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2h healer lf late night raiding guild holy pally looking for late night raiding guild that raids anywhere from 10pm-2pm server timeXulgos1 2h
2h LF Raiding Guild Recent transfer and returning player looking for raiding guild. I currently have no experience in Mythic but am looking to progress that direction come Legion. I am available any day from 9pm ST to 12am ST (1am ST absolute latest). I am lokoing to raid on either my enhancement shaman or demon hunter and will be capable of tanking on the DH if necessary. I have raided since WoTLK consistently on the shaman just not had a guild able to progress deep into heroic/mythic content. I am wanting to take that leap and see what the harder raids have to offer. Doka#1934 is my or you can PM/mail me on Daburá (Alt 0225) or Adennoya.Daburá5 2h
2h EX top 100 dk LF semi hardcore guild Hey im deadlycheech ive been playing dk since they came out been in some top 100 guilds royal miltia vexed played with some of the top players in the game and im looking for a still progression based guild to go hard im ava 7 days a week EST based already picking up the new unholy spec deadlycheech#1610 please message me in game with more info looking for a already established guild 13/13 mythic hfc on old acc all but myhic black hand in brf mythic highmual herioc icc ulduar normal herioc garrosh in pandaria normal tot with all but leishen hm some of my wod parses: willing to play dh and dk if 2 char is required for guild! please get ahold of me before legion and hope to be joining a home soon.Cheechhunter1 2h
2h Resto Shaman looking Legion guild! Hey all, I mained as a Disc priest through WoD and managed to get to 7/13 Mythic HFC despite not having a guild. I am now switching to my shaman as I like the playstyle of it much more. I played the shaman as my main in Wrath and Cata. I was in a top 50 US guild until I took a break from raiding in Cata. I am looking for a solid, preferably East Coast guild to raid with in Legion. I want to actually clear mythic content and not have to constantly pug! I am available to raid from 5pm est until as late as needed. Thanks for reading!Nyxie7 2h
2h Experienced Player Looking To Return - PvE Good afternoon folks, I have been playing WoW on and off since mid-end of TBC with quite a few stops in between. The heaviest is from WOTLK to mid-Cata and then again mid-end of MoP. I was on Tich for many, many years and pushed raiding progression in guilds like Slack and Wurd to Burd on my Guardian Druid and my Hunter as well as on my Resto Druid named Onstrider which is on my old account I have not touched since early MoP. I switched my focus from PvE to PvP and hit General in RBG's on Onstrider in early MoP and then 2200+ in 3's on my Hunter. I still want to dabble in PvP but now I really feel like I want to get back into raiding. I am willing to move one or more toons from Darkspear Alliance to any server/faction if I find the right home. I have every class at 100 except for Rogue and Mage but I am most experienced with Guardian/Resto Druid and Hunter. I am not looking to be as hardcore as I once was, as I simply don't have the time to raid 5 days a week for 6-7 hours each night. I am not looking to be server first, I am looking for a good group of people who also enjoy taking their content seriously and pushing some progression. Darkspear has almost no raiding progression, so that is why I am looking to other servers. On DS we basically have two guilds that are 12 or 13/13 Mythic and then everyone else is either extremely casual or focuses on PvP like I have for the past few years. I have no intention of quitting WoW again anytime soon, and I am an extremely dedicated player when I find a good home. I am intelligent and have no problem learning encounters, adapting, and helping out my guild with whatever they need. Feel free to get in contact with me if you have any questions at all. My bnet tag is lolnerds#1351 I should also mention that my availability would be about 5pm-10pm Pacific Sundays to Thursday and then on Friday/Saturday I'm free almost any time except the mornings.Somadream7 2h
2h LF Mythic Raiding Guild I have 725 DPriest or a 729 BDK looking for a evening raiding guild for legion. I have AoTC's from SoO, Imperator's Fall, Black Rock Foundry, and The Black Gate. I have mythic kills on Beastlord from BRF as well as Assault and Reaver from HFC I prefer to play DPriest but open to tanking. Real ID - Gibby#1179 ThanksGaladrièl5 2h
2h Guardian Druid LF Mythic legion guild Hello! I'm currently on the hunt for a guild that's main goal is to get into mythic raids as soon as possible once legion hits. I'm wanting to come into the upcoming expansion playing guardian druid, I have 12/13M exp from the current tier on a hunter and have cleared SoO(H), BrF(H) [4/10 BRF(M)], and Highmaul(H). I've also previously played various tanks as alts consistently through out the entirety of WoD and the end of MoP. My Btag is Kawaiidin#1693, I have an insanely open schedule and it'll stay that way ideally for the next 6 months. Looking forward to (hopefully) getting in touch with people! :)Kittydin4 2h
