Apr 29 Weekly Mythic HFC (Alliance) No longer looking for more. Thank you!Mesothornie0 Apr 29
Apr 29 CM Gold Anyone sell cm gold for 200k?Bonekraka1 Apr 29
Apr 28 [A] Pantheons 4/13M LFM! Hello! We're a 4/13 Mythic guild looking to complete our core. We're progressing quickly! We raid 9:30 eastern to 12:30 eastern time on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. What you can expect: A friendly playerbase who're serious about progressing Stable leadership Players who are open to criticism A fair loot systemWhat we expect: Players who can be fairly consistent in their times Players who regularly research their class and participate (or keep up in) theorycrafting Players who strive to be the absolute best they can be Currently, we're looking for anyone, but would prefer a Rogue, Warlock, Resto Shaman, and a Tank. If you're interested or have any questions, please add me on Btag - ixbio#1722. Or alternatively, whisper Butcramp or ipwndotcom in game. Be prepared to have a screenshot of your UI, and if you can, some logs that we can look over.Ixbio2 Apr 28
Apr 28 LF Casual Raiding Guild Hi Folks I am Boolon I am 31. I have been playing since day one of vanilla. I am currently coming back from an 8 month break currently doing LFR's and cheeves for fun. I am looking for a new home for Legion and beyond. I have experience in all aspects of raiding tanking, heals, dps, etc from grunt to leading the raids in my own 25 man guild. I enjoy all aspects of the game except for PVP and battle pets. I am looking for a for weekend guild i can have some fun with. Hit me up in game or on here if i'm the kind of guy you want in your guild.Boolon2 Apr 28
Apr 26 [A] <Aeternitas> 13/13H - LFM Mythic/Legion Aeternitas is a relatively new guild led by several experienced raiders. Coming from a previously casual guild unwilling to commit, we have established a team of players who have banded together to progress through content, both new and old. This includes achievements in heroic/mythic BRF and HM, as well as current HFC content, and eventually Legion upon its release. Currently, we also have a team of level 80s to get the Herald of the Titans achievement. Raid times for HFC are currently 6-9pm server, Tuesday/Thursday. We are currently 13/13 H and trying to fill our remaining spaces. With the huge influx of people leaving for a break before legion, and those coming back after a break before 6.2, we are HEAVILY recruiting and training those who are interested. We are farming HFC heroic until we fill our spots with the appropriate people, and our primary goal - above mythic - is having a raid team prepared for Legion so we can jump in with both feet. If you are interested and/or would like more information, please send an in-game whisper or mail to: Vancomycin, Zombiejesuz, Tsugumii, Alexhunt, Crona, Smitedu. *To raid MYTHIC you need to have a PvE gear score of 720+* Otherwise, gear score doesn't matter at this point, as we can gear you quickly in Heroic. However, you MUST have experience with the encounters in HFC outside of LFR, as this is the most time consuming portions to learn. Current needs: [ul] GEARED HEALERS/ul] Any skilled dps and healers are welcome! Please contact us in game. PLEASE do not feel that you are "under-geared" and hesitate to reach out. We do not mind gearing up the right people. Froszt67 Apr 26
Apr 26 [A] Malevolence Fr/Sa 8:30P-12:30A CST 9/13M <Malevolence> is an Alliance progression raiding guild on Sargeras-US (PvP). Many of our members have been playing together since early 2006 in vanilla. We have collectively raided every expansion since then. Our goal is progression on a limited schedule and to provide a home for skilled players who no longer have the time or inclination to raid four or more nights a week. Many of our raiders have been in server first and top US guilds, but their schedules no longer allow for such a commitment. Our raid lead is 13/13 Mythic, and we plan to push progression as far as we can before the release of Legion. Raid Schedule Friday 8:30pm-12:30am CST Saturday 8:30pm-12:30am CST Sunday – optional farm, alt, or guild achievement runs Current Needs • Shaman - Restoration • Death Knight - Unholy/Frost • Paladin - Holy • Warlock • Warrior See our website for more details. Exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of class/spec. Preference will be shown to applicants with high-end raiding experience, high-end PvP experience, officer or leadership experience, and up-to-date gear. If you were a high-end player in the past and you are just recently returning to the game, we may be willing to work with you until you get caught up. Raider Responsibilities In order to facilitate a fun, competitive raiding environment for everyone, all raiders are expected to maintain certain standards and personal responsibilities. Those responsibilities are detailed below. 