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Arena Master / Warlord Rogue LF RBG team Hey everyone, I made this post because I am tired of losing in PUGs who cannot dispel, call proper targets, keep flag carriers up, AOE nodes in team fights, or execute even the most basic strats. I am sitting at 1875 CR and I am tired of losing in low brackets because of inexperienced players. I came back to mists about 2 months ago, I took a break at the end of season 11 in cataclysm. Before my break, I earned 2200+ in arenas and rbgs every season since season 6 in Wotlk. During Seasons 10 and 11 I organized and lead my own RBG group to 2300+ in both seasons. All members of my group had to have Recount, Battleground targets, and Icicle (tracks important enemy CDs and Trinkets) addons. I am on EST, but I work from home and am available to play at almost any time on any day (as long as it is scheduled). Obviously, I have a working mic and skype (or will install any communication program which you use). I can comfortably call targets for a group, however I find it is probably best for a less mobile melee class to call target which they will be able to connect with. I can defend in node maps, or ninja if the class defending is a non-hunter or demo-lock. In flag maps I know how to make an opposing FC’s life completely miserable, as well as the healer who is accompanying him. In the cart map, I can stun/slow the entire team when they try to transition to carts, breaking them up and making them easier to pick off. In muderball I can easily go for snipe kills against high stack targets and down them quickly solo. I have good communication and am not afraid to call out important details during a match. If you made it this far through my book thanks for reading lol, if you have any additional questions, please mail or PM me in-game, Sublife-Illidan. Thanks! Sublife0
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<Ten Skeletons>Recruiting for Core <Ten Skeletons> Is rebuilding its core 10 man in preparation for a future 25 man group. We are a level 25 guild recently transferred from a low population realm for the purposes of progression. We are seeking dedicated people to fill most roles, either fully or part time. Especially required are good experienced tanks with some knowledge of the current content(leadership qualities are a huge plus). We need reliable, patient individuals that are mature and drama free. We use ventrilo, and expect others to do the same. Leadership roles are available for experienced raiders that would like to lead raids, challenge modes, rbg’s etc on a regular basis. What is expected from you: -Sign up and show up for guild events on a regular reliable basis. -Treat your fellow guild mates and the guild with respect and dignity. -Have professions maxed out and all profession enhancements in place. -Have appropriate gearing, enchants, gems etc, addons, and knowledge for content at hand.(this includes reading and watching videos if you are uncertain). Please note that I-level 475 plus is very much desired for entry level raiders. -Contribute to the guild and the people in it in other ways besides raiding dates/times.(even if that means simply talking and being nice to fellow guild mates at non raiding times) ~Raid times planned for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:15pm server(log on 15 min early for any and all events signed up for/Illidan means you log on earlier yet for server cues). Future 25 man will most likely take place on Fridays and Saturdays.~ Extremely Needed at this time: -Tanks(any and all at this time) -Fill in healers -Ranged dps(warlock & hunter very needed at this time) -Druids of any denomination Medium needs: -Melee dps, such as cat druid or rogue -Dks of any denomination -part time and fill in healers Not in high demand at this time, but still free to apply: -Mages -Warriors -Resto Shaman ~Apply ingame to Elvaerwyn, Resimud, Licentyius, Terryn, Cyberus, or Kamerad please if interested~ (Please note that casual players, levelling characters, pvp players and family and friends are welcome also as this is a family guild with friendly helpful friends at its core~That being said if you require a regular invite whisper any ingame skele). Elvaerwyn46
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<Ascend>Recruiting for 10 & 25 Raiding 12/12N Ascend (US-Illidan Horde) is recruiting for 25 man raiding. We seek players who strive to be the best at their classes. We run a very competitive raiding environment. Raiders are expected to earn their positions and should have no trouble sitting out if they are not performing at their best. We are going into 5.2 very strong and working to progress quickly. Progress: 12/12 Normal We are not only a Raiding guild but a strong community and we expect our members to take part in guild events such as challenge modes as well as getting to know each other. Loot is distributed through Loot Council. Raid spots are earned so we encourage anyone who thinks they have the talent and attitude that we expect to please apply. Casuals are always welcome to come and be a part of our community. 25 Man Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Server. Actively Seeking: Prot Pally Boomkin Hunter DPS Warrior Mage Elemental Shaman Holy Paladin 10 Man Raid Schedule: Fri, Sat & Sun from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Server. Actively Seeking: Tank (Warrior, Druid, Pally) Melee DPS (Warrior, DK, Rogue) What we expect out of our raiders: -95% raid attendance -Show up prepared at least 15-30 minutes before raid ready for an invite -Bring your own flasks and potions (repairs are covered by the guild) -Knowledge of the fights before hand -Must have Mumble and a working mic -Be able to take criticism objectively -Always think of the guilds priorities over your own personal priorities -Be adaptable during raid and have 100% awareness If you feel that Ascend would be a good fit for you please apply OR You can also contact me or one of the officers in game Futile#1555 ; Brandon#1559 ; bazingga#1902 Futíle23
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Looking for Raid Group - Frost Mage Dear Illidan, I wanted to share with you that I'm looking to find a raid group for Friday night and weekend raiding. I play on week nights but often my schedule is a bit complicated. Between work, wife, 2 kids, and 4 dogs I feel like I'd be unreliable for a serious week night raid group. I tend to focus on dailies, LFR and killing world bosses during the week. I am open to raiding if my schedule permits on a week night. Currently I am iLVL 493. I'm working hard on improving my gear as quickly as possible. I keep my gear enchanted, gemmed, and I always have flasks and potions on me. A little background on me: I started WoW about 6 weeks ago now. I made a post on the forums which resulted in making a lot of cool friends and getting an invite to Topped Off as a "random". I have had the privilege of playing with some very good players who have mentored me and really helped me progress quickly. I recently moved from Topped Off to Summit to play with a friend and work towards earning a spot on their 25 man team. While I am new to WoW please don't let that stop you from considering me. I started playing MMOs back in 1999 with the launch of Asheron's Call and have played a lot of MMO's since. I am a very experienced player and enjoy playing with other people like me. I enjoy working as a team on vent/mumble and all around just having fun. If you are looking for a DPS Mage to join your raid group then please let me know and I would love to discuss the opportunity more with you. Thanks kindly, (FOR THE HORDE!) Articpanda Arcticpanda5
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