Dec 12, 2013 Shoutout to the terribad rogues @ Halfhill If you happen to be reading this, I hope you all realize how absolutely terrible you all are. Getting 1v4'd by a mage is bad enough, but running to guards to save you just makes you look even worse. Get wrecked scrubs.Mistcane4 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 538 Fury War and 540 Resto Druid LF RaidGuild I am currently in control of my own raiding guild, doing flex in effort to gear up some more. No one seems to log on for raid days, so me and my friend are looking for a raid guild, 10 or 25 man. We both know all fights. My Character Sheet Kellandros (Resto Druid) Looking for anything as soon as possible. Thanks. Message me in-game or him in-game at Sharuyin#1597 or ObsidianWolf#1843Ginarth5 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 Divinity VS Heroic Garrosh Kill Video Here it is guys! Enjoy and thanks you so much to Hana for making the video :DRyuke3 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 im going to miss you all /tear :)Chin2 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 WTB SoO normal clear` wtb SoO normal clear on my paladin . add Jbonee#1111 with costGivr0 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 WTB SoO normal clear` wtb SoO normal clear on my paladin . add Jbonee#1111 with costGivr0 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 561 Frost Dk/ 558 Blood LF 2-3 night raiding Looking to start heroics. Have heroic experience in Wotlk and Cata. Quite capable to play either role. Had a rocky start in this xpac due to a changing work schedule and a guild breakup. Looking for a guild that starts by 7:00pm server.Looking for a core spot.Dkthemaximus0 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 Seeking casuals Hello, Manbearpig Awareness (cookies to those who get the reference), is recruiting for a 10m raid team. Will accept any roles at this time, experienced or not, you are welcome. As for raid times, I have no idea. We will probably do whatever is the most common availability of applicants. Would also like general guild members who would just like to be social, and have others to play with. We are level 25, with free repairs and such, I always keep the bank stocked up for anyone who needs goodies. I personally, have always loved helping others, and know our main officer has as well. If you need something, we'll more than likely be able to help you obtain it. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know! Thanks for your time, have a wonderful holiday season!Wimpypriest0 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 any casual raiding guilds on alliance? I'd like to raid two times a week, flex or normal, with casual, skilled, and patient players. I wouldn't be able to make it every single time so I'm also open to a more serious guild recruiting people for alt runs. I've raided since vanilla but I've had a few accounts, my mage is in good gear for a casual and I do well in flex/pve in general. I'd like to get into some PvP as well and would love to get in on a raid group selling runs, I need to start farming gold for WOD. I've got one or two friends that would be open to join as well. hit me up here or in game. I dunno if people still take posts seriously on the kt board, I haven't posted on here in a long time.Pkayer0 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 Late Night Heroic Progression 10m 3xweekdays Urgent need two RANGED Dps; WARLOCK and a MOONKIN/HUNTER/ELEMENTAL SHAMAN and a TANK for Heroic Progression 10 man core group that is 14/14 Normal 2/14 Heroic. Raids are Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10:30 pm - 1:30 am server time (Mountain time). After our break over Thanksgiving we are back to raiding but are losing raiders to real life issues. Must be reliable, easy going, able to do over 200k DPS on a consistent basis, have an ilvl of around 550, and able to use raid call. Ever Vigilant has been on Kel'Thuzad for over 8 years. We used to be one of the top 10 guilds but have down sized to a more semi-casual guild. Please send Snowyvixen in game mail with your character name and raid spec OR add my battle tag DamagerSnowy#1850 and include your character name and raid spec in comments or your request will be ignored. Please reply ASAP! All others will be considered for any other opportunities we may have.Snowyvixen1 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 Enhance Sham Looking For Horde Guil Name pretty much says it all. Just transferred this char as well as my alli war. Looking for a good horde guild for pve and pvp. And no im not making him Alli. They dont have real shamans.Nuclearr4 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 The name Xo Is anybody interested in buying my name? The most I was offered was 10k if you want to work something out my btag is Zaft#1118Xo1 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 Rock Moss Looking for rock moss group whisper me in game.Hôrribad0 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 Server connection issue I can't log in game in particular in KT server. I heard there was problems in the instance server is there a way to fix this immediately?Rinoahime0 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 9, 2013 Paying 100g/win I need a carry on this character in my current gear. I will award you with coin and investment advice. I am series 65 licensed. Quill#1667Toroymoi0 Dec 9, 2013
