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Mar 31 RAIDING and GUILD RESOURCE (5.2) - Illidan (Last Updated: 5/26/2014) Intent: This is not a progression thread. This is a guild times and particulars thread. A raid time listing thread for the benefit of guilds, raiders, and PUG raid leaders. A raider awareness quick reference thread. A RL and GDKP registration thread. It is essentially an every-thing-but-progression-quick-reference aide. *If you have additional questions about the reason for this thread or why to participate in it, or other common questions these have received, please see the Q&A section specifically. -----=====TABLE OF CONTENTS=====----- 1...……………. Update date, Disclaimer, Contents 2...……………. Raid Time Quick Reference 3...……………. Progression Link, Raiding Sites, Weekly GDKP and PUG Raids 4...……………. Alliance Guilds A-K 5...……………. Alliance Guilds L-Z 6………………. Horde Guilds A-K 7………………. Horde Guilds L-Z 8………………. Guide Type Key 9...……………. Loot Type Key 10...……………. How To Add Your Guild 11……………… GDKP & PUG RL Submission Formats 12……………… Q&A 13...………….. Roll Call -----=====RESOURCE NETWORK=====----- Hyjal: Illidan: Korgath: Malygos: Medivh: Disclaimer: This thread is intended to be an ongoing resource to current and future raiders and raid guilds. Initial information was collected from that provided by guilds on their respective websites or on wowprogress. If your guild is not listed and wish it to be, please see the below qualifications and follow the submission procedure if you qualify. It is the intention of the thread provider to keep only current and up to date information to better serve those who would use this resource. It is the responsibility of each guild to provide current and accurate information. Additionally, this resource is for established and ongoing guilds to list their information. *Once your guild has raided on the same set schedule for 3 weeks, it qualifies to be listed. Until then, please do not submit an entry. Please Note: For the sake of brevity in the formatting, specific terms are used, and these terms are defined here specifically in the thread to convey their meaning in relation to this thread's presentation only. As such, please read the sections in full to interpret their meaning and proper usage here in order to ensure they most accurately reflect your guild, or the type of guild you are searching for.Deathpony181 Mar 31
48m <Tethered> Recruiting cool peeps Tethered is looking to fill some empty seats. We are really trying to find some cool people to nerd out with. If you want to raid and do some mythic + content then come hang with us! Currently 7/7 in normal our first night. Looking to fill slots for heroic. we raid sat sun 7-11 pm est. currently recruiting players that are dedicated to downing dragons. A list of raid accomplishments is not necessary here. If you wana chat add fehter#1323 or grinch#1380.Catrilla1 48m
57m [H] Exploding Kittens - 2 Raid Teams Looking Exploding Kittens is recruiting for raiding in Legion! We are looking for some more like minded folks to have fun with. We have kids, jobs, and a life outside of the game. We can be vulgar, sometimes we can be funny and we do it all without being elitist. We want to down raid bosses and with the limited amount of time we have to play we want to do it with people whose company we enjoy. I have been guild and raid leading for the last two expansions with a fair amount of success and want to continue that in Legion. We are not a hardcore progression guild, in fact, we will likely never step foot into a Mythic raid. We will be clearing current content on Heroic while it is relevant, while remaining friendly and supportive and still managing to get down bosses. We have 2 raid teams. Our late night team runs Tue/Wed 9:00PM-12:00AM PST (11:00PM-2:00AM ST) Currently looking for more Healers. Contact Fetal#1145 to join this raid group. Our evening team runs Tue/Wed/Mon 5:00PM-8:00PM PST (7:00PM-10:00PM ST) with the possibility of a third night being added if there is enough interest. Currently looking for Healers & DPS. Contact Hoody#1717 to join this raid group. We keep things pretty simple, but here are a few of our guiding principles: 1. Don’t be a *#!*!*%!. I love joking around as much as anyone else, but there is a difference between having fun and just being an !@#$%^-. 2. Don’t be a *!@#. Seriously, just be chill and positive. No Raging. 3. Don’t be a loot $%^-*. Everyone loves getting new gear. I know this. On the other side, loot virtually doesn’t matter. Learning your class and mastering your rotation matters more than a piece of gear. Not standing in fire matters more than a piece of gear. We are all supposed to be friends here, or at least friendly. I WILL NOT get hung up on gear, and if you raid with us I expect the same from my raiders. More on this later. 4. Be able to take constructive criticism from your Raid Leader. 5. Have FUN. Seriously, if you aren’t having fun, reach out to your Raid/Guild leader and lets see what we can do to change that. Attendance: Life happens. It is usually not convenient, and you should always take care of real life over a game. The introduction of flexible raiding has made it so much easier in some ways to keep a raid team going. I urge all of you, please show up when you can, if you can. It is obviously easier to slot in a DPS than a Tank or a Healer, and I do ask that if you are going to step up to either of those roles that you try to make most of the raid nights. Those roles can be incredibly frustrating to PuG, and will effect raid team performance and ability to down some bosses. Main vs Alt: I ask that you choose a Main that you will be running with the raid team, and only switch under exceptional circumstances. I know that it can be hard to want to kill a boss on your “main” when you will not get any upgrades from it, but there are quite likely other folks on the raid ream that do need gear from that boss. It is not fair to them to have gear getting filtered to an alt, and it is not fair to the raid team to have some of their most powerful players getting swapped and making a given encounter harder. With that said there are always times where this may be possible, especially later in the raid tier when things are on farm. This will be on a case by case basis, and is completely up to your Raid Leader. Please defer to their judgement in these situations. Loot: We will be running personal loot for the foreseeable future. With the most recent changes to this loot system (the ability to trade items that are not an upgrade) it makes it very desirable for friends and family type guilds. I do ask that if an item will not be an upgrade, that you trade it to the Loot Master on your run so that it can be put up for a free roll to someone else in