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"Diplomatic Immunity" - Lv.25 Xfr Guild LFM Diplomatic Immunity Alliance | US-Kel'Thuzad | 10man - Raiding Guild About Us We are a freshly transferred older Guild. We are looking to get established in our new home KT. We are a multi-faceted Guild with a family/friend environment, a good place to rest relax & enjoy the game. Our guild is mostly comprised of members who have played together for many years, some since vanilla, who enjoy Raiding, PVP, Instancing, Scenarios, or just shooting the breeze. We are not hardcore, but advance well while keeping intact a fun playing environment. DI Raid Times & Progression 2 Raid Groups | Group 1 - Wed/Thu/Sun 7pm-10pm | Group 2 - Fri 7pm-10pm Progress | Group 1 Tot 12/12 | Group 2 Toes 4/4 & Tot 1/12 Just getting re-established following the move, Core 1 will be 12/12 soon, & Core 2 is coming together & will be moving through Tot. (Might start doing 25 mans as Guild grows & develops in the not so distant future.) PVP Schedule We host Guild RBG's on Monday nights, Arenas on Saturdays, and many in Guild are always looking to run BG's or Arenas all the time. Guild Voice Server DI uses Dolby-Axon as our main voice server for Raids & PVP. It's easy to use & set up. It's extremely invaluable in organizing PVP, Raids, or other Guild Events. (We require all Raiders & PVP'rs to use it) Benefits of DI *A friendly casual environment to play in. *Many veteran players willing to help or answer questions. *Players to Raid/PVP/Instance/ Scenario with at most times of the day. *Free Guild Repairs/Flasks/Food for Raids. *A Free voice server to coordinate guild events or casual gaming. *A Guild that is looking to Grow, Excel, but still remain Fun. Expectations of a DI Member *WE expect Raiders/PVPr's to have a well rounded handling of your class and its abilities, a team attitude, & a willingness to learn & excel. *WE expect you to research current content pertaining to your class & role, and come prepared & on time. *WE expect a good positive attitude, loot is not on a DKP system, it is distributed fairly & never a problem. *WE maintain a casual & friendly guild chat, not to offend anyone. *WE expect you to ask questions or seek help if needed. *Lastly WE expect you to be a good representative of the Guild, & realize you are a part of a collective whole. Classes Needed & Requirements For raiding we require a min. I-lv. of 495 & Viable O/Spec for Tanks/Heals DK- Tank(Low) | DPS(Low) Hunter- (Med) Mage-(Low) Warlock-(Med) Priest- Heals(Med) | DPS(Low) Monk- Tank(Low) | Heals(Low) | DPS(Low) Shaman- Heals(High) | DPS(Low) Paladin- Tank(Med) | Heals(Med) | DPS(Low) Warrior- Tank(Low) | DPS(Low) Rogue- (Low) Druid- Tank(Med) | Heals(Low) | DPS(Low) How to Contact Feel free to contact in game or mail for more info: Blessedbe (GM) Livewire or Roughouse (Officer) Or any online members can direct you to an officer in the evening, we are a very active Guild. Thank you to those interested & inquiring, & Good luck to those just passing by :) Livewire2
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<H K vs T> 2/13H 10 man Recruiting Healer :3 <H K vs T> (2/13 Heroic 10 man) is recruiting healers at the moment for immediate core spot. Currently running with a full raid group but we are looking for exeptional healers to replace some players. We are a pretty laid back group of friends that raids for the fun of it every night in a no drama atmosphere that anyone would enjoy. Note that jokes are made every moment so you need to have a patient and fun personality :). Our raid times are: Tuesdays 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm (Server Time) 9:30 - 12:30 (EST) Wednesdays 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm (Server Time) 9:30 - 12:30 (EST) Sundays 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm (Server Time) 9:30 - 12:30 (EST) Currently recruiting: Holy Paladin Restoration Shaman What we expect from you: 1. Be prepared for raid nights, which includes: researching the fights previously and have your own food, flasks and potions. 2. Be ON TIME for raid. 3. Have an exeptional knowledge of your class and all of your specializations. 4. Be able to download and install Mumble (, it is our communication software that you must have. 5. Have a microphone and also USE IT when needed. What <H K vs T> offers you: 1. A pretty solid raiding group that has fun killing bosses every night. 2. Guild repairs up to 300 g per day. 3. A non drama atmosphere where you won't have to deal with a game's drama after dealing with the real life one. 4. Cuddles :3. 5. Female raiders <3. For more information about recruitment or if your class/specialization is not listed above: Add Ihazmuffinz#1480 battletag :3. Mirakl4
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(A) LFM TOT 500 Hardcore grp Looking for more players for TOT Hardcore progression... we have players with up to 12/12 Normal 10 man experience... <Reckoning>is building a core TOT grp (10 man) w/ experienced raiders. Looking for non prot druid tank, and non priest healers. Members have vast raid exp including some 12/12 normal tot. Ilvl 500+ required. Casuals of all lvls welcome. PST for more <Reckoning> talented, geared, mature, and experienced Alliance players interested in pursuing a balanced approach to elite, end-game raiding. We may have yet to raid 10 mans. But our players past and skills speak for themselves. If you are unable to commit to a raid group. Please don’t waste your time or ours. Reckoning is an Alliance guild on primarily focused on casual PVE/PVP progression. We are in the process of filling our 2 core pve groups, and our core RBG grp is looking for leaders. How we work: Our Leadership enjoyed cutting-edge content progression through the completion of original Naxxramas,some belonging to preeminent raiding organizations, ranking among the world’s top 50 guilds in terms of progression. With a renewed