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37m (A)<HS> Recruiting Mythic Raiders! At <Highly Successful> we aim to be one of the leaders in progression on Kel'thuzad (US-Alliance). We are currently looking for like-minded individuals to fill our core raid positions. Despite being a new guild our current raiding core is filled with veteran raiders from various top US guilds. While we do not expect perfection, a high level of class knowledge and mechanical execution is expected. This means proper itemization and consumables are being used to maximize your class's potential. As well as the ability to play more than one role as needed for progression. Be respectful of other raider's time. This does not mean that raiding and having fun are mutually exclusive, just that while focusing on progression we use our time wisely. With our raid schedule it is paramount that we do so. We understand making mistakes is part of the learning process on new encounters; however we will not tolerate people who continue to make the same errors. We need our raiders to be able to adapt to situations quickly and learn from mistakes made, rather than be held back by them. With that in mind, we stress that everyone works as a team and remain open to constructive criticism to become a more valuable player for the Guild. Expectations: - Come to raid prepared, IE: Flasks, food and Potions. - If information is available, study the current and future progression fights - Treat people inside of the guild and outside with respect. - Be respectful of the time people dedicate to raids - Be able to adapt quickly to changes in strategies or mistakes made during encounters. - Bring a positive attitude and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as give your own if needed. - Ability to communicate is a must, having a working microphone is a requirement. - Lastly the motivation to constantly get better and push yourself, study logs try to improve your performance and raid contribution. Raid times: Tuesday: 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST Wednesday: 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST Thursday: 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST Optional Nights: *Saturday: 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST *Sunday 6:30 PM PST - 10:00 PM PST *Saturday and Sunday are just casual Alt and Achievement runs for those that want to participate. Currently Recruiting: Tank: Low Priority Healer: High Priority Melee DPS: High Priority Ranged DPS: High Priority If your class is a low priority on recruitment do not be discouraged in applying or contacting someone in the Guild. Anyone who is exceptional at their class will be noticed and offered a chance at a core raiding position. Current Progression: (M)Emeral Nightmare: 1/7 (M)Nighthold: 0/10 How to Apply!: Website: GM: Kylore (Goblinsmithy#1769) Officer: Taerok (Taerok#1579) Officer: Tye (Alphamale#1773) You can either apply online or contact in game if you're interested in joining <Highly Successful>. We look forward to seeing you in raid. *We urge everyone to contact any officer in game, once an application has been filled out.Kylore15 37m
46m 839 Rogue, previous top100 world experience I am searching for a serious to hardcore raiding guild. I just got back into the game after quitting early Cata, and am trying to gear up as quick as possible and enter a serious raiding environment. Previous experience is mostly WotLK as a hunter, including: Glory of the ICC Raider (25) - World 36 - US 8 - realm 1st Heroic Lich King (25) - US 91 Heroic Halion (25) - US 76 - realm 1st Glory of the ICC Raider (10) - realm 1st Heroic Lich King (10) - US 158 - realm 1st Call of the Grand Crusader (25) - A Tribute to Insanity - US 56 - realm 1st Call of the Grand Crusader (10) - A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity - US 104 - realm 1st Earth Wind & Fire (25) - US 43 - realm 1st Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10/25) - Death's Demise - Alone in the Darkness - US 78 - realm 1st Availability: I work shifts, the latest being 9:30PM EST, however I can request raid days off or early.Elyriah0 46m
1h <Better Call Thrall> Recruiting <Better Call Thrall> is currently recruiting for our active guild for raids.We are looking to get a solid group together to progress through all legion raids.we are currently 7/7N looking to progress into Heroic and soon Mythic. Raid Schedule Our current raid days are Tuesday -Thursday 7:00-10:0pm Classes in Need Melee DPS - warriors/paladins/rogues Ranged DPS - Mage,Spriest,Boomkin,Shaman Heals- Open to all classes Tank-No Death Knights Contact - Btag - Jshay#1695Feelinlocky1 1h
1h 852 Unholy DK + others LF Serious Raid Guild Hello all, I am a serious raider with a small group of friends that are looking for a serious raid group. What we have to offer is Unholy DK, Resto and Guardian Druid, SPriest, and assassination rouge. What I am looking for is a serious gaming environment minus the drama. Progression into mythics is extremely important and expected out of the guild. Raid days and times are flexible for myself and not of any issue, prefer weekdays though. If core members is what is required, look no further. I can take constructive criticism and deal it out to better the raid group as a whole. If any of this sounds ideal to your group, feel free to Btag me. AndrewB#1661 PS. I bring my own pots, flasks, food and raid knowledge.Archadeus1 1h