2h Tank and Healer LF Late Night Raiding Guild ISunscreen6 2h
2h Looking to xfer and find a raiding guild Hi im Dooley :D I recently got back into wow after leaving during cata. Im looking to transfer here. I would like to join a raiding guild. The days i am available are tues thurs and sunday (1 sunday a month i have to work) and i work the other days of the week. I'm mid 20's so I'm pretty chill and looking for a like minded guild. I also like to pvp and do RBGs I have been playing a feral druid as my main but I'm willing to go resto shaman or mage to help fill slots. Thanks for your time, hope i can find a new home!Doofey5 2h
2h LF Raiding Guild Willing to transfer to any highish pop server. Looking for a guild that raids on the weekends ending at 1PM PST or earlier or looking for a late night guild that raids at 10pm PST Tues, Wed, Thurs or after 11:30 PM Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun. Prot Pally and Resto Shaman Looking!Bananapandá2 2h
2h Returning player LF Mythic guild for Legion Main role: (probably only role) Dps Main spec: Fury War most likely, if not then Havoc Dh (would probably level other toons if I needed to switch in the future) Experience: None with mythic, quite a bit of heroic in the past. Ready to step up No gear atm because I've just returned for legion. Extremely motivated and competitive player. Haven't done any mythic raiding in the past. However, I have been successful in most competitive games I play, being top 1%. When I raided heroic in the start of last patch I placed top 5% on most fights at the time, despite being in sub par guild with sub par gear. Constantly improving, keeping up with the top meta, optimizing, etc. Even though I haven't raided mythic I've always had the ultra competitive mindset when it comes to raiding. Have mic. Available 99.9% of common raid times. 21 y/o. Hopefully there's a serious guild out there willing to take an inexperienced but dedicated player. Some logs from the short time I raided in WoD. 2h
2h 3 Friends in Need of a Raiding Guild! 3 Experienced friends are Looking for a home We want to get into the raid the day it opens We have the dedication, we're raid prepared each of us has had plenty of experience and are capable of performing well. Posadas3#1656 Yoloqt#1144 bendeckoz#1736Thaeler6 2h
2h Looking for late night raiding Returning player. Been back on the grind for a few months again finally wanting to get back into raiding late night eastern times, I haven't seriously raided since bt/sunwell with the random raiding after that. I am back grinding beta right now, most likely playing a DH/Shaman but I have many 100's I am open to pretty much anything, if you want to talk shoot me an invite. Frustration#1983Frustration4 2h
2h [H] LF progression guild for Legion *Edit: Thank everyone for replies, I found my guild :) Hey. Once legion comes out I want to go through all the content including N>H>M raiding. I would like to find a friendly long term guild I can call home :) I plan to main a priest(Holy/Shadow) attending 3-4 raiding day a week throughout the expansion. Preferably Fri>Sun 5pm-11pm EST, but any day of the week is fine in that time window. I don't have hell of a lot professional raiding experience. I have been around since 3.3.5 playing on Russian servers until 6.1(My family moved) I mostly been puging/alt leveling and haven't really touched old Heroic/ new Mythic raids at prime times. If you have any questions, please let me know. Yuko#2192 I don't mind server transferring after some trial period. Only Horde!Suná8 2h
2h Fusion-Turalyon Raider LF Progression Guild Hello my name is Fraxtures formerly known as Kez and raided in the guild "Fusion" on Turalyon. Fusion was a consistent US top 10 raiding guild on Turalyon where I was a raider for all of BC and WotLK. We decided to become a more casual guild going into Cataclysm where I later decided to stop playing all together. I recently came back to the game and am looking for a serious raiding guild going into Legion. I'd prefer to raid on Illidan, but I'm looking for the guild that is going to give me the best opportunity at clearing content. I do not have a required time slot that I need to fill, just that it is an evening raiding guild. I am available everynight during the week. Hughie #11653 is the easiest way to contact me and thank you for taking the time to read my post.Fraxtures1 2h
2h LF Guild for Legion Hello Returned to the game just before the invasions started, looking forward to the new expansion and now considering finding a guild and perhaps new friends to enjoy the new content with. Looking to join a guild with a more casual, laid back atmosphere with an interest in dungeon running and perhaps raiding. I've been around off and on since vanilla, been active in every expansion in one form or another. I've got some raiding experience, though I prefer a more casual approach these days as I don't really have time for the hardcore raider lifestyle ;). I am mainly just looking to make new friends and have fun downing content with my fellow players. Look forward to hearing from any interested guilds.Nekrotitis5 2h
