Aug 29, 2014 <Feeders For Life>[H] LFM <Feeders For Life> Looking for some members for 10m progression raiding! Currently seeking a Resto Druid and some dps to round off our core group! Raid Times are Tue/Thur 7.30-10 ST Most members are RL friends and some of us have been playing since vanilla. The GM and I have done high end raiding in each expansion, so we are looking for other like minded individuals in preparation for Wod. Currently 9/14 10N Openings: Resto Druid Warlock and SPriest Frost/UH DK PST either Fuurinkazan/Yakuzai or ArkturesFuurinkazan0 Aug 29, 2014
Aug 28, 2014 LF Late Night raiding guild. Hello,I'm looking for a guild that raids in the the later hours working on MoP moving to WoD. Preferably a guild that starts raids ~9 PM to 9:30 PM PST. I have a 579 monk that I have been playing and willing to move him to this server for MoP but would be maining my hunter in WoD and the future. I'm an experienced raider and have done 7/14 H SoO. Again I can raid on monk for MoP but would be hunter in WoD. Pst in game for any other questions. (b^_^)bEmokrag0 Aug 28, 2014
Aug 28, 2014 Looking for late night raiding guild. Looking for raiding start times around 2am EST. I currently am a 582 Warlock Have done 14/14 Normal SoO & 11/14 Heroic SoO I will play my Warlock this expansion if wanted. However I am looking to take my Rogue into expansion. The rogue toon is named is Merkon, currently 555. I had a promotion at work and am unable to raid with my current guilds time. I work 3:30pm - 1:00am EST. These are the battle tags of my current guild leader and main officer for recommendations. Guild Leader: Juanpierre#1761 Officer: Opathold#1974 My battletag is Kard#1720 if you want to add me to ask any questions that you may have. Willing to both transfer and/or faction change to get with a good group of people.Kardathra3 Aug 28, 2014
Aug 28, 2014 [H]<Bonebreaker Clan> 25 The Bonebreaker clan is recruiting! www.bonebreaker.enjin.com About us: Our guild was founded by local players in the Spokane, WA area. Most of us have been playing the game since Vanilla or B/C and will continue to play until the day wow "officially" dies. The guild is a social/raiding guild that is looking for members who want to play the game and have fun rather than get too caught up in the seriousness of everything and treat it like another job. We enjoy getting on and talking to each other in guild chat and finding some fun events to host. One of our most common events is the transmog runs we host. We also PvP and would like to form some groups for RBGs. Raiding: We are currently recruiting for our Ten man/ Flex raiding group. Our current raid times will be Thursdays and Fridays 7:30PM - 10:30PM server time. Almost all spots are open as we are just starting out. If you are interested and would like to know more feel free to contact a member in game or apply at our webpage posted above! Thanks for reading!Gorescream3 Aug 28, 2014
Aug 28, 2014 LF Raiding Guild for WoD Experienced Resto Druid LF Progression Raiding Guild to finish out MoP and move into WoD with. 555 ilvl and 6/14H Mode Prefer to join a group that is already into normals if not already clearing them weekly. Would prefer East Coast raiding guild or times that do not run to late for me. Days do not matter I can make any but would prefer Weekday raiding. I would like to be part of a Core Team and hope everyone is committed to progression. I will always be on time to raid and always be prepared with my own Flask, Pots and Food. Please send me in game mail or add my battle tag for more info. Tokeup99#1392Rägecläw0 Aug 28, 2014
Aug 28, 2014 [H] Selling Normal Garrosh (10-Player) kills The new thread can be found here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14058405932 As of Monday August 25th I'm stepping down from the Frozen Throne leading this service and in my place Tenadin of <Midpull> will be taking over operation of the service. I can assure you the quality and prestige of this service will be indifferent, if not better than it currently is today. As with any leadership change, other changes could follow and I cannot guarantee the pricing and/or schedule will remain as it is now. I would first like to sincerely thank the people who've bought from us, or even just inquired. Hearing everyone's story, their endless expression of gratitude, all of the thank yous. It felt good inside knowing that we made several people extremely happy every weekend. Clearly without all of you, this wouldn't have happened. Thank you, and congratulations! :) Secondly I want to thank my friends ("providers"). Without <Midpull> and all of the other people I've met through PUGing Siege of Orgrimmar / other activities that have since taken part in helping people get their kills (in return for a cut of the gold). In absolutely no particular order (and I am definitely going to forget people here)... I want to thank the following <Guilds> or Persons. <Biceratops> - Notably Prophet as my "main" contact, definitely helped on a large number of the runs <Touch of Chaos> - Gotae and Shizenkami have been a part of a lot of my Garrosh kills, well before sales <TF> - I've befriended a few of these guys, and they're great people. Always quality performance. Zarrock - Been a solid guy for participate in sales Tia - This girl has like 25 healers (probably only like 7, but she has a lot). She's always offering herself to sales and has on many times dropped PUGs to heal for us. Amazingly dedicated. Ameera - While she hasn't partaken in sales, she's always been a great supporter and I thank her for all of the endless support! Zaaton - RL buddy, this guy is always down to raid. Before I was comfortable and geared enough for solo tanking Garrosh I refused to tank with anyone other than him (& Bcimprot). I don't know how many times I've called him while he was sleeping to get a tank to hear a very tired "I'll be on in a minute". Every other provider - I'm sure I'm forgetting other individuals/guilds, I apologize if that was you. Last but not least: <Midpull> They've done more than enough to bring the service to where it is today. Almost every sale had at least one of their members, with one or two of those runs being entirely Midpull (+myself & buyers) every single week from the beginning. I can wholeheartedly say that without them, this wouldn't have been remotely as successful as it has with them.Faltizan89 Aug 28, 2014