3h 863 R Shaman 7/7H LF Hardcore Raiding Guild Good day, I am searching for a tight knitted group to tackle mythic raid content. I am aiming to become one of the top resto shaman of the world and would like to find a guild in need of a dedicated hardcore healer. I am a very competitive person and I always try to find ways to improve. Current ranking from warcraftlogs Rank #174 healer in heroic EN Rank #33 Rshaman in heroic EN My schedule: availability Sun-Mon 7pm-11pm EST Fri-Sat. 5pm-12am EST Logs: Ltitle about me: I started in BC and raided throughout cataclysm always tackling hard content. I quit due to stagnant content in cataclysm and transfer to League of Legends where I played at a diamond level. After hearing the good news about legion, I return to WoW at prepatch. I am much more competitive than I ever was and always try to compete with others healers in my raid and server, and around the world. I am the person who is willing to do anything to help my guild clear content. Reason for guild change : I want to play at a competitive level and not have to carry the healing team all the time. With my current group, mythic progression does not seem possible. I don't want a guild to hold me back due to players not performing or trying as hard as I am. Inot addition, I want a guild who can benefit a great healer to clear challenging content together. Add me on battletag or leave a post and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your time. Battletag ID: jhinkin#1398Mawna0 3h
3h [A] <Deconstruction> 7/7N 1/7H Recruiting We're a new guild comprised of players from our previous raiding guild. Our guild has a casual atmosphere but takes raids seriously when they occur. Our core team currently consists of around 12 experienced players, and we're looking to solidify the roster at around 20 for eventual mythic raids. We're looking to transition from 2 to 3 days of raiding, so our schedule will be tue/thu/sun 6-9 MST (server). We're currently full on -tanks -warlocks -mages -DHs Any other roles/classes are desired. We'll evaluate you in a mythic+ dungeon to ensure that you're great at handling boss mechanics and are competent at your spec. Message me on (Redus#11981) for more info, thanks.Remmitius1 3h
3h Small guild looking for PUG raiders <panera> is looking for skilled players to PUG raids with us. We’ve pugged 7/7N and 7/7H so far and are looking to go farther. No set raid times, we just go whenever we feel like it. If you don’t like set raid times but want to progress add my battle tag: sheckles#1680. I'm on very often so it shouldn't be too hard to reach me.Sheckla0 3h
4h 4 people LF raiding guild for Legion Hello! We are a 4 member family group looking for a guild to raid with in legion. We haven't raided since Wrath and are looking to get back into it. Looking for a friendly and mature guild that is active. Mainly looking to find a group we could hang out with while we raid and have some fun. Classes we plan on playing: Priest (healer), Warlock, WW monk, Mage. Would prefer 2 or 3 raid nights a week in the evening server time.Bùbblesutra2 4h
4h (A) Havoc DH LF Guild Looking for an active guild. Currently, 844 item level. Wouldn't mind getting into raiding, but I work 4 days on and then 4 days off. I could raid any night from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and later on the nights I am off.Dantilian1 4h
4h Resto Druid LF Raid Guild. I just transferred from Stormrage due to the long queue times and now am looking for a raiding guild. My availability is Sunday-Thursday from 1pm-Midnight EST. Haven't raided since Burning Crusade because of my work schedule over the past years. Now that my hours are more steady, I would like to get back into raiding.Gyldenstiern1 4h
7h [A]<M o m e n t u M> LF Mythic Raiders <M o m e n t u M> is looking for skilled, dedicate players to progress with us through Legion and beyond. Our raid times are currently Wednesday and Thursday 8:00 – 12:00pm EST. Currently 7/7 Normal and 1/7 Heroic EN. RECRUITMENT NEEDS: Ranged DPS: Warlocks, Spriest, Boomkin, Melee DPS: Demon Hunter, Ret Paladin, DK Healers: Holy Paladin/Holy Priest, Resto Shaman WHAT WE OFFER YOU: - A guild where you will be treated with respect and your voice will be heard. We always welcome thoughts, ideas, and strategies. - A raid team where spots are given out based on merit and not on favoritism. - A guild in which you will get as much back as you put in WHAT WE WANT: - Players with a strong raiding background, a willingness to improve and thorough knowledge about their class. We are all social creatures that enjoy each other’s' company. We are a guild of team players. - Drive to be the best of your class and spec. - People looking to be part of a team for the long term. We are looking for players that want to spend the rest of their raiding career here. - We want each and every one of our members to enjoy raiding here with each other and we recruit like-minded individuals. If you'd like to schedule an interview, through Discord, with our GM, Raid leader, and Raid assistants please contact anyone listed below: GM: Sijon Officers: Seridia#1232, Brael#1844, Femaelz, Nairyn. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We wish you the best of luck in your search for a new guild!Feleesin13 7h
