Jun 25 Memories, nostalgia, etc. Any Hyjal folks from Vanilla still around? <Casual> <On The Bounty> <HonorBound> <Vox Noctis> Looking for a terrible paladin that went by the name Granstina. Or a priest named Aeloren. Stay classy, Hyjal.Gødless14 Jun 25
Jun 24 For those Heroic Archi kills #FriendshipMoose http://friendshipmoose.com/index For those that don't follow Twitter and what not. Groups are getting geared in prep to make runs for those not able to do this kill so you can get your moose. No cost to it.Boruk2 Jun 24
Jun 22 Deleted. DeleteLunahime2 Jun 22
Jun 21 Scelestus is Recruiting!!! <Scelestus> is an English Only Casual Social Raiding Guild, we have been down and out for most of this xpac and are wanting to rebuild from the ground up. We are currently looking for experienced raiders and non- experienced raiders (Will train you if non-experienced) to get ready for legion, but all are welcome weather your into raiding or not. we just like having fun and hanging out with friends, this guild is actually more then friends we are a family and we would like to extend our hand to any player who wishes to not only become part of our guild but part of our family. we are currently using Ventrilo as a voice communication program and i encourage all new members to get it and join in on the conversation. we have guild repairs and just about any profession you need for crafting you what you need. So if your interested in a friendly bunch of people who like to raid and just know how to have fun i encourage you to reply to this post or msg me in game for further information that you may require, have fun everyone and hope to see you soon. <Scelestus> Guild Leader : Sinawn (Msg me on this toon or one of my alts) Roxsas - Mage Khadgario - Shaman When replying to me in game send an in game mail first and ill respond to youSinawn0 Jun 21
Jun 19 Prot pally and Warlock LFG for Legion Greetings! My wife and I are returning to the game and are looking for a semi-casual raiding guild that raids after 6:30 PM PST. We are looking for a guild that would be doing mostly heroic level raids. We can commit 2-3 days a week to raid and are very reliable. Our other charecters include: Me: Hunter, Shaman, Priest, Monk, and Mage My wife: Priest, Mage, Hunter, DK and Pally We are will to play whatever class is needed but would prefer to play our mains. Thanks, Legionas and Paprekie Below is my battle tag. We look forward to hearing for some great guilds! Snipedown#1816Legionas0 Jun 19
Jun 19 Torn Asunder <H> 13/13H & 10/13M Torn Asunder, 13/13H HFC and 11/13M HFC is a fun guild located on the Hyjal server that is looking for members to complete our raid team. We are looking for people who like to have a good time, work hard/willing to put the work in, and be part of a cohesive team. The people in Torn Asunder take raiding seriously but also recognize that there is life outside of WoW. In previous tiers we've ended at 8/8H Dragon Soul, 8/13H ToT,14/14H (now mythic) Siege, 2/7M Highmaul, 10/10H BRF and generally maintain a top 20-30 spot on the realm. (Gaps in tiers were times at which I was not raid leading or was too busy with real life to be in the raid group) Current Recruitment Needs: - RDPS Preferably Mage/Warlock. Looking for players that are 720+ and mythic ready, please have experience and 4 piece/correct trinkets or be willing to put in the effort to get them, we no longer run heroic other than mannoroth/archimonde. Raid Times: Tuesday - 7:30PM to 10:30PM PST Wednesday - 7:30PM to 10:30PM PST Loot Method: Full guild runs are need before greed with Main Spec rolls taking priority. Looting method may be changed to Personal (generally only at the start of a tier/expansion when everyone needs the gear) at the discretion of the raid leader. We are always very generous with our guild members and passing on loot if we feel another guild member can use a particular item more. Communication Tool: We use Mumble as our communications tool and this can be downloaded at www.mumble.com. About Us: We are a group of friends who enjoy playing the game together, a lot of us have remained in this guild since cataclysm and even beforehand. We love running things as a group and helping each other out, anything from a quick heroic/mythic/challenge dungeon, garrison invasions, rare farming, dailies, and occasionally thumping heads in PvP. We also like to joke a lot on Mumble and sometimes the Mumble sessions are more entertaining than the game itself. Contact: Please contact battletag Agatio (Saturos#1450), Valheals (Lestrange#1833), or Ivaldi (Sagely#1305), in-game for more information. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!Ivaldi18 Jun 19
Jun 18 Any Horde Side PvP Focused Guilds? Seems most people here PvE mainly which is fine, I was just wondering if there were some PvP themed guilds around. WPvP, BGs, Arena, really looking for more general than purely focused on 1 aspect and of course a Guild planning on moving into Legion with this in mind.Opiumcat3 Jun 18
Jun 17 720 Warrior LF Raiding Home As the post says I'm a 720ilvl Warrior (all specs) looking for a home to raid in. Some quick info about me I've been playing the game since the end of BC with breaks inbetween. I'm a progression minded player who is looking for a guild that is about getting business done. I just switched over from horde to alliance to try and maybe make the game a little more fresh. I cleared heroic HFC back in September 2015 and was with a Mythic progression guild for a while until work conflicted and I had to leave. From there I took a break from the game. With Legion coming soon I'm hoping to find a strong group I can play the game with. Before this expansion I raided with friends and we merged into a top end guild and we did 25mans in prep for the mythic. We cleared 25 man heroic Garrosh long before Mythic was a thing. Sometime in like July 2014. But I always strive to be a top performer in whatever guild I'm in. I'm looking for a late night EST guild preferably so I can schedule it around work since I live on the west coast. Looking at all offers Ally or Horde.Keruno1 Jun 17
