Jan 3, 2013 [A] Contention: Recruiting for HM Progression Contention A 10m guild that is all about having fun, and taking names. As a group, you'll never find a raid group that has as great of synergy as us, and still manage to get stuff done when nobody can take anything seriously ;). Currently, due to a couple losses of core members being bored with the game and having RL issues, we're currently recruiting for three immediately available spots! We are in need of: Two ranged DPS One Healer Our raid times are Sunday, Monday and Wednesday from 8-Midnight ST. Increased consideration will be given to Warlocks, Holy Paladins, Elemental and Restoration Shamans, and Restoration Druids. Before applying, keep these few things in mind: 1. You must know your class, inside and out. We might be a 10m group, but we still expect min-maxing to the fullest from every raider. 2. If you are too cheap to properly gem and enchant your gear, don't bother. Taking a guess as to which gem/enchant is the best doesn't cut it! Do some research first. The same thing applies to food and flasks. (PS: 300 food...get it! Especially if you're a Panda!) 3. Make sure that you can make the raid times. Naturally, RL situations coming up that will result in you missing a raid are expected. We will depend on you to show up on time, early preferably. 4. Be ready to be pushed to your limits. If you can't handle constructive criticism, or being called out for a mistake in front of everyone, better learn to buckle up before applying to Contention. We aren't afraid to tell someone they've maid a mistake the second it's seen, so that the mistake gets corrected immediately. 5. If you are able to provide logs as evidence to your personal progression and capabilities, please do so. Precedence will be given to applicants with logs. So now that you've read through the boring stuff, you might be wondering how to try and snag a spot in Contention! It's pretty easy. Either whisper myself, Krystoff, Papipark or SLB in-game via whisper or mail, or apply online at! Hope you had a happy holiday season!Natural1 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 Arms warrior LF rbg team 1900+ exp in rbg's and 2k+ exp in arenas LF rbg team has low cr because have not really done rbg's this season.Josephmolina0 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 2, 2013 LFM 2100 RBG Core Group Hey I'm Looking for 2100+ cr players to create a core group that can run 3pm eastern a couple days during the week (Mon-Tues-Wed/Thurs). LF a Holy Pally, Stand-by Resto Druid, FC, Boomy, Lock, Mage, Hunter,and Dk. Im Looking for exceptional Players that take direction well and always strive to top the charts and are really good cooperating with others and lining up cc Please have 2.2k+ exp and be 2.1k cr+. I would prefer t2 for the dps. If you cant run during the afternoon but u fit what I'm looking for send me a mail in game anyways. I like having great players on my friends list to call on. I make games at night sometimes as well. You can leave your B Tag in this post or send me mail in game with your B Tag/Real ID I Also like people around 65%+ PvP Res here is why if u can handle a little light reading. Jan 2, 2013
Jan 2, 2013 The Red Dawn ninja from their own members Not only does The Red Dawn suck at downing nerfed content, but they also suck at ninja’ing. I made the unfortunate decision to join their weekly DS10 guild run on my alt rogue. Three hours, and five wipes later we managed to down the final four bosses on normal mode including Deathwing. Oweni, the master looter and guild master, then posted two weapons to be rolled on. After these items were looted, my detective senses kicked in. I noticed that something was wrong. The chest was still there, and Oweni was in it. At this point I knew what was going on. He was waiting for everyone to leave the group and loot the mount for himself. So I waited, and eventually got into the chest when his character went AFK. At this point I became the savior of every person in the raid. I was able to overcome the scummy raid leader and force him to conduct an open roll on the mount. You’re welcome. TL;DR – The Red Dawn wipes in normal DS and fails at ninja’ing Blazing Drake from their own members. You're welcome.Toiletpoop15 Jan 2, 2013
Jan 2, 2013 The Red Dawn Recruiting The Red Dawn is a casual lvl 25 Guild looking to fill its ranks! We are a Fun active Guild that enjoys PVE and PVP. All are welcome, currentlly looking to fill for Progression group 2.Electryone0 Jan 2, 2013