8h <Persistence> Recruitment Thread [A] About: Persistence is a guild comprised of raiders from various backgrounds and skill levels with one common goal: Mythic content in Legion. Goal: Clearing mythic at the very least in time for Cutting Edge Achievement, with the intent to clear it within the first 1-2 months. Progression Raid times: Wednesday 10:30 pm - 1:30 am EST Thursday 10:30 pm - 1:30 am EST Monday 10:30 pm - 1:30 am EST Farm Raid Times: Wednesday 10:30 pm-1:30am EST Thursday 10:30 pm-1:30 am EST (or until clear) Alt raids or fun raids will be scheduled as seen fit. Recruitment needs: Healer: Need a Holy Paladin Tank: Need a Plate tank. Dps: Non-leather dps. All exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of spec or role. Applicant requirements*: -Computer that can run WoW and Mumble without issue on medium graphics or higher -Stable/reliable internet connection -90%+ attendance -Laid back and social -Flexibility in terms of class/role. While not required, dual-role is highly recommended -Commitment to the guild and raid. -A working microphone and the wherewithal to use it. -Logs on We will not accept anything else. *Ilvl or current exp do not matter. Logs will be weighted accordingly. Add EnaluEmakaru#1191 Petipas1414#1947 ADW#1745 if interestedAoirse16 8h
9h 849 Shadow Priest LF Guild McPuffs#1711Püffs0 9h
9h Survival Hunter LF raiding guild 839 ilvl SV hunter, currently improving it, looking for guild for raiding on any night OTHER THAN Wednesday and Thursday. I have already done 7/7 Normal on my horde character: Aleiriala on thrall, and so far we are at 1/7 heroic, working on that tonight. However, since I have a lot of down time, unlike my horde guild, I was wanting to get into a raiding guild for my hunter, I can level a rogue or mage if you would prefer that, but would like to go hunter as he has been my main since BC and I can get the hidden skin from ursoc. If you would like to test me out, please contact me: Akantorz#1524, I would vastly appreciate it.Klatch1 9h
11h [A] <Aeternitas> recruiting healer 1/7 H <Aeternitas> was formed in early 2016 and quickly developed a raid team that progressed through HFC Heroic content with ease. We are not a competitive raiding team, but we play and progress at a moderate pace and expect to work on heroic and mythic raid content in Legion. ___ We have a Facebook page where we communicate about guild related matters as well as miscellaneous content. We want everyone to feel as if the guild is more than a means to receive loot; it is your WoW Family :) Raiding has begun! We are 7/7 Normal, cleared twice already. 1/7 H with another go happening this week. Raid Schedule Our current raid days are Tuesday and Thursday. Each raid night is 3 hours, and runs from 6:00-9:00pm server time. T Classes in Need We are at max capacity for warriors and demon hunters. We are looking for more ranged dps and a 5th healer, preferably shaman. Contact Us /who Aeternitas to find someone online; just about anyone can invite you. An appropriate guild rank will be awarded by an officer when they are online. To learn more information, feel free to contact Smitedu, Zombiejesuz, Vancomycin, or Aeterne via PM or in-game mail. You may also add #Jared1396 on Battletag, but please reach out to me stating you're interested in joining, as I have many contacts.Aeterne18 11h
11h <Justice For Harambe> Weekend Raiding Hello! Quick info at the top, more details at the bottom! Raid Times -Saturdays 9PM EST -Sundays 9PM EST -Fridays Pending What We Currently Need -Prot Warrior or Paladin Tank -Resto Druid -3rd Healer -No current iLvl Requirement to join, although by raid start, 840 Minimum. -Any casual raider is welcome to join! Flex raiding allows us to bring you along. -Roster below. Progression -First Weekend Oct. 1/2 -RL's 7/7N *If you are interested in a raiding position, please whisper Tokkul, Obliviborus, or Bakapat in game, or leave a reply under this topic!* <Justice For Harambe> Hello! Thanks for stopping by. We are Justice For Harambe, a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Kel'Thuzad Alliance. Here's a little bit about our guild. Although our name is humorous and lighthearted we are a serious raiding guild. This reflects the environment that you can expect within our ranks. A good time, some laughs, and a group of friends - but a group of friends that is mature, helpful, and ready to tackle Legion content. Our guild was started by two players that have been around for a long time and are experienced with endgame content and the workings of World of Warcraft. Legion has ushered in another golden age of WoW and we want to take a firm grasp on that awesome feeling with a good group of players to raid with, play with, and just hang out with. Who Can Join While we will be focused on endgame raiding with our core team, we welcome anyone who would like to have a go at this content. We understand that life happens and not everyone can be in a strict raiding schedule. Any player that may be interested in community raid nights, heroic runs, mythic+, etc. can find a home here. We welcome all. Our Raid Team Our current core group is listed below. As the guild expands we may bring new members in to flesh out the group. Also listed below is what we are currently seeking. Tank: *Tank Needed* Tank: Vengeance Demon Hunter Healer: Restoration Shaman Healer: *Healer Needed* Healer: *Healer Needed* DPS: MM Hunter DPS: Ele Shaman DPS: Outlaw Rogue DPS: Havoc Demon Hunter DPS: Fire Mage *roster changes are possible *additional members may be added for flex contentTokkul3 11h