1: Be punctual. The raid begins at start time, so log in early for invites and to clear trash if needed. 2: Be prepared. Show up to raids with the best available consumables, enchants, and gems. You will be expected to already know boss encounters when entering the raid, so actively research them your own. Check the guild forums frequently for strategy updates and important announcements. 3: Strive to be competitive. Min/max your characters on a weekly basis by valor upgrading your gear and legendary rings as quickly as possible, do your naval missions for your Iron Fleet Treasure Chest , etc. Keep up with the latest information on your class and aim to fix your mistakes and improve your performance each week. 4: Conduct yourself in a mature, team-focused manner during events and raids. Work with the guild to make raiding an enjoyable experience for everyone. Self-focused, loot-focused, and immature behavior will not be tolerated. Don't argue with leaders, make snide comments, or complain during raids. If you have an issue, discuss it later with an Officer. 5: Have a stable internet connection and a reliable computer. 6: Have TeamSpeak 3 installed, a working headset, and listen carefully. We can't afford to carry any dead weight, so pay attention during raids. Don't call out unnecessary things; leave voice chat clear for those making important calls. 7: Attendance! If for some reason you can't make it to a raid, always post a thread in the Attendance section in advance. Exceptions are made for emergencies. Be able to maintain near perfect attendance or higher during your trial period and 80% or higher attendance during your time as part of our core raid team. Feel free to contact me in-game via btag if you have any questions. Jaegur#1855Antihiro15 Apr 26
Apr 26 < Windstorm's Fynest > is recruiting! GL, and Officers are from Canada! Faction: Alliance Goals: We(meaning me, my gf, and a few IRL friends) are just starting out, right now we have started new toons and have retired our old ones. We do plan on playing a bigger role in pvp and pve once we have hit maxed level, how ever in the mean time we just want to have fun and enjoy the game. Trying to bring SOCIAL guilds back! one member at a time! Rules: We accept any and all levels, toons/mains. We use skype for now, but i will be opening a Discord channel soon. Be involved with the guild, talk, use the Discord channel, bond with your guild mates. (i miss the old days of wow where everyone was talkative lol) Be helpful and respectful of each other and those we meet in game, Honor the rules of war. Just have fun and enjoy the game! I have only 3 lvl 100 characters, I have retired and returned to this game many times. I have retired all 3 lvl 100's and now starting my new main character. First ever mage, yes i still consider my self a noob in some aspects, but im open to learning this new WOD and Legion experience. We are a group of casual players(depending on our work week lol) with hope to have a solid core of RBG/Arena and Heroic teams set up and practicing before Legion's release. But for now we just like to quest, explore the new things in the game and meet good people who want to join in on the journey to becoming better wow players. <------------ Dobbyisfrees is my mages name. Btag - Jahmasta#1160 I am the Guild Leader and hope to hear from you soon!Dobbyisfrees0 Apr 26
Apr 26 [A] 9/13Mythic Late Night LF TANKS and more Guild Info: Ever Vigilant (EV) is a semi-hardcore to casual HEROIC & MYTHIC PROGRESSION PVE guild. One of the longest standing guilds on the server for the past 10+ years. We have maintained a casual to semi-hardcore raiding schedule, stable guild environment, all while keeping up with current progression. We are mainly a PVE guild. We are easy going, mature, and fun. NO RUDE PLAYERS ALLOWED. Our current Raid Schedule is as follows: 9/13 MYTHIC HFC Progression Raids: Wednesday: 10:15pm to 1:30am Thursday: 10:15pm to 1:30am Monday: 10:15pm to 1:30am ALL TIMES ARE SERVER TIME/MOUNTAIN TIME We are currently working on TYRANT VELHARI who should die soon. RECRUITING: Raid spots open for Mythic Hellfire Citadel raids. We have an urgent need for TANKS, HOLY PALADIN and openings for the following DPS: MELEE DPS: RET PALADIN, ENHANCE SHAMAN, ROGUE. RANGED DPS: MAGE,MOONKIN,HUNTER,ELEMENTAL SHAMAN,WARLOCK Any DPS that has gear ilvl of around 720+, 4pc TIER 18, Legendary ring and that does high dps consistently will be considered especially if have a viable healing off spec. We currently do not have any ROGUES,ENHANCED SHAMANS, RET PALADINS,ARCANE or FIRE MAGES, HUNTERS, RESTO SHAMAN in our raids who can be consistent for every raid due to real life. All raiders will be considered if you meet our minimum