Dec 9, 2013 [A] Rohirrim recruiting Raiders Hi Rohirrim is recruiting for raiders, friendly people, and even people who like to pvp as well. We have a core group of people who used to raid in Cata, and who have worked together in raids in MoP. Currently seeking all classes, and no current ilvl required. Also all levels welcome. If you have any questions send me a message in game or any member for a invite. Hope to hear back, and have a good one!Mattamis7 Dec 9, 2013
Dec 9, 2013 Any guilds sellin SoO runs If so just send in game mail or pst with cost.Pizzonage0 Dec 9, 2013
Dec 9, 2013 Level 80 Twink Guild is back! The old <Twink Nation> guild is back and running under a new name! For anyone who hasn't heard of Twink Nation here is a link to my old recruit forum. Our ideas and concepts are still the same as they were, do WoLK raid full 80s as we have successfully done in the past. Twink Nation downed RS25H/ICC25H weekly back in the day and that is my same intentions with this new and improved guild. We are (of course) recruiting all 80 twinks (and ex-TN members) to join us! Our main focus: - Our main focus will be PvE in terms of downing our weekly scheduled raids. Since blizzard ruined Twink PvP by introducing 81-84 players back into arenas the scaling is even more unfair as it was in the past. Keeping this forum short since I over-did the last one ;) - ANY questions feel free to mail me or any other guildies and/or speak with any of us in-game. Much Appreciated, Tì - GM of <Wrath Nation>2 Dec 9, 2013
Dec 9, 2013 [A] LF Rogue for RMP 2.1k xrealm 2.2 Mage (Darkyxoxo) and Holy Priest (Motivezqt) looking for an equally experienced rogue for RMP. Rogue must be vocal and able to use Skype. Would like to play most evenings if possible. Starting at 1.9k-2k cr and will build synergy as we progress. Add Motives#1882 if interested. Thanks for reading.Motivezqt1 Dec 9, 2013
Dec 9, 2013 lf raiding guild 8pm server or later + I'm looking for a raiding guild that starts invites at 8PM server or a little later if a late night guild. I have classes from 5 PM to 10 PM est and I am home by 10:15'ish. At the very least I won't be there for trash if you start invites at 8PM server. I'd prefer if the guild was weekdays rather than weekends, but if it's weekend guild I am probably up for it. I can play each spec proficiently and exceptionally, but my most experienced is by far Prot & Ret. So if you need me to heal I can, if you need me to tank I can, and if you need me to DPS I can. I have been playing this game since early 2007 and know my class very well. I have participated in many 'serious' and 'casual' raid groups. I've done 9/9 challenge mode as a Tank. Check my FoS for any other things you may find notable. My gear is a bit behind (around 515 ilvl) but that can be fixed very easily and especially if a guild gives me a spec they need me to play. I raided as a trial tank with Mens Wearhouse in ToT and they were a fantastic guild and we killed various prog at the time bosses in 1-2 tries a night. I unfortunately cannot make their raid times so I was replaced.Pat5 Dec 9, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 One dps needed for heroic progression. <Forgotten Serenity> (25) <14/14> is looking for 1 Mage (preferred) or 1 rogue dps for our core group (ilev 553+). We raid Tues/Thurs/Sun 8pm - 11pm server Pst with ilvl and exp!!Alzate1 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 -Seeking small pvp and flex raiding guild- Seeking small pvp and flex raiding guild. Days I raid: Tues/Fri nights PVP Tues/Thurs/Fri Let me know if you have a nice, friendly, and small guild. <3Dps1 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 520 ilvl mage Lf guild to leave raidfinder Hey KT, im currently looking for a guild to start raiding with. Ive played well before this and recently just came back to wow within the month. Im looking to get out of being forced to do raid finder cause pick ups want over 540 ilvl. In the past ive done - All vanilla even naxx as a hunter - BT All raids as holy priest - Wrath All raids and All hard modes and heroics as a Pally tank - Cata Holy priest in top 20 guild in world. - Just came back for panada Im a mature person and just want to get back into raiding Do also have a shaman warrior and pally for alts, all around 520 ilvl Raiding times would be any day 9est- until raiding finished Thanks for lookingPancakeniips1 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 