many are on during the hours of 10am-8pm So we are not going to focus on that crowd of people. The late nighters, the night owls, the insomniacs, these are our kind. That doesn't mean we wont accept any day time players, I'll work on getting more activity during the day, but as a i said, focus is late night. Getting ready for WoD, we all as a whole decided to put our sights on doing heroics, some challenge mode (when we get the right players for a good make up!) and of course, Raiding. My raiding experience goes all the way back to leading Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, and even the old Onyxia encounter. To Karazhan, BWD, Firelands, Mogu'shan Vaults. Most recent raids i've led, were Heroic SoO up to Nazgrim. I am a guild master that likes to help everyone and everything. I believe in giving people a chance and learning the encounters, before deciding to replace a friend or buddy that is trying and shows progress. If you're just in a guild to get geared, then you've lost the meaning of a guild. I value my friendship over any drop. And gear myself in my own ways to help EVERYONE in the guild, not just myself. The better geared we make ourselves the easier it will be for the GUILD to face encounters. The more we learn about the encounters from videos/out of guild experience, the more we can offer when the guild does it as a team. Maybe a piece will drop that upgrades then. But i've always enjoyed hearing those gasps of air when a boss goes down as a guild. Garrosh-US has been my home since 2009 and I will continue being here, because it's my home for MY horde and... my friends/family. Thank you for reading and listening to me, and hope you join us. -Relics GM of <Dark Destiny> ************************************** Relics0
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