Jun 14 LFG Gold Challange modes Hello Hyjal, I am a BiS (For cms) Destro lock, looking for a group willing to do 8/8 gold runs for WoD Dungeons. To be part of this, you must have close or have BiS gear for your class for cm's, and have experience (watching videos on how to do the cm's is fine). Send me in game mail if you are interested, Thanks!Gurrt0 Jun 14
Jun 14 <The Wolves of War> M Recruiting! T/Th Raids 13/13H HFC 9/13M Check us out at Wolvesofwar.com Wolves of War is a progression oriented guild focusing on high end gaming content. We are looking to fill in a few core raid spots in our raid team. We are accepting quality applicants of any class or spec. About us: - We are a mature raiding guild established in 2006 that takes raiding (but not ourselves) very seriously. Our niche is primarily ex-hardcore raiders that grew up and found themselves with responsibilities and limited game time. We work effectively with the limited time we have. - We are as drama free as any guild can be. Any occurrences are resolved very quickly and brute-force closed when necessary. It’s just not tolerated! - We are not shouters – no 50 minus DKP here. Applicants should come with a good attitude. Sense of humor a plus. Maybe you also like long walks on the beach. We like piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain. That's OK, too. Raid times: Two-night Tuesday/Thursday 8:00-11:00 PST (Hyjal server time) Qualifications: - Age 21 and older only please. - Know your selected spec inside and out, come to raids prepared and research strats beforehand. If you haven't read an EJ thread or Icy-Veins guide on your class, we are not for you. - We are looking for mature, sociable, fun and knowledgeable raiders that will actively contribute to the success of our raids. - Expected attendance of 80% or greater. - No minimum ilevel – we’re looking for good fits to our guild and gear is the one thing about an applicant that can be fixed. You will, however, be benched much of the time if you cannot execute to expectation. Become part of the pack today, go to Wolvesofwar.com/forums, click on forums, register, and follow the application instructions. All quality players are encouraged to apply!Vallayne21 Jun 14
Jun 14 710+ rogue LF late night raiding guild Hey guys, I don't care if you're in normal heroic or mythic, looking for a late night guild to run with 2-3 nights a week. LFR is fun, but it's not fulfilling and pugging normals just results in ninja'd tier pieces. Currently I'm assassination ilvl 713, and off spec combat 711. I would prefer to gear combat if weapons drop for me. Anyway, in LFR i sit around 40-60k DPS depending on fight, currently 11/13 on normal mode 13/13 LFR, and 2/13 heroic. If you're looking for a melee DPS, please let me know! :)Impractical2 Jun 14
Jun 13 725 Blood DK LF Legion Home The guild I'm in currently, while I love it, is planning on changing raid times for Legion and I, unfortunately, won't be able to start as early as they want. With that in mind, I'm going to start looking now for a new place to call my raiding home come Legion. Looking for: + 2 nights a week, 8pm PST or later start times. Ideally, 9pm PST would be best, but I could make 8pm work. These times are non-negotiable. I absolutely cannot start any earlier than 8pm. Tuesdays are almost assuredly a no go as well unless I switch some things around with work (which may be possible). + Spot as a main tank + Guild that plans to push heroic or higher on a limited schedule -- I know it can be done and I'm ready to bring my A++ game! **Right now, I'm still set on playing my Blood DK, but I've also been toying with going either DH, paladin, or guardian RAWR bear. I wish I had access to the beta to test each class out, but alas, I do not. If you will be in the market for any of the above, feel free to post!** #OhMyItsAPie1205 if you'd like to chat!Seraphion5 Jun 13
Jun 12 [H] <Forsaken Legionnaires> Weekend Raiding! Hi all! Forsaken Legionnaires is now recruiting to build a core for Legion. "But Amanique, it's still months away, not to mention we have to level to 110 first!". I hear you. We plan to "try out" and build team chemistry by running Normal and then Heroic HFC. We want players who want to play and want to raid. We can build our team, mesh our styles, and get to know one another during this *sarcasm incoming* wonderful expansion that is WoD! So if you are at or near ilvl 700, you want to raid, but no one will invite you cuz "your ilvl is too low" or "full on mages and hunterz kkthxbai" come check us out. We will not refuse any players, but we would really prefer non-alt characters that are near ilvl 700. We need all classes and seek all roles. "Amanique? When do you raid?" Great question. We raid Saturday and Sunday nights from 5pm-8pm PST. We seek players coming back to the game wanting to raid for fun, newer players to raiding who want to "see what it's all about", and veteran players who have been here for the long haul. We'll be doing Heroic HFC and a litle bit of Normal HFC as well. We believe everyone can be a <Forsaken Legionnaire> and encourage anyone of any level to join us. Whether you want to level, make friends, raid, or sit in Warspear all day and badmouth the expansion in trade chat, we're here for you. Come join us and have an adventure! If you're interested and want some more information, post here or add me to bnet. My tag is Sym#1416. Thanks all, see you in the Trade channel!Amanique3 Jun 12