12h 865 DH tank and 852 H priest LF mythic guild Holy Priest and DH Tank looking for mythic guild, 13/13M in HFC, priest is currently 852 and DH tank is 865. Leave a message here or add us on btag, Zheniamal#1936 or Scoops#1108.Crobat1 12h
12h [H]<Masochistic Few> Recruiting. Currently fairly full on dps could use warlocks and monks we are in need of maybe 1 or 2 more tanks we have 0 monk tanks atm and healers.. 212 members atm all on within a week. Start raids at 7pm tuesday.. Send me or IllidansWill in game mail or message us or reply here for info/invHeatstroked1 12h
13h 863 Shaman and 857 Rogue LF Raiding Guild My friend and I are a 863 Enhance Shaman and a 857 Assassin Rogue looking for a solid Raiding Guild. We are consistently 200k+ DPS, easy. Plus, we know the fights and have open schedules. We're looking for a cool guild who is competent and is lacking good DPS. We're currently 7/7N and 2/7H due to a lack of good guild. Add me and send me a message. We're ready to raid with other well versed players. FOR THE ALLIANCE Andwise SensualNinja#1559Andwise0 13h
20h [5/7H] Nobility is LFM late-night people <Nobility>, a late-night raiding guild whose core has been raiding together since Wrath times, is recruiting for some fun. We raid Tue/Wed/Thu from 11pm to 2am server time (which is 10pm - 1am PST or 1am - 4am EST). Current progression is: Emerald Nightmare: 5/7H, 7/7N Past progression (WoD): Hellfire Citadel: 13/13M, 13/13H Highmaul: 5/7M, 7/7H BRF: 3/10M, 10/10H [/ul] We finished T18 (HFC) 14th on server and 665th in the U.S. What can we offer? We're a semi-hardcore progression guild. We're not striving for server-first, and understand that RL is more important than the game, but are serious about progression, and aim to kill Mythic bosses during the relevant tier. Our style of raid leading sets us apart from many guilds. When someone messes up in a fight causing a wipe, or performs below the expected level, some raid leaders will openly mock them, calling them names more suitable for a frat party. Others will not notice, and will continue pulling in what people like to describe as bashing their heads against the wall. We do neither of these - we won't mock or swear, but we will instead let the person know they need to improve, and if such improvement doesn't happen, we will (politely) replace them. In this way, we maintain progression without causing drama or hurting feelings. We play to have fun, and have a low tolerance toward rude or pretentious people, but at the same time do enforce performance standards in raids, particularly for the progression fights, and our raid spots are competitive. We like to joke around in guild chat and on TeamSpeak; profanity is allowed and encouraged, but intentionally abusing others isn't. How to contact us? Choose one of the following: Add Volshebnik#1818. Apply online at: Post here, leaving your battletag. Contact one of Charodey, Ohotnik, Reowen, Fobik or Sentient. Write one of us an in-game mail.Charodey2 20h
21h Me Druid Me like Druid Stuff Me want to know how many hate me for being me. Me likes Druid/Worgen stuff, Like mythic dg, raiding pvp etc I define it all as druid stuff when on me Druid, cuz doing things on me druid is the very def of Druid/Worgen stuff. Me want to improve me want to aim for the sky me want to make people stop hating me for being me.Rägeheart0 21h
1d <pep> 7/7H, 9hrs/wk Raid times: 9:00pm-12:00am(EST) Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday Guild consists of former US top 100 players looking to make a progressive environment. We're currently 7/7H and working on Mythic Nythendra. A few of our past ranked kills: US 130 Heroic Lich King 25 Man US 60 Completion of Tier 11 Heroic 25 Man US 46 Heroic Will of the Emperor US 100 Heroic Garrosh 25 Man We're currently looking to add a few dps to bolster our roster going into mythic. If interested, you can add and contact any of the following battletags for more information or find us in game: Dub#1520 Tyler#1676Dwab6 1d
1d wkend heroic raid - LF chill adults The Pitch - Weekend 6 hr Raid weeks with buddies We want chill adults who know how to play wow, know how to play their toons, but aren't crazy. People who don't need constant attention, but enjoy and take pride in their characters progression and being part of a close knit team. If this is you then you should contact me, we should chat. This could be the last guild you ever join. Add me on real ID -- Trinks#1866 What we are about; * Relaxed, stress free raiding * Killing raid bosses using skill and tactics, not slavish commitment * Personal accountability * Bonding with guildies over beers and vent * Bullet points * Canadians (not a requirement though) What we are NOT about * Finger pointing, blame laying * 16 hour raid weeks, marathon wipe sessions * Guilt trips / Attacks on guildies or borderline behavior * Anonymity, silent raiders * Paragraphs Schedule Saturday & Sunday -- 3 hour HEROIC raids (timings TBD) Weekdays -- pick-up / drop in 5m mythic History * Formed pre-MoP with the primary goal of making WoW buddies and reliving that old school feeling of knowing the people we play WoW with. * Turns out people who also were looking for a guild like this are actually pretty great players; enjoyed serious raiding progression on 6 hour raid weeks. * Progression wise we full clear heroics always and have dabbled in mythics. This time around we're not focusing on mythics and remaining small. * WoD burn-out/hiatus began March * Interested in fleshing out our 10ish man roster to 15 or so Add me on real ID -- Trinks#1866Fitsi14 1d
