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Nov 22, 2010
[A] &lt;Wits End&gt; LF Mythic Raiders for Legion <Wits End> is a new guild with old roots on KT. The officers have significant raid leadership experience. We cleared 7/7 Heroic Firelands and 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul. We reached top 2% progression in the world during the first tier of MoP before taking a break from WoW. Now after a long and rejuvenating break, we are returning for Legion. Mythic raiding is our primary focus for Legion. Our style could be described as semi-hardcore. We plan to only raid 2 nights per week, but we take those nights very seriously. We enjoy competition and like to down bosses as efficiently as possible. We have no plans to raid HFC. Until Legion we will mostly be running mythic dungeons, pvping, and leveling alts. If you're tired of HFC and are just looking to Legion; if you're just returning to WoW and are a seasoned veteran; or if you are a brand new raider just looking for a place to learn; we would love to have you in Wits End! Mythic (or heroic pre-WoD) raiding experience is preferred but unnecessary. We are simply looking for players who are dedicated, enjoyable, and willing to learn. For more information about what we expect check out our website: Raid Times Thursday 6-9 Server (8-11 Eastern) Sunday 5-9 Server (7-11 Eastern) Recruitment Needs Ranged DPS (moderate) - spriest, moonkin, ele sham, hunter, lock Healer (moderate) - holy pally, disc priest Melee DPS (low) - ret, monk, hunter Tank (low) - pally ALL players of exceptional skill who are interested should inquire, even if spec is unlisted. Recruiting needs are diminishing quickly, so contact us asap. Contact us if you have any questions or are interested in joining. Thanks! Hobbes#1213 Krystoff8
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[A] Top100 US Raiders Recruiting <Know Your Enemy> is a new progression raiding guild coming to Kel'thuzad in Legion. We are compromised almost entirely of retired Hardcore & Semi-Hardcore raiders who don't want to put in the hours of Hardcore raiding. Raid History: Our roster core is composed mostly of remnants of the retired guild, The Church: <The Church> - Darkspear, US [US66 T16, US118 T17] Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday, 5:30-9:30PM (PST). Make sure you adjust this to your timezone accordingly. While our hours are casual, our playstyle is not. Almost every raider will have Hardcore raiding experience, with over 75% of the players having played in a top100 (or higher) US environment. Recruitment Needs: 1x Mage 1x sPriest 1x Demon Hunter 1x Healer (Sham/Druid/MW) - Other exceptional players encouraged to apply - A potential applicant will have the following attributes: - Self-Motivated - Near-100% Attendance - Superb situational awareness - Mastery of main specialization - Ability to execute Off Spec at a high level - Ability to self-fund - Full understanding of SimCraft and how to utilize this program. - Ability to analyze logs and improve based on said analysis - Top100 US Experience is a huge plus What we offer: - A Confident, Mature Environment Filled with Experienced Raiders - A Light Raiding Schedule - Flasks/Pots - Some Guild Repairs Loot: In order to optimize our chance of success, we will run a small loot council for progression. During farm, we will run a relaxed EPGP system that encourages consistent attendance. Note: We will be requiring one (1) alt for split raid purposes. We do not expect main-level quality play, but certainly above-average knowledge and execution. The alt does not have to be on-server but it is encouraged. If you feel you would be a good fit for us, you can apply at - If you have any other questions, please contact our Guild Master at Tollo#1278 for further information. Tollox29
[11/13M] LFM late-night people. <Nobility>, a late-night raiding guild whose core has been raiding together since Wrath times, is recruiting for some fun. We raid Tue/Wed/Thu from 11pm to 2am server time (which is 10pm - 1am PST or 1am - 4am EST). Current progression is: Hellfire Citadel: 11/13M, 13/13H Highmaul: 5/7M, 7/7H BRF: 3/10M, 10/10H What can we offer? We're a semi-hardcore progression guild. We're not striving for server-first, and understand that RL is more important than the game, but are serious about progression, and aim to kill Mythic bosses during the relevant tier. Our style of raid leading sets us apart from many guilds. When someone messes up in a fight