the raid that needs it. It is up to the person that receives the item to decide if it is an upgrade for them or not. If they decide to keep it, do not pester them about it. If an item comes up for a roll, the Loot Master will announce it and a /roll will be initiated with a MS>OS>TM restriction. Again, don’t get hung up on loot. We are here to have fun, not bicker and fight. Communication: If you are having any issues, please bring them up to Aorta directly. Please, do not let issues sit there and fester. We are all adults (nominally at least) and should be able to work anything out before it becomes an issue. I will not be online in game much past raid times, but I am always available on Facebook, and will often have Bnet chat running at work. I try to be exceedingly fair and level headed, and if a situation is enough to make you uncomfortable it is important enough to me to try to work it out. Well, if you have made it all the way down here, I salute you as this is one hell of a large wall of text =) If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.Aortâ1 57m
1h <Complexity>(H) LF 1 Healer Complexity 7/7 N 1/7 H is a small group of friends looking for 1 more healer for heroic progression. Our core is around 10-11 people and we want to keep it that way until we clear heroic. Once we have heroic on farm we will be recruiting for mythic. We're chill, drama free, democratic guild, looking to get !@#$ done! What we're looking for: Prefer Holy Paladin OR Holy Priest. (Druid & Shaman spot filled) 840+ iLvL w/ 200K+ consistent heals. Know your class! Our Raid times: Tues- 7-10pm CST Wed- 7-10pm CST Thurs- 7-10pm CST If you're interested, reply to post or add my bnet tag: Seathasky#11486Seathasky2 1h
1h DH and Gaurdian Druid LF guild 1. Times available & time zone: CST 7-1 2. Server preference: Illidan, Mal'ganis, Area52 (willing to transfer to other realms as well_ 3. Faction preference: Horde 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: semi-hardcore/hardcore 5. Contact info: Battle Tag Mustachimus#1734 6. Notable Raiding Achievements: HFC 13/13M in first expansion played. 1. Looking to raid inbetween the times of 7pm-1am CST (5PM-11PM Pacific, 8pm-2am Eastern) 2. Willing to transfer to another server, but have played on Illidan, Mal'ganis, and Area52. 3. Faction preference: Looking to still remain on Horde, it just feels so right. 4. Hardcore/Semi-hardcore/casual: In Wod i played between 8 hour to 16 hour raid weeks and not looking to really change that selection. so as you could say i venture inbetween Semi-hardcore and Hardcore raiding. 5. We are currently 7/7n 1/7H after pugging, recently transfered to tich to start up a guild with several people we knew outside of the game, unfortunantly they decided wow wasnt worth their timer nor money and left us in a bind. During HFC i raided in a top 250 guild on Mal'ganis and finished the tier 13/13M as a Hunter. I took a step down from the guild to play with my best friend who didnt want to fill the roles they had open and werent actively recruiting anymore for their roster. Bearden (Guardian Druid) has recently come back after a break during Mop and WoD having raiding experience expanding from Vanilla to WotLK with experience in BT and Heroic ICC before taking his break from the game. We both have the same intent to get into Mythic raiding as i have done before. 7. You may leave your guild information on this post i will reply to you as soon as i can or you may contact me through Btag if you prefer. Mustachimus#1734Lìve0 1h
1h Any weekend raiding guilds? Hi, everyone. I've been on Illidan for around 2 years (played since just before TBC release on Thunderhorn) and up until now have only raided with the raid finder since it was released. I'm hoping to change that this expansion and am looking for a guild that raids and fits my schedule. I suppose if I can't find one I will make one, but I thought I'd ask. Im looking for a guild that raids weekends (Or early in the day, as I work 7AM-3:30PM EST) that has a need for an iLvl 841 Warrior tank or DPS, tanking preferred since its been what I've done my entire time on this game and I'm the most familiar with it. I have raided back in TBC, WotLK, and Cata all of which I MTed for and cleared the majority of the content in each before the inevitable nerfs that come. Thanks for looking, hope to hear from you guys!Notankyou1 1h
1h <Attenuation> Weekends LFM <Attenuation> New to the illidan server is now recruiting! We are a friendly bunch of adult players. Many of our players are from server first guilds whom have retired for various reasons and don't want to raid hardcore anymore. However because of this we expect constant progression with little raid days. Current Progress: 5/7 Normal Looking to fill the last spots to push Heroic & Mythic When: Tuesday, Wednesday, Monday, 10:00 - 12:00 server time. Interested in: We are looking for 2 DPS, 1 Heals & 1 Tank. We also allow any casual player that just wants a home within Horde to join us. A good chunk of our players don't raid and just come on for a chat/standard dungeons. Must have Teamspeak. We are an adult guild so are not child friendly. Msg me in game for more information Drïpz (alt+0239)Drïpz2 1h
2h Guardian Druid Dh Dps LF Guild I recently came back this expansion to raid with friends but things ended up falling through and am now guildless but still looking to have a strong mindset towards progression. My friend is also looking to come with me after stepping down from a top 200 US guild to venture into mythic raiding with me. Willing to transfer? Yes after a trial period has been completed with the offer of raider status. The goal for this expansion is eventual Mythic Raiding and am fully aware of how mythic lockouts work. What time frames would be suitable for us? anywhere between 5-11 Pacific or 8-2 Eastern. How many days? 2-3 with 3-4 hours (4 hours being specific for 2 days) each day so 8-12 hour raid weeks. If you have any questions or are interested in bringing us into your roster you can contact me through battletag. Chunkmcgee#1435 Or my friends Mustachimus#173Bearden1 2h
