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Mar 31 RAIDING and GUILD RESOURCE (5.2) - Illidan (Last Updated: 5/26/2014) Intent: This is not a progression thread. This is a guild times and particulars thread. A raid time listing thread for the benefit of guilds, raiders, and PUG raid leaders. A raider awareness quick reference thread. A RL and GDKP registration thread. It is essentially an every-thing-but-progression-quick-reference aide. *If you have additional questions about the reason for this thread or why to participate in it, or other common questions these have received, please see the Q&A section specifically. -----=====TABLE OF CONTENTS=====----- 1...……………. Update date, Disclaimer, Contents 2...……………. Raid Time Quick Reference 3...……………. Progression Link, Raiding Sites, Weekly GDKP and PUG Raids 4...……………. Alliance Guilds A-K 5...……………. Alliance Guilds L-Z 6………………. Horde Guilds A-K 7………………. Horde Guilds L-Z 8………………. Guide Type Key 9...……………. Loot Type Key 10...……………. How To Add Your Guild 11……………… GDKP & PUG RL Submission Formats 12……………… Q&A 13...………….. Roll Call -----=====RESOURCE NETWORK=====----- Hyjal: Illidan: Korgath: Malygos: Medivh: Disclaimer: This thread is intended to be an ongoing resource to current and future raiders and raid guilds. Initial information was collected from that provided by guilds on their respective websites or on wowprogress. If your guild is not listed and wish it to be, please see the below qualifications and follow the submission procedure if you qualify. It is the intention of the thread provider to keep only current and up to date information to better serve those who would use this resource. It is the responsibility of each guild to provide current and accurate information. Additionally, this resource is for established and ongoing guilds to list their information. *Once your guild has raided on the same set schedule for 3 weeks, it qualifies to be listed. Until then, please do not submit an entry. Please Note: For the sake of brevity in the formatting, specific terms are used, and these terms are defined here specifically in the thread to convey their meaning in relation to this thread's presentation only. As such, please read the sections in full to interpret their meaning and proper usage here in order to ensure they most accurately reflect your guild, or the type of guild you are searching for.Deathpony181 Mar 31
22m 866 Warlock 7/7H LF Guild I am an 866 warlock currently only 7/7H because I re-rolled after the beginning of the xpac. I am looking for a raiding guild that is looking to progress in mythic EN. I have raided on and off since Wrath. I am looking for a good guild that is very active and does mythic + regularly. I am available to transfer servers or factions if needed, I prefer higher population servers. I am available all days except Tuesday and Thursday. I can raid Tues/Thur after 10EST.Razdots2 22m
48m [H] Unlubricated Onslaught 2/7M - Seeking MW Originally formed on August 10th, 2015 on the server Exodar, we are a group of players who have come together from many different top guilds across different servers. The majority of us were 13/13 Mythic during HFC and plan to continue the tradition in clearing all content at a reasonable pace on Illidan. We raid 3 hours a day 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8pm to 11pm CST (Server time). We decided to leave Tuesdays open for Mythic+ and other activities before going into the new lockout. Our raid environment isn't the conventional, "Shut Up and let the raid leader talk all night" between pulls we do get rowdy and that's part of having people who enjoy playing the game together. Our goals with this guild is to kill bosses in reasonable time and have fun doing it, some of us came from prior guilds where the mood is so somber and bitter that nobody even wants to hang out in discord outside of raids. We're not like that, we all know what it takes to achieve what we want and we're going to have fun doing it. Currently seeking Monk - Mistweaver Priest - Disc If you don't see your class listed, but still feel like you would be a good fit, feel free to put in an application and we'll make sure to get to it. This is the link to our application, it is through google docs, just fill it out and we'll get a notification on our phones so it shouldn't take too long for you to get word back from us. Johnredcorn#1374 - Officer Aiso#1165 - Officer Covingtonj#1457 - Raid Leader Snow#1374 - Guild MasterNivosus22 48m
49m <Convoluted> 3/7M is Recruiting! <Convoluted> 3/7M Is looking to fill our last few core spots for mythic progression! We are currently looking for : - Boomkin - Resto Shaman - Holy Paladin - Any exceptional players! We raid Tues/Thurs/Sun 7-11 Server ( CST ). What we expect from you: - Maintain a 90% attendance rate - Come prepared to raids: flasks, potions, foods - Be ready 15mins before raid time - Know your class and perform well with raid mechanics - Positive attitude Loot distribution awarded via loot council based on: - Attendance - Performance - Upgrades Please contact Evo#1745 or Sybur#1587 for more information! Or apply here:øssbøss51 49m
1h 858 Monk tank LF raiding guild Hello! I'm a former mythic raider looking to jump back into the saddle and find a guild on illidan to experience the highest level of content once again. I previously raided: Mythic HFC: 12/13 Mythic BRF: 4/10 (Guild drama, fell apart over a few dps leaving.) Mythic Highmaul: 1/7 (Once again, guild drama. Tank went MIA.) I'm a player with a hardcore mindset and laid back personality. I'm always looking to improve at my class and be the best that I can be. I've raided up to 7/7 heroic EN on my DH tank, and swapped to the monk for a change of pace/in order to have a tank toon back on horde. I have a very open schedule and can make almost any raid times, as long as they're in the usual window during the evenings. My btag is: Din#11676Kegsmash0 1h
1h <Endless Odyssey> LF RDPS 7/7H <Endless Odyssey> We are a 7/7H newly formed semi-hardcore raid team comprised of previous mythic raiders in search of players to progress through Emerald Nightmare heroic then looking to push into mythic. We are currently in search of all RDPS/Awar/Rpally/Rdruid/Hpally to further grow our roster. We raid Tues/Thurs 8pm-1130pm. Add me pikmin264#1693Psychô3 1h
2h Resto Shaman Looking for Mythic Progression Looking to see if there are any guilds wanting an 868 resto shaman to join them in mythic NM progression and onward. I'm looking for a late night casual guild (2/3 raids a week, 3/4 hours each). Raid times that I'd be able to make: 11pm server time on weeknights 8pm server time on Sunday (No raiding on Friday/Saturday) Message me in game or on here if your guild meets that criteria.Bunnyofdoomx1 2h
2h <Sinful Nature> 7/7H LF Tank/DPS We are a very active and social guild looking to fill our Mythic Raiding roster. Raid Times: Tues. Thurs. Sat. 7:00-11:00 pm server. Tank: -Any DPS: - Any RDPS -Ret Pally -Rogue Please apply at or Message Ravyn#12998Rävyn1 2h