1d [A] 7/7N 1/7H Recruiting Heal &DPS Greetings, The [A] <Extraordinary Dotamen> are recruiting!! We are looking for 1 Healer, 1 Melee DPS and some Ranged DPS. *Any Exceptional Applicants should apply* Our raid times are Tues/Wed/Thurs 7:00-10:00 Server. We have fun during our raids but are recruiting those who want to progress at a good pace. We are serious during all new bosses and have more fun on those that we have on farm. The majority of the core play all different types of games together, from Dota 2, CS:GO, Overwatch etc.. What to Expect From Us ● Very fun environment. ● Master Looter w/ loot council. No more random dude who showed up for one night and wins a roll taking a trinket or that bull!@#$. If you are consistent you will end up getting loot. ● Most players have hardcore raiding experience but enjoy the laid back atmosphere. ● Repairs/Flasks/Food/Feasts/Etc [Most of us show up with everything before hand anyways] ● We will clear heroic, and if we have the number will do mythic raid content. What We Expect From You ● Ability to listen and adapt to fight mechanics ● Ability to learn new strategies ● Have Discord ● Attendance to raids ● Must be able to take a joke and not get salty, props if you can give a joke back. Raid Schedule All times are Mountain - Server time ● Tuesday: 7:00-10:00pm ● Wednesday: 7:00-10:00pm ● Thursday: 7:00-10:00pm For more information please contact any of the following: Sargz - Raid Leader/Officer Healybacon - Guild Master Battle net Tag: Sargz#1229 Combatwombat#1116Sargz1 1d
1d [A] Pugstars - Looking for members Are you looking for a new group of friends to slay internet dragons with? Looking for a small tight knit guild that understands you? Looking for a group to "Ook the Dook" with? If so Pugstars may be the guild for you. Pugstars previously was a Friday night pickup raid that has since evolved in to a guild. Although we're a bit more concrete we're still going to operate under the same goal of clearing through normal raids and getting our feet wet in heroic. At the moment we're looking for: - 2 Range - 2 Healers - 1 Melee Things we aren't looking for: - Drama - Felicia You can reach me in game or message me at ClickEighty#1183 Thanks!Dinkers7 1d
1d <Moose Mountie Mayhem> LF Raiders or co-run Hey all! As the title shows, <Moose Mountie Mayhem> A guild of IRL Friends who have played since vanilla, is looking to recruit a handful of players to raid and potentially RBG. Currently, we are looking at raiding 2 days a week- Sundays/Mondays, and will raid more during the week if more people are on. We're looking for either recruits, or a guild to join forces with to raid. If you're interested, message me on Enke, Apostaes, or pantycannon, or add "Mangoslicer" battle tag to your friends. We've raided through most progression, with some of us taking a break during cataclysm, and some having longer breaks. A handful of the members raided in <Iconoclast> and a few other top 20 vanilla and TBC Raid guilds, and myself and a few others raided in a few other major guilds. We're looking for competent players or guild to match our style of play to clear through normal,heroic and eventually mythic content, as well as PVP. Thanks!Enke2 1d
1d [A] <The Fifth Regiment> is recruiting <The Fifth Regiment> is currently recruiting for our active guild for mythics and raids. We are 1/7 heroic and 7/7 normal and we are looking to push further this week. We are a fun group of friends and raids are always entertaining. We raid Tues/Thurs from 6pm - 10pm server time. We are currently looking for Healers/Hunters/Exceptional DPS. If you are interested, please contact my in game or add me to friends Sin#1520.Zukis1 1d
1d [A] <Crimson Riot> Recruiting <Crimson Riot> Is a new PVE guild looking for skilled healers/dps to eventually progress into mythic content with. Currently 1/7 H, 7/7 N Emerald Nightmare. Raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday 6-10 Server. Whisper me for more information. Everlong#1789 for more information.Everlong6 1d
2d [A] Xerowing - 7/7N Mature Social Raiding Xerowing is a social raiding guild finalizing its roster for Heroic raiding/Mythic ++ dungeons. We're a core group of real life friends based out of WA state with a combination of hardcore and casual attitudes, most of us having played since Vanilla. We're looking at single night raid times (Fridays at 7:30 server), and flexible raid continuations afterwards, with mythic and mythic +++ as numbers allow throughout the week. Several officers are hardcore raiders, some with world ranked experience, but we're taking a less stressful approach to getting content downed. The only real requisite of joining is to have a legitimately good attitude and involve yourself in the guild. We're more than happy to carry people to become geared for raiding, if you have a serious interest in progression. Hit up Rov3r#11542 for more info, I'm on quite often. Edit: 6/7N down first night with cores missing, next week is heroic! Edit 2: 7/7N down, heroics starting next week. Xavius got slumped after 2 attempts :)Rainrover6 2d
2d [A] <pep> 7/7H recruiting for mythic Raid times: 9:00pm-12:00am(EST) Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday Guild consists of former US top 100 players looking to make a progressive environment. We will be starting out with heroic raiding and work towards mythic progression. We are currently 7/7H looking to add any exceptional dps to our ranks. We prefer you to be at least 840+ iLvl or have a vast history of mythic or heroic raiding experience. If interested, you can add and contact any of the following battletags for more information: Protective#1851 Landon#1955 Tyler#1676Tcoy29 2d