requirements. Some exceptions will be made for HEALERS, TANKS and certain DPS classes so please inquire ASAP! RAID LEADERS are wanted also! Minimum Requirements: *A good positive attitude,ability to handle progression raiding, and being mature about all things including loot are a must. *Know boss strats prior to the raid and be decent at mechanics. *Must be able to speak in Mumble. (Exceptions only made for DPS) *Internet must be stable; no high latency or disconnects so if you live in another country your MS latency will be too high. *Age must be at least over 21 yrs old. *Able to speak and understand English. *Must be able to make 100% of the raids on a consistent basis. *Current equipped gear ilvl should be around 720+, 4piece TIER 18 bonus, Legendary Ring completed. (Some exceptions can be made so please don't hesitate to ASK) Any players with questions about joining our raids contact: Snowyvixen in game via whisper or mail or battletag: DamagerSnowy#1850 or may send an email to May also contact any online officer of EV. NO app required. Our WoD Raid Progression: Highmaul 7/7 Normal 7/7 Heroic (AOTC: Imperator's Fall) Blackrock Foundry is 10/10 Heroic 7/10 Normal(AOTC:Blackhand's Crucible) Hellfire Citadel Mythic 9/13, Heroic 13/13 Normal 13/13(AOTC: The Black Gate) Currently we are only focusing on Mythic progression in HFC. All other ACTIVE players are welcome. EV members are expected to be kind to others, easy going and mature, no racial slurs, no elitists and no botters allowed.Snowyvixen0 Apr 26
Apr 25 WTB Heroic HFC PL w/ GOLD TitleGarvz0 Apr 25
Apr 25 [STATIC] Alt Raid Team There's quite a bit of interest in my guild and on my friends list regarding the idea of starting a static raid team for ALTS. This only pertains to skilled raiders who know (Or at least have a decent understanding) of the encounters in HFC Heroic and Mythic. It would be one night a week. Here is a poll to see what days/times work for people: It would probably only be one night per week; it's not a huge time commitment but it's something fun to do while waiting for Legion! I know there's got to be some people here on KT and elsewhere (Cross-realm Mythic is a thing now) who would be positively tickled to start something like this up. Required addons: Exorsus Raid Tools, DBM/BigWigs, WeakAuras. We have custom WeakAuras if you don't have any that allow you to easily handle mechanics in Mythic HFC. There's no set plans regarding loot allocation. Options: EPGP, Loot Council, straight up rolls, etc. We will come to an accord and figure something out. If you're as geared as some of our alts, gear isn't really a huge concern anyway. If you want to be part of this, simply contact Ghorlack or one of his alts (Such as this one) or add jondamiller#1789, or, alternatively, simply reply in this thread. Other contact options: Jaybee, Eldunari, Caiss. Have some logs (We don't want any geeks off the street. You gotta be handy with the steel and earn your keep.) There's no set raid leader as of yet. Personally, I don't want to raid lead, but I will if I have to. Here's to hoping we get some interest!Helenîa25 Apr 25
Apr 25 [A] Anìmus 13/13M HFC Recruiting for Team 2 Are you a returning player to WoW? Do you have an alt that you'd like to get into mythic on?? Have you fully cleared heroic and can't find a mythic guild that will accept you??? LOOK NO FURTHER!!!! Anìmus is a 13/13M HFC Alliance Guild from US-Mannoroth that is forming a second raid team for players in these particular situations specifically. Some members of this second team will be comprised of alts played by members from team one who have tons of mythic experience, who simply love to raid and want to continue doing so into Legion. However... we NEED your help! We can't do it alone! We need fresh players to fill up this second team to push into mythic all over again and to give other players a chance to join us there! We are looking for talented players that are willing to grow and learn, who are good listeners and are prepared to seriously raid with experienced players. We are willing to help these new players learn (within reason), however we will expect great things from anyone who may apply. Players who show excellence while in Team 2 may be offered a chance to raid with Team 1 in Legion. Raid Times: Sunday 8pm-12am (More days may be added in the future) Loot System: Loot Council Must be at least ilevel 710+ and nearly finished their legendary ring to apply. (Anìmus Warlords of Draenor Video: If interested contact me via my battletag (LoneByrd#1877)Tritonian3 Apr 25
Apr 24 Selling "Herald of the Titans" achievement! Interested in earning the achievement and title, Herald of the Titans, so that you can look and FEEL amazing? Well, for one low price of 25k gold, you can tag along with our Legacy Raiding team to get just that. You must have a level 80 toon with no gear above ilvl 226 (with the exception of a weapon, which is 232). Contact Jared#1396 for more details and/or to set up a time.Aeterne5 Apr 24