2h Hijinx - 7/7H 3/7M (Two Teams! 7-10pm EST) Who Are We: Originally founded in Wildstar Early June 2015, we cleared GA and came to WoW in hopes of finding more raiders and a more stable atmosphere. We began raiding late into HFC, late October to be exact. We decided we would be a Legion guild but do what content we could now and set realistic goals for ourselves that wouldn't leave us disappointed. As a guild we had very humble beginnings. We had many unskilled and new players on our roster, and everything was a mess! We lost a few good players here and there but we constantly made improvements to our roster. We didn't let our feelings come between us and progression. The guild had to come first. This is a saying we often have to remind ourselves with when doing what needs to be done to kill the next boss. As time went on, our roster slowly molded into a tight core of skilled, like-minded players. We overcame every obsticle put before us. Gaining speed, then being slowed to almost a halt everytime the roster took a hit. But, we endured, regained our momentum, and pushed on. We shattered our expectations of killing Mythic Gorefiend before Legion, and went on to complete all of HFC Mythic before the Pre Patch. Mannoroth and Archimonde were the most stressful though, we had poor attendence and even had to pug a few people to make ends meet. Through this though we built good ties with a few players outside of our guild that we could call on later if needed. The further into HFC Mythic we went, the faster we downed content. We did have our bumps, but in general we continued to improve. In that last month and a half before pre patch, we killed Not only Archimonde, but also Mannoroth and Xhul. We are a long standing core of good players with a slow evolving roster. Previous Achievements: 13/13Mythic HFC Pre-Patch (US 568th) Current Achievements: Ursoc US 491st Recruitment: PURPLE TEAM: Weekdays T/W/TH 7-10pm EST 7/7H 3/7M Emerald Nightmare Hunter- MM/BM(Medium) Priest- SP(Low) Mage- Fire/Arcane(Low) Shaman- Ele(Medium) Warlock (Low) BLUE TEAM: Weekends Sat/Sun 7-10pm EST 7/7H 2/7M Emerald Nightmare Druid- Moonkin(Medium) Mage- Fire/Arcane(Medium) Priest- SP(Medium) Rogue- Sub/Outlaw(Low) Shaman- Ele(Low) Warlock- Destro/Demo(High) *ALL EXCEPTIONAL PLAYERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY* Recruitment is OPEN for Casuals Information: You can read all of our information here (Be warned, it is a lot) Contact: Yåz - GM (yaz87#1800) Leaders: Purple Team: Nommadicc, Sïnra, Holyshockzz Blue Team: Worstpaladin, Sunnâ, Rhylìx General Officers: Rawrke - Logs (Rarke#1674) Dârkleaf - Recruitment (dark#12125) Sïnra - Recruitment (Razira#11328)Yåz23 2h
2h 7/7H Horde 2 Night Raid Team LF Heals Guild: With Truth and Courage Server: Illidan (Horde) Website: Current Progression: 7/7N, 7/7H EN Raid Schedule: Tues & Thurs, 9pm - 1am CST (Server time) Current Needs: Heals, particularly holy pal Who we are: With Truth and Courage is recruiting skilled players to round out our Mythic core for Legion. Originally from Bonechewer, the guild went on hiatus for most of HFC before recently reforming on Illidan. The raid lead and officer core are long time players who were 13/13M HFC. WTaC seeks to foster a mature, laid-back, low-drama raid team. While we are not chasing world or US rankings, we are committed to swift progression through current and future content. Our Beliefs: - Raid mechanics and teamwork kill bosses. Mythic raiding is rewarding because it requires the cooperative efforts of 20 individuals. At some point we may outgear the fights as they were designed, but that is not the goal. Research the fights, watch your feet, listen to the Raid Leader, and bosses will die. Mechanics beat parses, and the raid is greater than any one individual. - Raid smart - not long. Raiding twice a week does not mean casual. We will accomplish in 8 hours what others guilds do in 9 - 12 by raiding efficiently and maximizing our time during raid. That means starting promptly, minimizing down time, adhering to break timers, and staying focused. - Consistency is key. One of the biggest challenges to steady progression is the constant introduction of new raiders. Maintaining a consistent raid team enables us to focus on new content - not farm bosses. We understand that real life takes precedence over WoW, but remember that 19 people count on you to be present and prepared. We ask that raiders commit to 90% attendance and to notify us immediately of any absences or delays. In return, we commit to bringing core raiders to raid. We believe in building our raid strategies around our raid comp – not the reverse. Kills may sometimes take longer, but we will build teamwork, gear our core, and emerge stronger. People who consistently perform will consistently play. - Stay focused. Stay positive. Like all guilds, we will inevitably face periods of tension and frustration as we progress through new content. What differentiates us from the rest is how we handle these difficulties. Each raid, we will take a 15-minute break, planned strategically around our wipes and kills. This gives everyone a chance to decompress, grab a snack, etc. and review logs/strategies for areas of opportunity. We believe in maintaining a positive attitude while remaining focused on the task at hand. We will address issues swiftly and to the best of our abilities, though sometimes this will be outside of raid. We do not believe in shaming raiders or unnecessarily compromising group morale when most issues can be addressed privately and constructively. - Always strive to be better. Even the best players have room to grow. This means taking the initiative to review your logs, research your class, and gear outside of raid. The officer core may contact you privately with suggestions or constructive criticism. We ask that you take these conversations as they are intended – our attempt to help you and the raid become stronger. Loot: Loot will be distributed via a Loot Council system. Loot is awarded based on a number of considerations, some of which include: Raid comp and current needs, player attendance, size of the upgrade, player attitude, time since last upgrade, and player performance. All factors are considered thoughtfully, and gear is distributed as fairly as possible. If you have concerns about how loot was distributed, we ask that you contact an officer privately outside of raid. Minimizing disruptions during raid time will ensure that more bosses will die, and more loot will drop. Requirements: All raiders must have Discord and a working microphone. We also require the following add-ons: Deadly Boss Mods / Bigwigs, Exorsus Raid Tools, and RC Loot Council. Application Process: Interested parties should submit an application via our guild website ( Once approved, there is a 2 – 3 week trial period to ensure you and the guild are a mutual fit. During that period, you will be eligible for loot, though priority will go to our established Core Raiders. If you have questions or would like to chat before submitting an application, please add Kalah#1269 or JokerSanity#1666. Hope to hear from you soon! - GabbyGabbylicious16 2h
2h [H] Dindu Nuffins 1/7M LF SPriest + Hunter Current Class Needs: (Bear in mind we take a "performance plays" approach to filling raid positions and exceptional individuals will always be considered.) Hunter: Marks Priest: Shadow About Us: Dindu Nuffins is a newly reformed guild focused on swiftly progressing through Legion's mythic content. Our leadership and core are comprised of a large group of former top 5 US raiders with competitive raiding experience dating back through each expansion all the way to early Vanilla. We firmly believe that in a group consisting of genuinely competent and like-minded individuals, there is no need for the elitist or rage-prone atmosphere that is commonly found in other cutting edge progression guilds. We have raided at the highest level, and intend to return to it while still having a ridiculously good time. Raid Schedule: (Raid times are not subject to change, however, depending on the content and progress being made - raids may run slightly later than scheduled on occasion.) Tuesday: 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. CST Wednesday: 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. CST Thursday: 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. CST Loot System: We have always operated under a common sense based Loot Council system that takes a number of factors into consideration including: player performance, level of upgrade, attendance, and seniority. We feel this allows us to make decisions concerning loot without the bias and favoritism we've seen plague other loot council set-ups in the past. Rest assured that