2h Tank lf serious guild for legion progress Title says it all. Vanilla player trying to get back into end game raiding. (Moved from EU to US mid-WoD and never really got into this xpac) Hit me up for more details. Must be down to hang not just nerd rage!Hatongo1 2h
2h [H] LF Raid Guild - Tanking or DPS Greetings, I am currently looking for a raiding guild that is setting a goal for mythic raiding in Legion. I have raid leader experience from WotLK through MoP and would prefer to be recruited into a guaranteed raid position rather than a secondary raiding group. Preferred roles/classes: Tank – DK or DH Melee DPS – DK Ranged DPS – Mage or Warlock Available Time: 7 PM EST to 12 AM EST (8 PM – 11 PM Server) Any day of the week. Before posting your guild advertisement please use the word “Butt Weasle” so that I know you actually read my post. I like to think that I offer maximum cowbell to any guild with my classy charm and good looks.Vexok3 2h
2h LF Raid Guild in Legion Hello guys, I am currently looking for a guild to do some sort of progression in Legion. I'm not picky with the level of guild, Heroic or Mythic would be fine. I get off work at 5pm central M-F so I would be down as long as the raiding schedule fits in line with that. I have a decent amount of raiding experience; much of that experience came before MoP as I did not raid at all during that expansion. I would like to play Demon Hunter in the expansion, but I am aware that there are vast amounts of them. I have played DK since the end of Cata, so if DH is not an option, I would prefer to play the DK. My DK is currently on Tichondrius but I am willing to transfer him. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you are willing to give me a shot. Thanks. PS: A guild who is into PvP such as arenas and RBGs is a plus.Glatzkaus5 2h
2h [H] Old school rogue LF raiding guild Started playing vanilla in 2005 up through Cata barely touching MoP. I'm coming back for legion and am in search of a semi-hardcore to hardcore guild to raid with nothing casual. I'm very flexible when it comes to times but would prefer afternoon - late night. btag: Lithium #11558Lethaltea4 2h
2h [H] Returning player Tank mains Returning player after a year long break. Interested in a semi-hardcore progression guild that raids no more than 9 hours a week. Skilled at tanking on most tank classes. Preferred to main Warrior and to a lesser extent Monk. I am laid back and easy going, but i am capable of jumping in and identifying problems and can give suggestions if asked for them, all while giving my optimal performance. I am a tank main but i am capable of dpsing. Past accomplishments Cleared 25m H SoO (to become mythic) Cleared 7/7H and 4/7M Highmaul within 1 month of Mythic becoming available. Things didn't work out for the guild. i played off and on after that not doing much then quit for roughly a year. If you're interested in having me in your raid add my btag. SnapXD#1369Snapxd4 2h
3h Ex hardcore player LF legion guild! Hello everyone, I'm coming back for legion and I'm currently looking for a serious but relaxed guild to go hard into legion with! I'm currently playing Shaman/Druid/Priest/Mage/DH (on beta as well). I'm aiming more twords healing on the 3 classes I can, but I can also DPS/play anything you want me to do basically. I'm looking for 2-3 days a week, 3-4 hours. You can comment below or add my battletag for more information. Battletag: BearCub#11563Noremorsë9 3h
3h Lf Guild for Legion 9pm+ est Hey everyone, as per the super spam of dhs on this server i know finding a guild will be next to impossible but i am trying. I'm maining a havoc dh main for this xpac and hopefully find a place that intends to do mythic progression with a solid core group every week. history: vanilla-played since release was on aerie peak with a guild named asylum. we cleared up to 2 wings of naxx. fury/prot warr TBC- stayed with same guild cleared ALL content we just like in vanilla were number 1 server and top 20 US. prot warr at first then swapped to holy paladin. wrath-asylum xferred to a pvp server as soon as those xfers became avail. i went to Arthas, i bounced at first between a few of the top server guilds then landed into Rogues take zero skill core raiding team, cleared all heroic content except for lk which we had to 13% :( before cata xpac released couldnt get the kill before they said forget it and took a break for cata. stay with rtzs until bwd and bot, then swapped to a friends guild were we cleared heroic bot/bwd then they took a break. i joined aeiown for heroic firelands cleared, right before DS gm and RL left, and the guild fell apart. I left for firetree joined a guild there then cleared DS on normal mode, then worked on heroic not fully clearing. was spriest then hpally then finished as enhancement shaman. Mop- started the xpac then decided i didnt like it, took a break until SoO then came back