2d [A] Negative Bro US TOP 50 Recruting 4 legion Hey friends, We are currently recruiting semi casual hardcore raiders to join us in our quest to clear mythic content at a fast pace. We are comprised of a solid group of players that have been playing since vanilla. The Core officers have great feats of strength such as deaths demise grand crusader and celestial defender. We are hardcore at heart but a little more casual now that we are all older and married! Great bunch of guys looking for loyal raiders to fill the raid. Classes Currently Needed Tanks (low) Heals (med) Ranged DPS (high) Melee DPS (low) exception is rogue Raid Times Tuesday and Thursday 9-12 est Contact Aldizi#1730 Plutheros#1832Acidspin12 2d
2d [A] <In Mythic We Trust> is recruiting! We're a new guild composed of a group of friends who are looking to get into casual raiding for this xpac! We would like to progress as far as we can in terms of difficulty, but we will start normal. We're currently recruiting all DPS and Healers! Specific ones we would like are below: Healers Wanted - R-druid, R-shammy DPS Wanted - Monk/DK/Rogue/Warrior/Warlock If your class is not listed here do not be discouraged to join us! We will take mostly any class currently. Raid times: Tues/Thurs/Sun 9PM-12AM EST May or may not keep Sunday, might turn out to be an optional day to maybe finish things up or do some other events/old raids. If you are interested in joining message Lebooyah in game or send an in game mail. You could also reply to this forum post.Lebooyah3 2d
2d [A] Get Slammed Recruiting Mythic Raiders Progress 7/7N Emerald Nightmare 6/7H Emerald Nightmare About Us We are a group of players with varying levels of history within WoW, but a majority of our leadership has played since vanilla. Many of us have experience raiding at a top server level through the various expacs and have had a blast doing it. Raiding Our first and foremost goal is to clear mythic content while it is current. Raiding is something we take seriously and in Legion we want to take on the challenge of clearing raids previous to the next tier coming out. Social This is a group of adults that when not raiding together (and when occasionally raiding together) act like children. We banter a lot in good fun and you need to be okay with taking !@#$ every once in awhile (it means we like you). Times When we raid: Sunday 1PM-5PM Central (11AM-3PM PST, 2PM-6PM EST) Monday 8:30PM-11:30PM (6:30PM-9:30PM PST, 9:30PM-12:30PM EST) Thursday 8:30PM-11:30PM (6:30PM-9:30PM PST, 9:30PM-12:30PM EST) Recruiting Date Updated: 9/25/2016 We are always looking for like-minded players who want to progress, so we welcome anyone to apply below. Our current needs are as follows: Ranged DPS (need heals/dps flex) Melee DPS (need heals/dps flex) Heals High Application Battletag: Bork#11356Borkjak6 2d
2d [A]Renaissance now recruiting for core!7/7N Hey everyone, Renaissance is a new guild formed by former mythic/heroic raiders who were looking for something a little more casual in terms of raiding. We're currently 7/7N, with no attempts into Heroic so far; will be beginning those this week though. We raid Tues/Thurs 7-11PM server, 6-10PM PST. We're currently looking for two tanks, one or two healers, and a few dps. DPS in highest priority are: Warlock, Druid, Death Knight. Accepting other DPS as well though. We're also accepting casual/social members into the guild, raid positions will be available on a back-up basis for logged in players if needed. You can add me on battletag: Pewpitar#1534 if you have any questions or you can post in this thread.Lildikky0 2d
2d [A] Rogue, Former Top 100 US raider LF guild I'm currently looking for a guild for casualish raiding, no more than 2 nights a week. Raid times need to be somewhere between Thurs-Tues, strong preference for at least 1 of those nights on the weekend. Not necessarily looking for serious mythic progression at this time but i won't rule it out. Guild atmosphere is more important. If your guild is full of immature kids its not for me. Figured i'd see what this server has to offer before i begin to look elsewhere. A little bit about me -Mained a rogue since end of BC -Everything from top 100 world hardcore raiding in vanilla to #2 US 2 night raiding during middle of WoD and everything in between. -Started playing again after a year break a few weeks after legion released. I quit raiding 10 bosses into HFC mythic due to RL circumstances around this time last year. -I know how to play this class and do it at a high level, consistently. -I've played all specs in the past and intend to in legion as well, however i am fully invested into outlaw at this time. I'm currently a little bit behind on artifact progression as i started playing again about 2.5 weeks after legion released. Currently focused on grinding AP. I've done what i can with gear so far as well. Contact me in game or Edgeofsanity#1178Morrs2 2d
2d Looking for good semi small guild .Orickal0 2d