our officers and raid core are the first to pass on something in the interest of overall raid benefits. Our Philosophy: We are aiming to create a raid without a weak link. As such, our expectations when it comes to raid performance are relatively high. With that said, we also don't feel the need for lengthy application processes and trial periods that leave you absent loot for weeks on end. If you are confident enough in your ability and class knowledge to transfer for the sake of cutting edge progression raiding, then we are willing to let your parses do the talking. We keep a laid back atmosphere in the guild and joke around A LOT. A majority of us are in our mid to late 20s and spend a lot of time in discord drinking and acting a fool outside of raids. We welcome anyone and everyone to join us and strongly discourage cliques within the guild. Inside raids that are not on farm, however, we expect a certain degree of respect for raid leadership so we can get things done. Contact Information: GM: Toatzmagoatz#1969 Additional Contacts: Eugoogally#1122 Skunkjuice#11801 You can reach one of us at almost any time of day. We typically ask interested individuals to join us in Discord for a quick chat before moving forward with anything else. We also truly appreciate you taking the time to read through this insanely lengthy post, and look forward to hearing from ya. Thanks.Spehgats0 2h
3h WoW study: participate in a player's research Western Michigan University Department of Sociology Principal Investigator: Whitney DeCamp Student Investigator: Ryan Castillo Title of Study: Timelines and Trade Chat: Comparing Contextual Self-Disclosure and Perceived Social Capital on Facebook and World of Warcraft You have been invited to participate in a research project. This consent form will discuss the purpose of this study and will explain the necessary time commitment, the procedures employed in the study, and the risks and benefits of participating in this research. Please read this entire document carefully and feel free to contact the principal investigator if you need more clarification or have any questions, comments or concerns. We would like to invite you to participate in a study on the uses of various online mediums, such as online games, and how these platforms allow users to share different types of information and form relationships online. The results of this research may help us to better understand how popular forms of online communication influence users’ ability to both maintain existing relationships and forge new connections with other members of their online networks. We have decided to ask World of Warcraft (WoW) players to participate in this study due to the game’s large player-base and the many online WoW communities that provide opportunities for recruitment. Participation in this study will require completion of an online survey regarding both your use of World of Warcraft and general online involvement. This survey should take no more than 15 minutes of your time. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this study. Your participation is completely voluntary and you are free to stop participating at any time. Your responses will be anonymous, your name or any other identifying information will not be requested, and your IP address will not be tracked. Data used to analyze responses for any future reports will not include any identifying information that could trace your responses back to you. No one will learn of your personal responses. You may choose to withdraw from the study at any time and for any reason. While your participation is greatly appreciated, you will not suffer any consequences if you decide to stop participating. If you have any questions prior to or during the study, you may contact the primary investigator, Ryan Castillo at (442) 242-3302 or at You may also contact the Chair of the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board at (269) 387-8293 or the Vice President for Research at (269) 387-8298 if any questions or problems arise during the course of the study. This consent has been approved by the Western Michigan University Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (HSIRB) on September 1, 2016. Do not participate after September 1, 2017. Participating in this survey online indicates your consent for use of the answers you supply. I have read this informed consent document. The risks and benefits have been explained to me. I am above the age of 18 and agree to take part in this study. If you agree with these statements, please follow the link below to begin the survey: 3h
3h [H] <Juice> Recruiting for Heroic + Juice Overview Juice - Illidan was made recently by a group of players coming from many different backgrounds from hardcore top 50 US Players to top 200 US. Due to our core players work schedule, we've had to adjust our raiding schedule differently and make it late night. Our goal as a guild is to build chemistry and achieve mythic kills in the least amount of pull possible with people that are fun to be around. Current Progression The Emerald Nightmare: Normal 7/7 Heroic 6/7 Recruitment Needs These are for immediate openings for Heroic. Healers: ~ Holy Paladin (Very High) ~ Holy Priest (Very High) ~ Mistweaver Monk (Very High) ~ Resto Shaman (High) Range DPS: ~ Warlock (High) ~ Balance Druid (High) ~ Shadow Priest (High) ~ Elemental Shaman (High) ~ Mage (High) Melee DPS: ~ Rogue (High) ~ Windwalker Monk (High) ~ Feral Druid (High) Any class will be considered if you are exceptional at it. Raid Schedule We raid on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12am-3am EST (11pm-2am CST / 9pm-12am PST) We may add extra days / Hours after the raid week for those interested in pushing the progression a bit further. Tuesday - 12:00am-3:00am EST
 Wednesday - 12:00am-3:00am EST Thursday - 12:00am-3:00am EST

 Loot System Loot System for Heroic/Mythic will be loot Council. We make our decision based on the following in no particular order: Best in Slot, Attendance, Performance, Biggest Upgrade. Basically, whatever benefits the raid group the most is what will most likely happen. What we have to offer ~ Content clear in a timely manner ~ Fun and Semi-Casual atmosphere yet effective ~ Guild repairs for Core Raiders ~ Active players for Mythic Dungeons, Alt Raids, PvP, etc. What is expected of you upon joining ~ Know your class in-depths and pull the numbers required for current content ~ Be prepared whenever you join our raid. (Food, Flasks, Potions, Runes, Enchants) ~ Know every encounter inside of the instance. Watching video ain't that hard. ~ Bring your ''A'' game along with a good attitude Trial Period There is a trial period during which we evaluate your performance as a player but also you're attitude as a person. This said period should last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks based on what you show us during your trial. Contact Information For any further questions that we haven't answer here, please contact one of the following officers. Battle Tags: Kenzee: Jeff#1151 Savix: Catastrophic#1842 Doom: Twitch#1955Kenzee46 3h
3h <Fused> Mythic +10 Sales Hi im Drama (many of you know me from selling challenge modes) We're a group of top US players who have sold over 3000 Challenge Modes since MOP and WoD and we're going to continue sales in legion! ONE of our MANY threads can be found here with multiple pages of positive reviews from buyers Lets get down to business OUR Mythic +10 Keystone will cost 300k and is guaranteed a 880 piece of loot out of your weekly cache from your class hall! Mythic +10 farming your key will cost between 400-500k (depends on its level) +2-10= 450k +5-10= 400k +7-10= 350k This also includes any gear we do not need from the chests at the end of X run Feel free to add me to Btag Drama#1533 if you have any questionsPogchamp4 3h