causing a wipe, or performs below the expected level, some raid leaders will openly mock them, calling them names more suitable for a frat party. Others will not notice, and will continue pulling in what people like to describe as bashing their heads against the wall. We do neither of these - we won't mock or swear, but we will instead let the person know they need to improve, and if such improvement doesn't happen, we will (politely) replace them. In this way, we maintain progression without causing drama or hurting feelings. We play to have fun, and have a low tolerance toward rude or pretentious people, but at the same time do enforce performance standards in raids, particularly for the progression fights, and our raid spots are competitive. We like to joke around in guild chat and on TeamSpeak; profanity is allowed and encouraged, but intentionally abusing others isn't. How to contact us? Choose one of the following: Add Volshebnik#1818. Apply online at: Post here, leaving your battletag. Contact one of Charodey, Ohotnik, Reowen, Fobik or Sentient. Write one of us an in-game mail. Charodey127
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Experienced Player Looking To Return - PvE Good afternoon folks, I have been playing WoW on and off since mid-end of TBC with quite a few stops in between. The heaviest is from WOTLK to mid-Cata and then again mid-end of MoP. I was on Tich for many, many years and pushed raiding progression in guilds like Slack and Wurd to Burd on my Guardian Druid and my Hunter as well as on my Resto Druid named Onstrider which is on my old account I have not touched since early MoP. I switched my focus from PvE to PvP and hit General in RBG's on Onstrider in early MoP and then 2200+ in 3's on my Hunter. I still want to dabble in PvP but now I really feel like I want to get back into raiding. I am willing to move one or more toons from Darkspear Alliance to any server/faction if I find the right home. I have every class at 100 except for Rogue and Mage but I am most experienced with Guardian/Resto Druid and Hunter. I am not looking to be as hardcore as I once was, as I simply don't have the time to raid 5 days a week for 6-7 hours each night. I am not looking to be server first, I am looking for a good group of people who also enjoy taking their content seriously and pushing some progression. Darkspear has almost no raiding progression, so that is why I am looking to other servers. On DS we basically have two guilds that are 12 or 13/13 Mythic and then everyone else is either extremely casual or focuses on PvP like I have for the past few years. I have no intention of quitting WoW again anytime soon, and I am an extremely dedicated player when I find a good home. I am intelligent and have no problem learning encounters, adapting, and helping out my guild with whatever they need. Feel free to get in contact with me if you have any questions at all. My bnet tag is lolnerds#1351 I should also mention that my availability would be about 5pm-10pm Pacific Sundays to Thursday and then on Friday/Saturday I'm free almost any time except the mornings. Somadream1
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Royal Militia - 13/13M - LF Rogue/Lock Hello fellow KT'ers! I'm Utility, the recruitment officer for Royal Militia. We are looking for some people to round out our raid team! Could this be you? Look below for more information! About Royal Militia: We're a guild that has been around since Vanilla, with many of us having raided together for many years. We focus primarily on PVE progression while maintaining a good balance with RL commitments. Many of us are working professionals or Canadians that do this for fun. What do we consider fun? Killing bosses, which includes actively preparing for each new tier by testing on the PTR and developing our own strategies for handling mechanics. You can read more about us on our website: Realm: (US) Kel'Thuzad Faction: Alliance Rank: US27 Siege of Orgrimmar (10m) US 70 Mythic Blackrock Foundry US 82 Mythic Hellfire Citadel Website: Incentives: Well-qualified recruits may receive free faction change/server transfer at our discretion. Inquire if it's a deal-maker. Trial Process: We don't keep a huge roster, so trials can be expected to be in for progression and second-kills. Our trial period usually lasts 3-6 weeks. When we raid: Raids per week: 4 during progression (rarely 5). Typically Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday plus a fourth day (either Wednesday or