Aug 28, 2014 543 Survival Hunter LF Guild Hello Hyjal-ians! I am just coming back to prepare for WoD and would like to get some SoO under my belt before the expac lands. I have experience on 6/14 N, 14/14 Flex (although back in Jan/Feb none of my Flex groups could handle Garry). I feel like I am a competent, friendly, and helpful player who would be an asset to any 10/25 man raid team. I know 543 isn't the greatest ilvl in town, but I am confident that, with your help, we can get that fixed ASAP. (Also about to start the last leg of the Leg. Cloak questline, so in 2-3 weeks that will be in the bag as well)Galadhrim0 Aug 28, 2014
Aug 28, 2014 new player(DPSilvl 530) lf late night raiding Hello internet. My name is Ian and I just picked up WoW about a month or two ago. I have done my best to gear myself(hunter) up via LFR. I would like to join a late night raid group or guild that has late night options. I am inexperienced, however I learn quick, play well with others, and do my best to achieve success and Learn from those more experienced than myself. Available after 11pm servertime. Thanks for any consideration, IanGrezelduh0 Aug 28, 2014
Aug 27, 2014 Horde <Hoc Eritis> <Hoc Eritis> A level 25 Horde guild from Hyjal-US is looking to welcome some new faces into our ranks! Sick of not being invited to normal raids because your Item level is only 520? Took a break during the summer now you are looking for a home for when WoD comes out? Well we want to extend an invite to help get you some gear and a spot in our brand new raid group! Who are we? • Led by a WoW veteran who has been playing since Classic WoW and raiding since Burning Crusade, currently 14/14N and 6/14 Heroic SoO. • Group of real life friends and awesome people we have met along the way. • Players who have years of raiding experience looking to form a community. • People who have lives and other responsibilities and we understand you do too! Play Times: • Raiding will be Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 to 12:30 EST (6:30 to 9:30 Server time) Starting September 4th, 2014. • Weekly transmog/old content runs will be determined by Stronach our Activity Officer (based on interest.) What we are looking for: • One Tank (Anything other than a DK) • Ranged DPS (Prefer Hunter and Warlock but will consider all) • All socialites who want a home! Contact either hoceritisguild@gmail.com, Stronach in-game, or Darrelle in-game for any further information. We hope to talk with you soon!Darrelle0 Aug 27, 2014
Aug 27, 2014 568 Resto druid LF Guild Hey guys I've had some recent bad luck with guilds. I'm looking for a guild to kill some heroic pixels with and is stable enough for when WoD hits. I've been raid healing since BC and have been in a couple server first guilds in the past. Add me Huckleberry#1787 thanks!Hucklebery1 Aug 27, 2014
Aug 27, 2014 Warlock Looking for new home I have been playing wow since about 6 months after launch when I got a 2 week free trial disc in a magazine in mid 2005. I played off and on due to school but I didnt get into raiding untill burning crusade. I got serious about raiding in wrath where I joined a hardcore guild part way through Ulduar. Heres some info about me Age: 23 Im looking to raid sometime between 8pm and 12am PST any day except Saturday. Current: 524 warlock Burning Crusade Kara - Full Clear Zul Aman - Full Clear Tempest Keep - Full Clear Wrath Naxx - Full Clear 10 and 25 Ulduar - Full Clear 25 (including Hardmodes) Trial - Full Clear 25 Full Clear 10 heroic ICC -Full Clear 10 Half on Heroic Cataclysm Twilight - Full Clear 10 Black wing - Full Clear 10 Four Winds - Full Clear 10 Dragon Soul - Full Clear 10 (half on heroic) Panda Mogushun - Full Throne of Thunder - up to Dark Animus on normal Seige - First Quarter on normalNecryptic3 Aug 27, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 WTB Garrosh Kill Looking to buy a Garrosh kill for a friend. Bazgrim#1175 Tell me price/date. Sooner the better.Kazgrin0 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 <Immortals End> 8/14 Heroic SoO Recruiting 'Immortals End' is a brand new 10 man (future Mythic) hardcore raiding guild on the Horde side of US-Hyjal aiming to be a world-ranked Mythic guild in WoD. The guild was just formed 2 weeks ago, but our first week of raiding we went 8/14 Heroic. This week we expect 11/14+ and 14/14 within a few weeks. Our current raid times are Tuesday - Thursday from 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm PST (same as server). These times will lessen / we'll cut days as we get Heroic Seige on farm. During WoD hard progression we will raid Monday-Thursday from 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm PST. --- Immediate Recruitment Needs --- Boomkin (pref. OS Resto) Hunter Mage Although these are the only classes we are currently looking for for