5h <WCAR>7/7H, 9-12 server Tu/Wed/Thu LFM Guild Name: We Came As Romans Faction: Horde Realm (US/EU): US Realm Type: PvP Realm Timezone: CST Progression: 7/7H Starting mythic Raid Times: 9:00PM-12:00PM CST Raid Schedule: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday is cleanup or progression Openings: All Contact Bnet: Aere#1120 or Aerelis in game About Us We Came As Romans is a 20-30 (Depends on farming heroic, or mythic) man Horde raiding guild on Illidan-US (CST/PvP), created shortly after the release of the Legion expansion. The foundation of the guild is a group of friends with one common goal, to be successful in the competitive raiding scene. We believe that in order to be a successful raiding guild, there must be no drama, equal dedication from every member, and effective loot distribution. We are strictly looking for players with high-end raiding experience in the most recent raid content. It must be stressed that the sole focus of this guild is progression - not achievements, mounts, or transmogs, only progression. The majority of raid time will be focusing on farming Heroic, and focusing on killing bosses we have not killed in the different tiers (On mythic currently) Over here in We Came As Romans, perfect raid attendance, comprehensive knowledge of your class, and the motivation to raid day in and day out are not optional, but required. The ability to play all roles within your class is a huge plus. This goes without saying that competence across all specs is required from non-hybrid classes. Progression Legion The Emerald Nightmare - 7/7H, starting mythic Raid Schedule Wed - 9:00PM-12:00PM CST Thur - 9:00PM-12:00PM CST Sat - 9:00PM-12:00PM CST Recruitment Needs Paladin - CLOSED Warrior - CLOSED Death Knight - Frost/Unholy Shaman - LIGHT Hunter - CLOSED Druid - Balance/Restoration Monk - MW Rogue - 1 slot Priest - Discipline/Holy Mage - OPEN Warlock - CLOSED Demon Hunter - CLOSED We are constantly looking for exceptional players, so please do not hesitate to apply or inquire about our class needs outside of the specified classes above. Contacts Add me on bnet at: aere#1120 or aerelis in game Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you.Aerelis12 5h
5h Predomiant [H] 13/13M HFC 7/7H 4/7M EN Guild: Predominant Server: Illidan (Horde) Raid times: Tue, Wed, Thu 8P to 11P CST Progression: 13/13M HFC 7/7H 4/7M EN Website: History Predominant was on Stormrage (Alliance) back in during the Cataclysm expansion, and we were top 5 raiding guild (25 man). The leadership of the guild came back from a hiatus and started rebuilding on Illidan under the same guild master and officers. Our main focus is to complete the content and build a solid team for Legion. Predominant has a solid foundation and we are looking for raiders that have the same views; we are looking to progress competitively in Legion, we are looking for reliable raiders, we are looking for social and friendly raiders. Needs Predominant is looking for raiders who are RELIABLE, FRIENDLY, and CONSISTENT. We understand that real life is a priority and that this is a game, but 19+ people count on you to show up on-time and ready for raid (with the appropriate pots, flasks, and runes). We expect 90% attendance and advance notice of any absences or delays. We have a thread on the forums that we use if you know a few days prior that you will not make the raid day or will be late. Predominant also uses Discord and we have an #AFK channel where raiders can use the phone application to post. Raiders should have a basic understanding of fights and raid mechanics. We will post progression strategies in advance, and raiders are anticipated to familiarize themselves with the basics prior to the beginning of raid. Mechanics and raid awareness will always take precedence over individual parses, but raiders are expected to understand the ins-and-outs of their classes and how to optimize themselves for each boss encounter. We are looking for players self-motivated to improve and who understand that constructive criticism is nothing but an opportunity to become better. Trial Period All prospective members will be exposed to a challenging four week trial period upon acceptance of their application for trial. During the trial period you will be evaluated in the following: 1) Performance and improvement week by week. 2) Personal merits. 3) How well the Trial follows instructions during the encounters. 4) Attendance of 100% for Trials even if they are rotated in and out of an encounter. 5) PERSONALITY! We do not want people with attitudes or elitist views. We accept criticism and we accept suggestion, but we are all grown individuals and we expect the same respect we give. The big NO’s are listed below: a. No outburst of rage during a raid encounter. If you are upset please message an officer after the raid. b. Listen to the officers and raid leaders. If you have a suggestion on the encounter and how we are doing it message the raid leader privately and he may listen at the time depending on time constraints. If not please use the forums and post on the strategy there. c. Do not complain about loot. We are fair and you will be awarded shiny purples as we continue to conquer encounters. d. Do not insult your team mates! The guild master will take action and removing the member causing the issue or setting him or her on probation. Failure to uphold any of the above expectations will result in dismissal from the guild. Recruitment Predominant is currently recruiting for Legion. All classes are welcome. We are currently open for recruitment. If you are interested in raiding with us please feel free to submit an application on our website. The application will ask you for logs, but if you do not have those as a returning player please be very clear in your past raiding experience and progression. We look forward to hearing from you! Hulkadellic - Hulkadellic#1753 Autzen - thorty30#1551Autzen22 5h
5h <Solarium> [H] 3/7M 7/7H -- <Solarium> 3/7M 7/7H is now recruiting! -- -- Hardcore --Mythic Bosses down - Nythendra, Ursoc, Renferal. We're currently looking for a few more key players to fill our mythic roster. Heroic is on farm. We just don't have enough solid players for mythic content. We're looking for mainly ranged dps, but all exceptional players are welcome to contact us to trial. We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 8pm-12am EST. Recruitment: One DPS with a Tank OS. Melee DPS (Rogue, Ret) (1-2). Ranged DPS (Lock, Boomkin, Hunter, Mage) (2-3). Healer (Locked) How to apply: If you would like to apply, or have any questions. Feel free to contact any of the following players via battletag. Wonderful#1702 Excessive#1822 PolishPatty#1306 Saucysweet#1119Wonderful46 5h
5h (Facade) 7/7H Recruiting Tank, RSham, Ranged. Who We Are We are Facade. A group of friends who melded together from various other guilds. We are the conglomeration of multiple entities, a multi-dimensional quasi-structure of hearts and minds. We are the central nexus for desire and pain that exists at the quantum as well as the macro level. We thrive on the blood and pain behind our progression and we revel in the victories over the forces of death otherwise known as end-game content. We are the singularity . . . We are Facade In reality we’re just some guys of various experience and knowledge, and with various skill sets and ideas, who’ve come together for one purpose. To experience mythic level content, down bosses, improve our toons, and come back bigger and badder than ever. What We're Looking For Keeping this long story down to a minimum we’re looking for strength. We’re looking for desire and passion. We’re looking for those who will meld with us to work as a single entity. We’re looking for Borg….err wait. Let me try that again We’re looking for {cliche comment regarding teamwork, togetherness, and like-mindedness}. In the end, we’re looking for a person who is looking to work toward the