Sunday) we agree upon week-by-week. We will not main raid Friday or Saturday. Raid times: Our expectation is that you are available from 8:00-12:00EST. We will typically start the group slightly before 8, and be making our first boss pull between 8:10 and 8:15. What we're currently doing: Farming Mythic Archi, and working on alts/rerolls. Looking for a couple people to round out our roster going into Legion Who should apply? We are always looking for good players, but the classes we'd really like to see apply are as follows: -Warlock -Rogue Ideally the potential recruit will be: -Multiple Mythic bosses down in Highmaul and/or BRF preferred -All Herioc HFC bosses down -Multiple Mythic bosses down in HFC -730+ ilvl -Relevant Ring Progression You can contact me on BattleTag (Utility#1577). Utiliti50
13/13 Mythic Guild for now and Legion <iRaider> 13/13 Mythic is recruiting for Mythic Hellfire Citadel We are a guild comprised of a group of friends who have been raiding together since WotLK. Our core has experience with raiding at a realm first level, including realm first Deathwing, Will of the Emperor and Grand Empress. We have achieved 7/7 M Highmaul and 9/10 M BRF while it was current. The majority of our core have top U.S. raiding history, including a top 10 experienced raid leader. We're looking for players who can execute mechanics at the highest level, who strive to improve their play every raid, and most of all, are okay with an adult oriented raid atmosphere. Our primary goal is to have some laughs, give each other sh*t, and kill bosses. If you're not in it for the long run, don't bother. When we raid: Monday - Wednesday Currently 9pm - 12:30am EST Our Mythic recruiting needs: Since we have completed the tier and it is coming to a close, we are currently opening our ranks to anyone with talent. Please feel free to app. Guild Perks: Our raiders take home an equal share of 75% of all gold earned through sales. 25% is kept for the guild bank. The only requirements are that you are here for the runs and have earned raider rank (or higher!) As usual, flasks/pots/food and repairs are provided! We're looking for players who are geared and ready to contribute to a talented roster. If you feel you meet the requirements you can add me to btag and we can chat! Battletag - Zeek#1714 Website - Zeekill6
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[A] Challenge Mode Services **PLEASE NOTE** For the last 2 days until the patch strikes we'll be charging 800k due to the high amount of players trying to schedule a run at the last moment. We currently have one opening for Saturday night at 11:50 EST, two openings monday (early morning for most of us) at 2am EST and one available spot monday night at 11:45pm EST. Feel free to me ingame or my skype which is down below for further details. What do you get when you buy our Challenge Mode package?: When you complete 8/8 Gold in Challenge Modes, you also receive the Silver/Bronze rewards! - 360 Achievement points - "The Indomitable" Title (Bronze) (Account Wide) - Silver Mount: Challenger's War Yeti - Unique transmog Weapons (Gold) Contact me: - Skype: Bosnoger - BattleTag: Chastise#11141 Requirements: - Have the following consumables: 250 Stat Flasks Food Buffs are provided We charge 500k gold per character per run. We use Skype when we're doing the Challenge Mode boost. We keep a fun and relaxed atmosphere while still getting the job done. Along with the dungeon run-through, we run through all tactics/tricks specific to the dungeon we are doing. If you have any questions concerning payments, requirements or whatever it should be, contact me on Skype (above) or on battle net for more information! -previous thread with feedback was deleted due to large amounts of salt Amazing feedback history from panda/early WoD CMs: Theongreyjöy26
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LFTANKS/DPSMythic Xhul'horac TONIGHT 7/13/16 Ever Vigilant (EV) Late Night 10/13 Mythic HFC mostly guild run LF TANKS,DPS, RET PALADIN w/viable Holy off spec. Raid times are on Mountain Time USA (Pacific: 9:30pm-12:30am, Mountain: 10:30pm-1:30am, Central: 11:30pm-2:30am, Eastern: 12:30am-3:30am). Raid nights are Wednesday,Thursday and Monday. We are focusing on Mythic Xhul'horac. This is progression for most of us but some of us have killed it. The raid contains pugs from other servers. We are not stopping until we kill Mythic Xhul'horac.Raid will continue on Thursday and Monday same time. If Xhul'horac is killed we will