Jun 10 [H]Scotch and Soda-Whisperwind-12yr guild LFM Scotch and Soda has been on Whisperwind for over a decade, and is well established in it's leadership and membership. We place an emphasis on the personality of the player over their ilvl and experience, making this a good place to come to spend time with amazing people, doing amazing things in game! We are looking for: New Players, Re-Rolls, Casual players, Raiders! All are welcome as we prepare for Legion. We focus on providing an enjoyable gaming environment for everyone in the guild, not just our raiders, and not just our casuals. We have 180+ unique players in guild, ensuring there is someone online pretty much all the time! No more logging in to a ghost town! We are currently 9/13 Mythic HFC and are #1 on Horde side-Whisperwind for progression in this expansion. We keep a laid back but focused approach in raids, and really enforce the no shaming/blaming concept while still pushing for progression and performance. If you are interested in joining the Scotch and Soda family, visit us on Facebook at Scotch and Soda Recruiting, check out our website at ScotchandSoda.org, or feel free to contact any of the officers in game: Rhawnah - Rhawna#1207 Zauberr- Karrill#1518 Treddybear- tredecim#1284 Gravesend- Nemo#1931 Blackangus-gundar#1433Rhawnah0 Jun 10
Jun 8 Last Hope 11/13M Wed/Sun Recruiting Schedule: Wed & Sun 8:30 CT - 10:30 CT Realm: Sargeras Current recruitment priority: DPS DK, Warlock, Mage, Rogue, Balance Druid - High Demand Warrior, Monk, Elemental Shaman, Hunter - Possible spots available Shadow Priest, Ret Pally, Enhancement Shaman, Feral Druid - Low Healing Sorry, no additional healers are needed at this time. Tanking Sorry, no tanks are needed at this time. About joining the guild: We would ask that you server transfer after a trial if you love us and we love you. Please get ahold of our guild leader swerenfl#1545/Gluteas-Sargeras/Glutose-Sargeras, or you can get ahold of me Adhesyve#1668 or Adhesyve-Sargeras. You can also apply at lasthopeguild.com We are a 11/13 guild so we would ask if you’re applying that you have similar experience. About the guild: We have a very light schedule, but we have high output and expectations for the time we play. We’ve managed to get 11/13M on a 4 hour schedule, and with a couple more people we can get our 13/13M before pre-launch patch. The guild is pretty silly and fun in general with great raid leadership.Adhesyve0 Jun 8
Jun 3 -= Sadistic Sanity =- <pvp> -= Sadistic Sanity =- Horde - Hyjal SS is a guild of players who mainly PVP. New members of all skill levels are welcome to join us. We are casual players who play at a high skill level, we are willing to help anyone that is WILLING to learn the game and become a better player. GUILD ACTIVITIES: Premade Random Battlegrounds Guild Rated Battlegrounds (1600-1700 rating) Raid Ironforge, EVERY Saturday Arena PVP Tournaments Guild Bounties World PVP World PVP WORLD PVP World PVP on a PVE Server? Yes! We schedule regular events with rival Alliance guilds, and are able to stir up PLENTY of action outside of that. Currently looking for members that are willing to schedule and run more guild events. Pst me for info. We use Curse Voice and have an active server. Twitter: @ss_hyjal Enjin: http://sadisticsanity.enjin.comLluagor12 Jun 3
Jun 1 Selling "Realm-Best / Challenge Master" CMs Hello people of Hyjal! Some of you may know me/my team from our challenge mode carries or if you follow the challenge mode leader boards. We are now going to be offering sales for the Feat of Strength achievements for attaining a realm-best time in some of the challenge modes this season! Unfortunately, some of them we cannot do (like Iron Docks) as we pushed that time to be a world record time so it is highly unlikely that carrying someone would permit us to beat said time. However, we are more than confident in being able to beat the following times with a carry: Everbloom Bloodmaul Slag Mines Auchindoun Requirements: For these we do want to require that you bring some DPS enhancing items (flasks, combat potions) so that the run is as smooth as possible for your sake and ours. Food will be provided as well as any other consumables you may need. You must have either Mumble, Ventrilo, or Teamspeak 3 in order to participate as vocal communication is necessary if only for us to tell you what to do. Rewards: The reward for any given "realm-best" time is a feat of strength achievement that will not be available after (presumably) the pre-patch for legion and definitely not available after legion's launch. You will also receive a temporary title specific to the dungeon that is completed that will be lost as soon as the time is beaten by another team on the realm (so basically us again). The temporary titles are as follows: Everbloom: " ... the Violet Guardian" Bloodmaul Slag Mines: "... the Mine Master" Auchindoun: "... the Soul Preserver" Costs: The price we are going to charge at the moment is 350k(this is negotiable) for each realm-best feat of strength. The price is high in comparison due to the fact that our realm times are set decently high in regards to carrying someone else, so there is a very limited supply, and we can only re-beat the times in these dungeons but so many times. Contact: Aldragon - AlDragon#1305, Opathold#1974, Aimey, or Guccigripzx. We are all on hyjal and most in the guild Crown, so feel free to drop us a mail or contact me on battlenet about this. Time: Since we are unsure of demand for this and these runs (since they are single dungeon runs) shouldn't take too much time (30 mins to an hour depending on circumstances), we do not have any set scheduled days or times but the most likely spots to be used are during the days of weekdays between noon and 6pm server time. Thank you and please let us know your concerns or if you just want information!Aldragon1 Jun 1