goals of Facade, which in turn will allow the guild to further that player’s goals. We’re looking for that beautiful symbiotic relationship that mankind has sought throughout the ages. Synergy, progression, dead raid bosses. Where We Are We reside on the Horde side of US-Illidan. When We Raid We raid on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and a non-mandatory Monday at the times of 7-11 Eastern Standard Time. Why We Raid Why do we raid? Because we’re strong, and we want to flex those muscles in a way that makes us feel intelligent. Through min-maxing, ranking, big numbers, and efficient healing and mitigation. How Are We Different? Because we have the skills to pay the bills. We’re not a top guild, we won’t be for some time. But we have the skill sets and mindsets to build an empire and we need people to build that empire with. TL:DR Server Information Server: US - Illidan Server Time: Central Server Location: Chicago, IL Guild Information Guild Name: Facade Server: US-Illidan Website: Raid Environment: Casual - Heroic / Mythic Progression Current Progression: 7/7H - With some raiders having Mythic experience currently. Raid Schedule: Wednesday and Thursday, 7-11 EST. Includes a third non-mandatory Monday same times. Loot System: Personal Loot for Normal and Heroic. Mythic will be Master Looter with loot priority based on a loot council priority system. Current Needs: Ranged DPS, Resto Shaman w/ DPS OS, and a Tank (Prot Warrior or Guardian Druid) Voice: Discord Contact: Necrotic#1575Necrotikx0 5h
6h 4/7 H 861 Holy Paladin LF Guild Hello my name is Raymond or Ray for short, and I am a semi experienced Holy Paladin my old guild has recently disbanded due to people not pulling their own weight and everyone getting mad at each other, I would have a higher ilvl but due to me taking a 2 week break after my guild disbanded I missed in total 3 heroic runs so I'm slacking in iLvL, I know all the fights and looking for a guild who is done or almost done heroic. There is a 20 day old log on our full clear on Normal. Looking for a Heroic Guild pushing for Mythic in Legion About me : I'm a very friendly guy when we get to know me I'm always here to help I like talking to people Can make raid times between 4-11pm EST Can probably weekend raid from 10am - 11pm EST If you go off Realm Time I can make it from 3pm - 10pm I would like to raid at least 3+ times a week and when we don't raid I'll be doing mythic dungeons to get my gear up and reading guides about fights and getting prepared for the next raid night with flasks and pots and food and all things necessary. I don't just want a guild who is there for loot I want a group of friends that I can look forward to logging on and playing with people that will make raiding more fun. Thanks - RayAyebaby4 6h
6h Talented Failures Talented Failures is 1/7 mythic guild looking for more members! We are in need of Hunters, Mages, a Shadow priest, and a warlock. We use discord. All of us are 18+ age wise. Raid times are 8-11 est. The days of raiding are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We also play other games together we try to be a community. Add Cosmicbliss#11369 for any more info!Almalexìa5 6h
6h Hunter looking for new home 853 hunter looking to switch servers....looking for heroic raiding guild with focus on progression have full availability...Diabow7 6h
6h (H) TTNB 7/7H recruiting DPS for Mythics About us : Our goal is to efficiently progress into 20-man Mythic content. To achieve this we do not recruit immature kids, egotistic raid leaders and we do not want any sort of drama in guild which would affect raid progression as all we want is to have fun while raiding! Come prepared, have fun and lets kill things without any stress! What we want from you: Know your class, know mechanics must have 100% attendance during progression. Current progression Emerald Nightmare 7/7N 7/7H Raid times (server time) Tues 8PM-11PM Weds 8PM-11PM Thurs 8PM-11PM Recruitment : Healers: Druid - Resto - MEDIUM Priest - Disc/Holy - MEDIUM Monk - Mistweaver - MEDIUM Shaman Resto - HIGH Paladin - Holy - HIGH Range DPS: Hunter - MM/BM - HIGH Druid - Balance - LOW Priest - Shadow - HIGH Shaman - Elemental - LOW Mage - Fire - HIGH Melee DPS: Death Knight - Unholy/Frost - HIGH Rogue - Assassination/Outlaw/Sub - HIGH Contact Shiinji @ Shinji204#1939 or Biskitlipz @ Roffasauras#1786Shiinji16 6h
6h Boomy 855 LF Guild Hi, I am a returning player. I have experience raiding in most expansions from vanilla to cataclysm. I quit playing about 4 years ago. I am looking to get back into raiding and do mythic plus. My last raiding experience was in wildstar. please whisper me in game or on here if you have open spots.Dagearz3 6h
6h 860 RSham & 863 Fire Mage LFG My name is Graced and my brothers name is Blazin. We are a brother team of 2 that have been raiding all end game content since Vanilla. We Were Gm of the number 1 guild on khaz modan for 4 years with various server first so we have the mind set to do what it takes. We both have alts he has a 850+ rogue, and i have a 850 prot warrior. we are looking for raid times that end no later then 10pm server mon-fri. We are currently 7/7 normal, and 7/7 heroic. if you think you would be a fit for us please add fyired23#1501Graced2 6h
6h 872 WW Monk LF Late night raiding guild As title says, I'm looking for a guild to do some raiding later in the night. I'm on the west coast and need a group that runs a little later on. I've cleared all of heroic EN and am looking for some Mythic progression also. btag: Styfe#1347 Link to some of my logs: 6h
6h Weekend Morning Guild LFM 7/7H <Crist or GTFO> Mythic casual recruitment CASUAL raiding, Saturday and Sunday 10am-2pm Server time, we want nice people with relatively big *!!##@@% dps, no raging. 7/7H Need mostly healers and dps. We just interview and bring you on a trail nothing serious.(Fabio made me put this here idk why) For more info: Fabio#1456 Xirch#1404 Figue#1201Afkinhell0 6h
6h Any pvp guilds out there? Hey Guys, Looking for a pvp guild that does RBGS. I looked though some pages of the Illidan forums but, I only found one. Are the any others out there? Thanks, LichLich2 6h
6h 866 unholy dk LF home 866 unholy dk LF raiding guild 6/7 HMâchine3 6h
6h [H] PCR 1/7M 7/7H Tues/Weds/Thurs When: We raid Tues/Weds/Thurs 8-11 server Loot: We are loot council, we take into consideration BiS, attendance and performance. Needs as of 10/27/2016: 2 Ranged A little about us: Pop Culture Reference is ran by a dedicated officer core that have a vision for a guild beyond just one raid team, we also have a late night raiding option (10-1) and alt raids on the weekends and Mythic+/Kara constantly. We also have a core of people that work weekly on selling heroic runs for extra income (those consumables tho!). Contact us in game: Nostic Syanare Tokamakk Deniedice If for whatever reason none of us are on please send in game mail @Nostic. Stay frosty.Nostic0 6h
6h <Nightcore> 5/7H Weekened Raiding Nightcore is a socially active raiding guild focused primarily on Heroic content. We only raid two nights but put in all our effort to progress as much as we can. Aside from raiding we constantly run mythics and mythic plus to fully optimize our gear. We are recruiting 1 Healer and Ranged DPS Heals: Priest - Closed Monk - Closed Druid - Low Shaman - High Paladin - Low DPS: Warlock - High Mage - Medium SPriest - High BDruid - Medium Hunter - Medium Schedule: Friday/Saturday 9pm-12pm Server Time (7-10PST, 8-11MST, 10-1amEST) What we require: -Flask -Food -Fully Gemmed -Fully Enchanted -850+ iLvl to raid One huge responsibility is knowing your class. Know which stats are best for you and have your rotation down to perfection. The thing that separates a casual raider from a core is putting in the time to farm gear with your best stats, in most cases Mythic+ gear. Contacts: GM - Alaeya (Elfen#1530) Officer - Aryck (Gengar#11508) Raidleader - Blondecake (mrblonde#1158)Blondecake10 6h