2h <Orlash> Two-Day Raiding Casual Who we are We are Orlash. We started as a small tight-knit group of mid to top tier players. Our group was a part of another guild, playing various games together like Smite, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, and a few others. It was during our D3 play that we discovered the complexities of the Orlash meme and created a dynasty around it. Orlash is the mightiest of Rift Guardians sworn to drop your dots, teleport behind you, one-shot you, and otherwise cause havoc. But as for the Orlash guild we are mighty yes, but we're also friendly and very straight-forward individuals. No soft skins here. A lot of our members keep eyes on their logs to constantly better themselves and further the performance of the guild as a whole. Many of us are nine-to-fivers in real life, holding jobs, families, or other responsibilities. But when we come home we want to game! Currently, we're running somewhat casual, a lot of us spent many an hour on WoW and are looking to maximize progression while still maintaining a casual raiding schedule. We don't plan at this time on raiding more than two days, days which we have yet to determine, so getting in on the ground floor could be advantageous as it allows you to suggest hours for us. What we're looking for We're looking for down to earth individuals who want to progress through the raid tiers. Individuals who know what it means to be a team player and to play their class in such a way in benefits the entire guild. There are no single entities here in Orlash and we want players who understand that. We're looking for players who are not lazy and who show up to raid on time prepared with their own flasks and food. Yes, we provide but not for Trials. Where we are We reside on the Horde side of US-Illidan. The majority of us are east coast players and have based our raid times around that fact. When we raid Because we're competitive. We want to pull big digits and see ourselves high in the ranks of Warcraft Logs. We understand we're not shooting for server firsts, but that doesn't mean we can't be top-tier ranked players. But when we do raid . . . During these times we focus on progressing through the raids as much as possible. Some nights may be catch up nights where we simply do a Heroic clear to make sure certain folks are up to gear requirements, but most nights will be for progression and our raiders should be ready for that fact. Why we raid Because we're casual but serious. We want to perform well and we expect our raiders to know their classes and how they interact with the raiding environment. We understand we're not shooting for server firsts, but that doesn't mean we can't be skilled players. TL:DR Server Information Server: US - Illidan Server Time: Central Server Location: Chicago, IL Guild Information Guild Name: Orlash Website: Raid Environment: Casual - Normal / Heroic / Mythic Progression Current Progression: N/A. Raid Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 7-10 EST; Including off-schedule on other weekdays and weekends for those available. Loot System: Loot Council - Based on the following priority system; Attendance > Performance > Need > Greed Current Needs: Caster DPS, 1-2 Healers. Voice: Discord Contact: Necrotic#1575Necro19 2h
2h <Twisted Minds> looking for ranged dps Twisted Minds (Illidan horde) is a mythic progression guild that was formed from a previous guild of about 6 or 7 core members. The goals of the guild is strong and serious mythic progression. We're looking for raiders who have good mechanics, can listen and communicate, research and understand their class. We are currently 7/7 N 2/7H Emerald Nightmare Some things that are also very important - We fully expect each individual raider to research fights and their class outside of raid so that they come prepared each raid. Guild repair, pots and flasks will be provided for. CURRENTLY RECRUITING: mage, shadow priest, hunter, rogue. All exceptional players will be looked at though, so we encourage you to talk to us regardless of class/spec. We expect you to know how to play your class and bring high dps while understanding mechanics. Raid times are Mon-Thurs 10-1 ST (11-2 EST, 8-11 PST, 10-1 CST) LOOT SYSTEM: Loot Council We expect raiders to maintain a high raid attendance and to notify an officer if they cannot make a raid. Feel free to add us Vydz - hoax#1384 (Raid Lead/Recruitment Officer) Meggeh - megguh#1264 (GM)Vydz1 2h
4h Team Unique - Heroic/Mythic Guild Recruiting Team Unique - New Legion Raiding Guild is recruiting to fill our Primary Heroic / Mythic Progression Team! About the Guild: This is a brand new guild for Legion built by friends. This guild was created with the idea of being small team comprised of Serious raiders for Mythic progression while maintaining a positive atmosphere. The guild contains highly skilled World of Warcraft players that have been playing since Vanilla. We will remain as a "small guild structure" with the intent of maintaining close relations with our current and future guild mates. Website: Progress: Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Normal | 2/7 Heroic Schedule: Wed/Thur/Sun 7:30-10:30 CST Time What we are looking for : Exceptional, dependable raiders to help us build a strong raid team and positive environment. (Please note that if your class is not listed, we consider any, and all exceptional raiders for a potential spot! Spots that were also previously not open are always subject to change.) 840+ iLVL is required to be part of the primary raiding team, exceptions to this can be made under certain circumstances. Tanks : Currently full on Tanks. DPS : Currently recruiting Ranged DPS only Healers : Holy Paladin , Restoration Shaman If you have any questions regarding the guild feel free to contact any of the following officers : GM Resist#1991 Officers Cold#1425 Sjare#1307 Callysto#1773 Twinkies#11553 Hedgy#11381 Thank you for your time! Please note that Team Unique is an 18+ only GuildResîst22 4h
4h Descending Chaos Descending Chaos is recruiting more for mythic content. We are located on the server illidan. We will be raiding from 1130pm-230 am cst. (Saturday and Sunday) We have down all bosses on Normal working on heroic this week to help the gearing to be able to go into mythics. We are full on tanks could use a couple of more healers and dps is open across the board. Our current needs are as followed. dk-closed shaman-close warrior -close druid- close monk- close demon hunters- close rogue- open paladin- open warlock- open mage-open hunter- close priest- high If you class is listed as closed dont let that scare you from getting in touch with me. All the core spots are open. We are running Mythics as a guild and have been since Friday. Current event this week will be a guild race with 2-3 groups running the same mythic winners will get some sort of reward. So if the guild looks interesting to you add cimtex#2680Thrandul0 4h