3d [A] Small group looking for Mythic Guild Hi guys, Small group of friends, about 5-6 people looking for a Mythic guild. We are veterans in our late 20's and have been playing WoW off and on for over a decade. We've achieved high ranks in both PvP and PvE and are looking to return for Legion. What we're looking for: A guild with strong leadership, good community and guild structure with a strong focus on Mythic. We prefer a relaxed environment, with confidence and ability to get content done and be able to enjoy it. We don't mind having to put hours in a boss if it's a hard boss but watching people get hit over and over again to simple mechanics without learning it will be a problem for us. Another thing I feel we should mention, we are extreme racists against Pandas and Worgens as we have had continued bad experiences with these races culminating in blanket racism. I hope this is not a problem. We all will come with flasks, food, enchants and repair money. Raid times after 8 Pacific time What we can bring: Years of experience in competitive play in wow, both PvP and PvE. Relaxed attitude with focus on quality game play. Ahead of the Curve first week raiders. Our lay out: Myself (Holy Paladin) iLevel: 855 Blood Death Knight iLevel: 858 Outlaw Rogue iLevel:860 Outlaw Rogue iLevel:860 Havoc Demon Hunter iLevel: 860 Resto Druid iLevel: 859 Fire Mage iLevel: 851 You can find our Logs Here: If you have any questions or wish to get in contact with me, please leave a message here or get a hold of me in game. Thanks, Highlord Tomson Knights of the Silver handTomson4 3d
3d <Short Bus Raiding> Looking For Adult Players Short Bus Raiding is a progressive raiding guild comprised of real life friends. We're all in our late 20's, and on TS every night for WoW or anything else. We're looking to fill in a few gaps in our raiding group, specifically at healer and DPS. There is no yelling, stress, or drama during raids. It's unnecessary and bosses still die talking to each other like adults. We had time for one short stint of raiding this past week, went 3/7N first and only night. More to come tonight! We also help each other get gear utilizing Mythic + runs, and will help you if you aren't quite ready for raiding. Our tentative raid schedule is Tue/Thur 5-8:00 server time, with the occasional Monday night if we left something we really wanted to down. We're all on the east coast and have jobs, so raids won't often go much later. If we sound like a fit for you, add me @ UncleTony#11473.Uncletouchme4 3d
3d [A] <Impulse> Recruiting Impulse on is a newly formed Alliance raiding guild. Looking to keep things fun but still get things done in a raiding environment. Main focus at first will be Normal/Heroic Raids , Mythic+ Dungeons and then working our way into Mythic raiding. Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 7pm - 10pm MST. (8pm - 11pm Server) What we are looking for: 1 Tank. Prefer Paladin or Warrior. 3 Healers. Prefer Paladin, Priest, and Monk 4+ DPS. All classes Mele and Range Please have a decent amount of raiding experience and know your class well. Must have a working headset for communication. Will be using Discord. Alts are not required but welcomed! Add the battletag: Ltabes#1863 for any questions or if you are interested in joining. Thank you!Sithic0 3d
3d The Mad Merchant Respawn Timer Help Anyone know the respawn timer for the mad merchant/spider mount vendor on KT Will tip a wow token to the person who have me complete the purchase successfully. Whisper me ("judelson" ingame or add Bnetplayer#137208" if you see the npc spawn. Best of luck.Judelson3 3d
3d LF Raiding guild Not looking anymoreJugtoes0 3d
3d <The Top Shelf> Recruiting Alliance Raiders We are currently looking for: Ranged Dps: Mage and Warlock Off Tank: Any class is acceptable Healer: We are looking for a priest or monk The Top Shelf is a guild that has moved from many different servers to come together on Kel'Thuzad. We have been raiding together for over 8 years and have become a competitive and laid back community looking to expand our ranks to complete the new content. The general age group of the guild is in the 20s but age is not truly a factor in what we are looking for in people. We want people who know the fights have the raid food and pots they need for the raid times that night and aren't going to blow up on mistakes during progression. We raid (Tuesday/Thursday) 7 Server Time for 3-4 hours. Wednesday and Saturday we run high end mythic plus dungeons as a guild for fun so if this interests you please feel free to ask about this when you apply. For anymore information please contact the following battle tag in game. Necronamicas#1572Bacárdí0 3d
3d Buying Nice Names I'm looking to purchase a couple of nice names on Kel'Thuzad for gold. Please let me know what you may have for sale! swaglord#11655 Cheers!Yolohuntard2 3d
4d frost DK LF tuesday raiding guild Title says it all, i'm not really picky about how early/late tuesday the runs go. However, tuesday is the only day I can consistently raid, so 2 or 3 day raid set ups are pretty much impossible for me to make. I can use any voice comms, and am willing to make any changes as the guild sees fit. Currently only ilvl 820, although I expect to be at least 830 by tuesday. Please add me(domovoi#1685) with any questions!Belash2 4d