interest in raiding, Reckonings original leaders, as well as many of its core members, have returned to active progression and seek like-minded individuals to finalize its roster of exceptional players. The bank will be providing everything you need for raids such as gems, flasks and repairs. You will be required to know your class inside and out as the new grp we are froming will be focused on minimal down time and progression focused Recruiting: Our core groups recruiting everything at the moment, from tanks to dps. If you feel your behind the curve but got the skill. Please talk to one of our officers. We are also expanding into the casual ranks for those that want guild perks. CORE recruits must be raid viable. We are a new MOP guild that does not mean we don’t know how to play. Guild provides repairs and flasks to raiders... So we expect you to bring your A game... If you are in PVP or unenchanted gear. Please do not waste our time or yours. Recruitment needs: Reckoning Group: 6/6 MSV 3/6 HOF 2/12 TOT * we have players with up to 12/12 Normal 10 man experience... Time: Tues/Wed 6pm server NON DK tank MW Monk/ dps os RSham/DPSos HPally/ Ret OS Broad knowledge of game mechanics, Desire to engage “end-game” content efficiently and skillfully, Capacity for: following directions and receiving constructive criticism. Maturity (i.e. the guild does not tolerate whiners or instigators; members are required to come prepared to all raids and treat fellow players respectfully). Maturity (i.e. the guild does not tolerate whiners or instigators; members are required to come prepared to all raids and treat fellow players respectfully). Alikit4
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[A] <Late Night Crew> Recruiting 10man ToT <Late Night Crew> is now recruiting experienced raiders for Throne of Thunder and beyond! Though we have only been around a couple of years, we have made great progress as a guild in that short time. We have on several occasions been a top 20 Guild on KT. We are looking for high quality experienced raiders for Throne of Thunder and beyond. While we are revamping some of our core spots, our guild remains the same. Comprised of a very experienced and qualified core of tanks and healers looking to add to the ranks. Guild/raid leaders have been Leading raids since BC and Vanilla. We are looking for people with a mind for progression that are still able to focus and have fun. Policies: Although we may seem like a laid back guild with no rules, we still have a few policies we want our members to follow, these rules will allow everybody in the guild to get the full enjoyment out of the game: We expect you to behave as adults with maturity, regardless of age. We will not tolerate drama. Members must be open and willing to change, and must approach officers with an open mind and respect when approached about their play. No Raiders will get saved to our current progression raid content outside of our scheduled raids unless given permission. We have a strict attendance policy. All raiders are required to attend all raids. Unless, The ONLY circumstances that will be allowed for absence is 24hrs, of advanced notice. Or a verifiable emergency approved by a GM or officer. Raiders are expected to be on time and prepared for raids. Raiders are required to be make all raid nights(we understand that real life needs to come first at times). In the event that you can't make the raid, GM's will note the absence and if there are any un-requested absences we will find a replacement for the next raid night, and you will be put on probation. No call, no shows are unacceptable. Info: To learn more info about our guild, and our policies. Or, If you believe you are the right player for this guild: please Contact myself in-game Shamfumaster or add Warrthorn Warr#1530 for more details. Raid Days/Times Tues/Wedn/Thur 10pm-1am server time Class - Spec Warrior - Arms/Fury - High Warrior - Prot - Closed Warlock - High Mage - High Paladin - Ret - High Paladin - Holy/Prot - Closed Priest - ALL Specs - Closed Shaman - Resto - Closed Shaman - Ele/Enh - Medium Rogue - High Hunter - High Druid - Resto/Bear - Closed Druid - Feral/Balance - High DK - Blood - Closed DK - Frost/Unholy - High Monk - Mistweaver/Brewmaster - Closed Monk - Windwalker - Medium Warrthorn4
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Cloud IX - Recruiting - [Alliance] Cloud IX Of Kel'Thuzad is looking for players interested in progressing through cutting edge content at a fast pace while still having a life outside of WoW. We plan on raiding 3-4 nights a week 3-4 hours a night with a Current Schedule based around PST Zone. Days and hours will be Sun-Wed with raids starting at 8:30pm. Our Current progression is 8/13 Heroic ToT pushing kills on Durumu and Twins in the near future. We are looking to fill in our roster with anyone around the same level of experience that are AMAZING at there class and at this game in general. If you are looking to progress and have success in the end game raiding scene this might be the place for you. If you feel your being held back due to... - Weak Players - Bad Leadership - Guild Drama - etc... I urge you to come chat with us and see if we can be the solution to your misery! :) 2 things I want to point out about us is... We are laid back and funny at times so be prepared to take a joke... & We stress being DRAMA FREE -Goals- Once heavily established we plan to move toward 25 man raiding however currently our goal is to have a solid crew of 12-15 players for our 10 man roster. Currently Looking for: Paladin: (Open) Prot/Ret/Holy Hunter: (Closed) Priest: (Open) Disc/Holy/Shadow Druid: (Open) Dps/Resto Shaman: (Open) Enh/Resto/Ele Warrior: (Open) Prot/Fury Rogue: (Open) Warlock: (Open) Death Knight: (Open) Dps Monk: (Open) Ww/Mw/Bm Mage: (Open) Contact: Bravura or Notdeadd in-game or Battle Tags B1FM#1325 fleet#1643 Whîtenoîse4
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