May 31 Nocturne Redux Recruiting. Hello everyone! I'm Cerity Tradewind, and my guild is searching for some classy people to help round out our guild. We are located on the Hyjal server, alliance side. We are an adult guild, 21 and older only please. Have you ever wondered how the game would be if you had an active guild with facets for every taste and play style. If you have, then Nocturne Redux is the perfect kind of guild for you. We cover the casual gamer to the progressive raider and everything in-between. If you're new to WoW or perhaps coming back from hiatus. We are currently running two raid groups through HFC, we are putting together a PvP group, and we have an expansive guild bank (hides to make sure our banker isn't reading this post). For those with more social tastes we also have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1703019676653701/ Come check us out! If you're interested in joining Contact Myself or one of our officers: Bravoda, Gnomewee, or Sangria.Cerity5 May 31
May 29 WEEKLY Ironforge Attack Every Saturday, Sadistic Sanity, will be hosting an attack on Ironforge. If you are looking to farm kills, have a huge PVP battle, or just have some time to kill (*wink wink) look for us in the group finder, and come join in the rampage. These attacks will be going on EVERY SATURDAY, around 8pm server time. (11 EST) Feel free to invite as many people as you'd like, (Alliance you are welcome to try and stop us.) We have recently been able to set up shop and hold off Alliance for hours, racking up hundred of kills. (I got around 1k honorable kills last weekend.) Have a few Ideas on how to keep things interesting... Hope to see you out there!Lluagor2 May 29
May 29 [H] 740 MW looking for a guild Hi there! 12/13M. Looking for a new guild to finish off this tier, and hopefully to stay in Legion. I am a pure MW, and I plan to stay MW come Legion. Please contact me in-game or through my btag: zokque#1104 Looking for options. Thanks for your time!Ai0 May 29
May 28 Hyjal Alliance. Sadistic Sanity will be attacking Ironforge tomorrow. Let's show them what happens when they return to our house. Much needed Alliance reinforcements are needed in Ironforge. They will be attacking around the evening. 8, 9, 10, or 11 o' clock. EST PTZ CTZ. I don't know what time zone everybody has, but just be prepared. Come get your HK's and a good WPvP feeling in your very soul.Truepally0 May 28
May 28 LF EST guild Looking for an east coast guild that will be raiding in legion. Not particularly looking to raid right now, just looking for a group on est that is planning to raid in legion. Or a large active social guild. prefer adult guilds. Contact me in game at Haretisch#1537 to discuss more.Hairtisch0 May 28
May 27 WTB 3 CM gold dungeons I haven't been able to play like I have wanted the last couple months and want to semi quickly and easily finish off my gold CM's. I am willing to get in a group that wants to try for them also instead of buying if everybody has some experience. If I end up buying I can heal or dps, if I get into a group that wants to try for them I prefer to heal. Dungeons I need to finish are - Iron Docks - Grimrail - Shadowmoon Burial Grounds I don't have any set days or times at the moment I need to schedule around so whatever is best works for me as of now. Let me know what price this would cost either here or in game and we can get this knocked out! btag - Puune#1430Marcil0 May 27
May 27 hello i dont like to be cencord ^ ^ hi, im a decent wow player who has a couple of toons that could b helpful to a guild. ive a resto druid in 706 I lvl and a 686 I lvl tank spec. still working on that. also have a 704 rogue and im jjust starting a hunter. I rele like my guild but I don't wanna have to worrie about what I say. and I feal like my jokes a luid if not offensive to some at times. Im lookin for a guild that can deal with my sence of humor and my poor spelling. its gunna b difficult cus this is a game that has many kids rollin around in it. but I try to keep my jokes in poor taste and I am not afraid to talk about anything. please if there is a guild in hyjal like this that would b the guild for me. msg me and ill look at joining on one of my toons. thx! ps . rogue pulls about 40 k dps low side and healer pulls about 30-50 k hps depending on how well the other heals are doing. thx againCrazzart5 May 27
May 27 <Limited Edition> 1/13 Mythic LF Raiders! Ever get that feeling that your raid has become a second job? Perhaps you desired a balance between fun and cutting edge progression? If that's the case, then Limited Edition is the place you want to be! Progression being our primary focus, those who would apply to our guild should know that we give priority to those who are compatible with our players and have a good attitude, over performance. One of the things that makes our guild different is that we are a group of people who really do love talking, playing around with each other, and the occasional joke or two. That being said, our raiders act and behave in a manner that always benefits the group, rather than their own personal gain. We are always on the search for good players with similar attitude and goals. We require team players, and players who are always striving to be better at their job, so that we can push new content with our friends, old and new, rather than be burnt out in a toxic raid environment. Currently Accepting applications for: -Hunter -Throughput Healer -Windwalker Monk / Brewmaster Offspec -Shadow Priest / Holy or Disc -Warlock -Feral Druid / Guardian or Resto Offspec -Retribution Paladin / Holy Offspec ***All inquiries will be taken seriously, even if your class/spec is not on the list above!