to arthas, and joined Champions of the horde, we cleared heroic, then only the first couple bosses on mythic. wod- Aeiownu came back, swapped to them restarted a new guild called awakening with former members of aeiownu, cleared highmaul then quit until hfc. Went to sargeras, played on allie side at first with some friends, cleared until archi, then couldnt stand alliance anymore came back to arthas, joined back up with some friends at champion of the horde cleared heroic hfc, started to work on mythic then they took a break, so then i just leveled alts and cleared heroic hfc with them. Legion. I want to main my dh, i tend to get stuck in tanking/healing roles and want to be able to main a dps role for an entire xpac for once. About me: I'm 29, M, from NJ looking for a place to call home for legion. I'm drama free, learns quickly, bring all my own flask, pots, food, gold for repairs, shows up outside the raid waiting for invite 30 mins prior to raid. I do my homework on my class, dungeons, raids, etc. I have solid internet( 180 down 12 up comcrap net but its all i got). Reliable pc, solid headset w/working mic. If you feel im a good fit for your guild hit me up on scizor! thanks for reading !Scizor5 3h
3h [H] H Pally - LF Mythic raiding Guild I'm experienced in Heroic raids and looking to push into Mythic raiding this expansion with a cool group of people. I'm hoping for a schedule that's 7-11PM Server Time Tuesday/Thursday (Something close to this is ideal). I'd prefer to main an H Pally or H Priest this expansion...I can link logs on request. TerryisBroke#1409Terryisbroke3 3h
3h [H] LF Raiding Guild for Legion Hey, I recently moved realms for Legion and would like to find a progression guild. Moving from a realm that lacked activity and having to pug most content has gotten really annoying. I have a lot of experience with every class throughout the years but I would like to main a Rogue for this upcoming expansion, any spec works but my preferences are Outlaw > Assassination > Sub. Almost any time past 6/6:30 realm time works, any day of the week. I lack higher end raiding experience but have always wanted to get into raiding since BC. I've only been able to get so far in normals with pugs before it falls apart. I'm willing to learn and adapt to the needs of the guild if necessary. If you would like to contact me catch me in game or with my tag "Synn#1792".Babeegirl4 3h
3h 13/13M exp resto sham looking for myth guild As the title reads I have killed 13/13M HFC and took a break for a long while. I let my brother use the account and he sold it without my knowledge so he could buy an xbox one. So guess who has an xbox one and is restarting? That's right this guy! I have the resto shaman and DH on both ally and horde side so let me know what you are up to and how I can help.Knadda3 3h
3h X-Top 30 748 B DK LF Late Night Legion Home Title says everything! Will be alting a Vengeance DH as well! Raids must start at 9 CST & beyond hmu qt3.14sSponsored2 3h
3h Resto/Balance Druid, Looking for H/M Raiding Played off and on since vanilla. Raided at all levels and hoping to find a guild to raid with. I prefer Resto but also play balance. Looking to raid 2, maybe 3 nights, T/W/R (preferably just T/R) from 6-9 ST. I work early so raiding past 9 server isn't what I'm looking for. Very competent raider, don't die to stupid stuff, not offended by anything, always prepared, don't care about loot. Just hoping to find a guild that doesn't raid extensive hours but still completes all content in a reasonable amount of time. Hozer#1749Haylei1 3h
3h Huntard LF late night raid group. Returning player looking for group that raids starting around 10-11 server. PST or leave a message. Thank you.Lanvaldear3 3h
3h 13/13M xp Hunter/Lock/MW monk LF home Me and my friend are transferring off our current server and we all want to go horde, we previously went 13/13M with our previous guild. We built a guild from the ground up in December 2015. We started mythic raiding in the end of January with a group of people that did not have previous mythic kills and progressed to 0/13M to 13/13M in 6 months. Preferably looking for a 2 day a week guild that can preform at high levels. Tues / wed Tues/ THurs Wed/Thurs Mon/Tues Preferably We will fill out Applications if needed. Listed below is our Wow-progress pages of our mains Warlock Mage (me going hunter in legion. NOT going Survival.) We also have a 3rd friend MW monk that was part of the 13/13M that is on the fence but once I find a home he will come over as well. Also our 13/13M was Pre Patch / nerf but after VP upgrades. Would like to add we have no plans to finishing raiding this expansion we are looking for a Legion guild.Ezhunt6 3h