Jan 2, 2013 DoD Late Night Raiding Recruitment! Disciples Of Disorder Of Kel'thuzad Website: --------What we’re recruiting-------- Holy Paladin—High demand Feral Druid—High demand Mistweaver Monk—High demand Combat/Assassination Rogue—High demand Fury/Arms Warrior—High demand Frost/Arcane Mage—High demand **If you think you have what it takes, but your class is not listed, fill out an application. We value our raiders and if your application is outstanding, your application will be highly considered. ** About Us: We were founded on Dec 20th 2011 with one goal in mind... progression raiding. Over the past few months we have been putting our efforts on the field and into the backstage of DoD to prepare our members and staff for the upcoming expansion. We Label ourselves as a semi hardcore progression team. The goal is to keep a good balance of casual time and serious raiding time. We pride ourselves in making an atmosphere where having fun but keeping a good mind set goes hand in hand. Our Progression Milestone: We are 10/16N and 1/16H Raiding Schedule Tuesday: 11:00PM- 2:00 AM ST Wednesday: 11:00PM - 2:00 AM ST Thursday: 11:00PM- 2:00 AM ST and Sunday (optional progression day): 11:00PM- 2:00 AM ST Loot Rules: Counsel/ DKP system Loot Hogging is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. What You Can Expect From Us: Progression in A timely manner Experienced Raid Leader(s) With Knowledge of each encounter with knowledge of all Healing, Tanking and DPS aspects. A Perfect Atmosphere What We Expect From You: Before applying we expect you to share the same passion as us. We are only looking for those who give it their all and who produce the best. If you have never raided on a small scale like this... this is what expected 1) You are expected to improve your game play to keep up with our pace. We want to execute the fights in a few short hours. 2) Time is of the essence, we strive to squeeze every last second of our raiding hours in combat so slow corpse runs & generic slacking is not a viable option for our raiders. Not coming prepared with Food/Potions/Flasks can hinder our progression and could be an automatic removal from the core. 3) We have a discussion forum strictly for strategies and what to prepare for and how to prepare for it. This allows us to put a few more hours into raiding without having to be on the battlefield. Preparation is always necessary. 4) There will be times including new tier content where other guilds will gain a head start on a lengthier schedule. This is normal for a light schedule. We are not going for server 1st kills but we are going for a full clear heroic kills as quickly as possible so we can farm content. If this is not okay with you then do not apply One of the keys to our success is a small raiding roster. That is why we require our members to be able to maintain as close as possible to 100% attendance.Duerdoth33 Jan 2, 2013
Jan 2, 2013 I bring you Nyden; The dying singer Jan 2, 2013
Jan 2, 2013 Hey Glowfart the Alliance Death Knight Thanks for Mr. Smite's Compass this morning.Asklepios1 Jan 2, 2013
Jan 2, 2013 Experienced BM Hunter LF Rbg group/guild Please, comment or messege me in game if you have room on an rbg team, have all requirements etc, fully geared . I will own !@#$ up. Also looking for a guild :D CheersZavatora0 Jan 2, 2013
Jan 1, 2013 Recruiting more Guild members! Hello there! Are you a person always seeking a social guild? Well, then, i have some good news for you! <Shin Makoku>, is a very active and growing guild. We have members online who actually talk here and there unlike some of those dead guilds with many members and none of them being active. We have 7 guild vaults, with a sick looking tabard. We offer free guild repairs which can help a lot! Most of the people in our guild, like me, do run many heroics, and battle grounds for guild reputation, achievements, gold, loot and other vanity items. Besides being a level 25 guild, we have all of the heirlooms unlocked, and a couple other accessories that you might find useful. As far as members go, we usually range from 10 to 30 people online at once, depending on the time of day. Again, many of them are active, and not just dead people, nor are they just numbers. I may not be able to know everyone in the guild perosnally, but you sure as hell won't be treated less then anyone else. As far as rules go, we have very very very loose rules. Do you like swaring? Thats ok! Do you to spam here and