recruitment, we encourage all interested parties to contact Ellesmere by adding Ellesmere4#1455 on battletag :) Immortals End was founded last week by a group of WoW Veterans who have been raiding together in world class guilds since Vanilla. This expansion we haven't been raiding very much (although most everyone had 16/16H MSV/HoF/ToES and 13/13H ToT when they were current) and many of us have taken multiple long breaks from the game due to the lack of new content. But with Warlords of Draenor coming up, we decided its time to get back in and join together to start our own guild in preparation for the new expansion. This guild is being built for top world competition so please keep that in mind. That means we will progress extremely quickly, but any drama/poor gaming skills will not be tolerated. We want you to build this guild with us and feel like its your home. We're looking to have a close circle of friends and extremely skilled players who get along and have fun, but are focused and on the ball when we need to be. Raiders should be active in the game outside of raid times as well, and the leadership will organize alt raids, old instances, pvp sessions, random fun old events, etc. We cannot be the only ones that miss the true sense of being in a guild. As for this expansion, we will need to find our perfect core team for WoD by doing Heroic SoO. What we are looking for from players is not gear or experience, but the ability to perform beyond your current gear. Gearing up is extremely easy, as are most of the fights, so we want the players who know their class and this game inside and out. Raiders who can pick up every aspect of a fight within the first attempt. World class players who have been fairly inactive this expansion and may not have extensive gear/experience are encouraged to apply as we are looking beyond that to see the skill of a player. Each raider is expected to have complete and thorough knowledge, as well as experience with at least 4 specs in the game. This means that although it will rarely happen, we can ask a player to temporarily switch their spec/character if the guild requires, and not have any issues. Our raid and guild environment will be friendly, fun and relaxed, but also focused when we need to be. Although we completely understand this is a game and real life takes precedence, we will expect high attendance from our core team (90 - 100%). During progression we will raid Monday-Thursday from 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm PST (same as server). As we get things on farm, raid days will be dropped. Fitting in with the social environment of the guild is also important, as above all this game is a hobby and we want to keep our raid environment fun and relaxed. If you're interested in learning more or joining us, you may either speak with me in game - Ellesmere4#1455 - or apply on our website at www.immortalsend.comEllesmere0 Aug 25, 2014
Aug 24, 2014 581 warlock LF heroic progression guild Hello, I am a 581 destro warlock LF a 10M Heroic raiding guild. I am 10/14H exp and i would like a guild that is at least as far into SoO heroic as I am. I can raid Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday starting from 7:30 or 8:00 PM server timeMazitrar0 Aug 24, 2014
Aug 23, 2014 Metamorphosis 14/14 Hello! Metamorphosis is recruiting all roles for our raid team. We've cleared normal content and, due to some life circumstances, a few of our raiders need to take extended breaks from WoW. We are looking for mature players (18+ please) who want to join a fun and relaxed group to continue with SoO. We are not a heroic raiding guild, but we have ambitions of downing the first few bosses on heroic difficulty before WoD launches. Currently Recruiting: (Will consider any class/spec but specifically looking for the following) Tank - Anything other then a Warrior Healer - Preferably a Pally or disc priest. Will be happy with anything. DPS - Preferably a Warlock, Ele Shaman, Fury Warrior. Even if you're not what we are currently looking for all applications will be considered. Thank you for your time Looking for individuals who are 540 gear level or close to it. We're willing to help you gear up if necessary. Our raid times are Sunday and Monday nights from 5:00pm to 7:30pm server time. Many of us are east coast dwellers so that's the reason for the reasonably early raid times. We also do tons of achievement runs, transmog runs, we have a group running challenge modes, pet battles, you name it. If interested, please message me in game on this toon or add me on RealID CausticD#1856 or ingame on either Smashbiceps or DeathglowSmashbiceps0 Aug 23, 2014
Aug 22, 2014 LF raiding guild I recently returned to WoW in preparation for WoD. Looking for a raiding guild that runs sometime between 6pm-10pm server time. TinTiger#1569Tintiger0 Aug 22, 2014
Aug 22, 2014 Brand new BC raiding guild! (A) I'd just like to announce that about a week ago I started a level 70 capped BC raiding guild with the help of a few friends. We will be looking for more people, however we are getting close to enough for 10 man kara runs. If interested, PM me or one of my officers (yarimapirate/sgtkirito.) We understand that classes have gotten buffed quite a bit since BC, so we've implemented a few rules to keep the raids as much of a challenge as possible. no wrath gear or gear beyond our level of progression. no gems or enchants that are not BC gems/enchants. no glyphs that affect performance at all. (only cosmetic glyphs for flavor) no death knights or monks. no PVP gear during raids. no pugging raids with anyone above level 70. Failure to abide by these rules will result in a 2 week raiding suspension, and further infractions will result in dismissal. However, we will understand if it's just an honest mistake. Feel free to ask any questions, and I look forward to hearing from you! :)Voryl42 Aug 22, 2014