4h Booty Pirates (H) LFM - Semi Casual Raiding Very social guild looking LFM for progression/casual raid and leveling. Friday & Sunday 8pm - 11pm PST raid time. Saturday Mythics/other events. Though we do stuff throughout the week. Flasks, foods, potions, and guild repairs will be provided for raiders. We're casual in a sense where we raid two days for three hours and can laugh about a wipe but we are still serious about progression and will be doing heroic and mythic raiding. We do plan to do Normal (not for long) -> Heroic -> Mythic New players and all levels welcomed. We are VERY new player or new role friendly and have a few new players in the raid group already. We will work with you and get you trained up. We do have some PvPers and an experienced RBG leader so PvP isn't out of the question. We're always on Discord and we joke around a lot, some jokes aren't appropriate so keep that in mind. What we have room for - Holy Paladin - HIGH NEED - Warrior DPS - Boomkin - Hunter (Range) - Mage - Elemental Shaman Irisfare#1178Lainai12 4h
5h [H] <Close Knit> Recruiting H/M raiders Welcome to Close Knit. We are a rebuilding guild made up of a few friends and long time raiders looking to progress through semi-hardcore raiding. We are currently looking for a social yet serious raid team to tackle Legion with on Tuesday, Thursday, and optional Friday from 8:00pm to 11:00pm server time. We are currently recruiting all classes listed below, but evaluating anyone and everyone. Currently we are aiming to begin raiding within the next 2 weeks. Please seek out an officer in game or contact Doka#1934 Throwback#1404 for additional information. Needs Tanks Warrior - Low Druid - Medium Paladin - Medium Monk - Low Demon Hunter - Closed Healer Monk - High Druid - High Paladin - Low Shaman - Medium Priest - Medium DPS DK - Medium Rogue (Outlaw) - High Rogue (Assassination) - Medium Mage - Low Hunter - Low Priest (Shadow) - High Warlock - Medium Demon Hunter - Low Shaman (Enhancement) - Medium Shaman (Elemental) - Medium Monk - Low All classes will be looked at though these are the highest need we have at the time.Adoknika19 5h
5h [H] <Rhetorical> 7/7N 2/7H LF DPS Hey everyone, my name is Blaxk and I am the GM of Rhetorical. We are a newly formed Mythic progression guild that is in need of consistent DPS players. I've strived to create a close-knit guild of mature, experienced players and I expect anyone applying to value these qualities. As of right now, we are 6/7N (from one night of raiding) and we intend to step into Heroic this weekend. We raid 6-10 Server, Wednesday and Sunday and are in search of Demo Locks, Destruction Locks, Marksmanship Hunters, Fire Mages, and a Ret Paladin. Feel free to drop me a message in-game on this character or in @Paperquake#11949.Blaxk1 5h
5h 7/7H EN <Nepenthium> LFM <Nepenthium> About Us : <Nepenthium> is a hardcore Mythic progression raiding guild. We assign raid spots by performance alone, guild ranks and those in leadership roles get no preference. We constantly trial new members against our current core in Heroic content, allowing us to bring the best people to Mythic every week. We are currently 7/7 Heroic EN. Recruitment : Our current roster is solid on Tanks, Healers and Melee DPS. We need a few more exceptional Ranged DPS, preferably Shadow Priest's, Mage's and Warlock's to round out our Mythic roster. Raid Schedule : Mon - Off Tue - 7pm -11pm Server Time (CST) - Mythic Wed - 7pm -11pm Server Time (CST) - Mythic Thu - 7pm -11pm Server Time (CST) - Mythic Fri - Off Sat - Off Sun - 1pm - 5pm Server Time (CST) - Normal/Heroic (Optional) If you are interested in talking about joining feel free to message me in game on Magnum#6383 or put an app on our website at and we can talk further.Sogekings26 5h
5h [H] <We Came As Romans> LF Mage/Lock <We Came As Romans> Mythic Progression Guild Wed/Thurs 9-12 Server/Central Currently seeking: Fire Mage, Demo Lock 840+ Gear required. Our core dates back to launch, and molten core raiding. Experienced leadership. aerelis in game or aere#1120 on bnetAerelis18 5h
5h fatal- 6/7H LF hpal,boomy,rogue Fatal- Illidan- Horde Est. Nov 2014 About us: We are a semi-hardcore mythic raiding guild that has developed a very strong community and leadership over the course of 2 years. We plan on taking competitive realm ranks and clearing content at decent pace. We have a very active player base, smaller close knit community, lots of adult humor, and a mindset that promotes teamwork. PROGRESSION Hellfire Citadel- 10/13M Emerald Nightmare- 7/7N, 3/7H What you can expect: ● a positive/competitive raid atmosphere with competent players. ● adult humor. With absolutely no political correctness. ●competitive raid spots. Doesn't matter if you are an officer or GM. There is no favoritism ● guild mates that can pull their own weight and earn their raid spots. ● active members, even on non raid night. ● a solid team that wants to push for top realm ranks in legion ● a solid guild infrastructure that has taken shape over the course of almost 2 years together What we are looking for: ●players with a back ground of raiding ●players that min/max ●players must be 21+ years old ●players who are familiar with warcraft logs/ theory crafting/ WA strings ●players must have a working mic, and pc that can handle the game without lag or interruptions ●players that want to be a part of a community and help build a strong future raiding foundation ●players who can maintain above 90% attendance rate. Conclusion: If ya are looking to go big in legion come Check us out. We plan to clear content early/ sell gold runs and maintain a great raid atmosphere. CLASSES IN HIGH DEMAND -Holy paladin -Balance druid -Rogue *all players must be proficient in an off spec* **also recruiting players who are interested in mythic+ groups who may not be able to commit to a raid schedule Raid times: Tues, wed, Thurs, 830pm-1130pm central HOW TO APPLY   an officer will respond TO THE APPLICATION within 24 hoursLustx4 5h
7h <H> TTNB Mythic guild currently recruiting About us : Our goal is to efficiently progress into 20-man Mythic content. To achieve this we do not recruit immature kids, egotistic raid leaders and we do not want any sort of drama in guild which would affect raid progression as all we want is to have fun while raiding! Come prepared, have fun and lets kill things without any stress! What we want from you Know your class! Be positive and stay positive Raid times Mon 8PM-11PM (clean up day) Tues 8PM-11PM (Progression) Weds 8PM-11PM (Progression) Recruitment : Open guaranteed spots for Mage Warlock Moonkin Priest shaman Contact Shiinji @ Shinji204#1939 or Biskitlipz @ Roffasauras#1786Shiinji15 7h