there because of rage, or another reason? Thats ok! Do you like to use the "N" word because everyone else for what ever reason likes to use it? Well, thats also ok! Drama, trolling, and many other things are ok! However, you have to keep in mind at how often you do some of those things. You can sware as often as you want. But spamming wont be tolerated if you constantly do it. But, if its just here and there type of thing, its alright. We currently do not raid, or do RBGs, however, next week hopefully (Fingers crossed) we will begin raiding. Many of the guildies in here are friendly, nice and even help out others. This is just a big social fun guild, and who knows, it might be for you!Alphonce2 Jan 1, 2013
Dec 31, 2012 [A] <Carbon> 10m Raiding Guild LF Heals/DPS <Carbon> is a level 25 guild currently recruiting mature, experienced raiders for our Core Progression team. We are 6/6 MSV and 1/6 HoF. We are looking for DPS and Healers for our Core 10m Progressiong team, 475+ iLvl and 5/6 MSV exp required. We raid Fri-Sat 5-8pm Server.Epicwarrior2 Dec 31, 2012
Dec 31, 2012 WTB RBG 2200 Carry! I have lots of Gold on Doomhammer & am looking for an established RBG team to carry me to 2200... I can pay any price & am getting desperate now... PLEASE HELP!!!!Zaçhariah4 Dec 31, 2012
Dec 31, 2012 I found this interesting (re: Bailamos) Dec 31, 2012
Dec 31, 2012 483 mage and 483 monk LF Raid Guild Currently in a guild with my brother in law but the raiding group dispersed when Mists launched leaving me to 10 man pugs. I have personally downed 4/6 10 man MsV. I have done every LFR (not like that's really a challenge) But I'm looking to get back into raiding with a good group of adults that have fun, communicate and enjoy the challenges of raiding. I know my class....I read all patch notes, I check Noxxic/ask mr. robot etc. for gear and rotation advice. I also will study all fights in hard mode/regular. My professions are Jewelcrafting and enchanting. Feel free to add my battle net account Underoåth319#1287 . So shoot me some questions if you like. WE're looking to raid 2-3 nights a week preferably anywhere between 8:30pm -12am EST = 6:30-10pm server. My brother in law currently is in the same boat looking for the same thing same thing as me we both know our class and research everything that is needed to be best at that class. hit him up on battletag as well edcasey52#1871 with his armory We'd like to get the ball rolling fast so please hit us up on battle net and we'll schedule a verbal chat. Writing an application I'm hoping is the last priority. I'll just tell you what I know and save the 30 minutes of typing. We also want a guild that starts on time and doesn't have issues with attendance because waiting for pugs sucks. Ed -Freezërburn Mage Chris -Underoåth MonkUnderoåth0 Dec 31, 2012
Dec 31, 2012 New guild Leveling! Need members!! Hey, <Burrito Doesnt Afraid> Is a new guild, level 10, and we are recruiting all levels and players. I Plan to level up the guild as quick as possible, including questing on my own alts. We have a guild bank with 2 tabs, and we are a fresh growing guild. Post a comment or message any of our members. Thanks!Alvaldi2 Dec 31, 2012
Dec 31, 2012 (Neutral AH) WTB Glyph of Healing Storm Need an alliance to post up a Glyph of Healing Storm on the Neutral AH. Also, if you have lots of glyphs you should post them up on there too, since it's next to impossible to get any good ones horde side now... Thanks.Grandtheft0 Dec 31, 2012
Dec 30, 2012 Selling a lvl 25 guild Like the title says guys im selling a level 25 guild with 5 bank tabs. The guild name is = dude where is my mount. I want 25K firm i will not move. mail me in game if interested. Thanks VentureVinture2 Dec 30, 2012
Dec 30, 2012 Horde difficulty to do quests in Pandaria... I'm pissed, I'm sure some of you horde that try and quest in Pandaria get pissed too because of the constant alliance ganking up and how its impossible to even start and complete a quest. I'm tired of this !@#$, and alliance ration in this server is freaking overwhelming. It's a miracle when I see a horde member in pandaria but then sadly i see them get ganked in front of me by a level 90 player or a douchebag same level player that wont leave them alone =.= I heard they were going to merge servers but idk I really hope they do that or else I'm probably just going to switch realms =.= I know I should try grouping up but %^-* when I try, people are like FFFFFFUUUUUUU NOOOOOOOOOO!! and then its like T^T I'm just sick and tired of it and I wish it could change =/Krihme8 Dec 30, 2012