Aug 21, 2014 WTS Alani kill and mount 25k As the title says, I'm looking to sell an Alani kill and the mount for 25k. Message me here, or in game.Soleirissa0 Aug 21, 2014
Aug 21, 2014 Late night raiding guild (14/14N) recruiting <Forsaken Council> is recruiting a disc priest or holy paladin for heroics starting next week. Raid times are 11-2am server time Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. We're an active guild always doing achievements, and transmog runs. Please be gear iLvl appropriate since we won't be going back to normals for gear farming. Please contact myself, hailstorm or Healsten if interested. P.S I prefer a disc priest healing me. Much love -your tank.Jerichø1 Aug 21, 2014
Aug 21, 2014 Warbånd Recruiting Raiders We have been running two ten man teams and are merging them into one team. It seems that both teams have had to pug in at least one DPS each week. With that in mind we are looking to expand our raid team by 5 to 7 people. We are looking for DPS spots. To be honest we are looking for fun people who don't take jokes to seriously. SoO normal is on farm mode and we are just trying to have some fun. When WoD comes out it is our intention to raid Mythic. This is a good time to get on our raid team. If you are looking to farm up some BoA's or if you just want to raid and are tired of your dead guild come give us a try. Gear requirements are very relaxed right now as we are fairly certain we can carry 5 people. To get in touch with us you can just do a who warb search and ask anyone online for an officer. We will be raiding Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 and we go tell 10. There are a lot of us on at about 6 on raid days. Please keep in mind that we are looking for fun people that have thick skins. If you like things to be very serious while you raid then we might not be right for you. We focus during the tough pulls and have a good time when its easy mode. If we seem like the kind of guild you are interested in then contact us.Thôth1 Aug 21, 2014
Aug 21, 2014 Congrats <Advent Fury>! Congrats all, on a job very well done indeed. Heroic Garrosh is no more! Now, go get some sleep, and let's go back and start nuking his butt regularly for his booty!Soleirissa1 Aug 21, 2014
Aug 21, 2014 520 Holly Pally w/Alts looking for guild Hey there......I'm a 520 geared Holly Pally looking for a new home. I stopped playing for a while due to school and real life, but i'm back now. I have played since vanilla on and off, and have raided almost everything. I'm a college student and do have a job so my schedule tends to be a bit on the open sides for raids. I also have a good number of alts. 90 Hunter 86 Lock (Bunch of lower level stuff) Post here or look me up if you'd like to chat! Looking forward to chatting ^.^Palicious0 Aug 21, 2014
Aug 21, 2014 570 Frost DK LF Guild I am a 570 Frost Death Knight looking for a weekend guild. I am 14/14N Exp and 1/14H Exp, although I have an understanding on bosses higher than that. I am looking for a guild that is at least 5/14H Exp to upgrade to upgrade my normal gear. I am also looking for a guild that raids at around 6:00 PM Realm Time or 7:00 PM Realm Time - 9:00 PM Realm Time or 10:00 PM Realm Time from Friday-Sunday, but earlier/later times will be considered. My Battle-tag is Sowen#1669Sowen0 Aug 21, 2014
Aug 20, 2014 568 Disc Priest LF H progression guild. Like the title says I am a 568 disc priest. I am switching back to Horde and am looking for a server to settle on. I am very interested in this server. I am 14/14N. I have not been given the opportunity to do H yet in this patch. I am a 20 year old college student so my schedule is rather open. I listen well. I take criticism well and put it in use. I am willing to use any voice communication(I do have a mic). Shadow is my OS my set is around 553. If you are interested just respond to this post or add my battle tag- Feathermoon#1555Bübbleoseven2 Aug 20, 2014
Aug 20, 2014 healing duo LF late night raid Me and a friend are looking for a late night raiding guild. we both are 14/14 normal and looking to get into heroics, but if you kill garrosh every week that will incite us enough. Leave a comment with your raid days/times and we will see if anything works for us :) Thanks in advance :) P.S 557 and 562 are our ilvls.Kaigillane5 Aug 20, 2014
Aug 20, 2014 Casual Alliance Guild LFM Friends and family guild with 2 very active members and a couple of friends. We have all pre-purchased WoD and are committed to play through the expansion. We were old when WoW launched 10 years ago and are ancients now (one of us is even retired). Guild is level 23 and named Numenoreans. Looking for more to hang out with. Working on and hoping to complete the legendary quest. We like raiding, LFR is cool, having enough guildies for Flex would be ok. Could get to Normal I suppose, given enough time. Probably have enough time to run one or two wings per week. Not interested in PvP. We play fairly slow. We read a lot of quest text and watch the cut scenes. More than willing to help anyone who wants to start new characters, we have alts covering most of the level ranges. We are hoping to start WoD with a bunch of new friends. We play early weekday evenings server time, 4:00 - 8:00 P.M., sporadically on weekends. Even play some during the day. We have children and grandchildren that are involved in after school activities so setting a dedicated night for a guild activity is tricky. Message or mail Larszx if interested.Dedbeerd1 Aug 20, 2014