*** Frequently Asked Questions: What are your raid times? Does it differ during progression or farm? Tuesday: 6pm PST - 9pm PST Thursday: 6pm PST - 9pm PST How is loot distributed? RC Loot Council. What can you expect from us? A kind, inviting and helpful community, with a fresh experience to start raiding again at a competitive level. What do we expect from you? -Show up to raid prepared. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. -Research all fight mechanics pertinent to your class ahead of time. -Show up rested, alert, and sober. -Leave the drama at the door. -Give it your best effort from start to finish. -Don't become complacent! There is always a way to become a better player. Alright! Now that you've made it here, are you feeling it? Can you take the heat? Fill out a short application at http://www.LimitedEditionGuild.com! For further inquiries, feel free to message: Amdo (Amdo#1452) Asteus (Fantin#1445) Lootpig (Deathpig#1823) Acekith (Acekith#1333) Blitzheals (Matt#13672)Amdo4 May 27
May 27 Looking to start a new journey? We Came As Kitties is a fresh guild (Or so in the works) formed by three friends. Our plan is to do some casual Legion adventures until we get enough people suited up for doing end game material! Send me a message in game to join!Lorvain0 May 27
May 27 WTB CM 8/8 Carry! Hello, I am Horde on Hyjal server and I am wanting to buy a Challenge Mode Carry next Wednesday June 1. I am looking to have it done in the morning/early afternoon. Please message me or comment or add my battle tag Rokaden#1151 if you are able to help! Thank you in advanceRokwar0 May 27
May 26 . .Jabernickle0 May 26
May 25 [A] Trivial Recruiting Raiders Who We Are, What We Do We're a guild dedicated to playing WoW with our friends, families and guildmates while we work through progression; and have a good time doing it. We've been around for over 10 years, with a number of our members having been with us since the beginning. Our focus is on honesty, fair play, and fun which are more important to us than loot or fast-paced progression in the game. More about Trivial, its history and aims, can be found here if you're interested: http://www.trivial-guild.com/guild/ Raid Schedule (server time, Hyjal-US: Pacific) Tuesday 6:30pm – 9:30pm Pacific Wednesday 7:00pm – 9:30pm Pacific Friday 7:00pm – 10:00pm Pacific Some Expectations & Understandings We aim to clear each tier in normal mode, and have since Scholomance was a raid, plus and minus a few. We want people who like to play WoW with friends, who treat others as they would like to be treated, and who understand that Real Life comes first. Come ready to raid, with flasks, etc., at hand, gear repaired and set up in a way that makes sense for your class/spec. Sign up for raids, and show up for them when you do. (When you can't, let us know in advance so we can adjust as needed.) Know your class & spec to the best of your ability. We don't need you to be a master, but you should know enough of the basics to make a contribution to the encounter. Applying as a Raider Please fill out a Raiding Member Application after reviewing the raiding rules & expectations and the other guild policies at http://www.trivial-guild.com/join-us/. They're not too lengthy, and they're important to know! (Note: You'll need to sign up for an account on our website in order to fill out the form. That's quick and easy too.) Trivial In-Game Contacts Alyrra - AlyrraShadow#1236 Turin - aniluvatar#1434 Heridfel Honesty Icemann Lierra Orionii Sarran Snowfrost If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to send an in-game mail or BattleTag request to any one of our Officers; or PM one of us on the website. We look forward to hearing from you soon! -- The Members of TrivialTurin4 May 25
May 25 (H)Group of 5 looking for a guild for Legion Hello, so myself and 4 others are looking for a guild and potentially a weekend raid or place we can build a midcore weekend raid for legion. Most of us are in beta and trying out various classes in preparation for lthe expansion. We're all working adults and want a place to derp about with a good sense of humor with some good hearted ribbing from time to time. We're not looking for a mythic or bust type guild but we wouldn't turn away from mythic either if it was done with a midcore mindset. All but one of us have mythic experience in WoD and most of us are variable on what we will play. So if there's anyone out there that might be interested in us and want to have a chat, hit me up in game or Wutu#1726.Imapos1 May 25
May 23 [H] Indominus-Thrall 13/13M Recruiting Are you an exceptional healer / damage dealer with Mythic experience looking for a home? <Indominus> One of the top raiding guilds on Thrall, is looking for skilled dps and healers to complete our mythic HfC team! Our progression boss kill pulls have been lower than the average pulls it takes to kill a boss. Hellfire Assault: 7 Iron Reaver: 22 Kormrok: 17 Hellfire High Council: 21 Kilrogg Deadeye: 19 Gorefiend: 116 Iskar: 5 Socrethar: 2 Zakuun: 32 Tyrant: 19 Xhul: 68 Manny: 149 Archimonde: 245 Classes Needed (priority in caps): ALL CLASS CONSIDERED. We are looking for ilvl 730+ and please have SOLID mythic experience, legendary ring well-upgraded and most of your gear improved by valor upgrades Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday @ 8 Server till 11 Server. Interested? Have questions? Feel free to message me in game (Jàger), or add me to real id: Aratax#1215and give me a tell! We can also do mumble if you like. AS A SIDE NOTE: we also run a dedicated alt team that is clearing a majority; if not all, of Heroic and Normal HfC (depending on the group composition). This group is in desperate need for healers that are 700 ilvl or higher. This run is on Weds at 8 server. If you are a healer / dps, and are interested in clearing HfC content, we would love to have you. In the unlikely event I am not on feel free to message another one of our officers if you have any questions or you are interested in joining our team. I'll post my btag one more time for clarity: Rutmaul <Guild Master> Rutmaul #1597 Jager <Officer> Aratax#1215 Caeriss<Officer> Kazkek#1444 Popsnlocks<Officer> Chewie#1121Jàger3 May 23