Dec 30, 2012 [A] Resto Sham & Frost DK LF Raid Guild Hey Folks! A friend and I have transferred to this wonderful server and we're looking for a home. First and foremost we are raiders! We are looking for 25 man semi-hardcore raiding! We may consider 10 man raiding. This is not a job for us, it's a game and we want to have fun and we find raiding to be the pinnacle of fun times. We're both very good at what we do, both of us combined have experiences all the way from Vanilla WoW. He started during Vanilla and I started during the first week of Burning Crusade. We are very smart and capable and (at least I) can provide references from past Guild/Raid Leads to back it up. Here is a link to my friend's armory: Of course we are looking for a guild that can take both of us, we're a package deal. If you anyone recruiting for their guild could whisper/in game mail one of us or reply to this thread so we can start an application process or give you more information it would be lovely. Thank you very much for your time, we look forward to being part of your team! - Yuzuna & DeseriYuzuna5 Dec 30, 2012
Dec 30, 2012 480+ monk/pally healer xferring LF guild I play as mist monk (483) and holy pally (480) and I am moving one of my characters, whichever that fits the guild requirements, immediately to Kel'Thuzad. I am looking for a guild that runs serious progression raids 2-3 days a week after 10 server time. I am transferring realm cause our raid leader has left and the guild is kind of falling apart. We were doing pretty good and cleared 6/6MSV and 1/6 HOF one month ago. Then suddenly the raid members stopped showing up and we simply cannot find any pugs in a dead server like Azjol-Nerub. We tried hard but we have stopped progressing since then and could only farm MSV every week. If your guild needs a healer for its 10/25 m raid, please reply below or add my battle tag Dommy#1229. =)Domme4 Dec 30, 2012
Dec 30, 2012 481 Enhance shaman Looking for raiding guild Hello I am a 481 enhance shammy looking to get into raiding my current Ilvl is 481 (with the upgrades) and yes all approprriate gear and yes i count the 3 pvp pieces as appropiate since they were infact upgrades from my previous gear. Do i know what I am doing? for DPS most certainly as for the fights in normal modes for the most part id say yes I do know the fights I have done plenty of research and am competent enough to figure out what I have not learned from my research yet. As you may have noticed I do have some prior raiding experience on this toon but I have even more from my previous main (a dk) I raided in WotLK and Cataclysm both as for raid times id like to have a night time raiding guild but my schedule is pretty flexible I am able to do tesuday weds thurs raiding as long as it is after 4pm CSTXeratos1 Dec 30, 2012
Dec 30, 2012 [A] 477 MW Monk and 481 Hunter LF 10m Guild My friend and I are currently located on a pretty much dead server, and are looking to transfer to a 10m raiding guild, hopefully on a server with a good Alliance community. We want to be part of a core group, not sitting on the bench. We would like to raid late, maybe 9pm EST or so at the earliest, until whatever time. We have both been raiding since Vanilla, so have a lot of experience under our belts. We have not been able to raid normals much at all this expansion, due to our server having very few raiding Alliance. Our attendence is almost flawless, you can count on us to show up to raids. We both have ventrilo. I am also an alchemist, so can help out with making flasks for the guild. The guild must be able to accept both of us, we come as a pair, and we are only willing to transfer to a PvP server. If you would like us, please either reply to this post, or whisper/send in-game mail to myself or Ginbei on Shattered Hand :)Nadalia1 Dec 30, 2012
Dec 30, 2012 WTB HIDE OF CHROMAGGUS :) hey everyone im looking to buy a set of hide of chromaggus if you could check your banks and guild banks for a pair please send me in game mail with details or reply here thanks :)Shïkari0 Dec 30, 2012
Dec 30, 2012 Selling Lvl 21 guild on Kel'Thuzad Alliance Hey Guys! I'm selling this level 21 guide. The name is Pulled Orc Sammiches, it has 4 bank tabs, and is level 21. Please comment an offer if you're interested. Thanks so much. Happy Holidays!Alvaldi0 Dec 30, 2012