Aug 20, 2014 Selling 9/9 Gold Challenge Modes Blizzard recently announced that when patch 6.0 hits, Challenge modes will no longer be available. The clock is running out on your chance to get a mount, a full set of unique transmog-able gear, and all the achievements that come with gold challenge mode clears! Our service includes: - Completion of all gold challenge modes in about 2 hours - Portal to all Mists of Pandaria heroic dungeon entrances - 430 achievement points - Title Reward: The Undaunted - One of four unique pandaren phoenix mounts - Unique transmog gear set for your class! When patch 6.0 drops, for having 9/9 completed you also get: - All four pandaren phoenix mounts for all characters! - Many exclusive Feats of Strength Remember, all rewards will be unobtainable once challenge modes go away in 6.0! Why choose us? Our team is comprised of players from some of the top US raiding guilds who are among the best players in the world. Our collective knowledge and experience guarantee a smooth and painless experience. We're very good at what we do and our carries reflect this. Currently we are only offering Horde carries. Complete runs typically take 1.5-2.5hrs. Please make sure you have completed the following dungeons on heroic difficulty on the character you are bringing prior to your carry: Mogu'shan Palace Scholomance Scarlet Monastery Scarlet Halls Temple of the Jade Serpent Stormstout Brewery Gate of the Setting Sun Siege of Niuzao Temple Shado-Pan Monastery You can contact me at Furty#1792 if you are interested.Badwolf8 Aug 20, 2014
Aug 20, 2014 Exsilium Raid Team Exsilium a level 25 guild ( 13/14 heroic SoO Lead) is looking to build a hardcore raid team. Exsilium will raid 4 nights to get caught up and get a 20 man group together in the coming weeks and rapidly be prepared for WoD. Mon - Thurs 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm server. Heroic exp and your cloak are a must and nothing less will be tolerated in the 2 main raid teams. This is a start up group but I am being picky because progression must be made quickly. If you think you can preform at a top tier raid group pace please see me ingame or BTAG Shaynè#1191 Also looking for a heroic exp raid leader for a 10 man group to run on the same nights to progress just as quick. We will together hand pick raiders from our server or others to ensure we are not wasting our raiders time. DPS ilvl requirement 572 Tank ilvl requirement 575 Healer ilvl requirement 575 This is a serious inquire only please. If you do not have any heroic exp or you do not plan to raid 4 nights per week, please do not apply.Ophèlia1 Aug 20, 2014
Aug 20, 2014 Trading for Hyjal gold. Trading for Hyjal gold. Have gold on Bleeding Hollow (Horde/Alliance), Wyrmrest Accord (Horde), and Illidan (Horde). Add Tyaus#1667 if interested.Solarray2 Aug 20, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 LF Pattern: Blue Dragonscale Shoulders Hi, I'm looking for a Leatherworker who has: http://www.wowhead.com/item=15763#comments I'll supply mats and 300g tip, please add Felsic#1467 if you can make me it. Thank you.Daimonium2 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 6 Heroic players LF T/W/Th 7-10pm ST H-Guild Hello there! I will keep it short and sweet. Myself and a group of friends are looking to join into a heroic (mythic) guild to prepare for Warlords. We are all working professionals in our late twenties/early thirties. Our level of play is at heroic standards but we've struggled for many months to find the final players to round our group off. We've decided that it is time to move on and complete someone else's group! =) The schedule can be anything on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday from 7pm to no later than 10pm server. Give me a shout in game and we can meet up in voice chat and talk details. 2 healers, 1 tank, and 3 dps. One of the DPS has a tank if needed. ScottWray#1817Majadar2 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 Late night Raiding guild! Forsaken Council is a raiding guild doing late night Raiding. Our Raid times are Tue/Wed/Thur 11pm-2am. (14/14N) LF geared people 2 tanks, dps and 1 heals We are wanting dedicated and consistent raiders. We accepting all types of players. Thestensten#1848Healsten1 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 Insomniacs Inc is Recruiting :) Come join us on Tues/Wed/Thur from 12am-3am Server time for late night raiding! We are 14/14N and the three heads of the guild are 9/14H! LF 555+ players for HSoO and WoD! Having Normal Garry Kill and Heroic Experience will be in your favor. :) Need 1 Dps: LOCK!!!! Please Contact me at Tokeup99#1392 or send me in game mail :) Transfers Welcomed!Rägecläw4 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 <TF> is now selling Heroic Kills and Loot! It's that time of the expansion again! <TF> is now selling Heroic Boss Kills and Loot! We understand that not every potential buyer is the same, so we have setup multiple packages to suit everyone's needs or wants. Package #1 - FULL CLEAR COST: 600k (Does not include Kor'Kron Juggernaut Mount) OR 800k (Mount included) This is currently our most popular package! The package includes: A full 14/14 Heroic Clear [Cutting Edge: Garrosh Hellscream (25 Man)] Liberator of Orgrimmar and Hellscream's Downfall Titles! 