then kill second floor bosses and first floor bosses. If you only want to kill Xhul'horac or Xhul'horac and second floor bosses only that is ok. We will still bring you and then swap out players who do want those kills. We have a couple of people who need the quest done that are pugs and a guildie healer who needs the offhand from Gorefiend. If you are interested you are welcome to come back the next week etc. We are going to keep raiding for about another month before Legion but we might take a break next week depending on the Pre-Patch event. Please contact any online officer in Ever Vigilant, send me an in game mail or add my battle tag: DamagerSnowy#1850. Do not reply here since I will not be checking this forum before raid. We NEED the following classes and roles: -TANKSb] -HEALER:Holy Paladin with viable Ret off spec/Ret Paladin with viable Holy off spec.(only need Holy Paladin for Tyrant Velhari and/or other bosses. Need to be Ret for Xhul'horac). -DPS: MAGES, WARLOCKS, HUNTERS, MOONKINS, ELEMENTAL OR ENHANCED SHAMANS, DPS WARRIORS, UNHOLY/FROST DEATH KNIGHTS. Our requirements: * Must not be saved to ANY Mythic bosses for the week. * Must have 4 piece Tier 18, Legendary Ring, and Mythic experience 10/13M for Xhul'horac. For the second floor bosses a minimum of at least the first floor bosses (especially Mythic Gorefiend and Fel Lord Zakuun). * DPS needs to be high and consistent. You are required to be around 100kdps+ on Xhul'horac and Tyrant Velhari. * If TANK must be able to speak in our MUMBLE. * Playstyle is between Intermediate and Extreme. Xhul'horac is progression for some of us but we will not have anybody in the raid who has not killed him or had attempts on him. * Required addons are: RCLootCouncil and Exorsus Raid Tools. * Mumble is required. Using our Mumble server info will be provided at raid time. We are a very relaxed, focus group. We do have fun and joke around but we want minimal talking in mumble and no messing around or doing anything that wastes time. We prefer mature players. This includes no racists, rude people etc. LOOT RULES: This is mostly an Ever Vigilant (EV) Guild run with PUGS that have been consistent and reliable for a while now. Loot is done via Master Loot using RCLootCouncil . Some items may be rolled off if pugs are needing but you[b] must have RCLootCouncil enabled in order to have a chance at loot. Nothing on reserve except some CONQ tier might be on reserve (Shoulders/Chest). Tier Tokens wanted for minor upgrades (Mythic Warforged with gem socket/Mythic Warforged/gem socket/Tertiary stats/etc. will not have priority over those who don't have MythicTier. Weapons and trinkets may be distributed to those players who have been with us consistently vs rolling off with new players but if you contributed to the Xhul'horac kill then you have a chance for loot from him. We are fair with loot! Snowyvixen0
Jul 13
<Celestials> sells 13/13 Mythic HFC Carries TLDR: Tuesday at 8:30 pm Eastern (6:30 pm server time) 13/13M w/ Loot 1.6mil 13/13M No Loot 1.2mil 12/13M w/ Loot 1mil 12/13M No Loot 800k 11/13M w/ Loot 800k 11/13M No Loot 600k Archi Only w/ Loot 500k Archi Only No Loot 300k Mythic Blackhand w/ Mount 300k 10/10 Mythic BRF 100k Payment for the run takes place beforehand. 20% deposit required to secure your spot. We clear as much of the trash as possible before you get in the raid to expedite the entire process. Our logs are public and accessible by anyone. We stream! It should also be noted that we do Moose Sales frequently. If we have ten or so people on who want to do Personal Loot Archimonde kills we usually do; we truly enjoy doing them. Caiss is our project coordinator for Moose sales. Please add her battletag for any queries: caisa#1820 Here's an example log: Send all concerns, questions, or orders to bgodbgg#1882 A final note (This is the last note, I promise!): We sell Mythic Blackhand Mounts (Ironhoof Destroyer) for 300k on Wednesdays at 8:30 EST and 10/10M BRF for 100k. If we ever have 3 or more buyers for full run, we'll do it since it takes an hour. Please leave feedback in this thread! We love to hear back from our customers! We pride ourselves in being very friendly and professional. We truly care about our customers and we want you to have as enjoyable of an experience as possible. As such, if you have any concerns, criticisms, or legitimate suggestions on how we can improve our service, I implore you to let us know! -Ghor Helenia48
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