Dec 30, 2012 Looking for PvP guild Hey guys, Trailed here, I'm 2/5 Malev with my T1 malev weapon, and I'm looking for a guild to progress in, get constant RBG groups, 2's, 3's and possibly 5's partners etc. I play often, around 6 hours a day+, and I'm only really interested in PvP. A little history about me: I started WoW 7 years ago and played on and off. In WOTLK I did most of my PvPing, I hit 2000 with my resto shaman in 2's and 1750 or so in 3's. I was banned at the beginning of Cata and wasn't able to recover my account so I quit. I just restarted playing about a month and a half ago and am interested in doing some serious PvPing this expac. Thanks for your time, I'll be checking this page a bit but also feel free to message me in-game I will be online most likely.Trailed1 Dec 30, 2012
Dec 30, 2012 LF RAIDERS Looking for more core raiders on KT alliance side. PST or send ingame mail to Warrihore, I will respondPorteus0 Dec 30, 2012
Dec 29, 2012 85 Spriest without MoP Lookin for friends! Like the title says, im just an 85 shadow priest that hasnt purchased MoP yet, and if theres anyone else out there thats 85 and has refused to upgrade and wants a buddy to run xmog runs with or do raids for 85 gear they should get at me!Catsik2 Dec 29, 2012
Dec 29, 2012 2100+ Cr Rshaman, |LF Core Rbg Group| 2100 Cr Rshaman, |LF Core Rbg Group| |Full Mal, 3 peice upgraded, t1 2/2| Add Jeriziah#1265Whiskytitz0 Dec 29, 2012
Dec 29, 2012 2100+ Cr Rshaman, |LF Core Rbg Group| 2100+Cr Rshaman, |LF Core Rbg Group| |Full Mal, 3 peice upgraded, t1 2/2| Add Jeriziah#1265Whiskytitz0 Dec 29, 2012
Dec 29, 2012 <Vox> Kel'thuzad 5/6H MV 3/6H HoF 4/4 TES <Vox> is a 25 man raiding guild located on kel'thuzad. We are recruiting people who know their class well, who keeps up to date on your class, and your class changes. Including people who are able to be aware of their surroundings, know the fights/are willing to pay attention and learn fights as well as not standing in fire and dying. Current progression Mogu'shan vaults 5/6 Heroic. Heart Of Fear 3/6 Heroic mode. Terrace of Endless Spring 4/4 Raid Times Tuesday- 7:00pm- 10:30PM Server time (MST) 9:00pm-12:30 (EST) Wednesday- 7:00PM- 10:30PM Server time (MST) 9:00pm-12:30 (EST) Thursday- 7:00pm-10:30PM Server time. (MST) 9:00pm-12:30 (EST) Current Recruitment Needs Tank - CLOSED Healers - Very select(must be exceptional) Monk- MEDIUM Pally- MEDIUM LOW disc priest- HIGH DPS- OPEN Rogue- LOW DK- HIGH Warlock - MEDIUM Mage - MEDIUM HIGH Boomkin - MEDIUM Feral druid- HIGH Enhance shaman- HIGH HIGH!!! Warrior- CLOSED hunter- MEDIUM HIGH Ele shaman- LOW ret pally- CLOSED monk - HIGH Shadow priest- LOW If you are exceptional at your class don't be afraid to throw in an application. All dps spots are open in a sense. If you can out-dps and be very aware of your surroundings you can earn the main raiding spot. Applying Process: - In order to be considered for a trial spot, you must fill out an application and answer all the required questions. - Read the stickies and the application template on our application section - Make a new thread in the application section, copy all questions over from the template, and answer them thoroughly. - Our officers will review your application and give you all questions and concerns before you are accepted or denied. - Monitor your application frequently and try to answer all questions, from our officers, promptly. If you have any questions Please contact anyone bellow Current Raid Leader - Rosslina GM: boltzz Officers: Shiftzone, Branalia, Pfeffernusse, FazulleVyagrah52 Dec 29, 2012
Dec 29, 2012 2100cr MW Monk LF Core RBG Group As title says I'm looking for a solid RBG group. I'm an exceptional Healer and i dispel cc off other healers like a champ no sitting in 8 second fears if your near me. I usually have 100-250 dispels a game and only about 1/4 of them are revival aoe dispel. I listen to instruction and use my cc and I'm vocal. If you think u may have a spot for me or at least a back up spot for a Good core team mail Hanto in game.Hanto0 Dec 29, 2012
Dec 29, 2012 Arms warrior for crossrealm RBG Cross realm Arms warrior LF RBG (any rating group) (1900+ Rbg experience)(2k+ 3's experience) low cr. Well geared.Josephmolina1 Dec 29, 2012
Dec 29, 2012 Reedwise destroys Bailamos Classy.Roflddoser0 Dec 29, 2012
Dec 29, 2012 WTB ! Will Of the Emperor, Carry, for bow IM interested on Will's drops, the bow. If it drops ill pay 20k and 5k for the carry. pst if ur interested. and ill pay 30k if it on heroic for the Heroic bow. Message me here or in game ty.Bushidoh1 Dec 29, 2012