140 Achievement Points + 10 if you have not yet killed Garrosh on Normal Any NON-Warforged Heroic loot for your Main Spec (this includes tier) A chance to use any Bonus Roll token you have saved up A chance at a Bind on Account 574 ilvl weaponPackage #2 – The Next Best Thing COST: 400k - A savings of 50k! This package includes: 13/14 Heroic Kills 130 Achievement Points Any NON-Warforged Heroic loot for your Main Spec (this includes tier) A chance to use any Bonus Roll token you have saved upPackage #3 – Vale of Eternal Blossoms COST: 75k This package is perfect for those pesky under-geared alts, it includes: Heroic Immerseus Heroic Protectors Heroic Norushen Heroic Sha of Pride Total of 40 Achievement points Any NON-Warforged Heroic loot for your Main Spec (this includes tier) A chance to use any Bonus Roll token you have saved upPackage #4 – Gates of Retribution COST: 100k This package is perfect for those pesky under-geared alts, it includes: Heroic Galakras Heroic Iron Juggernaut Heroic Dark Shamans Heroic General Nazgrim Total of 40 Achievement points Any NON-Warforged Heroic loot for your Main Spec (this includes tier) A chance to use any Bonus Roll token you have saved upPackage #5 – The Underhold COST: 125k This package is perfect for those who want to see some of the harder content bosses without breaking the bank. This package includes: Heroic Malkorok Heroic Spoils of Pandaria Heroic Thok Total of 30 Achievement points Any NON-Warforged Heroic loot for your Main Spec (this includes tier) A chance to use any Bonus Roll token you have saved upPackage #6 – Downfall (not Garrosh) If you're looking for those last two heroic tier pieces that your guild cannot provide you, then this is the package for you! COST: 150k This package includes: Heroic Siegecrafter Blackfuse Heroic Paragons of the Klaxxi Total of 20 Achievement points Any NON-Warforged Heroic loot for your Main Spec (this includes tier) A chance to use any Bonus Roll token you have saved upThe Dollar Menu! Currently we do not have prices on single boss kills, however all offers will be taken in account. Because of the nature of this raid we can carry people through certain bosses more easily then others, so some bosses are more easily sold as a single kill then others. #1 Heroic Garrosh! COST: 200k (Does not include Kor'Kron Juggernaut Mount) This kill includes: [Cutting Edge: Garrosh Hellscream (25 Man)] Liberator of Orgrimmar and Hellscream's Downfall Titles! A total of 20 Achievement points! Any NON-Warforged Heroic loot for your Main Spec (this includes tier) A chance to use any Bonus Roll token you have saved up A chance at a Bind on Account 574 ilvl weapon#2 Heroic Warforged Loot! We only sell Heroic Warforged loot that our raider's do not need. Heroic Warforged Weapons – 30k each Heroic Warforged Trinkets – 30k each Heroic Warforged offset pieces - 15k each – this includes (but is not limited to): Helm, Necklace, Shoulders, Chest, Cloak, Wrist, Gloves, Belt, Legs, Boots, Rings #3 Kor'Kron Juggernaut Mount! Cost: 400k What do you get? You get a Heroic Garrosh Kill that includes all the Non-WF loot for your Main Spec along with ONE (1) Kor'Kron Juggernaut Mount. The chance to drop for this mount will be reduced to a 1% drop rate when Warlords of Draenor is released. If you have any questions about availability/prices/ or anything else you can contact me or any other Sales Associate through RealID @ Death#1311 nightcrawla#1282 biltor#1145 or contact one of <TF>'s officers! **<TF> Requires a 50% down payment when the date of your scheduled run(s) are set in stone, If you are late or miss the raid the 50% down payment is forfeit. We hold the right to reserve certain items.** Deathbanner53 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 New to server, looking for home. Greetings! Recently moved to Hyjal, looking for a place to stay with the idea of being part of a WoD raid group in the future. Interested in a group that strives for raid progression, but would like to get the chance to know the guild and it's core before and determine whether or not we can reach a mutual benefit. What I could bring to your guild / group: -Experienced tank player and WoW veteran. -14/14N SoO raid experience. -Availability to tank with Blood Deathknight and / or Protection Warrior. -Mature, drama-free and self sufficient player. If there's someone willing to take a chance with me, please reply to this thread or contact me in-game. Vamp2169. Sincerely, Vamp.Vampichoco0 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 16, 2014 11/14H Supremacy Revitalized LFM **Who we are** Supremacy Revitalized is a 11/14H level 25 Horde side guild currently on Hyjal-US looking to recruit exceptional players to join us for mythic raiding and more. **What we have** Dedicated players who strive to be the best they can and learn quickly to progress and have fun. Raid nights are Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays 7:30 pm-10:30 pm server (PST) **What we need** People who are passionate about being the best they can be at their class. Who want to help the guild progress as a team in a friendly, but focused, environment. **Our Preferred Class Needs (in no order):** *Paladins *Priests *Druids *Mages *Rogues *Monks *Death Knights Please note: these are preferred classes but not the only ones we are willing to accept. If you feel that you are exceptional at your class please feel free to msg me and I'm sure we can work something out. :) **Requirements** * Know your class * Have Vent * Show up on time * Be able to take constructive criticism * Have a positive attitude **How to contact me** Bnet: Lynxabane#1231 email: SupremacyRevitalized@gmail.com Or you can shoot me a pm in game :)Zayva0 Aug 16, 2014