Apr 24 <Forgotten Serenity> 9/13M guild recruiting FS currently recruiting - needs are - mw monk, resto shaman mage, shadow priest, ww monk, enhance shaman, dps dk Will discuss raid positions with any qualified class! Raid times are 7-10 pm Tue/Wed Contact me in game at bagwell#1949Bagwell1 Apr 24
Apr 24 WTB Challenge Mode Carry with gold! Basically as the title says!Shrimpÿ0 Apr 24
Apr 22 Recruiting PreLegion for Legion <A> Unrelenting Fury Kel'Thuzad Alliance Quick Glance - Seeking players to start HFC in June prior to Legion for guild kills We are experienced prior hard core players sticking to a casual Tue/Thur 7:15pm-10pm EST time frame Also accepting casual players who just need a home / leveling guild BTAG Monkster#1499 If you don't have a sense of humor and get offended easily, if you cannot commit, if you cause drama, if you're a !@#$-phoebe, if you cannot carry your weight, if you're a crybaby, or if you're all of the above... this guild is not for you. Detailed Glance: Currently we are rocking a raid challenge deal on Ravenholdt, but we are mostly on KT when we aren't there raiding. (You're also welcome to join us for that, Horde @ lvl 80 raiding Wrath content atm) Come June, we are looking to step into HFC to get some kills as a guild and trial Legion recruits. The core 8 of us, know each other IRL and all have Heroic/Mythic experience since..well... way before mythic was mythic. =0P A few us had stopped playing due to IRL events this xpac and others had continued to raid in other guilds such as NPM. We are looking for a few more people to fill out the ranks as we would like to build up to 20 people for a mythic roster in Legion. Though we are only going to be running 5 hours a week, we do have the skill level to achieve the goal, as long as you fill your part as a recruit. A few of us can go whichever way depending on who/what we pick up, like myself. The only thing we don't need right now is more hunter... lol... The Surv Hype is real! Loot: Don't be a loot who... This is still in the works for Legion. Will use a roll based system for HFC however. ML > MS > OS. Add my BTag if you're interested.Jïgglybits5 Apr 22
Apr 20 WTB Heavy Junkbox paying 50 Gold Each Need a lot of Heavy Junkbox for rep paying 50g each send as many as you can cod in mail or pst me ingame. ThanksScapegoats2 Apr 20
Apr 20 <Aftermath> 12/13 Mythic guild Recruiting!! < Aftermath > Currently recruiting for Archimonde progression!! We are working on final phase! Who Are We? Aftermath is progression oriented raiding guild located on the US PvP Server Kel'Thuzad (MST). The guild was founded at the start of The Burning Crusade by a group of friends who have played and raided together for over 5 years. We pride ourselves on exceptionally stable leadership and guild membership. What We Need Aftermath is recruiting all exceptional players for the current Mythic tier. We are heavily focused on recruiting at the current time, in an effort to foster a more competitive raid environment. If you believe that you are an above average player who strives to be better each raid, you are the applicant we are looking for. Classes we are in particular need of at the moment: Tanks: Paladin / Monk Ranged: Warlock Melee: Death Knight, Rogue, Heals: Any and all Healing classes Schedual 7:30PM-12:00AM MST Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Sundays Expansion Progression Heroic Highmaul: 7/7 Mythic Highmaul: 7/7 - Heroic Blackrock Foundry: 10/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry: 10/10 - Heroic Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel: 12/13 When Applying Previous mythic experience is not a requirement, however it does look good on an application. What we are looking for most are people who show not only an attention to detail to their class/role, but also a general dedication to the game as well as a drive to always improve. Some examples of things that will go a long way on an app have been outlined below. - Well thought out, detailed answers to all application questions. - Taking the time to acquire logs that accurately portray your abilities. - Mature & appropriate responses to questions/concerns raised in response to your application. Apply Here: - Contact: Naturesgift, Sephrix, Kameria, Wedgewood or any other Aftermath member and they can get you in touch with an officer.. Thanks!Sephrix8 Apr 20