Dec 29, 2012 Looking For Gold Challenge Modes Frost/Arcane Mage Lf Gold / Silver Challenge Mode Group Masonbuttons@gmail.comLücky0 Dec 29, 2012
Dec 29, 2012 Aliensûx0 Dec 29, 2012
Dec 29, 2012 (A) Silent Serenity rebuilding lfm dps Have you played wow since ubrs was a "raid"? So have we and now we are back to conquer MOP. Limited 10-25 man experience? Thats ok. Skill>gear... Current Requirements: PVE: Minimum ilvl of 463. PVP gear is not PVE gear and will not be accepted for raiding in a core slot. **If your gears not good enough to enchant… Please don’t waste our time or yours if you’re not willing to help yourself.*** Slots open: HPally Mage Monk healer This will ONLY be a core slot to those who have 100% attendance. We raid 2 nights a week... 4-6 hours a week... If you can not give that to the guild. Don't waste my time or yours. PVP: Full deadly required, with Heroic weapons. **If your gears not good enough to enchant… Please don’t waste our time or yours if you’re not willing to help yourself.*** We have 2 dps slots open for this and one Holy Pally slot ABOUT US: Silent Serenity(25) We are old school, hardcore wow players, with roots stating back to MC 40 raids. Looking to raid again in MOP Hardcore on a casual schedule. We are now a 10 man raiding & PVP guild is recruiting players for RBG's as well as those interested in PVE raiding. We are looking for a raiders to solidify our already tight roster for Mists of Pandaria. Applicants should not only be exceptional players but be mature and individually motivated (18+ preferred). We expect players to be familiar with each spec of their class, and be willing to switch to whatever the raid needs to succeed on a per encounter basis. The guild environment has always been extremely relaxed and free of major or even minor drama. We select people not only for their performance, but for how they fit in with the existing members of the guild, as we prefer an environment where everyone is having fun. What we offer: PVE: • Guild Repairs (even initiates) • Consumables • Enchanting Mats • Gear grinds PVP: • Guild Repairs (even initiates) • Enchanting Mats • Gear grinds ALL: Minimal loans as needed for members. Max current loan is 5k gold to members with good guild standing. What we expect: PVE: The guild will be raiding one night a week for the PVE aspect and are looking for players that have the hardcore mentality, on a casual bases. We accept that if you sign up to be part of this core team you show up. Plain and simple, since we are only raiding roughly twice a week we want to get in and kill. AFK's will be minimal raid times Tues/ Wed 6 pm server time. Now accepting applications for rotation slots of all classes. **NOT core spots** Druid : Closed Death Knight: OPEN Hunter: OPEN Mage: Closed Paladin: Closed Priest: Closed Shaman: Ele Warrior: OPEN Warlock: Open PVP: The guild will be raiding two nights a week for the PVP aspect and are looking for players that have the hardcore mentality, on a casual bases. We accept that if you sign up to be part of this core team you show up. Plain and simple, since we are only raiding roughly once a week we want to get in and kill. AFK's will be minimal raid times are tba( Will be weekends). Now accepting applications for rotation slots of all classes. **NOT core spots** Classes/Specs : Druid : Closed Death Knight: OPEN Hunter: OPEN Mage: Closed Paladin: OPEN Priest: Closed Rogue: OPEN Shaman: OPEN Warrior: OPEN Warlock: OPEN Casual PVP: A good number of guild members enjoy the PVP aspect of this game. And more often than not our guildies are pvping 7 days a week.. So we offer something for everyone. Times: PVE: Tues/Wed: 6pm server -9pm server PVP: thur/Sun/Mon: 6pm server -9pm server Casual players: We also keep our doors to leveling members. In our spare time we always BG so casual members are more than welcome. Visit us online @ (in the process of getting it online) or contact a member n game officers: AliKit, Anadia, Andors, ShibbyAlikit2 Dec 29, 2012
Dec 28, 2012 Grand Marshal FDK LF RBG group I'm T2 this season in 3v3 looking to get back into RBGséezy1 Dec 28, 2012
Dec 28, 2012 <Adapts> 10M - Recruiting a DPS .Modestep0 Dec 28, 2012