3h LF Mythic Raiding Guild for Legion! Hey everyone, I've been playing WoW on and off since Cata, but in Legion I hope to actually get a bit more serious and do mythic raiding. Even though I don't have much experience with mythic raiding, I have done heroic raiding previously, including HFC when I returned to WoW a few months ago. I've been hopping around guilds trying to find one who has scheduled raid times and is looking for progression, but haven't found one with times I'm available. Best times for me (EST) are: M/W 10pm-1am, T/Th 7pm-11pm, and can pretty much make any time F,Sa,Su (just need to know ahead of time). I am a boomkin and really enjoy the spec, so would prefer not to change for legion. That being said, if necessary I can fill in other specs; I have a hunter and DH on Illidan as well. Let me know if you think your guild would be a good fit :)Pacmon3 3h
3h Two healers lf raiding guild Hey all As the title says we are two healers looking for a new home for legion. We are both pretty serious raiders with WoD mythic experience, along with previous expansion experience. We are looking for 3 days a week raiding preferable on weekdays and after 8:00 pm EST We are both really good players and great at healing and looking for a guild thats going to take itself seriously but also have a fun. Not looking for server/us first but want to head in to mythic as soon as possible and progress at a decent pace and ideally full clearing before next tier or nerfs. Our current classes are Holy Priest and Mist/Resto Sham If this sounds like your guild and/or have any inquires feel free to add me at Dread#12759 or RinofChaos#1415Undred1 3h
3h Boomkin Warlock & Resto Sham LF Mythic Guild As the title states two friends & I are looking for a mythic raiding guild for Legion. We all have raided on and off with one another for the past six years and have been itching to get raiding again after quitting early into Hell Fire Citadel after our raid group fell apart. Unfortunately the logs that we had for Hellfire have been deleted by whomever uploaded them in that team. Below are the logs that we do still have We are looking for preferably a 2-3 night raiding guild. My past mythic experience is as follows, 13/13 tot, 12/14 SOO, 4/7 Highmaul, 8/10 BRF, and 5/13 HFC. Both Miniflare, and Radioradio have very similar raiding experience. If you think that we might possibly be a good fit feel free to reply here, add me on real id colinhutt#1611 or send me an in game mail!Missfajit1 3h
3h <H> Reformed LFM Legion Raiding Looking to start again with a guild we had great success in back in Wrath. We were one of the top 5 guilds on the server at the time, and only committing to a 2 day raid schedule. This will stay the course for legion. Schedule will be Tues/Wednesday 10:30-1:30 server time. Currently all spots are open. Being a complete re-build, there will be raid lead spots, officer vacancies, and majority of the core not set. Send a request, or a message to myself or a officer. Hama#6820 Please have some sort of raiding exp from the past, and know what it takes to be successful. This is a complete re-build so everyone is needed.Hulsr0 3h
4h Another Shameless DH LF (M) Raiding Guild Hello, Bluntron Here Who am I? I am just another washed up has been raider looking to get back into the mix of raiding progression and mythic+ dungeon runs after completely quitting raiding after the first tier in cata, with a dish of PvP for desert. What happen was that poo called life hit the fan and it spewed all over the walls and I ended up getting a little bit of it in my mouth. Until now I have been wondering the land seeking to ease the suffering of others, or create some. I think I was pretty okay at raiding between wrath and cata I got 25man H Sindi at like 5 or 10% was able to make it to the NA TOP 25 guild department and I was in WWA for a very brief period of time before I had to stop progressing. #shamelessnamedropping I plan on playing a DH in Legion, but then again who isn't? I played a paladin for about 11years and I have no intention of ever touching him again. Not even on those sad desperate lonely nights where I cry myself asleep cause I don't feel loved. Plus I have been an Illidan fanboi since the days everyone had a hard on for Arthas, which I recall being back in WC3 TFT all the way up to Wrath. So I guess that makes me like a demon hunter hipster or something. I can dps or tank but I prefer to dps as much as the world would prefer Trump staying out the white house, and 3 year old kids not swimming with gorillas. #RIPHamabre Things you, as a potential guild recruiter, should know 1. I am NOT looking to Realm Transfer. I am trying to learn how to read Chinese and I love my Chinese infested Illidan Server. 2. I am NOT looking to Faction Change. The Alliance is a bunch of poo poo heads and are filled with a bunch of 10 year old boys. Kind of like a catholic priest's browser history. 