Guardian Druid LF 10M Currently 12/14 experienced (with a long list of raid history) and looking for a higher pop server to call home. I heard Kel'Thuzad was a good place. I am in the PST time zone and available from 6pm PST on all but Thursdays. If the raid schedule includes a Thursday, the start times on raids would need to be later...say 9 PST or so. Picked the druid back up for 5.4, so short of getting my cloak, but working on it. Looking for any and all good opportunities for progression and active play!Xellious3 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 526 Resto Druid LF Raiding Guild I am preferably looking for a guild that doesn't have that much SOO exp as I don't have much but I am a very quick learner and have raided all of the other raids. Raid times must be 8 PM ST or later.Sgtsausage1 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 550 Brewmaster LF Guild Hello KT. I recently transferred here and unfortunately the guild I was intending to raid with has run into some problems, thus leaving me searching once again and I'd prefer to stay on-realm having bought quite a few alts with me. Here's the scoop: 13/14 Normal Mode Kills. Have knowledge of the first few heroics. Can raid Sun-Thurs anytime after 8 Server. Have friends deep in Heroic content that will vouch for my skill. If your group could use a BM Tank to roflstomp stuff with, show me some KT love. Brax#1959Braxidus3 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 Prot Pally LF seriously casual guild Hi guys, I'm an ilevel 532 Prot Paladin looking for a guild or group thats raiding SoO. I've tanked 11/14 Flex and have 4/14 heroic experience on my main which is a Disc Priest on Sargeras. I'm available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings after 730 server and all day Saturday. Any groups raiding within these hours ?Aceleya4 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 Ice mage LF Large Active guild looking for an Active guild that plays during the evenings. Both pve and pvpToicekool3 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 549 Pally Tank: Planning Realm Transfer Good evening all, (at least it was when I wrote this) Several people I've come across in oQue have recommended the Kel'Thuzad realm to me and it certainly seems much more vibrant than Anvilmar, my current server. However, before committing to a realm transfer, I was wondering whether there are any 10N oriented guilds recruiting for a pally tank? I started raid progression in 5.3 (after years of WoW hiatus) and I'd love to progress further in Siege. My current raid guild has been having trouble recruiting after losing some people to burn-out/college/real-life and I'd love to have a semi-casual raid guild to join on my new realm. For raids, I'm looking to raid 2-3 days a week ideally, 3 or so hours per night (about 8-9 hours a week) Sun-Wed work best for me but I have a flexible schedule and can find time on other days too. Thank you so much and any interest or any recommendations about this server would be greatly appreciated! Battle-tag: ChelseaFan26 #1851, or just whisper in game.Altlivia3 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 [A] Disc Priest seeking guild Hello, I am looking to transfer to a higher pop server, I'm an experienced WoW raider used to a casual atmosphere. I've cleared everything from Vanilla raids up to the last tier of ToT. I am looking however for guild ideas first. I am currently 519 equipped ilvl. I took a break towards the end of ToT as real life hit and I had to stop. I am back now and would love to continue to finish up ToT and start SoO and prepare for the new expac. I am a fast learner and a team player. I understand progression and I don't get bent out of shape on wiping. I can make generally any raid times as long as it's a set schedule so I can work around it. Thanks for any information in advance.Nynäeve2 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 540ilvl 9/14 Soo DPS LF Eastcoast Guild I cant really raid late as i am 2 hours ahead of server so i would like to find a guild that cna raid 7-10 EST or close to thatHartbeat1 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 Returning to WOW, 522iLvl Lock LF guild My name is Scott and I am looking to get back into wow after long break. You can look at my profile to see my heroic raiding experience and can see when I have the time to raid and all works well pushing into heroic content is not a problem. I had life happen right when I started doing DS Heroic raid. My time is looking a lot more free in the next year or more due to some changes so looking to get back into it. My warlock's name is ZenLock and I'm choosing to raid with him to change things up, but I also have my resto shaman available if its all I can get. Having only been back for 2-3 weeks now I am not as geared and I do understand that. With that said I am looking for a guild who doesn't mind the gear and doesn't