7h <CasuallyAddicted> LF Healers and Ranged DPS Who Are We? Casually Addicted is a Semi Hardcore Progression Raiding Guild. Originally founded on the Burning Blade server, the guild raided several Heroic (the current Mythic) tiers before our disbandment during Tier 16. Currently our roster contains players that have raided in guilds that were in the top 50 US progressed guilds. We don't just play WoW as well. Casually Addicted has a community that plays many different games together, such as League of Legends and Overwatch. Any guild member is welcome to use our Discord server. Raid Info: We employ a friendly raiding environment that prioritizes fun without sacrificing the need for progression and boss kills. However, with that said, we still ask for a perfect (or at least near-perfect) attendance from each raider because we believe a consistent core group is necessary for our progression. We're ideally looking for people who are just as passionate at clearing content as we are. Please be willing to raid overtime if it is necessary to progress through the fights. We're looking for players that have experience in Mythic/old Heroic raiding and want to be part of our friendly, but professional, guild and community. Raid Days and Times: Tuesday :: 8:00pm - 11:00pm (EST) Thursday :: 8:00pm - 11:00pm (EST) Friday :: 8:00pm - 11:00pm (EST) *Times may vary, especially on Friday, depending on how much content was completed that week.* Raid Progression: Normal EN :: 7/7 Heroic EN :: 3/7 Mythic EN :: 0/7 Raid Loot Distribution: Loot will be bestowed upon those who need it the most via a Loot Council. This means that all upgrades will be given to raiders whose acquisition would be most beneficial to the raid. Currently Recruiting: We're currently recruiting all classes, but we especially would like to recruit these classes and specs. Tanks (None) Ranged DPS (Hunter, Spriest, Ele Shaman, Boomkin) Melee DPS (Full) Healers (All classes but prefer Resto Shaman, Mistweaver Monk, or Holy Paladin) How to Contact: You can contact us by adding us on our Battletags. You can also send our character a whisper if you happen to see us on. Ethica: Ethica#1133 (Character Name: Ethidemon or any toon with "Ethi" in name in guild) Dazz: Daz#1218 (Character Name: Dazzleaxe or any toon with "Dazz" in name in guild) Forbes: Muphin#1909 (Character Name: Demonmuphin or any toon with "Muphin" in name in guild)Ethidemon3 7h
7h [H] <G L O R Y> (1/7)H Seeking DPS Hello all, <G L O R Y> of US-Illidan, currently (7/7)N (1/7)H, is seeking all DPS to finish out our roster for Heroic and Mythic Raiding. We are a tight knit group who have been playing together since vanilla and we would like to be able to progress into Mythic Content. We currently have a solid 12 man roster and are looking to expand to finish Heroic and begin Mythic content. Raid times: Tuesday, Sunday: 7:00-11:00 CST Recruitment needs (ilvl 840+ Preferred): All DPS Classes. We recruit good players not just classes. We are trying to establish a 25-30 man roster to be able to efficiently place classes into the fights that benefit the success of the raid the most. If this seems like an opportunity that you would be interested in please feel free to add me on Battletag and send me a message in game and we can chat some more. Thanks for your time. -Improbus Battletag: Improbus - GM - Improbus#1809 Battletag: Palabee - Officer - ThetaTed#1753Improbus0 7h
11h Guilds of Illidan [Legion New] Welcome to the forums of Illidan. I happened to notice whereas most realms out there already have listings for both PvP and PvE guilds, Illidan seems to lack an updated Guild Listing thread that updates daily. This will help people seek a guild worth calling their home. Please add your desired Guild into the comments and follow the format listed below. I will CONSTANTLY update this thread and check daily for any further updates. Format: Guild Name: Guild Information: Guild Type: Recruitment Thread: Guild Website: Contact(s): Note: Guilds will be arranged alphabetically and will be updated daily. ---------------Guidelines--------------- ATTENTION (Please Read): I will not be adding guild applications that are just to troll or not even serious in general. Please be serious and take your time when applying your guild here on the forums. Trolling in general WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. You have been warned. ATTENTION (Please Read): Please refrain from creating any form of drama or any sense of negative influence on this forum. Please uphold the serenity of this neutral sanctuary. If you have problems with someone else, please take it elsewhere. ATTENTION (Please Read): Please observe the following while on this forum. Show Respect. This goes for everyone, even myself. This is already self explanatory and does not need further explanation. Be Mature. Do not act rude, childish or behave in an absurd manner. Please do not down vote for no valid/ethical reason. Do not defile the sanctuary of this forum and please show maturity. If you have a problem, take it elsewhere whereas this forum does not need any negativity. Uphold Serenity. This is a Sanctuary, there is space for both factions to post their guilds. Not a forum that promotes hostility against another community. ---------------Guild News--------------- "Guild Message of the Day: The Burning Legion has returned! A Call to Arms is ongoing to all sons and daughters of both factions, the noble Alliance and the savage Horde to reinforce Azeroth with their guilds to form a resistance in hopes to combat the return of the Burning Legion!" "Bonus Event: Show your support for your favorite faction by up voting either the Alliance or Horde thread! Time to see which faction the Champions of Illidan choose to side with!" Alliance up-vote counter: Horde up-vote counter: -----PLEASE REQUEST AS STICKY-----Saladaerus9 11h
15h - Currently trialing.Khoax3 15h
16h 3 nights a week < Few of a Kind > Dps/Heals <Few of a Kind> is a semi hardcore progression oriented raiding guild looking for competent DPS/HEALS no matter what class or spec. We are a fresh guild that is made up of veteran players that have raided at some of the highest levels of progression since vanilla / tbc and all came back to legion with the same goal. We want to clear the newest / highest level of progression the game has to offer on a lighter schedule and a more friendly raid environment and have fun doing it. We have a mature, dedicated and very active group of members. Most of us have wives/kids/good jobs ect now so the hours and days that we can dedicate strictly to raiding are just not there but still enjoy enjoy the endgame content and want to progress through it as fast as possible and enjoy our time doing it. We are not a guild full of people yelling and raging at each other we focus and take progression seriously but we want to enjoy our 12 hours of raiding a week. We are currently focused on quickly getting our heroic roster going so that we can move on to mythic progression as soon as our raid numbers allow. Server - Illidan Raid times - Tues - Wed - Thurs 1030-230 EST ( 730-1130 PST ) Mythic+ dungeons will be setup on a nightly basis For any questions or info about joining add the following battle tags. Pladoh#1124Domali11 16h