May 23 , .Jabernickle0 May 23
May 22 (A)<Justified>12/13Mythic Looking for Players <Justified> is a mythic raiding guild on Kel’Thuzad (US-Alliance). We’re a group of motivated raiders who are willing to do whatever it takes to provide our guild with the environment and tools we need to succeed. Our goals are to clear all content while it is still relevant and have fun while we raid. We play this game to be successful while still maintaining a fun and constructive environment. So while we take pride in being competitive and ranking high in log parses, we do not allow this spirit to devolve into pettiness and negativity. Expectations: - Come to raid prepared, IE: Flasks, food and Potions. - If information is available, study the current and future progression fights - Treat people inside of the guild and outside with respect. - Be respectful of the time people dedicate to raids - Be able to adapt quickly to changes in strategies or mistakes made during encounters. - Bring a positive attitude and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as give your own if needed. - Ability to communicate is a must, please have a working microphone. - Lastly the motivation to constantly get better and push yourself, study logs try to improve your performance and raid contribution. Raid times: Tuesday: 6:30 PM PST - 9:30 PM PST Wednesday: 6:30 PM PST - 9:30 PM PST Thursday: 6:30 PM PST - 9:30 PM PST Optional Nights: *Saturday: 6:30 PM PST - 9:30 PM PST *Sunday 6:30 PM PST - 9:30 PM PST *Saturday and Sunday are just casual Alt and Achievement runs for those that want to participate. Currently Recruiting: Tank: Low Priority Healer: High Priority Melee DPS: High Priority Ranged DPS: High Priority If your class is a low priority on recruitment do not be discouraged in applying or contacting someone in the Guild. Anyone who is exceptional at their class will be noticed and offered a chance at a core raiding position. Current Progression: Hellfire Citadel(H): 13/13 Hellfire Citadel(M): 12/13 How to Apply!: Website: www.justifiedguild.com GM: Treeson (Treeson#1138) Officer: ßlooms (Liz#1530) Officer: Basee (Base#1657) Officer: Kylore (Goblinsmithy#1769) You can either apply online or contact in game if you're interested in joining <Justified>. We look forward to seeing you in raid. *We urge everyone to contact any officer in game, once an application has been filled out.Kylore3 May 22
May 22 New Guild Looking for Some Fresh Faces <Showtime> is a new Horde based guild on US-Hyjal looking to do content in Heroic HFC, in PVP, and to prep for Legion. What we're looking for: We're looking to build a community of fun loving, friendly, and helpful people to make sure our gaming experience is a postivie one! If you have a good attitude then we want you! Raids: Progression Raid nights will be Friday and Saturday at 8PM Server Time with TMOG and Achievement runs being on Sunday 5PM Server time Requirement to Raid: 700+ Item Level preferred, the faster we can jump into Heroic at this point the better, but if you need a little help progressing or getting a certain item, don't be afraid to ask! How to Join: Simply add Grovie#1719 and request to be invited when they are online! At this point no applicants are being turned away so don't be shy! Healers and DPS are in huge need right now Side Note: This may not mean much to some but to those who care, this is an LGBT friendly Guild, if you're looking for a place to be able to freely express yourself and not get melted by trade chat, Showtime is a good community for you.Konami0 May 22
May 22 710 5/13H Hunter LF Late Night Guild I recently came back after an eight month break and I'd like to get back into the full swing of raiding before Legion. I finished HFC at 5/13H and would like to find a guild that is working on heroics and will move into mythic before the end of August. If any Horde based guilds are running a raid time between 12am-5am EST feel free to drop a comment or add me on BNET Cheeze#1111Mmburntcheez0 May 22
May 21 Your gamer is showing The time has come, and you've decided to find a guild you can get behind long term. Well you've come to the right place. Tired of getting the random G invite only to G quit a day later becasue no one talked? Or perhaps you're tired because it feel like everyone is abandoning WoW for other games while they wait for Legion. Whatever the reason is I promise you that Nocture Redux is the place for you for a long time to come. If you're on the Hyjal server, alliance side and 21 years of age give us a shout. Oh, you need some credentials first? Of course you do, you are a discerning gamer of good taste. WARNING! Incoming laundry list: Began raiding only 6 weeks ago already: 11/13 in normal HFC 4/13 in Heroic HFC Average ilvl for guild - 715 expansive guild bank, repairs for all. emphasis on raiders Fantastic ranking system PvP/PVE friendlyStill on the fence about joining? Just come have a chat with one of our members. Message anyone online. Your officers are always here to help as well. Bravoda: Our fearleass leader Gnomewee: Raid leader, overall badass. Sangria: Banker, sweetest person. Cerity: Guild secretary, good for a laugh. I hope to see you in game.Cerity0 May 21