mind taking me into some normal content to do a little catch up. Just looking to progress in raid content which is really fun IMO. Personal Info: Name: Scott Age:28 Work: mon, wed, fri -> 5-10pm pst, sat, sun ->1-6pm pst Karate class: Tuesday, Thursday 5:30-8pm pst I am a student currently majoring in Computer Science, I also compete internationally and train in Traditional Karate-Do. I am easy to get a long with and at the end of the day I am competitive but also here to have fun. So If after reading this you find I would be a good fit for your guild and raiding team I would love to hear from you. If you want more info on some detail's I have missed, feel free to ask, or send me message.Menoetiius1 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 Parental Advisory Parental Advisory is NOW RECRUITING just landed on Kel'Thuzad and are in need of a Solid Reliable Tank and the same in a Healer . Exceptional DPS will also be considered . Flex raids are Tues 8pm server 10mans are Wed/Thurs 8pm server PvP is anytime =D Several ways u can get a hold of us are : Website - Twitter - @ParentalAdvisry Email - InGame - Shamblezz or any of our officer'sShamblezz0 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 WTS LVL 25 GUILD. I want to sell my lvl 25 guild. 5 bank tabs. over 300 members. 40k firm. Trade first then you will be promoted to Guild Master.Sephòra3 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 <Ninja Pirate Monkeys> 14/14n LFM <Ninja Pirate Monkeys> has been on KT killing bosses since the first Onyxia kill on this server. I could list everything we've done, but lets skip all that and get to the important stuff. Why we are recruiting: We are looking to start doing heroics. It is doable but very difficult to do heroic raiding without having a roster of about 12-13 people while maintaining a 2 day raid schedule. We are also looking towards having a soild pool of people to do Normal/Heroic raiding in Flex. Raiding with us: We raid 2 nights a week Tu/Th from 630 server till 9 server. We provide food/flasks/repairs on raid nights and it is expected that our raiders bring their own pots. We do not recruit for the bench, so you will raid as much as any other raider. Potential applicants need to be able to take criticism, and a thick skin wouldnt hurt. We like to have fun and you'll hear lots of poop jokes but we are going to call you out in order to help you if you're the one causing wipes. All of us make mistakes, but making the same mistake over and over is a one way ticket to being benched. Trust me, we just want to have fun and clear bosses but the raid > any one person. If I can count (thats debatable) the majority of our raid has been together for over 6 years, with a couple of us going all the way back to high end server first progression at level 60. Current Needs: We are now looking for 3-4 people to round out our raid team. Applicants should be 550+, and either 13/14 normal at least or have multiple full clears of Flex. You should also have your legendary cloak, or be very very close to obtaining it (like, 1-2 resets). We are currently recruiting... One Tank - Warrior/Paladin preferred so we can stop DE'ing shields. Other tanks welcome also, but we'd really like a plate tank. Melee DPS - Warrior or Paladin would be wonderful. Would go a long way if you have a workable tank set and know how to use it. Ranged DPS - Pretty much anything that isnt a hunter. Hybrids with a healing offspec preferred (spriest/boomer/ele). If you're a boomer with a tank set that might also be ok. If you feel that you're an outstanding player who can make our raid times but maybe just shy of what we're looking for, we would still like to hear from you. Casuals/Socials always welcome, we do flex runs and achievement clears on off nights and would rather promote from within when we need raiders. Please contact Valette or Roslynd in game if you have any questions. thanks!Valette5 Dec 6, 2013
Dec 6, 2013 2200+ Exp Spriest/Warr LF 2k+ RBGs (Oceanic) Title says it all. Looking for an experienced group of dedicated players to push 2k+ with ease on either of my characters, both are fully geared and good to go. Add Umbra#6420 if interested and here are the character armories - Blackmill - Villëfort - Dec 6, 2013