16h [H] 7/7N 1/7H 850 H Priest,Sham,Mage,Monk LFG Hi there, We are looking to strongly reinforce a raid roster with the 4 raiders below. This is a packaged deal and would like a tryout with all of us aboard on your raid team. I am a former raid leader with Mythic Blackhand US #106 experience, and a big number cruncher and sometimes a simulation/combat log script writer. We are looking for a guild with an older demographic of raiders who are skilled (like former hardcore raiders), but also don't mind joking around. We are 7/7N and 1/7H and around 850 ilvl. Mains: Priest: Holy > Shadow > Disc Shaman: Resto > Enh > Ele Mage: Fire Monk: Windwalker > Mistweaver Alts (same order, most in mythic gear): Warrior: Prot > Arms Rogue: !@# > Outlaw; DK: Blood Pally: Holy Demon Hunter: Havoc > Vengeance If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. All the best and happy raider hunting!Charlieheals5 16h
17h Looking for guild merge Degenerates is a tight-knit social guild with a mix of hardcore and casual players. We have some geared (at least: 1 tank (warr), 1 DPS (mage), and 2 heals (druid / pally) who are ready to raid, with others almost there, and several dedicated PVPers. We are looking for a similar guild that is interested in merging to complete full raid teams and really enjoy Legion end-game while having fun. We joke a lot and are not looking for a guild that takes things too seriously. If interested or if you want more information, please reply here or PST in-game.Kyalen6 17h
19h 845 Guardian Druid LFG Hey whats up, I'm Kenny I'm 22 and I'm looking to be your next tank. Last tier I finished around US 250~ 900 world in Stay Mad on Sargeras as a rogue and mage dps. I was the recruitment officer during this time. My druids armory is: Logs for those toons can be found here: I can commit to any days/times. hmu btag is DatBoi#11169Kenny2 19h
19h (H) <Insurgent> Daytime Raiding Guild! We are a new and up coming day time raiding guild looking for more reliable raiders. Our raid times are 1-4 pm CST W,TH,Fri. We have already started Legion off with a bang, and cleared Normal Emerald Nightmare, and Are working through Heroic now. And our goal is to clear all current content on Mythic. If you are looking for a mature, fun, and friendly daytime raiding guild, please come check us out! Currently Recruiting: Healers R-DPS Melee DPS (with tank OS) All are welcome to join and try out. PST in game Lynchborn, Protpowa, or myself.Chrisxfit5 19h
19h Optimized Fire Mage - LF H/M Guild So, I'm looking for a guild on Illidan Horde that is planning on running normal and heroic raiding content this week. This guild must have intentions of progressing towards mythics. As of now, I play everyday probably 6-8 hours a day or more depending on the circumstances. I'm looking for a guild that runs later in the night, 10 PM+ EST. However, I merely prefer this time frame, and I am not limited to this schedule. Right now I'm optimized for my spec at 845 item level, but I'm sure as this week concludes I'll be over 850. I play fire spec, and for those that know the spec - it's very great ranged DPS. I've been theory crafting with my talents, and I perform very well in aoe and single target situations. I push numbers. I'm eager to raid, this week, I want to get serious, and I have a great group of friends holding me down right now - I just need seasoned leaders. Structure. If you're guild is missing a reliable raider, noteably a ranged Fire Mage - leave your battle tag with a short bio of the guild and current progression. If you haven't raided yet, great! But if you have - that's okay too. I'll be checking this thread. Thanks!Cenadena9 19h
19h 853 Spriest LF Tues/Weds raiding guildt Hey guys, I'm looking for a new mythic raiding guild. Unfortunately due to my work schedule the only days I can raid are Tuesday and Wednesdays. I recently started to get back into raiding after a short break(the end of WoD). During the last couple of months of WoD I was able to raid some mythic content(9/13m). I'm looking for a guild that I can call home and slay some dragons. If you have any questions leave me a comment.Fadëd5 19h
20h [H] <A R E S> Recruiting Rdps Friendly new form guild from old guild that disband. Currently 6/7N. Quickly learning and heading into heroic sunday. Looking for: Healer - resto shaman, rdruid Dps - paladin, ww monk, spriest, hunter, mage, boomy, warlock Raid times. Tuesday, Thursday and sunday. 10pm till 1am late (server time) Sunday is open to all for testing the waters if you wanna call our little guild home. UnholySox- GM Packqt- co-GM Brae- dpsLead Comment here or battlenet Luxury#1157ßræ2 20h
20h 853 WW Monk & 851 Resto Druid LF Guild Hi guys. My friend and I are looking for a weekday raiding guild that we can call home. We have rerolled on Illidan for this expansion. I play WW and he plays resto druid. We would prefer a weekday raiding guild that is currently progressing in Heroic at least. We are fairly flexible and prefer if the raids start sometimes after 7:30 EST and in the usual 3 hour time window 2-3 nights a week. We are pretty active and would like more people to run Mythic dungeons with as well. If you have any questions please leave me a comment below. Thanks!Vitamix3 20h
21h Illidan Name Buy/Sell Thread - Legion Edition Post any names you have for sale or are looking to purchase. Info on Name Selling/Buying ToS & Buying/Selling Names Please note that trading in game items for other in game items is not against the ToS. (This is a question that I get asked a lot.) So, an in-game name for in-game gold is not a ban-able offense. Please note, however; it's also not "supported" by Blizzard. This means if you do get scammed you'll be dealing with Blizzard on a case-by-case basis on whether or not your gold or name can be restored. Please also note that, that also means trading names for anything outside of the "game" (IE: game time, store mounts / pets, etc) IS against the ToS and is ban-able. Beating "The Scam" Personally I plan on using Mint's wonderful post for my name selling purposes. You can check it out here: Basically, create an in-game 'agreement' to track progress of the transaction as much as possible (including you deleting the name). Using this Thread If you have some names on toons lying around that you're not using anymore (or if you just transferred and ended up not using some, like me,) feel free to use this post to try to find a buyer!Gitgud1 21h
22h delete deleteKeybuto3 22h
22h (Top Shelf) 5/7H guild recruiting on illidan 5/7 heroic guild recruiting dps raid times tues and thursdays (6p-9p pst) (8-11p server time central) (9P-12a est) recruiting strong knowledgeable dps and or all around good players to fill roster for upcoming mythic progression. add me on bnet Butbro#1563Butbro0 22h