Aug 16, 2014 <Torn Asunder> LF 2 ranged dps <Torn Asunder> 8/14H 10 man, is currently looking for two ranged dps to fill our current openings. Prospective raiders should have a good handle on all normal boss fights and preferably some heroic experience. We raid T,W, and Thursday from 7:30 to 10:30 PM Pacific Time. We provide guild repairs, food, pots, and flasks for all. Prefer 560+ ilvl but all excellent players will be considered. PST Roblinz (roblinz#1968), Lestrange, or Sagelystoner in game for more information. Thank you.Roblinz4 Aug 16, 2014
Aug 16, 2014 Want to Buy Garrash Kill 25k Gold (Alliance) HELLO. I am just getting back into wow after 4 years and I am looking to get some epic gear real quick for the coming expansion. 25k will guarantee a full dungeon clear with priority on druid balance gear. I am available most anytime so please message me in game under humpdeez. Thanks for reading!Humpdeez5 Aug 16, 2014
Aug 15, 2014 Looking to transfer for serious WoD raiding I'm looking to transfer for serious WoD raiding. I'm available Sun - Sat for raids starting between 6pm - 8pm server time. I have moderate experience with raiding in TBC, Ulduar 10 hardmodes (legitimate 10 man Algalon kill), and some ICC 10/25 experience. I have not raided since Halion was released, and basically took all of cataclysm and half of MoP off. I have a blood and frost spec, I have never tanked as a DK and only tanked as a paladin in Kara. I have a high aptitude for learning encounters, and am extremely adaptable. I generally maintain somewhere between an average of 85-100% raid attendence, and if I do need to take time off I plan ahead and inform the guild leadership. On a side note I prefer guilds that use a loot distribution system, I prefer DKP or EPGP (DKP is preferable above others), and I will not accept invites or offers from guilds that use a /roll system or loot council.\ Contact me on bnet tainurn#1697Lisora0 Aug 15, 2014
Aug 14, 2014 Nightsaber Cub available H auction house Go buy it =)Xcell1 Aug 14, 2014
Aug 14, 2014 Seeking Late Evening Weekday Raid Team! I'm looking to transfer to Hyjal come the release of WoD (Will transfer before actual release date)!! It's very important that the start time is on or VERY close to the 9PM Server Time start. It can not be during the weekends, and Tues-Wed is preferred but negotiable. I'm a very dedicated raider, and have LOTS of experience as I've been raiding since the days of 40-man Molten Core raids in vanilla. I've led many raid teams, but am looking to just join as a DPS in a current raid team. Currently, I'm an iLvl 555 Destro Warlock, but this could of course change come WoD Spec-wise. I'm hoping to find a suitable guild here on Hyjal to begin raiding with once the expansion drops! If you're the guild I'm looking for, feel free to hit me up on this post, or in-game @ Syniister#2844Rigormortiis0 Aug 14, 2014
Aug 14, 2014 14/14H disc/holy priest LF a temp guild group Hi there, My guild is going for a month long break, however I would still like to raid every week. I'm in search of a guild group for next week (and this month basically) that is perhaps missing a healer and would like a fill-in atm. I'm 14/14H, and have 587 ilvl as disc, 582 as Holy (which I only play on H Malkorok). I have a shadow spec, however, it is only ilvl 573 and I'm not too experienced with it in heroic modes. I would prefer to just heal 90% of the time! I would prefer a guild group that is 11/14H+ but any guild group with a decent amount of heroics is also fine. Please add Panda#1163 (and say what it's about when sending the request) and we can work something out! Thank you! EDIT: also looking for guilds running rbg's. 2k experience holy/shadow priest here :)Partlycloudy5 Aug 14, 2014
Aug 13, 2014 Vessen Vessen is a brand new horde guild which I would like to grow in the coming months. I started this guild for PvE and social purposes :) Warlords of Draenor is right around the corner, if your looking for a guild to level with and down them brand spanking new dungeons with whisper me in game for an invite. My main is a raid toon so I cant keep him in the guild but this is where all my alts will be and come WoD my alts will be my new mains :D Hope to hear from future friends soon :) Either add my B-tag: Thaseus#1993 for invite or apply to guild.Deamons0 Aug 13, 2014
Aug 12, 2014 <X I I I> Starting H25 SoO - Wed/Fri/Mon www.guildxiii.enjin.com for more information and applications out of game. <X I I I> is a Semi-Hardcore PVE raiding guild. We have recently finished with 14/14 Normal and are getting ready to start 25m Heroic SoO, and are looking for exceptional players to progress with us. While the guild is newer, our player base is made up of many old and experienced veterans of the game, recently returned to MoP and preparing for WoD. <X I I I> Is very active, always running or preparing to run something, between our 3x a week schedule, Transmog runs, Achievments, Old content, PVP, Alts, Dungeons or just hanging out on vent, we always try and make the best of our time together. We are a 24 hour guild and have players playing around the clock. The guild is runs 25 SoO (14/14) Normal and starting Heroic 25 SoO. If you can meet the below raid times, please contact Shaedune (Shaedun#1388) in game for information. We require all players who raid to have Ventrilo, DBM or Bigwigs, and GTFO. Loot is distributed via EPGP. Raid Times (Server): Wednesday – 6pm – 9pm Friday – 6pm- 9pm Monday – 6pm-9pm Tanks: Monk: Closed Warrior: Closed Paladin: Low Druid : Closed Death Knight: Closed Healers: Priest: Low Shaman: Medium Druid : Low Monk: Low Paladin: Medium Ranged/Melee Hunter: Low Warlock: High Warrior: High Rogue: Low Druid: Low Priest: Low Death Knight: Medium Shaman: Low Paladin: Medium Monk: Low Mage: High Even if your class isn’t in demand, please contact us if interested, we will always consider an exceptional player who wants to contribute regardless of class or spec. Additional Info <X I I I> Is run by GM Shaedune and Valkyr former GMs of Solstice and Kaos Knights from WotLK, both heroic raiding guilds at the time, and we plan to do the same by the end of MoP and into WoD. As guild leaders we feel it’s most important to build a friendly and fun community for everyone to play and laugh together. This game isn’t a job nor should it feel like one, however, in order to progress we do expect people to show up with the required level of focus and a positive attitude.Shaedune11 Aug 12, 2014