Dec 5, 2013 9/14H Men's Wearhouse recruiting Warlock We are looking for a skilled Warlock for an immediate roster spot for this tier and beyond. But due to Mythic raiding we are slowly trying to increase our roster as we transition into 20man, so if you are an exceptional player of any class please speak with us. Our guild's core have been together on and off since Vanilla. Most of us have experience in top tier progression guilds such as Premonition, Risen, V A N Q U I S H E D, and others. We love the game and we love to raid, but due to different circumstances we can't put in the time that top tier progression guilds demand. We decided to form a casual raiding guild that is focused on heroic content with the goal of clearing each heroic tier while it is relevant, and at a decent pace. The guild officially came together in its MoP iteration for ToT. Although we were slow at the start due to not having much gear from the previous tier, we managed to finish 13/13H ToT and ended up 3rd on the server for 10man progression. Our raid times are concrete, and raids end promptly at the schedule times. We do sometimes start early as people log on in order to clear trash and give us more time on boss kills. We follow a 9-11 hour schedule, although due to Blizzcon and Holidays there may be times when we raid less. Tuesday/Thursday 8-11 EST Sunday 6-11 EST* *Sunday raids usually end a little earlier then 11, and when content is on farm Sundays may not have a scheduled raid assuming we can clear the instance on T/TH As a guild we have a lot to offer: Stable guild environment to enjoy the rest of MoP and as we transition into WoD -Things will be changing some as we transition into Mythic raiding for WoD. Like I said above, we have been together as a core guild for a long time and that isn't something that will change. Although we are a small guild, people are active in guild, on our forum, or playing other games such as LoL or Dota2. Relaxed raiding atmosphere -We like to have fun when we raid, since that is the main reason we play the game is for fun, but that doesn't mean we let people be sloppy or lose focus. If people are making mistakes or we are wiping on something that we have no business wiping on people do get called out and sat if it is necessary. Overall competitive players -We like to rank on World of Logs, and we try to push our DPS, Healers, and Tanks to play their best. If you are parsing low compared to the average of your class/spec you will be made fun of and encouraged to do better. We will also help analyze logs and help you figure out where you may be losing DPS in order for you to become a better player. For you to be successful raiding with us you need to be able to make our raid times. We expect people to show up on time and ready, if you have an emergency have the decency to let someone know that you won't be on. You also need to be able to play your class at a high level. Not only does this mean doing good DPS, but also not dying to avoidable boss mechanics, knowing when and how to maximize DPS, and researching fights on progression. Be mature and reliable. If you are a kid, find a casual raiding guild that won't mind if you have to eat dinner with the family, or go to your sisters volleyball game, odds are you won't fit in with us well. If you think its okay to blow off 10+ other people because Billy wants to show you his new Pokemon collection, then don't waste our time. Our average age is around 25, our members want to raid, we take time out of our schedule to raid... time that could be spent with our wives, kids, friends, and family. If you can't make a similar commitment, or don't want to, then MW isn't the place for you. That was bold for a reason, it is important. Take criticism well and use it to make yourself a better player. If you can't handle being called out for making a mistake, or try to flip the blame on someone else, then MW probably isn't the guild for you. If you can't handle progression, which includes many many hours wiping on the same boss, then find a guild that is 14/14 Normal. At least 550 ilvl Previous end game raiding experience is preferred If you are interested, or have any questions/comments, please hit us up in game. Thanks. Herrm#1787 Trip#1165 BenzinR#1648Tripcf0 Dec 5, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 <A> 5/14 H SoO Recruiting for Mythic <Requiem of the Fallen> 10 man US-Kel'Thuzad (Edit) (I keep updating the heading of this post because we are progressing rapidly. 4th week of Heroic Siege and we are 5/14H. That's four weeks of tuesday/wednesday raiding) (Keep up with us on WoWProgress!) We are a two night hardcore casual guild looking to recruit for Mythic in the WoD expansion. We are starting heroics and have a few months until the expansion hits to follow the changes to raiding and determine how this will affect us. The main point of this post is to advertise the opening of our doors to potential heroic minded refuges. Mainly, we are looking for players who have progressed or are currently progressing through heroics and are currently looking or could be looking for a new home in the future. We fully intend to clear this content and earn "Cutting-Edge" achievements. With a tight core in 10 man spots aren't often available so we can't offer a spot for our Heroic Siege team. This is a cruel reality of the current situation that 10 man guilds are faced with. This is not to say we won't ever be down a player on a raid night, merely that we can't make any promises for a current spot. All I can suggest is that you make an alt, join the guild, get to know us, follow our progress, and