22h [H] 811 prot war LF pve guild (weekends) Goal: Looking to get back into an active guild since I haven't had one since Mists. I know my gear's crap, I'm slowly working on it but a guild would help a lot. I want a guild that can help me get geared and hopefully start pushing normal (and eventually heroic) raiding content. Time availability: weekends 10am-10pm eastern time (9am-9pm server time). Not readily available on weekdays, though I'm usually on for a bit. This is pretty strict timing due to some health issues I have. Guild type: casual and semi-hardcore are both fine with me, but the latter probably won't want me until I'm better geared I'm guessing. Not willing to put the time in for a super hardcore guild. Current progress: focusing on gearing. Cleared all quests in the starter zones, opened up world quests, cleared all I can in Suramar but I'm reputation-gated before I can progress further (I should hit honored soon, 5225/6000 right now). Working on my class hall questline, I need to do a few more world quests before I can progress but that should happen pretty soon. I just hit 810 a few hours ago, so I can start heroics pretty soon (but I hate doing dungeons, honestly; I enjoy raiding much more). History: Highest progress I've made during live content was pushing mythic Siege in late Mists (Liberator of Orgrimmar 02/27/2014, Mythic Immerseus 03/11/2014, Mythic Norushen 03/12/2014, we would have easily gotten Mythic Galakras if we started to attempt it but our guild leader disappeared and never returned and that basically killed the guild; I more or less quit after that outside of casual raiding and haven't had an active guild since). Other: I usually eventually gear my resto druid over the course of the expansion, but don't count on that happening anytime soon since right now I'm focusing on my prot warrior. Also, I'll probably gear up my warrior's offspec eventually, but right now I'm focused on tanking. Contact: either reply to this post, hit up my btag at twocows#1473, or send an in-game mail. Whispering me while I'm on is an option but I might not see it if I'm afk or something. Don't just ginvite me without contacting me somehow or I'll decline.Mokek0 22h
22h [H] <The Fifth Element> LF Ranged DPS 7/7 N <The Fifth Element> We are a guild that is currently looking to begin heroic raiding on "The Emerald Nightmare" now we are a 7/7 Normal guild and are looking for a few ranged DPS to help us fill out the roster to begin Heroics Raiding. Current Progress: 7/7 Normal 1/7 Heroic 0/7 Mythic Current Needs: Hunter (Medium) Warlock (Medium) Mage (High) Boomkin (High) Shadow Priest (High) Any solid recruits could be accepted even if recruitment is not open to your class, feel free to get a hold of me or one of the other officers. Schedule Wednesday 9:00 Server Time to 12:00 Server Time Thursday 9:00 Server Time to 12:00 Server Time Friday 9:00 Server Time to 12:00 Server Time Loot: Personal Loot Who We Are The Fifth Element is a relatively new guild that’s been around for close to a year now. We are a group of people who originally decided to for a guild to be able to raid with cool people that share similar ideas and ideals. We like to joke around and have fun with people while avoiding drama at the same time. We’ve grown closely knit over the past few months and are looking forward to welcoming in some new members into our guild. Our Goals To raid and clear all current content effective and efficiently in a minimum amount of time, while still holding ourselves accountable to perform at our best, but still having a fun filled, low stress, casual environment. -Build a strong community around our raid team with our members. What you will need to be, and what we expect from you -Be at the top of your game, when we start pulling bosses it's go time. We expect your best. We will have limited raid times and we are looking to progress as fast as possible. -Have a strong understanding of your class. No one here will babysit you. Spit balling concepts with others of the same class is awesome. We encourage it. However basic/advanced rotations and knowing what you should be doing we expect when you join you already have a solid understanding. -Be prepared. We will provide flasks, pots and food and repairs. Know the fights. If you don't know the fights, go learn them. You are expected to have general knowledge of encounters on heroic and mythic. -Be social, engage with others in Discord and in the guild community. Communication is key to the success of this guild. And making sure everyone will have a good time. If you'd like any further information please get in touch with one of the people below. Avion - GM Mrmojorisin#11234 Ilveck - Raid Leader Griven#1870 Danish - Recruitment Officer Danishpie#1876Danishcoffee2 22h
23h Rapture is back. Out of retirement, making a comeback to own the new expansion. Rebuilding to continue clearing content as we once were. All exceptional players welcomed. We do not believe that just because a player has a significant amount of gear that He/She is good. We consider a well rounded experience of the game and personal skill in the class played to be key in setting the baseline for applicants who want to join our ranks. Raid Schedule: Wednesday/Monday 8:30- 11:30 Eastern Time. Lefter#1425Zephirothe0 23h
1d 855 DH Tank LF Raiding Guild Hello, I am seeking a semi-hardcore raiding guild to progress through heroic and mythic content. I do rather well at learning and adapting to new challenges as well handling constructive criticism. I can make any raid times past 5pm server time and am generally available until at least 1am server time. I am also open to Weekend Raiding. Basically I am quite flexible and will do what is necessary in order to succeed. Feel free to contact me in this thread or in game for any questions. (I'd also semi-open to the idea of DPS'ing, but am much more experienced Tanking).Zyllaria2 1d
1d <H> Reformed LFM Legion Raiding <Reformed> If your looking to push Mythic content and be apart of something from the ground up then Reformed is for you. Looking to start again with a guild we had great success in back in Wrath. We were one of the top 5 guilds on the server at the time, and only committing to a 2 day raid schedule. This will stay the course for legion. Schedule Tuesday 10:30 to 1:30 server time Wednesday 10:30 to 1:30 server time Normal:7/7 cleared Heroic: 2/7 Little about us: We are a casual guild by only the days we commit to raiding. We will be aiming to be as competitive as possible on the server. Just because we only raid two days a week doesn't mean we will not be pushing mythic content early. Generally new reformed guild(huehue) on the server. In need of shaping our roster to put us in the best possible situation for success. We will be using discord for our raids. Needs Know your !@#$. Current recruitment -Heals (full on paladins) -All Ranged DPS(full on mages) - All Melee DPS Feel free to btag me or a officer for more info if you guys would be interested. btag: Hama#6820 Edit as of 8/27/16Hulsr13 1d