May 21 LFM interested in H Archi sales 740+ ilvl I have a core group of guildies interested in running some H Archi carries. We're looking for others who might be interested in being part of this. Tues 9-11 EST every week. If it works out and we get enough people to run it on a regular basis we may add more time slots in. Add me for any questions or more details. Silentdeath#1988Ezprey2 May 21
May 20 739Disc/730 Shadow LF Mythic Guild Hello! I am looking to join a mythic raiding guild who is clearing mythic content. I am a 739 ilvl 10/13M expierenced disc priest. I am looking to clear current content before legion . I am most comofrtable healing, but would be willing to dps when needed. My availabilty is any night and any time until 2am EST You can contact me at Kacyn#1596 Thank you for your time!Paiisley2 May 20
May 20 13/13H 730 R.Sham LF M HFC Running heroics with my guild, but would love a team to run mythic with until legion, and maybe after. looking for something wed-thurs. please msg in game if you have an opening =)Civz0 May 20
May 19 Any guilds doing normal+ raids that are open? I don't want to leave my guild since it's a work guild, but currently it's pretty dead until legion. However, I really want to get into raiding the current game until then. Are there any guilds/PUG/etc that raid at consistent times and would like someone who can show up every week?Impractical4 May 19
May 18 VICTORY OR DEATH...No Longer Recruiting /deletedElega2 May 18
May 18 (A)<Justified> M12/13 LF exceptional players <Justified> is a mythic raiding guild on Kel’Thuzad (US-Alliance). We’re a group of motivated raiders who are willing to do whatever it takes to provide our guild with the environment and tools we need to succeed. Our goals are to clear all content while it is still relevant and have fun while we raid. We play this game to be successful while still maintaining a fun and constructive environment. So while we take pride in being competitive and ranking high in log parses, we do not allow this spirit to devolve into pettiness and negativity. Expectations: - Come to raid prepared, IE: Flasks, food and Potions. - If information is available, study the current and future progression fights - Treat people inside of the guild and outside with respect. - Be respectful of the time people dedicate to raids - Be able to adapt quickly to changes in strategies or mistakes made during encounters. - Bring a positive attitude and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as give your own if needed. - Ability to communicate is a must, please have a working microphone. - Lastly the motivation to constantly get better and push yourself, study logs try to improve your performance and raid contribution. Raid times: Tuesday: 6:30 PM PST - 9:30 PM PST Wednesday: 6:30 PM PST - 9:30 PM PST Thursday: 6:30 PM PST - 9:30 PM PST Optional Nights: *Saturday: 6:30 PM PST - 9:30 PM PST *Sunday 6:30 PM PST - 9:30 PM PST *Saturday and Sunday are just casual Alt and Achievement runs for those that want to participate. Currently Recruiting: Tank: Low Priority Healer: Low Priority Melee DPS: Medium Priority Ranged DPS: High Priority If your class is a low priority on recruitment do not be discouraged in applying or contacting someone in the Guild. Anyone who is exceptional at their class will be noticed and offered a chance at a core raiding position. Current Progression: Hellfire Citadel(H): 13/13 Hellfire Citadel(M): 12/13 How to Apply!: Website: www.justifiedguild.com GM: Treeson (Treeson#1138) Officer: ßlooms (Liz#1530) Officer: Basee (Base#1657) Officer: Kylore (Goblinsmithy#1769) You can either apply online or contact in game if you're interested in joining <Justified>. We look forward to seeing you in raid. *We urge everyone to contact any officer in game, once an application has been filled out.Kylore29 May 18
May 17 Already taken care of. Ignore this thread. Already taken care of. Ignore this thread.Cmaw0 May 17
May 17 Does anyone I used to play with still play? I logged in today for the first time in like 8 years, seems like all my friends are long gone. Just posting here to see if anyone might still be around :)Majy3 May 17
May 16 Sun 6.30-9PM restarting/rerolling in Highmaul Greetings Hyjal, My name is Scott & I am the GM of Novicium. I writing this evening to offer you a chance to revive your interest in Warcraft raiding. Myself, along with many other players of Novicium, have been raiding Hellfire Citadel night in & night out for far too long. With the end in sight and no other tier to strive into our guild has decided to host a "retro raid". Once a week, for two and a half hours, we are going to hold a structured progression oriented event that will start in Heroic Highmaul and progress all the way back through the Warlords content with the appropriate gear levels for the targeted content. We are a also a mythic progression guild raiding 2.5 hours on Tuesday & Thursday in HFC. http://www.noviciumguild.com scottwray#1817 Here are the hard details: Time: Sunday 6.30 to 9pm Server Time Targeted Content: Heroic Highmaul Maxium ilvl: 650 Goal: Progression through Heroic Highmaul, Mythic Highmaul, Heroic BRF, Mythic BRF, then back into HFC. Gear Details: No items higher than 650 No LFR gear higher than Highmaul. No tier gear higher than Highmaul. No Baleful Gear. No rings further progressed than 680 (Abrogator Stones) No Epic Gems No Heirloom itemsZhartalias1 May 16