Apr 19 724 Enhance LF Mythic Guild As the title states, I would like to join a guild that raids Mythic Hellfire. I'm 13/13 heroic and am eager to do higher content. I did just get my Legendary ring a couple weeks ago, but I'm upgrading it with most of my Valor every week and should have it maxed out in no time. As I am getting a bit of a late start compared to some people I don't have an elemental/resto off-spec geared and ready to go, but I would be willing to switch once I have some gear for it if needed. If you are interested in seeing what I can do please message me. Cryo#1156Nikeshox3 Apr 19
Apr 19 The Horde Players Let us never forget these people. For they have made the great mistake of choosing this realm. Remember ally, If you see a horde on kel'thuzad, I want you to be friendly to them. Because they either had the courage to take on this challenge or they were stupid enough to think that a high populated server had horde member (Example: Me)Zederp2 Apr 19
Apr 18 [A] keeping busy. If anyone needs a fill in healer or DPS for any HFC normal/heroic or mythic dungeons hit me up if I'm online. Btag= Conekiller#1318. I don't need any gear just looking to keep myself busy and help out the community when I can. I'm not an elitist !@#$%^-, very easy going just trying to help out. I'm resto/boom on this guy, I also have a pally healer too. Pally doesn't have the gear this guy has but he can pull his weight. I'm not able to help out with Mythic HFC since I'm running that with my guild weekly. Thanks for looking!Jormungar0 Apr 18
Apr 18 WTB Goblin weather machine Add me on battletag, Zyzz#1603Richchigga0 Apr 18
Apr 17 Enhance Shammy LF Mythic guild! Just as the title says. Im looking for a guild that is 13/13 Heroic and into mythic. Im available Thursday thru Sundays and if raids end before 10 PM east time I am available every day of the week.Savageblue0 Apr 17
Apr 17 12/13M LF Guild for Partnership/Merge/Absorb Heya Kel'Thuzad <Ivory Tower> on Proudmoore is currently 12/13M and we'd like to make a big push to finish off the tier. However, like many of you, we're starting to feel the effects of some summertime attrition. We've still got a few months until Legion, and we can't be the only guild who expects to suffer some attendance challenges when vacation season hits. We're looking to team up, or perhaps absorb/merge with, another raid team who is in a similar position. Once Archimonde is on farm, it would be nice to scale back to a more relaxed schedule, and a fat roster would let people regularly take time off without too much drama. We're a fairly laid back group of veteran raiders who have been doing this for a long time. If your group is at all interested, get in touch and we'll see if we can make the details work. Currently our raid nights are Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday, 7-10pm PST. I don't expect your group to perfectly match this schedule, but let's chat and see if we could make a few nights work. Gun#1208Gun1 Apr 17
Apr 16 11/13 M Lead Forming Guild Group! LF All! <The Alternative> Bleeding Hollow is LFM to complete a mythic roster to finish mythic HFC content and form a community/hardcore team for Legion. Currently, we are working on progression with a light schedule. We want you to want to be online and active.. become friends and all that jazz. My people are people who could hang out if we knew each other sincerely. Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8 pm EST to midnight What to Expect From Us: Progression. A raid every week, even if we have to pug COMPETENT people. Having fun and killing !@#$. Resources and theorycrafters. What We Expect: We need people to be patient and reliable. We would love for you to transfer and join the guild, but if you would rather be a filler, hey, that's fine as well. Please have RC Lootcouncil, DBM, AA and ExRT. Weakauras is always good to have as well. How To Contact Me: Megg#1385 Or in game at Xandrii-Bleeding Hollow Apply at You can post here as well. Fear not, I will read everything you have to say. There will be a brief TS/Bnet interview once you contact me. This will NOT be a measure of skill.. I just like to get to know my raiders and make sure that we are on the same page. You will show me what you've got in raid. Keep in mind, we are looking for ALL members. We will always raid, but whether or not you will make the cut will be told EVERY raid night. Do not expect to always raid, your spot will be up for grabs if you cannot cooperate fully and be patient with the team. If you work for us, we will work for you. I look forward to hearing from youXandrii0 Apr 16