Aug 11, 2014 [H] 11/14H-10, 9/14H-25 guild LFM for WoD "Who is John Galt?" is an old guild from Suramar server recently moved into Hyjal. We are 11/14H in 10 man and 9/14H SoO in 25 man SoO and are currently looking to fill our numbers for WoD mythic-20 raiding. We raid 3 nights a week, @ 3 hrs/night. So, whether you 're a semi-retired hardcore raider who still loves the game too much, or a returning player who prefers a 3x3 raiding schedule and decent progress every tier, then we might be the right fit for you. Raid Times Tue, Thurs, Sun - 7:30 to 10:30 PM PST Loot System EPGP If you want to know more about us, please feel free to talk to any of us in game. My Btag is Muskaan#1780Fayenoor1 Aug 11, 2014
Aug 11, 2014 The Sacrifice 10m 14/14H LF a geared Healer. We are currently looking for a geared healer to help finish out getting mounts for everyone in our group. We will be transitioning into Mythic raiding in WoD. We are a mature semi-hardcore guild that is pretty laid back. All we ask is that you know your class well and you come prepared and ready to raid. Our times are: Tue: 8pm-11pm (Pacific) Wed: 8pm-11pm (Pacific) Sun: 8pm-11pm (Pacific) While we are currently specifically looking for a healer at the moment, we will also take excellent dps candidates. I can be contacted in game or at Zyzyks#1111Maimei0 Aug 11, 2014
Aug 11, 2014 Priest looking for home for SoO and WoD I have experience as far back as Burning Crusade off and on with raiding. I took a break because of guild drama in my last guild wore me out and I am looking to transfer servers (maybe factions) to get back into raiding. What Im looking for anywhere from 8pm to midnight PST 2 - 4 nights a week, any night except saturday works for me. Looking to play heal priest Experience during endgame Burning Crusade Kara - Full Clear Zul Aman - Full Clear Tempest Keep - Full Clear Wrath Naxx - Full Clear 10 and 25 Ulduar - Full Clear 25 (including Hardmodes) Trial - Full Clear 25 Full Clear 10 heroic ICC -Full Clear 10 Cataclysm Twilight - Full Clear 10 Black wing - Full Clear 10 Four Winds - Full Clear 10 Dragon Soul - Full Clear (half on heroic) Panda Mogushun - Full Throne of Thunder - up to Dark Animus on normal Seige - First Quarter on normalNecryptic1 Aug 11, 2014
Aug 11, 2014 deleted deletedNecryptic0 Aug 11, 2014
Aug 11, 2014 [H] Coalescence is recruiting! Coalescence is a newly formed guild created by 2 real life friends that wanted to raid together on a less time consuming schedule while still having the opportunity to continue raiding. Both have heroic raiding experience dating back to the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. Currently our farthest progression in SoO is 11/14H and we are looking to get to that point with a new group! Our raid days are Sunday and Monday from 7pm until 10pm server time. We chose these days because they didn't interfere with weekend plans and wouldn't get in the way of possible business things during the middle of the week. We are accepting all roles at this current time as we are building from scratch, but we look to advance quickly. As stated above, we have experience not only in general raiding but also are up to date on the current tier of raiding as well. Please feel free to contact us in game if you are interested. We are looking for players ready to tackle normal but also may be willing to help get some people the gear they need if they are dedicated to being there for raid and (if not already having done so) pursuing their legendary cloak. The legendary cloak is not mandatory, however if you are on your sigils and do not have adequate gear then you aren't quite at the level that we are looking for. The further you are on the legendary quest the better, but if your gear is ready for raiding then we will give you a shot :) Our loot system will be a loot council made up of the GM and 4 other officers, making up 5 people to make sure there isn't a tie. Speaking of officers, since we are starting from scratch there are openings for leadership positions. To qualify for consideration as an officer, you must have: -Proven capability of play in raid -Shown good people skills/fun personality -Be on time for raid and be there on both days (outside of RL emergencies) -Be over 18 years old -Have the ability during loot council to remain neutral when making distribution decisions. If this sounds like the guild for you then please contact us! Either Zoom (Asclepius#1293) or Kio (Kiomi32#1553) Thank you and we hope to hear from you!Zoomzoompow0 Aug 11, 2014
Aug 11, 2014 Pvp Queue timers?(horde) hello i are wonder what the pvp queue timers are on hyjal thank you. i come on from darkspear and its pretty much instant pvp queue pop for alliance thank you. i was wonder if its like that for horde on hyjal thank you.Stronkbad1 Aug 11, 2014