3. I am NOT looking to change my Class. I plan on playing a demon hunter cause I want to touch myself while looking a shirtless feminine looking male elf, with a chiseled body that I wish I had. What am I looking for So my work schedule allows me to raid any time between 8am - 9pm Server Time. (9am - 10pm EST) I'd like a guild that can clear content before all the big boy nerfs hit the current raid. Example, a guild that is 13/13 (M) HFC before the pre patching. Why should you look into me. 1. Did this post make you chuckle or giggle at all? 2. I am not that bad at this game. 3. Do you need more shirtless blood elf males in your guild? If Interested please add me Bluntron#1744 I will most likely be playing OW until Legion launches cause there is not much I can do on my DH with 1 raid lock out. Or I might be on Moonguard....touching myself to shirtless Males. Haha Just Kidding everyone plays a grill character with a ding dong on that realm. P.S. Advance Apologizes if you are: Someone who plays a paladin, someone who touches themselves to feminine shirtless males who have chiseled bodies, someone who is a feminine male who has a chiseled body and is always shirtless, someone who is sad desperate and lonely who cries themselves to sleep cause they don't feel loved, an Arthas FanBoi, a Hipster, Donald Trump or a Trump Supporter, a gorilla hater or even the opposite PITA Supporter, someone who comes from a Chinese heritage, someone who plays Alliance, a poo poo head, a ten year old boy, a catholic priest, someone who plays Overwatch, or someone who plays on Moonguard I meant no offense to the things I said and dont condone to cyber bullying.Bluntron4 4h
5h <Hive> Recruiting Core Raiders <Hive> is seeking members to fill its core raiding slots. Current members all have raiding experience and are able to help guide through N > H progression. This is an active guild with active GM, raiding members will be taken care of. Our Raid Times: Fri/Sat/Sun 10:00 pm - 1:00 am CST (ST) Current needs: With Legion fast approaching we understand there are many who decide to change mains, so though a few specs are preferred all members will be considered. TANKS --OPEN (Preferred) --Guardian Druid HEALERS --OPEN (Preferred) --Resto Shaman --Disc Priest --Holy Paladin DAMAGE --OPEN Loot: All loot is distributed by loot council. Attendance, performance and what is best for the raid as a whole are all taken into consideration. For any questions, please feel free to respond here, or to one of the officers below. --Jedub#11183 Schmidty1141#1189Armoredsaint11 5h
5h <Hive> Recruiting RBG and PVP players Hive is a new guild with 2200+ achievements and a guild bank stocked with millions of gold. During season 2 of WoD I led high end RBG's. My team pushed 2k+ and had a multitude of players that varied in skill and love for arenas/rbgs. With all things in wow, some people prefer to cheat their way to success and that pushed myself and my old guild, that I owned, into a hiatus. Facing alliance teams that were consistently and obviously scripting using 6 warlocks out of 10 players was too much of a hassle to deal with. With all good things it had to end, the love of the game was lost due to the frustration of losing rating because of blizzards slow process of fixing the issues such as scripters. Well I am back and recruiting for my new guild <Hive>. While I have a few of my old pvpers back, most lost the drive and ambition to return. Goals and Desires - Daily groups doing RBG's and high end Arenas. - Players who want to form groups that don't just last for one extended period but throughout an entire expansion or longer - A guild that is established and can compete with the best of them - Groups that understand "what's good for the guild is good for me" What we are looking for. - Players that enjoy PvP of all kinds - High end arena and RBG players - Active players that are reliable and have the attitude of winners. - Elitists! (Only if you can back up what you brag about) - Casuals (don't be a log on once a week player and expect to stay in the guild) - New player? Transitioning player? - Previous raider that wants to learn new things? - All in all I'm recruiting for PVP. What the guild will offer: - Guild bank stocked with millions and items that are given out to those who give back. - Adult based guild that removes players that have childish behaviors. - A guild with an understanding that this is a game, not real life. Priority should never be the game. - Active player base and active leaders who will also be leading raiding groups for those who do both. About me - I'm not going to go into huge details but I'll say that I'm all for helping. I've currently allocated 2 million of my personal gold to supply the guild with mats and repair gold and for anything else. I want to succeed and make groups that can reach top tier ratings. With that said I'm not a child nor will I allow adults to be children. I have a family and I will understand when issues come up. The guild does not do handouts and does not appreciate people who want handouts. I will always jump on any class that is needed for the current group or team, no matter if it doesn't benefit me. I live by the motto, "I scratch your back, you scratch mine". I will ALWAYS lead by example! For those interested feel free to add me to Bnet - schmidty1141#1189Ðastardly11 5h
6h [H]Augment T/W 9pm-12am EST Mythic Raiding ...Ultròn0 6h