Apr 16 <pep> 13/13H 9hrs/wk. Hello, our group has been raiding together since 2008 with our time split between two guilds. We're looking to absorb a small group of 7 to 10 players to begin raiding by sometime in March to begin to mesh prior to the launch of Legion. We're looking to raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 9:30 to 12:30 EST. (Subject to change) Only a small portion of our group has done Mythic Archimonde, as a group we're 13/13H and looking for more to be able to start Mythics. We're also open to running split Mythics with another guild. Our past experience as Leadership Realm 1st Death's Demise US 175 Realm 1st Light of Dawn US 123 Realm 1st Heroic Al'Akir 25 US 59 Realm 1st Heroic Sinestra 25 US 82 Realm 1st Heroic Nefarian 25 US 85 Completion of Tier 11 25 US Top 60 Realm 1st Delver of the Vaults 10 US 54 Our experience as raiders Heroic Sha of Fear 25 US 50 Realm 1st Heroic Lei Shen 25 US 50 Heroic Garrosh 25 US 120 Realm 1st Mythic Blackhand US 110 Realm 1st Mythic Archimonde US 96 Again we're not looking for top tier US players, we're literally looking for any and all to get this thing moving so do not hesitate to contact me regardless of experience. If you are interested you can contact me at Dub#1520 we plan on playing on Kel'thuzad Alliance. Thank you for taking the time to check us out!Terridub10 Apr 16
Apr 16 hi hiPoppmybubble0 Apr 16
Apr 16 <Judgment> Mythic Raiding Guild Is Recruiting <Judgement> - Kel'Thuzad, is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that is currently in the search for dedicated players who wish to raid Mythic HFC and continue to raid in LEGION. With a 13/13 Mythic raid lead and numerous others who have high mythic experience, we are convinced that we are able to full clear Mythic HFC in short time We are looking for competent players who have mythic experience and looking to clear content. Every player is expected to: - Attend virtually all raids. - Maximizing your class/spec - Having a solid internet connection - Take constructive criticism Raid times: -8:30-11:30 Central -Tues/Wed Contact info: -Adrain#1192 -Ralphpooton#1198 -Branden#1882 -DeathRuins#1569Adrainn0 Apr 16
Apr 12 [A]WTB 8/8 CM Gold run. If anyone has a carry team you can add my btag Denhader#1869 if interested. Must be willing to take gold on GaronaSchadlos0 Apr 12
Apr 12 <LAZY> 13/13H+1/13M Recruiting DPS! Weekends! <Lazy> on US Alliance Kel'thuzad realm is an alt guild of mythic raiders who wanted to raid both factions. Our Main progression is currently 11/13M and alt guild is 1/13M and farming 13/13H until we fill the last few spots in our roster. Our leadership and raid roster consists of 14 very good friends who have been raiding with each other for up to 8 years now so we have a pretty laid back and drama free environment which gets the job done while having a great time. This Alt Alliance guilds progression: 7/7 Mythic HM 9/10 Mythic BRF 13/13 Heroic HFC Raid Days: Friday-Saturday 9pm - 1am (EST Time Zone) Sunday Alt Clear 9pm - 1am (EST Time Zone) WE ALWAYS CONSIDER EXCEPTIONAL PLAYERS WHO CAN MAKE TIMES! Perks of being in our Guild: We clear challenge modes frequently and had over 1500 sales done last season. We clear content and eventually sell the end boss mounts after each person in raid gets it. We play more than just WoW with each other (Lots of HoTs, HS, D3) outside of raids. If our guild is something you seem interested in and can make the weekend times feel free to get in touch with us. Battletag ID = Nyzx#1639, Phenominal#1679Strongmanguy20 Apr 12
Apr 11 LF Guild for RBGs Main arms warr looking for a guild to do RBGs with. Would like to push rating. I'm on most nights and on weekendsThousandz0 Apr 11
Apr 10 Deleted deletedMaladý1 Apr 10
Apr 10 <Vision> US 41 13/13 Mythic HFC Carries Vision 13/13M US 41st, Server 1st from this point on... Selling Mythic HFC Carries! Mythic Sales 13/13M No gear - 1.2M 13/13M with gear - 1.6M Mythic Archi + Mount 1.6m Still selling Heroic as well so feel free to contact me about those runs as well. Payment Handled Prior to Raid Start Feel Free to Contact Me In Game @ shrack#1647, Evitrix#1598 or at VisionCarrySales@gmail.comShraq69 Apr 10
Apr 10 Any guilds recruiting going into legion? Plain and simple, looking for a serious guild. Not a trade chat guild. Web site and voice preferred. I'd join with a tank or healer for rotation. Currently getting them geared up since I dont plan on playing any of my dps next xpac. Im willing to realm and race switch as im only taking two characters.Postalservce0 Apr 10
Apr 9 WW Monk LF Walking Dead team Currently stuck at around 1600cr in 3's looking for some chill people to play with regularly to get out of this rut! Just started seriously PvP'ing this season would like to get up to 1800+ by Legion. If you're like me just trying to get better and get some XP let me know!Wuzei0 Apr 9
Apr 8 WTB Grove Warden Any guilds out there? BNET: IcEWoLF#1707Onoespriest1 Apr 8