6h Sans Skill 7H Recruiting for Mythic Tues/Wed <Sans Skill> (ILLIDAN) Currently 7/7 Normal 7/7 Heroic (EN) Raid Times -Tues-Wed-Sun(Optional Alt Runs) 7:30-10:30 P.M.ST. Please visit website to apply, or for guild info. Recruitment Level (High) Holy Paladin (Will Gear) 850+ (High) Resto Shaman (Will Gear) 850+ (High) Holy Priest (Will Gear) 850+ (High) Caster DPS (Will Gear) 850+ (High) Ranged DPS (Will Gear) 850+ (Low) Melee DPS (Low) Tanks Must make all raid times for first 2 weeks of trial. (Unless emergency) Looking for more to fill our roster for 20man for Mythic Progression Currently looking for Caster DPS, And Healers for our Roster. For Guild Info, and to Apply, Visit us @ Currently taking all applications. Or Contact Whiskytits #1552 (Small summary) To View about our guild please visit our website in the Guild Info Tab. Background: Sans Skill was formed by a group of highly skilled raiders that are passionate about the game and some of which have been raiding since vanilla. We have two goals in mind, to push ourselves to become one of the top guilds on the server, and to enjoy the game while doing so. Our members are constantly motivated to improve on their game knowledge and skills and showcase it during raids. We don’t push ourselves to the point of burning out, but we testour limits and aim as high as we can. While we are a recent guild, having only formed in the beginning of Legion, we’re very proud of our run so far. There has been hiccups along the way mainly pertaining to roster and attendance issues, but that occurs in every guild. However, that doesn’t stop us from moving forward. Despite any issues that may come our way, we seek to overcome it and come back even stronger. As for the future, we aim to be one of the top 25 guilds on Illidan. We already have many raiders that excel at their role, and we want players who feel they have the same to offer. Additionally, we’re only looking for reliable players that can make it to raids and perform consistently.Whiskytitz15 6h
7h Final Chapter Recruiting for Mythic Raiding <Final Chapter> 2/7 Mythic is recruiting for Legion to fill out our roster for progression into Mythic raiding. About Final Chapter : Final Chapter has been around since 2007 when the guild was founded on Rivendare, moving out to Skullcrusher and eventually settling on Illidan. Previously, we held top progression in NA and received multiple server first achievements. We hope to reinvigorate our roster with the hopes to once again achieve cutting edge progression on a limited raid time. Raid schedule : Tues/Wed/Thursday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm server time (6:00pm to 9pm pacific) We are currently recruiting any of the following specs. Balance Druids (Tank os) Ret Paladins (Tank os) Warlocks Fire Mages Fury/Arms Warriors (Tank os) BM/MM Hunters Unholy/Frost DK (Tank os) Loot System : <Final Chapter> Currently uses the personal loot system for managing gear on Heroic. We use a DKP System for Mythic Raids. How to apply : If you would like to join <Final Chapter>, you can apply at If you have any questions, feel free to contact the following people Trakkowned - Trakkowned#1862 (Guild Master) Amorfelicia - SereneRose#1282 (Recruitment) Bullzan - Prism#1585 (Recruitment )Amorfelicia10 7h
7h <InFlames> Recruiting! We are currently recruiting the following classes for Raid Progression! Shadow Priest Mist Weaver Boomkin Ele Shaman Other dps rolls may be accepted. We have a mix of progression in our Group currently. Some Mythic some Heroic and others normal. We are a casual Group Raiding on Tuesday & Thursday Nights 7-9pm Server time and may extend a bit later. Battle Tag digix#1447 message me for any questions. Thank you !Digixx0 7h
8h <Attenuation>5/7 H Mon/Tue/Thur 10-12AM LFM Attenuation is a raiding guild on Horde side and is looking for a few more skilled members to fill our core raid team. We are recently formed after the launch of this expac and are a lot of returning members from very competitive guilds from the BC/LK/Cata era. We are on a populated server so anyone who comes would have other options in the event things did not work out. That said it is also a very competitive server with lots of options so recruitment is difficult for desired classes. Recruitment Needs: Paladin (Holy) Priest (Holy) Mage Warlock Rogue Shaman (Enhancement) Monk (WW and MW) *We do not run regular raid substitutes, so if you apply and are selected, you will be a regular raider. What Attenuation Offers: Attenuation has a lot to offer potential applicants. The guild leadership is knowledgeable and well organized. The raids are run with the goal of maximizing efficiency and packing as much content into our raid hours as possible. Our Raid Times: Tuesday 10:00-12:00 A.M. Server Time (CST) Thursday 10:00-12:00 A.M. Server Time (CST) Monday 10:00-12:00 A.M. Server Time (CST) *Invites go out 15 minutes before the raid starts. Start times can also fluctuate based on sign-ups. Currently only raiding 3 nights a week due to a few peoples schedules, if we get the desired classes for a solid Mythic comp we will more than likely add additional time as needed. Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare Normal: 7/7 Emerald Nightmare Heroic: 5/7 Expectations: 1. Class Knowledge – Know your class and stay current on your class’s mechanics. Ideally, be comfortable with all of your class’s specs. 2. Raid Attendance – We do not have a percentage based attendance policy, but we expect you to be online for the large majority of raids. However, we understand that real life happens. 3. Raid Preparation – Come prepared with raiding mats and knowledge of all boss fights for the night. 4. Performance – Impress us with your ability to perform under pressure and learn from mistakes. 5. Attitude and Personality – Be positive and friendly. Have confidence but not an ego. Be able to accept advice and even constructive criticism. Maintain a can-do attitude during progression nights when wiping and learning fights. If you feel that you would be a good fit for Attenuation and can meet our expectations please feel free to drop one of our officers a line in-game. We are not trying to mass recruit people and have a huge excess of players, we simply want to add the proper classes to compliment our current comp and push through remainder of heroic and into Mythic. Contacts (in-game): Drïpz(Alt+0239), Arkatetk, Cotad, DishoutDrïpz24 8h
8h 1/7M 867 Spriest Hey all. I am a 867 ilvl spriest with 7/7H and 1/7M exp. This expansion. Do to my current situation I am not longer available to raid with my current guild I am in at the moment because of their raid times. So that is why I am making this post. I am looking for a weekday raiding guild from 6-9PM ST (CST) preferably 3 times a week. I won't be able to raid past 9pm so please don't respond to this post if you plan on raiding or are already raiding past 9. If you have any interest in me being in your guild either respond to this post or add my btag which is rossb#11694 Thanks and happy gaming!Sindronus1 8h
9h <Irrefutable> 1/7M Recruiting for Progression <Irrefutable> is a raiding guild on Illidan. We are looking for dedicated players for current content and beyond! The core team consists of players who have been playing since Vanilla. Our goal is to maintain a progression oriented roster while creating a friendly and helpful atmosphere. Because of our somewhat limited schedule, we stress the importance of being on time, researching fights before attempting new bosses and bringing enough food, flasks and potions for a three hour raid session. If you have a solid understanding of your class and experience progressing through Mythic content, you are encouraged to apply! Emerald Nightmare Progression 1/7 Mythic Recruitment All applicants must have a strong understanding of their class. We are currently in need of: Ranged and Melee DPS Raid Times (CST) Tuesday: 7pm - 10pm Wednesday: 7pm - 10pm Thursday: 7pm - 10pm Optional Monday: 7pm - 10pm Loot Distribution Rotating loot council. Loot is a product of our success as a team and should not be the sole reason for raiding with us. Attendance Trials who miss more than one raid during their two week trial period will not be considered for a full time raiding position. Commitment is very important to us and we expect all raiders to notify an officer if they won't be able to make a raid night. If interested, please message Necrofel (Nehcro#1189) or Mazeppa (Creativek#1669) in game. Thank you and I hope you consider joining Irrefutable!Necrofel9 9h