6h Former US Top 10 Hunter LF Progression Guild Hello my name is Fraxtures formerly known as Kez and raided in the guild "Fusion" on Turalyon. Fusion was a consistent US top 10 raiding guild on Turalyon where I was a raider for all of BC and WotLK. We decided to become a more casual guild going into Cataclysm where I later decided to stop playing all together. I recently came back to the game and am looking for a serious raiding guild going into Legion. I'd prefer to raid on Illidan, but I'm looking for the guild that is going to give me the best opportunity at clearing content. I do not have a required time slot that I need to fill, just that it is an evening raiding guild. I am available everynight during the week. Hughie #11653 is the easiest way to contact me and thank you for taking the time to read my post.Fraxtures2 6h
7h <Votlage> - LF members for core team <Voltage> - Is a guild formed by a group of long time friends with a similar outlook on gaming; Having fun with friends while being able to accomplish a task with little drama. We have been able to clear content at its highest levels with great success, after a rough patch in WoD we have come to Illidan looking to push into Legions content with full force! We look to have a semi-hardcore outlook on raiding - We want to have fun, but we do not want to waste any raid members time. We expect our raiders to be on time, ready to fight and have the knowledge of what we will be fighting. We understand people are returning to the game so all are encouraged to apply! We will start off slow and as we progress into heroics we will start narrowing down our core to a 20-25 man group, this will allow us to have a key group of players to move into mythic with. The extras will allow us to fine tune a fight and have some sit out to better a boss fight for certain mechanics and such. We are a very social guild inside wow and out - We play many games together and welcome all to join us. Our current proposed raid schedule: Tuesday/Thursday - 9 PM - 12 AM Server Time (10 PM Est - 1 AM Est) Our needs: Tank: 1 Paladin/Warrior/DK Healer: 2 Anything but a Resto shaman DPS: 10+ Will look into most applicants Any questions please feel free to reply to this post OR Add me on Acrylikx#1922Acrylikxz9 7h
7h <Legion of the Betrayed> (H) wants YOU! Well maybe not ALL OF YOU..... Legion of the Betrayed is looking for some awesome people to fill our ranks! We have been around for roughly 2 years now, between Illidan (H) and Proudmoore (A). We decided last year to take a break from our home with the Horde and try down the path of Alliance. Yea, it wasn't for us! So we are back on Illidan, ready to gather some like minded people and own some Legion content! We are first and foremost an adult, 18+ atmosphere guild. We are NOT a carebear guild, and do NOT cater to Social Justice Warrior's. With that said, we are a very laid back guild, and casual in a lot of ways. We like to have a great time in guild, and not take things to serious. There is always THAT LINE that we wont cross, which is being completely rude, obnoxious, and offensive to our members. We take pride in our non drama, non elitest atmosphere we have created! Being an adult guild also gives us the great mindset that REAL LIFE COMES FIRST! Things we do take serious are raids and pvp. If you sign up or join a guild team, you will be expected to show up and try your best! Everyone is human, and everyone has faults. Hell, as the GM of LotB, i can tell you I've got a ton of faults! We work with everyone the best we can, within reason! With this guild being casual and laid back to a certain extent, we don't expect much from our members other then have a good time, don't be a complete tool (I have 0 problems kicking tools), help out your fellow guildies, and show up to what you sign up for :) As far as WoD content, we are not CURRENTLY running anything. We were 13/13 HHFC on Proudmoore, with some mythic kills. We WILL be running both a raid team (prob alt team as well) and PvP teams in Legion! We have also been known to run a lot of achieves (old raids, etc etc), and have guild events! LotB leadership is always open for suggestions for any type of events members would like to run! As the GM of LotB, i can say ive got some amazing leadership in this guild. This guild brings me back to the Vanilla-Wrath era of guilds, where people cared about their members and not their numbers! If any of this interest you, hit us up in-game, post here, add my battle tag Spinaltap#1445 or Hooophooop#1771 You can also check us out at, and our FB page "Legion of the Betrayed"Shutupndrive25 7h
11h 13/13M PLAYERS LFM FOR LEGION Immediate spots open for the following classes: However; any & all good players please feel free to chat with us if your class isn't listed. *WEEKDAY RECRUITMENT Tanks: A BACKUP TANK - ANY TYPE Heals: MW, Paladin & Resto Druid DPS: Melee - WW & Rogue <<< Range - 1 Boomkin <<< Nights: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Times: 8-12PM (Eastern) or 7-11PM (Server, Central) Guild: Undercity Mall Security Faction: Horde Server: Illidan Raid: Heroic/Mythic Current Progress: * Hellfire Citadel - 13/13M - Sargeras & 6/13M - Illidan Website: (apply here!) What are we looking for? Players with a history of success and commitment in regards to raiding; those who constantly push themselves to be better players and who find methods for improvement. While raiding experience is typically a substantial part of individual gameplay and is usually an indicator of future success, we thoroughly review all inquiries equally. Thank you for your consideration and interest in joining us! Leadership & Contact Information Weekday Raiding: Guild Master: Rofflès ( Roffles#11650 ) Officers:Rofflès3 11h