Apr 8 <Field Squad Eight> Recruiting for Mythic! 100 Worgen Hunter Field Squad Eight 3995 <Field Squad Eight> - Kel'Thuzad is a US alliance 5/13 Mythic raiding guild looking for dedicated players! Raid times: Tuesday/Thursday PST - 5:30-9pm CST - 7:30pm-11pm EST - 8:30pm-12am What are we looking for? We are looking for dedicated players who can make the raid on time and consistently. Must be knowledgeable of their class and the specific fight. Must have multiple 13/13 Heroic kills and some mythic experience. Must be 720 Item Level or higher. Ranged dps are preferred but all will be considered(except tanks). If you are interested please reply in this thread or add me on btag at Bliss#11563Raphel0 Apr 8
Apr 7 Chrononauts - Level 60 PVE Guild Hey Kel'Thuzad Players! I am the guild leader of a 60 guild named Chrononauts, which is a 60 PVE guild focusing on gear progression and a strict rule set. What that means is a more difficult and challenging 60 experience, while also keeping the glory of getting epic loot. I am writing this to try and recruit more members for our epic adventure! We have at least 10 per raid each week and would love to have more members to fill our ranks :)! Our motto is "get out of your garrison and into some epic classic raiding!" 1. Why would I twink at 60? Our guild's goal is to slowly progress through vanilla content, then eventually hit burning crusade. Now don't think that means if you join now you will miss out on running vanilla, because we are going to be focusing on vanilla content until as a guild decide it is time to move on. We are also keeping raid progression important, having only cleared Molten Core, and now moving through Blackwing lair. The plan is to then move on to AQ10 and AQ40, but running the older raids as well. 2. Isn't this content super easy since the stat squish and overall ease of WOW? Yes and no. If you ask any member in our guild this is no serious endgame content. But they will also tell you how some bosses abilities still make or break our raids, and we have only recently cleared Vaelstrasz since the randomness of the encounters debuff. So I would emphasize that this content isn't necessarily difficult as a whole, but certain bosses do pose a serious threat. 3. Where are you now in progression? We are currently up to Chromaggus in BWL, and hoping to clear him this Monday. However the boss fight is proving difficult for only around 10 under geared 60's, so getting more recruits would help immensely. 4. What gear restrictions do you speak of? Can't I just faceroll with my epic pvp twink? No. I have put in place a very specific set of rules on gear allowed and other things found in later expansions of WOW. You are NOT allowed to use any gear that has been added after vanilla. That includes the cataclysm revamp gear. The only way to properly gear is either craft, run pre-bc dungeons, or get gear provided from the guildbank/ auction house. This makes the challenge and reward of earning gear more relevant, while also making it necessary to run previously cleared tiers. PVP gear found in vanilla is only available to players if they have killed Nefarian on their toon with the guild. Bottomline is you need to have a full set of pre-raid gear if you wish to earn the level 60 raider rank, thus being able to join us in guild runs. If you are caught being carried through raids or other content by a higher level you will be banned. No discussion. It is important that you go out of your way to inspect every aspect of your gear and enchants to make sure it is from vanilla. Best resource for this is wowhead since it shows patch release on items. 5. Does this mean I can't bring my already twinked 60? You actually can! The steps are a bit complicated to do this, but it will mean you can eventually use your vanilla twink gear. You must first acquire a set of pre-raid gear like the rest of the guild. Then in any given raid if a piece of loot drops that you already have, you must be the highest roller on the item, then instead of being given the item you have the second highest roller receives the item then you get to use your already acquired gear. This makes it so anyone can join even if you have previous 60 experience. 6. Other General Restrictions Your philosophy when joining is that you are locked into the vanilla game. This means that glyphs, transmog, flying mounts, professions post vanilla, race/class combinations found after vanilla, and other things are NOT allowed. You will be banned if you are caught in any zones or content post vanilla, and you will be banned if you are caught doing any of these things. This is to preserve the vanilla vibe in the guild, and adding to the communal aspect of having to wander far distances to raids with the guildies. 7. Fun This is the most important part of our guild. Being in our teamspeak for even a minute will know we are a group of humor filled, foul, but kind people, who just want to experience some exciting classic content. There are many people who have been around since vanilla, as well as guildies who have only just seen Ragnaros for the first time. You should always feel welcome as long as you follow the restrictions at hand. Our guild bank is also full of pre-raid gear, crafting materials, and legendary mats. Conclusion: Our raid times are scheduled for Wednesday 9:00pm-12:00pm Server, as well as a pick up time for Monday at the same time. Raiding only once or twice a week is to keep the content from becoming stale too fast, as well as keeping it casual. If you have any questions at all please add me at ders#1427 and I will answer any and every question. Thanks for reading this wall of text and hope to see you!Aetherbane13 Apr 7