10h 860 DH tank looking for casual raiding Hello friends, As title says, looking to raid a bit. Been playing since vanilla (with breaks in panda and WOD) - have plenty of raid exp. I usually run with a 3 man team (tank, dps, heals) for mythic +, but would like to progress through raids. Weekends/early weeknights are a plus. Also, loves short walks on beach and food. Ok, this is beginning to look like a Craig's List love wanted ad, so I'm gonna leave it there. Let me know.Lilyevana0 10h
12h fatal- 2/7M Recruiting all DPS for Mythic Fatal- Illidan- Horde Est. Nov 2014 About us: Community, teamwork, progression. 3 core values that we here at fatal have built as our foundation. Our goal every tier is to clear content at a steady pace. We know that each and every member is an asset and brings valuable resources to the team. We have a community in which we pride ourselves on, one where you can find active players who always want always strive to better not only themselves but their team members as well and ultimately the guild. We spend 3 nights together raiding, and even more time on off nights, you can guarantee that you will come in and always find good humor and a great atmosphere. PROGRESSION Hellfire Citadel- 10/13M Emerald Nightmare- 2/7M What you can expect: ● a stable guild with a sold infrastructure that has taken shape from being together for 2 years. This guild will be here long after wow. We will take our team and go wreak havoc another mmo ● an adult guild. And the humors that go along with it. As well as the maturity and dedication you can expect from adult team mates ●raid spots that are based on merit, not favoritism. Players who work hard and constantly strive to improve will be given opportunity ● friends and family rank. If you have friends that aren't active enough to raid or can't commit to a schedule, but you like playing with them on off nights, we got ya covered. We have lots of friends/family here. It's part of what makes a great community. ●and probably the most important. A guild that will invest in you as much as you have invested in it. Your hard work and dedication will not be ignored. Go that extra mile and we will meet ya there What we are looking for: ●players with a back ground of raiding and a show a willingness to improve day in and day out. We want players who log in on more than just their "raid days". Their are tons of things you can do to improve raid performance outside of the raid. Right now the example is mythic+ dungeons. We are not interested in players who's sole concern is their loot and their item levels, we are a team and the teams success as a whole should be the focus. ●players who are going to be around for a while. Make sure that when you apply that you are not biting off more than you can chew. We want raiders who are looking for a guild to spend the rest of their raid career with, not just flavor of the month guild hoppers. ●players who know what it takes and can buckle down to achieve our goals in mythic raiding. Don't stand in fire, don't soak out of turn, don't take a tail to the face. If you do happen to fail mechanics (which we all do at some point) be able to correct it on the next pull and ensure it will not be a problem again. ●we want adult players 21+ years old. ●we want players who maintain good attendance. 90%+. We realize that real-life things happen and people might need to take small amount of time off. But realize that your team depends on you on raid days. And on raid days you should do your best to be there. Conclusion: If ya are an outgoing, competitive raider who is looking for a solid career that will help you succeed in a semi-hardcore mythic raiding atmosphere then we encourage you to apply. We are always looking for dedicated players who will improve the foundation and core values that fatal as a guild stands for.  RECRUITING Dps -Balance druid -Warlock -Shadow Priest -Elemental shaman -Enhance shamam -Warrior -Rogue -Demon hunter -Mage -Death Knight Heals -Holy paladin Tanks -prot paladin -prot Warrior *also looking for all high quality players regardless if the class is listed or not Raid times: Tues, wed, Thurs, 830pm-1130pm central HOW TO APPLY   GM- weezyb#1870 OFFICERS- smite#1703, Wetkitty#1140Lustx39 12h
15h <Late Shift> recruiting DPS for M EN & H ToV <Late Shift> raid times are Tues from 9pm-12 am (11pm-2 am CST) & Th/Sat from 10:30pm-1:30am PST (12:30-3:30am CST). Currently 7/7 H and 1/7 M EN. Required: - Raiding experience - 860+ ilvl - Minimum 2 Gold Traits in Main Artifact Weapon We encourage any player of exceptional skill to contact us by adding real ID Toxic#1231 or JanaLee#1381. Heals (Closed) - Closed unless the right holy paladin comes along DPS (Open) - Ranged - WW Monk - Rogue - Feral Druid - Any exceptional DPS LOOT SYSTEM: EPGP We expect raiders to maintain a high raid attendance and to notify an officer if they cannot make a raid.Jayded2 15h
15h [H] <Induction> 1/7M Late Night Induction is a guild of returning players looking push mythic progression in Legion while keeping a semi-hardcore mindset. Raid times Tues-Thrus 12am-3am CST To apply please add Rilkar or Tanerno on battle tag to arrange an interview Rilkar#1913 or Tierno#1476 Currently looking for Healers / Range DPS but exceptional melee are always considered.Rilkar0 15h
16h 7/7H Pally LF guild Currently playing prot but looking to go back to holy. 7/7H progress Looking for a guild with little drama, mature group and times that dont go beyond 1130 pm Est. post below - i will add back if interested and talk more Acrylikx#1922Acrylikzy1 16h
18h (A)<Highly Successful> 4/7 Mythic Recruiting! At <Highly Successful> we aim to be one of the leaders in progression on Kel'thuzad (US-Alliance). We are currently looking for like-minded individuals to fill core raid positions. While we do not expect perfection, a high level of class knowledge and mechanical execution is expected. This means proper itemization and consumables are being used to maximize your class's potential. As well as the ability to play more than one role as needed for progression. Be respectful of other raider's time. This does not mean that raiding and having fun are mutually exclusive, just that while focusing on progression we use our time wisely. With our raid schedule it is paramount that we do so. We understand making mistakes is part of the learning process on new encounters; however we will not tolerate people who continue to make the same errors. We need our raiders to be able to adapt to situations quickly and learn from mistakes made, rather than be held back by them. With that in mind, we stress that everyone works as a team and remain open to constructive criticism to become a more valuable player for the Guild. Expectations: - Come to raid prepared, IE: Flasks, food and Potions. - If information is available, study the current and future progression fights - Treat people inside of the guild and outside with respect. - Be respectful of the time people dedicate to raids - Be able to adapt quickly to changes in strategies or mistakes made during encounters. - Bring a positive attitude and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as