see if we are a good fit for you. Raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday 8:30PM-12AM EST. If you meet the following criteria then you are what we are looking for: * Wiping on new content is your first love. * Be punctual in showing up for raids. * Be mature both in age and attitude. * Show up to raids armed with knowledge of the fights, even beyond the expected goal. * Able to take criticism (We aim to nurture and foster good raiding habits through suggestions and discussions that can help raiders become even more proficient and enjoy trying to improve at their gameplay independently, rather than feel pressured or coerced by the raid to do/try new things). * Highly motivated to play WoW and do well, if you plan on quitting in the near future based on changes then maybe we aren't the guild for you. * Stable connection. * Microphone (For raiding and fostering healthy communication with the guild). * Be an exceptional player regardless of class, able to understand fights quickly, avoid any kind of raid damage easily, give feedback on boss tactics and quickly gather information required to maximize your own, and the raid's, performance on a certain fight. *Aware that as a two night guild we do not race nor do we pile on hours of extra nights to progress through the content quickly; however, our goal is efficiency. We strive to accomplish as much or more than other 3-4 night guilds with less time and less wipes. To meet a goal, such as normal garrosh or a heroic tier boss we may ask the raid for a third night of 1-2 hours (MAX). If you are tired of being in a guild that drains the fun out of your cutting edge play/goals and you want a guild that takes raiding and progression seriously but aims for the raids to be enjoying and for guild members to feel a part of something special then look no more. - - Dec 4, 2013
Dec 4, 2013 Selling Gold Challenge Modes again Our group is looking to get back into the selling business now that we have ample free time. We are not offering runs to tanks at this time (dps is the easiest to carry). Potential buyers should have completed all instances on heroic so they can zone into the challenge mode as well as have a couple invis pots for some of the instances. About us, we currently hold a couple of the realm best times on this server as well as on a couple others. We have sold to over 16 players at this time and have yet to run into an issue. Interested buyers can add me at Neyzio#1856Lilneyzo10 Dec 4, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Resto Drood For Flex [A] Hello KT, I normally pvp now but I used to raid frequently. LF a flex SoO group later in the evening during the week so I can complete this raid tier. I have heroic raiding experience and I know the fights. Hope to hear from you. :)Lorís1 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 LF Server Xfer and PvP Guild Just coming back to the game after a 3 year hiatus. I'm about to upgrade to MoP and I'm interested in transferring to an Eastern Time Zone PvP server. What do you guys think of Kel'Thuzad? Is the community solid? Is the Horde-Alliance ratio balanced? Is world PvP still alive and are there any active PvP guilds?Maldoror2 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 LFG Challenge Mode Gold 9/9 Hello people, I'm a Windwalker Monk with 521 PvE iLvL, Looking for a group for Challenge Mode Gold 9/9 Please let me know if someone interested to get these CMs.Blazix2 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 start a dungeon TEAM? currently Lv 6O MONK tank posting this! If youd like to team up, get some faster exp! id love to! just send me a message in game! /w Hyde see you in game! :D i want to hit up some dungeons!!!Hyde2 Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 (A) LF 2k+ Rdruid for Wmd add my real id docgreenthum#1779Reckem0 Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 LF PVP BASED GUILD Hey guys, Planning to Xfer here soon. Got a warrior, fresh geared-2100 exp in wotlk and a DK 2300 exp in cata. I'll be honest, I got up to 2050 as PHDK, and 2300 as triple DPS. Anyway, looking for an active pvp guild. I am chilled and have a good sense of humor, always wanting to improve myself in any ways I can, and love from arena to rbg and occasional raiding. Hope I find something before I xfer there. Thanks :)Xterqt1 Dec 2, 2013
Dec 1, 2013 WTB Garrosh kill normal mode no loot just achieve. Msg me price here or in game thanks.Protêct0 Dec 1, 2013
Dec 1, 2013 WTB PROFESSION KIT Any crafter kit add me #1759Pajamy0 Dec 1, 2013
Dec 1, 2013 <Vivid-25>[SoO 14/14N]10m guild seeking Heals <Vivid-25>[SoO 14/14N]10m guild seeking raiders: Healer (NON- pally/druid) with good dps offspec for core 10m. Ilvl 550+ required on both specs. Raid time: Tues 7:45-11pm ST;Weds:7-11pm ST; Mon 7-10 pm ST. Casual players are also welcome. Flasks/Repairs are provided. Add Karstark#1838 or post here for more info.Chinatsu0 Dec 1, 2013