Apr 7 Lvl 60 guild Any guild doing lvl 60 content/pvp?Talkz1 Apr 7
Apr 5 1/13 M Excèssum Pèrfició LF More 1/13 Mythic LF more for Mythic Progression Min ilvl 715 with legendary ring. We are also recruiting for Legion. Current Needs: LF 2 healers- need DPriest, rdruid and monk LF 3-5 dps- warlock, balance druid, spriest, warrior, enhc shaman and monk. Tues Heroic Farm Thu-Fri Mythic progression 7pm-10pm server Apr 5
Apr 4 <Forgotten Serenity> 8/13M guild recruiting! FS recruiting for range DPS (mage/hunter) and heals! All exceptional players considered. Raids are 7-10 server Tue/Wed/Sun. You can contact me in game at Bagwell#1949.Bagwell3 Apr 4
Apr 4 <Judgment> Mythic Raiding Guild Is Recruiting <Judgement> - Kel'Thuzad, is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that is currently in the search for dedicated players who wish to raid Mythic HFC and continue to raid in LEGION. With a 13/13 Mythic raid lead and numerous others who have high mythic experience, we are convinced that we are able to full clear Mythic HFC in short time. We are looking for competent players who have mythic experience and looking to clear content. Every player is expected to: - Attend virtually all raids. - Maximizing your class/spec - Having a solid internet connection - Take constructive criticism Raid times: -8:30-11:30 Central -Tues/Wed Contact info: -Ralphpooton#1198 -Branden#1882 -DeathRuins#1569 -Adrain#1192Adrainn0 Apr 4
Apr 3 [A]<Pantheons> 1/13M LFM Hello, Pantheons is a raiding guild looking for more core members to progress through mythic HFC. We are currently 1/13 mythic and will become 3/13 shortly. Our raid times are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30-12:30 EST. We are in need of a hunter, warlock, rogue, disc priest and a resto shaman. We do NOT carry anyone everyone will earn their gear as we progress. If you are interested you can also message me at (timerace#1606).Butcramp1 Apr 3
Apr 2 Hpally LF guild 704 ilv atm (working on getting it up) Hpally LF raiding guild prefer heroic+ have AoTC and mythic exp on lock have achevs to prove experienced healer friendly laid back willing to sit out till gear is in a better placeWolfsjudgmnt1 Apr 2
Apr 2 SO HIGH: New Guild looking for active players If you want to get SO HIGH hop on and join our guild! We are looking for active players who will help out the guild in preparing for legion. We are a brand new guild with around 50 players. Once we grow we will be looking towards creating pre-set raid groups and RBG groups as well. If you want the chillest guild out there come join our guild for a nice HIGH time!Spootmygoot0 Apr 2
Apr 1 LF a social/established guild Hello, I'm new to Kel'Thuzad and currently leveling two characters. I've been playing wow since.. forever and I'm looking for a social/big'eque guild. PVP/Raiding... all this or just social/talking/complaing. My in game name is Masoner or Buruma. Please contact me in game or here is fine! thanks! Got one!Masoner0 Apr 1
Apr 1 Excessum Perficio Tues/Thurs/Fri We are a guild centered around raiding. Tues/Thurs/Fri 7-10pm server. Looking for 710+ PvE geared players who want to progress through heroic/mythic content at a semi competitive rate. If you believe you are a talented and skilled player who can make these raid times please give anyone online a whisp and we will glady tell you what we offer and what you can expect when joining EP. Current needs are: 1-2 tanks w/ off spec. ( warr, druid) 2 healers ( Restro Sham, Monk ) 3-5 rdps ( Mage, warlock, bal druid, shadow priest, ele sham ) 3-5 mdps ( Monk, warr, feral druid, ret pal, enhc sham ) If we do ask for certain fights for you to switch into an off spec we do expect you to be able to meet out minimum requirements regardless. ( this doesn't happen often though)Expecto10 Apr 1
Mar 30 wtb: heroic archimonde kill my schedule kind of sucks, but im interested in a heroic archimonde kill for the mount quest. cutest#1441 is my battle tag.Cutestz0 Mar 30
Mar 30 730 5/13M Enhance Shaman LF Mythic Guild 730 5/13M Enhance Shaman LF Mythic Guild, Have 11/13M on my mage. Can raid anytime except 7-10:30pm mon-wed. Storm#12780Thunderstôrm0 Mar 30