12h <H> <Academy of Raiding> All spots Open! <Academy of Raiding> is a fresh semi-casual guild looking to fill raid spots for our core progress group. We a group of ranging experience, including returning players, new players, and experienced players. We value a mixture of both the fun and competitive side of WoW, as we wish to do well for progress raiding in legion. However, we also understand and respect real life obligations, such as family, school, and jobs. We welcome experienced, casual, and new players. <Raid times> Raid times are currently Tues/Wed - 8pm to 11pm Est Raid times are subject to change to accommodate as our roster is solidified. <Recruitment> We are currently looking for all classes and roles. If you have not decided on your main that is fine, we have plenty of spots open. Raid composition preferences have obvious exceptions since we are semi-casual. <Tanks> -Closed- <Heals> -Open- All Classes/Specs open (Prefer any but Restro Druid) Exceptions can obviously be made <DPS> -Open- Shadow Priest Rouge ----Plan on stacking additional classes (PREFER MAGE/HUNTER)---- Remember, we are semi-casual. We want the game and raids to be fun, but also want to progress. We want to have a thriving guild community that is helpful and engaging, and most importantly, fun. Sign up soon, as legion gets closer rosters will begin to fill up, so guarantee your main specs spot for raiding in legion! For further questions/invite, you can add my Bnet at Rambo#1278 Visit our Website at 12h
14h <Attenuation> Weekends LFM <Attenuation> New to the illidan server is now recruiting! We are a friendly bunch of adult players. Many of our players are from server first guilds whom have retired for various reasons and don't want to raid hardcore anymore. However because of this we expect constant progression with little raid days. When: Friday & Saturday, 10:00 - 1:00 server time. Yes - just 2 days a week! Interested in: We are looking for 3 DPS, 2 Heals & 1 Tank. We also allow any casual player that just wants a home within Horde to join us. A good chunk of our players don't raid and just come on for a chat/standard dungeons. Must have Teamspeak. We are an adult guild so are not child friendly. Msg me in game for more information Drïpz (alt+0239)Drïpz0 14h
16h <THE DEVILS KNIGHTS>6/13m WEEKEND We are looking to find experienced and competitive group of raiders 715+ 4p and ring pref to fill core group to raid with and help one another rise to the top, and push to mythics. raid times 8-12pm EST fri/sat. Researching fights before attempting new bosses, and bringing enough food, flasks, and potions for raid is key so please come prepared. we are also getting ready for legion. If you think this could be you then feel free to contact me in game battle tag (striker2087#1481) or on here thank you. CURRENT NEEDS: 1 tank healer(,sham,) mdps pref(,rogue,druid,dk,war,monk) rdps pref(druid,sham,mage,hunter,prist,lock) for more info add me at striker2087#1481Fàminè10 16h
17h <H> Looking for a Casual Raiding Guild Hello all, I'm a long time player looking for a guild to call home that does casual raiding. Last time I seriously raided was back in Wrath and have been a solo player ever since. Sadly due to my work schedule I can only raid Monday Tuesday and Wednesday any other days and I would have to decline. As of right now I only play three classes which are Shadow Priest, Rogue and Resto Druid. If you have room for any of these, I would love to join. What I can do for the guild: Im a fast learner who can take criticism on how to play my class better. Im always prepared for raid nights by bring my own flasks and potions and keeping my gear up to date with enchants. Thats pretty much it. If you would love to talk more or have any questions feel free to reply below or add me on btag so we can talk more. #Tehz1318 Thanks for reading!Illidari2 17h
1d *SELLING NAMES* Illidan: Speak - Coolstory - Combat - Superior - Gladiator - Ck - Eminent - Hmm Kel'Thuzad: Pathetic, Rookie, Clutch, Phresh, Richard, Supgirl, Flap. Before any mad people complain about Terms of service, already talked with support. Thus, selling names does not violate any regulations.Derpola60 1d
1d Fury Warrior LF raiding Guild NIGHTS Hello i am a resto shaman Gone warrior looking for a night time or Wednesday raiding guild. i Have past Mythic XP (5/10 Mythic BRF with AOTC Herioc. And AOTC Herioc HFC) I can raid Weekdays after 11pm East or Mid afternoon/Nights on Wednesdays. If you would like any info please let me know Thanks!Laffer0 1d