Dec 28, 2012 [A] FrozenFire LFM 10 man FrozenFire is a laid back, social guild that is starting its first 10 man raid group for this expansion. Our leadership for the raid group has extensive raid experience from previous expansions and is excited to create a new raiding group within the guild. The guild has successfully created a great atmosphere for players to run dungeons, battle grounds, leveling characters, and with the hopes of adding a successful raiding group in the mix. About our Raid Group (All times Kel'Thuzad Server time) Tuesday & Wednesday 8:30 pm - 12:30 am Currently accepting players for all core positions If you are interested in joining please contact me in game or send in game mail Thank you for your time. PiiPii0 Dec 28, 2012
Dec 28, 2012 Kel'Thuzad down? Hey I was wondering is Kel'Thuzad down? I have seen the list of servers that are down and Kel wasn't on it so I tried to log-on multiple times but it just took me to the loading screen and loaded but not all the way and froze, then disconnected me. Not sure if its just me? Anyone?Tydroin0 Dec 28, 2012
Dec 28, 2012 4 good raider lf good pve guild were are grp of friends that is a little tired of carying a dead grp. we have: 1 warrior dps 1 monk dps 1rshamman 1 mage everyone is 485+ if we can fit in ur guild plz post with main toon well talk in game. thx and happy holidaysWtsguildsig3 Dec 28, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 Monk LF 3s Hey, Im windwalker monk LF a serious 3s team, obv willing to xfer. add me at for more info if you're interestedNimbled0 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 DOWN GOES THE SERVER WWOOOOtJukeno9 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 LFG Gold Challenge mode Resto druid lf Gold Challenge mode grp to complete all of them! if you'll like to do it Whisper me !Ludakrixs0 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 LF RBG Guild Just looking for a regular low MMR RBG guild. Send me a PM if you have any interest in a Holy Pally.Spacewoman0 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 [A] Monk (480ilvl) (BM or WW) LFG Looking for a raiding guild that does late night runs (as im based in New Zealand). I don't mind going Tank or DPS depending on what is needed. Would prefer a mature guild with casual aspects as I would like my wife to come with me (also 90 Monk, doesn't really raid just plays casually). Looking for raids starting at 9:30 Server time at the earliest.Surgekill0 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 The WTS Name Thread There have been many threads on people selling or buying unique names. Please post your names your selling or if your interested in buying. Hopefully we can keep this thread going! Zod Heel Luis GoatDinglebeary26 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Gladiators thinking about transferring here Hi everyone! Yes, it's one of those threads again.. Myself and some other friends are looking for an active PVP server / battlegroup due to our current one being dead. We've been researching a bit and found that Kel'Thuzad could be a good place to play as alliance. As of right now our LFR queues are 40-50m waits, BGs are nearly instant but always lose if you're pugging.. making it extremely frustrating to gear up any alts. Since our schedules don't always line up to play together we are looking for a place that would be easy to find equal level talent for arenas and/or other PVP related activities without having to rely on each other. So my question(s) to anyone who is feeling helpful... - What do the LFR queues look like? - What do the BG queues look like? - What is the BG Win Rate (when you're solo queueing)? - Arena/RBG Talent Available? - World PVP alive / dead? - Server Queues / Lag? - Any other misc notes we should know of? Thank you in advance to anyone who took the time out to read this!Heavensfire5 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Want free xfer-post here if you feel my pain First comment... WAY too many alliance - probably could have levelled 3x faster in another realm... I decided to try pandaria and this has been the most frustrating wow experience yet - even worse than levelling up in Tauren mill, at least people back then didnt corpse camp you for 2 hours (it happens guys) I Xfered from malorne then back to KT back in the day because this used to be an amazing server - now I wish I stuck in Malorne... The Horde to Alliance ration must be 10:1 at least... when I /who in areas of Pandaria my name is usually the only one that shows up.... thank god there is a dungeon finder - because if there wasn't I would have quit this game one week in. If you are horede & you would like like to see bliz setup some free xfers to another realm please post on so we can finally play the gameFearcrest55 Dec 26, 2012