give your own if needed. - Ability to communicate is a must, having a working microphone is a requirement. - Lastly the motivation to constantly get better and push yourself, study logs try to improve your performance and raid contribution. Raid times: Tuesday: 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST Wednesday: 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST Thursday: 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST Optional Nights: *Saturday: 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST *Sunday 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST *Saturday and Sunday are just casual Alt and Achievement runs for those that want to participate. Currently Recruiting: Tank: Medium Priority Healer: High Priority Melee DPS: Medium Priority Ranged DPS: High Priority If your class is a low priority on recruitment do not be discouraged in applying or contacting someone in the Guild. Anyone who is exceptional at their class will be noticed and offered a chance at a core raiding position. Current Progression: (M)Emeral Nightmare: 4/7 (M)Nighthold: 0/10 Wowprogress: How to Apply!: Website: GM: Kylore (Goblinsmithy#1769) Officer: Taerok (Taerok#1579) Officer: Lucifer (Jordan28900#1539) You can either apply online or contact in game if you're interested in joining <Highly Successful>. We look forward to seeing you in raid. *We urge everyone to contact any officer in game, once an application has been filled out.Kylore9 18h
18h < Neat O> 2/7 LF Mythic RDPS <Neat O> 2/7M 7/7H We are a very fun group of people and always love good banter. We consist of a lot of old school raiders!. If these times suit you to get away from your wife and kids and looking to do mythic progression lets us know! Roles we are looking to fill!: -Shadow Priest/Strong os Heals -Destro Warlock -Balance Druid -BM/MM Hunter What we expect!: - High attendance - Food, Potions, Flasks Provided - Able to follow simple instructions and take criticism if given - Own up to your mistakes / Honesty! - Performance - Playing at the best of your ability and playing your class well! Raid times: Tues 11:45pm-3am CST Wed 11:45pm-3am CST Thurs 11:45pm-3am CST visit for more info. All exceptional player applications will be consideredMemesarefire5 18h
19h 852 disc/holy priest lf raiding guild im currently open to any raid days preferably mid afternoon monday through sunday. let me tell you a little about my past raid experience. raiding pretty hard core in tbc cleared tier 4-tier 6 content.cleared all of wotlk raids including 10H and 25H lichking and hc 25 man ulduar.i raided 10 man in cata clearing Dragon soul and firelands on heroic then i quit for a while and came back mid mop and started gearing up for heroic SoO and cleared 7/13 before the difficulty name changed to mythic.ive decided to switch it up for this expansion like i always do and pick a new main so i chose my priest you can find his armory link here:ìn12 19h
19h 873 Fury War LFG 873 Fury War LFG 7/7H 1/7M Looking for Late Night Raiding Guild. prefer weekday times 11pm-2am tues-thurs preferred. Always keep up on my class and spec. need anymore info add Nuke#11524Reoheart6 19h
19h weekend guild seeking dps Tethered is looking for a few more dps to fill out our roster. We are looking for players that are interested in building a community rather than just being another body. We are currently 7/7 normal 4/7 heroic, with 10% wipes on 5th. We have a stable team just looking to reach out for some new cool friends. If you are looking for something a little more come stop on by and check us out. Extremely interested in some solid dps. ***warlock, enhance shaman, rogue, feral druid, warrior, pally and priest*** sat 8-12 EST. sun 7-11 EST. contact me @ grinch#1383Littlefoote8 19h
19h 831 Fury Warrior LF casual raiding guild I started Legion late due to moving houses and I am now able to play consistently again. Most of my guild swapped servers and faction before the Xpac and I dont really wanna jump servers again. Just looking for a casual guild that is looking into doing raid content. Im available most nights but Hockey season will keep me away some days of the week. I will be free however, every Monday, Wednesday, and most Sundays.Voodoocakes4 19h
19h LF All Types of members! ( 5/7H need 3 DPS) Nightcore - Illidan Newly created guild on Illidan and currently recruiting for upcoming Normal/Heroic Legion raids. if you need help gearing don't be afraid to ask we will help you! We aren't just a guild looking to do raids though, we are also a calm collected guild that enjoys to hang out. Im looking for new members to help spice the chat up as well help us progress down into the expansion. Im looking to create a family friendly guild it's something that i've always wanted. Everyone needs a place where they feel welcomed, and me and my friends will try our bests to do that. I'm not a hardcore elitist so if you want to raid and not be pressured as well make new friends this is possibly the place for you. It takes great people to form a true guild and thats what i hope to see. Schedule: Friday, Saturday (3 hours) (Raid Times Sat/Sun 9pm-12am server time) 7/7 N EN (Finished, but still run pugs for the casual raiders) 5/7 H EN (In progress) Basic Rules Don't be a that guy whose negative all the time. Be respectful, treat everyone else how you'd like to be treated. It gives you a bad name if you're going to be a poor sport and jerk. Think before typing, Is what you really have to say going to be the best thing to say at that time? Just have a good time, you are playing a game you enjoy :). Why Nightcore was made Nightcore was made to home many, I didn't just want one specific group. I wanted the type of people who do pour their all into the game to progress and move on, but i also want the one that are laid back and just enjoy the game for what they can do. I wanted a small community and family group that enjoys to talk and play with each other while we progress into legions content. One day i would like to see everyone working together to make the guild great, as well talking to one another since this is not a solo-play game. I've noticed everyone goes to better themselves only but i try to help everyone out the best i can to my ability. To see everyone work as one and to pick up the ones who just can't keep up because (everyone has their limits) I'd love to see others help break those limits and progress even further with one another. Recruitment Officers: (Contact us with any questions / concerns with applying) To get a guild invite add one us! Alitzah (feel free to add me Elfen#1530) Bloodmight ( bloodmight#1812) Arycka ( Gengar#11508) Rias (Rias#21504)Irìsvìel50 19h
19h [H] <Epinephrine> 4/7 Mythic Recruiting!!! We're a semi-hardcore 20m raiding guild looking to progress through Mythics, currently 4/7M, 7/7H, 7/7N. Our core group of raiders consist of players who've been playing together for over a decade. Currently we're looking to fill our roster with skilled players who know their class. Must be a team player! Raid Schedule: Tues: 7:00-11:00PM CST Weds: 7:00-11:00PM CST Thurs: 7:00-11:00PM CST We're looking to fill roles for: - WW/MW monk (high priority) - MM Hunter What we expect from you: - Maintain a 85% attendance rate - Come prepared to raids: flasks, potions, foods - Be ready 15mins before raid time - Ability to perform under pressure & adjust accordingly under any given moment - Doing your due diligence before raid for boss encounters - A can-do attitude! Loot distribution awarded via loot council based on: - Attendance - Performance - Upgrades *This is not a popularity contest, and we pride ourselves on being honest and fair.* If you believe you've met all these requirements, and are STILL interested, then please contact the following officers: Trapnapz (doze#1867) Heiropower (kyllyr#1984) Sleepyvoid (sleepyhead#1311) Or visit us at 19h