May 16 <Righteous Impurity> 9/13M LF RDPS Hey there everyone! We are Righteous Impurity! Our guild has been around for some time, and the guild leaders have been leading RI for over 6 years now. As of right now we are 9/13 Mythic. Currently we are seeking some good DPS to fill out our ranks for progression through Hellfire Citidel mythic and to get ready for Legion! Raid Days/Times: Saturday 9pm-1am PST and Sunday 9pm-12am PST. Website: www.righteousimpurity.wowlaunch.com What we expect from you: 720 Min Ilvl 13/13H (Mythic kills a plus!) 735 Legendary Ring Show up 15 mins early to every raid, if something comes up you let the guild leaders know in advance Be prepared to wipe on new content, but also be prepared to kill new bosses! Look into fights before raid and know how you can help improve upon strats for your class Be willing to speak up in raid. We are a friendly guild and always open to suggestions Be ready to have fun and get new content down! What we are looking for: Shadow Priest Boomkin Mage Ele Sham Melee (No Dk's) Range with Offspec Heals Or any other really good DPS Thank you for taking a look at us. If you have any questions for us please contact myself InAFire#1892 or Zak/Grim in game. I look forward to talking to you!Ilitheira0 May 16
May 15 DBD~8/13M~Looking for DPS and one Healer My Btag is Absense#1989 add me for any inquires, Any exceptional players always welcome to apply regardless of class/spec. Current needs: Any Dps, please be 715+ Ring willing to X-realm open trial. ** Check out our Awesome Recruitment Video!!! - ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iacgdcMUu8k**** http://dbdguildh.guildlaunch.com 8/13M 13/13N HFC 13/13H HFC Death by Design is a PvE, end-game progression raiding guild proudly serving the Horde on the Hyjal-US server. We are a long standing and established guild since vanilla WoW, with many members playing together for well over a decade, either on WoW or other MMO's and games! Although we try to keep a tight raid roster, we do continually recruit exceptional players, of any class or spec, who seek fun and drama-free end-game raiding, conquering the hardest content World of Warcraft has to offer! We strive for fairness and equality to make sure everyone has great opportunities and are able to experience everything that the World of Warcraft has to offer!! Translation: You WILL see end-game content and best of all, have a great time doing it with awesome people!! Our raiding fundamentals are based on teamwork, professionalism and maturity and all of our raiders are provided with free repairs, flasks, potions, feasts, food and other materials to improve your character, including, but not limited to, gems and enchants. Our leadership is comprised of a group of solid, dedicated players, possessing a strong knowledge of the game with many years of service and experience. The guild is made up of mature, working professionals and family-types that want to have a good time raiding endgame content. Our raiding environment is a composed and structured one and we have a zero tolerance policy against any whining, raging, griefing, harassment, or general lack of consideration towards other guild members or players. We use Mumble for voice communications & EPGP for loot distribution. Our Raid Schedule is: Tuesdays: 6-9pm Pacific Wednesdays: 6-9pm Pacific Thursdays: 6-9pm Pacific We also do numerous other alt and legacy raids for titles, achievements, mounts, past-legendary's, etc, a fair amount of PvP and even have some "professional" pet battlers if you're looking for some more fun!! If you're looking for an active guild with helpful guildmates, then Death by Design is a guild for you!! ** Check out our Awesome Recruitment Video!!! - ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iacgdcMUu8k**** Officers & Battle Tag Info: (GM)Raphi - Raffi#1251 (Recruiting Officer)Proverbial - Absense#1989Proverbial112 May 15
May 15 Old Thread, Please Close This is an old thread, please see our new recruitment thread.Riverbend21 May 15
May 15 9/13 M, 11/13M EXP Ele Shaman LF Guild Greetings folks, Thank you for popping in, I am a currently 720ish Ilvl Elemental Shaman, looking for a guild that raids on Wed, Fri, Sat. Between 5:30-9:00 on Wed, Fri/Sat till when ever. I currently have 9/13M Kills, with exp on Xhul, and Tyrant. If you feel that I would be a good for your current team, please leave a message here and I will contact you. As a note, I am willing to "relearn" mythic fights, but I do not have interest in guilds progressing through normal/heroic. Thank you for your time.Shocksamson3 May 15
May 14 [H] The Alternative 11/13 M Lead *new* Well Met! The Alternative on US-Bleeding Hollow is currently seeking individuals who share similar competitive progression goals and yearn to be part of a competitive Mythic, 3 night a week raiding team. We're a newly formed guild looking to build our mythic raid roster to push through HFC and Legion. Progression; 13/13 Heroic, 1/13 Mythic HFC on our first week of raiding as a guild! We Raid: Tue/Thu as of right now. We will be raiding Tue/Wed/Thur come Legion. 5:00p-9:00p PST 6:00p-10:00p MST 7:00p-11:00p CST 8:00p-12:00a EST ---Open recruitment for Range dps/healing classes--- Specifics: 1 Holy Paladin 1 Disc Priest ANY Ranged DPS class 1 Melee dps who is willing to go tank when needed. • Exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of current class needs. Our raiders are motivated, skilled and focused and we are looking for individuals who share these same qualities. We expect all our raiders to have a full understanding of fight mechanics and to always be ready on raid night. If this sounds like something you'd like to be part of, don't hesitate to app and get started with us. We look forward to seeing your app http://www.thealtern.enjin.com/ -------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions about the guild/recruitment process feel free to add us: duke#1285 (Main Recruiter) megg#1385 (GM/Raid Lead)Xandrii0 May 14