1d ilvl 844 Holy Priest looking for raid group I'm looking for a group that raids a couple times a week for 2 or 3 hours each time. I can raid in the evenings on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Even if its just one session a week I would be okay. No more than 2 times a week. Best way to contact me would be in chat. I'll be on most of the day today.Kroxxig6 1d
1d ilvl 853 wind walker monk lf mythic raid Hello everyone in Illidan~ I have returned for Legion after afk for 3 years and are looking to join a guild of like-minded raiders who share a similar passion for progression. Looking for H/M content, and have experience with hardcore raiding in the past. I will both be playing multiple toons to accommodate any roles, and are quick learners of new content and very dedicated (For example, taking a week off for launch~) My availability is as follows: Mon-Fri: Anytime Sat: Anytime Sunday: Anytime Experience: My damage done and Raid performance can show everything SexyboyYDD #1356 Thanks~Sugarwater3 1d
1d 845 Unholy Death Knight My name is Collin. I am 21 years old and looking for a guild that can work as a team and clear content. If you have any questions please add me on btag Beliefful#1630Bèliefful3 1d
1d [H] LF Evening Normal/Heroic Raiders! Who are we? <Hears The Voices> is a new guild founded by Veteran hardcore raiders. We have the experience and patience that comes from pushing bleeding edge content since Vanilla. From that experience a few very valuable lessons were learnt. The first is that you can't take this game that seriously if you want to have fun, and the second is that raiding is the most fun with like minded individuals. We are awful pun making, fart joke telling, internet existing, imgur browsing, raid boss killers. Our goal is to have a good laugh and get Phat Lewtz! Raid Times: Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday 10:30 pm - 12:30 am EST Requirements: -Don't need a safe space -Only be triggered by awful puns Raid Requirements: - Skills - Gems - Enchants - Maximum Effort Get in touch: GM/Raider Leader: Magnalux Officers: Mært, Lelliana (Frenchie), ArmarghomMagnalux4 1d
1d FI Recruiting for H/Mythic Progression Floor Inspectors Illidan (Horde US); Raid times: T/W/Th 7:30 - 10:30 CST Objectives FI is a semi-hardcore WoW raiding guild with the primary goal of pushing for the most difficult boss kills on a relevant time scale. Raiders are expected to treat each other with civility, show respect where due, and meet a certain level of preparedness and performance. Officers are expected to provide information on boss strategies, examine combat logs to identify weaknesses in raid performance, be open to suggestions, and be informed on all stat priorities and attendance for loot distribution. Progression Emerald Nightmare 6/7 N 5/7 H Recruitment Message Drkside, Dremang, or Franstyle, in-game for more information Tanks - Closed Healers - Holy Paladin, MW Monk Ranged DPS - Warlock, Hunter; Inquire online about other classes Melee DPS - Closed Raider Expectations Understanding and meeting the following is a good start for maintaining a raiding spot within FI: Outside Raids - Know optimal artifact path, stat priorities, and spell rotations - Maintain full augmentations on gear including enchantments, gems, and other - Always have a full raids worth of consumables including flasks, potions, and food - Read and watch current boss fight strategies - Be at the raid instance portal and pull-ready by the advertised starting raid time - Consistently make raids on time, perform adequately, have the ability to hear criticism and improve, and be willing to offer constructive advice to fellow raiders - Evaluate own performance using, pursue latest theorycrafting for all assigned specs, and maintain all guild-required addons During Raids - Stay at the computer for the entire duration of a raid besides breaks - Inform the raid leader before going emergency afk - Avoid leaving the raid instance to get repairs, get consumables, or otherwise - Be receptive and considerate to the boss strategy and assignments being employed and provide alternatives or adjustments only where appropriate - Keep voice communications clear and coherent Loot Council System In FI, loot is considered a tool that provides a higher probability of meeting our mission of achieving boss kills. A council decides where each piece of loot goes based on itemization, attendance, performance, and more to help optimize that effort. Only in effect once a ~20-man core is established. Standard in-game personal loot will be used otherwise. We thank you for taking the time to read through, and hope to hear from you in-game!Drkside10 1d
1d LF casual raiding guild 841 WW Hey, I'm looking for a guild that raids normal and heroic but I'm not very interested in pushing mythic content. As far as raid times go I am looking for two nights a week that ends before 11 server time. Thanks and hope to hear from someone.Tcubed0 1d
1d 840 Warlock LF PvP guild Looking for a guild that is focused on RBGs and arenas. Past experience 2100 2s arena in cata.Shreekkt0 1d
1d <Votlage> - LF members for core team <Voltage> - Is a guild formed by a group of long time friends with a similar outlook on gaming; Having fun with friends while being able to accomplish a task with little drama. We have been able to clear content at its highest levels with great success, after a rough patch in WoD we have come to Illidan looking to push into Legions content with full force! We look to have a semi-hardcore outlook on raiding - We want to have fun, but we do not want to waste any raid members time. We expect our raiders to be on time, ready to fight and have the knowledge of what we will be fighting. We understand people are returning to the game so all are encouraged to apply! We will start off slow and as we progress into heroics we will start narrowing down our core to a 20-25 man group, this will allow us to have a key group of players to move into mythic with. The extras will allow us to fine tune a fight and have some sit out to better a boss fight for certain mechanics and such. We are a very social guild inside wow and out - We play many games together and welcome all to join us. Our current proposed raid schedule: Tuesday/Thursday - 9 PM - 12 AM Server Time (10 PM Est - 1 AM Est) Our needs: Tank: 1 Paladin/Warrior/DK Healer: 2 Anything but a Resto shaman DPS: 10+ Will look into most applicants Any questions please feel free to reply to this post OR Add me on Acrylikx#1922Acrylikxz26 1d
1d 870 six-feather fan let me know if any hardcore guilds would like to talk about this itemZeàl0 1d