4d Anyone for leveling? (102) - Long post:P So, I was stuck in a 7-month WoW funk.. Started my hiatus in February - and even after getting into the end part of the Legion Beta, I just couldn't bring myself back to re-sub when Legion dropped (although I owned both a US and EU account) Finally said it was time to "S or get off the pot" so to speak, because I wasn't having any fun on my "hiatus game", so I opened my account back up yesterday... I argued with myself for hours... Quite miserably - because I couldn't decide which of my many 100s I wanted to call my "Legion-Main"... Like I literally was having toddler-like temper tantrums because none of my 100s was grabbing at me... Finally... Decided on the priest... From my brief stint on Beta, knew Disc was changed, so I went Holy first... Always a healer, I dislike DPS... What a MESS !! I got to level 102... Switched to Disc (got 2nd artifact) - and am just finishing Stormheim (have the dungeon quests) ... I am honestly looking to make a gaming friend; someone that can put up with whiny raging me - Blah blah blah... Some nights I might let you take on the whiner role, but right now, I have an odd feeling that's going to be me. The disc priest looks to be my plan for my main... Disc (if I can get the atonement heals down... Holy if not) ... Since I have always been known as the alt queen, I also do have interest in resto druid, enhance/resto shaman - and monk.. Maybe more? Who the F knows.... Ugh. What I am looking for in a WoW BFF (If you're still reading by some Miracle of the Universe): Preferably older than 21 but < 40 so we are of similar mindsets; someone that can keep my whiny behavior to a bare minimum for both of our sakes. I know I am behind now, especially with the raids already dropping, but I wanna plug ahead the next day and a half straight to see how far I can get (I am off work until Sunday night - and yes, I work night shift - 11 pm to 7:30 am EST, so I sleep during the day... Play when I wake up until 10:30 pm on work nights... Can often be online from work, but not sure my work laptop can run WoW.. ) That's probably enough info for you to determine if you want to play with me or probably more likely, run... Run Simba ... The other way and put me on block BUT - should my epic Odyssey-like posting have appealed to you in whatever crazy world of drugs you live in, the easiest thing is to B-net add me: LaReina#1185 and let's play! (Posting in this in a few servers where I have had 100 alts, just FYI - trying to reach a broader spectrum of people) NicoNicolla1 4d
4d [A] Indestructible - 13/13M 3 DAY GUILD US 59 About us: Mythic Guild 3 nights a week, 4 hours per, which equals 12 hours a week! Monday - Wednesday (9pm - 1am Eastern) Loot Council This guild has been on KT for a long time, and will continue to be. We look for members for the long run. Most of our raiders are tired of raiding 5-6 days a week and enjoy raiding at a more time friendly pace. Current needs! 1 DPS warrior How to Apply: Click apply @, fill it out, do work, if you do not have logs available or a screenshot pls make the effort in getting them - if you do not know how to log your own LFR's/flex, seek me out in game (kamiya) Contact if you want to talk to someone before applying/any questions you may have Tank/DPS - Infallible (Inkarnate#1420) Healing - Kamiya (Kamiya#11325) No package deals sry!Kamiya11 4d
4d [H] <Masochistic Few> Recruiting for RAIDS! We are the first horde guild to clear 7/7 Emerald Nightmare Were low on heals and every monk spec.. We've already cleared Emerald Nightmare and about to start Heroic soon. So if you like a fun goofy pvp pve and raiding guild thats more community than just raids then please /who masochistic few and anyone can invite you or post here! Thanks, GM-HeatstrokedHeatstroked0 4d
4d [A] Top100 US Raiders Recruiting <Know Your Enemy> is a new progression raiding guild coming to Kel'thuzad in Legion. We are compromised almost entirely of retired Hardcore & Semi-Hardcore raiders who don't want to put in the hours of Hardcore raiding. Raid History: Our roster core is composed mostly of remnants of the retired guild, The Church: <The Church> - Darkspear, US [US66 T16, US118 T17] Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday, 5:30-9:30PM (PST). Make sure you adjust this to your timezone accordingly. While our hours are casual, our playstyle is not. Almost every raider will have Hardcore raiding experience, with over 75% of the players having played in a top100 (or higher) US environment. Recruitment Needs: 1x Rogue 1x DPS DK 1x DPS Warrior 1x DPS DH 1x Hunter - Other exceptional players encouraged to apply - A potential applicant will have the following attributes: - Self-Motivated - Near-100% Attendance - Superb situational awareness - Mastery of main specialization - Ability to execute Off Spec at a high level - Ability to self-fund - Full understanding of SimCraft and how to utilize this program. - Ability to analyze logs and improve based on said analysis - Top100 US Experience is a huge plus What we offer: - A Confident, Mature Environment Filled with Experienced Raiders - A Light Raiding Schedule - Flasks/Pots - Some Guild Repairs Loot: In order to optimize our chance of success, we will run a small loot council for progression. During farm, we will run a relaxed EPGP system that encourages consistent attendance. Note: We will be requiring one (1) alt for split raid purposes. We do not expect main-level quality play, but certainly above-average knowledge and execution. The alt does not have to be on-server but it is encouraged. If you feel you would be a good fit for us, you can apply at - If you have any other questions, please contact our Guild Master at Tollo#1278 for further information.Tollox46 4d
5d LF Blacksmith to make Khorium Champion I've got mats ready to go. Feel free to leave a name and I'll do my best to get in contact with you! :DPanpls0 5d